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Mat Workout

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Risa Sheppard teaches a basic class geared towards the baby boomers. "The #1 complaint of most clients over the age of 35, is stiffness, stiffness, stiffness. To remain youthful and vibrant, we must move with a spine that is flexible, articulate and strong. Therefore, this class will focus mainly on correct alignment, balance, and flexibility. The ability to move gracefully through space, with agility poise and inner power. " Have fun as Risa guides you through a class offering exercises that will get your spine moving and feeling flexible again.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Mar 14, 2012
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Such a great workout for beginners! Risa is a fantastic teacher and I don't even have to work with her in person to feel her passion for Pilates. Can't wait for more!
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Thank you Kara! I love teaching!
Thanks Risa. Very good. It's nice to learn the concepts of the moving from the center.
Glad u liked it!
What a great class -- and so much fun! Loved the cues on spinal articulation, breathing and finding your center. Would love to see some Level 2 mat and reformer classes.
Thank you Kion ,
Centering is so important
Would love to do level 2 !

My clients aged 20 to 90 really loved this class and found the cues extremely effective! Would love to see more. Thank you Risa.
So glad they found it helpful! Thank you for your feedback
Write me antime
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I'm 58 and sit in front of a computer all day. This feels sooo good.
That was a good class.
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