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Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Brent Anderson teaches a Reformer workout designed for the individual with mechanical low back pain - one who commonly has spasms in the low back, difficulty moving, and/or pain with bending. Brent incorporates his Physical Therapy expertise into this class to help you increase mobility, inhibit the over-recruitment of muscles that are unnecessary for the movement, and waking up the deep stabilizers of the spine.
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All right, so what I'd like to do today is basically introduce a reformer class with Kristi, and have the focus on somebody who's coming to us with mechanical low back pain. Somebody w...


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very very interesting class....opened up my mind about lots of stuff....I would have loved the camera a little bit closer on Kristi but I don't know if there is a 'technical impediment' in doing so .....thanks PA as always for bringing us the best of the best....:)
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Superb. I learn so much from Brent and everytime something new to pick up - the extent of his knowledge and his attention to detail unveils itself again. Thank you PA.
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Being Polestar trained myself, I really appreciated this session with Brent. It was lovely to hear his valuable insights and knowledge!
I had the chance to work with Brent in Miami when i was with Lolita 's San Miguel Master Program and was very interesting all this things he explain about how to work only with the part of the body we need. This video is perfect, remind me all the work he did with all my group. Thanks for every thing
Am so excited to FINALLY see him here. I been waiting on this one. I was hoping for a workshop as well ,is that coming too? Hope Hope..
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That was a really informative class! I often have clients come in with low back pain, and these were some great exercises to include. I really liked the cue of letting the ribs fall back and up to curl up.
Hes amazing!! Rather like a magic genie!! I was so interested in him talking to you Kristi about your "snapping hip" since I have same thing in mine.
I know this was worked up for mechanical low back, would it work for Chronic pain or clients with slipped discs?
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He is wonderful and working with such an experienced instructor who I am sure learned a whole lot more about her own body! We can all look the part but need to feel the part and what a STELLAR video to capture just that!! THANKS!
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My back said ahhh just watching! I can only imagine how long your low back felt after softening the tension around the thorasic. Very useful for many populations (osteo, prenatal). I love the rotation elements without compression. Resembled Feldenkrais work with the bridging. Thanks Kristi and Brent!
Ooooo yes! As a PT i can testify that in a daily basis we use this kind of class a lot with injured clients! Great approach Brent! A little rehab but using functional movement, that's one of the many joys a client can experience by doing PIlates! ! Love it! :)
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