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Mat to Feel Awake

45 min - Class


This class was designed by visiting instructor Melissa Connolly to help lubricate your joints and lengthen your body. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, your body will feel awake, alive, and much longer than when you started class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Okay. So we're going to stretch nice, relaxing class for us. So I'm actually come to the back of your mat. Okay, good. So your feet are all the way together and let's just get our nice [inaudible] posture. So think of where your placement on your feet is. Let's make sure it's placed over all of those metatarsal heads on your heels, and then slightly lift your arches. So roll slightly to the outside edge of the feet, feeling that you're pulling up in the inner thighs.

Glutes have just a little engagement. They're pulling the belly button into the spine. The chest is open, shoulders are dropped down, your chin is lifted. God lengthening in the whole spine. Take a nice deep inhale and raise arms out to the sides, up overhead. Inhale, and then exhale, press arms down. Good. Let's just do that few more times. And Haley, gather the energy as your arms.

Reach up and exhale, arms down, thinking of the rib cage, expanding laterally out to the sides. His arms raise, and then exhale. Press the air down with the arms. One more time. I'm going to reach the arms out to the sides. Lift the energy up, stay here. We're going to nod the chin down towards the chest and you're going to round forward into a forward bend. So the stomach is in. Keep the arms by your ears. Try to keep your leg straight and roll down the hands. Touch the floor, stay there. I'll talk you through. Try to place your hands down to the floor, so if you need to bend your knees to get the hands there. Bend your knees. Good. Just hold it there.

Take a breath in through the nose and exhale. Make sure that the shoulders stay down. Good. Inhale on the exhale. Try to really stretch a little bit deeper. Shoulders down. Okay, two more breaths. Breathing in. Exhale, press your palms out if they're there, bend your elbows slightly. Good.

One more time. Breathing in and out. Just relax, forward and stretch. Now you're going to engage your abdominals and slowly round your spine all the way out working on this sequence of the spine. Good. Stay there. Let's lengthen the spine nice and tall. I'm going to stretch your right arm out to the side. Lift up towards the ceiling. Good. That shoulder is down, reaching up energy through the fingertips of high energy, through the fingertips, down low, and go into a lateral side bend.

If your right arm is up, you're pressing down more through your right foot. The Chin is raised, you inhale and on the exhale, reach the fingertips towards the knee. Increasing that stretch on your side. Again. Inhale and exhale. Pull the belly in, keeping weight down and your right foot. And now press down into the foot.

Reach through the fingertips to lift and we're going to change arms. Lowering the arm down, stretching the other one up. Energy through the fingertips, up and down. Now reach up and stretch a laterally to the side. Going into your side bend the fingertip is reaching towards the new.

Your Chin is raised. You inhale and you exhale to further increase your stretch. Inhale and exhale. One more breath in through the nose. As you exhale, lift all the way up. Bring the arm down to the side. You're gonna turn your feet out, heels together, toes apart.

Get those inner thighs to connect. Loots to squeeze arms are going to reach out to the sides all the way up and from here, nod your chin. You're going to round your spine. Forward. Stomach is and roll down. Roll down sequencing through the spine as far as you can. Try to touch your hands to the floor. If that means Ben, then Ben, hold it. They have breathing in through the nose.

Exhale God, you can bend your knees, bend and touch the hands down that it. Relax your neck, relax your shoulders and one more breath. Inhale and exhale. Engage the abdominals and slowly round the spine up. Starting from the base of the spine. Roll up through the lower back, the middle back, the upper back and shoulders and head. Good. Stretching your right arm up to the ceiling.

We go into that lateral stretch again, reaching up now, reaching down through the fingertips, up through the other fingertips and you stir rush to the side. Two deep breaths. They are breathing and hold their exhale. Looking straight forward on the belly in and up. Look straight forward. That's it. And one more breath in and out, and then lift up to the center and bring that arm down to the side.

Reach that other arm up. Draw the belly in and up. Now stretching over, keeping your left scapula pulling down. That's it. Breathing and energy is through the fingertips. Good heels are together, squeezing the inner thighs and slowly come all the way back up. Bring the arm down to your side toe. Stay where they are. Open your heels. What the feet parallel. You're gonna raise your arms up towards the ceiling again.

Nod Your Chin forward. Round your spine all the way down the hands will touch your mat. You're gonna walk it out so you're in an inverted v position. Downward dog or elephant and hold it there. Reaching your tailbone up towards the ceiling. That's it.

The shoulder blade stayed and you want nice long lime. A chest is reaching to your thighs. God stay there keeping the shoulders down. That's it. Left the tailbone. And now start to prance the feet. Lift one heel as the other one presses down and change and three change four and five and six. Relaxing your neck and shoulders.

Seven press eight and nine and 10. Lift both heels up high. Press the heels down low and now bend your knee as you're gonna come on to all fours. Point your toes down. Your niche should be directly under your hips and hands strictly under your shoulders. Stay there. You're gonna Round your back, going into a cat stretch. Exhale, round, round, round. Draw the belly in, pushing them out away with your hands. Now start to lift your tailbone, articulating the spine. Roll it up. Roll it up. One Vertebrae at a time.

Looking straight forward. Now start from the tailbone. You curl the tailbone under. You pull the belly in. Find that sequencing, articulating through the spine. Drop your head, push them out with your hands, and I'll lift the tailbone and roll through. Rural through rural, through extending the spine. Inhale and again, Tuck the tailbone under and your head will be the last thing to drop down. Relaxed shoulders are down. The stomach is tight and lift the tailbone. Roll through into the extension. Looking straight forward. Stay in this extension.

Tuck your toes underneath you and lift your bottom up towards the ceiling. Pressing weight down into your feet, into your hands. You're gonna lift your heels, both of them up and press symbol down. Lift them both up. Exhale down, hollow out through your belly. Pull the belly in and down. Every time your heels press down.

Increase set. Stretch, reaching the tailbone higher towards the ceiling. Lift and lower. Breathe in and breathe out. One more. Lift and lower the heels. Walk your hands back to your feet. Okay, I think I may have forgotten to mention we need a theraband.

So take your therapy band. Hold in your hands and rural all the way up to standing down here. Okay, good. Your feet can stay about hip width apart there, so check that they're in good alignment right under your hips. You can take your banned hold shoulder level or even water depending on the flexibility with your shoulders stretched to arms up to the ceiling from here. Now Keep Your Chin lifted.

You're going to circle the arms all the way around, and again, the arms go back and exhale. Circle are around. Good. Keep going. Be careful that the back stays nice. Still Straight, Jess here and arms go back. I'd be careful that you do not arch your back like so. Keep the belly in. Back is straight. Inhale, raise arms. Exhale. Nice big circle.

Gosh, arms go back and exhale, circle. Good. Two more jaw, that belly in. Feel belly button pulling to the spine. Back a straight, opening your chest, circling in the shoulder, joints. Good. One more time. Raising the arms up. Inhale, exhale. Yeah. Inhale, exhale. Keep the arms straight up overhead.

Feel those scapulas sliding down in your back. Keep a little tension on your band. You're going to go into a lateral side stretch. We're going to circle it to the center, so pull your stomach in just a small round, just stretching in the sides of the back. Circle all the way to the left. Go into a lateral side. Bend back up to the center, reversing that stretch over to the left lateral side bend.

Now round through the center. Lateral sides. Stretch and lift and again go into your lateral side. Stretch at this time, adding an extension. So lift the chest, small arches. You circle around around, around to the side. Come up to the center. Lateral side. Bend to the left.

Now circling the chest. Arking sternum to the ceiling side and center. Brewing the arms down. You're going to have a seat on your mat. This band is going to go around the balls of your feet, okay, so when you placed it around the balls of the feet, make sure that it's also covering the tops of your toes. Okay, we're going to be working these feet here. So here we go. You're sitting up tall. Let's just work on the posture and initially so the band is tight.

Get your posture nice and tall so you're on your sit bones. Roll your shoulders back and we're going to bend the elbows here. Just get that little pinch in between the scapulas and slowly release arms. Just a few of these to find your sitting posture. Exhale, inhale again. Exhale and hail. Thinking of those [inaudible] principles, pull the belly in. Shoulders are down, stomach is tight. Only two more.

Pull the arms back and release. Exhale, pull back. Okay. And really stay tall. We're going to work through the feet, push through the metatarsal, heads the balls of your feet and then point the fee all the way. Pull the toes back and full wax again, pushing through the balls of the feet and you point, pull the toes back and you flex at again. Push through the balls of their feet and point.

Pull the toes back and flex. Good again, pushed to the balls of the feet and you point in stir ash the feet and pull the toes back. And Flax again, pushed to the balls of the feet and you point balls of the feet. Pullback and full lacks. Push to the balls of the feet and point. Pull the toes back and then flex nice and strong again. Push and point and pull the balls in the feedback and flex.

We'll do one more push through the balls of the feet point and surette pull all the toes back. That's it. And then flex. Flex like stay there. You're going to curl your tailbone under and you're gonna roll the spine down to your back. Roll down. Roll down low or back, middle back, upper back, shoulders and heads. Now nod your chin into your chest and round the spine out. Breathing out. Add. Feel slowly rolling the spine up, up, up, up. And you can give yourself a little forward. Bend up to sitting nice and tall. Inhale, pull the belly in and just working on that sequencing.

Lumbar spine touches. Then the middle, then the upper. Open your chest, your head goes back. Tuck the chin. Exhale, pull the belly and rolling out. Rolling up, rolling up. Scoop the stomach in. Continue stretching forward and roll up nice and vertical lift tall.

Exhale. Pull the belly into the spine. Rolling it down slowly through each part of the spine. Open your chest and shoulders. Now lift the chin. Breathing out. Exhale, rolling out. Rolling up, rolling up, separating and creating space between every vertebrae. Stretch rule ups to tall. We'll do one more.

You're gonna stay on your back this time. So pull the belly in. Roll down, roll down, roll down. Good. Lengthening in your body. Good, nice and easy. So the band doesn't snap. Let's bend the knees and place the band just next to cause. You'll need it in a moment.

Hug both of the knees into your chest. Stay there. Give them a nice tight squeeze. Pull them in. Good. Take about two breaths here. So you inhale and exhale, stretch, and again, breathing in and pull the legs in and stretch. You're going to release your left leg down along your mat and hug that right knee in Nice and tight. Give it a good squeeze, pulling it in towards your shoulder.

Breathing in and exhale, stretch. And one more. Inhale and exhale and stretch. From here, we're going to go into a rotation. Bring this knee across towards your left shoulder. Your left hand holds onto the outside of the knee.

Your right arm stretches out to the side. Look towards that right hand. That's it. Just relax there. Breathing in and breathing out again. Inhale energy through that finger, the fingertips and the arm. Good. Coming back to the center. You're gonna take your band. Place it around the ball of the foot. Okay.

Can we into a hamstring stretch from here? Straight in the leg. Up towards the ceiling. Pull your elbows down so the elbows are anchored into your mat and you're going to hold it here. Breathing in through the nose. As you exhale, try to pull the leg further back towards you and again, breathing in. Exhale, pull the like back towards you. One more breath. Inhale, getting these hamstrings to loosen up. Exhale. Now if your leg needs to get there, bring it to 90 degrees. If you're very tight, bend your bottom knee.

I'm going to go into an it band stretch, so the it band is a Fascia that covers a lateral hip. You're going to bring this leg just slightly across small range of motion. Big Stretch, good. Making sure that hip stays down, God breathing through that nice deep breath. Inhale and exhale, God. One more time and if you can't get in a little extra stress, just try to stretch that knee. There you go. Goods. Okay, we're going to go into an adductor stretch. You're going to open the leg out to the side.

Try to keep those hip bones nice and square. Just open the leg and then the direction that you're thinking of going is bringing that leg up towards the ear. That's it. Pulling on the band, keeping your elbows down into the mat. That's it. That left hip stays down in square. Again. If you're tight, keep one knee bent and that hip stays down open. Stretching the inner thigh, your adductor muscles. God. One more breath in and out. Good.

You're going to bend your left knee if it's not already. We're going to go into a figure four stretch so you don't need the band. This is getting the Piriformis, the lateral hip rotators. Bring your foot so it's above the knee on the top of the, take your hands through the left thigh and hug the leg in. You'll feel that nice little stretch in that hip on the right sides.

Tailbone is down. Uh, that's it. It's usually pretty tight. And most people, there's a lot of tension that stored in these hip joints. Uh, reading and then out sentence. Okay. Are you off? That's good.

And now from here, just give both of the knees a hug into your chest. Nice and tight. Both of them. Squeeze 'em in towards you and now release your right leg down. Hug The left knee in Nice and tight and towards your left shoulder. Stretching your right leg long. Good breathing there. Inhale, and then on every exhale you pull the like in just a touch closer towards you.

Good. Think of your bottom leg, trying to anchor it down into the mat. Good. Going into rotation. Bring your left knee across, holding onto the outside of the thigh with your right hand. Stretch your left arm out to the side. Look towards the left hand. That's sad. Really twisting [inaudible] stretching energy through the fingertips. Yes, that's it.

Good. One more breath breathing in axial. Just a nice gradual stretch or reaching through this arm and you'll come back to the center. Find your band placed around the ball of your left foot. Oh, okay. Keeping your right like straight, if that's okay. Otherwise, whatever's more comfortable, you can bend the meme if you need to stretch the left leg up towards the ceiling and just breathe here. Inhale on the exhale. Try to bring the leg a little closer.

Really relaxing those muscle fibers of your hamstrings. Breathing in and out. One more breath in and out. Bring the leg to 90 degrees. Whether that's lower for you or higher. If it's higher Ben than me, and bring the leg slightly across.

Good. Working on that it band, which is usually pretty tight on most people let's say, and this hip joint stays down. Okay, that stretch. Inhale and exhale. Bring the hip. Exhale, stretch. One more. Nice breath there. Flex the foot if you want an even more increased stretch. That's it.

Good. And I'll bring the leg to the center. The figure four. Bend your right knee. Placing the left foot. Yes. Add doctor. Thank you. I wouldn't want you to walk out in circles lifting that leg up. Goods and stretch. Good. Bring the leg up towards your ear. Make sure that your standing leg, your right leg stays square. The tendency is to roll it in. Sit right here, stretch.

Good. Okay, now bring it back to the center bend and right knee. Place the left foot across the top of the five right below your knee. Looking on the lateral hip rotators. The hand is underneath the thigh. You pull the like, and this can be as extreme or not as you make it.

So if you wanted to stretch more, you pull the leg closer in towards you. Breathing in and breathing out. One more breath in and out. Good. I can hug both of those knees into your chest and you're going to rock up to sitting. Okay. From here you're going to sit up nice and tall.

Stretch your legs out in front of you. Point your toes, reach the arms up by the ears. We're going to go into a forward bend. The toes are pointed. You're going to reach long so the body stays in one long line for as long as possible. And then reach the hands towards your foot, towards your ankles, towards your calves, wherever you can hold. Drop your head and hold it there for ace, your Rach, stay forward. The toes are pointed initially when you're reaching forward, try not to reach from your shoulders, but keep the shoulders down in their place. SCAPULA's down.

Good. A few more breaths here. Just relaxing there. Good. That's it. The toes are pointed energy through the toes. Stretching forward and now pull your belly in. Round your spine all the way up, sitting tall. Reach the arms straight up overhead. This time your feet are flex.

Increasing that stretch a little bit more. I really try to tighten your thighs and push energy through your heels. Flat, back, hinge, hinge, hinge, and then drop your head holding to the outside of the feet if that's available. Otherwise, where ever you can hold, drop your head. Keep the stomach in tight to protect your low back and just hang out there.

Stretching. Good breathing in and out. Stay there. A few more breaths. Inhale. Exhale, a little flex. Yeah, flex, flex, flex, and slowly round your spine all the way up. Going to bend your right knee. Bring the sole of the foot in next to the inner thigh. Your left hand is down next to your side, right arm is reaching up.

Keep your left foot flexed. You're going to twist and bring the hand to the outside edge of the foot or in that direction, your ear towards the knee and stretch your left arm back. Good. Stay there for a few breaths. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. God. One more breath.

Really twist and stretch the hamstrings and now come back to the center. Reach both hands towards the foot, paths, the foot, wherever you can. Drop your forehead, relax and slowly roll all the way up. Okay, we're going to add onto this. Keep your right knee bent where it is. You're going to take your left leg across. Okay.

If you are not loose enough to do that, keep your right leg straight out in front of you. That's it. Okay, I'll talk you through this. So hug the knee in towards your chest. Lift up tall, so just hug it and initially just stay there, lengthening your spine, breathe in and breathe out. Pull the like closer to you. Good. Now you're going to add a twist. Take your left arm, reach it behind you and rotate. Looking over your left shoulder. Find something to look at. Stare at that. Breathe in. Now. As you exhale, try to look a little further past that. Twist, twist, twist. One more. Inhale. Exhale. Look at something else a little further back and twist, twist, twist. Good.

And then you're going to come back to the center and untwist. Take your right arm across the thigh and look over your left shoulder just for a moment. Untwist and then back to the center. And we'll change the egg. Straighten out your legs in front of you. We'll do that series on the other side. So bring your left foot right on the inside of your inner thigh and you're gonna stretch your left arm up towards the ceiling. Flex the right foot strong.

Now reach the hand, reach it past your right foot, and drop your ear in the direction of your right knee. Good. Stay there. So you're twisting. Your foot is flax. You're stretching your hamstrings. That's it. Gave your hand something to hold. So grab your leg, holding the toe back, relaxing in the shoulders. Good. Feels good just to hang forward and stretch.

Nice breathing in. Exhale, rotate. Now come back to the center. Reach your hands forward a little further. Reach, reach, reach. If you can hold your foot, hold your foot. If you can go past the foot, go past the foot and that's it. You're going to roll it up. One Vertebrae at a time. We'll go into the seated twist. So your left leg now comes across. I'm sorry.

Should we did we do right leg comes across and the left hand hugs at like an just length and just get your initial position. Feel that both of those sit bones are anchored down into the mass stay. They are grow tall up through the crown of the head. Pull the like in Nice and tight. Go ahead. Now going into rotation, you're going to take your left hand to the right thigh and look over the right shoulder. Working that rotation. Shoulders are down. Lengthen the spine. Take a breath in. Grow Tall, axial. Go a little further.

Find that spot, twist, twist, twist. Inhale. Lengthen the spine. Exhale, twist, twist, twist. Going through the center. We're going to untwist. So from here, just take your right hand outside of the thigh. Look over the left shoulder. Untwist and then come back to the center.

Good. From here, you're gonna bring the souls you could face in our face towards you. Your feet are together. Butterfly, stretch, holding onto your feet or your ankles. Sit Tall to start and then Tuck your chin down to your chest. Round the spine forward, bringing your forehead towards your feet. Good. Stay there. You can press if you want with your elbows down in your legs to try and get them lower down and you open up in the hips, staying there. Keep your sit bones anchor.

Take your left arm back behind you. Reach your right arm across your forehead, goes to your left knee. Now the tendency is to feel that that right hip wants to lift, really anchor your right hip down. Whatever feels good, this hand can reach. You can just reach, reach, reach, or you can place the right hand on the floor. That's it. So you have something to resist. Again, something to press on.

Whatever feels better. That's it. The shoulders are down, the right hip is anchored, and then bring it through the center and change sides, anchoring the hip down. That's it. The shoulders are down. Energy through that left arm. Anchor the left hip down and twist, stretch, stretch, stretch. Come back to the center. Forehead, head to your knees or not your knees, your toes, and slowly roll your spine all the way up. Good face towards me. You're going to go into a nice big straddle position with your legs.

Okay. Watching your knee alignment, knees are straight up to the CEI. Be careful that they don't roll in. You can keep your feet somewhere relaxed or pointed. It's up to you. Arms are going to go out to the sides. From here, take your right arm through and your left arm goes overhead. Just stretching over to the side. Same thing with that hip.

Anchor this hip down and lift your chin. Breathe in and breathe out. Inhale and exhale. Good. Stay there. You're going to take your hands on each side of the leg and drop your forehead in the direction of your knee. Again, focus on that opposite hip. Your left hip cs down, breathing in and out, and then from here, reach out through your left hand. Come all the way up. Up, up. Bring this left arm through and stretch over to the other side.

Lateral side stretch. Good. The shoulders down, Chin is up. Looking straight forward and breathing in and out. Good. One more. It should feel your good stretch on your side as well as the inner thighs. And now take the hands on each side of that leg.

Drop your head towards the knee. Stay there and stretch. Keeping this hip anchored. Shoulders down. You're rotating, you're stretching. Let's say keeping my hip down. Great. Now reach out through the right arm.

Come up to the center. Big One. We're going to stretch in the center. So from here, take your hands forward, keep the legs wide and you're going to walk your hands forward. Come down as low as you can and maybe the elbows, if you can get there, it might not be. It might be to your stomach, it might not be, and just relax and the inner thigh is good. Stay there. Hold that position. Be careful with the knee is don't let them roll and keep that little rotation in your hips. God knees directly up to the ceiling. Good.

If you have that flexibility, just round forward and stretch God round forward and stretch. One more breath. Inhale and exhale, stretch, stretch, stretch. Now pull your tummy in tight and slowly roll your spine all the way out. Okay. Slowly bring your legs all the way together. Good. You're going to flip onto your tummy. So coming forward here, legs are hip width apart. Hands are by your shoulders.

Solar blades are down. Going into a swan. Start to lift your chest nice and slow. Press into your hands and extend your spine. Come up. Think of where your hipbones are. We're going to keep our hip bones on the mat and then lower the chest down.

Good. Keep that going. So first thing we do is pull the scapulas down into the back, then start to lift the chest. The is lifting towards the ceiling. Keep the neck in line with the spine and then lower down. And again, scapula's down next days, long in line with this spine. That's it. If you go up a little higher, you lift, that's it.

You really lift the sternum. Lift the sternum up towards the ceiling, rolling the shoulders back and lower all the way down. You're gonna stay down. Bring your legs all the way together. Bend your right knee and take your right hand. Hold onto that foot. Okay, good. Squeeze your legs together. You can either use just the right hand or you can hold with both of your hands up to you.

Make sure that the legs are tight and your hip bones are pressing down into the mat. Getting a nice stretch in the front of your right quadricep. Good. Few more breaths. They are breathing in. Extra stretch. Exhale. Inhale, exhale, and release that leg down slowly. And let's take the other leg bend to the left knee. Here we go. Holding onto the foot. Squeeze the inner thighs tight together.

Press your hipbones down into the mat. That's it. And let's close up the space between the inner thighs. Great. Take an inhale and an exhale. One more breath in and out. Now you're going to hold onto both of your feet.

Take the hands to the outside edge of the feet. This is a prep for rocking. So you're gonna push way into your feet, push weight into your hands, you lift your chest, lift your legs out, and then low are everything down. This burns and the front of those thighs, you may get a cramp in your hamstrings and again, harassed the way into the hands and into the feet and lift the chest and lower down again, pressing the weight into the hands and the feet. Lift, lift, lift, lift. Lift the chest and lower down. And let's just do one more. Only. Press the way into the feet in the hands. Lift the chest, lift the sternum and lower all the way down and release your legs. You're going to sit yourself back in a child's pose.

So sitting on your heels, God reaching the arms forward. You can open your knees so the feet are together. That's it. And then just relax your back here. Just give it a nice little stretch. Good arms either in front of you or behind you. Good.

One more breath. Inhale and exhale, stretch. Good. You're gonna roll ups. You're on all fours. We are gonna do a lunch stretch. So you're going to your right foot forward and you're going to keep your left knee bent and down. That's it. So you want to get this alignment. The right knee is directly in line with the heel and the back leg is relaxed.

Reaching the hip bones down towards the mats to their breathing in and breathing out. Good. Just relaxing. Your upper body. Shoulders are down. Now from here you're going to take your right hand to your thigh, get your balance. You're going to stretch your left arm up towards the ceiling, increasing the stretch in the front of your hip. Look straight forward. Breathing in and breathing out. One more breath in and out.

So you're going to bring the hand back down. If this next one is available to bend your left knee, take your right hand, hold onto the foot, playing the leg in. This is going to deepen the stretch in your thought. I will help you. So stay there. A nice big stretch for the quadricep. Sometimes you get a little cramp in that thigh. You may not get it there.

I'll just hold it for you and one more breath in. That's it. Pull the heel towards your glute pull pool pool and then straight and that leg down. You're going to scoot your hips back, straightening your right leg. So that's it. Exactly. You're going to flex and point. So flex the right foot and point the right foot.

Flex and point. Flex and 0.1 more. Flex and point. We are going to do a split. A split is different for everybody. Slide forward just as low as you can or not hold it there.

It's a stretch. Yeah. Good. So just bring your hands down next to your leg right here on each side and then just hold it there. If you can straighten your front leg and then you slide as much as you can. Beautiful. Good.

One more breath in and out. You're going to gracefully come out of that split. Come back up onto all fours. We're going to do the lens series on the other sides. Okay, good. So on all fours, take your left foot between the hands and you want that left knee directly over your ankle. Good. Just stay there. We'll just get that form. Your hips are square, you're letting your hips sink down towards the Mat.

Breathe in and breathe out. Good. Adding onto this, bring your left hand up to your thigh, getting your balance. Stretch your right arm up towards the ceiling. You'll feel an increased stretch to the front of the right hip breathing and look straight forward. Exhale, inhale and exhale. One more breath in and out. Bring your hand down. Bend your right knee, take your left hand, hold onto the foot, pulling the foot in towards the glutes.

Stay there. Good. And you're gonna feel nice. Stretch in that quadricep and just hold it there. Inhaling and exhaling. One more breath in and out. Straight in that or bring that like down. Now scooch back.

So your left that goes to straight and you're sitting your bottom back towards the right heel. Flex and point again. Flex and point. Flex and 0.2 more. Flex and point. Last one. Flex and stay pointed.

Sliding forward into a front split. Good, and just as low or not as you can be easy with your body's good. That's it. Straightening your front leg if you can, and hold it for two more breaths. Trying to keep the hips nice and square. Good. One more broth. Okay, grace for they come out of that stretch.

Okay. You're going to be on your knees and you're going to stretch in the arches of the feet, so curl your toes underneath you and sit your bottom back onto your heels. Okay. You're going to feel a nice stretch in those arches. Good, so stay there if that feels okay, you're going to hold that while we stretch the arms live. I'll marry you. Lift your right arm up to the ceiling, bend that elbow, and then take the other hand and pull on it. Getting a tricep stretch. Good. Lift the Chin looking straight forward. Breathe in and out. Yes. If your feet are killing you, you can come out of it and a few more breaths. Now if your feet are in that position, think of where they are trying to get your ankles and your heels together.

It increases a stretch a little bit more. Okay? Release the arm down and stretch the left arm up. Bend that elbow. Take your right hand, holding on to get a tricep stretch. Lift your chin, inhale and exhale again. Inhale, exhale.

One more and oh good. Stretch the arm all the way up and down and come out off of the top of the feet. But we're going to stay here on your knees, stretching that elbow flexor. Just bring that hand forward. So like so face you pointing your toes back towards you and just bring the risk down. Stretching one at a time. So a stretch here that's up.

And then you're going to lift it up so it's facing forward. Just gently hold on your fingertips, pulling them back, stretch good. And then release that. We'll go on to the other one. So place at first down on your mat, stretching the flexor and the forearm. Good. And then lift it back up and gently pulling on your fingertips, pulling it back towards you.

Good. And then released. Sat down. Hands are going to go down. You're going to Tuck your toes underneath you so you're stretching over the legs in a forward bend. Stay there. I want your feet to be about hip with the part God. Stay in that forward bend. Hold it there. Let's bend her knees and stretch.

Just relaxing in your neck to more. Just bend your knees nice and easy and stretch again. Bend the knees and stretch. Now we're going to slow the roundup. Pull your belly in, roll it up, one vertebrae at a time. Good. And then once you're here up nice and tall, you're going to take your right shoulder, roll it forward and back.

Just one time. Now your elbow is going to go up and around. Now a nice big one. Big Circle. Up and around. Do the same thing with the left. So just one circle with the shoulder, one with the elbow and one through the whole shoulder joint. Now both of them at the same time, they go up and around. Elbows lift up in around one big circle.

Up and around. Now we're going to go forward one at a time, right? Goes up and around. Elbow goes up and around. Good. And then the one arm full circle left up and around and elbow up and around. Big Arm Circle, both of them at the same time. Shoulders back and around, elbows back, get around big circle and around. Drop the arms, tilt your head to the right, circle it down or to the left all the way back over to the right and drop it down and come back to the center and drop your head to the left.

Bring it down, all the way around. Nice big circle. Up and around, around. Job Your head down, Chin to the chest, and come to this center and we are stretched. Yeah. [inaudible].


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Thank You Melissa , It feels heavenly
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Lovely Saturday morning stretch! The ocean waves special effect is a nice touch, too =))
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Loved your stretch class Melissa. Going to put this on my favorites and repeat this class often. I wish you would do a class with the resistant tubing band!
I really liked it. I think it would have been more effective for me if I was warm before we started.
Great feedback Chelsea. Thank you.
I am so glad you are enjoying the stretch. It feels great to give the body a more relaxing type of workout in balance with Pilates or other types of training.
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It was so nice to see you walking around so much helping to check alignment and to give additional stretches...nicely done!
Nice to see the class online! Hope your move went well Melissa? Am missing the Santa Barbara sunshine...
Thank you. Very nice class with great reminders about breathing. Amazing how you can move around the room helping people get deeper into their stretch while still staying on task.
Love, love, LOVE this! As an instructor with Fibromyalgia, it's nice to have someone else take me through a fabulous stretching routine. Thank you!
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