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Full-Body Mat

55 min - Class


Class begins with ten minutes of standing work using the Magic Circle. Work the legs and upper body all while focusing on the powerhouse. Many of the exercises practiced throughout the class are variations taken from the Reformer repertory. We had a good time in this class!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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We're going to start soon. Danning let's go. We are. You heard me? You're listening? Yes. Oh Great. Let's do it. Okay. Let's face out the window. This window up front. The Mirror is, we like to call it. Okay, got room there. Helen got plenty of room to come on in. You don't have to stay back there. There you go. Okay, so starting with the ring in your hand about the heel of the hand.

Just can let it hang low, but out of your way, shrug the shoulders up. Take an inhale and then teres, think really good posture. Just whatever that means to you. You're okay. Okay. We're doing a roll down, so from here your feet are parallel. Hopefully exhale to round over. I'm not doing anything with the ring, just holding it, just being aware of it.

Maybe at this point I can think of dropping my head into the middle of the ring. Inhale, a subtle bit of tension as we exhale and roll. Becca realigning restacking for the most part, the ring is there for spacing. Inhale, exhale. Going down. Imagine you're pulling your belly up away from the center of the ring, trying to dive right through it. The shoulder still on your back. Inhale. Exhale. Rolling. Back Up.

Feeling that conveyor belt like sensation of the front of the body and moving through the back of the body or around the back of the body. The last one. Inhale. Exhale. Diving through. Think of lifting up off your feet, light on your ankles. Let's stay down here. Inhale. All you're gonna do is exhale and lightly squeeze the ring, pulling up on the ABS. Inhale. Let's do it again. Exhale, drawing in and up on the ABS. More importantly than squeezing the ring, give yourself about three more. Here's number one of those three and drop your head. Okay. Um, oh, what was I gonna say? Oh, when you squeeze it, think of squeezing with your upper arms on the next exhale.

We'll roll up. Here it comes, and exhale. We bring it all the way up. Thinking of centering, aligning. When you get to the top of your head, draw the ring up in front here and just for a few from here, just squeeze the ring. One, think tall. Exhale, two beautiful and three, your rib cage, your entire rib cage. Not just the front is mimicking it, so let it eat. I'm going to slow it down a little just for that point. Exhale all the air squeezing, squeezing, squeezing. Inhale, fill up. Don't be afraid to move the rib cage right here.

Fill it up, feel the backside. Exhale, hold there out and inhale. So doesn't mean the shoulder shrug. I'm not seeing it in this crowd. I just got to say it last one and exhale. Okay, so adding to that, we'll go slightly faster, but it's inhaled. Maybe not. Xcel, extend the arms out as you get in near straight arms. They'll minimize resistance. Just pull it back in and exhale. Press away.

Good. If you're prone to neck tension or you already have some, let the ring go down on a bit of a diagonal. Might be a good idea for all of us. Just one more and then we'll add a little something else to it, which is going to be, uh, whatever this is. Exhale, sit back into your heels in how, pull yourself up. You're on the reformer now. Exhale and inhale pool. Finding resistance both ways. As you warm up, probably don't need to look down a whole lot, but that said, you also don't leave your head in one spot. So just a little allowing the head to stay with your spine. Let's go five more, a little quicker. Anil. One inhale, pull up. Exhale too.

And feeling heat in the body, watching the shoulders when the elbows bend. One more time here, down to come up from there. Just swivel so that you're in plotty stance, right? Heels touching each other. Shift your body weight a little bit forward. So you're on the ball of the foot. It's the same exercise. So for now we're going to keep the heels down, which means you'll probably have to pivot forward a little bit from the hips.

Right? Good. And, and excellent. And the up is just as important as the down, maybe more so. So thinking about that. Good feeling the glutes and can you feel your back a little tiny bit quicker. One and up strong through the inner thighs at the top 30 squeeze.

Here's former 11 breathing happening. I think that's enough. Hold it there. Float the heels just a little. So if you feel like your feet aren't warm enough for it, you can stay down. We're just gonna do five slow controlled. Exhaling. Inhaling to lighten up. Exhale, strong inner thigh connection even when the knees are part. Nice Deborah.

Very good. Sorry. Can you relax your toes and do this or at least every so often and one more finishing is say you're totally up, right? White and rest what? You're just happy. Okay, good heals are wide. Stepping wide. So if we were on a reformer, we'd be at the more toward the outer edges of the foot bar. If in fact you use one same arm position.

I haven't gotten more creative since we started. Ready. Okay. He's right here. Oh, I thought of this just now. Instead of pushing, this is Andy's pull, squeeze out, pull it, squeeze out. Polan please. [inaudible] we have our next Pinata is anytime it's our guy. No, I love it. I love it. So you're going to get both the chest and the pecs, I mean, and that rear delt, here we go. Not to mention back. So he's squeezing, he grabs on any pole, especially at the top. So the to your center, the more effort you get to put into it with a easier form.

Love it. I just noticed how wide I was turned out. I didn't need to go quite that wide. Okay. So the arms can mess you up. Let's keep the thought around the legs a bit. I like it, Andy. Thank you. Can you feel your upper back on the way prs? I'm going to do two more and not go any faster rests on than down.

And uh, okay. Walk the feet in a parallel and let's say together completely. So from here we're gonna go up into our heel rises or calf raises. Trying to keep your ankle bones touching each other. If your ankle bones don't start out touching each other, keep them how they, they start. It doesn't work for everybody. All right, here we go.

We're going to rise up, squeeze in the ring and inhale to lower down. That's all I'm going to do. So now focus somewhere off in the distance in front of you and [inaudible]. And again, if you can imagine, let's say take the ring a little lower and yeah, and when you start to squeeze the ring, no, that you should go from the abdominals first. Not that they have anything to do with the ring moving, but that's where your energy starts.

That is the nucleus, the center of the center of the powerhouse. And so my dear, stop looking at me. That's half the problem. Look straight ahead. There you go. And forget about the feet, everybody. Just forget to it. It's like your light. And I know that's just an image and not really real. But try this.

Inhale on the way up and like you're following it and, and you don't have to go to the very top hand down. Let's just do one more and okay, we'll go to the floor in a moment. But for now, let's take a stretch here at the top. I've got my thumbs on the inside of the ring. If it feels too tight at the last or that anywhere to go straight arm, you can go bent. But go kind of more significantly bad I think. All right. Not pulling on the ring. Lift the ribcage up to pour the ribs out to the side and then back up.

Um, hang on. Not everyone, but look down and make sure you're in a pretty wide stance for yourself. Not what is that? That's like a triangle from your hips down. There we go. And then I'm not sure, but try not to drop weight into your knees, Aaron. Thank you. Okay. How was your up and over to the left and exhale coming back. Let's, let's focus on the breath. Inhale for your expansion.

Start exhaling. Arms are quite relaxed. Inhaling up more up and just over. Exhale. Freeze for a moment. Where are your upper arms? Just look straight ahead and you don't have to look up. Look straight ahead. And if you see your arms in front of you and you're not tight in your shoulders, pull them back. Hey, we'll go to where you can just sit there alongside yours now as you go over, if they're in front of you, you've deviated.

We're gonna minimize that. Lovely. Up and over and up. So muscle focus. Well the side of the body, right? Obliques I guess I would say, but try not to rotate. It shouldn't really be in your back. If it's feeling good, he'll go a little faster. If not, you can go slower. You nail. Exhale. Inhale, reaching out the side of the room, not to the floor necessarily. That's sort of the last of it. Over and up to more relaxed the toes. Some of you.

One more maybe me and there we are. Okay. Walking the feed in, taking the ring behind you. Like I just have the palms or the heel of the hand really in the center of the handles and from there we want the shoulder or the collarbone straight across. So it's attempting to roll forward for getting height on the ring. Rather let the ring below collarbones wide and elbows pointing as straight back as you can. Yes, like that. All right. From there. You simply try to squeeze the ring as you reach it away from you.

You may not be able to squeeze the ring at the end of that. I'm hardly getting anything, but I'm working. Bend it. I'm not squeezing it all at the moment. I'm squeezing. If I start to reach out, lifting the chest and gauging the abs and feeling along body and bring it back with ease and progress. Press press. Lovely. Lovely. I'm liking it. Go changes. Point your elbows backwards. Now start squeezing. Now lift your chest, lift your, there we go.

So you get this upper arm right then? Yeah. Good. So when you, wherever you are, stay with the straight arms and lift the chest just a little more. It's not really the ribs. It's almost just like the skin. And then bend, elbows point back. Looks Great. Really good. Squeeze. And there we go. Okay, let's go to the floor. We'll keep this for a bit.

I like the energy and we can open windows now. Huh? As I sit here, do you want this open? No. This side of the room likes it hot, right? Isn't that like a, anyway, I'm the only one. Mike. Tom, I'll say that part. Here we go. We're rolling down. When you get to your shoulder blades, pull the feed in closer. Bring the feet up and place the ring at your ankles. Hands behind your head for the moment. Stretch your legs out on an exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, Pullman, two, three, four, five. Squeeze away, two, three. A bit of a diagonal. And in health, I'm squeezing both directions.

I kind of focused on a little more out here for five at inhale. Now you can either keep this going or you can stay out here and reach. Actually just leave the arms there and it would be in nail. Two, three, four, five. Then squeeze the ring, two, three, four, five. I'm inhaling, not really pulsing or anything. Now exhale, focus, a consistent deepening of the ring and inhale three, four, five and so if you feel anything in your back, you either bend your knees or take your leg straight up and let's do one more and out. Two, three, four, five, bending the knees to bring it in. Reach forward to grab onto the ring and arms are straight up palms again. Right in the middle is I'm in table top.

My head is down squeezing the ring just to tad rotating towards the window for knees, side to side. It's going to be kind of small. Lift the hip that's toward the back of the room. Look at your knees. They're still lined up and both shoulders are on the mat. As you exhale back to center, other sides of that front hip lifts up the knee. Stay in alignment as if you only had the one leg and exhale back to center again. Inhale, squeeze the ring.

There's not hard but just enough to help you find that stability and to the back, but challenge yourself at the range but not so much that you are fighting to keep the shoulder on the mat significantly to the front and one more to the back and here we are. Okay for the coordination goes like this. You're, you're in the same place. You are. You inhale, prepare, exhale, curl up. Just reaching the arms and legs forward. Modest. Squeeze on the ring. If any, open close. Bend the knees as you come in and go back down to the ground. Inhale, exhale, curling, open, close, bend. Inhale down to change the breath on. You only get one cycle of breathing.

Here we go, XL, Corolia, open-close, Ben, there's your inhale as you come down. Exhale, squeeze the glutes, push, pull, bend, inhale in there and down. Exhale. It's kind of a long exhale. Exhaling, exhaling, exhaling. Inhale, head touches the mat. Exhale, reach, foe, open, close, bend, and down we go. And we do three more. Exhaling, open, close the gym. You're almost coming to high with your upper body. You get to stay a little over the teasers later. La, La, good. And so as you curl up, legs open, close. Then they bend and down you go all the way. Lovely, lovely.

Place the ring between your knees. Please feed on the floor, pointed straight ahead. Arms are down by your side, and press the upper arms into the mat. So as best you can, you're parallel with your feet, but the ring is going to be pushing on your little. I do have and want you to have resistance on the ring before we get going for a pelvic curl. Inhale on the exhale. You up off the mat, squeezing the ring a little bit more. Looking for our long line to the front of the hip. There's a lot of energy happening through the inner thigh. I hope. Feed a relatively relaxed exhale and you're ready to and we'd come down, minimize the glutes right there at the end so you feel the difference between the glutes overpowering in the ABS. Inhale. Exhale, rolling up.

Okay, so if for some people the ring kind of bothers them in this position. Um, I say toughen up. No, if it does, you can just contract the it. We're coming down again. You can contract the innercise just as well. Really without it or with a pillar of something. A little softer. Alright. Take the knees up. I'm talking to myself. Mostly Chile. Alright. Hands behind your head.

And F I should say if this already kind of puts a little pressure on your back, bring the knees closer to your chest or you can do this on the floor too. With your feet. Otherwise we're going to exhale. Enderol the knees toward each other. Inhale, release the lower legs, quite relaxed. Exhale and draw the knees toward each other. I'm kind of holding out there a minute. Inhale, release and exhale, squeezing. Okay, so we could do this all day, right? No.

As I put it down and get up. No, we really couldn't. I know, but do come from the middle. So if you had your hands on your ribs and you could, you feel the abdominals kicking in, the legs follow. It's an order. It's a timed thing. [inaudible] is a coordination of timed movements that make for efficiency. Let's do one more at that pace and then add the upper body into it. So again, your feet can be on the floor.

Don't let it go to your back. That's not what we're trying to work. If it does, if you'd done, you'll get more ab work. Exhale, squeeze the ring as you curl up, trying not to Tuck your pelvis. Inhale as we lower down, exhale, we go again. And it's like the ring is there and particularly now in this exercise to encourage that sense of getting all the air out. Just two more, one more, and I'm not going to speed it up like you probably thought I was. Put the ring down for the moment and we'll do our legs in straps or our hip work. So just before we get going, in case your hip flexors take over, I'm going to give you an option. You could lift your hips and place here. It's sort of like I'm making the marquis diamond again, right under the Sacrum, just to force a little tilt to the pelvis. That's an option for you. Or You could simply not lower your legs so much, right?

So I could be here and what I'm going to start out with is a frog like so, and then we'll go into down circles. I will have your heads up so it really be more abs hopefully than anything else, but that's an option for you or hands behind your head. Okay. Then what? The hands under your hips would be slightly maybe easier. All right. Feet are flexed. Press the heels together. Strongly. Feel that your glutes are engaged.

Curl yourself up so you're looking toward your belly. Elbows are wide. Here we go. Exhale, press out. Sweezey inner thigh, strong. Inhale Pole in Xcel for a suing a provided doesn't change and three, imagine I came by and held your feet. You go ahead and pull back. Well, all right, very good. So I am not imagining with you anymore and I'll note that. Did you see I recovered? That's Belarus. I even tripped over the ring and I still didn't go down. All right, next one.

I show you my friend. Have three more and the rest of you are down circles kind of small down around, up. Let's say, sorry. Here's the breath. Exhale. Let your butt squeeze. It's a good thing. I'm all do doing five. There it is. Switch. Inhale, pick up, open and around. You don't have to even lower on the on.

You can stay with your head down and do it appear. It's going to involve more hip flexors, but we're almost there and bringing the legs up. Everybody hug them and close. Stretch your right leg down on the mat. Bring your left foot up to the ceiling with the bent left knee and hold that foot. And then what you can do is sort of like instead of the knee coming straight into your chest or you can let it kind of drop out to the side by the armpit as you stretch the right leg down along the math, draw the lower leg up to switch. Did you say fantastic and I switched on you.

Okay. I switched legs right for it to the ceiling. You've very bent. You don't, if you don't want to grab the foot, you can grab the ankle. You can even just hug the thigh. But what's fun about it or what's a nice given, what you just did is to pull the thigh outside the trunk a little bit. Just off off center. Yeah.

Alright. Fund's over. Stretch your leg out onto the mat. Now. If, if you feel like, oh, I've done enough abs, you're going to want to bend your knees. We're doing a roll up and you'll grab onto your thighs when you can. Otherwise reach the arms back, press the ribs down. You're strong, you're just strong. You don't have to strain to be strong. Here we go. Ooh, I like it. That's a bumper sticker right there. Yeah. Good. And then everybody pull the shoulders back. Feel the hip bones.

Move deeper into the body. As you lower yourself down and touch. I'm going to go a little quicker now. Just three more. Ian Hill lifting. Exhale and inhale to exhale and go back. Gorgeous. Eh? Shh. You gotta get the air out. That's what gets the air back in.

To paraphrase someone, we're following here. We're going to go down and up one more time. So I suppose that's three and a half instead of three. Here it comes. And then when you get up, move your body forward on your map. Find your ring. Place the ring for now, right between the knees. These will be apart.

Bring feet together and enclose. Now they are new rings so I don't feel so bad saying put your forehead on them and try to maintain that contact. We'll see what happens now if you lose contact, be careful. Don't start to, don't Yank it back to your forehead just so no one sees cause that could be dangerous. Here we go. We're all tight and we go. Inhale back. Exhale up. Oh, that's Kinda scary, isn't it? Keep the ring. Squeeze. Knees help. Oh, come on Christie. You can do it. And inhale, trusty. Exhale along. I'm going for one more. Okay. Take the ring out. Put it somewhere.

Elbow, elbow, heel of the hand or forehead to heel of hand and you could do it with needs together. I got him apart. So I want you to in close. She, same thing. Here we go. Keep it all together. Inhale back. Exhale up, bounce and trying not to kick the legs. Inhale back. Exhale up. Oh, this is better. All we needed was a little bigger ring back to come up. This do it. Okay. From here we're going into short box series two. I need this.

I don't think I need this. Do we want this? I might get it, but for now, no. All right. Short box series is going to be like, so um, knees bent but stretched out a bit for the moment. Sit Right on top of your butt bones. And I think probably holding on initially is a good idea. Then forum over farm is how we'll do it. Check that you haven't gone into, um, I don't know.

Whatever that is you want like pushing and you can feel your pecs too. And your lats. Here we go. We roll back. We're going just to what? Shoulder blades? Maybe inhale the arms up. Look through. That's optional. Exhale and we're coming forward. Keep your curve. Your forearms will end up over your knees. Inhale.

Now we'll straighten up and let the arms just drop down the same end up there. Um, I didn't specify, I don't think it matters. Flex feet might feel more normal if you're used to doing it on our former, but what I would do is try to get the hamstring. So let's try it. Flex with a little into the ground. Here we go. Squeeze, but to promise you it's not. It's not cheating. It's only helping. Inhale optional arms or just stay there. Exhale, press down with the heels back with the ABS.

Find your knees and then inhale. Just slide the arms down in the spine up and exhale, roll back if you want it, you inhale, reach back, straighten the arms, bring them around and come back up. Blowing up. Good and straightening up. Exhale, roll back. Just a little variation there, and then reach back. If you're going to straighten them, do it now. Circle Round, careful, and then bring it forward.

Keeping the curve and then we'll just straighten the spine. Why don't we separate the fetal little for this next one. You could do this. Nope. Let's just leave it bent. Hands behind your head. Elbows wide, but butt, press your head straight backwards so you feel the tension there. Your hands are like a wall. It's all right to see your elbows in front of you. A little from there. Subtle Tuck. The pelvis don't drop to do it.

Just a very subtle tuck. You inhale, hinge back. It's not going to be far without a strap X. He'll get taller to come forward. Slightly. Inhale, reach back. So basically you are in fact working your hip flexors, not a bad thing. So long as your abs are engaged, their email. Good, very good. And exhale to come forward. There's no way ring of the spine when you go back.

Stay back there when you get there. Slightly tuck Candice, perfect. Exhale come polar last one. It can be tiny to get the work. When you don't have the strap gang. Don't feel like you have to overdo it. And up we go. Diamond position. Soles of the feet together. Round over.

Just release the arms for the moment and roll right back up. You could stay like this with your feet. I'm going to recommend trying it the way you've been doing it first. And then if you want to go to that to press your head back. A subtle tuck cause we're going flat back, not neutral.

Rotate towards the front here. So here's an inhale. Still inhaling as you hinge Beth on the diag and I'll start exhaling. But no wavering the spine and center to the back. I mean, yeah. Inhale, rotate, lean on the diagonal. It's not a huge diag. Lots more straight back than a diagonal exhaling and center. So inhale, there is a sense that I'm going over there, but in fact I'm really kind of leaning back just in rotation.

Exhale up and center. Yeah. And he'll rotate. He changing back. Keep that opposite hip down. Nice. And exhale up. Let's do two more. Inhale. It's good. I just want to make it feel good for you and exhaling more back than over. Good and up and center and or rotate. Last one.

There you go. There you go. That's far enough really and excellent center. Good, good, good, good. Picking up your right knee. Stretch the left leg all the way out and hug that right leg in. So for the moment, let's think of back extension rather. Well, I don't know what else should be thinking, but anyway, I, I'm feeling and I'm short, but I want to lean back a little so I can really think long. And if you're just hugging the side and as you get longer in the back, three pulses excelling all three, two, three, try to keep your back flat. In fact, no, keep your back flat. We don't care about a straight like you have a bent leg, but you can't be here mostly cause it's ugly. No, because we want the hamstring stretch. It's like you're not ready for it.

There we go. Then press this bottom leg into the ground. You're going to do the best you can to bring this leg to 90 degrees and then walk down without that other leg coming up to your shoulder blades. Gorgeous. Maria, let go. Inhale, circle the arms round your leg that's in the air. It's got to go forward a little bit. You're gonna walk up. Here's my advice. Push the leg into your hands, but don't let your hands go. Oh, there we go.

And then straighten yourself up. It's fine to bend the knee. Inhale everybody bend the knee. We go again. Exhale, pulse one, both two. Pulse three, get a little more stretched. If you can lean it back. Start thinking about your anchor leg and we walk down lightly. Hands two, three, let go. Inhale, circle. It's kind of encounter three. All of it walking up. Push into your hands until you get used to it.

That's kind of what that is all about. Inhale, stretch. Here we go again. One, two, three, and stretch it out. Inhale, lean back. We'll take three counts. That's right. We'll find you one, two way first. Inhale, circle. Now we climb the tree up. Minimize your hand usage. You'll find that you can do that sense of pressing into your hands even without them being there. Is that enough? Free? Good. Oh, that's a good idea. Flex your foot. Oh, this is the hardest part for me.

Grab the sides of the ball of the foot and see if you can include the calf in that without vomiting. Okay. I clearly haven't had a camera around in awhile. I don't know. Oh, they'll, they'll, they'll tell me about it. Here we go. We're up. We pulse. One, softening the front of the hip. Two 30 I'm gonna go slow on this one just to milk it.

Oh, how's your back? Isn't straight feel it. Yes it is. Yeah, it is. It absolutely is. Walk down. I mean Aaron, one, two 30 holding. How light can the leg that's in the air. B, I probably shouldn't have you focused on an at all. Oh, shoulders down. Yes. Love it. Let's do it again. Number two, and Ho to feel what your, how strong and stable your back feels and then don't let that change. That's the thing. That's what we need. We need a strong spine. Walk down when you need to do one, two, three.

Make this part count in here and we walk up doing our best to leave the leg where it is. How can we get there? [inaudible] Deborah, here we go. Last one. Pulse. One, two. Keeping Your Chin in one line with an Audi. Sometimes we look up too much, but I'm looking. It's looking good. Down to three and circle. When you're ready, go ahead and up.

We go up to [inaudible], grow into it and then yes, it's time to flex the foot. When you're ready again, you may need to bend the knee. You may find it easy. Know, I think I'm saying my past life, I'm sure she walked along. Okay. What's after that last? I don't know. Okay. I'm gonna just transition right into swinging the legs around these hands and knees at, so face the Santa Maria, just so I can see. Yeah, thanks. Okay. So we'll take it into a bit of a, um, a long stretch first and then we'll go into an up stretch. So what would do is extend the feet back. Um, and when you're there, oh, there's a lot of setup I could do, but I didn't. While here you are long, you're lifted, you're light on your feet, so flex your feet so you're being, you're pushing your feet to the back wall. If, if you find your all stretched out and pull back your hands up so they end up under your, almost into your shoulders.

Press the upper arms towards the waist, and then lifting up. I'm not really gonna lift my body, I'm just trying to be strong in my middle, not at my arms. From there. If your risk can take it, you're gonna point your toes forward and flex them back without changing the middle. Inhale point. Exhale, flex. If you find it puts you in too much reflection of the rest, you can move your hands more forward, forward and back. Just one more forward. Lift up out of the chest. Just a Smidge, Maria. Just like lift away from my fingers. It's like they're, they're, they're, they're even more. Don't even go forward.

Just lifted and head down. Love it. Okay. Up to a stretch. So pipe the hips. Let's give your arms a break. Walk back with your hands just for the moment. Quick, quick look up here, Maria and anybody who wants to, cause I wasn't clear on that at all. Yeah. Toward the end of it, we got into a little bit of this, the center of my shoulder blade sinking. So it's not really been pushing into the floor. It's just sort of, yeah.

And it's like a half an inch at the most. Okay. When you're ready, walk your hands back out in front of you so that you're in a bit of a pyramid. Like shape and we may need to adjust after this first one, but let's give it a shot. We just simply rotate forward into that plank again. So the theater flex, we're oh, shoulders over wrists. Good. And then from the, I'd say upper most abs, pick yourself up.

Press the heels towards flat if not all the way flood. Hang your head. And then we change forward again. So the arms aren't moving a whole lot. They'll move. Awesome. But good. And then [inaudible] excellent. I'm only gonna do one more. We rotate into our long line and then as if the air gets knocked out of you from the front itself, picking up to a light position. All right.

Walk One foot forward. Do your best to get the foot flat if you have to bend the knees. Okay. Other foot forward flap. We're going to walk forward in elephant, so ideally we'd keep a straight leg. Even if you have to slightly lift the hip, just hang your head. It's not going to do anything. I'm taking slow steps. Exhale forward. One inhale, lift the other foot from two and three. The ideas that you pull up on the EBS enough that the thigh could just swing forward a half a step without much energy making room for it until you're quite close to your hands. Yeah, and then have a seat.

That was hard. Do it with, oh good. Okay. I love it when that happens. Let's take the rings again and place them on the inner thigh or inner ankles and then you'll just face the front. Everyone will face the front. Okay. Stretch yourself out long. Well, that's gonna be a toughie. Making them work. Would you like help, Andy?

I'm trying to get my email back after falling. Okay. Squeeze the ring. No big deal again. You could do it all day. Try to squeeze it with your exhale. Don't even, you don't care if it moves, but you got, you know it came from your throat and then let it go. Whatever pace you want. But the idea is that you want to know it's coming from the top down in this particular one, or maybe middle down, but you're choosing to not just work from the ankle. Right?

That's a choice. You can do this all day and or you can go deep and if you're not sure, cause sometimes it's just like well is that it or is that it? Touch your, your middle anywhere. Dig In kind of so you can feel the sense of oh there's [inaudible] some hardening in the middle and then my leg, Gus, you're way more powerful like that in anything I guarantee you. Alright mine. Good. 10 hold it down assuming we were all on that same pace. Okay. And then just the top leg into the bottom. One, two but feel for the ad's working it.

So I'm going to suggest every single time you feel a re re energizing of your contraction. Nine and 10. Okay. Roll the ring forward until it touches the map. If you've got long pants on, sorry. Oh there we go. And then pull the bottom foot out, roll the ring back onto its handle. Bottom foot in. I know I didn't warn you about that. And then top line again.

Well done. So you've got to pin, you've got to pin the handle down to be able to take the top leg off and then it weeds through and it doesn't always work out. Even if you've done it a hundred, three times. Yeah. Okay, so muscle focus, top of the hip or glute medius or but what are, how are we going to see it? Reach the leg as far through. Just in your mind. Mostly the ring and then just press up against it and hold. Bottom leg stays on the ground and slight release, but stay touching it. Reach through and up and hold.

This is another place you can feel it through the obliques, a little, just mostly the stabilizers and down, but it isn't really the focus and up. Good Nice trees and some they don't watch for is that you're not turning the knee up. We don't really want to work that part right now. And now go to the up against it again. Uh, hike the hip you could grab onto easily towards you then, um, and hike it d, hike it and push into it for 10, one, two, three for if we feel the front of the quad burning, rotate the knee downward. A little seven, eight, nine. I appreciate it. And 10. Okay. Picking up, let's just swivel to the other side for now. I'm gonna have you all over the place today. If you've got lot of, put your head on this end. Sorry, it's just put your head here.

It's still looking out the window and at work and that's okay. You know, just, I forget to say it that way. Oh, and the long pants, if you want to get them out of the way now for that transition. Okay, go ahead. You're down. You are long. The waste is there and we do a few squeezes. We'll try and pretend, um, with as little effort as possible in the legs and then released it. And these are just little mind games I'm asking you to do. You can just carry on if you don't want to, but can you feel the lower side of your abdominals?

Yeah, you'll feel it even more. The less energy you put in that leg. I promise we still have to squeeze cause Palabra is about movement. But for me if you extend it more, you feel it more. Think that's 10 is that right Andy? Okay. Then let's go with a thought. So we've done our 10 she's going down and thinking of reaching, cause I'm not seeing movement, but I do see the energy, right? That's, that's perfect. Okay. Did we double time it? No. No. Good. So roll the ring forward so it touches the ground seats against something relatively stable.

Pull bottom foot out and bring it back onto its handle or wherever. It doesn't actually have to land on the handle. So if it doesn't, don't worry about that. Take the bottom foot through. Once you've pinned it, take the top foot through and as you do a Deborah saying, which is to reach and press against the top of lightly checking. Where do I feel the tension? If I held this all day, where would I fatigue. Let's hope it's somewhere around the side of the glue and we pressed in and held two, three and pressing reach I think is how I see it. Three I've not seen much cause I'd never quite lose the top three.

And you got it and lift up, hold to three. Can we do one more? Is that a comfortable on your ankle? Okay. Then you held it at the top. Reach a little longer and Jim may be a little tuck. Oh yeah. Yeah. And our first ten one if you're not already there. Oh it looks really pretty five-ish. Six this, you know when you've done your 10 otherwise we'll tell you. And finally good. Okay. Take your ring out.

I mean your feet out from your ring and we're going to go back to inside ankles just like so. So nothing fancy. You can transition just like I did. Roll up the fan set up. Yeah. Okay. And then what we are going to do is flip over onto our stomachs. So kind of easier if you come down or do it like Theresa did. Just easily bend your knees. Okay. And if it got lost on anybody, let me know and I'll help you because if it's not relatively straight, it will fall. It looks good. Okay. Rest your forehead on your hands. And we are going to do what we think we are. So if you want to start you can.

But what I would make sure of for yourself is that you can feel the hips, all the bones of the hips are, or at least level on the mat. I used to cute tuck and Madeline taught me not to do that and why and I'll spare you, but it's a good idea just to feel the length. And from there we're squeezing the whole leg toward each other and slight release and squeeze and lift. Oh, one detail. I forgot. Squeeze a little. Lift the knees a little, but keep the hips where you are now. Continue. Nice Maria. And squeeze and squeeze. Okay, this is cool. This is interesting.

I wish she could see what I could see. I could tell you where your dominant legs are. Okay? So here's your challenge is don't use your right leg. You gotta hold it. It's your wall. They're all the, everything else is the same. Push your left leg into your right and release and interior. Got It. And release and again, and then switch it. So whichever eye your right leg is your wall now I think right?

Left leg is your wall and press into it. Good. All right. Straight. Oh, you're still squeezing. Straighten your legs. They're going to go quite low. Your ring will probably touch the ground. It's okay. Straighten your legs. Straighten your legs. You're cramping candy. [inaudible] okay. Oh, you're boycotting. No, this feels good. Straighten your legs.

Pick up your knees. Okay, now squeeze for 10 Kinda slow one, but your knees aren't straight. That's why you hate it. There you go to. Yeah, right. It's different now it's [inaudible] just as good when you get to 10 Andy, nine and 10. Okay. Bend your knees so Candace can ever break. Do you guys need a back stretch? I don't know. Okay. Do if you need it do cause. I'll explain the next one you, most of you know it and it might be worth a back stretch to look out the window, but I'm just saying. Okay, so the next one is going to be a bent knee. I'm not squeezing much yet. I squeeze, I lift as much as I can without letting my pubic bone come off the mat, which you wouldn't see, but it would look like that. So I've got that crunch into my low back.

So that's what I mean by keep those bones the same. Then still stretching. Okay. That's as high as I can go. Some of you might go higher, some of you may not go as high. But the point is, I'm still here, I'm still here and I'm not really in my back. I'm not in my back. I've, it's got some more going on, but not much. Five, you can do five of anything. Okay. So, so yeah, I didn't finish it. So we went out straight. I lower, that's kind of the easy part. And then just back in.

So that's a Freebie that lasts. It's four parts. I think kind of blend. Here we go. Four heads down. I'll cue one and then I'll watch. See if I did it right. Feel your hips. Squeeze the ring one. Lift up two. Still squeezed.

Squeezing harder as you stretch the legs out to straight. It's okay if they're lowering. Do Lower and then Ben back to the beginning. So it's like there's like a three and a half and a four. Here we go. Squeeze and lift one. Stretch it out to. Oh, there it is. Lower three. There's my four and just bend. Easy on four. So we're squeezing and lifting at the same time. Number three, squeeze.

Lift one. Stretch it out to what are your shoulders doing? Are you squeezing as hard as you can? Lower the legs and bend. Starting over. I think we have two more. Ben. Squeeze. Lift one. Stretch it out too. It does not have to go high. Lower down if it's not already there and rebend for last time.

Bent and lift. Stretch and squeeze. Nice. Very good. Lower and bend. Okay. I think everyone should take a back stretch. Okay. The back stretch is going to mean that you need to have your back rounded.

So if you easily lay on your thighs, you may have to back up a little and round your low back. Cool. Okay. I'm gonna [inaudible] you go into what's called the combination again from the reformer chicken out. In case you don't know it, it's gonna go like this will come from the position you're in. You draw up on the abdominal. So there's not much weight on my hands right here.

I'm, I'm rounding and I'm going to try and fix my shoulders to come through into the down stretch position. So here, this part really matters that you don't a drop into the shoulders or don't, don't do that part. I'm just cramping or dropped into the hip or the back. I mean. Okay. So there's very much I'll, I'll just try and bring you through slowly so we're back but not fully rested on our heels. Okay. We're rounded. I'll try and come closer so you can see we curl the pelvis, not much going on in the hands. Start drawing the shoulders towards the waist as you come forward.

If you need to lift over your knees, just push on the top of your feet to do it and then we come forward. Your Butt should already be tight. Imagine your thighs pressing backwards. You start to extend your upper back without dropping your hips into the mat, almost like you're trying to get off your hands. Then from there, theoretically we inhaled. We except pull the ribs back, the head back, go almost all the way back to your heels, but keep the curve. Here we go a little quicker. We inhale, lift up, roll forward, make it feel good and long. Exhale to pull back and round and inhale. Up we come.

Unfurling spine should feel good right there. Exhale, pull back. Now if you get up there and you feel like, oh my wrists are so flex, move your arms forward and up we come. You can do that. Now. Ask yourself as my butt tight. Do I feel a stretch to my abs? Could I lift? Go ahead and go back again. Last one is, is the, you know, little things. I, we can't. I talk too much as it is. I can't tell you all of it right there.

So you could almost lift your knees there if it didn't hurt the tops of your feet. All right, back. We go. Well done. Roll yourself up. Step your right foot forward. And then for your left knee, you're not gonna want to be right on that kneecap. So adjust it so it's forward. Yup. And then I'll finish that thought again with the back. Right. It's the same position you were just in.

You can either do an Andy's doing, which just come straight up to the hands or just to hang out here would be [inaudible] cool. Here's the focus. This front hip, right? That's real going for primarily if it drops into your back. When you come up here, you get to stay down here cause it's enough. We only need to do enough. I don't wanna have to do more than enough. Then transition. I think sometimes she says. Okay.

Do you want one for your long legs? For him? No hamstring. Okay, so from there, um, I guess a ring would have work too. You shift your hips back again. Be Mindful of the knee that you're on. Symptoms I just lift off and then like earlier with climate tree, we want the flat back first. Then you go for a forward straight leg in front. Okay. You might have to pick the leg up if you're flexible enough to go there. But if your knees bent in, your back is straight and you feel the hamstring stretch, that is success.

That's what you're going for. If you can't reach the ground but you can reach your ring, you can balance with it. Yeah, the equestrians in the room. Okay. Let's carefully change sides. So I'm aware that our backs are arched what I call arch, right in extension. But the attempt is towards a Tuck of the pelvis.

There's an attempt there. It's not going to happen. But if you do that and then you continue to arch the upper back, you're likely to get that stretch in the front of the hip. Right? Right. Oh it's getting warm in here. It's the stretches that do it. Okay. When you are ready soon, hands down. Here's the important part is let's think stick your butt out cause you have to have a flat back or you're not gonna get what we need and then adjust the foot if you need to. But we do want the long flat back.

If you find yourself way back here, it's just different and probably not what I'm going for. So adjust so that you're kind of over that Chin at the most. That looks good. Okay. So the Fazio's, here's what we need it for. For a mom, Ben, both. Both of you have engineered levels just a little, and then stick your tailbone up to this guy. Do you feel it? And then if you need more, but I still need those backs flat.

I need those upper backs flat a little more. Maria? Tiny Danny. So super tiny. Oh, actually better from this view. Think of squeezing here together. Yes. Okay. Are we happy? Tiny little adjustment actually right now. Stick your chest out slightly. Okay, good. Okay. You can come out of that and we're going to lie down as a good correction.

I don't know if you felt any differently, but okay. We're going to the swan with the one that one did share a wow magic wonder with this thing. And here's what I'm thinking. I always it right here. You know, um, that's Kinda narrow for a lot of people. So you may want to be out here. That's appropriate. You may not want to use a ring at all. That's also appropriate, but if you do use the ring, it's not a finger thing.

Okay, Debra, I'm ready. Oh, sorry. I thought you going right. All right, so you have the middle of the palm or the heel of the hand. Your legs are reaching long and we know where the pelvis is, right? All the hip bones are down. Here we go. Inhale, start to, don't even put pressure on the ring. Start to just lift you your body with your back muscles then and only then if you have reached your legs. So there's energy in the hamstrings.

You can put a little pressure on the ring to come slightly higher. I wouldn't go for broke on this one. You get more lower and then as if you could reach your sternum through the ring. That's how you go back down. So for the first part, nothing happened in at the ring. Just feel your head start to come up, fill the little muscles along the spine, start to come up. If you start to feel one side, take over, see what you can do about it.

Meaning along the spine and then a little pressure would be fine. Yeah, and good. All right, good. And again, without the ring for the first part, legs are reaching. Good. Lovely. Lovely. How about there with your head? Right. Good. And then down. Lovely. Okay. So we'll go up one more time and we'll stay there. Yeah, I do believe I'm hearing some heavy breathing. That's good. Okay, so there you are.

Maybe come down about a half quarter inch from where your high point is and press on the ring. But don't move the body. Let the ring all the way up. Don't move the body. Press on their ring as hard as you can and let it up and three and up. You gotta hang on to that upper back. Reach the legs. If you, when you let up on the resistance of it, drops into your low back. It means you've let go of the anchor, the low end of your body reach and two more reach on more and carefully the ring down. Let your back down when you're ready.

Hands by your side for yet another rounding back as a spine. And then let's just come to where you curl the toes under so we can come into our standing roll down from down to up and then just roll yourself up. Okay. And for one last thing to find, just come get your ring and you can face the front again standing wide. So we're just loosening up, calling it a day, hopefully feeling good about the time we spent with them. I'm going to turn sideways just so I can show you because I have a feeling I'm not going to come out very clear. We're going to, as we reach forward, you don't have to squeeze hard, but a little will feel good. My knees are bent.

You just rounding. Try not to go so far that the shoulder slip off your back. They just stay in connection and then just up with these. So we'll drop into the knees, bend them and breast around, minimal, squeeze at the end of that and then stand up straight and let the ring come home, ending it and exhale, pushing away. And inhale, bring it up. I'll change it a bit. On this next one, we'll go down again rounded. And then if all down in the arms are forward, like you're turning the wheel of a bus, rotate to your left, take your spine with it, not, not super severe, and come back to center.

So we're in this collection with a little bit of sideband included. I'm going right if I didn't say it, which I didn't, back center. And then stand up, it'll change a little bit again. Go down again this time instead of side bending, just rotate over. Okay, so now it's like you're pushing the ring toward the left corner of the room. Straighten your left leg and take more weight on your right leg.

So we're all lean in the same way. Rebend the left leg, come back to the center and stand up. If you squeeze your glutes when you come to the top part and you can actually add a little extension and down, no rotation. Just take the everybody to the right. Imagine you're pushing the ring away, straightening that right leg as you lean into the left a bit. [inaudible] bending the right. Make sure you're connecting the ABS.

You could bend the arms here if you want, or just go back to center. Let's roll yourself up and then from here we're going to stay tall. Big Inhale, and as you exhale, extend your arms forward. Key thinking chest up, and you're done. Good job. Yeah. Okay.


Loved working with the ring Kristi- So glad my pilates web site works-I couldn't get on for 2 days-I really missed the classes!
This class is sooo wonderful for leg work out. Another inspiring class Kristi !Thank you!
Love this class! It is great to explore some of the equipment work on the mat.
Love this class--and using the magic circle. More like this! Thank you!
That was awesome! Loved the creative variations with the ring and how some of the work related to the Reformer! Brill! :))
So glad you all are enjoying this class. Thanks for the feedback!
If I'm ever in town, would love to come and take a class! :))
Nce the short box series and especially loved the "bumper stickers" in this one - You don't have to strain to be strong...Coordination of timed movements that lead to efficiency is Pilates. thank you - I may quote you on those!
Evie, please come and take class when you are in town - we would love to have you join us.
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