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Tracey Mallett returns with her high energy dance Pilates fusion class. If you need a high energy, high intensity class that will get your heart rate up and challenge you with high intermediate and advanced Pilates moves, this is the class for you. Class moves fast, this is not for the casual Pilates practitioner nor one who has only moderate experience.
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Jan 30, 2012
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Hi, I'm Tracey Mallet, and today we're going to do a fun dance and pilates fusion. So, it's all about just moving your body, having fun. But don't' forget the core principles of pilates with control. Are we ready guys? You ready to shake the body and have some fun?

Yes. Good, see, they're great really. (laughs) Alright, guys, we're gonna wait for the music to come on. (energetic music) Alright guys, it's time to get in motion. We're gonna put our feet in parallel and we're gonna find that beat and dance it out.

There you go, a little beat. Just feel that music and let it overtake your body. And you'll be surprised what your body can do. Right, guys? Alright! Feel it. Oh, I can see you guys are feeling it.

Very nice. Take your hands onto your hips. Now we're gonna walk through the legs. Right leg, so it goes right, left, right, left. Beautiful.

Kinda like little ponies. Down. Still got that beat; you can hear that beat. You ready to go double tempo? Let's go, you're picking it up. Beautiful.

It's all about just raising your core temperature. And believe me, it's gonna be raised. Let's do four more. Four, three, two, we're gonna step it out to the side in a squat. You ready?

You take a squat. Pull together. Squat. So when you squat, your feet a parallel. Emily, beautiful. So your feet are turning forwards.

There you go. Beautiful. Let's take it to the other side. And down. Pitch that body forward, abs pulled in, remember control.

Four more. Four, three, two, now we're going to make it sternly rotated. And plié. Plié. Beautiful. Can you give me four more with your arms?

You take it out, in, out, in. Bigger movements. Let's take it to the other side. Hands on hips. Out, together, reach. Use the floor. Now big arms, guys, you ready?

Take it out, and in. Squeeze those inner thighs. This time you're gonna hold it out and halt. Now we're gonna squeeze that body to the right side. Ready? Swing it. Switch, move.

Oh, you feel that blood pumping around the body. Swing, so we're just moving the body. I don't care what you do, just as you swing. Now we're gonna wrap it across the body. You're gonna wrap, wrap, a little bit more dramatic.

Woo! Now, overhead, you go over, over, across. Give me four more. You're looking good, you guys. Four, three, two, one. Bring it back to center. Now, look at your form, your shoulders are over your hips. Join those hip bones together. Reach it up.

Now we're gonna be stepping the right foot back into a curtesy, and stepping it back into a plié, which we're at right now. Okay? Just try it with the right leg. Let's go, you take it back, reach, back. Did you get there?

Not quite, but we're there. Doesn't matter if you don't get it the first two times. You'll pick it up. Let's do four more. Ready?

Four, lift, three, lift, two, lift, one. Now take it behind and hold it here. Now look at your knees. You're pivoting that out to the side. Reach forwards, and reach. Draw those abs in.

There you go. Now try and make sure you're central between two of the legs. Your weight is in the middle. Can you feel that burning? Good, let's do it! Seven, six, five, four, three.

Reach it up to the sky. Reach, down, swing the arms. Length. Swing, Woo, swing, feel that heart rate elevated? There you go. Now we're gonna pulse it for three.

You pulse three, two, one, lengthen. Three, two, you can reach those arms, lengthen. Three, two, one, lengthen. Three, two, one, reach. Three, two, one. Last time! Three, two, one, now holding it, hold.

Take it out. Press. Now you're back to your base position. We're gonna repeat everything we just did, but with this leg. Okay, so make sure your knees are going out to the side. Reach the hand up, high V.

Ready? Four, three, cur-ur-tesy. Curtesy. Curtesy. Contract, extension, contract.

Where's those abs, guys? Pull them in. Woo! Looking good, you guys. Three, two, one. Take it back. And pulse.

Now contract those abs. You want your knees going out to the side. A little bit more open. First, there you go. You guys are looking good. Pitch it forward.

Pitch. Where are you feeling it? Quads? Hamstrings? Glutes! And of course the booty, of course.

My favorite. (laughs) Now reach up and down, you're gonna reach. Down, just swing it. Sometimes it just feels lovely just to move it. Just have fun and let the body go. Oh yes.

Now hold it, pulse. Three, two, one, lengthen. Three, two, one, good! Just three little pulses. Good. Three, two, you're nearly there, keep it going.

Where are your knees? Open. Woo! Last time. Breathe, take it back out. Face position. Face, face, face.

Now, we're gonna turn it toward your side in a lunge. So you go lunge, center, lunge. Now, can you see, if you got your hands on your hips, you'll see your hips are front and then they pivot to the side. So your hips are moving with you. It's really important.

Pivot. Pivot. Now I think we'll add some arms with that. Let's take the hands out. Cross. Second, in. Beautiful.

Looking really lovely, guys. Love the energy! Woo! Now hold it round and pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. There you go, hold it there. Give me four more. Four, three, two, one, lengthen. Now we're gonna reach, stretch, pulse, pulse.

Now you're in external rotation. Your spine is extended. Lengthen. Eight more, I know you love this exercise. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, slowly first we go bend, two, three, four, extend, two, three, pick it up. You go in, lengthen, in, reach.

This is called shooting the leg. Shoot the leg. In, shoot. Now hold it here. Hold. Come all the way back into your lunge. Ready from here if you can bring your hands to your knees.

Reach your hands, and back to your pulse. We're right back, just where we left off. Back to singles, you girls, singles. Singles. Looking good you guys. Starting to sweat now are we, Melissa?

Poor baby. Can you give me four more? Four, a little bit lower, don't be frightened. This time you're gonna hold it. Now little pulses. Ready, go.

Pulse. Abs engaged, shoulders over your hips. Think of your form; think of integrity. Four, three, two, one, reach, pitch. And external rotation. Pulse.

Looking really good, you guys. Look down to your back supporting leg. Can you give me eight more? Woo! Seven, six, five, four, three, two. Four counts, four, three, two, one.

Extend, two, pick the tempo up. You take it in, out, in, out. So you bend, extend, bend, shoot that leg. Beautiful. Think of flexibility. Woo! This is your last time, hold it here.

Hold. Slowly bring it down into a lunge. Bring the hands onto the knees. Find your face. Raise the hands forwards. Swing it back to center.

Ready? We're gonna take the hands to hips and hip it out. Hip, hip, hip. Once again it's about control. I know you guys wanna let go. I want you to control it. That's the hardest part, right?

Ready? Now pick it up, you go (mumbles). Woo! There you go, just let the upper body go, but keep the legs still. Take it downtown. Take it up.

Take it down. And up. Woo! Take it down, and up. Take it down, make the hands up, my favorite move, you're gonna push it out. You go tilt, tilt. Pump it, pump it, pump it. A little bit lower. Work those legs.

(breathing heavily) Now we're gonna go right then left. You ready? Let's go, you go (grunts). Woo, looking hot! Last time, reaching forwards, stick that booty out. Take it side to side. Four more. Four, three, two, one.

From here we're gonna take your right leg, left leg back into plank position. Hold it here. Abs pulled in. Find your stable core, bring your right knee to your chest. You go right, back, left, back. And you keep your spine straight.

Lengthen now to the crown of the head. One. Lovely, guys, lovely form. It's all in the abdominals, push it away from the floor. Push.

Great job. Can we add a little rotation now? Rotation, rotation, rotation, really feel those obliques working. Rotation. (crows) Four more. Four, three, two, one.

Come all the way up for four. Three, two, flex the feet. Take it down. Two, three, and again. Up, two, three, four. Take it down, two, now two counts.

One, two, down. Beautiful. Where is your focus right now? Your focus is on your core. Now hold the plank open, rotate and hold.

Hold. Bring it back to the center. Hold and turn. Hold. Beautiful. Back to center. Hold.

Now one more, rotate. Take it out. Bend the knee. And reach. Pulse that leg. You go (grunts). Four, three, two, hold it.

Développé the leg through. Plank position. Other side. Find your stable position. Underneath leg bend so you stay exactly where you were. Extend.

You ready? Bring that leg up and down. (grunts and breathes) Four more guys. Four, three, two, one, développé the leg. Ooh! Plank Position. Bend your knees; jump forward. Roll all the way up.

Reach up to your head and reach. You take your reach. Open legs. Four more. Four, three, two, one. Reach, contract, lift your hands. And go (grunts).

Contract. Reach. Up. Lengthen. Feeling good now, guys? Take it out, out. We got more two more then we're gonna go to the floor.

Reach. Take it out. Roll down to the spine. Last time, lengthen. Take it out, roll down slowly. Control all the way up. Bring the legs together.

Hands over your head. Now we're gonna slowly roll down. And roll all the way up. Now it's time to grab yourself a mat, come down to the floor. Okay, we're all together?

We're gonna reach. We're gonna roll down through the spine. Roll onto your mat. Now, we're gonna turn to the side. Bend your knees. Slowly roll down to where you feel those abdominals engage. Exhale, roll up.

Reach your hands up and lengthen. Let's try them again and again. You go down. Two, three, four, lift, six, seven, forwards. Roll, two, three, four, lift, six, seven, eight. Take it four, three, two, one.

Reach, six, seven, eight. Roll, two, three, four, lengthen, six, seven. You guys have got it again. Contract, two, three, four, lengthen, reach over, stretch. One, two, three, four, lengthen.

I'm gonna do a few more so you've got that move going. So you contract the hands under the knees. Lengthen, extend, reach. Contract, two, three, to your shoulders. Lengthen, two, now hold in here, roll down.

Roll, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Roll, two, three, four, five, six, contract, eight. So we're gonna try to go to the beat of the music if you can. Head, one, two, three, contract, and roll. Two, three, four, lift, six, seven, and reach forward.

Roll all the way up. Stick your hands in front. We lift, and down, lift. So you think of the lengthening through the upper spine. Kinda like a kraske position. So your shoulders in line with the elbows.

A little bit higher, Melissa. Now a little pulse, so down, pulse. Can you give me eight more? Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Down, reach.

Back up, take the other hand on top. Lengthen the spine. You lift, lift, lift, down. Lift, down, lift, down. So we're starting a slow beat for us. Now little pulses, go pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse.

(grunts) You guys are gonna give me eight more. I'll remember the eight. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Reach forwards. And slowly turn to the side.

We're gonna go reach, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And reach, two, three, four, five, six, hold it here. You lengthen, bend, and hold. Ready take it up. Two, three, hold slowly. Two, three, four, and up.

Two, three, reach, down, two. So you're going to real extension. Working all those extensors as you lengthen up. Down. Woo, four more! Four.

And down. Three. And down. Two more, this time go a little bit further back if you can. And down.

This time you're gonna go far back as you can. Reach towards the floor. Hold it there. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Come up. Slowly bring it down. Bend your knees. Pitch your body forward, elbows out.

Hold that position. Now we're gonna lift that back leg up. You're gonna lift, down. So you gotta pivot that body all the way forwards. Lift that back leg. Okay?

Lift. Cause I'm here you can kinda see me. Lift, lift. Your elbows are bent. Lift, lift. Beautiful. Lift. Now pick it up you go (grunts).

Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. Can you give me four more? A little bit more extension, Emily, with the spine. Hold it here. Hold. And bring it back.

Raise the hands up, and out. Now we're gonna rotate, so you go rotate. Rotate, rotate. You guys have got it right. So you rotate. It's beautiful.

Your palms are facing forward. Rotate. Bring it back to center, reach forwards. Take the leg back if you can and go into a pigeon pose if you can. Slowly work the hands up. Beautiful, guys.

Let's switch to the other side. You're in that Z position. Take the hands forwards, elbows wide. Pitch your body forwards. Now we're gonna try and lift that back leg off the floor.

Ready? So you go up, down, up, down, up. Lengthen. Good. Now little pulses now.

Pulse, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight more, and eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, hold it there, hold. Bring it down, lift it up, palms out, and you're gonna go towards your feet first. Ready, rotate, rotate. Keep that torso still. Rotate. Four more. Four, rotate.

Arms reaching out. Now, go back to center, hold it here. Take the hands forwards, and lengthen that back leg out. So you lengthen the back leg out, and you go down into pigeon pose. Reach the hands forwards.

You wanna make sure you're reaching your arms forwards in that pigeon pose. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Slowly roll yourself up. Bend your knees back into your Z position, same leg. Ready to take the leg hand out to the side.

And we go reach, out, reach. Last time, hold it here. Hold. Now we're gonna bend, extend. Ready for your press? Let's go, you take four, three, two, just to here, take it down, six, seven, eight.

Lift, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Palm up. Four, three, two, one, take it down. And again bring it up. Press the pelvis up. Bring it down. Now the next two you're gonna go a little bit further, reaching back, and down.

Last time and let's try to reach that beautiful moment. Reach out, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Slowly come up, control yourself down. Reach to the side. Lengthen, take it back. You go four, three, two, one.

Bring the knees up into chair position. Pelvis tilt, tilt, tilt, tilt. So what are you doing? You're just trying to draw those abdominals in as much as you can to go into that pelvic tilt. Four more, this is your warm up.

Four, three, two, this time I want you to hold it up. Hold, rotation, and you twist, twist, twist. So you're rotating, you're twisting your hips. Twist, you really feel those obliques working. Woo! Exhale four, three, two, one. Bring it down, repeat.

Lift, down, tilt, tilt. (breathes out) Breathe, guys. (breathes out) This time hold it up. Rotate to the other side now. Twist, twist, keep the inner thighs connected together. Swing the booty from side to side.

Four, three, two, hold it. Come back to center. Lower the hips. Externally rotate, right leg on top. Now slowly pelvic tilt we go up, down, reach, back, up, down, lengthen. Got it? Up. This is Amy's favorite, right Amy?

(laughs) (breathes out) Contract, down, lengthen, and go as far as you can, but with integrity. Lift, out, lift, out. Two more, lift, out. Last time, lift, bring your knees in, tilt. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Now extend those beautiful legs and hold that stretch. Tailbone down, flex the feet, point the toes. Now we're gonna repeat everything again, but this time with the opposite leg on top. Aren't we lucky? You ready?

Pelvic tilt you go tilt, lengthen, tilt, extension, tilt, lengthen, tilt. (breathes out) Use those abs, try not to rely on your arms too much. You have reached the halfway point of this mix. This halfway hydration reminder is brought to you by G Series Fit. Ooh, fun! It's telling you to hydrate, guys.

(breathes out) Lift. (breathes out) Last time. Double time, pelvic tilt, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Nice work, open the legs. Now we're gonna bring your toes together.

You take it in, lengthen, in, reach. In. Hold the legs out, little pulses. Pulse, two, three, four. Now we're gonna pulse the feet, bring the legs together.

Three, two, one, in. Three, two, left leg goes in front. Three, two, right leg goes in front. And in. Really focus on lengthening those legs and opening up the hips, and working those beautiful inner thighs.

Three. Nice. Let's go into our singles, ready? Take it eight. Breathe, inhale, exhale. (breathes out) Open the legs wide, bend your knees.

Bring the legs together. Lengthen the legs up. Take the hands over your head. Lower the legs a little bit lower if you can. Ready for teaser. And inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale.

Teaser three. Inhale, lengthen, down, elongation. And again, reach. Woo, lengthen. Control. Two more, guys, looking good.

Reach, lengthen, in, down. Last time. Now hold it here, hold. Take the hands around. Hold onto those legs. Gently pull. Lengthen. Shoulder blades down, looking straight forwards.

Open the legs. Open, together, open. Bend the elbows, slightly rounded. Pulling your scapula down so you're working that mid-upper back, elbows are bent. Double time, go. One, two, three, four, five, six. Okay, let's do eight more.

And eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Release, reaching under, and then roll down. Slowly we're gonna roll down and reach the legs all the way over. Open flexor feet. Roll down. Circle down, just to release the back.

Inhale 90. Exhale. Church open flex. Roll down. Let's just do one more, looking good. Exhale. Open flex, roll down. Circle the legs, gently bend the knees.

Inhale here, exhale pelvic bridge. Hold it here, now bring your right leg up. Dip the toe, you take it down, and up. (breathes out) Keep the hips as high as you can. Hold it here, pelvic tilt.

One, tilt. Keep the knee bent. Double time, go, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight more. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Lengthen that leg up for a reach. Bend the knee.

Find your neutral position. Get nice and sturdy. Transfer. Ready? Dip it down. You take it down, and up, down, and up. There aren't any strangers

in here tonight. Down. We only got funky tunes, baby. Let it fill your soul. This time you're gonna hold your hip, pelvic tilt, you take it down.

Lift, down, lift, down, lift, double time. Come on, pump, up. (breathes out) Can you give me four more guys? Four, three, two, hold it. Lengthen that leg, come on reach the toe up.

Bend the knee, slowly pelvic roll down. Bring your knees together, roll around to the front, and then lift it up. Come up onto your knees. (mumbles) Ready, reach the hands over. Now we're gonna go to the right first.

You go right, up, left. Let's go a little bit faster, so you go right, up, left. Focus all your work in the core. Lengthen. Can you give me four more?

It feels lovely. Four, three, two, one. Back to center, reach your right arm down. Take the hand onto the hip. Leg goes out to the side. Now you can either be here, or here, you make your choice. Ready, we're gonna take it up for two, down for two.

You take it one, hip, down. One, lengthen. So your hip, your knee, and your foot are facing forwards; they're parallel. Single counts. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, last time, hold it here. Flex it forward. You go flex, flex, point to your back.

Flex. You guys are all smiling now, you must love this! Flex, flex, point. You guys have got four more to go. Lengthen, four, and back. Three, and back. Two more. (breathes out) Last time.

Hold it here, pulse it, go pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse directly to the side. Pulse, pulse, pulse, got four more. Four, three, two, hold it here, hold. Bend your knee, reach. Ready? Let's do that again.

You go flip, down, ha, ha. Contract those arms. How you guys feeling, good? You're looking great. Four more, come on. Four, three, two, one. Back to center.

Open your arms, either go here or hand on your head. Make sure your hand is underneath your shoulder. Ready? Up for two, let's go. You're taking one, two, down. Everything is beautiful and stable.

Up, lift. Ready for your single counts, guys? Let's go, you take it eight, down, seven. Gonna keep everything stable. Abs drawn in, feel those obliques on the underneath side working like crazy.

Last time, hold it here, flex the foot. Ready, go. Flex, flex, point. (mumbles) Flex, point, flex. Come on guys it's time to deep feet now. I know you're getting tired. You guys can do it.

Listen to that beat in the music. Woo! Flex, last time. Take that leg behind, now pulse it girls. Pulse, two, three, four, five, six. You've got eight more to make it even. C'mon, Mandy, deeply.

Four, three, two, one, hold it to the side, hold it. (groans) Reach, take it over. And you ready again, reach up and over. Four, three, two, one. Up, three, up.

Let's just squeeze that body a little bit more. Four more. Four, three, two, one. Twist around. Lower yourself down. Elbows close to the body. We're gonna lift all the way up.

Let's go into swan prep. So from here we gonna dive, rock, and extension. Dive, rock, extension. Little rock. Rock.

Rock, four more guys. Four, lengthen, three, two, one. Catch yourself, child's pose. Now from here we're gonna go into our snake. So sternum, press it through.

Press, lift all the way up. Contract those abs and pull back. This is your stripper move. (laughs) Sternum forwards. And contract that. Let's just do one more. Sternum forwards, lengthen, contract, huh?

Now just take it forwards onto your tummy. Reach the hands forward so your palms are flat. And then just go into our swimming. Palms are down, pulse. Now open your arms, we're gonna make 'em like a diagonal.

Feels a little bit weird, doesn't it? Because you're so not used to doing it that way. You're gonna test your coordination, your nervous system. That's where we always mix it up. Bring it forwards again, straight forwards.

Four, three, two, one. Nice work you guys. Pull all the way back into child's pose. Hold that stretch. Slowly gonna roll all the way up. You're gonna curl your toes underneath.

And we're gonna slowly roll all the way up through the spine. Roll all the way up. Turn to face me. We're gonna beat. We're gonna finish how we started, a little bit harder in our minds and our body.

Just move, good. And reach the hands up. Woo! And just add that length, nice Melissa. Reach, like little paws, like a kitty's. Reaching. Can you give me four more? Four, three, two, one. Reach out, contract.

Slowly roll all the way up. Let's just do four more of those. Two more times. Last time. Slowly reach the hands over your head.

Exhale out. One more time, one deep breath in, you're feeling great. And relax. Woo! Come on, pump it up! This is the improvisation now, see? We all like to dance. Woo! (laughs) High five! (laughs)


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Tracey - loved, loved this class!! Great material and ideas to bring into a warm up and floor work for my barre class that I teach!! Always look forward to all of the classes you teach - your energy is so inviting!!
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God bless all of you who do this live... at least I have a pause button! Great workout! Thanks!
3 people like this.
Fantastic - totally fun...definitely "borrowing" some of this for my students. They will love it! Thanks
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Hurray! Another great Tracey Mallet class. I love having a challenging class for a day when I don't have a lot of time. More, please!
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Tracey - loved, loved this class!! Great material for my barre classes! I have enjoyed every class you have done on PA!!
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loved it a lot! thank you!
4 people like this.
Tracy, I do bollywood, bollyfit, bellyfit, belly dancing, aerobics, step aerobics. this is very very good.. . It is good to have a change. makes it very interesting. thank you. You are a great addition the family of pilates.
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Fabulous! Loved all the energy!
Thank you for mixing it up and keeping Pilates fresh and FUN!!!
The entire website is GREAT!
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loved it as always
Thank you everyone, we had so much fun doing this class. It's a shame you can't see their glowing faces as we move through the moves. I just shot two new FuseDance videos last week and was honored that Kristi, Amy and Emilee were with me grooving to the music. So happy to share my love of DANCE and Pilates with you!!
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