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Theraband Play

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Use the Theraband to play with familiar exercises, enjoy creative ways to increase spinal flexion, and challenge the shoulders and thoracic area in this workout with Meredith. Utilize gentile resistance to go deeper into your practice. Enjoy!

This one's for you Joni Nichols!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Feb 27, 2012
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Okay. I'm gonna work with the band. I'd like to dedicate this class to my lovely students and to Miss Joni Nicole's, who's been waiting for this for since before Christmas. So here you go, Joanie. All right guys, just take the band in your hands. Do you want us? Yeah. Face me or face inwards. Face inwards. Then we don't give camera butt shots. Yeah, I'll do this and you guys can face in.

So just stand tall and let's just bring the arms up, starting with the breath and just stretch the band a little. Take the arms back, but not all the way in a circle. Just challenge that or just gently try to find a little bit of range of motion in the shoulders and then just drop the arms down. Inhale, expanding the body. Feel the band. Pull you up longer. A little bit of pull on the band. Don't force it yet. Ever. Really and down. That's a little easy shoulder movement reaching up. Yeah. Maybe you'll go a little further back.

This time was a letting go on my day. I'm almost done. One more time. Let's go a little further back. Still give it a little bit more of a pull. Look for a stretch and then down and with that in, yeah, standing on the feet, looking down there. Parallelly we take the head down. Vans kind of slack in my hands right now I'm pulling it a little bit, but there's not a lot of tension on it. Curling the spine into the ground, leading with the top of the head in yelling at the bottom. XL, start your journey back up. Words from the abdominals.

Feel the backs of the legs starting, engaging. Lightly. Press the pelvis forward like you're pulling your tail through your legs coming all the way up to standing. As the head comes up, start to lift the arms. We are actually going to pull the band now and try to take it home way behind. If you don't have enough room for that in your shoulders, go wider with your hands and down again. Exhaling to move [inaudible] so we linked the breath into the movement and inhale a little longer through the spine and excess to come. Allow the arms as the shoulder stack over the ribs to start to lift. They reach up the spinal, less shoulders open as we press back and up and hold here and just take it over to one side. Nice opening through the side of the body and exhaling.

Lift and inhale. We take it across to the other side and exhaling left. Let's take that through one more time. Dropping the arms forward, feeling the spine mobilize, feeling the support through the front of the body. As the spine continues to mobilize, lengthen the body down a little further. Just check what you've got there. Exhale to come up, rising tall through the spine, letting the head come between the arms, bringing the arms up. Keep the head aligned with the spine is the arms reach all the way around and back and hold the arms overhead again.

One last time we take it over to the side and now stay there, but pull on the bottom or I'm trying to take you further into this stretch. Oh, that's nice. Let the bottom on. Let go and lift back up using the obliques. We might have to do that again. Going over to the other side. Pull gently on that bottom band. It'll pull you over a little bit more and take it back and take the spine up. Truly. One more time. Reach up to go over, let the bottom arm guide you further.

Keep both shoulder blades down, lift the bottom arm up and lift up through the spine. And last time. Yeah, reach. I feel like that they had, could bring me all the way into the ground today. And uh, and then all the way to the top. I mean just bring the house down. Wasn't a yummy. MMM. I think I have some more really great things to do today. Oh, there's hair up here. Candace knows about my hair phobia. No, it's public knowledge. Okay.

It's on camera. Everybody knows I have a hair phobia. Oh, well right. Take the van, put it over your feet. Lift the spine up nice and straight. We're going to start with some roll-ups. Flexing through the feet line. Ma set up nice and tall. We're going to, every time we come to the top we're going add a little back extension. My new favorite. So we've been the elbows wide. We lift the back nice and tall.

Start Rolling backward through the spine here, round the spine, but keep the shoulders over the pelvis. Then allow the arms to straightened as you just place your spine bone by bone into the mat underneath. Yeah, and head comes down and then we lift up and we don't let the band pull us up. We let the band help us look for depth, finding the rounded spine, shoulders over the pelvis, and then lifting the back, bringing the elbows wide to sit tall. Lip a little forward with the body, Maria just there and then curling the back. Keep the elbows bent here and then we start straightening the arms as we start placing the body down on the ground, reaching down, reaching down. Allow the back of the head to just touch and then lift and articulate and really focus on that. Hollowing the bending inwards on yourself.

Find shoulders over hips. Stay round as you get there. And then left. Bringing the elbows wide spine tall, youtube, Candace, a little forward with your body. That's it. I mean not around the spine. What around the spine? Allow the arms to just lightly straighten. Let's squeeze the legs and push him into the mat. So we start involving the whole body, lifting the head in chest, look for depth, sinking the abdominals, curling the cylinders, the shoulders over the pelvis. And now we left pulling the band back and we reached forward.

And do that one more time. Rolling backwards. If your hands get tired, try a lighter grip or try holding on with the thumb and the finger instead of the whole hand and lifting the head and chest and curling ourselves inward, inward. The further you come up, the more you want to dig deep into the app. And then once again, we left and here let's just squeeze our touch and I'll allow the upper back to extend just a little bit more. And then take the arms a back straight. Bend your knees. Let me do a mini roll up here. So, uh, if you need a lot of help, give yourself real close grip on your van. If you don't need as much help, don't give yourself as much band and inhale, exhale, take the body down. So we get through the lower back area, coming all the way down to the tips of the shoulder blades. Once you get there, look down at the pelvis, make sure it's not in a tucked position, but it's in neutral, so nice and flat.

And from there we hollow the abs and curled just up. So you're reaching over the top of that flat pelvis and down and exhale curling and inhaling to go down and bending in our gut. So we use the band here on in a movement that's a really challenging movement usually or even now should be to create depth to feel the bending of the spine. This is a part of our bodies where a lot of us are really tight, so we really want to focus on that lower lumbar flection and Dan and two more up and back and up and back and we're coming all the way up and do it with just as much control, bending, bending, bending. Feel the shoulders come over the pelvis and then feel how the pelvis responds to the straightening of the back. By arching back. We bend the arms out wide, we stretch the arms forward and we round back feeling the pelvic movement, getting that low back, nice and connected to the ground. Double check for neutral pelvis, rotate towards may, keep the knees in the pelvis still.

And now we just reach up that side of the body and down and play around with the idea of creating space on the way down. So pulling the ribs away from the pelvis, slightly increasing the length of the waist and up and back and curl. Yeah, giving ourselves every opportunity to keep that spine inflection. Nice. Last two times. Keeping the shoulders press down and one more and back to center and come all the way up. Bending, bending, bending, bending.

This pelvis is still tucked under or tucked under and lift and bring the arms to the sides and take the arms out straight again and curling away. Reaching the spine down ban holds you up a little bit so you get that sense of resistance as you come down to the ground. Neutral Pelvis, straight arms, candy if you can and rotate the other way and we lift up. And here. I just caught myself doing a little with my pelvis. So let's really just reminds me to remind you to look for stability specially when you're coming through center into rotation or in from rotation through center. Keep that lower body nice and stable and we're going to do four more here we got Warren and and two and 30 and down and four and down and coming through center.

We roll the body up, sitting up tall, stretch out the legs and now just bend the arms back and reach for butt. Lift Taller and bring the arms back and reach forward and bring the arms back. Keeping this fine, nice and long. And now turn the palms and bring the arms under and rotate forward and too, and rotate forward. So working on the extension of the spine now a little forward lean candy and now bring the elbows wide and forward and underneath you and forward.

And why? Lean forward a little Maria and under one more to go and why? Stop and under and back. Bend your knees, slide your feet in. Nice and close. Take the band out. We're going to revisit that in a moment. School right up close to your heels.

Bring the band with you, bring your body into the ground. So we do our pelvic curls here today. What I want us to do is take a lift your hips up enough so that you can thread the band underneath you and then hold onto it. Just hooking the thumbs and the first fingers together. Okay, so we find our foot position, nice parallel feet and now with the arms we push the shoulders back into the ground or a relax the shoulders back into the ground. Maybe is a better way to say that and give the band a little bit of a pull so we feel how broad those and flat those shoulders can be.

Keep that activity in your arms and as we exhale, just a little spread like that. As we exhale, we bend the spine for the pelvic girl. Go ahead. In healing at the top of reaching the arms a little further towards the feet, give the band a little bit of a spread and peel down and feel how the upper back comes between those. Nice, broad shoulders, the middle back, the lower back, one bone at a time, all the way down into the ground and we go again. Rolling. Keeping the shoulder blades press back sometimes just having something in our arms to remind us to keep them active. Helps and down piece by piece, by single piece at a time and again, so just making that spy nice and juicy this time in how allow the BM to come off the ground, reach it all the way up to the hips and then push the hips up a little and then push the band down, spread it out and come all the way back down. Ending then a yes, pressing the shoulders down and we did that two more times. Roll at first, rolling up and then allow the band to come towards the hips.

Allow that band to just encourage the pelvis to lift a little higher. Put their arms down and peel all the way down. Pressing the upper arms down and I don't, one more time lifting up, let the band float, Bush the pelvis up, but don't over arch the middle back. Put the arms down and come all the way back down, anchoring through the arms. This is our very best one ever. Peeling down, peeling down, and then dropping the pelvis down.

Let the band relax enough so that you can bring it over the tops of your feet and come to tabletop position with your knees, arms overhead, uh, different arms over the chest is a better way. Okay, so we take the knees over towards me. There's our inhale, the arms stay absolutely still and we exhale to bring the knees back to center. I'm just pulling on my bed and a little same idea as we just did. Inhale across the opposite way and Xcel to come back to center. Inhale towards me. Keep that opposite shoulder blade pinned into the ground and XL sinking the abdominals down to become center and Inhale Lacrosse and Xcel stem center at a couple more times. We're reaching over and center and reaching over and center.

So check this out. Go a little wider with your arms. You got more a pull on your band. We go over to me, but reach the opposite arm down. Keep the other arm totally still. You got it. And come back to center and over the other way, but push the other arm down so it anchors into the ground. Oppositionally to the legs and then come back. The arm that's staying up is trying to stay as still as possible and back and across and back.

Having a good time. [inaudible] alright, you guys back to center. Here's what's coming next. We inhale, keep the band. Exhale, curl that Haddon chest up. Reach that band. Let it be a marker ticket over the tops of the shins in. You'll take the legs out straight. Exhale, bend the knees and reach the band a little further over towards the ankle joint and inhale to come down. Take the band all the way overhead and now exhale, lifting on, reaching towards the ankles. Keep the pelvis planted, keep the low back planted.

Bend the knees in and reach all the way down. And again, exhale up and inhale. Yeah, and XL, n but challenged the height, that curl and inhale to come down last two times. Here we go. Up, we bend in, we come down. Last one. Take out the legs, bring the legs in and bring it down. Uh, coming up to the top again. Exhale, stretch the legs to the degree that you can stabilize your spine. Lower the band just over the legs. And today we pumped the band. Inhale, two, three, four, five, Exxon pulling it out. Four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Keep the spine curling forward. Exhale, two, three, four, five in here, an exa and one more like this. And XL. Two, three, four, five. Now inhale the band up overhead, but keep the chest lifted and XL two, three, four down in India.

So we challenged the stability of the trunk and down to three Corolla and inhale for five and down. Oh, Deb's changing it on me. Come on Dad, and down and the last one and down and bend your knees and take your feet and we'll wrap that band around your feet. Stretch the legs up as you put the head down. Pin the elbows into the ground. We bend the knees, a tiny little bend. Feel the hamstrings working as the knees bend. And then press both legs towards stray. And inhale, we bend the knees, feel the stomach sink down into the mat as a leg. Straighten.

Keep those shoulder blades nice and down. Nice and broad and press and bet and press. And one more to go. Press up. Hold here, let the band go. But as you exhale, now bend the elbows to the side, curling the upper body up. So they're pretty wide here. We're going to push the legs away again, using the band to help us stabilize the trunk. And then we exhale digging deep and lifting and inhale the legs down.

So challenge, see how low you can go. The band will help you go a little lower than normal and lifting back on. Let's do it again. Down. Nice and digging deep to lifter. One more time down. [inaudible] to lifter and bend the knees again. Uh, Undo your feet.

Come all the way down the rest of the band on your shins and hug your knees into your chest. Heading into the double leg. Single leg. Crisscrossed with a little bit of modification. So we're going to do a bent knee position today and here's how it goes, Bandon. Your hands curling up. The hand goes over the knees. So we take both sets of toes towards the ground and their band reaches back and we stretch it a little and pull everything in and inhale to go out and exit to school. Use indeed and inhale to stretch the band as it goes overhead.

Kind of like what we did when we were standing up in the beginning. Reach opening through the chest, but don't let that opening through the chest and the heaviness of the arms. Pull the body down and we do four more down and up and down and, and too. And one more time. Now we just hold the band over the knees and one leg goes down at a time. [inaudible] and change. Excellent.

And exhale and as the legs pass one another, but we feel the stability in the trunk and use that the on to encourage you to keep lifting. Ah, and up and reach, reach, reach, reach. We're doing three more sets. Here's one on one and two and two. And here's how the Chris Cross is going to go. Let's come bring the rest. So we'll set up again so you can see what I have in mind. Come on, take the leg furthest away from me to the ground. Take the band and stretch the bottom bound over towards the ground and now we change and stretch you that bottom arm to help you pull up and know a little quicker across and across and across.

Reaching that band all the way up into the incl, keeping the shoulders held back, keeping the stability in the trunk. We're going five more times and then we get an abdominal break. So that sounds good to me. And here's three and keep pulling down on that bottom. I'm like we did to take that stretch earlier to last one.

And when here's the challenge. Can you wrap the band around your feet again? Stretch your legs up, lower your legs down into the ground. Try to keep the spine stable. If it feels like it's going to come unstable, let the knees bend a little. But can we lower the legs all the way to the ground all the way to the ground with the low back down. And now we just come all the way up to the top.

Yes. I'm just adjusting my band so it's a little wider on my feet and we're on it. We're going to go into some rotation. So we set up talk, man, it's hot up here. Let's go. Oh, that's good. Okay, so a nice straight back, nice struck shoulders. And now we're going to bend the arm closest to me and we twist and center and twist and center. And as you twist, go a little forward energetically, or at least upright energetically.

So you feel the length of the spine and you'll list lean a little forward towards Deb Murray as you twist. That's a better back. Yeah, you got it now, but take the other arm, the arm that's not pulling this, reaching forward. It's almost like that reaching arm in your mind is pulling you into [inaudible], into that upright position and reach and center. Gonna change it on us after this and center. Now remember the underhand pole we're going there. We're going to pull in flex and lift and straighten and pull and flex.

Dig deep in those abs and lift and straighten and pull. Flex back and lift and flex back, pushing the feet away and lift and flex back and flex back. Good. One more time. Pulling from the back of the shoulder from deepen the obliques and center and last one again and all the way through center we take ourselves all the way to the ground. Again, rounding down, looking for control, nice, smooth, even pressure holding.

At the bottom we're going to take the let's say the right leg out of the band. Bring the leg up, hold a little higher on the band. Pull the elbows down into the body. You're making a big circle here. Keep the elbows pin down, fine. Focus on your upper back. Slide the leg across the body. Circle down, around and up.

Slide the lake across the body. Let the pelvis leave the mass. So it goes all around and down and across and down, mobilizing and feeling. As we mobilize that hip joint, the relationship between the abdominals and the movement of the pelvis. And pause at the top. We're going wide down across, keeping the elbows pin down. Bring the like all the way back and down. So let the band help you feel the depth that the abdominals can give you in this exercise to bring you further than you believe, perhaps possible. And two, and take it across and up. Okay.

And now we bend the right knee and we just put the right foot into the band. Take the left leg down and on the mat. Bring the elbows nice tight to the body and we swing into the body first, around and up and again around an up letting the pelvis leave the mat. Don't forget about that feeling, the heaviness of the Femur, that five bone in the hip joint to feeling again the relationship of the abdominals and the pelvis. You can get a fair amount of oblique work here, pause here and go the other way. Reaching out in, across and out in a cross, letting that hip rise up Asta Mat, but as it places back down, we feel the heaviness in the back of it. Feel the front of the body working to perform that last two times last one time. God, bring that leg up.

Bend the left knee. Bring the left leg up, bend both knees, take the band and set it down just at your hips, just your hips for the rollover. We take the legs out straight. Breathe in to bring the legs up to vertical. Breathe out as we roll this out, fine over the top in Hilton. Flex the feet. Separate the feet, shoulder distance and lower the feet down. If you can keep your spine still to do it. Peel down, focus, reach into the band. It's just their knee near your hands. You don't have to it. You just have to touch it and try not to let the hands slide backwards of it, but instead forwards towards the circle to touch an inhale and rolling over. Nice, real good. Keeping me abdominals. Working hard.

Flex separate and down we go. Pointing the feet. At the bottom, circling to touch and lift and rolling over and flex. Separate and Dan, I'm going to take it into the Jack Knife. If you don't know the Jack Knife, watch one. If you do and don't want to do it, do the rollover a few more time. Rolling over here. Now we take the legs into the ground and then they rise up, pushing them away, lifting, using the back extensors to hit that nice vertical position and then we come down slowly through the spy, bit by bet. Bone by bone. Nice long, strong arms. Taking the legs away, lifting them to vertical. I'm just going to look. Go ahead. Rolling up and over.

Just watching. Just watching. Keep the head in the center. Take the legs down and up into the air. Push them away from you. Think back extensors, back extensors, hip extensors. Good and roll down from there. Nice. Controlling the movement of the spine with the front of the body.

The legs hit that vertical. They start to lower. We're going to do two more. Lifting up. Exhale going over. This one's got a dynamic. It's down, up, back extensors. Abdominals. Don't want to use your stomach so much that you see that it keeps your spine round. And then we keep the arms reaching into the band, reaching forward of the band. Almost trying to push the band four. That's just [inaudible]. It's just energetic ideas. And last one, lift. Roll up in over in hill to go down.

All right. Mm. Find it. Find it. Look for more and down. Okay. And then we bend the knees and grabbed the band. Hook the band around your feet again. Oh, this hooking and unhooking.

Okay. And see again, if you can start to lower your legs with, abandon your hand. See about getting your legs all the way to the ground. No, it's always fine to bend the knee. Should you need to know. It's always fine to start flexing up through the spine to keep the lower back. Stable, stable, stable, stable, good. And all the way. Yes. Nice. Good. Okay. Spine. Stretch forward. I'm losing my clothes.

They're coming all the way off. Okay. So the uh, we're gonna do the w we're just do the regular leg position for this fine stretch for any meaning forward. Meaning legs will be separate straight if you can, and then you get the band again. Okay, so we start lifting and the band is going gonna. We're going to find and release tension on the band and we just have to let that happen. Lift the back. Let's bring the album's out to the side and hold nice a little bit forward with your spine. That's it. And now take the arms forward and just let the band guide you so it'll pull you and just keep it in your hand where it as, but the band will go a little living and we'll go a little slack.

Now at the bottom, let's bend the elbows out, pull the body more forward, start to stack the spine, start to stack the spine. The arms will straighten as you round up. Think up and slightly forward. Good. And bring the elbows wide. Lifting the back. Nice Maria, good. And reach and rounding forward, I want to change it this time instead of just letting the band go slack, let's start to pull ourselves forward with it. Yeah. Just be careful there and make sure that you're still supporting your abdominals. And then we roll back. Rolling, rolling and bringing this spine to stray and then the arms changing in spine stretch with extension. Here's how we're going to do it.

We're going to take it down again all the way forward. So like a wave. This time as you start to lose tension on the band, start to lead with the pelvis, pressing it back, bend the elbows to lift the spine out into that long forward position. Then the body back down with Ben arms and roll up, straightening your arms as you come. Is that confusing enough in healing at the top. XO going down, folding inwards, folding inwards, and then we'd been your arms out to the side. Lifting that back up. That's good Deb. That's good.

Just stick your butt out of bed. Go ahead and holding here and now we go forward and we roll back up. Okay, I'm going to change it a little bit. This one's going to be tough. Give yourself less tension on the band. So here you barely have any band ready, rolling down, bending your arms to get there so you still won't have any tension. Still.

Gonna bring the back out. Still not with a lot of tension. So find that nice straight line with your spine. Now press the arms out yes and bent and lift the back and press the arms out and bet. Keep the spine forward on the diagonal out and bend out and bend. And to press that spine long. Last one.

Good ticket all the way back forward. Unhooking the band from your feet and just coming all the way up with the band in your hands. Okay, we take it a little bit more narrow. Anyone need a hip flexor break? Let's do this recipe band over your shins. Bring your hands behind you. Oh, I learned something fun from Sarah the day. Let's do that. Okay, so we do a couple back supports. Okay, there's nice, strong arms, legs together. That's it. Feel the backs of the chest up more. Jeb, Jeb dead. Here's your name.

Jeb. Press the pelvis into the air. Use the backs of your legs to help you get there. Good. Good. And now, sitting down by, keep lifting up out of the shoulders with the AH, energy in your body and press up the feet. Reach all the way into the ground. They're pressing into one another and down. Okay, Sarah. I'm going to try and remember it and up. One more. Okay. And down. So from here, bend your arms, roll backwards, pressing into that shoulder stretch.

Start to press up through the arms. And at the last minute we lift the hips and then the hips come down and we roll backwards. Bending the arms, bending, bending, bending. Feel the triceps. Start working as the arm straight until there's a little backward. Push up there. And then picking up the heads. I don't know if I did adjust this there, but it's fun anyway. And yeah, and curling back. Go, go, go. Keep those arms active. Get the stretch, push with the back of the arms. Make that strong. Yes. And lift the hips up.

Oh good. And then we're going to sit all the way up again and we're going to take the band again and open up the legs again for the soft made up, modified sa sitting up in a turn towards me. So we're going to go into a little bit of flection here and to take the bottom arm down and the top arm up, release the arms, rotate towards the leg and come up and center and twist first, bottom arm down, top, arm up. So you go into a side bend and then round back through center and roll at on the, on the bias. What's that? Is that it is not a good way. It's a sowing word. Who am I? I don't.

So [inaudible] Chin over bend inwards all the way. Bringing the forehead into the knee. Roll Up. Guess it's also could be a diagonal, I don't know. Roll up in rotation. There it is. Reached down top, arm overhead, round down and roll up in rotation. That makes the most sense to me on center.

One more tourney and then we reach over and I shoulder's great job and reach across and come all the way up and center. Last one. Turn for us. Make your own Blake's work. Reach over. Yes and around in and bring it all the way back to the top and now back to center. So someone was coming in the door. Take the band over your left foot. Now we bring the leg up into a teaser, a single leg, a teaser. Hold on. Pretty close. I'm gonna press that bottom leg down, inquiry.

And now we're going to roll the spine down. Try to keep the leg where it is. Keep it where it is. Look at the pelvis as you roll down. Make sure it's nice and squared coming down, down, down, just to the shoulders, let's say. And then all the way up. Yes. Rising up, leaning slightly backwards of the hips. Bend their arms at the top. Good. Stretch the arms forward to take the body back. Okay, good. Pressing the abdominal Zen and rolling. I love these bands.

They can really help you get more work in your hands. I find that's an opinion, but reaching it, if you focus on going deeper, you will and [inaudible] and then, okay, now take the arm strain, hold the band in the opposite hand. Pull the lake across. Take the opposite arm behind you. Lift tall first and then reach across for the rotational stretch. Yeah, come back through center and take the light to the ground.

Do they sign it? That's fine. Okay. Sitting just behind the pelvis. Nice. Long leg. Nice. Long back. Great, great. And you bet. Good. And we stretch the arms to roll the spine down. One side might be different than the others.

I've got to shift a little in my pelvis to get it level here. So just watch yourself and then rolling up, anchoring with the bottom leg, reaching up to the top. Go ahead and then forward to roll back. Imprinting the lower back and rolling up. Yeah, on the left.

Good. And reaching for the last one. Let me take it. Yeah. And roll it up. Okay. And left. And then bring the band into the opposite hand across the body.

Take the opposite arm back. Use the back arm to help you up and then use both arms to help you through that rotational position. Okay. Should we do a real teaser with both legs in the band? Yeah, I think we should. And here's how we're gonna change the arms. Let's go both feet in the band. So it's the same position really. You could always do this with bend knees.

It could be easier. I'm going to, I'm going to go straight like this today. And what we're gonna do here instead of bending is we're gonna spread the arms out nice and wide and back. Let's do that again. Spread the arm down nice and wide. And as you do that, really lift the back and then back. And now peel the body down. Absolutely. Still with the legs. Absolute stillness. As we come down into the lower back, we're going to come back a curling in.

That's the trick to the teaser. You gotta Bend Inwards First and only flatten out at the top. And we reach out and back in one more. Reach out. I'm back and down, curling, curling, curling, and curling inward, inward, inward, inward, inward. And once you get behind your pelvis, then you start to rise up slightly backwards. Oh, I forgot to keep my arm straight.

And one more time and reach and back and bend your knees, Bend your elbows, get the knees right up close to the body. Get the elbows way back and reach forward and come all the way down. Yes. And now unhook the feet and put them down. Shoulder Bridge, a pelvic curl position with the feet. Uh, almost right up next to the hips are about six inches from the hips. Anyway. Parallel with the hips band in your hands. You could also put the band where we did it before in the pelvic curl or not use it at all. Here we go for one pelvic curl. We rise up and inhale, push up the palace and Xcel to come down.

And I don't know if that was the best cue. So the push up the pelvis is a good cue, right? Cause we want the hips to be nice and high, but we also not at the expense of arching through the middle back. So as the pelvis lifts and texts lightly, we pull the ribs down so there's a country indicative action happening through the spine, through the trunk anyway. Okay, we're going to go one more time and then we're going to do the shoulder by two. We're going to do slow and I'm going to add, okay, so choice either keep your arms here still, they could be already on the ground.

Lift one leg, stretch it up. We're going to go real slow for five times. We're going to take the legs down and reach the arms back and then everything comes off and in the heel down, keeping the hips lifted and exhale back. Keep the shoulders nice and broad. Nice and still and up. Whew. And two and up and Warren, I've been keep the arms where they are lower the entire spine in one piece. Pick up the entire spine and one piece.

Pull the shoulder blades heavy on the mat. Pelvis comes down and up. Keep that like nice and straight. Reaching vertically towards the ceiling. I'm going all the way to the ground. I'm trying to touch both hip bones evenly and then I'm coming straight back up. We're going two more times and up and down and up, and then we're going to bend that right knee. Set it down on the ground, take a minute, re-adjust round onto the bottom side of the ribcage and let's reach the arms overhead. So keep the upper body engaged round on.

Not all the way, not all the way to look for deep, deep, deep, deep, deep flection so that it actually press the arms down and press the lower back down. But keep the pelvis off off the ground. Okay, coming up, letting the arms rise back up over the shoulders. Feel this heaviness in the support through the upper back. Bring up the left leg, stretch it into the year. The foot is now pointed, the band goes overhead as the leg reaches away and then we flex to pull and you reach away. Beautiful. Keeping the legs straight in both directions. I'm doing like a pretty energetic lift there and then a long reach and up and out and up and last one and we hold it up.

Flex the foot, take the entire spine down, keep the band nice and nice and Taut and pick up the whole pelvis. Squeeze the inner thighs towards one another. Just energetically they're not going to touch. They're pretty far apart in fact, but that that inward contraction is important. Last two times. Lift. One more time. Lift. Put the foot down, readjust the hips, take the arms all the way overhead.

And now peel down and just like we did before, find the arms pressing back and the lower spine pressing in and then try to round more there and then come all the way down and come onto your side facing me. Sure. What to do with the bands here. Yes. Okay, let's try this. Okay, so this is not sure. Can't seem to hold it up anyway. Okay, so you've got the head on the arm, right? And we all know the side lifts. And if this doesn't work for you, just lose the band and put your hand on the ground. So we're just going to start by lifting the leg and just give the band a little bit of a pole. And I like this.

Press the head on the arm, but pull the upper arm away from the bottom on the bottom. Arms. Not really doing much except for being an anchor and not less. So we connect into that side body, into the lap, into the waist and again. Okay. Damn. And again and Dan, let's do two more and I know holding there, can we make a little mermaid tail be nice and controlled and straighten the knees. Use the backs of your legs are so critical here. Bend the knees, pull the abdominals in and straighten. Well that's a bit challenging isn't it?

Let's do two more. Bend and reach and bend and re. I know lowering the legs down and placed to be on dad and come up onto your elbow. I got nothing for the band though for this one. Sorry. Just, just got nothing. Okay, so we lift up off the ground, pushing into the forum. When I do the sidekick, bring your top hip towards me Murray. A little bit like that. Yup. And lift the leg.

And now I'll take the hand behind your head and bring the leg and reach it back and forth. So we stay very, very still on the trunk and forward and back and pressing down with the opposite leg and keeping the backside of the leg engaged as the leg reaches for the back. Okay, I'm gonna do two more and last one. Good. Hold there. Bend your bottom. You just slide it in a little. Take the leg forward touch, make a half circle or an arc all the way around in time, which back and then arc up and forward. Tap Up and back. Down, up and forth. Keep challenging the lift up out of the waist and back.

Touch and touch and touch. I don't know where we are. Are you counting? Duh. Okay, let's see. Two more in, call it eight minutes. I'm pretty sure it's eight and I could be one or two off and well lay again, take the hand Bahar to the ankle and bring the knee back behind the pelvis, which to fit into the hand. Push the knee behind the pelvis without Artina low back, too much to do it. So you want to hold on in on your abs and then we press the pelvis forward.

Okay. And then come all the way up. We're going to take those lace and swing them around to the other side. Okay. But don't lie down yet. Let's go into the this position. So now I'm sitting on the hip that I just worked. I'm going to take the band, I got more [inaudible]. It's come up with something else. Okay. Little different, little different. We're going to lift the SPINA, lift the arms, reach over, pushing the bottom arm down.

Now like we did in the beginning of class, but this time the top arm, we pressed to the top arm expanding through that [inaudible] I'll go the other way down. Yep. Just there. And we push into the band to the length and the waist and then we just popped back up and I head over to this side. Oh, that doesn't work that much. Okay. We'll only do that once. And then how did I start this? I don't know. Well with the bottom arm, reach into the top arm, push into the bandwidth, the waist more than the arm. That feels good though. Okay, one more over first. How did I start that? Do you remember? Oh, that's what happens when you start being creative. Okay, I remember, I remember. Okay, so all the way down onto the other side, you had the band in our hand, this nice light grid across the head, down into the arm or keep the head relaxed on the arm, find a long straight body legs together.

And now we just pull on that top part of the, with a little bit as the legs float up off the mat and let me float the rings and and again, so that upper shoulder just gets a little bit of stabilization work. I'm not thinking about the hand so much as I'm thinking about the shoulder blade reaching into the hip joint on that side, that top side who are working through the waist, right? Not letting the arms distract us from where the real work is. And we'll do two more and one more and holding the legs on. Here's where we did our little mermaid tail. So in aging, the legs, the back sides of the legs, and just reaching, holding our balance, using that top arm to stabilize that upper shoulder bend and stretch and bend real wobbly on this side and stretch. Nicely done ladies bent, good and stir. And then come down the Bandana. Come up onto the arm. Okay.

And then we'd pull up, pulling up away from that, that bottom arm and we kept the bottom like straight and brought the hand behind the head. And here we go. Top like up in the air and then it swings and reaches and swings. So nice free working, free and working like a bottom leg is anchoring. We're going press your head and your hand a little bit like make it, make it, make your eyes go forward. That's it. And again, and again, two more times. I'm last one and now we're just going to hold that like back while we bend the knee, slide it in, it'll give you a little bit more stable base.

We're going to go down in the back, up and touch. Let me clear. Making a nice rainbow like action and lifting through the bottom side of the waist and up to go forward and up to go back. And it was for counting. This time I'm back, I'm going to do three more sets, reaching back and reaching and back again. Okay. I'm back. I now lift leg nice and high. Nice. And I can you get it? No bent. Hold onto your ankle.

Look at the knee, make sure it's aligned up with the pelvis. Think pubic bone forward stomach muscles in knee behind pelvis and then foot to hip. Okay. And they're not going to come on. Swing the lines around to the other side for the mermaid. So we started like this, we just had one hand down and then I didn't go there again.

Right. And went over to the bottom. We're going to come up from there. Go the other way Deb. So that when you get to the stretchy bit you'll be in the right place. Yep. And then lifting up and now we left the spine long, long, long, long, long. Take the band over. Stay there. This is the yummy part. Push up with the ribs, pulling the ribs up out of the palace and down and center.

So just a cartoon. It went all the way over here for us. One more time. Oh, oh. It's hard on the with that direction. Okay. So it occurred to me when I was cuing go again. I was queuing push up with the ribs and I don't mean forward with the rids. I mean more like trying to open the space between the ribs is spreading out.

The whip ribs are, yeah, more of a side bend instead of a like a back extension sort of a thing. It makes sense. Let's go one more time. Yeah. So I'm envisioning mica almost like a carcass of a whale. I know that's pretty gruesome, but they are. And how much space is in between them? That's what I wanted. Okay. Guess what?

When gonna put the band down for a second and we're going to cross the bottom leg over the top. We're gonna come back down onto the elbow. Just on the same side. I'm going to do a little bit of rotation, a little more rotation, a little shoulder stabilization top arm up across the top, leg over the bottom. So you've got your ankles together. Yup. And as we left, we use the old leaks and we use the legs a little bit so they straightened as you come up. Modify with one knee on the mat if you need to modify. Now we're going to go underneath and I want you to mark where you're going. Mark, mark, mark, pulling the shoulder down away from me.

Anything else that unwind just here and now start folding in words, folding, reaching, reaching, hollering out through the Hab and inhale back. You try to pipe or just, I'm not trying to pipe all though my hips were respond slightly but I'm not pushing them up right and back. Let's do one more under, under, under, under. Put your hand on the ground down in there and they use it to help you pull more, more in the ads though too and then back [inaudible] and swing them around all the way. Okay. On the elbow. Topically crossed in front of the bottom and don't want a great big bend in your knee. You do swan a little one. And here we go. Lift up from the ribs first.

So you're already ready. And then we come and we inhale yet it's lovely. Exhale, reach under her under reaching the stomach away from the arm as the arm comes across it. So you think like stomach's us, Sabre, you've got to go or the arms of Sabre and you've got to pull away from it and back. And we did two more hollowing. Hollowing my hips respond, they turn a little but I'm not picking them up. This is where we went and we put the hand down and just use the arm to pull a little deeper and come back and come all the way down. Yes. And now take the band again.

Okay, Fred, we're going to do the DUP last thing like kick. So we've got the band out the front and we're going to hold onto it with the palm spacing happen. Now just lifting up through the center of the body, find a little bit of upper back extension. Before we go into the single leg kick action, I want you to just lift so that just the tips of the elbows are down and then we slide the hands away from one another. Oh yeah, that's great work and back. So I'm just pulling on the band, but I'm not thinking about using my hands.

I'm thinking about rolling my shoulders open, so forearms turn outwards and really tighten up the upper back area to do that. That's gorgeous. Done. And let's do that a few more times. Opening the chest nice and back and opening the chest. And as that arms move, pull the chest a little bit more forward, energetically and back. So we feel how that open its place. Feel so expansive.

Put the arms back down. Keep the band there and I don't actually want you to turn your forums, but see if you can find that same, just a little bit of an outward pull, energetic more than anything so that you feel that same expansive place. And from there we pick up the legs, we're holding onto the abdominals, we're gonna kick the right leg in and stretch and kick the left leg in and stretch. Use the hamstrings to keep this movement contained so it's not a lot of extra movement in the back, not a lot of movement in the pelvis. And now we alternate kit kick change right away. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Remember to pull the arms back towards your pelvis. Remember to continue to think about that nice strong upper back extension and remember to continue to support from your friend and kick and kick and kick and kick and rest. So now we take the body over. Oh, sorry. Down. We're going to use the band today for the double leg kick.

So you'll bring it back. You could double it up if you felt like it was sloppy. I think I'm going to do that to mine. Just feels like there's too much band for me. Okay. So depending on how tight or not tight your shoulders are, you could go through a short on the band or you could open up the band a little bit. I'm going short and we're going to drop the elbows to the side. Okay, so first abdominals, then the legs hover, and then we kick three kicks, two kicks, one kick. And as you reach out into shoulder stretch, Paul outwards on the band might be too heavy to, if it's doubled, but you'll still get the stretch. And then down with the Elvis kick kick and we take it out and we go cross kick, kick, kick and reach long and out. Nice. Just look at the floor, Maria, as you're lifting so that your head stays in line with your spine at the top.

So just down with eyes. That's beautiful. And one more time kick, kick, kick by. One more time. We went one more time to each direction please. And kick, kick, kick and lowering the legs down. Bring the right band around the front, your forms down, come up onto your hands and knees first, reforms and knees, and then reach back for rest position. And we're going to end here with the combination. So combination. We've got a little spinal flection, little bit of back extension. You can watch if you want.

I think you'll be fine if you just want to come along. Okay, so the knees are slightly separate. The arms are really far out front. Start lifting up off the feet with the stomach, so there's our rounded back. And then we're going to start to curl the pelvis forward as the hips come over, the knees start engaging through the backsides of the legs. All Watt. Press the hips forward. Keep the backs of the legs engaged as you lift and lengthen up through the spine, through the chest, through the arms. Nice. And now curl the lower back.

Try to get the curl happening first and then take the whole curl back, barely touching. Inhale, exhale, curling through the spine. Start dropping the shoulders down. Start engaging through the abdominals and the backs of the legs. As you spiral the spine inwards and forwards, pressing the thigh bones off the mat, curling the lower back and we're reaching all the way back to home. Two more times. Curling in.

Oh, lengthening out, curling back. I'm going to take us all the way to the top from here. Here we go. Curling forward lengthening app. So here we're going to talk the toes, straighten the knees and lift the body. Nice. Lift the hips, pressing the heels to the ground spine. Nice and [inaudible]. Well hold that. Just do a couple of pendulum movements.

So we just shift forward over the hands. Inhale and exhale back. So not arching the back though. Keeping the back nice and straight. Nice. Not quite so low, Maria with your pelvis. When you go down and Dan perfect and up and down and and now holding at the top. I want you to walk your feet towards one another. Push back into the feet. Find longer, straighter spine heels reaching into the ground like the elephant. If you know the elephant, if not, just listen.

Lift one leg and pull it closer to your body with your stomach and then lift the other leg and pull it closer to you. And then continue that walking pattern, picking the whole foot up off the floor. As you walk your way into your hands, into your hands, matching the feet together. Let the knees bent as the knees bend. Just allow the femurs with a strong abdominal connection to sink a little deeper into the hips. Feel how that that allows the low back to spread and to open and holding there and the new aegis. We're rule on keeping the knees bent last, peeling the spine. Nice, easy, nice and light.

Okay, well do I have, and let's take the arms overhead and reach the arms out and start to bend the knees. Reach in on yourself. Fold forward into the ground and a real backup. Straightening the knees and lifting the arms up. And then take the arms to the side. Bend the spine, reaching forward, and then you tick the body over the legs, bending all the way into the ground. Stretch the leg straight here one time. Either keep them straight or bend them.

I'm going bent and come all the way back. Okay. Then, yeah, I forgot all about my bad day.


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Loved the use of the thera-bands with this workout---especially the teaser series. Great cues and workout!
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I'm like a lot!!!! Thank you
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Such a great workout. I have used the theraband for many mat workouts over the years and this workout has so many more variations from the typical theraband workout and I love it! A shout out to Joni... thanks for the request for this workout... it was awesome!
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Love the movements and continuous flow. Great use of time. Thanks.
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Love your classes, Meredith!
Thanks so much everyone! I love hearing your comments. Keep the suggestions coming. I aim to please!
Thank you thank the band, but when I use a lot in class, I hear tales of aching hands. And I cue to hold between thumb & forefinger. Any other suggestions? Lastly - love the side lying series, especially the mermaid tail...and seated mermaid variation! Thanks
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I've been logging on multiple times per day watching and waiting for this class. Then when it finally appears I miss it because I'm attending a homebirth. Just now discovered it a full 24 hours after all of the rest of you!! Color me GRATEFUL...for the class, for your friendship, and for the joy (and the work) of Pilates in my life. PS: Side lying leg lifts will never be the same for me after doing them with the band.
Umm... Joni, I'm thinking a home birth is pretty special too! No offense Meredith! I love ALL your classes ... and you!
Jennifer...I also cue to hold the band between thumb and forefinger...but also tend to change the grip when hands get tired. Thank you for your feedback.
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