Mat/Barre Fusion<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 600

Mat/Barre Fusion
Cecile Bankston
Class 600

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Nice mat class. The barre exercises were adapted for the mat. so there is no stand-up barre work.  I wore 5 lb leg weights and that worked for me. I had fun and feel better. Great cuing. Thanks Cecile:) 
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I was so blessed to have this fantastic teacher for ballet and Pilates - and a next door neighbor in Baton Rouge ! Thank you Cecile ! 
Thanks Emily! Hope you are well!!
There is nobody like Cecile! I love doing these videos, what a treasure! Please bring her back!
Wow … great class and enthusiasm from the teacher 🇩🇰🙏🏻 And exercises that were new to me so many years later 🥰
I had this class in my queue for years! Finally took it today and so glad I did! Went by so quickly and I loved all the movements.  Have never done a barre class on the floor and now know it's perfect for me!
So glad you liked it!!
I keep coming back to this class over and over. Its so brilliant! Cecile is so warm and encouraging with so much wisdom to share from her lifetime of experience. this is Pilates GOLD!
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