Class #697

Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Courtney takes you through a Reformer workout that is "ideal for the client that needs a little bit of rebalancing." With clear cues and creative variations that challenge the body to work through its imbalances. Throughout class Courtney builds progressions working one side of the body at a time intending to establish new neuromuscular patterns potentially. This class is a fun and instructive workout.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Weighted Balls

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Hi, I'm Courtney Miller, and today, I'll be taking you through a workout on the reformer that is ideal for the client that needs a little bit of rebalancing. I have a mild form of scol...


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Nice workout with great precision and cueing .......and really good to see a STOTT Pilates Instructor on PA . Thanks Courtney.
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Another Awesome Class Courtney :)
I can be a bit unbalanced at times (lol) and with this used my less dominant side first, just to set the pace. I enjoyed how I felt as I progressed with the challenges. Thank You !!
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what is my favorite class ..bravo !i love it !
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Courtney this was a great reformer workout - loved the single side challenge - what great attention it brings to the opposites in our bodies!! I do a similar side lying series and I add a foam roller placed in front of the shoulder rests and the forearm rests on the head rest! Hope to see more classes from you here on PA!!
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Courtney, GREAT class!!!
Loved the single side variations! I feel great!
Thank you.
Thanks everyone! I'm so happy you enjoyed the class! I love doing the single arm and leg variations too! It feels so good to rebalance the mind and body!
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So many wonderful variations.. I just love Stott..Courtney you are a wonder! This is just exceptional work for neuromuscular imbalances which we all need to work on. Loved this workout..watched it all the way through today and have intentions of doing the program in the morning. Hope you come back for more here on PA.
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This was really great. I liked the single side variations. Can't wait to try out at the studio
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What a great class! Loved it! Loved the variations and the creativity! Nicely done! I look forward to sharing this with my clients!
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Great Class! I plan to use it often. Challenging each side of the body separately brings so much awareness to the different muscles. Thank you
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