FuseDance Fun<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 612

FuseDance Fun
Tracey Mallett
Class 612

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Love the class and the music! Would you share your playlist?
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absolutely fantastic thankyou
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Oh what fun this was!! Loved it.. and I needed the cardio so bad. Was so hoping to attend the Dallas bootybarre but everyone in my house came down with the flu. Hopefully you will be back down South in the very near future..Always so good to see you here on PA!
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Thank you Tracy, LOVED it!!!!
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Tracey, your energy is contagious! As a former dancer, now Pilates instructor, I love your marriage of movement, fun, and the Principles. What a good time I had all by myself in my living room while my baby slept. I got my workout in for the day and had a blast!
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That's fabulous, Tracy!!! I run a Pilates & Yoga studio, with my grounding in STOTT PILATES here, in India, bringing in a little Zumba for fun. I can't wait to bring this into my Pilates mat work as a fun & hearty change!! Would love some guidance on where to look for the right music. God bless!
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Fantastic! More from Tracey please!
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Love it!
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if there were more of these classes i would not be canceling membership. awesome
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love these dance movement classes
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