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Creative Cadillac Variations

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Cecile Bankston is back with a Cadillac workout for those who are looking for something new and different. Cecile presents a fun and flowing class that is a sampling of exercises from the Kathy Corey Pilates Cadillac repertoire. With a focus on fluidity, flexibility, and stability of the non-working side, many of these exercises are a slightly different take on the traditional Cadillac work. Combinations such as the double leg kick with the spring bar, the push-thru on three levels, the leg presses with the trapeze, and the side bend with leg lift are just a few examples of the unique movements in this class.
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Nov 26, 2011
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All right. Good morning. Thank you for being here. Let's start on the Cadillac. Um, with our roll down. So we're going to start with your feet against the bars and hands are going to go wherever you're comfortable on that. Good. We're going to sit up nice and tall and we're going to put a little tension on the bar. Began to roll back one vertebra at a time. Rolling through that spine. I always like to tell people not to think so much about where you're going.

Focus yes on the, on the journey there. Good. Deep breath in because sometimes we get so caught up in the where we're going that we start traveling back too fast and we don't really get that full articulation. So as you come up, I want to see shoulders over the hips right before we straighten up. Good deep breath in. Exhale to roll back one vertebrae at a time. So keeping this here. Good. Then start here. Beautiful. There you go. Shoulders down and away from the ears. Right yet this here first. Good.

Reaching those heels and opposition. Good. Deep breath in. Exhale to roll it forward. One Vertebra at a time. Good, good. So we really, really want to pull into those low amps. Good and reach those heels in opposition. Now this time as we get that, once we get back there, we're going to do our arm presses. So we're going to take a deep breath in. Exhale, rolling back one vertebra at a time and I really want to see that articulation, which she does. Beautifully. Good. Reach, retreats, retreats, and really keep those feet reaching and opposition. Good. Now stay right there, keeping the rib cage close and pull the arms towards the Chin and you yes, and inhale. Exhale, reach. So as you're doing this, the reason for I like to say the Chin is because it just gives you a little bit more pull. If you're focusing on the chest, you very likely are going to stop a little too soon. Good. Six. Beautiful. Two more and seven. Good. Last one.

And a good. Rolling up one vertebra at a time and shoulders over the hips to sit up. Nice and tall. Great. Okay, I'm going to have you turn around now. This is a series for the abdominals with the spring bar. You're going to start sitting up, actually scoot just a tiny bit back and you can adjust once we get started.

If you need to. Okay. You're going to hold this bar just behind your head so you can rest it there if you want to or just hold it. Um, sometimes if that's uncomfortable for people, I'll put a little rolled up, something over there. You know, if they complain about that, um, we're going to sit up nice and tall and we're going to do a hinge back. So inhale, keeping those elbows back. Now the movement, you're not going to feel as much on the way back. What you're going to feel is your abs working on the sitting up. And the further up you sit, the more you're gonna feel it and hail back.

Good and exhale, sitting up. Yes, yes. So reaching back. Inhale and exhale. The work is on the coming up. Good for nice and pull it up. Good. Three more. And your legs are straight, her legs are straight and she is fine to do that. Um, if you need to, you can bend the knees.

Good though. I think sometimes bending the knees is a little bit harder on the abs, but if you tend to grab in your quads or your Soas, then bending the knees is good. Good. One more. Great. Okay. Now we're going to, I'm going to take this away from you. Oops. Sorry. We're gonna lie down on your back now. Um, this is going to go behind your hand again. Okay. So if it is too heavy, we can lower this. Okay.

So let me know if it feels, is that too much resistance? You want me to have lower, let me lower it lower. Um, it just depends on your Cadillac sometimes. Um, if the springs, you know, if you've used it a lot and your springs are lighter than, um, we may be fine way up there. Okay. So now we're going to go here and yes. Now when she starts, she's not gonna feel much because of where it is, but you'll see you're gonna, you're gonna feel it then the knees. Good. Go into tabletop. Yes. So I want you to lift up and forward. Yes. And if you want to scoot down, you can, do you have some resistance? Yeah, you could always raise this bar up to good. How does that feel? Okay. All right. Get it a little bit lower so that the head's not too crunched forward.

Lift that. Yes. Do you feel that? Okay, now cause I want the lift to come from her abs, not from that, just her neck. And we're going to do a single leg stretch and reach out and in to good reach. Inhale and exhale. Inhale. How's that feel? You're feeling it. Inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale and exhale, change. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and make that lift. Come from here.

Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale and have good. One more. Let that had go back. Just a touch. Good. Yes. And exhale, bring both knees in for our double leg stretch. Stretch both legs out. Reach and pull them in and stretch out if you want to. You can turn out if you normally do the re good and for good and five.

Nice. So either turned out are good. Two more. Seven. Good. Last one. Eight. Beautiful. All right, rest for one second because I know we've been forward for a minute. We're going to repeat. Uh, we're going to repeat, not repeat. We're going to do another series now. Same position of the bar and we're going to do our legs.

Scissors are single leg scissors and then our double leg lowers. Okay. And then the criss cross. Okay, so that's going to be fun. And you'll um, again you can always scoot further down or further up if you're not feeling it or if you need more resistance. Okay. Head goes there and just right. Beautiful position there. So you don't want to get into too much head lift. Legs go straight up to the ceiling and we scissor in him too and reach and too with a little pulse and to reach good five.

And so the challenge is that once again, you want to really make the lift come from the abdominals and from the full body, not just the head. Good. Two more beautiful. There we go. And one more. Good. Okay. Both legs rotate and lower and lift. Your range of motion here should just be only as far as you can go with those abdominals held, so he is, as she begins to go down, we see her stomach bulging in and out. Then we know she's gone to for good and one more and reach.

Beautiful. Good. Okay. Chris, Cross what you're doing instead of really crunching here. The reason I love this is because you have to keep those elbows open. It's more of a Sli. Exactly. Okay, so we're going to reach it. Yes, and good rotate. You see that beautiful rotation happening in her trunk, right?

Because what we all tend to do when we do the Chris Cross is crunch our elbow rather than the entire body. Good. Five, six, good. Reach and reach. Good. Let's just do two more and good and then reach forward and relax. Beautiful. Did you feel that? Yes. Good, good. Okay. Let's go on to our stomach and I'm going to boarding this bar back up to the highest position. Once again, every body's springs are different. Everybody's Cadillacs are different, so just play with it.

If you need to lighten it, you can. You're going to lie on your stomach and the legs are going to go about as wide as the table for the first part of this. Um, we're going to hold onto this bar. Yes. Good. And we're going to start with our swan so I have her legs apart so this doesn't get into her lower back, too much deep breath. In. Exhale, she's going to press into the bar and lift the body up. Beautiful and imprint back down. We'll use the term m printing quite a bit for lying supine. But here I want you to think of really articulating that spine just like you do on your back. Again, pressing up good and live. Nice, nice deep breath in and her rib cages in. It's beautiful. You want to make sure, and even though you're in extension that the rib cage is closed.

Now two more. As she's going up. What we want to really focus on is once again you see she is an extension but she's lifted through here so that she's not putting too much strain on that lower back. Last one, she's got quite a bit of extension so we may not go. Most people may not go quite as high as she does. Um, this is very advanced to get up this high, so it's fine just to go do it one time. Just a little, little small one. It's fine just to go to here. Okay, good. Beautiful. Now stay there and I want you to put some more tension on that bar for me. Good.

Okay. Because I want her, I want your arms as you bend your arms. I want your arms not to be too far above your head, so she's going to bend and straighten her arms one and press. Now if this gets into your lower back or this is too much, you could do the same thing sitting on your heels, which I'll show you in just a second. Good for and press. So even though she's on her stomach, she's hollowing out. That was great.

This area down here. Good. My friend Michael King always talks about having um, a lemon underneath your stomach or a little golf ball or something underneath there. Good reach. And one more and press and good. Okay. Relax for just a second and go onto your heels for me. And let's just show that alternative position.

So sit on your heels and let's do the same thing just so that they, yeah, just so that they can see. Yes. So this is, this would be an alternate position to do this in if you, if doing it on your stomach like that is too much for your lower back. This is fine, right? Cause you don't feel any tension in your back. Good. Okay, perfect. So now we're going to go back on your stomach for one more. Now I'm going to close her legs into a tighter position because we're going to do a double leg kick from the mat work. Okay. So as she bins in these, she's going to lift the legs up a little bit. Lift those knees.

Now we're going to kick and we're going to pulse m with the arms kick kick. Now as she extends the legs, she's going to press down on that bar and lift up. Beautiful. So double leg kick. Inhale, inhale, ex. Hell good. Inhale. Inhale, exhale, lift. Inhale. Inhale. Keep this lifted. Exhale, one more to go. And Hail. Inhale. You don't need to do many of these because it's very difficult. Good.

And come back down. Beautiful. Okay. Sit back on here. Heels just for a second to stretch your back out. Beautiful. Good, good, good. Okay. Now we're going to do a series from, this is from Kathy Cory [inaudible] repertoire. Um, we are going, it's called the push through on three levels. Um, it may take a time or two to get used to this. Uh, the point of this is we've all done the push through and so this is just a, a variation of that and you really want to focus on the fluidity of the movement and the articulation of the spine on this. So we're going to start here. I have her on one spring. Um, again, please remember that it just depends on your Cadillac and your springs as far as what you want to do. So make sure you have enough support on this pressing through.

She's gonna Round that spine. Beautiful. Her arms are straight, pressing through to reach out long. Take a nice deep breath in. While she's out here, she's really scooped out here. She's not. She's not flat. Now she's going to start to roll up and about right here. She's going to start bending her knees and slide through to lying down. Now you're going to roll up one vertebra at a time. Good.

Now while she's here, you notice she doesn't really have any tension on her neck because all her weight is not on her neck. She's supporting herself here and the feet are against the bar. Now she's gonna lift right hip up only and back to the middle. Left hip and back to the middle. Once again. Right hip and down, just to show good and down. Now she's gonna lift both hips, deep breath in, roll from the breastbone through the middle. Good. And then she starts to push back up to the length in the spine through.

Great. Okay. Once again, we're gonna start with a push through. This is the second level. Now. So if that was enough for you, you can continue to just do that version. Then the next version, she's going to push it through. She's going to take a deep breath in. As she begins to come up, she's going to press through to that same position. Now here is where you really need to support with the glutes and the ABS. OK? So that it doesn't really get just into your legs. Okay?

She's got her toes against this uh, bar. If you have a problem with sliding or anything, you can always put wrap up sticky or something around the um, Poles. Okay. So she's gonna pour us up back to that bridge position and right here I'm just going to ask her to tighten through here and she's just going to lift and come back down so she's not going all the way and do one more for me. Beautiful. And come back down. That was great. And then roll through the spine to press into the feet to come up.

Nice. Okay. Now the third level is the most advanced. Once. If you got to that second level and you feel like that's enough or you just do that, step that, that same version instead of going onto this one, same thing. We start with the pressing through. Good to reach out. Long. Good. Take a nice deep breath in. Exhale. Begin to bend the knees to roll through. Good. Now from here, instead of rolling up through the pelvis and into that bridge, you're not going to articulate up.

You're just going to stand straight up for our water sphere. So we stand up now from here, she's going to press her hips to the ceiling, keeps her head here and then she comes back up. One more time. Good. And again, go here now. Lying down to roll it through. That was beautiful. Good, beautiful. And sit up tall. Wonderful. Great. How'd that feel? Good. Good, good. Okay. Um, the next one is a kneeling side series with this bar.

I'm going to leave it on the same weight. Um, and let's start. I'm facing that way. Yes. Kneeling. Now your knees could be either to gather or apart. Um, whatever is most comfortable for you. You want to have enough distance here so that you're comfortable when you're pushing through what the way to know that is if as you begin to push through your shoulders hiking up, then you know you're too close. Okay? So she's going to push that bar down and through and she's gonna lift the other arm up and reach up and over. Good.

And we're going to reach down and at the same time she's really kneeling harder on this knee so that she's um, she's really staying stable. Now come up. Good. We're going to do four deep breath in this same series. Um, you may have seen this same series. Kathy Corey did it in her Wanda chair class. It is a part of our repertoire once again, and it can be done on the chair or on the Cadillac.

We also do it with the magic circle. So you see it in lots of different places, which is one of the things I love about Pisces. We can transfer the same movements from different pieces of equipment. Good. One more. You probably did more than four, but good. Now stay there. We're going to do a little small pulse and her breath is going to be inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, inhale. Good. Exhale, exhale. One more time. Inhale, inhale, and exhale.

Exhale. Deep breath in and come back up. Okay. Now is where it gets hard. Once again, just as with the last series, if what she's just done is enough for you, you don't have to do the next part. Just keep doing the side bend. She's going to stretch her leg out to the side. Now first I'm just going to do a side bend just to make sure you're comfortable there. So just do a plain side bend. Good. And as a teacher I want to assist her, but I met just making sure that she's, she's comfortable. I've just got a hand under here and then come back up. Good.

Okay, now I know she's okay. Okay. She's going to really stabilize on this standing leg and what we don't want to see and you'll see when she turns around, is sitting back on that hip. Okay? As she goes over now she's going to reach over first. Then she's going to lift this leg up and again, I'm holding on to her. Good. Come back up and lift.

Now you could also hold onto this bar reaching over and good lift, lower and come up. Good. Two more reach. So you really have to stabilize once again on this part. If you wanted to, you could add another spring or a heavier spring to have a little bit more support. She's strong enough to do this with this blue spring. Good. Nice. Last one. Reach over. Rib Cage. Good and nice. Now the last part of this is super advanced.

We're going to go over good. She's going to lift this leg up and she's going to bend it and now she's just going to do a little pulse. Inhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale. Beautiful. Exhale and exhale. Place it back down and come up. Wonderful. Okay, let's go to the other side. That was great. It's hard. Yes, it's very challenging. Um, and once again you can do the same thing on the one two chair. Okay, so facing the other side, she's going to bend over first, just a plain side bend. So bending over good and a ninth and bending over good and up, and she's doing beautifully. You're not seeing any difference in those hips.

She's really saying strong on this side so that she's, she's really even for, is that for good? Okay. And now we go into the small pulses. So she's going to do little small pulses. One, two, three, four. That was good. Five, six, seven and eight again to dropping this shoulder. Good. Four, five, six, seven and eight. Good. Okay. Coming up now for the hard part. So she's going to take that leg out.

Good. Really stabilized through this leg, which you can really see with her facing the back. Okay. Do it. Sit back for me. Okay. She, this is what you don't want to see him. This is what we get a lot. Okay. Come back onto that hip. Good. All right, so I want a straight line here. Okay. Over to the side. Inhale and exhale. Now keep this tight. Lift that leg up. Inhale and exhale. You've got it.

Reach to come back up. Yes. Inhale and exhale. Stabilize, lift and lower. Reach farther and come up. Beautiful. Two more rich and over and lift and lower and reach. Yes. Last one. So once again, she's really, really strong so she's able to stabilize here. Good and good. Okay.

The last one is our little pulses reach and go over and definitely doing it on the one to chair is the place to start with this reach. And Paul's because the one, two chairs a little bit more stability than this spring bar. So if you're, if you've never done this, the place to start would be the chair. Good. And h stretch it out. And again, Kathy Corey does that in her Wanda Chair class on plotters anytime so you can watch it there. Okay, good. Great. That was wonderful. Good. Okay, let's take this down. We're going to go to a leg spring series, so you're going to be on your back. I'm gonna open these out just a bit. Okay. So we're going to get her in her position for legs springs now.

Um, we are working with purple springs once again. Um, that depends on the person. You can go to yellow springs. If purple is a little heavy for you. Um, she knows what position to be in the way we know that. Straighten your legs once again is right here. I want to get that tailbone down. Yes, she is able to be in this position with her tailbone down and just go down a little bit with your feet as she goes down. If I were to see her tucking her pelvis in order to get those springs down lower, then I know she's too far away. Okay.

So I'd slide her up. All right. You want tension on the springs but you don't want, you don't want to have to compromise a position of the spine. Okay. So we're going to start, this is a series, once again from Kathy Corey PyLadies. Um, this is our legs spring series. So we're gonna start with circles. You're going to reach down, rotate the legs out, come back up to the middle, into parallel.

So reach it down. Really keep that tailbone reaching down towards the floor. Good. Good. So I want to see that nice break at the hip. Open and up. Good. Four and open and up. Good. And one more. I'm only gonna do five. You could do eight if you wanted to. Other way. Good.

Now bring them up. Rotate, good and yes and two. Nice Open. And she's doing a great job with keeping the rib cage closed. Good. Yes. Four. And that's what you really have to watch. Good. Add one more. Five. Okay, good. Now the next part is called our leg walk series and this series is also, you'll see the same or very similar to it in my reformer class.

Um, you're going to bring the right leg down only, right? Like good. And uh, and just left like so keep this one up. Bring the left leg up. Good. Now right leg again. So you're just going one leg at a time and up and left. Good. Now both legs are going to go four times one bring it up.

So as she goes down, once again, I don't want to see the back change. Good. Three. And I like to inhale down, exhale up and four. And the reason for that is so that you're controlling those springs. Is that for good? Okay. Next part of this series is a double leg bicycle, so both legs are going to go down. She's going to bend them and bring them up to the ceiling. You got it.

Four of those reaching down to bend and come up. Nice reaching down, bend and come up. One more. Reach down, Ben. Good. Reverse that. So you're gonna bend first. Stretch out long and up. Good. Then to stretch out long and up.

Three and Perez, and up. One more. Four. Reach it out. Good. Okay. Now from there we're going to go into our, our second position beats that. We're going to rotate the legs and here is the series. What we're going to do is do two beats. We're going to cross, cross and open. Then we're going to do three beats. Okay.

Then we're going to increase that until we get to eight and then we're going to go eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Um, breathing can be whatever you are comfortable with. What we, what I was taught was that we do inhale, inhale, exhale. Then three inhales, two, three, exhale. And it gets quite hard when you get to eight, but it's, it's good that way, but you can do whatever you're comfortable with. Okay, so double beat one, two, and reach out. Exhale. Now three. One, two, three, and open. Good for one, two, three, four, and open. Good five.

And you can alternate what foot you start with crossing in front. If that confuses you too much. Just start with the same one every time. Good. This is seven, right? Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Good. And one more this way. One, two, three. Good. And she's really, really focusing on crossing her thighs, not just her ankles. Now seven. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and open. Good. And again, keeping that tailbone down. Yeah, you got it. Good. Five. One, two, three, four, five. Good. Four. One, two, three, and four.

Good. And three. Good. Two and open. Add One. And Open. Beautiful. Okay. Come back and up. Relax for a second. Good. Last thing we're going to do is a variation on the frog. So we're going to bend our knees into a little diamond position for me. Good.

Now we're going to take and keep it a little bit longer for me. Good for this one, we're going to take the whole diamond down towards the floor. Bring it back up. Half what? Now we're going to straighten both legs out and come back in. So you do down and up and straighten and in.

Now I like to go down and up and I go to parallel as I straightened, but either is fine. I just like I'm doing the parallel cause it kind of lubricates the hips that way. Down and up and stretch. Nice and down and up and stretch and bend down. Keeping that diamond long and bent. Yes, because you'll feel it more in the outer thigh that way. Last one down and up to stretch. Beautiful. Bend. Good.

Okay. Let's take the feet out of the loops. We're going to actually stay right where you are and put your hands in those loops. Now we're going to bend the knees and put the feet on the mat. Okay. All right, so all those are going to start right by your side. We're going to really keep those shoulders down and back. Now the elbows are on the mat or slightly hovering either is fine.

And you're going to press just the forearm down to the mat. Yes. And come back up. Good progress. Just the forearm. And it's, it's very deceiving because it doesn't look like much, but it is four good. Five. Nice. This is great. Her shoulder position is wonderful. Ribs. Good. Seven. And what is nice that you really don't want to, um, flex those risks too much. Now we're gonna do little pulses, so stay low and one, two with a bent elbow, bending straight and five.

You got it? Seven and eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Good. Now she's going to stretch your arms out to straight. Repeat the same series. Yes. She, she's going to scoot up. All right, so we're going to do the same series with straight arms pressing down and up and down and up. You've got it. Three good. Keeping the shoulders back. Good. Five, nines, six. Good. Seven and eight. Little pulses. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One more time. Three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Last part of this little arm series, little tiny circles both ways on, and you have to keep the yes.

Three, four, only eight, five, six, seven reverts and yes, it's quite challenging. Two, three, four. Good. Especially if you keeping the shoulders down and back. Good. Okay. Last part of this series, you're going to bring the legs up to the ceiling. Now you're going to reach forward with the hands and press down on the arms. Now as the legs began to travel down only as far as you can with your stomach held, the arms are going to float off. Inhale. Now exhale, press.

So inhale, exhale for a so your arms aren't going to come up too high. Inhale, exhale for us. And inhale. Exhale, press one more. And Hale and exhale. Great. Yes, that's hard. Um, and once again on that legs only go as far as you can with the stomach held. Okay, let's go stay. One more thing. One more thing. Single leg series on the back. So I'm going to give you this, this leg spring.

The opposite leg can be bent with the foot on the floor. Okay. Second. The second level would be just like you are with the foot stretched out along the Mat. Most advanced would be with the leg hovering. Okay. So either any of those positions is fine. Okay, so the leg is gonna start up at 90 degrees. Good. And we're going to really make sure we're not height here. Good.

Now we're going to rotate the leg outward. Yes, and we're going to flex and take it down and up. Good. Now with a single leg, the challenge here, especially if you have this leg hovering, is the opposite side that you're really working to stabilize on the opposite side. Good. Yes, five. Good. That's plenty good. Now we're going to go from the top, bring it up, we're going to open to the side. Now this is a real challenge, just open side and bring it up. Good. So she's really having to work hard to keep this opposite side. Good. One more just straight to the side. Yes.

One more and five. Beautiful. Now a little circle side, bring it down and up. And so it's a real challenge to keep this working. Keep that opposite side stable. Good for that's one more. And reverse that.

Nice. Reverse. Good to wonderful the ray. Thank you. And for one more and five. Great. Okay.

Bring other leg down and I'll take that great other side. So there we go. Okay, so reaching, keeping this here. Good. Now rotating both legs. Yeah. And reaching down and up. So because the leg is rotated, what we should feel is a little bit more on the outer and inner side of the leg.

Good and good and good. Okay. Now we did the reaching to the side. So what I wanted her to get as far to the side, it feels good actually as she can without losing this and then come back to the ceiling and reach. Yes. And everybody's range of motion is going to be different. Everybody's good. Everybody's strength is going to be different in their opposite side.

Good reach. And one more and stretch. Good. Okay. Now our little circles. So we reach side down and up. This leg that's not w not in the spring has to be very active. That leg has to be really working just as well. Good one more and reverse that and stretch it open.

You got it good too. And they don't have to be huge. They can be little tiny ones at the bottom if that's more what you're comfortable with. The challenge once again is just that you're working that single leg. Good. Okay, great. Let's take that. Good. Okay.

So let's sit up. Very nice. And we're gonna Actually Neil facing this direction. Um, this is the hinge theories. Um, we're going, she's got, we've got yellow springs on this spring bar. You can do this with a blue spring as well. The, the challenge is when you have a yellow spring, there's not quite as much support when you're going back in the hinge. However, when you're doing the arm work, it's a lot harder. So you have to choose where you want your support.

Do you want more support on the hinge or do you want more challenge? Um, with the, with the yellow spraying. So she's fine with the yellow spring. I've got her with her knees slightly separated. They can be separate. They can be together if you have knee issues, separated is better. Okay. They can also be in a slight V, right? Just like that. So any of those positions are fine.

Now what she's doing first just to warm up and I'm going to ask you to keep kind of long fingers. Yeah. Um, only because I know she's strong enough to do that. Um, we're going to just press down only as far as she can without this shoulder joint rolling forward and then bring it up. So forcing down. Good. And this should be quiet. Um, uh, you should really feel this in the low abdominals just as much as you're feeling it in the arms. Good and progress. Very nice. She's keeping nice and stable. Good. Two more. And rich. And uh, last one. Beautiful. Guess what pulses.

So we're going to get to her lowest point and we're going to pulse. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and one, two, good. Five, six, seven and eight. Great. Okay, now comes the challenge. The hinge. So first we're going to do it just plain. We're going to put tension on that bar first. Now we're going to hinge back reach and she's going to come back up. So when I say hinge, what I mean is that she's not going into an arch in the spine for us down and hinge. So she's not doing it. She's keeping a straight line from here to here. Good and up. Now if that's enough for you, just continue doing that.

If you want a little bit more challenge. Now we're going to go into an art. So she's going to start with her hinge, hinge like you did. Good. Now from there, grow into an arch. I want to see you go back into a hinge and then come up. Wonderful. Okay, so that's the key that we, we finish in that hinge before we travel back up, hand up, press down, and then go back in a straight line. Now from here we hips go up, back goes. Good. Now she's going to close the ribs. Bring the head, neck and shoulders forward, and then hint. Nice. Okay.

Last part of this, I want you to sit almost on your heels. If you can just hover. If you need to sit all the way down, sit all the way down and she's going to do some arm presses there. Reach and up. Yes. Thank you rich and up. Did you see that correction? She really pulled into those abs for good and five good. Six. Beautiful. Two more. Seven and eight. You've got it.

Good and sit all the way up. Wonderful. That was great. What a good, what a good example. Okay, now we are going, I'm going to just get my trap. He's to a leg press series, standing leg press with the trapeze. So we're going to put the trappings in the s in the, uh, center almost in the center and she's gonna stand now for this. I have the red springs from the push through bar on there, not the springs that come with the trapeze, those really heavy ones that are meant to support you for, um, the upside down things in the hanging things. Um, you wouldn't be able to move those for this exercise. So you want a lighter spring.

So she's gonna put one foot up there in the center and it kind of has to be in the center or else the trapeze is going to go like this. Okay. So you're really gonna rotate both legs once again. And she's going to press down and up. Good. Pressing down and, uh, pressing down and up and down and up. Now, little tiny pulses once again. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Good. And again, two beautiful.

Four, five, six, seven and eight. Now she's going to press down with the, the trapeze and leave the tension on it. She's gonna well ave with the other leg. Go back down from the Relevate, keeping the tension here, and then bring the leg up. Good. Going down, rise up, go back down, and then release. Good. Two more. Rise. Good. And there you go.

Nice. One more to go and relevant. Good. And up. Now we're going to rotate. So the leg is to the side. Both legs are once again rotated so that she's turned out. Um, one thing before you get started about this that you really want to note is that your standing leg is working quite hard in this series. So when I do this more than once in a week, I always alternate what leg I started on because that standing leg does get a lot of work and it's tired by the time you get to the second side. So if you started on the right leg on Monday, on Wednesday, start on the left leg. Okay. All right. So rotate.

So that we're really square here and we're going to press down and up. And Perez, good up and three. So again, she's really working on this leg now. She's very sure her positioning is very nice in that she is on the ball of her foot already, even though she's not rising up yet. What you don't want to do is have your weight on your heel. Thank you. Because then it's going to be very difficult for you to switch over to the other movement. Good. Okay. And little pulses. Good. Three, four, five, six. And you want to light hold on that bar. In fact, sometimes I challenge myself and see if I can even let go.

But it's just that you don't want to be holding on for dear life there. Press down relevant. [inaudible] go back down and then lift the leg. Press it down. Relevant. Maintain this. Yes, thank you. And Go back up. Two more. Press down. [inaudible] go back down and good.

Last one. Press up. Good and nice. Okay, let's turn around, not turn around. Go to the other leg. So she's gonna put her opposite leg up and rotate. Check for a second. That once again, your weight is on the ball of the foot and that you're, you're holding on very lightly there. Now pressing down and Ah, press and uh, beautiful Perez and up. And if you'll notice she's, she's really square here. This hip is not hiked up to her shoulder. Good.

Good. Is this a good? Okay. Little pulses. One, two, three, four. Good. Five, six, seven, eight. Again, two. Very nice. Four, five, six, seven and eight. Now she's going to her Relevate so she's going to press down, keep the tension, and go back down and come up. Progressive Down, rise up, go back down and release Perez down. Rise up, go back down and release. Last one up, down and release. She's going to turn to the side to rotate both legs to the side. If you're not as rotated as she is and you can't have your leg directly to the side, you can bring it slightly forward of you.

But the problem once again is with, because you've got a little bit lighter spring. If you go too far forward on this trapeze, it's gonna tilt with you. Okay. Pressing down and up and press and up. Good press and up and press. So she's really got to work to stabilize here. Good.

So that she's not rotating this way. Good. One more and a little pulses. One, two, three. Beautiful. Five, six, seven and eight and you can see all the work that's going on in this leg as well as that. Good. Good. Now the last part, press down. Rise up. Lower and release. Press down. Rise up and lower and release. Two more.

Rise, lower and release. Last one. Beautiful. And release. Good. Okay. Very nice. Good. Okay, we have one more. We're going to do just a little stretch for the arms and the shoulders. Let me get rid of this.

Okay, so this is the you arm stretch is what this is. You're going to sit here. We actually facing that way. So we actually did this. I'm in my foam roller class and it's the same exact series. You're going to put your hands on the bar behind you. Okay. Legs, knees and feet are together. Okay? Now what I'd like you to do, and again, notice I'm holding on to the bar as she's doing this because we don't want her, you know, you never want somebody to just start doing this and lose this bar.

Okay? So we're gonna always hold on to it. So you're going to flex the feet, round the, the spine and press back into this and it's really good. Stretch in the shoulder. Nice. Come right back up. Good. Now from here, I want you to round forward, point the feet and let this bar come up as high as she can get it. Now she's, she's really flexible and she can do that. You. Some of you may not be able to get quite that high. Roll it through. So flex the feet, sit up nice and tall. Round back. Beautiful. Yeah. And then come back up and she's gonna roll forward.

Point the toes and lift that bar up over her. Yeah. And then come back. See she's, she is really flexible. Super Flexible. Good. Okay. We're going to change it. Just a touch. We're going to hinge now. So you're going to flex those feet, which this one is more open. Exactly. Okay. So she's opening the shoulder a little bit more for this and she's not quite so round. Yeah. And then round forward and let those lift up.

And again, Nice. Really keeping her abs here. And one more time, progress it through, chest up, open the chest and hinge. Nice. And come up and round forward to stretch it through. Beautiful. And come back through and I will take it from you. Good. Okay.

Very nice. Good. Thank you very much. That was wonderful. Good work.


Great session! Some great moves. Different from any I've seen
1 person likes this.
Agreed, great variations. Still feels traditional which I love, and great detail for how to progress exercises safely.
So glad you liked it! Reformer workout will be up soon.
Really enjoyed the variations and exercises in this class! The ab series with the roll back bar is wonderful. Looking forward to your reformer class. Thanks Cecile!
Very effective full body workout! I have enjoyed Kathy's chair work and so delighted to see the exercises expanded here! Fun to challenge clients on the the cadi rather than allowing them to "stretch out". Oh, and love that wonderful southern accent! As a southern girl, nice to hear :)
That ab series with the roll down bar is one of my favorites. And glad to hear that someone likes the southern accent!
Wow! J'ai adoré ce cours, pas compliqué mais
intense. J'ai apprécié la série d'enroulement avec
la barre ainsi que le travail des épaules. Merci!
Another reason I love PA....great variations built a wonderful session. Thank you!
This was a wonderful !!! what a terrific workout. Thanks!!!
I hope these exercises are good things to throw in to your existing Cadillac class as well.
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