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Creative Reformer Variations

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Cecile Bankston teaches this Reformer class that is filled with new variations on traditional movements. Exercises such as the Elephant Twist, and the Short Box series with the arms in straps are just a few of the new movements you will see along with some old Kathy Corey Pilates favorites such as the leg walk series. This full-body workout flows seamlessly from one exercise to the next, but don't let that fool you, it is quite a challenge!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Nov 30, 2011
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Okay ladies, let's get started. We are going to start on the reformer with the feet prehensile positions. So our toes are going to be wrapped around the bar and um, we really want to think about seeing the knuckles of your feet, if you will. Um, so that you're really grasping that bar. You want to keep knees and feet together and we're going to press out. Inhaling as we go out, we're going to ask hail to come in.

And the reason for that is so that we're really controlling the springs coming in rather than riding them. Inhale out, exhale coming in and full. Good. Maintaining that position of the spine, that Nice, neutral position. Good. And pull it in two more and seven, pull it in nice and eight and pull it in. Good. Now I'd like you to just keep your knees and feet together but bring the feet up to the ceiling. Good. And we're going to flex and point the feet, flex and point and two and point and three. One more to go. And for now, we're going to keep our anchors here, keep everything tight, and just bend the knees and go onto the heels this time right on the bar.

Good. So pressing out. Inhale out. Exhale, pressing and making sure to keep that inner thigh area zipped up as you straighten. Good and for Nice. Keeping the ankle bones together even when you straight and good. Six. Two more to go. Seven yes. And last one, eight. Good.

Now we're going to bring those legs back up and we're going to flex and 0.4 times. Inhale and exhale. Two. Good. Three. Nice. And one more. Now while we're up here, we're going to rotate the legs outward and now we're going to bend to a small first position on the toes, right? Okay. We want to just about as wide as your shoulders and pressing out. Inhale. And remember as we're straightening and bending, we want to keep those heels locked in space so that they're not rising up or down. Good. Nice. And five, keeping the rib cage closed and down.

Very nice. Two more and seven last one. Good. Now we're going to stay right here, but I just want you to open those knees to a little bit wider turnout. Now and again, pressing in and out. This one's a little bit harder to maintain the position of the heels.

So you're going to rotate as wide as you can. Keeping those heels in place, right? And you want to make sure that the weight is on all five toes, not just on the little toe. Good. Three more. Good and six. Pull it in. Two more to go. Seven and pull it and keep that nice, right. Wide rotation.

Good. Okay. Bring the legs back to parallel for our last one. And that's going to be high heels. So this one's kind of hard. You want to really keep those heels lifted as you straight in, which means you really have to tighten in the glutes and the backs of the legs in order not to talk. So pressing out and trying to maintain that heel position. Good and reach nice.

So it's really difficult to keep those heels high and not talk good and full. Good. And if you're having trouble and you're talking, then go ahead and lower them a little bit. Six. Good. Two more. Add seven. Very nice. Last one, and a great. Okay. I'm going to lighten it just a little bit because we're going to go to one single leg, so I'm what I, what springs? I'm putting it on a red and a blue, so I'm considerably lighter. We're going to add, we're going to place our hands on the shoulder rest. We're going to press out.

Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Now press out in. Stay there. Inhale and exhale. Take the right leg, bend it and bring it up to the ceiling. Good. Now Bend it and we'll over roll the hip over exactly. Keeping the opposite shoulder. Now extend that leg out and we're going to pulse the leg down towards the floor.

One, two. Inhale four, and inhale. Inhale, exhale. Exhale. Now pulse to your shoulder. Inhale, inhale, knife. Maintain your position of the standing leg. Seven a good to be on the knee and roll back over and stretch it up to the ceiling and pull it in onto the bar and then come in. Very nice other side. So inhale and exhale to go out. Very nice. Take the left leg in and up. Bend the knee in.

Roll over the hip, right, keeping the opposite shoulder down. Reach that leg out and we pulse it to the floor to ask out. Three and four. Inhale and exhale. Exhale now to your shoulder. Inhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale. Inhale, exhale. Very nice. Now bend the knee, roll back over and go up to the ceiling and come down to bring it in.

How does that feel? It feels good on your back. Yeah. Okay, so we're going to now lead. I'm going to go a little tiny bit heavier to two springs, whatever you normally do your abdominal work on for this one. Um, and we're going to get our straps for our hands. Good. Okay. We're going to bring our legs, bring the straps down by your sides. Inhale and exhale. Bring the legs into tabletop. Okay. Take the legs up to the ceiling, leaving the straps down. Now this comes from the Kathy Cory is repertoire. Um, it is called the leg walk series. This can be done with the head down or up.

We're going to do it with the head down first. We're gonna bring the right leg down towards the bar, only as far as we can with the stomach held. Bring it back up. Exhale, left leg. Inhale and exhale, right leg. Inhale and exhale. Reach those shoulders away from the ears. Good. Now both legs. Inhale and exhale.

Make sure to maintain those abdominals so it may be a small movement. Exhale two more. Three and bring it back up one more. And for good, here comes the hard part. We're going to bend the knees. We're going to stretch them out towards the wall. Bring them back up to the ceiling. Inhale Ben. Big Long exhale to go out and up.

Inhale, bend, big long. Exhale to go out and up. One more and good. Now guess what? We reverse it. Bring them down to the floor, Ben. So it's like a double leg bicycle breech. Ben and a good three. Very nice.

Bend and up. One more. Add, bend, add up, add, bring the arms up to relax. Bring those needs to tabletop. Good, good. So again, that can be done as well with the head forward, which would make you work your upper abdominals a little bit more. I find it to be much harder with the head down. Um, okay, one more abdominal thing. We're going to keep the, bring those legs to tabletop. Once more, bring the arms down this time. Bring head, neck, and shoulders forward. We're gonna bring the leg straight up to the ceiling and we're just going to rotate them outward and we're going to open and close the legs.

Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Bring the legs back in as if somebody is doing that. Inhale and exhale. Nice. Inhale and exhale and inhale. Keep breathing. Two more and reach last one. And inhale and exhale. Bend the knees and relax. Bring the arms up and head goes down.

Very nice. Okay, let's put feet in the straps now. Um, is two springs okay for you? Okay. All right. Feet are going into the straps. Very nice. Okay. Now we're going to start with leg circles and we're only going to do five each way. Okay, so we're going to bring the legs up. Inhale, open to the side. Big, long exhale. Bring them down and together without losing the abdominals in Haleigh. Open side. Exhale, bring them down and together and three open side and watching that you don't have any hip movement really here. It's just the legs moving. Very nice.

And one more. That's it. Now we're going to reverse that and really keep weight into those straps. So what I mean by that is imagine that you're really pushing the feed into those straps and it really makes you connect with those abdominals a little more. Good. Yes, and I believe we have three more. Good. I added one I think, and two good. Last one and three. Very nice. Good. Okay.

Let's bring the legs up to the ceiling and go to parallel. We're going to bring the legs down with a flex. Good. Now we're going to rotate them out and open. We're going to close them with a flex. Go back to parallel to come up. So we inhale, flex, bring them down, ask, help, rotate and open.

Good. Inhale, flex and exhale to come back up. Good. And three, rotating open. Good. So we're really lubricating the hips here because we're getting the rotation and the parallel. Good and open and close. And last one, bring them down to open and close and come back up.

Good. Alright, leave them at 90 degrees here. We're going to rotate them out and we're going to open and close the legs from there without moving the carriage. Okay, so you've got to hold that carriage still. So for some people, this is fine. You may need, some people may need to be further down and we're going to open the legs. Inhale, exhale, flex. Bring them together. Point open, flex, bring them together. And three very nice job of keeping that carriage still four and open and five open. Good. Now leave them in first position.

We're going to do a little frog up and down to the ceiling. Again, trying to keep that carriage as still as possible, so you may need to bring them down just a little bit. Yeah. Now go up and down there and see if you can keep that carriage still good. Connect the back to the thighs together. Really fluid. Good. And Four. Very nice. Keep that tailbone down and five. Now go into your little diamond position.

Put the soles of the feet together for me, and now we're going to bring that diamond down and up. So for this, just keep travel. The whole diamond down and up. Good too. Now for this, you really want to connect with the outer sides of the thighs. Good. And up and four. So you're really tight and right through here. Good. Five. Good. Let's do three more of these. Six and seven. Yeah. And Hey, last one, eight. Okay, now we're going into a short spines variation. Okay, so we're going to press the legs out into our long position here.

So stretch the legs out. Put head down. Yes. Bring those legs out. Now we're going as if you were doing your short spot and you're going to bring those legs back towards your eyes. Good. When you begin to keep coming as far as you can, let the spine start rolling up, but not completely roll up until you touch the end here. Now you're gonna roll up good right here. We're going to bring those legs, those arms up to the ceiling, and then we can't use those arms that way and we bend the knees and we're going to straighten the knees. Obviously do not do this. If you have any neck issues, bend and straighten and one more bend.

You gotta use those abs. Good. Straightened now bend and you're going to start rolling down one vertebrae at a time. Still leaving the arms up. Nice. Really, really stretched through that spine. Inhale and exhale. Take as many breasts as you want. Bring those feet down to that original diamond position, how that feel and arms go down. Nice. How'd that feel? So in other words, by doing this with the arms up, first of all, you're not allowed to use your arms as we all sometimes do.

And with the legs traveling up and down like that. Once again, you're really forced to connect to the abdominals. Okay. So once again, stretch those legs out. Inhale, big long exhale as you reach back. Good. Once you get to the end row, all the way up and the arms go up. Now still think about the shoulders away from the ears and the neck being long. Band the knees. Inhale and exhale, stroke really tightened through here. Good. Inhale through those glutes. Good.

And lengthen the spine. And one more. Inhale, shoulders away from the ears. Good. And now bend the knees. Inhale, big, long exhale to roll through the spine. Really lengthened, really lengthen, really linked, very nice. And bring those legs back down. Great. And arms are the last thing to go. Great. Okay, let's get out of the straps. Very nice. Good. And we're going to actually go to sitting now.

Um, we're going to lighten the springs. Um, this series is a little difficult. So, um, I usually go on a blue for this, a blue or a red. You don't really want to be much heavier than that. And we're going to start facing the back. Um, I'm going to put your bar down and we're going to put, um, legs through the center. They can be bent or straight. Let's start with them straight. Um, we're to put the hands in the straps and we're going to put the pot, the arms are straight and the palms are through with your thumb sticking out so that you've got some leverage there, right? Okay. So I want you to start at your shoulder line.

And from here we're going to do like a little karate chop backwards. So we're going to press back. Inhale and exhale, press back, inhale and exhale. So good. Upper backward and exhale and triceps, obviously. Exhale, inhale, and exhale. Inhale and exhale, two more. Inhale and exhale.

Last one. And exhale. Okay. Turn your palms so that they're facing the back. Repeat the same thing. Inhale and exhale. Good. So you really, really working that upper back. This is beautiful. The shoulders are down, but we're still working good. It's very easy to get the shoulders up by the ears on this and you really, really want to watch that. Good. Two more and reach. Nice. And last one.

Good. Bring the arms in and relax for a second. How did that feel? It's hard. Yes, I know that you can thank Cathy Corey for that one. All right, so on the elbows, this well, you know what? Let's start first with on the hands. Once again, we're gonna do one more. We're going to put the hands white at the shoulder line once again, but the elbows are bent. Now this, we're going to keep the carriage still. Once again, we're going to bring those arms up to the ceiling, keeping the carriage still and bend. Good. This comes from my men's class and up to the ceiling and bend.

Good. And up to the ceiling. Nice. And Ben, you really, really have to work to not let this get into the shoulders. Good. Let's just do one more. Inhale. Good. And exhale. Backset. Okay. Bring those arms in. Fit Super hard. I know. All right. Put the straps on the elbows. Now this a little, this one would be a little easier. Okay. We're going to do a chest press here. So you're going to bring the elbows.

Just up at your chest level and we're going to open and close. Inhale and exhale close. Nice. Remember that exhale on the close it says that you're controlling that movement and not riding those springs. Good. Exhale, one more and inhale and exhale. Good. Okay. Let's open the arms and bring the hands behind the head.

Now this comes from our short box series. You can leave the legs straight or you can bend them. We're going to start with a hinge, so we're going to lengthen the spine. Got It. There you go. Okay. Length in the spine. Keep those elbows open and inhale back.

Exhale to bring it back up and hailed back. So you want to keep this beautiful position, this nice hinge position, not rounding at all and three and bring it back and four and bring it back. That's it. Five and a very nice. Relax for a second. Good, good. Okay. So you know you have some times those clients that are afraid to be on the box. This is just a little variation on a theme that they can do the same sort of movement, but they're not, they're not up on top of that box.

I'm also for people who tend to get into their quads when they're under that strap on the short box. Um, this is great. Now we're going to put the hands in front of you. Straps still on elbows. Yeah. Okay, so lengthening the spine, sitting up nice and tall. Now we're going to do our round back. So we're going to take a deep breath in and we're going to roll back and on on this without being on the box.

You can go back quite a bit further than you would on the box. And then really round, come forward. Really get shoulders all the way over the hips before you sit up tall. Nice. And again. Inhale, exhale to round down. Really, really articulate the spine and roll it back up really round and sit up nice and tall. Good. This time we're going to go back just like you did. Good. Round back. And once we get back there, we're going to bring those arms up.

Stabilizing the position. Good. You're not going to go very far. Bring them back down and then round to come back up. They may not get over your head. That's okay. And sit up tall. Last one round to go down. That's it. Really articulating the spine. Great. And that legs are active. Good.

Even though they're out, you're stretch, you're really keeping them tight. Good and round to come up. That's it. Very nice. Good. Okay, now we're gonna tilt. So we're gonna tilt to the side. A little bit of a twist, not too much twist, cause then you lose too much tension on this. It's more of a tilt round down to one side.

You got it round back up on that diagonal and sit up tall to the middle. Other side. That was beautiful. Tilt and we'll round. That's it. And rounding back up and sit up. Nice and tall. Other side tilt. Good. Round back. Really, really articulate that spine. Good. Get as much tilt as you can. Roll it back up. Very nice. And sit up tall.

Last one and tilt really round. Good, good. And Roll it back up and sit up tall around the world. So we're gonna tilt just like we did on that first side. Roll it down. Now you're going to pass through the middle row to the other side and bring it up and to the center. Nice other side tilt. Roll it down. Really keeping those legs tight and stretching away from you.

Reach through the middle, around to the other side and coming up and center one more. Each side reach. And again, as I said, you can do this with knees bent if you want to. It's actually going to be a little harder with knees bent. Good and up. And one last time to roll it down. That's it.

And come up. Very nice. Good. Okay. Get rid of the straps. How was that? Did you feel it? Good. Good. Okay, we're going to do one more for the upper back before we go on. And what we're gonna do is actually kneel facing the shoulder rest. But I want you to sit on your heels. Okay?

You're going to get as as close in there as you can for some people and some reformers you can actually get in between the shoulder rest. Okay. But for this you guys, you're not going to be able to do that. So just right up to them. And I want you to place your hands either on top or on the sides of the reformer with long fingers. So this is not the kneeling abdominal series. What we're trying to get at here is our upper back.

So we're going to put our elbows on the mat. Yeah, I mean on the sides. Very nice. And we're going to keep those long fingers and we're going to pro pull from the upper back. You got it and release. So you really should feel this work going on right underneath those shoulder blades. Good. You feel that? Yeah. And really, really articulate. Yes. Really working that upper back.

Nice. And you just want the head in line with the spine. Good. Five, yes and six. Keep that head a little bit lower. Nice. Two more to go. And you have to be careful with this, that your elbows are actually on top of or a little outside so that you're not running into your carriage. Last one. Very good. And come up. Okay. And kneeling up. Really wonderful to articulate that underneath. Right underneath those scapula.

Great. Okay, let's hop off of there. I'm going to get the boxes for you haters. Why don't we want it long ways. Yes. Okay. I'm gonna put one spring on for this. Um, okay.

So we're going to do, we're going face the bar, the foot bar. Okay. And we're going to put the straps on our feet. So I will help you with that. Um, in the old days though, I will tell you a story that um, Ron Fletcher used to have you do the sitting on the long box, do the, um, the, the what am I a horseback? Yes. And then from there you would drop the straps and you would pick them up with your feet and roll onto your stomach for this. No, we are not going to do that.

We are not going to do that but it was next to impossible. So you want to be kind of a little more towards the front, off the edge of the box. Um, this is a box pull exercise so you don't want to shorten these straps so much that uh, people always think of it as a hamstring pool in which case you would want those straps really short. You don't want the straps to be that short. Okay. And it, it takes some getting used to cause it feels kind of funny at first. Um, your arms are going to go behind your back and remember that we're on our back or our stomachs, but we really, really want to pull in and up through the abdominal supporting underneath their knees and feet are going to be together. If you have lower back issues or knee issues, then they, you can flight Li, open those knees out into a little diamond for this. If you need to, head is in line with this, fine. We're going to bend the knees, lift the knees up, and bend them and pull your feet towards your seat one and extend not all the way to and extend. Very nice. So think of holding a thin piece of paper between your knees for keeping that head in line with the spine. Good. Five and really pulling up, scooping out those abdominals. Six. Very good.

Two more to go. Seven and last one. Eight. Very good. Okay. Now we're going to do some short little pulses inward. Okay, so we're going to inhale. Inhale, exhale. You got an exhale. Inhale. Inhale, exhale. I know you're dying. One more set. Inhale, inhale, and exhale and exhale. Okay, last one in this series, our double leg kick.

So we're gonna kick and ward. Inhale in now. Now you cannot lose the straps, straighten the legs, bring the arms back towards the heels and lift up. Beautiful. And inhale, inhale, and big long exhale to stretch it out. Two more. Very nice. Inhale, inhale, and big exhale. Reach those. Hands down. Good. Try to keep the neck in line with the spine. Last one.

We all have a tendency to kind of throw our head back on that extension reach and extend. Beautiful. Okay. I'm going to take your straps away from you. Very nice. Did y'all feel that? Good? Good. All right, so now we are going to one more. I'm going to put all the springs on for a swan dive. So we're staying facing this way.

We're going to get considerably farther forward. Okay? Your hands are going to go on that bar. You want to get where you're comfortable as if you were doing the swan dive on the one to chair where you can dive and let the legs come upwards. So I like to be almost in my hips, but it just depends on you and what you, what you like. Uh, make sure you have all this springs on. Okay. Now elbows are gonna come right back towards your side. When you do this, the legs are gonna go up. So deep breath in. As you exhale, you're going to die forward. Bend the elbows, let let the legs lift up and come back up. Beautiful. And again, inhale, reach and exhale up.

Now if this bothers you on the edge of this box, you can roll up a towel or have a pillow and again, three. But these girls are tough and one more and for good. Now we're going to go forward and we're going to stay there. Okay. Reach forward. And from here, rotate your legs outward and we're going to point and beat. One, two, three, four. Keep that extension in the spine. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and three. Good. Keep breathing. One more four. Don't get too much extension in that. Lower back and come back up.

Extend all the way and relax. You can get off of the box. Good. Okay. No more box. Okay, great. Um, I'm going to put the bar back up. Um, and you want the springs to be on whatever you would do your, um, your up stretch on. So I usually do two reds, but some people do a red and a blue, whatever you are comfortable with is fine with me. Um, this is sort of, um, a combination of the up stretch and the knee stretch. Okay. So, um, we're going to stand on the carriage in our upstairs stretch position. So he holds her against the shoulder breast.

You're getting way off of those arms, right? You don't want any weight on, on the, on the wrist especially. So from here, let's just do a few just in and out, just to get ourselves warmed up in like you're not already warm. Exhale, pull it in. And again, inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale and exhale. Okay, here's the combination. We're going to press out into that up stretch position. Now, right here, we're going to pull into those abdominals. Bend the knees and Hover.

Round the spine. Hover. Bring that carriage all the way in. Don't move the carriage and come back up to your [inaudible] position. Got It. So press it out. Reach, inhale, and exhale. Round the spine. Pull into those abdominals. Hover the knees, pull the carriage in and stand up tall without moving that carriage. Good one more like that. Reach it out. Actually, two more. Good. Now Hover.

Really get nice and round. Beautiful. Come all the way in now. No movements. Stand up from there. You got it. Last one, pressing out. I actually gave you the harder one of the series first. Good. Good, good, good. Get as low as you can. Nice. And stand up tall. Okay. Here's the reverse of that. We're going to bend without moving the carriage.

Ban those knees in hover. Press it out in that knee position. Good. Then come into the v. Very nice. You got it. Good. So bend the knees really round that spine. Get as low as you can. Press it out, bring it into that Nice v position. Very good. Two more. Bend those knees.

Really pull into those abdominals so that you're supporting the quads. But I set out and go into that V position. Beautiful. One more. Bend the knees. Really Hover. Good. And press it out and come into that fee. Great. Okay. And relax. Good. Good.

You can step off of there for a second. Very good. How is that good? Yes, it's, it's tough. Yes, it's tough, but it's all my sober. Alright, so now we're gonna do, um, a variation, um, kind of called, I call it the elephant twist. So it's, it's kind of between, it's a variation on the elephant and the twist. So you're going to stand against the shoulder rest so that you're going to be this way. Okay? So I've got my, my back foot crossed over the front foot and I'm rotated around. Okay? Do you want me to show you first what you're going to do? Okay. So from here you're going to go first. We're going to just do a few in and out here, okay? So that you really, uh, oriented here and we're really, really working the obliques in this position.

Okay? Now from here, I'm going to move this hand to the center and I'm gonna reach out to a single arm. Now from here, I'm gonna wrap around and twist. So I'm gonna reach out him rotate and round and twist. Okay? You can do it again, spring. Wait, what ever you would do something. You know, you've gotta, it's a goldilocks principle is cow. Kathy Corey always says it's gotta be just right, because if it's too heavy, you're not going to be able to get it out there. But if it's too light, you're going to feel like you're gonna fly off the end of the machine. So I, I generally do a red and a blue. Um, so I think you're probably fine on that. Okay, so get into that. Yes, your back foot is going to cross over the front, right? And then standing onto the other right.

And then get off of your arms to start. And we're just going to do a few just in this position. Now from here, you want to get the shoulders as square as possible. And for me, I have to really think about putting my weight for this side. Um, for Christie it's, we want to think about our putting her weight on her left arm more than her, right. Only because that's going to probably even her out. Okay. So caressing in and out. They're good. Exhale to pull it in and really get into that oh bleak. Inhale and exhale, pull it in. Beautiful.

And inhale, exhale, pull it in. And once again, the head is always in line with the spine, not forward or back. Exhale. And one more. And inhale wrist. Okay. Everybody good? Okay, so now let's move the arm to the center for Christy. It's her right arm. That's gonna go center, right? So yes, there you go. This on. Okay. Other arm is just going to be underneath, like you're threading the needle. So reach it through right now.

As you stretch out, press out with the fee, rotate the body to face side. Inhale. Beautiful. Exhale, really round the spine to pull it in and try to pull that carriage all the way in. Yes. And again, inhale and reach and rotate. Exhale to pull it in. Beautiful. And you still want weight on that foot? That's crossed in front. One more to go reach. I'm being very nice. Good.

And pull it back in. Oh, come on, let's do just one more for all right. Reach it out. We gotta be even for good and come back in. Beautiful. Good. Okay, great. Unfortunately we have another side. Okay, good. All right. Other sides. So obviously, once again, you want to watch anybody with wrist issues on this. Although honestly, if you are truly supporting throughout your entire body and you're using, um, your, your abdominals properly and you're off of those arms, you really should be able to keep a nice long position here with the wrist. You don't want to be here. Um, if you're teaching and you're watching your students, you really don't want them in this position ever. Um, so you want them comfortable enough so that they're there. Um, okay, so other side, that was a good rest. All right, so once again, if I were teaching and I can't be two places at once, I stand and put my foot on the carriage so as they're getting up so that they're not going to throw themselves across the room as they're getting onto the machine. All right? And stepping up into that nice elephant position.

Good rotate and just give yourself a little check. Try to get your weight centered so that you're not so much on, only on that back foot. Good. Pressing in and out. Inhale and exhale. Good. And inhale. This is wonderful to even out just this part, even if they can't do the second part. This part is great to even out the spine for people that have imbalances in the back and the muscles of the back. Good.

One more and pull it in. Good. Okay. Now we move the hand to the center. The other hand goes up and, sorry, go through. Yes. Now as we press out, we're going to rotate. Inhale, and exhale, rotate. That's it. And then take a full breath to come back in. Really reach us hips to the ceiling and make sure your weight is coming onto the foot that's in front and again too. Very nice and pull it in from the abdominals. Beautiful.

Two more. And reach and bring it back in. That's it. And really, really pulling in from the obliques. Good. Last one. And rich shoulder. They're doing beautifully. Your shoulder needs to be away from the ear and come back in.

No Fun. Good, good, good. Okay. And stepping off. Very nice. Good. Okay. Tire. Okay, last one. We're just gonna do one more. Let me change this. I think I like to do this actually just on one spring, but um, if you want it heavier for support you can, we're going to do our rush and split facing the back. Okay. So you're standing with one foot either like this so you can put it against the bar and the foot and you're going to just lunge forward here.

Hands are on the shoulder rest. And from there all we're gonna do is press in and out. Okay. All right. So it's um, if this position that I was in was not comfortable. Some people like to have their arch over the edge of the wood and that is actually fine. Many years ago, Kathy and I always talk about many, many years ago there was not this nice platform there. It was like this big. And so you always did have your foot kind of over the head.

So I actually am more comfortable that way. But some people just really like to have more support. I'm on one spring. But if that feels too light for y'all, go on to one and a half. You really don't need it cause you're supported using your hands on this. Step onto the carriage, right. And then step back second, right, you're right, there you go. And then good.

And then the other foot goes as far forward as you can. Sometimes I put this shoulder rest up. If somebody needs the act once the extra stretching the calf, you can do that. Um, you want to square the hips and you want to try to get this nice position that they both have where your chest is on the almost on the knee and you're going to press in and out with that front leg. Inhale, two exhale coming in. And they're doing beautifully. What you want is to try to keep the alignment in the hips as they're going in and out. You don't want to, as you go forward, sort of let that, that hip on the leg that's going forward. Go forward with you.

Good and reach. Nice. And let's do two more. Very nice. Last one. [inaudible] very good. Okay. So now step onto the carriage with the back foot or kneel and then step off or change feet. Whatever you want to do. Good. You got it. Good. Beautiful.

Okay, so get into that Nice lunge position, keeping the hips square, and we're going to press in and out. Inhale and exhale to come in and inhale. Beautiful, and pull it back in. Beautiful, good. And and Hale. Good. Exhale. Really keep those hips down low and pull it in to more and press it out and in last one precedent and pull it back in.

Very nice and kneel down and then come off. Beautiful. Okay. Thank you very much, ladies. Wonderful. Good job. Great. Good, good. You'll be great. You'll be great.


Thank You So Much Cecile !!
I loved the easy flowing pace of this class, I feel great and can't wait to start my day !!
Very Elegant Elephant Twists :)
Thanks Yugonda, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Thank you Cecile for this great class with the different variations! I encorporated most of this class into my reformer class this morning - they loved it!! Please do more!
WOW, Cecile! Amazing instruction; slight variations have huge impact. You've reminded me, as an instructor, that embracing the art of Pilates is an ongoing journey. Thank you-
I included some of theses variations in my reformer class, and everyone loved them. Thank you!

Must say I'm not sure what I liked more, the class or Cecile's beautiful top! So pretty and very flattering.
Awesome Cecile...Merci beaucoup. How many Springs were used for the back rowing series (the Short Box like series facing back?)
Sharon O
Thank you, Cecile! Great class with twists on the classics. Love it
Cecile, I am really enjoying your classes on PA. Nice instruction and fun classes!! Do I notice a Southern twang or is that just me hearing myself?!! Jamie
Ahhhhhh ok, read your Bio,.. louisiana!! Gotcha...............Love it.. my hubby attended LSU!
That was really fun!! Thanks Cecile. I used some of it in my classes today and they loved it too.
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