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Mat Workout

50 min - Class


The Next Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition 2011 introduced us to Courtney Miller. She joins us as a result of several of the top ten contestants requesting that we feature her on Pilates Anytime whether she won or not (we would have even without the request!). Well here she is and we think you will be very happy about it. Courtney teaches a level 2 class that flows and challenges but keeps to basic exercises so at the end of it all you'll feel worked out, well organized and happy for participating. Welcome to Pilates Anytime Courtney!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Well let's get started then. Welcome, welcome guys, again my name's Courtney and I'm very excited to be here. Let's begin standing at the back of our mat. Feet are hip distance apart, ...


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Congratulations Courtney !!
Thank You for a Wonderful Class & look forward to more
~ Really loved your cueing; With Grace and Intention
felt very challenged this beautiful Sunday morning :D
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I was thrilled to see Courtney being featured here for a class. Courtney this workout was wonderful - expressive movement and flow - loved it!! Also congrats on making it to the top 10 - you were actually my favorite to win!! Hope PA features you again!!
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Bellissimo !
I really liked this class.Thank you!
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Wow! a Stott class!! Definately a lot of long holds and flexion but liked the sequencing. How about a reformer class ?
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Great session...def my pick for competition! Loved the image of X of back body. Thank you - hope there are more sessions from CM...ESP some Reformer! Thanks PA...& Courtney
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Pele ~ come back on Wednesday for a Reformer class by Courtney :)
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Wow, Wow & Wow,., my abs are gonna be so sore tomorrow.. ty Courtney.. I voted for u too.. I really admire your flow and wonderful cues.. i honestly rarely looked at the screen. I am looking forward to a reformer class.
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This teacher and class was a breath of freshness. I was having a great time sweating to a solid and creative class!
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Thank you for an exquisite challenging and flowing class! Cant wait for the reformer session :)
Hello Everyone! Thank you for all the feedback! I am beyond thrilled to be a part of Pilates Anytime!! Thank you so much for your comments and if you have any questions at all please let me know! Have an amazing day!! Courtney
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