Class #596

New Years Workout

10 min - Class


The New Year has started and you're motivated, but you still are short on time. This mini workout is for you.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jan 10, 2012
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Running short on time this morning i was so happy to see this 10 minute workout. It was brief yet thorough. I'm ready for my day. Thanks!!!
Just what I needed!
I've just done this workout again during lunch. It was great this morning and even better now!
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I feel re-energized! Thank you Kristi!
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Great to do on a business trip or at home when my time is even more limited.
Great body wakeup...plan to use first 8 minutes as a nice warmup for Mat...right before saw. Also - this is perfect when there is NO time. Thanks...PA thinks of everything!
So glad you all are enjoying this little workout. Hard to find an excuse not to workout after feeling the whole body in such a short time isn't it?
Great short class! Loved the standing work you Jennifer, I plan to use that to warmup....and all of it for myself when I need to squeeze in a little pilates. Thanks!
love this workout!! thanks kristi
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fabulous!!! my 7 year did it with me!!! GO ANNA :)
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