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Magic Circle Challenge

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Join Meredith for this Mat workout that uses the Magic Circle to challenge your movements and add variety to your practice. Lots of stretches, challenging abdominal work, and great upper back exercises. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Dec 18, 2011
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So just starting with the ring in our hands again, we're going to do just to roll downs, rolling down through the spine, feeling a sense of support by lifting up through the middle of the spine. The elbows are straight for now and if when you get to the bottom you have enough space, let your elbows bend to the side, guiding the spine a little further towards the legs. Then in here, lifting first through the waist and then feeling the ring come with you when you just peel the spine up and as we come all the way up to the top, we're going to put a little pressure on the ring from the muscles in our upper back when we just going to bring the ring out in front and then don't just lower the ring, but push the ring down to feel the shoulders slide down and slide backwards. Good. And now continue rolling the roll down. We just take the body downwards and when just using this to get a little time to check in with our body to check in where we might need a little bit more of a stretch. Let your head relax your ace. Yep. And inhale and exhale as you just keep pointing the top of the head into the middle of the ring. And then as you come to standing, we feel the shoulder blades dropped down. As we send the ring out in front of us, just swivel the heels together, bringing the heels together.

The toes will stay separate. We're going to do from this place we feel the sense of wrapping from the outside of the hips in through the NFS. We're going to do a little mini play and as we play we're going to squeeze and now he's straightened, so it's tiny and we want to make sure that the hips stay right underneath us. So there's a little bit of the pelvis pulling forward or a little bit of a Tuck. Debbie, push your shoulders down just a little bit more for me and Bend and press and Bend and press. Now we're going to involve the arms, so we bend the knees and bring the ring to the chest and stretch out.

We get a little calf stretch here, and then the ring in squeezing out a little as it comes into your chest and push it away and how he'd bend and elbows on the knees. Bend and push away. And just two more here. Rapping from the hips, Tuck the pelvis a little bit, everyone and up. And now we're going to change it. So we bend from here. We're going to squeeze even more so into the ring. Stretch the legs and lift onto the toes. Straighten the arms out front, lower the heels down like you're springing downwards. Bend and pull it start to squeeze. It's like the squeeze in here.

I'm just pulling the leg straight. We rise up onto the toes, keep the lift on the toes, reach the arms forward. And from that place, the heels go down and we start to just soften the knees, pulling the ring into the chest, squeezing the ring as we rise up onto the toes. Keep this squeeze and all. It'll be a little harder as the arm straighten. So just do your best. And remember that it comes from the upper back. And then we take the heels down and we're going to do that one more time, Ben and Paul and rising up onto the toes, squeezing a little harder and then reaching their ring forward.

And then lowering the heels down in. From here again, feeling the shoulders drop down as we just bring ring up as high as we can over our head. Nice straight or your straightest arms. And then you push down and we lift the ring up, feeling the shoulders drop down as we reached the ring up like a halo and we just push down, squeezing the ring as we press it on. One more time. Lifting up and coming down. I know we're going to step a big wide step out with the feet. You can turn towards me if that would make more sense to you. If you want your feet on the mat, maybe do. Okay.

So we're going to do a bigger play, a movement and the arms are going to do the same thing. So we look down at the feet, they're turned out, slide the heels towards one another energetically. And with that slide, we bend the knees and we pull the ring into the chest. Again, depth to a Barbie, tuck your pelvis, push your pubic bone towards me. That's it. Now squeeze in, reach forward, and then pull in God, reach forward. Just keeping a constant pressure on the ring bend. Feel the knees go out that the heels pull in and reach forward and pull in. So most of us, especially those of us with tight low backs, so we're gonna want to let the hips go backwards. So it's important that we feel the pubic bone just underneath the hip bones.

Those try those three bones, try in a triangular shape around a vertical position. Is that the right word? It is. Henry, reach forward. And one more time. We get the end and we're going to hold here and we're just going to go little squeezes squeeze. And I want you to feel go backwards a little bit over your pelvis and squeeze and squeeze. Feel that you're squeezing with your back. Sink down as low as you can into your leg.

So we get a little leg work here and we'll do five and four and three and two. And when we press the arms to straight, just in time, my glutes are cramping. Whoa. And arms up overhead. And now we go over to the side, into the ocean, feel that long, stretch to that waist and then pull up out of that stretch, feel the shoulders heavy. And then we just reach out into the parking lot now and exhale as we lift up from that side of the way. So we're going to do that one more time. Just reaching across and coming back and reaching your class.

We'll watch the pelvis, keep it nice and steady, that's it. And bringing it back. And that, just lowering the arms down and we're going to come down onto our map. Okay, so moving onto just a little spinal flection and we're going to continue to use the ring for most of our class today. So what I want you to do is just put the ring right and just underneath the knees, push the ring down by pulling the shoulders down. And with that, pull the chest up a little bit and then we keep this by that long and we lift the ring up and then round away from the ring. So you keep the shoulders where they are, but you just pull your abs back.

It's like the rings pulling you forward and you're pulling back away from it that that added inhale, push the ring into the shins and lift the back and then we just take the ring away and we flex the spine away from the ring. The ring doesn't move the spine and then we lower the ring as the spineless and press into the shins and two more times lift and just curl away. Make sure that the shoulders don't round forward, so we're constantly pulling the shoulders back and inhale to lift and press the ring down into the shins. That just helps us get a little bit more back extension when we float the arms up and we pull away from that place. We're going to continue to move the back so we continue to Tuck the pelvis and we just roll down and we're going to try and get just to the lower back area and we're going to inhale when we get there. And as we exhale, we draw the abdominals downward into the spine and we're just going to stay round as we go up over the hips and inhale. Exhale, rolling backwards away from the ring. Keep reaching the ring forward, not by curving the shoulders forward, but just an energetic reach and in here and exhale as we been the spine up and over the pelvis. And inhale and exhale as we come down, I'm going to add onto this one. So when you get to your low position Tuck just a little bit more in the hips, raise your arms up, squeeze your ring just a little bit.

As you press your arms back down and come all the way up. When we get to the top, we're going to do that. Elbows wide ring to the chest thing that we started with. And then we start squeezing the ring as we reach the arms straight, the spine rounds away from the ring. Nice. And we take the back down and we get to the position where we feel nice and strong and supported.

And then we take the arms up and back down and we curl the spine forward. Shoulders, landing just over the hips and we bend the elbows and press into the ring as we bring the back up towards straight. One more time, reaching forward, curling away. Press the feet down nice and hard into the mat and holding up the bottom. Taking the ring overhead just like a halo. It floats up. And then as we press it down, we squeeze not just from the arms but from the waist.

We rural and then we press into the ring and lift the spine tall. You're going to change the movement. It starts the same. So we take our bodies down. Find a place in your body where you feel like you're in control. You're deep work deeply working your abs. And now like a steering wheel.

We just drive that ring towards me and the body follows and Xcel to come back. So as one hand goes on top of the other, the body just responds by twisting and come back to center. Let's inhale as we go across, keeping the shoulders down and exhale to come back to center and inhale as we go across and exhale as we come back to center and say to mortise, I big rotation in the spine center and inhale one hand on top of the end of, that's where the rotation in the waist is going to happen and there it is. And the last one here we go and back to center and all the way up and open up the knees and put the ring inside and then scoot your hips right up. Next, pretty close to your feet. We're going to come down for a pelvic curl, so you want to be pretty close to your feet. Reach down and touch them.

You want to be able to touch him here and then we keep trying to touch them. Start squeezing the ring and start to lower your body into the mat. Oh, that's hard. Keep trying and keep trying and keep trying. And eventually the arms will come away from the legs and down to the ground. Good. Walk the feet in so that they're just in line in front of your sitting bones.

We're going to press into the ring and inhale as we exhale, we're going to flatten out the back. So we pushed the spine into the mat and then we start to peel the spine up bone by bone, reaching the knees over the feet so that we stretch those knees over the toes in healing at the top. And exhale the chest comes down. We're pressing the upper arms into the mat, underneath us, feeling that each bone has a chance to touch before the next bone touches and then release the pelvis all the way down. All the while squeezing our into our ring and exhale, squeeze as you flattened, feeling the relationship between the NFS and the abdominals, and then start to slide the spine up off the ground. Make sure that the uh, ribs don't go higher than your pelvis. Good. Inhaling at the top and excelling as we just make our way back down one bone at a time, keeping those inner thighs nice and active, peeling them back down, reaching the arms long along our sides and dropping the pelvis into place.

And again, rolling. So I'm going to have a stop at the top here. I'm going to ask for us to look for a little bit more of a Tuck, pubic bone up front, hip bones down. And now we're just going to squeeze four, five and four. And as you squeeze your ring, press your arms down so you get a little bit of upper back work as well. And inhale and exhale. We slide the spine down and let's do that again. I'm just going to lift up and look in healing again. Exhale, squeeze into the ring and Peel and lift the spine, assessing that the rib stay below the pelvis, gorgeous.

And we hold an re squeeze and to end, press the arms into the mat as you're squeezing the ring. So it's like a little pulse, two and one. And then just start to roll yourself back down. We're going to do that one more time. Inhaling at the bottom, pressing into the ring with the abdominals or with the entire waistline. And then we peel off and the arms press down and we get that nice strong neutral pelvic position at the top.

And we just squeeze and push the arms into the ground and pushed the UMES into their ground. And as you push down with the arms, also squeezed them inwards and it's not that they're moving at all, right? It's all energy. Last. So I don't know. Two and one and how we come down with our spine and as the pelvis touches, we're going to lift the head and chest up. Take the ring out from between the knees and hold it in your hands. Let your head and chest come back down to the mat.

So here again we have the shoulders reaching or just flattening into the ground and picking up one leg, picking up the other leg. And we're going to hold the ring just over our chest and keep it still as we go into the spine. Twist. So inhale as you take both knees out towards me. Keeping the arms nice and still and exhale as you are or just come back through center and inhale. As you hinge across the opposite direction, the knees are lined up and exhale as we come back to center. Nice work. Inhaling across and exhaling this. We come back and as we hold the ring just above our chest, we give it a little bit of a squeeze. Make sure it's nice and still.

And now we're going to change the [inaudible] position of the ring. So as your knees come towards me, just respond by bringing the arms away. The shoulders still stay still and down. So it's a tic talking motion. The knees go away, the arms reach across to the other direction, keeping the shoulders still and we exhale to come back. Let's do that one more time across [inaudible] and back and across and back. And I want us to just keep that ring in our arms.

We're going to inhale. As we exhale, we're going to lift the head and chest, try to slide the ring past the shins towards the ankle. So we curl up into our abdominal curl in here and exhale to come down. So a little chest lift, action, excelling as we lift up, curving from just underneath the ribs, reaching the ring, past the ankles, or energetically towards the ankles anyway, and inhale and release. I'm gonna Change this next one. It'll be easy to to hear. I'm just going up again. Exhale. Now we stay there.

Just inhale the arms only they go overhead, but the body stays lifted. And now we XL to bring the ring forward and now we inhale to take the tippy toes and touch them on the ground and Xcel to bring the knees back under the ring. But keep reaching their ring forward with the body. And now inhale to come down and exhale. We could do it again at lifting the head and chest. Inhale, just arms overhead.

Exhale, arms forward. Inhale, reach the toes towards the ground, but do not let the lower back lift. So they may or may not touch XL to a pull back and continue trying to fight for that curl. And inhale, we take it down and we're going one more time. Exhale to curl the head and chest up. Inhale, just arms. Give that ring a little squeeze. Give your inner thighs a little squeeze while you're at it.

Exhale to bring the arm forward. Inhale to reach and tap the toes. Exhale to drag the legs in and in end this time way and so your knees come all the way towards the tip of your nose. And now place the feet down and place the body down and stretch the legs out in front. Heading into the Rolex. So we just lift the head and chest. It's this same curvature of the spine that we just did with our legs in the air, pressing into the ring with our midline and with our arms.

We curl through this spy and stay round and long through the spine there and inhale and exhale. Start to move the back away from the ring. Just feel that sense of stretching the abdominals away from the ring. And then we just take the whole body down, starting to lift the arms as the middle back comes down so that as the head touches, the arms are reaching overhead and inhale the head, chest and arms forward. Give the ring a little squeeze, and as you do so, give your inner thighs a little squeeze and we peel up and stay around. But also think about length and inhale and exhale to come back down. Feel the shoulders heavy down the back. If you want to challenge this movement, just lift the ring up a little sooner and we go down. And one more like that.

Lifting the head and chest and healing the spine all the way. Good teres. Just drop your shoulders a bit. That's it. And now we take it all the way back down, all the way, feeling the pelvis move out from underneath us, taking the arms overhead. I'm going to change it a little. We're going to any other head and chest. Exhale. Carve through the abdominals as the shoulders come over the hips begin to bend the elbows, bringing the ring into the chest and lift the chest into the rain.

And now we reached the arms forward and we're going to come back halfway only if so, find the middle back. Once again, here's your steering lily. We turn towards me and we come back to center and we turn the other way and we come back to center and we inhale. Exhale to come up in a round shape and then inhale, bring the ring into the chest and slide the spine up. Long drop shoulders Debby and reach the arms forward and bring the spine away from the ring and brewing the body down into the back or into the mat and then go away from me. This time, twisting and coming back to center and twisting and coming back to center. An inhale and exhale to lift and inhale to bring the spot right spine to the ring and the ring to the spine.

We're dropping the shoulders as we go. Reach the arms forward, roll all the way back down here. Once you get to your low back, start to glide the knees in and then float the Nisa and then put the ring just over your knees and use it to pull your knees into your chest. As your head comes down, I'm going to take it through the double leg stretch here. So I want us to push our arms down into our ring, curl the chest up for us so we still have the knees pretty close to the body. Then take the ring off the knee, so there it just rests in front and lifted a little bit further forward. And here's the double leg stretch.

The legs go out and the arms go up and we exhale. Everything comes back in and inhale and exhale. Call and look that as you take your arms overhead, you're challenging that curvature through the upper torso and back. Now realize that the rings hard to squeeze as it goes overhead, but it's easy to squeeze as the knees come in. So just give it a tiny little squeeze and out and back and keep the body up.

You swing, your arms go out. That's it. That's it. And let's do two more and back and one way and back. And now we've been all the way in. Now I want you to take the ring and turn it up on its side like this and just reach it behind your head. So your heads and one of the inside pads, but the opposites, the hands underneath the opposite pad. Pull your head and chest up again.

Find yourself there and then push your head into the ring. And then use the abdominal molds to bring yourself a little further up. Take the left leg and stretch it out. Bring the right knee and pull it into the nose, into the ring. And now we just change and we reach one and pull one and reach one in pole one.

And again, go ahead and use that ring to help you keep your body lifted and keep the elbows wide. So I like a sense of the elbows being pulled away from one another at the same time as we're pulling the shoulder blades down and we're gonna go three and three and stretch higher if you need to, if you need it to be easier too. And two, one and one. Let's bend both knees in and take the head to the ground and move from there. We come right back up again. Here it is curling the head and chest first. Taking time to let the head relax into the ring.

Let's take the leg for this day away from me. Out Straight high is fine and now we're going to turn and reach the elbow. That opposite elbow towards that inside me and now we change a cross for the crisscross. What's important about the Chris Cross, the pelvic stability, the rotation up in a cross through the midline of the body reaching over and we're reaching over and continue that movement. Think not of just twisting but of going up into the knee with the elbow and we're going to go three more and three more. Good work and two more and two and last time, year and now we've been both me then and we lift just a little higher still because we can and then we take the head down and take the ring out from behind your head. Once again, stretch your legs out all along the map.

One more roll up here, bringing the head and chest, Sta giving the ring, just a little squeeze and we come all the way yes and not take the ring and just hook it around your feet. Hold on wherever it makes sense to you. Depending on your flexibility. I like to hold on close to my feet. You can hold on wherever you wish and we're just going to pull our bodies forward for a little bit of a stretch, pressing the backs of the knees into the mat, pulling backwards on the abs to assist as we take the spine forward. Now keep your hands here or back them up and start to pull your back out flat.

So you use the [inaudible] assistance of having that ring for help as you just reach out into a flat spine. And I know what I want you to do is see if you can maintain that back and just simply unhook the ring and sit up and after that big flat back position, sitting up should be nice and easy. So making a rec tail between the collar bones and the hand, we're going to go into a twist. So flexing the feet. Let's just come towards me lifting up as you turn the spine around and any healing to come back to center and lifting upwards. As you turn and to reach. You're leaning back just a little bit. Just sit a little forward or bend your knees and twist.

So what's more important to me or to most of us than straight legs is a straight back. So if it makes sense to you to bend your knees and maybe you too, Debbie, come a little bit forward with your spine. Yup. And we twist and we come back and we twist and we come back. And now what we're going to do is find our twists first. Now start to bend the elbows. And as you've been durables, pull your chest into the ring. The elbows go wide. The hands press in, reach the arms back straight, pull your body around through center, using your waste and turn. And now we pull into the chest with the ring and the chest rises into the ring.

And now the arms start to straighten and we continue to squeezes. We just come to center Annie, India and as you exhale, bend and lift the back and inhale, stretch the arms out straight and come to center. As you exhale and inhale to twist and pulling the ring into the chest. The chest rises into the ring and the arms reach forward and we just take it back to center. Let's do one more on each side. Spiraling around in the spine, pulling the ring in, reaching the ring forward, coming back to center and last time here, pulling the ring into the chest, reaching the ring forward, taking it back to center, rolling all the way back down, all the way down. Just a nice and mobile, hitting each vertebral one at a time and sliding the feed in, bending the knees and placing the feet straight down on the ground. I'm going to take us through the shoulder bridge. He fits. If you'd prefer, you can just put your ring down if you want to challenge your stability.

We keep the ring where it as an inhale. Exhale, we're going to curl through the spine. Finding that nice lifted pelvic curl position. Double check. I like to lift my head and just look and make sure that the pubic bone is in fact higher than the hipbones. And with that we just pick the left leg up. It's going to stay bent. We're just going to reach the knee underneath the ring or just up and just tap the toes down and now pick it up.

Exhale and inhale to tip the toes on the ground and ribs down. Just a little Barbie. That's it. And tip the toes down and squeeze your ring a little if you've got it in your hands and tip the toes down. And one more time we hold that, stretch the leg up. If you've got your ring, try to touch it. If your arms are on the ground, push them down and they'll take the straight leg away and flex it back and take the straight leg away and flex it back. And we do three more and up and two more. And as that leg goes down, the pelvis rises, stay lifted. Here's our last one. Going down, lifting up, fold the knee back in, place the foot on the ground and we come down reaching down. If your arms are above you, just feel the shoulders heavy.

If your arms are at your sides, feel the shoulders heavy so there's no sliding up and down in the shoulder blades. And here comes the other side. So articulating the spine. Take a minute to make sure you've got a nice solid position. The left leg staying on the ground. This time it's the right leg that's going to come up. Then it goes just under the ring or just up into hip flection and we lift.

There's our exhale. Think about pulling the leg to the ring from the abdominals. It's not a leg exercise, so a tool, maybe it is on the supporting leg for sure. And here's our last one. Hold it there. Now just ratchet up. If you've got the ring, try to touch it and then take it down with a straight leg and flex it back and down with a straight leg and flex back and three and back. And two, I'm back and one and up and fold the knee back in, placing the foot down on the ground.

And then we just rolled feeling the shoulder blades broad and when you get to the bottom, stretching the legs out. Again, going to lift the head and chest. We're going to roll through the spine. All right. If you put your ring down, pick it back up. We're going to open up the legs and going into the spine stretch. So we start with a straight back and again, just start that tiny little squeeze and it's not. And if you want to bend your knees for just a second, it's not like a grippy, grippy squeeze.

It's just shoulders down and push inwards and feel that as you push in where this the whole wasteland that does that. And we left and now we're moving. We take the head in, we're reach it forward into the ring. But as the head reaches forward in the spine, begins to move forward. The shoulders pulled back like the abdominals pip back. And inhale there, Theresa, let your head go down just a little bit. So you're looking between your legs and exhale as you roll through the spine, healing the shoulder blades. Draw lightly, lifting the spine back to straight and inhale and exhale.

Let the chin drop to the chest and then feel the head being drawn towards the center of the ring as the rings moving away. The two things that are pulling backwards are the shoulder blades in the abdominals. And inhale and flex your feet hard. If you're not doing it already. And we roll up and lift and breathing, letting the head reach forward, drawing back and in on the abdominals. Give the ring a little bit of squeeze, but don't let it create neck tension. If it does, it's not worth it. And we hold and go a little further now and now lifting up and uh, and now we're going to take it into back extension. So rolling forward. First reaching the abdominals back towards the spine. Begin to lift the chest forward and then just let the arms respond by coming up in towards the ears. We flatten the back on a diagonal.

You could lift your chest up. That's it. And then we take it all the way back forward and all the way up to sitting. We'll do that two more times. My arms are getting tired. I don't know about you guys. Yeah, we're on the little tire. We'll put the ring down in a second to hear roll forward again.

Okay. And then we let the spine move. It's trying to go forward as flat as it can. That's a Teresa. And then a lift the chest and then just let the arms start to flow and send that top of the head through the ring. And now take it all the way back down and roll all the way back up. And one more time only sitting tall and taking it forward and reaching, reaching, and then letting the body lengthen.

Bearing goes up and it's as though the rings got magnets on it and your ears have magnets on it, the rings pulling you through, and then you take it all the way back down there and we bring it all the way back up. And now we're going to put it away. This set it down behind yourself and then put your hands just on the outside of the ring. So you're going to lean back and you don't have to squeeze it or anything, you just, or you don't even need it. I'm just transitioning there. Um, we're going to put the hands back. There's a couple of options here. Fingers in or fingers to the sides. We're going to do the back support. So legs together, feel the backs of the legs before you even start thinking about lifting.

You push the legs into the ground. So that's where part of the energy is gonna come from. Then lift the spine up off the mat. And now we just lightly push into the legs, or I guess the legs work pretty hard, but we lightly lift the pelvis up and as the pelvis slips up, the stomach pulls into the ground. Good. And now we keep up out of the shoulders, lifting the chest out of the arms as the hips. Just tap, just tap good.

And then right back up again on the Axa, reaching the hips into the air, but drawing the abdominals down into the ground and then sitting down. But sending the chest forward energetically, that's it. And then lifting up. We're just going to do two more. Feeling the backsides of those legs working and then sitting down. One more time, lifting up and then sitting all the way back down. And once you get down onto your hips, just lift up off your hands and reach your arms all the way around and forward.

Take a moment there to just let your spine soften over the lengths. And then we're going to lift all the way back up. We're going to bend the knees and when I do, we definitely move the ring out of your way because we're going to be rolling back. Okay, so sit just behind your pelvis and I get a nice flat back position. Then you're going to take a hold of your outside ankle or the outside of your Shin with one hand and the outside of your Shin with the other hand. I guess I could be mean and make a squeeze a circle between her legs, but I don't think I will. Okay, so try this pull as best that you can. Your chest towards your knees, you've got a nice flat back and then try to keep the chest there, but just round the lower spine, just round away from the thighs with the lower back.

And now lift back up and use your arms and use that pull back on the shoulders to make that happen. And if that's too close in, Debbie, you can just move back a little if you want to. And then we just curl again backwards, backwards. But we keep the collarbones from curbing, right? And now we just lift the spine up so that action of curving through the lumbar spine is where we're going. We're going to roll back, we're going to rock back in a rural back up in balance, and a little Lori lifts the back. Rest of preparation for the open leg rocker. We roll back into the low back rock, back to the shoulders, Rola the analyst's, the spine, and one more like that rule back into the low back. Good rock back rock, Becca.

Now you can choose to stay with that movement or you can just try to straighten the legs. It's up to you. Let's do to rocking back, rolling and lifting the back. And when we're like the rocking back, rolling up and lifting and wherever your legs are, bend and if they're bent, just begin to place them down and just stretch them out. Let me sit all the way up for the saw. The arms are going to come out to the side palm facing forward. I want you to try and find just a little ease.

That means it needs to have to let go a little and not press. That's great. And then we just twist and now we take this back in and turn it and push it against an imaginary wall as the front arm goes forward. And now I want us to try to create a longer back as we lift up out of it and come back to center and inhale as returned, spiraling around the spine and XL, that back arm turns, flips the hand flips and it pushes away and then we length in the body out and up and just unwind and center all of the winding and unwinding happened in the obliques and reach and then longer, longer, longer and that back arm pulls and center and across and forward. And then we take the back arm and it's like the back arms reaching back to pull the chest forward as the front arm reaches forward and back and lets go to more a little quicker in here and diving forward. Exhale and then reach the arms away from each other.

Inhale and exhale to center and turn and reach forward and inhale, lengthen out and up and bring it back at onion and reach forward and inhale out. Enough and bring it home. And last time here and reaching forward and reaching up out of and coming back to center. Great job. Get your ring. It's going to go in between your ankles and we're going to go end up on our sides. So for me the easiest thing to do is sit up and put the ring in and then just make my way down onto the mat.

Okay, we're just going to slide ourselves all the way down onto our side. So you want to just make sure here that you're in a nice long line, similar to the standing work end to the pelvic curl work. Want to make sure that the pubic bone is in line with those two front hip bones. And here we go. You can eat. Let's all use our hand. Just put the hand down and we just love the ring out in a way. Good.

And it's not going to go very far in either direction, but let's think about taking it away from us and then reaching out to lift it up. So the focus in this exercise is in the waist and reaching out and up and down and out. And as you lift the ring, push your arm down. It's like a go button and feel the elbow drawing down into the ring as the legs lifted into the air. Good. Wendy, can you bend your topic a little forward? There you are. That's straight and Dan and let's do five months. It's a little quicker up, up and they never go down all the way those legs and three, two you can put your head down if you, unless you need it. Have it up. And one I was lifting mind cause I was looking around. Keep the legs up.

Now you have to squeeze the ring here. We're going to take the top leg forward and the bottom leg back just a little bit and then we come back to center and then the bottom leg goes forward and the top light goes back and then we come back to center squeezing with the insides of the legs and just turning the ring on its side and back to straight. Good. And two more reaching over and back and back. I'm about to lose my ring. How about you guys and then down all the way.

Now take the top foot and just keep a little pressure on the ring as you'd take the ring and put it down on it's on it's round part there and then slide the bottom foot out. Well, I'm not going to be able to do this very well. The idea is that we slide the bottom foot out and we put the ring up right, but mine got stuck on my pants anyway. Bring your legs into the inside of the ring. Sorry, that was going to be a very smooth transition, but I didn't workout well. Okay, there you go. Alright, now what I want you to do here is push the bottom leg down and pushed the top leg up and now we just take the legs away from one another. The bottom leg pushes into the ground as a top leg presses up and we did.

It's just like a little pulsing action and let's look at the knee. Look down at your knee, make sure it's turned forward or slightly downward but not up and then up and make sure that bottom leg is pressing down. And let's involve the here as well. And we're going to do five more on for good work and three and two and one. Now we're going to bend that knee, bring it out of the ring, and just over the top we're going to make a little arc going first in front of the ring, and then up and behind and in front cycle, a hot potato, down and up and back and down and up and back.

And now go two times. Just touch, touch, lift, touch, touch, left. Three. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Up for two, three, four and up. Five to four and five is our last one. And up and sat. Two, three, four, five and up your knee. Set it back under the ring. Pick the ring up again, lift it up nice and high and then place it down. And if you just help yourself up, take the ring and set it out of your way. For a moment.

I'm going to take the leg that was on top and bend it to the side, taking us into the mermaid now. So we've got the legs in the Z formation position. Good God and good arms out. We're going to go towards the pointed knee, so you guys are going to be going in the opposite direction as me. So we go this way. Go that way. You guys go that way. I go this, I'm just working the other side and now we're from the waist.

We're gonna wrap our bodies around, turning around that shoulder joint, bringing the op that are moving arm close to the arm that's on the floor. As you inhale, unwind from there and as you exhale, a lift up to that side of the waist. Put the hand down, reach the opposite arm up and across and over. Yeah, keep the abdominals working even here and then lift up and then start hinging over and as you hinge, push this foot into this leg and then put the hand down and then turn and it's an abdominal contraction, right? We rotate around that, that supporting shoulder and we inhale open back out and exhale to just rise up and the arm lifts and we bend over to this side. Yes. And now we pick it up again or is that to the side? We're going to go one more time reaching out, letting the hand come down, spiraling around that supporting arm, sealing the rotation in the waist, the stretch that that will give us. Opening the arm back out to the side, lifting lightly up off the ground. The arm comes up into the air and we bend over.

Just enjoy that stretch and then come all the way out and just take the legs around to the other side. That continue to face me. I'm going to move my pants out of the way this time cause I'm a try for that transition again. Okay, so we've got the ring in between the ankles to start. Oh Indian. Sorry, I didn't make it even for you. Thank you. Okay.

All right. So once you get your ring in between your legs, you just line yourself down, up onto the ground, and then just look down the front of the body and make sure you're nice and straight. And the inside of the knees face inwards. And we're squeezing the ring just a little bit. We had our hands on the ground. We're just going to take the legs out and good and down. And again, instead of thinking about the height of the legs, let's think about the length of the body. So as the ring lifts up, it's as though you're trying to pull the legs away from the head and the head away from the legs. So all the work is focused in the middle of the body. We'll get to our legs in a minute.

Suppose they're working a little bit and down and remember that we're not going down a lot, but we're going out. And, and again, so last five, breathing into the waist, excelling as we take the ring up. And last three and last too. Um, last one. So here comes our swivel. We hold the ring up, we gotta squeeze it a little bit to keep it in our legs. And then we take the top leg forward in the bottom leg back, and then we bring the ring back up, right. And then take the bottom like forward in the top, leg back. Good and back up.

Right. And we did that two more times. So forward and upright. And just check with the hand that you're balancing with, make sure that that shoulder blade isn't creeping up into the ear. So pulling down towards the hip that's on top and center last one. And now just let both likes come to the ground. So here's the transition that I didn't do so well before. Bring the leg, uh, the ring forward and hold it.

Just hold it down on the ground so that you can slide your bottom leg out from underneath it and then you can just put it up. Yep. Like that. You got it. Put it back up, right so that we put the bottom line again, that's it. And put the top leg in and we did it good. And now we just push the legs away from one another. One leg pushes down and one leg pushes up and just make sure made, maybe it's worth a look. Just make sure the knees not turned up.

We want to work the hip, not so much the fat. And when light goes down and when light goes up and while you're working your hip, think about working your waist and we make the ring into an oval. Go ahead and an o vine. Keep that top leg attached to it and keep pushing the bottom leg down. And we're doing former here and three focusing on our middle. Here's one mat.

We bend the knee and keep pushing the bottomley down to keep the ring. Still take the ring over the top. We have three row, three times buttoned back with a single touch. So just tap up and tap back and tap up and tap back. Try not to bend the bat too much, so it's not super important that the leg goes all the way to the ground. And now we did too. So just touch, touch and up and touch. Touch an up.

And three, two, one and up. Three, two, one and four. One, two, three, four and one, two, three, four and five. Four, three, two, one and last. Five, four, three, two, one. Lifting the leg, bend the knee, send it back onto the ring. We've got one more chance to pick both legs up, feeling the hip, feeling the waist and the legs go down. And then we just come up. We put the ring away for a minute, just sliding the bottom leg out so the bottom foot would attach to the leg that was on top and we're into our mermaid. That's it. That's it. So we'll be going in different directions. Again, you guys are twisting into the ocean and I'm going this way both times up into the air and it's just hinge out through the waist. Allow the arm to just touch the mat and then rotate around the waistline, bringing that bottom rib up towards the ceiling, bottom side of the rib cage anyway, and then we unwind from there and we're going to lift all the way back up to sitting. We lower the arm down and the top arm, the one that was supporting us comes up and over, over the top.

And then we lift back up and reach the arms back and just hinge across and place the hand down. Yep. Let it support you. Yup. And then churn around it. And as you turn around, pull the shoulder that you're supporting down or that's supporting your body and then unwind and lift up and lift the arm that was supporting you and reach it over the top of your head as you stretch to the side. And we'll do that just one more time coming, rising up out of our pelvis, getting a little taller each time, reaching out, just tapping down and turning around that arm. And then unwinding here and lifting all the way up and all the way. Oh far and come all the way. Alright, so I'm come up onto your knees for just, is everyone okay on their knees?

It's going to get us up into a position where we can do this and you can sit on your feet or you could actually come all the way up. I'm gonna stay down. So I'm more at your level. But what we're going to do is we're going to use the ring to try and work on the pushup position, but before we do that, here's what I want you to do. Just take your arms out in front of you. So in the [inaudible] push up, the idea is that we're trying to work our triceps and work our upper back. Okay? So what I want you to imagine is that you have the weight of your body held with your arms Barbie. You're just a little bit it did this.

And then bend your elbows. Pug the elbows into the body, right? So we're still creating resistance. Feel that the elbows are trying to reach into the pelvis and now feel really tuck those elbows right in next to the body. [inaudible] and now push. But pull the shoulders back, you guys. Everyone feel their triceps, the back of their arms in the upper back. Let's do it again. One more time. Without anything, we just create the resistance.

We feel the pull comes from the back. The elbows are right and close to our bodies. Are squeezing in and then they graze like you're trying to make a rash on the inside of your arm. They're that close and then reaching forward. Okay. [inaudible] just a feeling. That's what we're going to try to create. We're going to do it with the ring. So what I want you to do is come up, punch your hands and knees.

We're going to put the ring and it's just a little bit different for everyone, depending on your shape. I put mine just about right under my sternum or right under my breastbone. Basically you want to position it in a place where it's going to support you a little. Okay. And then for now, let's just move the knees back a little bit. So for the moment, we've got our hands right in front of our shoulders. We've got not a lot of tension on the ring, but the ring will respond to us as we put some pressure on it. Okay. So we keep the body lifted and we're just gonna bend the elbows and get that same feeling of shoulders down the back. Elbows nice and close to the body.

Now lift like you're pulling your stomach off the ring and push with your back to come up. And you guys go again. I just want to look bending the arms, feel their shoulders go down, your back, Deb down your back towards your hips and then push back up. Gorgeous. And let's go again bending the arms but feel the upper abdominals energize and press up. Nice work. Let's do that one more time. Bending. Keep the head up. Cherese and left. Okay, now we can do it if you want. With straight legs you want to try with straight legs? Anyone interested? Yeah.

Now one leg, the other leg or bent knees, either one. So we just go slow and it doesn't matter. It can be then my notice little Ben. But keep your head up teres. Keep it right in line with your spine and just work your back in your arms. And then, and then we go bend and then we go up. Go ahead. And then we take the knees in all the way. Nice work.

Did everyone feel their back? Great. And then we're just going to come onto our stomach. So I want you to hold that ring just right underneath, right in between your hands. Your elbows are going to be just slightly forward of your shoulders and then like so straight out behind you. Okay? So give me just a little bit of a squeeze in and look, do this.

Squeeze with your hands, which doesn't really feel like much right now. Let that go now instead of squeezing with the hands, just let's try to pull the both forearms energetically inwards. And now we feel, I think a little bit more work. Yeah. Now with that squeeze being held, we just pull the abdominals up. Now we're going to lift one like up and back and put it down and lift the other leg up and back. And as you do it, squeeze with the forms and down and you lift one leg, but you send the chest out over the ring, the other leg lifts, and now hold the first leg.

Keep squeezing energetically as you bend that knee, reach that leg back out and put it down. So this is back extension, right? Let's focus on our upper back. Pick up the other leg. Squeeze the ring please. You bend the knee in, reach it back out and set it down. Pick up the other leg this time. Flex the foot pole right in. Point your foot and reach and put it down with the other.

Flex the foot, point the foot and reach and put it down. Okay, let's go both legs up that lift up with your chest. That's it. And both legs up. And now we're just going to do a Keck. So one like kick kicks in range and kick, kick and Ridge. I'm pulling in so the heel tries to come as close as it can in towards your back kick kick. That's it.

And we're trying to keep the body nice and stable and keep the chest lifted and keep the belly pulling up in away from the ground. And one more and last time on this side and both legs down and just slide. Hide yourself out and bring the ring just out in front of him. You know what? You guys put it, position yourself so that your ring is on the ground because we're going to slide it a little [inaudible] and you're going to want to be able to slide it towards you without it getting in the way of your mat. We'll have to wiggle towards it. Okay, so we have the ring in between the arms. Again, I just want you to have your head lifted up off the ground. Okay.

But the rest of the body's pretty well put, put down. All we're going to do is pull the shoulder blades down and with that action, the ring starts to slide towards our bodies and the chest lifts just a little bit. That's it. Debbie just slipped down a little. Yeah. And then just slide yourself back out. So it's a pretty minuscule movement, although it's, it's not without some muscular involvement. Let's draw the shoulder blades down and that drawing is what's pulls the ring into our bodies. And that's what Ben's our back. And then we just slide that ring away and let's do that just a couple more times. So we pull the shoulders down and as we pull the shoulders down, the ring begins to move and that movement is going to send the chest just a little bit, but keep the ribs on the ground and reach out.

And let's do that two more times. Sliding in, feeling that upper back work and lengthen and then reaching forward and getting rug burn on their hands floor. Okay, now hold yourself on this hole. Don't be using the hands too much cause what we're going to do now, let's see if we can just lift [inaudible] just lifting their name, try just bend, keeping the elbows down Debby, and just picking up the ring with your hands and put it down and reconnecting to the back. Hold on to your abdominals. Feel the legs reaching away from you and just pick it up one inch or keep the elbows down and push the shoulders down to lift it. That would be a good modification, that set and then release or do it with straight arms. It's up to you. We have two more. Just reach and the body lengthens in both directions.

That's gorgeous. Steady, gorgeous. One more time. Here it is. Reach out. And then we come down, let your back settle for a second, and then slide your hands underneath your shoulders and you use your arms to press yourself up onto your knees. Scoot your knee, knees in, a little closer to your body, and then keep the forums on the floor and just round up into a nice curvy cat-like stretch. And from there we just sit back down onto the heels. And if it's comfortable for you, just let your arm slide a little further. If it's not, let them be a little wider.

So allowing the back to feel a little bit of a stretch. Okay. And from there we're gonna roll ourselves up and we're just going to end with a little bit of stretching. So if you would get your ring and turn yourself around and roll yourself down onto your back. And let's start with the right foot.

Just take the right foot and put the ball of the foot right inside that inside pad. And then the head's going to be down. Okay? So you have a couple of choices. You can keep the bottom leg out straight or it can be bent. Ben's going to be a little easier for people who are a little bit less flexible. Oh, just take the leg back and just be kind to yourself, but find yourself a good stretch. Okay.

And then from that place to drop your shoulders down and feel the elbows pull apart a little bit. So we have a little bit of upper back involvement as well. Ben, journey as you breathe in, as you breathe out, you're going to pull down on your ring wide with your elbows in. Stretch that like back towards straight [inaudible] perfect. And inhaling to bend. So everyone were maybe at a little different places as far as where the leg is in space.

Just you're responsible for finding a stretch and challenging a stretch for your body. And inhale, tip bent and check in with the pelvis. As we straighten the leg up into the air, the pelvis stays nice and stable down on the ground. And maybe as we warm, as we loosen up a little, we'll draw the leg a little closer to our bodies. Let's do two more. Bend pulling down to create some resistance and stretching up. And if you want more of a stretch, still push your heel up more higher than the ring. There we go.

And Bend and last one pulling down to up and then come out of that stretch a little bit. But take the ring into the left hand. Yep. And Debbie, straighten out your bottom leg. Now just take the leg across the body just a little bit, but keep the pelvis down. So just take the leg across them and get the stretch in the outside of the head. And if you want more stretch, you can pull back more like we wanna keep just oppositionally pulling that side of the pelvis down. Okay. And then let the light come back to center. Bend that knee, reach that leg out.

Bring the opposite foot in and just find where you're going to feel comfortable working. All right. And then pulling the elbows wide, keeping the shoulder blades broad. Inhale as we bend the knee, pull down and wide on the arms as we stretch the leg of the uh, the ring is are the arms and the ringer, creating our resistance and in kneeling to bed. Good and exhale as we pulled down and wide and send that heel up into the air. And if your bottom leg is straight, push it away and anchor. And we did five.

So here's number three. And as you continue to stretch, maybe we'll just inch a little closer and closer. And here's number five already. You just pull and stretch into the ring. Good, good. And then just ease out of that at tiny bit. Hold on with the opposite hands who've got a right hand in the ring. Now if the legs bent, it's probably a good idea to straighten it out now so that you've got some room to move. As you now bring the leg across the body and just keep pushing that side of the pelvis down that opposite hip into the ground.

Yes, me, take a moment here and just breathe into that stretch and then bring the leg back up and take the leg out and just set it back down. And let's hold the ring in the hands and just roll ourself up for one final time all the way up the ice and reach forward one last time. Looking at the ring around your feet. So we're just gonna do one last spinal articulation. Uh, let's hold the side of the ring that's closest to us for this. So that flex the feet as you been forward, you'll want to bend your elbows right and now start to left through the spine, reaching the back up on the diagonal, and then straighten the arms to sit up and then bringing the chin into the chest. And this is the end. So just kind of ease your way into the stretches.

It's like the standing roll down we started with except for we happen to be sitting. Just pulling yourself forward into the ring and then keeping the elbows bent, but lengthening up through the spine. So coming up on the diagonal, that's it. Sending the chest right out over the ring and then allow the spine to come up nice and easy and straighten on one more time. Reaching forward, pulling yourself forward, pulling the abdominals back, keeping the Elvis Ben. As we send in the chest, like a wave, it just undulates out and forward. Maybe we'll even lift it into back extension a little bit more here and then stretch the spine and then just let the Ringo, I reach your arms all the way up. Just let him be light.

Bend your knees all you want here. This is the end. We just want to be easy and just let the young Straw and inhale reach up like you're just gathering energy from the ground and reach down. And just one more. Lifting an inhale, the spine grows three inches longer and we keep that length as we drop our arms to our sides. And with that, we're all done. Thank you for coming.


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Nice class, Meredith...loved your smooth, flowing transitions! :)
Thank you Myriam!
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This class was really good after a long holiday week .I needed something light and strong at the same time and you delivered as usual Meridith.
I really do love using the Magic Circle for mat. It helps you tap into spinal alignment so well, Esp with an instructor that knows how to cue it!
Thanks Meridith you're amazing.
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Light and strong are the perfect words for this class. Loved the stretches at the end using the Magic circle!
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I agree with Jamie... really good workout! The beauty of props is that it can be modified to make it more advanced if you'd like too. Dito on Meredith is amazing, so graceful and positive.
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This is one of my new favorites. (every time you add a class, Meredith, it becomes a new favorite!!!) I love the creative modifications using the ring-and the flow is seamless. Your cuing is right on, and I can usually do your workouts without even watching much. The ring adds a lot of depth. Can't wait to incorporate some of your ideas into my own mat classes.
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Lovely session....thank you....great transitions plus I love your "hinging" mermaid & undulating spine stretch ! Thank you
Happy New Year everyone and thank you so much for the positive feedback!
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I really loved this class. As ever Meredith finds brilliant cues without breaking the flow of the class.
It would not go pass min 18:37 I enjoyed what I did
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