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This dance-based Pilates Class is set with music and begins standing with a flowing dance-based warmup including balance work, lunges, and stretches. The second half of the class is a mat-based flowing sequence including Roll Backs, Side Lying, Side Kneeling, and Planks.
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All right. So we're gonna start with a [inaudible] dance based flow class to music and have your feet start in a first position and we'll get the music ready and we'll get started. Just follow along. And here we go. What's the arms up? Good. And now you're gonna roll down. Hands to the floor, bend your knees, bend and stretch. Bend and stretch. Ben Stressing. I roll up and lift the arms up.

Good. And now round forward. Pull the belly and tie hands down to the floor and back and stress and struts Ben and stretch. Roll out. One more time. Lift the arm and roll down. Seven, eight n Ben [inaudible]. Bed and stretch. Bed and stress. No roll up. Reach your left arm up and stretch over a contracted a center. Roll up the right arm, goes over through this center.

Roll up and over this time. Arch back and other arms. Stretch over and arch back. Legs go wide. Reach the arms up and roll down and stay here. Ben, the news bend and stretch. Bend as just one more. Ben and stretch roll up. And again, I'm [inaudible] two, three, four, roll down, two, three, four.

Bend the knees three times and stance and straps. Bed Stretch. Roll Up. One more time here. Arms out to the side. Left up. Three, four, roll down to three and four Ben [inaudible]. What Jacks to pen starts? Three straps roll up now. Side stress, two counts. Go. One, two can track to this center. Row Up. Arm goes one, two through this center. Roll up and side.

Stretch this time our back around and side stress and go around. I'll follow my arms. Reach over to hold three tall boy. Now reach his arm through and stretch. Good. Take that left arm. Reach with a flap back three and now take your arm and arch back. Stretch all over your leg, over your right leg and I'll switch. Stretch over the last heads the knee, stretching the center and roll out.

We'll do the other side. Six get ready. 7:00 AM stretch old to three. Now. Breanna's arm through and stretch further to three. Four, reach to the fingertips. Energy less back. Three, four, take the arm and reach back. Arch and I'll stretch all the way over your left leg right here. This behind your back or all your opposite than the other side.

Two comes in the center and we'll up. We do the same thing, but Adam Love six, seven, eight. So Ben, then need to count and little pulse. Stretch and flap back. Now point your foot and go back. Now go over the leg band and now switch sensor straight in the last roll up and lunch left. And again, lunch sites. Stretch, lunch, flat back point your left foot arch back. Now lunch, stretch over the leg and switch and center.

We get to do that series one more time and lunch to the right and sides. And now fly back and point the foot and arch back and switch and center up. Lunging to your left door. One, two, silos. Now thought back. Low point the foot. Go back, arch and lunch and sweat and center. Roll Up. I'm going to face the other way. Follow me less.

Side down. Hold three, four. Now food, lax and point. Flex and point. Flex and 0.1 more. Now turn lunging it. We're gonna lift the arms all the way. I'd make sure that knee is directly over your heel on substance ceilings.

Correct. Six, seven, eight. Bring the arms up. So size to three. Now just a little pulse calls down to pulse. Three, four, eight times five. Keep that back. Leg strong. Seven, eight hands go down. Touch your knee to the ground. That's like under and you're going to twist. Look over the right sole there. Good. We're going to change sides.

Big Fancy split here. Open the legs, eggs and apple eggs. Open wide and turn your feet out. You're gonna lens down and now fool lacks the right foot. End Point. Blacks end point. Flex and points. Blacks now lungs to the left. Keep your back leg nice and straight and strong. Arms all the way up to the ceiling and open arms the side.

[inaudible] fingers fast like nice and straight. Pulse down to three core and Devin. Eight hands go down the knees touching the ground side like under facing the camera and two with over your left shoulder twist. [inaudible] now big split with a leg. Open the leg with why?

Stretching down and roll all the way up. Good. Now you're going to bring your feet together. I'll face you. Arms up and balance. Let's take your right leg up. Hold it there. We'll wait for the next check. You're going to be lunging forward and back. Stay there.

I'm going to face this way. So from here, bring that like four across your arms and I'll lift it up and balance so it's there, right like that dips forward and lift and balance. Eight and 30 and balance four and lift out five. Get that balanced hold and six lift in hold seven lift and hold one more eight and stay here. You're going to lunch to that back that seven, eight to the leg, back and left. Back and left. Good. Find that balance every time.

Down and home and down and hold and go back and hold one more time here. Back and hold. Stay there. I'm gonna face you. Arms up to the side. You don't lunch the side reach. I've spoken and back and we use forwards too. And Bath speed up. 30 M M m back six n back seven and lift eight stay lifted.

Turn the leg out and place the hands to waist. Lunch over and passe. Stretch to m passe and three, four and six m seven and lift. Now stay there on eight. Hold it. You're going to bet you're going to points your left leg balance and pulse up.

Two three four five six seven, eight straight and the leg reach, arms and pops up. Two three, four, five, six. Good. A M feet together. Arms left this time. Take your left leg up. I'll face this way again. We're going to lunge forward. Six, seven, eight.

Here we go. Lunge forward balance two and balance 30 and balance four. Pull it up. Strong leg and left and six and seven. Stay here. Whole passe balance. Pull the belly in tight.

Lift and go back. Down and up and up. Three lift, four look. Five, six, seven. Last one, stay there. I'll face you and now to the side, reach forward, pull back to keep it parallel. Three and four. Reach five, reach six school seven full back. Stay here.

Hold it. Turn the knee out, stretch it right onto the side and mud over to pasta. Three, four, five, six, seven. Last one. Stay here. Hold it. Get your way over that leg. Point your toes. Pulse up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven straight in the leg. Arms and lift. One, two, three, four, left. Five, six, seven, eight. Bring the feet together.

Good. I'm going to face aside. You're going to bring your arms out to the sides. Point your right foot behind you. Find a focal point in front of you to get your balance. Legs are strong and pulled up and when hinged forward. Six seven, eight. Here we go. One, two left. One, two, nice and slow.

Hinge forward two and left. Two n three forward and left and again for hinge and left and a five tinge and left. And number six, keep those legs straight and strong and left. And number seven, hinge m left. Number eight, we get to stay there. It gets a little trickier bed.

You're standing on the exit and you're both knees and stretch. Bend both knees and stretch three and stretch four and stretch five six. Keep a focal point. Savane, number eight, hands to the ground like up to the ceiling, the left and to pull sit. Three four lifted up. Five, six, seven. Stay there. Eight little circle with a leg and two circle three and four. Circle five, six, seven, eight. Reverse it. One, one and two up and around. Three, four and five. Six, seven, eight. Place your foot down.

Stretch forward and slowly roll up. That'd be get to the other side. Put your left foot behind. I'm society's fine. That full. Good point. Nice strong legs. Five, six, seven. Here we go. Hand forward two columns, m to n, forward two and left two number three, forward two and left. Two and four forward LF really steroid like it's point the toes. Five forward and left and six go forward and lift energy in those legs and fingers.

Seven forward lift left last time. I'm going to stay here. Six hold it. Seven, eight bend both knees, bed and stretch. Bed and stretch. 30 and stretch four hubs in take you the balance. Five. Stress six and stress.

Sabbath hands goes like around leg up. Postal leg. Two, three, four. Squeeze it up. Six, seven, eight. Little Circle, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Reverse it. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. The foot goes down and you roll up no face. You see here, feet are together. Arms in first balance. Bring your right foot up to costae.

Good. Hold there for one. Stay. One stretcher forward to an era that I think I'll face this way. Let's do that again. So we go. One, two, three. Arab, one, two, three. Beth. Good. Three to three. Arab, four to three arabesque and five. Two, three. Arab, six to three. Arab adds two more. Seven. Keep that focal point a. Okay, hold it to the back of your can. Little pulse up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. That's it. Please to put down.

Stretch forward. Good. Rolling it up. Okay, let's go again. Arms, exercise and chipper balance. Pull it all in. Nice and tight. Six, seven, eight. We hold one stretch, two, three. Arrow back to to hang on to those AV.

33 Arab thought to three arabesque, five to three, Arab, six to three, Arab [inaudible], seven two, three, one more. Then it stays there. Eight little pulses up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Lower the leg. Forward, stretch. Good. Roll all the way up. Basically me. See all the way together en France. Two, three, four, five of them arms, six, seven, eight. Reverse the arms. One, two, three, four to are in.

Nice. Symbols up six, seven, arms to the side, both heels, one to squeeze your bottom. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight more. And squeeze. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Lower down P in first arm, say out to the sides, a little play Ben and squeeze to squeeze your bottom. Three stretch four. Get those inner thighs to connect. Five, six, seven, eight holes here. Bend down all the way down if you can. Arm, town and stretch. Arms out. Sevis. Eight go down. Two, three, four and press the heels down. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the legs. And three, two, three, four.

Press the heels down as soon as you can. And squeeze the legs and down to 34 keels down stretch, stretch, stretch again. Dash two three four. Press the heels down. Stretch and squeeze. Squeeze A, yeah. Can you do that back? Nice and flat like you're sliding up and down.

A wall behind you. Two more. Down Street. Three, four. Press the shields down. Slide up. Seven, eight. Go down to the rig for N. Dan, take your legs out to second position and stay out to the side. Then halfway down Liz, so post up. Two, three, four, a little squeeze thick.

Now lift your right here. M to our thighs are burning now. Five, six, seven ball, heels. Lift. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Now rise up. Pour that energy up there. Open the arms, lower the heels, and then pulse again. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. This time left heel lift. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, both heels lift. One, two, three, four, a little lower, five, six, seven, eight. Rise. Got Do that energy up. Somebody gives him, open the arms, lower the heels, hands. Go to your size. Press the knees. Back to stretches.

Field. Good. Bring your right shoulder forward to please. For now change one, two, three, four, two counts. One, two, switch two, one, two, alternates. Single count two, three, four, and five. Seven a hands to the ground. Feet parallel.

Hold it there for a stretch there. You're gonna roll. All right, so standing with the feet together. You're going to raise the arms up. You're going to roll down. We're going to walk it out into a plank position. Now elbows can post to your body. Do one push up.

Go down and up. Bring your right foot in between your hands. Lift the arms up. Two, three, four. Open the arms. Bring the hands down. Come back to your plank. Do One pushup down and good. Left leg goes forward.

Arms rise and arms lower. Back to your plane. And now lift your hips. Walk your hands back to your feet and roll up and stretch. Arm and roll Dow. Block it out to your flake. Paul, do you see any 1% down and up? Right leg goes forward. Arms a little left to now. Stay here. Your left elbow. Go, go crafts the THY hands. In a prayer position. Hold it. Five, six, seven, eight hands. Go down. Do One. Push up, down and up. Left leg goes forward.

Arms rise to three and four by elbow goes across and twist, holding it bad. Six, seven, eight hands go down. Lift your hips, walk it back and roll up. Search arms and ceiling and roll down. Lock it out to your plank. Elbows close to your body. One push up right leg goes forward. Arms left, and bring your left elbow across.

And twist. Two, three and four hands go down straight and stretch. So the right leg is forward in a forward stretch. And bring your hands back to a place that's it. From here you go one to one and we do on the left side, left leg goes forward. Arms lift up, hold to so we're flowing. And one exercise after the other, right elbow cross. Three, four hands go down. Now. Straight in both of the legs stretched over. Head to your left knee. Yes. Good.

And I'll come back to your plate. Lift your bottom, walk your hands back to the feet and roll up and lift the arms. Roll down, walking out to your plate. You can do one push up, down and up. Madding on right life. Forward arm lift two, three, four. You're gonna Bring your left elbow crafts and twist. Hold it. One, two, three, four hands next year, right flat, straight in both of your legs. Stretch forward. Hold five, six, seven, eight. Back to a plank. Position One pushup. Here we go. Down and out. Left leg and right between the hands, so arms up to three and four, right elbow occurrence. Twist holds it. One, two, three, and four. Hands Down, straight in both legs. Switch over the La flag. Hold one, two, three, four and come back to the plank.

Good. Now lift your hips. Walk it back and roll up. Lift the arms one more time. We're adding on to that round forward. Walking out to the plains and one push down and up. Right leg goes forward. Lift the arms holding four, three, two and one. Elbow. Cross-Sold boy, three, two and one stars over the leg. Now stay here. Left hand is on the floors to rest the right arm.

Up to this guy you're twisting. But six, seven, eight back to your play set and lower lift. One time left leg goes forward. Arms lift, two three [inaudible]. One, two, three and four. Hands Down, stress over the left leg and left arm reaches up to the Cla to rest. Let's say for five six, seven, eight, the hand goes down. Go back to your plate. Now lift up the hips, walk your hands back to the feet. Rule up good. We're going to go into the mat. Portion will flow down from there and then go ahead. Walk out to your plank.

I'm going to come on over here. You're going to come down to your elbows, palms facing up. Oh six seven eight. Come on to your right elbow. Face me or your left elbow, whichever direction. Arm Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and it goes to waste. Now lower the hip down at two and three and four and left five. We're doing it eight times, six and seven and left a n f right away.

Turn around, stretch your arm up to the cla. Six seven, eight hands to the waist. Lower the hip down and up. And two and lift three and lift four and left five and squeezing in your waist. Six, lift seven and a.

Come back to your forward plank. Hold on, hold. Point your right foot. Pulse it up. Eight times. One, two, three, four. Lift, five, six, seven, eight. Change legs. One, two, three, four, lift five, six, seven, eight. Now Bend your knees, lower your hips down. Your hands are by your shoulders. Legs are hip width. Six. We're going to press up into a salon. Here we go. Left one, two, and lower. Just as high as you can. Shoulders down. One, two, em. Lower number three. You left, left lower. I'd keep the, I was right next to the ribs. Nice. Long neck, lower and lower, and lift and lower. Two more times without an exhale.

And inhale last time, stay lifted. Bend your knees, Cross your ankles, and lift your bottom up. Straight up, plank. Good. Stay there. Just eight pushups, elbows wide, dow up and two and left and three left. Inhale, exhale, five and left. Six, seven. Breathe out and now sit your bottom back on your heels to rest your arms. And you're gonna roll up. Good. From here, scooch forward to the front edge of your mat to do some roll downs and reach the arms forward. Knees together nice and tight.

Four counts to roll down. Roll down. One, two, three. Arms back on four. Circle the arms. Roll out to 30 e n reuse for roll down to three. Stretch it back on four. Circle the arms. Lift two, three and four. Roll down. One, two, three, four. Circle the arms. Breathe out. Scoop the belly in to the spy. Roll down. One, two, three, four. Circle around to form or reverse the arms.

Arms go down to the sides. Over had roll up to three and four. Arms. Go down to the sides. Three stretch back. Roll two, three, four and down. Two arms. Stretch out and around. Exhale, two, three, four, one more like this to m stretch, stretch, stretch.

Roll Up. Six, seven, eight. Now roll down to stay here. Your shoulder blades are lifted. Then the knees. Now stretch your legs forward. Turn them out, flex the feet. Please bend and stretch to x here.

Three n push four. Pursue your heels. Five. Excellent. Excellent. Seven, eight point your toes. Beats. One, two, three, four, five, seven, eight and two two, four, five, six, seven, eight and three to four. Five, six, seven, eight and four. Two, three, four. Hands behind your head, Chris. Cross and bring them down. Chris Cross, bring 'em up. Three, four and down. Two, three, four. Ed Two breathing. How its as you lift in him.

Lower X, hail and lift. One more time only and be down. Two, three, four beating up two, three and four. Bend your knees. Hug Him in rock all the way up. Reach the arms forward. Adding onto a roll down. You're going to stretch arms and legs. Place it down.

Now roll the spine back. Circle the arms. Roll up and stretch your arms and the legs. Point the toes down. Roll it back. Circle the arms rolling up and stretch the arms and the legs and me is roll down. Three and four. Circle the arms up to three n four arms up and down.

Roll down. Two, three, four. Circle the arms. Roll up to three, four arms and legs up and yeah. Not reversed arms. They go down and around, over head, rolling up. Arms and legs. Go up and down. Roll down. Two, three, four. Rolling up to three. Four, arms and legs. Up and down. Two more. Roll back. Two, three, four.

Rolling up to three. Four. Arms and legs. Up and down. It's because the belly and roll down. One Vertebrae. Time Rolling. Oh two, three, four and stretch lower. That was the last one. Roll down. Arms down to your sides. Bend the knees, hip width apart. Roll the hips up to three, four now as rolled down. Stretch the arms up and overhead as you roll down. Six, seven, eight, rolling apple. One, two, arms down to this size. Roll down. Switch. Arms up and overhead and roll up to three.

Four roll down. Two, three, four. Last one. Row Up to the reed. Stay here. Bend your right knee. Stretch up to the ceiling. Little circles, a truss and a cross. And just for one more for reverse. End One. Breathe out to squeezing under that left leg.

Three, four, Ben and me. Let's roll down in between. Stress, arms, up and overhead. As you roll down one vertebrae at a time and roll up arms go down to 34 but in the last one me and stretch up four circles regular around n two n 30 hip, still for reverse. Oh One and two and 30 and for Ben, then he starts arms up and over. As you roll down, strain your arms and legs and you're going to roll over a face towards me. Good holding on your side. Turn your legs out. Six.

We're gonna lift this leg straight. Up and down. Lift and lower. Two and lower. Three and four. He the stomach in five and six and seven. One more. Eight circle the left. Lower Circle your front leg and two and three keeping your waist very still.

Four and five. Six and seven. Eight [inaudible] circle one and around two and around three and four and five are round. Keep away still and seven circle eight circle. Lift the leg, beat the bottom leg. Five, six, seven, eight and two two, three, four and five. Six, seven, eight and three two, four, five, six, seven, eight. One more.

Eight counts. And I'll reach both of the arms. Overhead. Hold, stretching rate. Yes. Lowered down the volunteer. Tell me and stretch your arms all the way overhead. Lift your chest with the legs and 32 beats.

Here we go. Beating the one, two, three, four and five. Six, seven, eight and two. Two, three, four and five. Six, seven, eight and three. Four, five, six, seven, eight and four. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Lower down. Flip onto the other side. Facing towards [inaudible]. It's a friend. Turn the leg out and now we're going to rise that leg up. Six, seven, eight. Here we go. Left and two and three and lower. Four. Keep it turned off. That's it. Fly Up. Control it down.

Six and seven. Eight. Now circle your legs. Circle one and two. Nice and controlled. Tommy. Type three and four. Around five. Around six, around seven, eight. Reverse house circle. Take it back all round and hips.

Release still and three. Stomach tight. Four long legs. Five, six and Devin? Eight. Good. Now bring not like up pip high. Lift the bottom leg to meet at 32 beats. One, two, three, four, five, six 70 and two three, four and five six 70 and three two, three, four, six 70 and four two three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Shows both arms overhead, hold, reach long, fingertips to toes. Good. Lower down the line too.

You're telling me you're going to come up onto all fours. These, this way. Stay there. I fixed my mind. Okay, you're on all fours. You're going to hold it here. Straighten your right arm and your left leg out. Hold that nice long line. Now pull your elbow in towards your knee. Forehead to the knee, contracted in and stretch it out. Contract it in n [inaudible] and I'll exhale. Bulletin four and I'll put in five and stretch and stretch and reach. Seven honoree number eight.

Hold here. Little Poles up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Lower the arm. Just pull low leg. Two. Nice song like three, four, five, six, seven. Stated a little circle. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Reverse. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Bend the knee, knee up towards the ceiling. Little pulse lifted. One, two, three, four. Lift. Squeeze six ounces of turned out eight counts. Only.

Stretch the leg and lower down. We'll change sides. Left arm reaches forward, right leg stretches back. Hold of here. Five, six, seven. Here we go. Pull it in. One, two and stretch and stretch 30 and stretch and stretch five and stretch. Six, seven, eight. Hold here. Arm and leg pose. Lift it up. Two, three, four and five. Six, seven a hangalow. Samples the leg to lift. Three right from the glute.

N Five, six, seven, eight little circle, one, two, long legs, three, four, and five. Six, seven a reverse. One, two, three, four. Circle five, six, seven, eight. Bend your knee. Turn the like out and attitude. Seven a, pulse it up with one, two, three, four, five, six, seven pacer. She like long. Bring a m can come up onto your knees. Space in towards me and your arms or onto the side. Straighten out your right leg. Arms out please. Over to [inaudible]. Reaching towards the ceiling.

Toes pointed stomach tight. Em, left, right. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Stay there and circle. One, two, three, four, and five. Six, seven, eight. Reverse one. Stomach tight, three, four circle keeping the head of that leg. Seven a lower the leg. Now you can plant it down to the ground. Now thread the needle round through two cows and open an art's back and round through and a number three and back.

One more am for round that through that. Come back to your center. Say doing that or it's take your bottom leg hook up behind your top leg and round through and open up and through and open and 30 around. Open the shop. One more. Four. Open the chest. Now I'll come back to the center for lowering down and up, down and, and to m.

Good and look towards your hand if you can. And stretching away. Last one down and less good Ben than me and I'm all the way up. Side to bend this knee and straighten your left leg. Stretch up and over. Lift the leg. Two, three, four a lift, five, six and seven. Eight little circle, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Reverse at one, two and three.

Stomach tights, ribs back. Five, six, seven, eight. Nice. One round through the footstep. And Archer back and round through throughout the needle. I should back open and stretch, round through, open and stir up. One more round through open and stir.

I just come back to the center. Hook the bottom like under the top. Savin a round through open ends and round through open and stretch to exhale and inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Come back to the center side bed. Go Down, look at the hands. Lift Loco and down. Look towards the hands. Look away.

Two more exhale and exhale. Inhale. Good Rick, not me. N Oh, go ahead. Facing towards each other. I'm going to come down to the floor. I'm going to Tuck your toes under you. Stretch over the legs and slowly rolling up. Good arms. Reach out to the sides.

You're going to bring your right foot up to a passe. We'll start slowly then progress into this. So another balancing exercise. So where she going to do starting? So you go to an era, Basque. The hands go down, leg goes up, the foot goes down and you roll up. And again, the left leg goes up, arms reach up, arms go back, leg goes back Arab ass, hands down.

Leg Foot goes down and you roll up a little quicker. Five, six, seven, eight pasta arabesque like up, leg down, row and passe. Arab ass, leg up, leg down. Roll Up. M Pop. Say Airbus. They got stretched. Leg Jam Rola and passe. Arab ass like up like damn. Roll up and passe arabesque at that balance. Leg, leg down.

Roll up and passe. Arabesque like up, leg down. Roll up and puff. Second Arabesque, leg up, leg down. Roll up and left like half Arab like up, leg down. Roll Up. One more. Both sides. Say every basket, a stretch, leg up, leg down. Roll up and pass like leg down, row upstate and your lifts are going to do a body swing. Just [inaudible] parallel little [inaudible] bounce and just suing and and too and catching onto the abs and theory and catch. Breathe out for double Neba axial five let it go and six add seven. One more. Good. Stay there. Rise up onto your toes.

Hold their stay balanced. God, I'll face this way. Hold it, open the arms and then just finish by looking to the right and center, left and center hold of their finished by raising the arms, lift one foot up to passe. Just balance and place it down and get your focal point. Other foot comes up to passe and new balance. Please sit down and lower and [inaudible]. Thank you.


This is brilliant Melissa, just the changes I have been looking for to add to my balance work, I am going to learn this whole routine. Thanks!

Sharon Wigham
Loved the class Melissa and doing your exercise to a fast past
routine. Adding this one to my favorites!
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I agree- Nice to use our core to balance! What's the background music?
The curse-ed Girl Scout cookies got delivered yesterday.... So, this is great timing for such a fast paced total body workout! As always it's spot on... now to go hide the cookies!
That was so much fun Melissa! I hope you come back to PA soon! =)
So glad you enjoy the class! The music is from a royalty free websight called jamendo and its mostly from a CD called "The Revolution of Fluff"...
And yes I would love to come back to PA, probably in the spring!!!
Props should be a Red Bull!! Loved this!
Going into my favorites right away... Whew! What a workout! Absolutely loved the balance routines.. Will try to learn the whole routine.. You do it very gracefully and effortlessly Melissa.. Thank you!
Melissa,Please do more classes like this.It was fabulous you are a lovely teacher very easy to follow and it was a really great to have a balance challenge.Do one again soon,Thankyou Shelley
Such a fun class! Thank you Mellissa :)
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