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Lisa is back with a fun and challenging Reformer class. Begin with a warm-up on the box that even includes Rolling like a Ball! This full-body workout continues with a flow typical of the BASI Pilates® style and is full of creative variations. Practice your Semi Circle, Bottom Lift, Full Lunge, Breaststroke Prep, and more!
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Sep 26, 2012
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Hi, I'm Lisa Hubbard. I'm here with Aaron and Meredith. They're going to be doing a a reformer program with me. Thank you for being here. It's great to be here. We're going to start on the box as a warm up and I have them set up for three springs to do their footwork. So we're going to go through a, um, a full body workout.

We're going to begin with the hands underneath your thighs to begin. Good, standing up nice and tall and a neutral spine position. Elongating through from the pelvic floor all the way through the crown of the head. You're going to inhale to take a breath, expanding your ribs laterally, and then exhale, draw your abdominals in and scoop back just to the sacrum. Releasing the low back. Good. Now inhale, come back to a neutral position. Open, expand the ribs. Inhaling. Good and exhale. Now you're going to go a little bit deeper in printing your lumbar spine or your low back into the mat. Take a breath here and exhale. Come all the way up.

Curling forward, engaging the abdominals. Open your chest. Now we're going to go all the way down. Take an inhale. Exhale. You're going to go all the way down. Release your hands, taking your arms up and over an arch, your spine over. Circle them around. Inhale, look forward, and exhale, curl back up. Good. We're going to do that four times to mobilize the spine and inhale, prepare us for the work. Exhale, go to the sacrum. Inhale, come up.

Yes. Exhale to the low back, scooping the tail under. Good and inhale up. And again, one more. Taking it all the way back. Exhaling, sweep your arms up overhead. Open the chest. This should feel nice and curl back forward. Beautiful. Two more.

And exhale, scoop narrowing at the ribs. Inhale, come up. Long Gate your spine. Exhale, pulling back. Good, and inhale forward. We're going to do that one more time. Actually. We'll go all the way back. Reach your arms up overhead. Let the shoulders open, circle the arms around, curl forward and move from your center. Last one, and to the sacred. Drawing in, in printing the Sacrum, releasing the hip flexors roll up good and to the low back. Exhaling. Beautifully done. Inhale, lift. Last time you're going to go all the way around, sweeping your arms up, opening your chest, opening the sternum, curl to roll, all the way up to a sitting position. Good. Beautiful. Okay.

I'm going to have you lower down onto the box, scooting your booty a little bit forward and you're going to take your hands behind your head. Interlacing your fingers good, and their shoulder should just be at the of the Mat. Go ahead and inhale. Lengthen your your chest off the box. Engage your abdominals and Xcel come up. Good. We're going to do for like that length in the body back. As you inhale back, you want to keep the ribs from flaring, relaxing the neck. Inhale back, open the chest, keeping your head aligned with the spine. Exhale up. Two more.

Beautiful. Inhale, lengthen back and exhale as you come up. Good. Nice. Nice height there. Do another one again. Last one. You're going to stay up. Pause here. Good. We're going to take the right leg, tabletop, exhaling four on each side. Tap it to the foot bar. Good. Exhale, stabilizing the pelvis and moving the leg from the abdominals.

Good. Drawing it in. We'll do one more and switch. Exhale. Good. Inhale, lower add. Alternate to the left. Good length in the leg to keeping the chest high. Good. Keep breathing out through the mouth. Inhale, tap, and last one, and inhale. Tap length in your upper body back. Open your chest. Stretch it out. Good. Exhale, curving up.

Good. Now we're going to do both legs. You're going to squeeze your inner thighs together. Inhale, prepare and XL both knees up now leg than away with the abdominals and tap the toes to the foot bar. Exhale up when the legs lower. You want to be certain that the abdominals are staying contracted. Inhale, expanding, and then exhale, deepening it. Beautiful. Good. We're gonna do five last two. Exhale up. Good work. Do you guys feel warm? Little bit warmer and lower. Lower the feet.

Lengthen your chest. Take a breath. Open. Good. Let's just release the arms out. Stretch. Circle around. Let's do that twice. Lifting up. Just open the chest. Circle around. Good. And now interlace your fingers back behind the head. We're going to alternate, right leg up. Exhale, lift your shoulders up, right knee up, exhale and alternate left.

And we'll do five sets and two good pelvis is stable. Abdominals are sinking deeper to the mat, cradling the back of the head. Good. And now let's do one more to the left before we rotate the body to the right and go one good. Inhale. As you curl in this center, you're not gonna lose your height. You're twisting along the axis. Try to lift the shoulder blade up off the box. Good.

Keeping the hips stable and one more right and left. Rotate, rotate. Bring it back to the center and all the way down. Good rest and release. Great Work Ladies. Okay. Reach your arms up towards the ceiling. Lift your head and chest, grab onto your thighs and come up to a sitting position. All right, now I'm going to have you do something a little precarious.

Scoot your booties forward a little bit. It's going to be rolling like a ball on the box. It's, I'll catch you if you fall, I promise. All right, so you want to be pretty close to the edge of the box, squeezing your inner thighs together and your ankles. Draw the heels towards the sitting bones. Elbows beautifully bent. Shoulders are open broad. Now Pelvic floor is very important here.

You also want to think about drawing in the greater trow, cancerous inwards. And you'll probably hear me talk about that as we do a footwork. So we're gonna talk and scoop the pelvis. Go into a posterior tilt, rounding the back. Inhale, exhale up. Not Too much. Make it small just to the shoulders and inhale back. Exhale up. Good.

I find that I could do about five before I have to adjust. Inhale back. Exhale. Squeeze the breath out. Gorgeous. Last three. Are you okay? Good. Elbows wide. Pressing their shoulders down. Great job. Inhale and good. One more time. You guys. Good job. Yeah, it's a little scary. Good. And let's have Meredith do one more and hold great job. Rest your feet down onto the foot bar. Good.

And come off the boxes. Let's remove those and we'll get ready for our foot work. I have their settings at three spring. So it's a three and a half springs. Pardon me. So it's uh, it's heavy, so it's um, I would say it's pretty heavy. So we're gonna put it on the, uh, do you want it on that one? Okay, good. Go ahead and lie on your side and then roll onto your back. Good.

And then we're going to actually start with the heels together. So heels and I'm going to put the girls on the foot bar with the heels together. Um, and with the heel pockets on the foot bars. Well I think that helps me at least feel my hamstring connection more. Now we're going to exhale as you extend your legs out, lengthening the abdominals, and inhale to bend and exhale out and you want to feel that you're pulling in the greater trow canters in towards the body, into wards the sockets and drawing the sitting bones a little bit closer together as well. Resisting back in lengthening. Beautifully done.

Inhale and exhale. And the feet are still, we're going to do two more. So you're going to keep your feet on my hands as if you were standing on the floor. Lengthening and strengthening the ankles. Very good and nice. Now we're going to go extend out extremely rotate, slightly good, so we're going to make it a little bit smaller and inhale the bend. You could keep your feet where they were. Go ahead and open that one again.

Go back out. Good. Extremely rotate. Good extend out. Lengthening. Good. Inhale. So also thinking about moving the carriage, moving this spring from the abdominals and making it more full body and finishing it off with your quads lifting. Beautiful. Nice. Really great job, ladies. Good. Let's do two more. Pressing out all the way. Good and last time here and bend it all the way in.

Great job. We're going to go onto the toe parallel or no? Actually I want it together. Let's do it together. We're going to do it together and knees and feet. Good. Extending out the same concept of drawing in and bend it in. Keeping your ankle still as the legs extend and as you bend, you release the back of the ankle. Good for a stretch.

Extend out. Great work, good and neutral. Spine. [inaudible] and last one here. Good. Bend your knees, bring the carriage in. Now we're going to take the heels wide, so let's go heels wide and I'm going to actually have you externally rotate all the way. So it's going to be like a grand plea, a really open outlet, the hips open, maintain your neutral spine, extend the legs out all the way. Feel the inner thighs drawing inward towards the mid line and in hell control the back end. You can even open wider. Exhale out. It offers a stretch in the hip area and the inner thighs. Exhale, extend. I love doing it this way. Uh, I mixed it up all the time. Exhale, extend and inhale the bend. And let's do three more in this position. Great Work, beautiful. Um, recruitment of the hamstrings and finishing it off with the quads. Ladies, keeping your, let's keep your feet right here. Go ahead. Extend One more time.

Good. And then inhale to bend and let's do that position on the toes. Good, nice and wide. Opened hips and slight point. Extend the legs out on an exhalation. Drawing the bones inwards and inhale to bend.

Good and out. Lengthen. Great. Beautiful. Working those inner thighs. Wow. Fantastic. Good ladies and Ben. Nice control on the way in. You don't want to fall in, you want to resist in using the East centric contraction and we'll do one more inhale and extend all the way out. Let's stay here. Flex your feet, your ankles and lift up for eight Tev raises and lifting too. Good and squeezing.

Three stretching to lower for nicely done and by good. Three more. Nice work you guys. And last one, lift up, bend your knees and bring the carriage in. Now we're going to take the feet hip distance apart. Extend your legs. Good. And I'm going to adjust your foot here just slightly good. And we're going to go into calf raises.

We're going to do eight lower and lift. Squeeze. Good. You want to be sure that when you are lifting that you have that pause where you can feel the entire cap. Engage and lower stretch. Good. These should be slow, deliberate, and up. Good. Reach it down. Stretch and lift. Let's do two more. I lost count, but hey, now we're going to go into prancing and lift up.

So you really want to stabilize the hips, which these ladies are pros, they're doing just fabulous. So you really want to work the inner thigh, the, um, pelvic floor, and stabilize with your core. And now let's do two more. One up. Good up last time. And now lower one heel under the bar. Stretch it Joe. So welcome and switch. Good. And Ben both needs to come in. Great work. Okay, fabulous. Kate, I'm gonna change the weights to a light, little lighter. Um, medium, let's say. So we have on the balance body equipment, we have a red and a blue. Good. So I'm going to hand the straps.

Let's grab your straps ladies, and move your shoulders down slightly. Are they even okay? All right. Shoulders down slightly. We're going to go into abdominals. All right, we're going to begin with the legs, tabletop, and inner thigh squeezing together. Go ahead and pull on your strap so the arms are perpendicular. Great. Now we're going to, uh, come up. Exhale, extend the legs out on a diagonal line. Arms come down. Good.

Now we're going to go into the hundred. All right. I'm gonna actually move your legs back here. Part of me 90 degree. Take a breath. Inhale, and now you're going to lower one leg. Slowly. Exhaling, pumping the arms. One, two, three, four, five and up to three, four, five, alternating. Two, three, four, five and up to three, four, five in lowered. Good lift. Great job. The carriage is absolutely stable. The last or engage, the chest is high, the shoulder blades are off the mat, the leg is lengthening down towards the foot bar. Reach it out.

Good. Float it back up. And Are we counting? Okay, let's do two more cycles and out. Two, three, four, five and up. Good. Last time. And one more. Exhale everything out. Inhale, float it up. Bend your knees, take your arms up and release. Lower your head. Great work. All right, we're going to do something called the backstroke on the reformer. So the arms come, bend the Elvis bend, the palms face the thighs, and the, the um, uh, excuse me. Your hands are right at your sternum. So you're going to inhale, lift the arms and legs up to perpendicular. Lifting your chest.

Good hands are separated here. Now you're going to circle your arms and legs simultaneously, curling up a little bit higher, and then bend everything to your start position. Good. Inhale, lift up, arms and legs. Exhale, curl a little bit higher. Good bending in your knees and beautiful. Good. Ready? And inhale up out. Circle it around. Bend your elbows, Bend your knees simultaneously to the store, to Mariah. A little bit higher, right? A little bit higher with the hands up here. Good. And again, let's do two more. Inhale up open.

Exhale around the legs. Do externally rotate as you come in. Let's do one more. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, circle all the way around. Hold. Bend it in and release. Great work, ladies. Okay. All right, we're going to do our hip work now. Place your feet into your straps, one at a time, pressing out good. And we're going to be in a parallel position.

I know you probably weren't expecting that. So we're going to go up with the leg, start in a perpendicular position and you're going to flex the foot a little bit and then wrap with your inner thighs. And hamstrings to lower the legs down about 45 40 degrees, about 45 degrees. You're gonna point your toes and then you're going to draw your knees in from your abdominals and the inner thighs bend and a little more than 90 extend. Good. So you're going to go flex down point, draw it in and bring it back up. It should feel nice.

Everything is wrapping in words. So again, that sense of drawing in the sitting bones and the greater trow cantors in towards the socket. Bend and up. It's like a supine mermaid bend. And then draw it in. Extend up. Great job. Lower the heels, point bend and extend. We'll do one more time and lower. Lengthen the abdominals are long and float it back up.

Great job. Now we're going to do the reverse direction. What you want to be careful here is that the thighs don't come in towards the chest, so it's like a supine hamstring curl or a reverse curl. So you're going to bend the knees, good wrapping, Nice work, extend the legs out and then float it back up. Great, good. Again, Ben, the knees extend out and float the legs all the way up. Good point. The toes as you've been squeezing in words extend out and floated up.

Beautiful. Again, inhale and exhale. Do you feel that work? Yes, I see the quality is gorgeous. Let's do two more. Bend wrapping and extend floated up. And last time here, bend and floated up all the way up. Okay. We're going to do a little something I call skipping a little bit of a coordination here. Um, you're going to lower one leg partway and bend the other one in, but you want to keep the tension so it's getting, yeah, so it's going to have a dynamic of up, down, up. So you're going to alternate. Good, lower.

And now let's go a little bit and I'm going to actually let Meredith and Aaron go ahead and lift the hips a tiny bit. So you're going to curl alone. You get a little bit, it feels good on the back of fields. It's everything doesn't have to be so static and stable. So let's go ahead and let this one move. Um, so we will, yes. So it will be, I'm going to actually demonstrate slightly, so you'll be here. You go here and here.

So have this flow of going down and up. Good. And think about the knee coming in a little bit. That's it. Yes, that's it. It's like a, the leg is kind of bow and Arrow going inward. Nice. Good. Feels Nice, doesn't it? Great job. And one more. Each side and up. Good. Now we'll externally rotate the legs, lower the legs down, exhale and inhale and go all the way around.

It's like we're having some tremors on one side of the body. Good and around hips are stable here. Of course we want to have the um, hips opening. You want to initiate from the inner thighs and hamstrings. Delay the action of the foot. A lot of, I think that people tend to move with the just the feet, not really thinking about where do initiate this movement from.

And now swinging it all the way around. We're gonna reverse the direction. We're going to go out and upper inner thighs. Take it in. Keep the legs glued together as the legs come up. The low back is still on the mat. Good shoulders, relax. Breath is inhale. Exhale around. Good length.

And let's do two more. Inhale, open. Exhale around. Great work. And let's do one more time. Exhale. Good. Beautiful. Let's take the knees together. Bend your knees. Good. And we're going to take the feet out of the straps. Good. Great one, and good. Let's come to standing for this next one. We can let say, keep it probably on the same, on the same, uh, weight.

So we have the same way. Go ahead. Let's go into semi-circle. Let's do semi-circle. I think that's what I'd like to do today. Um, lie on your back. Bringing the heels together, the toes on the bar. So the Palati stance, so on the toe, knees are slightly open. You're gonna take your hands on the outside of your, um, shoulder rest and extend out. Lifting your hips up. So it's a little tricky. Um, you really need to force outward.

And now the key is, is drawing in the carriage. So you get this gorgeous quad stretch. Good hips are up. Good. I'm going to pull you in to Aaron and the knees a little bit more narrow. Good. Okay ladies, you're going to press the heels outwards. Extend out just to about there. Good.

And now you're going to articulate the upper spine, mid spine. Good. And as you go into an anterior tilt into an arch, you're going to hold onto the pelvic floor and core. Now bend the knees and take the carriage all the way in, keeping the hips reaching towards the spring. Good. Now you're going to roll it up all the way. Good. And then you're going to try to draw it all the way in. Nice and no.

Go out and roll down. Great job. Beautiful articulation. Hold the carriage and then draw it in. Peel it up. Good. Let's do one more and press out. Hold there. Roll down. Exhale. Good. Lengthen.

Lifting the abdominals as you pause there. And now bend your knees in. Draw it in deeper, deeper, deeper. Good. Now roll it up. Great work. Good. Alright, let's reverse the direction. Roll down here. Hold the carriage is still as possible. Press out. Roll it up. Excuse me.

Keep the hips high and now draw the carriage in. Very good control. These ladies are working really well. Soften your ankles down, Aaron. Good. And again, we're going to do two more like that. Rolling through the back. Good. And again, press out, peel the spine up, Vertebra vibe or Vertebra and make sure that the knees stay bet. Yes. Pull it in and then roll down sequentially.

Starting from the upper, the mid, the low back. Last one here and pressing out. Start with the pubic bone, the hamstrings, the inner thighs are working. The entire core is working and great work. Good. Lower yourself onto your, um, your carriage. All the ways. Pulling it back in. All right, I'm going to add, I'm going to be nice.

I'm going to add a little weight we're gonna put on, it'll be medium, medium weight, two and a half springs, two red and a blue. All right, a head headdress down. For this one, I'm going to be nice. I'm going to have you start with both feet on the mat or on the floor. The foot bar. What am I saying? Okay, good. Get my words straight. So we're going to go into the bottom lift. You're going to exhale, you're going to hold the care just still as possible. You're gonna feel your hamstrings like crazy.

You're gonna roll up pubic bone first. So you're going to bridge up, peeling up, drawing in the abdominals, opening the chest, make sure that the ribs stay inward, cramped. Good. And we're going to head out and now that one. Good. And take a breath. Inhale. Good. Now we're going to just roll down. Exhaling, curling the tail under. Really stretching out the low back length in the abdominals. Beautiful. Yes. Okay. Do you want me out a little more? Okay.

The less weight you have, the more you're going to feel it. Good. Okay. We're going to do two more with both feet on the bar, the foot bar, you're going to scoop and roll. Open. Good. Hip extensors are working beautifully and inhale. Roll it down. Good. Woo. Oh, go ahead and stretch it out. And last one like that. Push the carriage out maybe a tiny bit.

I'll let you do that yet. I think that'll be better. Pushing out the carriage just slightly and maintaining that position. She's long legs, so she's going to feel it. The closer, the kerogen. Great and articulate. And now that one's got it too. All right. I want to try it. Single leg. I'm going to add a little weight.

So we're going to do, um, no, I think that'd be fine. I think there'll be fine. It's okay. Yeah. We're going to do single leg with the same spring, so you want to maintain a bent knee, 90 degree angle. Hips are square. Take a breath. Inhaling, you're going to roll up pubic bone leads. You're articulating and the main thing, keeping the shape and keeping the hips square. Meredith is doing fabulous.

Aaron. Fabulous. Take a breath here and now roll it down. Exhale. It's almost not as bad as the double leg. Good length and all the way to neutral and exhale. We're working single leg right side. Good. Typically the hips will rotate, so you want to make sure that you're using the back extensors rolled down, exhaling and the inner thigh.

You want to make sure that the knee is not splaying in or outward. Let's do one more on the side. Exhaling up. Peel your spine up. Inhale here. Beautiful, and roll it down. Nicely done ladies. Take it all the way to neutral. Place the foot down onto the foot bar. Take the opposite leg up. Good, and we're going to peel up.

Exhaling, good bone by bone, keeping that 90 degree angle. Very nice. Nice work. Inhale, take a breath, expand your ribs, drawing in and now pull in the ribs. Exhale, narrowing it all the way into the mat. Stabilizing that the carriage. Good. Again, last to exhale and come up. Great work. Good. Inhale and roll down. Good articulating, elongating all the way to neutral. One more time.

Peeling your spine off the mat. Pause here, take a breath in, and now exhale. You're going to roll all the way down. Finding your neutral spine position. Lower your feet to the bar. Good and rest. Take your hands to your posts above your head.

You're going to just rotate over to the right, stacking your feet. Inhale, take it over. Exhale, good. Over to the opposite side. Just give yourself a little spinal twist. Exhale, center, and inhale, a little twist. Beautiful and center one more over and bring it back to the center. Great work. Okay. We're going to come to standing for our full lunch. Let's do a full lunch today, so we're going to take it to probably one spring, one heavy spring. Agreeing Green. Okay. Yeah, so we're going to do one spring and we're going to begin in a plank position.

So the heels are going to come halfway up. The shoulder rests, hands on the foot bar. Good, and you're going to come out into a plank position. Shoulders are engaged. Good. We're going to take an inhale and then you're going to exhale. Pull one knee in and take the foot onto the foot bar. Good. We're going to go into a lunch. The the position here, leg is 90 the back knee is lifting up, so the quad is engaged, the hips are square, the the chest is open. Energy is going out through the body. Inhale, we'll take about three in health and now extend on an exhale.

The front leg is going to stretch out. Good. This feels good, especially after the bottom lift. Good. And then I'm going to say flex your foot or take it to a neutral position. Good. And bend the knee. Inhale, open your chest. Gorgeous work.

Keep this the supporting leg strong. Keep the 90 degree angle. Just keep your breath and to assist in the hip flexor stretch. You're going to use your abdominals to draw up. Good. I felt that that was beautiful. Aaron. Extend the leg out. Good lengthening through the spine.

We want to make sure that the hips are square the energy through the crown of the head. I'm the length lengthen. Good. And one more time. Bend your knee in. Just breathing in joy. This you're going to take. Make sure the knee does not go over the toes. You want to keep that Duchen at a right angle right there. Good. And now extend the front leg, reaching back, ribs in and beautiful bend in.

Support yourself with your hands. Take your right foot back and we're going to alternate to the other side. Good. Nice and floated on up. Find Your 90 degree angle and extend the back leg. Good. Think about the back knee lifting up to the ceiling, lifting the abdominals and ready. Good. Nice.

Extend the leg out. Notice that they're not flying out. They have a lot of control. Good. Flattening the spine. Great. This is a beautiful stretch and bend your knee. We're going to do that twice more. Good. And inhale.

You're so sweet. Love you. And stretch the leg. Good. We're going to do one more time. Good breathing here. Gorgeous work. Okay. And Bend it in. Open your chest. Good. This is our last one. They're working very hard and extend the leg out.

The quality of the work is really great. Good. Lengthen. Good. I'm going to draw the heel down a little bit, Aaron for you. Good. Lengthening through the crown of the head. Good. Bend your knees ladies. Good or knee and let's take it down. Great work. All right. Pull the carriage all the way in. Bend your knees and rest. Good.

Okay. We're going to go into a little full body integration. We're going to take it down to a, um, a blue spring and we're going to, uh, so that's extra light. Light. Very light. So we have one light spring. You're going to turn around and you're going to bring your knees up against the shoulder rests and your hands on the outside of the reformers. We're going to start in a flat back, a neutral spine position.

So hands on the outside, you'll feel this a little bit differently than you will round back. We're going to inhale, prepare, maintaining a neutral spine. And exhale, draw the knees in towards the chest without collapsing the hips. Inhale, float away. Beautiful. And exhale. I can feel her, her, uh, hip bones drawing in closer towards her body. Inhale away. It's gorgeous. She's maintaining that neutral position.

Good. So keep it small and inhale back. I'm going to put my hand on Erin and she's going to hold her abs and her back. Stable. So you're going to draw in, think about moving from the, so as more here go. Yes. Good. And again, nice job. Exhale. Shoulders are down. How does the long gated good. So it's not that you're in an anterior tilt, you are more in, you're in a neutral spine, so you will have some curvature here. Good. Let's do one more.

Draw it in. Good. Nice. And float it back. Good. Now you're going to round the spine. We're going to go into your round. Back. Good. Good. Same thing. Inhale. Exhale. Draw the knees in towards you and we're going to do a little more like dynamically. Let's go out and draw in.

Good and out. And you want to keep your shoulders super still and I'm going to have you keep your weight over so you're going to stay in your rounded spine. Lower your chin. Good. Now just move from your hip flexors. Think hip flexors for here. Perfect. So she's stabilizing her upper body. Now she's going to draw in really low and about two inches below the belly button. Pressing, scooping upward. Spiral your arms open. Good.

Relaxing the shoulders. Good. Last one here and release. Sit back onto your heels. Great job. Good. Great work. Ladies. Resting. I'm adding weight. We're going to go into arm work. Um, it will be a kneeling variation.

I'm going to put on a one medium spring. You don't need a lot. If you're a male, this program I would add a half a spring. So a little bit more. So I'm going to put on a red spring and you ladies roll on up to a sitting position and you're going to bring your feet to the edge of the uh, carriage. So feet are going to be, toes are going to be flexed to under. So you're going to be bracing yourself. You're going to cross your straps. Good.

It's a little bit, yeah, this is fine. How is that? A little bit more? A little less. Okay. We're sport. Good. Cross your straps. Take your hands at your sides. Open your shoulders. Good. So you're going to start right at your sides. Exhale. You're going to press the arms back into extension.

Triceps and lats stabilize. Open the shoulders. Inhale forward. Good. So we're going to do, let's do 10 of those XL, pull back. Beautiful. Inhale and notice that the spine is solid, not moving forward. Back ribs are engaged. Pull back. As you reach back, I want you to think about reaching your thumbs towards the midline of the body. So reach back. Good a little. Yeah, a little more narrow.

So think right in the center. Good. Beautiful. Let's do three more reach. Inhale, drawing the scapula down and out. Broadening. That's so good. And one more. Pull it back. Really Nice. Good and pause. Let's take the hands to face the ceiling. Elbows, bed. Keep your, keep them crossed. [inaudible] they're going to keep 'em crossed. Erin. Um, elbows at your side. Good. Now you're going to externally rotate and bring it in.

Good. Make sure that the forearm isn't dropping down. So reach the thumb back. Open the shoulder, strengthening the external rotators. And good. I'm going to have Aaron hyper mobile and bring her elbows back towards me. She's super hyper mobile. I've worked with her before. Pull back unfortunately, and pull back. Good. Beautiful external rotation here. Okay, great work. And last one.

And reach forward. Good. Reach the arms up so the arms are going to be perpendicular. Okay. Yeah, we're going to keep them cross for now. Now we're going to hinge back, so you're going to hinge back just slightly. Open your chest. Good. Now we're going to go into the bicep curls. Exhale and float away. Inhale, good. Exhale.

The main thing is that you're supporting your back with the abdominals that the elbows don't drop down. If you feel anything in the elbows, you can lower them a bit here. Good. And we'll do 10 nice. And if it feels heavy, you can always lighten it down just like a half a spring. Good. One more time. Exhale on the contraction. Inhale, resisting away. Great work. Now the palms are going to turn to face the mat. It's going to work. We're about a 45 degree angle.

Then we're exhale. Pull back. Think Rom. Boyds. So we're gonna pull back and then reached down. Good. Reach down and open the chest. Pull back. Good. Inhaling forward and XL. So Rom Boyd's here, posterior deltoid here. Good, gorgeous, nice back. And we have the lats are engaged.

You can even hinge back a little bit more as long as your low back is not arching. Good. So biased towards the post your toe here. Good. Let's do two more. Reach forward. Inhale. Great. And exhale. Nice job and rest. We're going to turn around and do one more exercise. I am going to take it down for this next exercise, which is the triceps. It's we're going to take it down to a half a spring, so that's a blue and you're going to be kneeling again, feet up against your shoulder, a shoulder rest. Grab onto your straps, reach behind, stabilize your body with your abdominals, and we're going to take our hands towards the ceiling so the palms are going to face up towards the ceiling or upward.

Elvis are going to be out and the hands are going to be right over the head. Press directly up. Inhale, bend, exhale, lift up. Inhale the band. If the shoulders are tight, you can go on a diagonal line. If that feels more comfortable. The goal is to get it perpendicular. Inhale up. Good. Exhale. You want to make your hands into a triangle. Let's do two more and you can bring your hands here. Bed, bed, a little bit further forward. Yes.

So make sure that the hands don't go behind the head. So a little too much stress on the shoulders, I think. Good. And last one. Let's do one more. Might as well there by did 15 rest might as well and rest good. Alright, release the straps and come to standing. What else did I want it to do? Yes.

I wanted to do a little kneeling gluteal work here and the best way I found is a green one. Heavy spring. So you're going to begin, um, facing the direction of the headrest. Hands on your shoulder, rest, kneeling. So let's start there. Good. Alright, we're going to bring the knees back of, excuse me, midway right here. So the feet are actually the carriage. Now take one foot onto the foot bar.

Point your toe and press out. Okay. Square your hips, square your shoulders, engage the abdominals and you're going to plantar. Flex your foot. Keep it that way. As you bend, inhale, Bend your knee and you're going to initiate from your glutes nice and high. Extend, squeeze and inwards and bend it to come in. Good. Extend out drawing inward thinking of the bone going in towards the socket and make sure that the ribs are connecting towards the midline of the body. Good that the core is on and stabilizing. Good. Hips.

Remain Square. Keep that plantar flex. Good. Let's do two more and nice. Good. Bend it in. And last one all the way out. Good. Now we're going to externally rotate. So you're going to externally rotate the thigh and we're going to do eight of these plantar flex. Inhale, bend the knee, the Nigos out and you squeeze and draw in. Great work.

Inhale, extend out XL. Stabilizing the body. Good. Do you guys feel like good? I'm glad. Good. A few more. Last two bending. Inhale all the way. Full extension of the knee. Last time. Inhale and all the way out.

Great work. Bend the knee and come in. Good. We'll switch to the other side. So kneeling, sometimes we use a knee pad. Um, feel free to use one if you'd like. Extend out with a straight leg. Notice that the girls are really supporting with their upper body and their abdominals. Plantar flex here in hill, the bend the knee and exhale to extent good all the way. And you want to have a sense of fully contracting the knee.

Um, reaching the back of the knee up towards the ceiling and engaging the quad at the very end. Good. Nicely done. That's good. Extend out at Stu. Two more. Not keeping up on my repetitions equally and last time. Inhale, bend it and Xcel extent extremely rotate the thigh. Good. Hips are square. Nice. Okay.

Glutes on in external rotation. Reach out and extend out. Good. Full extension. Inhale and out. Great. Good. That looks fantastic. And extend out and let's do one more plantar flex. Supporting the back and lengthen upward. Good.

Bend your knee and release. Take the knee down. Good rest, great work. Okay. Side kneeling, a mermaid. We're going to take the strap into Aaron. You're going to take it into your left hand and Meredith and your right. So you're going to begin with the strap right underneath your sternum. Good.

Lifting the arms slightly up. Good. We're going to inhale. Extend the arm out to the side. You're gonna laterally. Flex taking the arm up and over, allowing for the spring to stretch. Now you're going to curve your spine forward, bend the elbow and take it through. Good. This should feel really nice. Inhale, lengthen over. Stretch out. Good.

Now curve your spine forward. Feel that you're getting a stretch in the side of the back. Good. Do you feel it? Is it working? Okay good. And go over flex. You can look down at your hand. Good. Now you're going to round slightly. Make sure that the shoulders down and then bent and floated up. Good.

And let's do that again. Inhale over. Exhale, stretch. Good. No bend here. Good. And then you're, you're using your arm to, to uh, take it out. Extend it out. You'll feel it in your arm as well. So you're going to flex over. Good curve bent and floated out. Let's do one more. Really Nice. Inhale. Float up over, looking down. Good. Curving forward, slightly abdominal support. Bent Elbow, Lis. Good and up. Good and dressed. Nicely done.

Okay. We're going to do the other side. So we're going to turn around. The Shin is going to be up against the shoulder rest and the other leg just right at your side. Take your strap in the hand farthest. So your right hand, Aron left hand. Good Meredith. And now we in hell bend the elbow out to the side. Good. You're going to up and over. Flex, looking down.

Curve your spine. Bend the elbow and take it back out. Good. So it has a lot of fluidity. Inhale over and you're going to occur. Good round. And then bend the elbow and extend out. Nice and float up and over.

Good. Feeling it in the QL. Stretch here and then bend. Extend out. Good. Nice. So this is a nice little variation and curve and Ben. Beautiful. And take it out. Let's do two more and take it up and over. Flexing at the waist, making sure that the hips are stable into the mat.

Round and last time, float up. Reach, creating space in the body. Going over curve and out. Good. Nice and rest. Good work. Okay, we're going to move into our last exercise, which is our back extension. We're going to bring the boxes back onto the reformers. I'm going to take the foot bars down using one spring. I'm going to use a, I think I'm going to use a red. Yes, I'm going to use a red springs. So that's medium. Um, and then I'll see how the weight looks on their bodies.

We're gonna do rocking in the strap. So we're going to lie on her stomachs. Chest forward, sternum. Just off the edge of your box, you're going to bend your knees and I'm going to place the straps over their feet. Uncrossed of course. Good. And now, okay, we're going to bend the knees. You'll feel your hamstrings engage as you bend the knees in towards you. Gay. Uh, the arms are around the box. Good. Just let's lift the knees up slightly. Good. So in, pull the heels in.

All right, now we're going to reach the arms back towards the ankles. Good. If the quads are tight, you will get a stretch here. All right, we're going to go into rocking. We're going to inhale left and then exhale down. Good. Inhale, lift. Good. So you want to go up and down, keeping the shape and the arc in the body. Beautiful. Lower.

How's the weight feeling? I think it's great and you want to make sure that the knees don't splay. The movement may be small, but it's very deep. It's working deeply. Lifting up and exhale, go down lower, lower, lower, lower. Good. One more time. Left. Gorgeous and lower. Beautiful work. Ladies, release your straps from your feet and rest.

Okay. I want to add one more if I may. I'm a little less intense back extension. I wanted a the breast stroke here. Sweet heart. I'll take that from you. Sorry about that. I forgot about Aaron over here. Okay, let's stand up. I'm gonna put the foot bar back on and we're just going to end with the breaststroke crap. One of my favorite exercises. I love it. It feels fantastic.

Um, sternum, just off the box, same position. Legs are together. Parallel hands are facing the front. Fingertips, extended elbows. Donald's in, you're going to inhale, float up as you extend the arms and it doesn't have to be as high as Meredith Meredith does. And now articulating down the ribs, the chest and the head. Pardon? No, you're good. No, it's fine for me. I think it feels great. Good. The main thing is that you don't want to feel it in the low back and in hill.

Articulate down elbows wide. Good. You want to feel that your arms are wrapping around, kind of extremely rotating at the joint. Good. Inhale, open the sternum. Good, and then articulate back down. That's the main thing that's a, is the piece by piece. Head, neck, chest. Good. The arms simultaneously move. You have a beautiful arch and lower. We'll do one more time. Great. And float up. Inhale, head, neck, extend your arms, lift. Beautiful and lower down.

Bending the elbows and arrest. Great. That concludes our workout. Thank you ladies. Excellent. I appreciate it. Thank you.


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Thanks Lisa, gonna try the upper body variation and mermaid w/strap tonight in my classes. I did the whole class.
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Lisa, Lisa, Lisa you are brillant.. and such a joy for me to watch. I cant wait to try this one soon as I get recovered!!!
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Great class, loved the z-sit arm work!
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I loves this class. Creative and fun. I will do this one again!
Sharon O
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Thank you for a wonderful full body class!
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you ladies!!! Denee, Jamie, Amy & Sharon. Such a pleasure to teach Meredith & Erin. And such an honor for me to be a part of PA PS...I was so nervous!!!
Lisa Hubbard
Wonderful, thank you so much Victoria! My new title for the arm work has come to fruition ;)
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Lisa, wonderful, challenging class!! loved the variations on hip work!
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I feel great now. thankyou
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Sandra & Heather~Pilates is the BEST! I appreciate your lovely comments and so glad to be able to share with PA members!
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