Class #699

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Distinguished instructor Brett Howard teaches an intermediate Mat class full of precise cues that will help you find where you're strongest... and where you're weakest in any given exercise. From those places Brett offers ways to challenge you to take your work to the next level. He is relentless in his commitment to push you along, but it is always done with a smile on his face so you are not likely to mind.
What You'll Need: Mat

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So, so we're gonna start, we're going to do a intermediate math, maybe a little bit more arm, and I'm Abby. You guys start on your hands and your knees. And then quadrant pad position. I want the hand...


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Thank You Brett !!
Impeccable Cueing ~ WoW
I do however think this was a level 8 class ;)
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I knew the workout was going to be a GREAT when I could see at least 3 regular instructors taking this class! Brett has an amazing personality! I love the creative variations and the descriptions of how to keep the proper form (keeping it PG- LOL)! Absolutely terrific: I do hope to see more of Brett on PA!
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Great class! Absolutely loved it! THANK YOU!
Yes that's it! Level 8! Thank you for saying that Yugonda. Counting to ten never took so long in my whole life!! Brett spent three days with us. He is impeccable in every way. Talented, Professional and Super Fun with an amazing history in Pilates. Stay tuned for our in depth interview with Brett, two more classes and the most inspiring workshop I've ever seen (Pilates for Children). Thank you Brett!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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Loved the precision and continuous flow. Please do another class!
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Loved loved loved this class!! I've never laughed so much in a class before! I will definitely do this again and again so as to not be so fresh! I can't wait for my kids to do the children's class!
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Wow! Tough yet so much fun!! Thank-you Brett for your presence and thank-you PIlates Anytime for providing so many amazing and diverse instructors!
PIiates for children!!! I'm so excited!! I'm so passionate about children using Pilates. I really can't wait.
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Wow,level 8 is right! Are you sure that was only an hour??!!
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Wow wow wow!!! Amazing stuff... love the cueing on finding the weakest part.. I really like your work Brett! I am familiar with most of this cueing and it is very similar to the way I teach.. wish I could have you here everyday :) Thank you, thank you and thank you Kristi and PA!
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