Class #600

Mat/Barre Fusion Workout

50 min - Class


A dancer’s floor barre is nothing new. In fact this technique has been around for decades. Dancers did floor barre as cross training to keep their bodies long, lean, and strong. Cecile Bankston, a former professional dancer has created this class which is a unique combination of a dancer’s floor barre and traditional Pilates mat work resulting in the ultimate workout that will challenge both your mind and body. Get that dancer’s body you have always wanted with this tried and true formula, and experience the class you've been looking for.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Good morning, good morning. I'm so glad to be here, beautiful day. Today, we are doing a class that is a combination of pilates mat work and a dancer's floor bar. A floor bar is something that we used...


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I LOVED it! Great, fun Class! Thanks for sharing! It's going straight to "My Favorites"!
Ok, I LOVE HER! I am so jealous of her flexabliity and the way she makes everything seem so easy. This class was great. So many great modifications and terrific new challenges! I always love the guest instructors... She is a keeper for sure!!!
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Fabulous !!!!!! Please, please, please, more classes like this one.
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Loved it! Now I know what all they hype is about here in B.R. So excellent :)
Thanks guys, it is truly an honor to be a part of Pilates Anytime and to share whatever I have with you. I have been doing this workout for years and I still love it!
Such a fun class! More like this please! =)
As a ballet dancer this was wonderful. More like this pls!
Okay Cecile... I know you know you're invited back, but, sounds like people are demanding it now! Say the word and we'll get you on the calendar. Thank you for your effort to get to us and for your immeasurable talent!
love this, is there a way to incorporate cardio?
Great class! As a dancer, it is right in my comfort zone. Love, love, loved it. Hope to see more of the lovely Cecile!
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