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Fun Magic Circle Variations

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Use the Magic Circle, an accelerated tempo, and fun variations to get you going in this class. Get the feel of the positions first, then push the limit a bit by increasing the pace, or challenging the position. A great class for keeping you focused while doing the work.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Feb 24, 2012
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Okay. Well, hello. I think we'll do a little magic circle today. Um, why don't you go ahead and stand up, grab your circles. You're good. I'd go ahead and hold them in front of you. Heels together, toes apart when you step forward a little bit, just so that you'll have a space behind you. Yeah, you can touch if you want. All right, so you wanna just start to think of pulling your shoulders back, dropping them down, not necessarily squeezing, but you are going to sit down so you know how to sit and cross one leg over the other and you're, or you can put it behind you and slowly sit down. But try not to stick your bottoms out. Try to go steroid. Yeah, go ahead and then go ahead and lie yourselves down. Take your arms behind you, stretch them back. You can straighten the legs if you'd like.

Otherwise you can keep them bent for now just to kind of get some support for your spines. Take a nice deep breath in. Lower your arms down. Reach them towards your knees, opening your chest and hold. Thank your rib cage into the mat, holding one, two, three. Rest again, take the arms back. Nice. Long. Next deep breath in. Exhale.

Start to squeeze the circle a little bit more, but make sure that your elbows are soft and hold two, three. Imprinting your spots again. One more time. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, lowering their arms down. Shoulders, ribs, spines. Holding. One, two, three, arrests. [inaudible] let's begin with the hundreds. You're going to bring your knees into your chest.

Take the circle between your ankles. Take the legs up, lower them down, lift your head arms, give it a little squeeze and begin breathing. Deep breath in to five. Excellent too. Sorry. Five. Lower the legs if you'd like a little more challenge. Otherwise keep them up. Give the leg, turn your legs in just a little bit more and use the inner thighs. Not necessarily parallel, but just a little rotation from the hip joint and hold for five Nice, quiet breathing. Stretching forward to you're curled into your sternum.

Excellent. Little bit lower. Now with the legs, make sure you don't turn out too much. X Two, three, four, five. Yes, it is a turnip, but not totally hyper extended. One more time. Nice deep breath in long, long legs. Wrapping the thighs and bend your knees into your chest. Grab onto your circles, prepare for your roll-ups. Arms are now back. Guys are down. Heels together, toes apart. Began to curl up, peel off the mat, stretch over to the knees and start. Come back down. Now we're going to go fairly quickly, so as soon as your heads touched, let's come back up, scooping in and stretch.

Give it some energy while you're moving and up. Scoot over, down. Remember as you go forward, you're still scooping in so you're still in a slight seeker. Two more up, over. Come on down. God. Last one. Make sure you're really getting a good scoop.

Naval this mine stretch. Come on down and go ahead and place the circles to your side. Make sure you're still on your math. Good. Let's go ahead and bring one knee into your chest. Give it a little stretch going into a leg circle so the leg will go up.

Hips are down, ribs are down, arms are long and big. Circle up to the nose. One. Make sure your big toe finishes in the center of your body to the nose. Three, five circles, four around and up. Five hold. Reverse it together. Down and up. One down, up to hip stays. Still don't let the hips dance.

Three no shoulder work here for last one and hold, hold, switch legs is there or you can bend the knee. Give it a little stretch. Take the leg up and begin. Five circles. If you want, you can brush your heel to heel. That's a very big circle, but make sure those hips are still and up. Give it a good kick on it up. It's an accent. Three, five circles. Four, five, reversing down around, up. Don't let those hips move. Two backs are down, tummies are in three up.

Four. Make sure to get that accent up and hold. All right, go ahead. Place your leg down. Sit Up, grab your circle and put this circle between your knees. I think about that for a second. All right. Grab onto your ankles. You're going to roll like a ball, so unfortunately the circle is soft. You will it. Try to keep your forehead on the circle. Good. Grab onto your ankles, heels together. If that's uncomfortable, hold onto the back of your thighs. Okay.

Shoulders to down and nice and easy. Start to roll. Take it back and come on up. Try not to let that circle get away from your forehead. Inhale, go back. Exhale up and balance. This is a really good one because it'll help you center out. Find that center.

Makes sure you're stay right in the middle of your mat and three more so you have to kind of give it a little squeeze as you're moving. It's a good teacher. The circle up, bad balance. It's okay. Two more. You're trying, right? It's all about the effort. Last one I had back up and balance. It's very humbling, isn't it? Place your feet down. All right, let's go ahead and take your circles now and put them to the side.

You're going to bring your right knee into your chest. Going into your single leg stretch, so you'll lie down with that legging. Get yourself into a nice position. Left leg is really lengthening and stretching, so you active bottom active naval. Pull it down. Switching legs. What? Hold the stretch for just a little bit longer.

Make sure your shoulders along with your hips and switch that you're not pulling yourself one way or the other. And switch. Good. Get a good scoop with your tummy and pull that knee to your ear. As the other labor reaches away. Switch and switch. Now we'll go a little bit quicker. Reach and reach. Keep the breathing quiet, put it into that powerhouse and in and last one and both legs in.

You can rest your neck as you transition with the magic circle between your ankles. Double leg through. Once again, looking at your powerhouse. Hold onto the ankles and begin stretch away. Circle. Excellent. Go ahead and grab onto those ankles. Pull the legs in and actually hold the stretch. Reach away.

Then pull it in reach and that's it. Stretch. And now lower the legs on the extension and then lift them as they come back in. So the legs will go down and down and up. Don't lose your spines. Keep those on the mat. Two more down.

Oh yeah. One more. Oh, all the way up. Grab them circles. Place them down. Restaurant x one leg up. Reach for the ankle. Pulse, pulse, scissors, pulse ball. To keep your gaze down. Don't forget those shoulders. You want to pull them down and quickly switch and switch and switch and scoop and scoop and scoop and one more. And Bend your knees. Grab your circles. Put it back between your ankles, legs, back up, hands behind your heads and curl up.

Lower the leg left though. Really keep that stirred them up. So there's a roots are deep. Your tailbone should not come up here though. Stay down and you're want to feel that scoop. So you'd want to feel any arch happening. You're back.

Go ahead and tap the floor and come. Ah, tap. Oh tumor. Keep your sternum up. Good. Last one, tap. I had been journeys. Keep your hands there though. Bend your knees, curves cross. Don't let that circle move. Try to tap the knee one. Try not to let that circle shift. I said try to get away up to the knee.

Way over here. Way over here. Squeeze the circle. Don't let the knees move. Get rid of this circle polluted to your side, Chris. Cross without the circle. Yeah, you can stretch. That's a tough one. All right. You're stretching out.

You want to look towards that back elbow and pool the knee in scoop. Reach, tap. Let's bring it in. Three counts. One top three. One, two, three. One, two, three, one, two scoop. One, two, scoop. Try to tap the crease at the knee. So inside the leg, last one, and go ahead. Grab your circles and set up like the part for your spine.

Stretch forward. Hopefully you're warmed up now. Okay, so both legs apart, legs good. We're going to put one palm on the top of the other. Sitting as tall as you can. You want to squeeze your bottoms. It's not a big push. You're just going to drop those shoulders grow taller.

Let's just hold that for a second. Push your root kicks back and rest and pushed down. Lift your back. Push those roots in and arrest one more like that. Then we're going to add the round part, so you're going to push down.

Don't let the circle pull in. You want to keep it right on top of it, each of itself rather and lift. Now let's add the round. So first, grow tall and then drew up your head and scoop back. Curl those hips, feel it down and that lower belly and come again. It's not this big movement to Moore and squeeze. You grow tall. You push in the hips, kind of curl backwards as you go forward and come back up.

Last one. Squeeze the circle. Drop your shoulders grow tall and around and up. Let's get rid of the circles into a normal spine. Stretch forward. They feel good. Deep breath in. Exhale, go back down as low as you can. If your circle is in front of your careful and then come back up tall.

Now let's add the energy again. You're going to grow tall. Take it down. Tap the Mat with your head. If you can come on up and deep breath in. Stay down there for a second. Hold that stretch. Make sure your arms don't go below your ears.

Try to get your head between that window. Drop your shoulders and pull back into that navel and come back up tall. [inaudible] tall and down. Stretch way back here. Pull those hip back. Good. And come on up. Last one. Really tall back. Exhale. Take it down, down, down. Grab onto your archer.

Give yourself an added stretch. So grab onto your feet. I know you're ready for that circle. Push your heels away. Pull the hips back. It'll feel better. Okay. Now you may have grabbed those circles going into OpenLink rocker, so you want them to probably move a little bit forward for these.

They are going to go between your ankles. Yep. Get the position. Let's just start with the knees bent. Just kind of get the feeling of it. [inaudible] tabletop position. And there you're going to go ahead and drop your head's down and you're gonna hold onto the back of your calf. So you're in a good c and you go head and roll back.

Come on up, lift your back. Let's do two more like that. Then we can have the straight legs. Otherwise, if these are challenging enough, just continue with bent knees or straighten them. Head down, back up. Lift. Now the higher you hold, the more challenging it becomes. So you just listened to your body's, drop your head, go back.

The lower you hold, the more control you'll have. If you're just starting these, take it back. Curl up. Good. It's great. Powerhouse, exercise and stretch and now energy back. Energy up, lift and two more. Take it back. Come up, hold one more time and take it back up. Hold. Take the circles away. Drop them to the side. Bring your feet together. Grab onto your toes. Same thing. You're gonna roll back. It's close leg rocker. Tuck your chin and roll back. You might have to let go of the feet and find them again.

Grab onto those toes and lift and round. Two more. Back Up. Find those toes if you can. Hold on. The soul is the same the whole time. Then do so I'm losing my words today. One more time. Back up, toes lengthen. Go ahead. Walk down the legs.

So the legs are still up and you're going to lie onto your backs. You'll grab your circles. Hopefully they're within reach. Put it between your ankles. Take the legs up into a full corkscrew. You're going to circle the leg and Jack Knife up. Cod. Cautious of your neck. That's it. You Circle. Then you come up.

Okay, so ready. Here's 90 you're going to circle around down and give your hips and get through your feet. We'll come up here. Yes, narrowing can come down. You can go the opposite way. So they're corkscrews. So right around, up, coming down, left around, up. You're trying to get your toes to the ceiling way up here. Good. And then lower the toes and circle and lift and down and circle and lift and down. All the way down. Before you think of circling all the way down with this.

Fine. And we up there, Christie, good and del last set around, around up. Eh, go ahead. Come on down. Take the circle, put it to the side. Sit Up for saw. So legs are apart. Feet are flexed. Really tall backs. Pushing the heels away, but not locking the knees. Engaging your bottoms. Turn to the right, reach for the toe. Saw it off. Keep both hips on the mat and get that scoop. Come on up and grow.

Tall and circle. Stretch. Flex like flex up center and turn. Reach lots of energy in this and center and turn reach. Don't let those hips move. Sit On that right hip and center and turn. Reach center finishing on the last one.

Good. Come up and center. Let's go ahead and flip over to your stomachs. For your neck rolls. Who have no circle right now. Palm underneath your shoulders for heads are down. You're going to push into the palms and come up off of your chest. You ought to pull those shoulders back so you are gonna straighten the arms and less. That doesn't feel good. Obviously. Leave it out. Hips up.

Now you're going to look to the right. Roll your head down, left center, look left. Roll your heads down. Don't let the shoulders go with you and center. Come on down for just a second. Let's do that Walmart time. Your feet should be together on this heels together, toes apart. You are using that powerhouse. So long legs don't push the knees into the mat.

Push your hips down, push back down into the palms. Come up off of the chest. Neck roll again, looking to the right while your heads down. Left Center. Look left down around to the right. Stretching the neck center and rest. K. Now for the fun part, you're going to come up into a swan dive, so that was your preparation. You're going to push into the palms, come up with straight arms and then you're going to fall into it. Legs up, palms up, legs up, palms up and begin. Fall down, palms up, legs up, palms, legs, heels, two together.

Stay centered, up, up, having fun and rest. Go ahead and sit back on your heels. Nice job. Shit. Good. Listen to your bodies. Leave that out. If it did, you know, kind of follow your instincts and get a nice stretch. Otherwise it's a great exercise for your back. Okay, go ahead and ally once again. Back onto your stomach's going into a single leg kick.

These two can be a little tough on the knees. So listen to your knees as well. That doesn't feel good. Any of these exercises, you leave them out. Feed together. Hips up, strong, powerhouse and right kick, kick, left, kick, kick. Get those hips away up there. No collapse in the back. Is it way up here and kick, kick. There you go. And stay up here. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, lie all the way down. Right cheek on the mat.

Take your palms behind you and both feet. Now we're going to kick three times. So elbows are down and begin kicking. One, two, three. Stretch and reach for the ankles and switch to the fingers will stay together. Two, three and try to touch at the heels. Get a little bit further back. Switch one, two, three, stretch. Last one.

One, two, three, stretch. Sit back on your heels. Give your backs a moment to stretch. Okay. Are you, don't lie back down onto your backs. Going into a neck pool. So this one, the feet are hip width. The part, kind of like the roll up, but you're in. Her legs are apart now and the feet are flexed. Hands are behind your head. Let's keep that energy up.

So keep the wrapping the thighs begin to come up. Scoop, keep the feet flex, sit up tall and let's go ahead around down for the first couple and round scoop. Push the heels away. Sit up tall, around, back down. So articulate. Now we're going to begin with a tall back. Once you're up and you're going to add a hinge, hinge, hinge head, push the heels away and then lie back down and scoop over tall. Hinge bat no wider than your own hips. That's it.

Hand Hand Curl. So as your hinge and come on up. Forward to Azure hinges, pushed the energy, oh out. That'll help you stay tall and then come down to market. The elbows open up over tall. So don't let the elbows jerk in. Last one. Hinge, hinge, hinge, curl, last month.

Oh, open doll. Let them come in. Uber Tall, hinge, hinge, hinge and Tuck. All right, go ahead and let's take your circles. Lie On your left side. So your right leg is on top. You're going to put the circle between your ankle. Sure. Interesting. Yeah, that's great.

Line yourselves up at the back of the Mat. You are going to lie down. You're resting on your Paul. Good and you're going to lightly squeeze the circle. So what's important here is not to lock the knee. To do that, it's really from the hip that you're working. You're gonna squeeze the circle. You don't want it to move all around.

You want to try to keep it really still adulent again, these aren't really powerful while they're powerful, but they're not really big movements. Hold one, two, three, lift control and lower. Hold. One, two, three. Lift. Tumor. Getting the ribs to push back the shoulder to pull down and back because it'll want to roll forward. Lift one last one. Hold one, two, three left. Now there's a fancy way to transition. You can go ahead and swing the circle back. Take your bottom leg, put it inside the circle, roll back forward.

Take your top leg, put it inside, and now you're ready to push it up. Hold one, two, three, lower this hand that's down can move around. You're trying not to push into the hand. Hold one hip right on top of hip rest. So it's right in here. You're working.

And the lift right in the hip area to three rest. Two more. Lift to three breast. One more time. I lift two, three rest. Now you go ahead and transition again. Actually you'll take your top, sorry. Inside leg out. Put it back on the top to roll the circle back, foot back underneath this little a little bit more challenging at a roll it just right. Take the circle back on top.

This time we're going to take the legs up and lower and lift and low. Try not to push so much into the hand. Little bed and don't let the hips roll back. Yes. And lift and hold and pulse. Five Times one, two with the top leg, three, four, five and rest. Let's go ahead and take that circle away. Going into normal with leg kicks, both feet on top of each other. Hip on top of hip, lets it take the leg up slightly. Turned out nice and quiet. Hips, they're not gonna move around and two kicks forward, back, kick, kick back, kick. Kick those ribs to stay together.

And kick, kick, kick, kick four. So a little kick. Big Kick, fun eight times kick, kick six kick, kick seven. One more kick, kick and eight. Let's go into up and down. Like comes up your reach any lower and up and stretch. You're using your bottom. So both legs are working, you're just keeping the knees and the feet soft up, down, up. And now let's flex up. Point down.

So make that leg length and as it comes down to more flex and point and flex and point, little circles. Five, four, three hips still to one. Reverse. One, two, three, five times four, five. And take a break. Cross your leg over, grab onto the ankle, like up. Lay down three times up. Nice. Soft feet. Two, three little circles. Two Times one, two. Now this is where it gets big. Up and around. One, up and around, two up and around. Three reverse long legs. Still One, two, and now three big ones. One, two, and three.

Both legs back on top of each other. Let's go into a hot potato. Leg is up, slightly turned out. Start with the heel in front of the other foot. So fairly close. All right, ready? Five taps. One, two, three, four, five. Accent up, five behind, hip, on top of hip. One, two, four, five up. Now it's going to get faster. One, two, four, others. Skin to get fast. One, two, three, four up. So be prepared. One, two, three, up. One, two, three. Accent is up to one, two, up, one, up, lighter and up. Last one. And uh, go ahead and rest.

Flip over to your stomach's palm on top of pop or some transition beats. Let's make sure we're all straight here. Let's see, Wendy, I'm just gonna shift you a little bit. Yes. Okay, nice. Long legs. Go ahead, lift them up and clapped the heels for 20th counts. Two, five, six, seven, eight. Keep the reach happenings. The thighs are really stretching away from you. 10.

And I'd say that's 20 arrest. Flip over to the other side. Take your circles, put them back between your ankles. It's been a while since we've been on this leg. Okay, hip on top of hip. Good. Get your positions. All right. Swing your legs forward so that you're in that boomerang or v position.

Hamas down for support, but you still want a nice open frame so you're not punching that upper back either. Okay. Ribs together and squeeze and rest. Use your hips to squeeze. So right in here is where we're working so you're not pushing with the lock of the knee. I left tumor little bit more forward with your hip. Got Left and two ribs and lower and left.

Remember the transition. So you roll the circle back, you take your bottom line, you pull it out, you put it in, you roll the circle back on top. Other foot comes out and in. Now you've got both feet inside the circle. All right, so now just the top leg is going to lift while the bottom leg is pushing down. So you've got some opposing resistance and lower again, no lock, knees lift and lower. So you're holding for about two to three counts left and lower and to lift and lower at one and lower.

So now you have to get the circle back into the original position. So you take your top leg out first, put it on top. So you've supported it. Now you roll it back, take your bottom leg out, roll it far enough back that you'll be able to slide it on top of the ankle. Pretty good. Okay. Hip on top of hip. Both legs now are going to lift again.

Try not to power with your hand and lower legs a little bit more forward and lift. Push those ribs in as you're moving. Nice, strong, solid powerhouse that allow her to more. Don't let your hips fall back as you do this. Good. And now you're hold the up and squeeze at five times one, two, three, four, five and enough. Take the circle out. Going to normal kicks. So both legs are once again, forward hip on top of hip, shoulder on top of shoulder. Nice long backs to really stretched to the top of the head.

All right. Take the leg up, hip level, beginning with your front cakes to kicks for kick, kick front and lengthen to go back and kick. Kick. So the stretch is happening as you go back and kick kicked to the note. No loosey Goosey hips. The hips do not move. They stay perfectly still and kick, kick and solid and kick, kick accents and kick, kick back, kick, kick. Good. Give it that energy and two more. Last one, kick, kick and both legs back on top of each other for the up and downs.

Hips stay on top of each other and now like comes up. You reach it up, out and up and long and up and long and one more like that. Then we're going to add the flex and point. Now ready. Flex and point in stretch. Don't let that left hip roll back at sea. It's falling a little bit yes and reach.

Make sure you pull those in and out but and to more flex and stretch away MRR. Flex. Stretch away into your circles. Five each way. One, two, three, four, five and reversing. Not long, long tail bones. Don't let them pop out. Three, four, five and take a break. Cross the leg over, grab onto the ankle. Okay. You're going to keep your hips right on top of each other and then you're going to lift your leg. I lower three times, or, sorry, two times.

And then you're going to circle little ones, two times one, two, and a big up and around. One, two, three, reversing two little circles. One, two, and then as big as you can three times one way up there to, sorry, both legs back on top of each other. All right, let's go to your hot potatoes. So heel is in front of the other foot. You're fairly close to the foot. You don't want to be too far away. Lightly tapping. Five times to three, four, five accident is up. And now five back to three, four, five. So you're just getting your body warmed up. Now you can get faster. Two, three, four, one, two, three, four, three, two. Sorry. One, two, three. Up. Here it goes. One, two, up. One, two, up. One up. Get that accent up and up and up and rest.

Very nice. Okay, let's have you go ahead and lie back onto your backs. You're going to take your circles. Should we miss those? It's been a little while. Okay. You're going to like all the way down and let's start with the circle between your ankles. So go ahead and bend your knees or however you'd like to get that circle between the ankles.

You are going to take the legs up so you can bring the knees and take the legs up for teasers. You're going to take your arms all the way back all the way back, and now you're going to lower the legs about 45 degrees with a little squeeze between the legs and start to lift up. So you round up into your teaser. You try to keep those legs from moving. You sit as tall as you can and then you keep the leg still. As you lie back down. As soon as your heads touch you, come back up and grow tall and come on down. Get those legs up, not too low.

You want them about 45 degrees and lift and come on down. Bend your knees, grab the circle. Same thing with this circle between your palms. This time, same exact rest your legs. Okay. Take your arms behind you. Now bring the knees into your chest, take the leg straight up. You want to do it so that you don't hurt your back.

So you want to keep the legs holding while I'm talking. All right, heels together, toes apart. Begin to lower the legs to about 45 degrees. So try not to let those legs drop so low and squeeze the circle between your palms. Peel off that mat, reach for the toes and I sit as tall as you can and keep the leg still. As you lie back down again, you're going to come right back up, left and come back down one more time and hold the up. Lower the legs about two inches and right back up. Give it a good kickup to and up and everything down together.

Now you're gonna love the next ones. Alright, legs are long. Heels together, toes apart. So what I'd like you to do is come up into a full teaser and then I'm going to have you hold your position. Maybe hold on one sec. You're in a hold position and you're going to take the legs inside the circle as you're up. So the legs will go in and out three times. Okay, so begin squeeze the circle, drop the shoulders, peel off that mat. So now you're in a full teaser position. Legs are going to bed. You can move the arms and straightened three times, and then inside, outside, inside, outside at it, inside, outside.

Hold. I said three. I probably gave you five. And now come on down and arrest. Take the circle's dropped to the side. One last teaser. Your exercise. You could do this with the circle if you'd like or without, if you do it with a circle, you'd hold it between your hands. But let's just go ahead and do a little bit of a twist. So same kind of thing. You're going to go into your teaser.

Let's start with the legs in. Just like you went for teaser one, you're going to take the legs up, you're gonna allow them to 45 degrees, arms back, and then you're gonna peel off that met reach for the toe. You're in a twist to whatever side you're going to send her out. You're gonna lift your backs and you're gonna come back down and you keep the legs up, you come back up, you twist the opposite way hole. You lift as tall as you can and you come back down. And then one more time and up and twist center.

Tall down last one. And up to the opposite side. Twist centered. Tall down. All right, very nice to that for your seals. Okay. Hence inside the legs, underneath the ankles with your heads down. So you're going to hold onto the ankles. Yeah. Round into good seeker for seals.

Now you could hold on to the top of the arches if you want. That's a more advanced position. Or just the ankles? Either one. Yeah, you can hold here. Okay, so bring your fingers in. Are you able to do that? [inaudible] now drop your head and bring your knees in a bed. Okay. Ready?

One, two, three claps with the heels you rolled back and clap three times before you come up. And one, two, three, roll back. One, two, three. Up. Band. One, two, three back. Give it a good scoop so there's no hop as you come up. And one, two, three, back. One, two, three, up. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Have one more time. No hop roundup. Crush your legs. Cross your arms and tried to come up to a standing position both feet together. Arms Up, heels together, toes apart.

Go ahead and pivot. Turnaround, finishing with some pushups or you can stand facing each other and step back. All right, you're going to walk down. Those legs were around, down. Walk all the way out, up onto the toes, or one long straight line. Chest is open. Elbows try to skim your ribs and come up and don't lead with your chest.

Drop the hips with you. Hips and chest together. Heels. Don't push back. Keep them up. That eh, that's enough. Walk backwards. Drop your head. Grab onto those ankles and hold. Now slowly try to shift your weight towards your ankle and start to round up. Don't fall onto your heels. Shift your weight forward. That's it. Take it slow.

Don't lock your knees nice and easy. Come up to the toes, lift your arms straight up. Powerhouses in balance. We've got this string. It's lifting you straight up, deep breath in, and exhale. Come to a flat foot. Shake yourselves out. Very nice. Maybe.


I liked the accelerated pace and using the Magic Circle while doing my pilate's exercises. Add this to one of my favorites-Thanks Adrianne!
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Great classic pilates workout with the circle- Love the option of the shorter workouts at a faster pace! Thanks again!
I agree , liked the faster pace and shorter class. The teaser variations with the magic circle and the twist were lots of fun.
Wow! Great class! I needed this this morning!
The lightening round....great pace. Especially loved the end of session with Teaser variations plus the beginning lowering STRAIGHT down to mat and using ring as measure for RLB. Thank you!
Great pace and a good use of 40 min. I seem to get a better workout from classical style than other styles IMO.
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The 40 minutes went so fast! As far as "humbling" goes...keeping my head in touch with the ring during rolling like a ball was a capital H!
Loved the pacing and the variety of exercises incorporated into the class. Outstanding time on task!
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good, clear, fast pace. It is a 2 /3 class. you must know the breathing because she doesn't que that. I really liked it and will do again. :)
loved this class, once again teaser kicked my butt.:)
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