Class #566

Mini Chiball Workout

50 min - Class


Pilates Choreography with ChiBall Workout - Michael King is back with his new workout using Pilates movements sequenced together and the fantastic ChiBall. The ChiBall ( is used in many varied programs but incorporated into this Pilates class to offer a focus tool for movement and to inspire by adding the elements of aromatherapy and color. Michael uses Pilates choreography to build sequences through 10 tracks of music with the Chiball, ultimately putting it all together in the end. It is great fun and really invigorating to move in a way that is a little more free than we sometimes allow ourselves in a traditional class. "Remember, keep smiling."
What You'll Need: Mat, Mini Chiball

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Good evening. Welcome. I'm your teachers tonight, Michael King. And tonight I'll just tell you a little bit about the class we're going to do, will be doing a plot is choreography. Using the cheat bal...


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michael, I loved it . We need a change. great class. I will have to watch this again, and again, thanks a million. blanche
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Awesome - loved the class! I teach a program similar to this - BodyFlow which incorporates all 3 elements of Tai Chi, yoga, and pilates. Thanks for all of the variety of classes!!
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Loved dancing to the pilates exercises. I needed a change, especially when you don't have all the equipment and only do the mat classes.
Thanks so much for your positive spirit. I LOVED this class and felt great after!
Buena coreografía y música. Una clase muy bonita
The epitome of FLOW....nice. Please share your playlist. Love the bottom leg developes in the side bend. Thank you!
I LOVED this class. It's even fun to just watch now with all the color, good music and wonderful cues. Thanks Michael!
Beautiful to watch & do!! What a refreshing change of pace!!
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What a fabulous class! I love the flow, and Michael's cuing is just terrific.
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AMAZING!!!!! Would love to get that sound track. Where would I get it? This was such a wonderful change up. Would love to see more of this.
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