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BASI® Mat Flow

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Be prepared to work your mind as well as your body in this Intermediate BASI® Flow class. Meredith plays with direction and choreography creating a fun, mentally stimulating experience. Starting with Standing Balance and featuring BASI® knee stretch, rolling into Roll Over, and Kneeling Side Kick. Enjoy!
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May 14, 2012
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Okay, let's go standing on your feet, hopefully Sabrina. Alright, can you take the arms up, reach up and get a little taller, and then push the arms down. Reach slightly behind you. Is your arms kind of down and then just swing them to the front and then as they lift up, you lift up and then push them down. Don't grow the spine longer. Push them a little bit behind you and then let them be lightened. They just swing up. Let's let all that stress out of our body.

Yeah, let it all go. Let it all go. Oh, one more time. Go ahead. You can have all mine. Oh, and here we go. [inaudible] taking the chin towards the chest. Assess that the pelvis stays just over the feet as we bend inwards into our bodies. Let the neck and shoulders relaxed, but keep the shoulders held down on the back. Take a breath and bend the knees. Feel equal weight on both feet. Do a little bounce there, a little belts, and then stretch the legs that feel buoyant in here. And exhale, we peel the spine back up. Paroling to standing, taking me arms.

As the spine comes up, we reach out and I had a little teeny weeny back extension there. And then dive down, allowing the [inaudible] just float forward. They carry the spine downwards and we lift supporting the spine as we take it down. And then the knee and just do a little bounce, stretching up the calf. Just, I'm just like dropping my hips and lifting them a little, I don't know. And then stretch up. So what I'm after tonight and exhale to lift us a little freedom.

So that's my goal. We're rolling. So wherever you can find it in your body, he knee arms that just let go and let's have a little fun. Yeah. Okay. And go down one more time all the way and do a little balance. Bending the knees, sitting down towards the heels. We stretch the calves and now straighten the legs. But don't roll up yet. Just rise up all the way onto the toes and ice and light on the hands.

We lift the heels, the heels go down, the hips, go down, a little bounce down, down and shoot the hips up in, floating onto the toes and then down. And one more reaching, reaching, reaching all the way up onto the toes. And then as the heels start to come down, we start to levitate through the center of the body, reaching, reaching zero tension, taking the arm straight out to the side, the sides. This is for you candy. We take the right foot back. Oh, that was a mean lab. That was a mean, mean evil laugh. Here we go. Keep the right leg strong and straight. Just lifted off the ground.

Just a teensy bit. So see and then Laura down. So we just see how far we can lift the leg without actually changing the trunk and down. So it's a glute hamstring connection that creates the list. We're going to do that one more time. And now as we list the leg, we just continue to lift it and then the body responds by engine forward. It doesn't matter how far you go, you just go to where you feel like you can. And then we come all the way back up, top the toes behind you.

Keep the back leg strong throughout. I promise I'll make it up to you with some nice with some nice oblique work and we will reach it out. Oh No, it's going to be one of those days. And then we just stand. So we have a hindering action occurring from the hip joint. That lift of the leg, that energetic lift just allows the body to reach out and reach out and reach, and then taking the arms overhead. Then they'll negotiate that you're standing on stamping way back onto the toes of that right knee. Now we're going to keep the arms nice and high.

I'm going to bend both knees down and straighten both legs. Let's take a little hip flexor stretch. Squeeze the glutes so the back glute, the one of the back knee pushes forward into the front of the hip joint to help us stretch it. The front glute assist in a holding the weight of the body and squeeze just two more nice and low, nice and low. Try to tip the knee on the ground and bend tip, come halfway. [inaudible] take the arms to the sides, turn towards the front knee, twisting the body, come back to center, turn away from the front knee, keeping the pelvis square. Come back to center, lift the arms up, put all your weight on your front leg and just step in and lower the arms down. And let's take one roll down.

Rounding down into the ground. Inhale, exhale. We come up and as we arrive standing up here, arms come out to the sides. I may slide the left leg back and then it's just a little lift for it. So the right latest stray you just see about lifting the back leg and down so the spine stays elevated. I'll like just hovers and one more. Just set the exact same and now we start elevating the leg and we start to hinge folding at the hip joint. It's a little easier with a soft knee if that's what you'd like to do.

Really keep that back leg engaged and then just floating back up and you are good at these candy. Good for you. Good for you. And two more only reaching out through the top of the head, the head Paul's actively from the foot, which pulls actively away from the head, the spines in between lengthening and lifting up. And one more thing, reaching forward, reaching and lifting up. I know we hold here, this bed in the front knee, sly, back onto that foot, both to is facing forward to the best of your ability, arms in the air. And we've been both knee, so we reached that back knee back towards touching the mat and both legs go straight. So just to assess that the back knee is far enough backwards so that when you bend your front knee, it doesn't go in front of your ankle instead just on top of all the way to the mat, stretching over the top of the foot as well. Right? We stretch our toes and two more and back and one more and halfway on, drop the arms to the sides.

Turn towards the front leg, twisting, getting a little bit bigger, stretch back to center, over to the other side, back to center, and then transfer the weight forward. And stepdad taking a hold of the hands. I'm following you, candy. Let's hold them. And we stretched to the ocean, into the ocean, pushed the pelvis away and I'll make a mini bend forward. Rounding through center across to the other side and lifting up [inaudible]. I now stretch away from the ocean and then drawing the abdominals back towards the spine. A minivan forward over to the other side and all the way to the top. Allow the answer. Come down, have a seat.

Placing the feet on the mat, holding the backs of the legs, lifting the body. What? Down there. Okay, so finding our focus. Lifting. Alright, let's go. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Bending the spine backwards deeply, deeply poke. Keep the elbows bent.

Hold yourself up with your arms while you try to pull yourself back with your abs. And then just nice and light on the way. Easy does it. And then the heaviness comes on the way back. The shoulders drop away. The hands are trying to hold us up as we curl and push into the back of her abdominal and inhale nice and light. On the way out. Maybe I'll just give yourself an extra little lift with the arms when you get there and Xcel to curl back. Okay, from there, let go.

[inaudible] just hinge back, keeping rounded shape. Feel the low back. Connect and curl forward. Stay around and inhale. Exhale, imprint the lower spine into the mat, keeping the curvature of the spy. So again, although it's a different shape, work hinges from the pelvis and again down one fell swoop and up and again down, pushing the feet into the mat, pulling the heels slightly back towards the hips and up and sit up tall. And now we're going to turn towards me.

We're going to go articulate this spine here. So make it slower, make it longer, make it stretchy as you come down. Come across to the center of the body. Roll up that side of the body yet yet yet come unwinding through center and then turn the other way. Reaching away from the pelvis with the ribs, feeling that you're creating space between the pelvis and the ribs coming across your center, sitting nice and still in the hips. Curling, curling, curling, curling. And Find Center and inhale, turn towards me and exhale as you roll back this time. Lift the arms first, then rotate around to the other side. Then roll up and unwind and center. One more time. Rotate first, roll it back, reach into the air across to the other side. Roll up that side center. Drop the knees open, take a stretch forward, and then lift is taking the arms out and we reach even further forward.

This time taking the spine so it didn't. Don't think about down. Think about out and then just roll up and just bending from the hips. Reaching out. You get a little longer each time. Reaching towards the edge of the mat and lifting up. And now we bring the knees together or parallel. Slide them towards you. Roll back onto the mat, placing the hands down for a pelvic girl.

We're taking a breath in. Exhale, folding the spine upwards, so feeling the backsides of the legs and engage. We pick the pelvis up, pressing the feet down, the arms down the neck is long. Inhale, exhale, working your way down through your spine. Starting from the chest. Active, active upper arms, peeling through the spy, dropping the pelvis down. Inhale and exhale. We curl up, pressing the feet into the ground, holding on the inhale and exhaling down. So just try and give yourself a little bit of freedom in your body tonight. So I dunno, what's the idea? Can we move with intelligence? Huh? Candice says, now I believe that that's not true, but can we also move with intelligence and freedom? So not forcing anything, just being aware of what's working. Staying at the top here, we're going to Tuck the tailbone a little bit more and then we're going to open the arms out to the side. Keep them off the ground as you exhale, rolling this fine down. Bring your arms towards parallel just over your chest.

Keep the shoulder blade stable. Drop the pelvis down, roll back up and open the arms to the sides. Pressing down and XO, letting the arms just float above the chest and opening the arms out to the sides. And one more time reaching the spine. Duh. Keeping the arms here, picking up one leg, picking up the other leg. Glue them together. Keep the shoulders stable, tilt the knees towards me, but let the arms sway in the opposite direction. Shoulder blades still scapulas still and Xcel to come back.

So the arms just offset the energy that's occurring in the hips and exhale to come back. One Hand has to drop the below the other if we're going to keep the shoulders still and center, but we still want to really focus on the contraction on the rotation through the waist and still and now drop the arms all the way to the floor and take it a little bit bigger. Pressing the opposite arm down, anchoring that upper back and exhale to come home. And in here we go across and exhale we come home. I know we stretched the legs into the air and we moved like a pendulum across and back and across. Keeping the toes lined up, anchoring with the opposite arm and back and across and back. Last time across.

Bring it home. Bend your knees, place your feet down onto the ground. Reach your hands back behind your head, fully interlocking your fingers. Inhale, prepare there. Exhale, curling the head and chest up. Pressing the head into the hands. Find your way up off your shoulder blades and pause. Now curl the pelvis, pressing the chest in the pelvis, close together so we lift the low back off the mat. We then replace the low back onto the mat, lifting the chest even higher still and now take the body down. Yeah, here's some breathing cues. Exhaling, inhaling, folding the lower spine in. Exhaling, releasing the spine down, lifting as you inhale, just intensify and XLT come down or go on one more time. Excelling curl. So moving the spine from all different directions is how we're going to create mobility there. Inhale, lifting the pelvis up. Keep the body high.

Exhale, lower the pelvis down. Inhale, look for intensity and Xcel to go down. I lied again. We're going to do that one more time, but we're going to stay up at the top. So we inhale, lifting up, press the head back into the hands, curl the chest forward and lift the pelvis all at once. Lower down. Inhale, reach behind the size. Exhale, guide herself up just a little bit more. Creating that Nice curvature in the spine. Anchor with the legs.

Lift the arms up, hands behind the head, and we rotate towards me. Twist and center. Stay high and XLR. Cross and inhale center. Look for more hype than center across and center. Cross and center, lifting up to go over and center and to go over and center.

One more time and censure. Here's the last and center. Reach your arms forward. Lift the leg, lift the other leg. Lower leg, lower the other leg. Lift the leg in the opposite arm. Lift both arms and both legs.

Lower the opposite arm in the opposite leg and down. Yeah, I know it's a little brain teaser, isn't it? Opposite arm, opposite leg and then everything and then opposite arm, opposite leg and everything done. Will it help you if I do? Left and right, left arm, right leg in the air. Left arm, right leg in the air. Left arm, right leg down, right arm. Left leg down, right arm. Left leg in the left arm, right leg in the air, right arm. Left leg down, left leg, right leg. I'm lost too. Come all the way down. Stretch your legs out. Reach your arms over your head. Inhale as you pick your head in, chest up.

Exhale as you curule through your spine in Udall. As you undulate through this, fine and lift the spine up tall. Take the arms overhead, Ben. Figure this, find starting to come down if you need to. Take your arms forward, do it now. If not, leave them overhead. Rolling, rolling. Imprinting the back into the ground. Inhale, head and chest comes up.

Exhale, we fold the spine inwards, inwards, inwards, anchor, anchor, anchor with the legs. Feel the abdominals draw back. Inhale, lift the spine. Rise up taller as you lift your arms and then just start folding from the base of the spine. If you want it to be even harder still, you try to push your arms back even more. What you can't do if you're pushing your arms back as jet, your face forward, and then you just lift the head and chest again, floating up the arms, reach for the size we exhale, curling forward, stopping in our rounded shape, building the spine from the base to the top, reaching the arms overhead. Rolling yourself down from there. Don't go all the way down, please find your lower back. Bend your knees, float your knees into the air and press your arms down.

We're going to lift the arms and stretch the legs. Circle the arms and Ben. Then lift the arms and stretch the legs. Circle the arms and bend the knees. Keep the heights in the body. Keep the strong contraction. And I'll also feel that there's lightness in the stretch, right? It is the double leg stretch.

So we feel the stretch in the action and then feel the contraction. Just like life. Constant ease and contraction. Yes. And for more [inaudible] around. And three more beautiful. And two more, Anna around and one more. And around we put the hands just near the size.

We tip them at with the feet. Stretch the legs out along the mat and enroll all the way back on. Huh? And now lift the back again and inhale and exhale. Turning the palms up. Let's rotate this direction. Twist, twist and center.

Rotate the other direction. Twist, twist and center and twist, twist and center. [inaudible]. So we work from your obliques here. We keep the arms long and still so they stay straight across from the shoulders. Twist, twist and center last time on both sides. And now taking the arms forward, rounding through the spine. Gotta be really light on the legs as we get to the lower back cause we're gonna slide them in again. Slide and in float. 'Em Up to the hands.

Transfer both hands to the left knee. Reach the right leg out. Push down on your knee, make some power in your arms. And now change, push, push, push. So we feel like each and every time the lats engage and push and then try to pull the chest into the thigh and reach and reach and reach. I love this. You guys look beautiful and keep going. And the hold here, take it that leg up. Give it a little pull.

The bottom is still kind of hovering off the ground. We're going to bend that knee, we're going to take it up, give it a little pull. So it's kind of like a bicycle. Hamstring pull, reach, bend, pull, reach and pull. Reach Ben, pull, reach Ben, pull, reach Ben, pull. Reach three more really fast reach, reach, reach, reach. This is our last one. Reach, reach. Bend the bottom knee and bend. That taught me.

Hold onto the backs of the legs and just give yourself a little rock. Stay flexed. Stay focused. Stay easy. Hmm hmm. To the pelvis, to the shoulders, to the pelvis, to the shoulders, to other pelvis and center yourself down. Okay. Taking the hands behind the hat.

They feel like furthest away from me. Out to straight and reach up and across to the bent knee. Up and across to the other knee. You're right, candy. Okay. I'm going to do the same thing. We're going to bend. Reach up, bend, reach up, bend, reach up, reach up a bicycle in combination to the Chris.

Cross to a more please. Last one. Yeah, fine. Center bending both knees. Reach behind the size. Rock up in one fell swoop. Hoping the knees out.

Roll all the way back up. Take the arms out to the sides. Just drop your last year towards your left shoulder. Lower the left arm down to the ground, and now very slowly reach out with the right arm and start to lower the right arm down as it reaches towards the ground. Give the head a little turn, looking down towards that thumb and then rest it down. Take the pull of the arm away and lift the head up through center. Pick up the opposite arm right here towards the right shoulder, and then we just start to lower lower as we get almost to the ground.

Start Rolling the neck down towards the looking at the thumb [inaudible] and then find center with the neck and come all the way out. Stretching the legs out. Reach down for your feet. Just give yourself a pull forward. Now Bend your knees. You can press your legs. Great. It's up to you, but make sure you're getting a good stretch. Take a minute here.

Check that the pelvis is level and then continue to flex the feet. But try to pull the back out. I won't get totally straight this low. I don't know. Windy will. So you'll be a good picture of a totally straight back. So we'll candy and now we just let go and allow the spine to be really easy as it sits up. And inhale there. Exhale, taking the head forward.

Feel the abdominals draw back towards the spine. Take the arms just between the center of the feet. Inhale, look for Lincoln the spine. Exhale, roll up all the way. Take the arms out to the side, turn towards me. Reach into the soft lift out of the saw. Come back to center. Turn the other way. Reach into the soft, pushing the back arm inwards in the front. Arm. Forwards.

Lift out of the saw up on the long diagonal. Come back to center hold center. Reach the arm forward and exhale to reach forward. So we build the spine forward or we lengthen the spine forward. Inhale, exhale. Rolling. Has We stuck the spine up straight. The arms travel to the side. Inhale, turning towards me. Exhale to dive into the site. Anchor through the opposite side of the pelvis.

Lift up and find center and turn and dive forward and length and up and find center. And bring the arms center and around down. Take the hands inside of the feet and just slide them forward using the feet for a little bit of traction and then from there we're going to shoot out into a long diagonal back, long diagonal back, pausing there, sitting up, opening the arms, twist and range. Lengthen out and center and twist and Linkedin out and up and center and the arms come forward. We're going one more time. Rounding forward we're going to turn it into spine switch with extension. Again, using your feet are not using your feet you to side, but reaching the body out long, reaching out, long coming all the way to the top, lifting up, dropping the arms to the side. Nice and easy swing and Henry and lengthen and home swing and reach and lengthen and home and take the arms up and reach all the way around to bring the hands behind you. Lean on them for just a moment.

Slide the legs into one another. Pushing the floor away with our arms pint. A Nice, strong arm position for the back support, rising up through the pelvis, pressing the abdominals back towards the floor, pressing the feet into the ground to get the elevation of the hips and then sitting down at a nice straight back in good, stable shoulders and exhale to lift up and inhale to sit down and exhale to lift up. Holding here, transfer your weight into your feet and bend your knees, pulling yourself towards your feet, stretching your legs out, lifting the hips nice and high, nice and high. And now we sit down. Why don't we lift up and wait and the knees lifting the pelvis even higher, still reaching all the way towards the feet. Stretching the legs. Oh, that's harder than I thought it would be. Can we go one more time?

One more time. Putting weight in your feet. So it's a little hamstring pull as you bring your feet underneath your knees. And we come back and we sit down and bend the knees and reach for the feet. And I think we've earned a little rolling like a ball. So here we go. Just rocking back and rolling back behind the pelvis.

Nice solid arms, nice solid spinal position, and in healing to go back and Axialent to go. Okay. So what we're going to do here, so we're going to go into the roll over, but we're going to kick our way there. Okay, so we're going to go down to the mat, kick your way over into the rollover, drop the feet down a little bit. Start to slide the body down the mat, keeping the legs straight as you start arriving near your pelvis. Start to lift the head and bend the knees. Find the feet. Oh and rock and roll back. Arms down. Kick the legs over, lower the legs gently start peeling the spine, healing the spine down. Get as low to your pelvis as you can, but you can start lifting the leg. It's a bit of boomerang there too.

And then we just shoot up and find the balance. One more time over the top. Kick over. Slide the legs down, the tip of the nose, Ben, the knees in wall, and then just taking the ankles, stretching the legs out, finding a nice strong position. Don't roll back yet. Just bend the lower spine. See we got it. And stretch and bend the lower spine and stretch as you stretch. Pull the hips, thigh bones deeper into the hips. One more time like that.

Just feeling what the back does in this movement and up and now we rock back. Rolling back and rolling up. Yeah, the lifting up out of it and rocking back and rocking. Lifting and rocking back and rocking up and lifting. One more time. Rocking back and rocking.

Hold. Bringing the legs together. Bend the knees around in yourself into a ball. I'm going to do a little exercise I proud for my friend Lisa. It's called the teaser explosion. Comes rolling her eyes at me or you're ready. So we just explode into the teeth and we can chat. Really likable and we explode and he can track and he energy is on the air and it's easy on the [inaudible] and the energy has on the out and hold here when now we just roll away from the fee pressing the thighs. Don't go all the way down.

Don't go all the way down just to the shoulders and roll back, reaching, reaching, finding that nice long spine and rolling back, folding through the lower back. Whoops, not all the way down. Sorry, how I lasted you all the way. Taking the arms up, reach the arms forward all the way down. We're going to stay. We're going to stay all the way down. This time we're going to slide the left leg into our hands. Press the right leg down and pull and change. Reach and change.

So using the back of the lower leg to open through the front of that hip. Cool and change and pull and change and Paul and change and Paul and both legs and hands behind that and both legs go down making a little mermaid tail. We'd bend and stretch back, pulling the thighs towards the chest down. Pull the knees in and stretch up and down and pull the knees in and stretch up. One more time. Pull the knees and stretch up. Take the arms down, roll over. Just one.

Flex the feet. Separate the feet and p all the way down the spine. Bend the knees, place the feet down. Chip both knees over to one side and shift both knees over to the other and shift. Okay. And then we come back to center. Bringing the knees back together.

Just roll over onto your side towards me. Help yourself up with your hand and come up. Crossing the top leg over the bottom like for the side bend and setting the arm could do this on your elbow if you want or your hand. And here we go. Nice strong side, waist in the leg, straighten and we come into the side playing position. Exhale, take a nice big bend to that lower waist. Look down at the bottom hand and just stretched the top arm overhead.

We come back through the side plank and we bend the knees away from the hand, keeping up through the shoulder, just barely tipping. And up and exhale up into the side bend, pressing up with the legs as well as with the obliques and in the aliens. We come back and then just barely tipping Anna. Oh over and back and come all the way down. I'm gonna just turn this way on my mat.

You guys can just stay right where you are. Put your elbows down behind you. All right, come with me. Come face me. We're going to do the A, this is the hip circles that's set up for the hip circles. We're going to do them down on our elbows today. So hello. So we're honoring Elvis, but we're pressing the chest fourths. We've got a little bit of an abdominal curl action happening.

Drag the legs as close as you can. Trying to touch the tip of the nose with the legs and now tilt the legs to one side. Slide down around and slice through. Center over to the other side, down, round and slice through center and a cross down around. Slice through central, working through the obliques the whole time down around. Now you could go into the full, the full hip circles prep and take the arms out straight.

That's totally up to you, but you still want that drawing backwards. That drawing backwards feeling all the way around and back. One more time. All the way around and back. Let's do one more on the other side to be even in both directions. Lifting the chest up out of the hands. Bend the knees, cross the opposite foot so you're in this side. Bend on the other side, the smoothest. So transitions but we're all there. We're all there, right?

Okay. Okay, so you've got a nice strong side body. We're ready to go. That is the longest train I've seen in a long time. Here we go all the way up into this side shape. Beautiful. And I was just easy, just easy taking the stretch, coming back to the sideline position and then we've been going away from that hand, tipping the pelvis and up and then into the side bent, reaching through the top arm and back and been just tip. Nice job candy with that shoulder stability. I love it. And reaching over.

Just the eyes turn to look down at that hand all the way back and bend down and no more hip circle. Slide up onto your knees. Yeah, probably face me. We're going to do side kicky stuff and some twist. Yes. Likes the twist. Okay. But first let me feel the length of the waste. Let we take the body over to this direction though, right?

Just letting the arms stay straight across in finding the lateral section of the spine and then we lift up growing taller and easy as you go over, just swaying in the breeze and then lifting up. Now we're going to go over to the other side, reaching the top arm overhead. Doesn't matter if your other hand touches the ground or if it's just hovering there and then the arm comes and like someone's pulling you up. Out of that arm, we lift up and over to the other side, reaching and taking us into the sidekick. We're going to go, I'm going to the right. Does that mean as we're all on the opposite hand, so we're on the first hand, right? If we go, oh, go this way. Good. So here we go. Land on the hand, kick the leg out. Take just a minute to assess, but you're not cramping like me and that your pelvis is in alignment. The hand goes behind the head. We flex the foot, the leg swings forward and swings back.

I want you to imagine that there's an electronic barrier under your leg that's gonna give you a shock. If you lower your leg down onto it, reaching up and out. Oh yeah. Slowly. Slowly in fun and easy. Sorry. Okay, so your legs floating through the ocean. No. Electric Shock. Yeah, like just floating through the ocean. Stop there. Yeah, go down. Go up in Lacrosse. So now you're just bouncing over the waves. Bouncing over the ways. Woo. One more nice and just tip nice and high. Keep the leg behind you.

Take the arm in or reach forward. Reach forward. Turn down, squaring yourself on your mat. Your left leg is still, or that the leg that was off the ground is still off the ground. Do you guys believe that I can get us into a smooth transition? I'm not sure that I do. Okay, so we slide the leg that's bent out or on the top of one foot in the other toes are tucked under and we do the leg pull front. I've got my left leg in the other same leg. That was just doing the sidekick up, uh, up.

Hold round the spine. Bring that knee into the chest, straighten it out, round the spine, bringing the knee into the chest and back and curl. Finding the deepest flection through your spine with the most amount of ease and down. Okay, we're going to go one more time. Here's how we're going to do it. That foot's going to go down just onto the ground with the f with the top of the foot flat. Then the knee that you were just, that you just lifted the hand that come across cubs back in front of the knee, unwind back into the sidekick. Oh, that didn't really work like I wanted it to. And then we just lift up. No, no, no, no Morris. I kick. Just start to lower the leg down. Finding your balance. I mean, all the way. Yeah. Oh yeah, I tried girls and just take a stretch over to the side over to the side. Okay. And come back facing me again.

Okay. So I what I think I got that confused us. So we started here, right? We were assigned kicking, blah, Blah Blah here. And then we went into the stretch and went down. Yeah. So, and then I just went back straight back out of it.

Okay. All right. So I know which legs I have to work to you. Opposite arms up. Let's do a little more stretching. Ah, take the M on anchor with the bottom neither we need that you're reaching across from and just float, reaching over and float up. Now let's make like a windmill. I think windmill shape. We're gonna take the arm that we're turning to and reach it under as the top arm reaches over. So it's like a circular act. Okay.

And then open in a little circular action and open. Okay. And now we are going into the sidekick this way to the opposite direction. We lift the knee, we checked the pelvis. What I mean by that is just don't hyperextend take the arm, the hand behind the leg. That's not an arm. It's a leg.

It stretches out to the side and we flex it and now it's just gliding along the ocean. Right? She just about the electricity. That's it. Did we keep it nice and high though, right? Just two more. I think about what's going on with the bottom shoulder and one more and now we're going to go down in the back.

I was just going to leap the ways like a dolphin and Dan, Deb says over the shark, we're dolphins leaping over sharks. That was it guys. That was number three. Reaching forward for the stretch. Okay, so here's our transition. The, excuse me, the arm that's in the air comes down onto the mat. We turn our body so that we're parallel now to the mat. The leg that was in there, that's still in the year.

I'm putting flat on the top of my foot while I take my other leg out and tuck those toes under. So the leg that I'm lifting is the same. Like that was kicking, reaching up and reaching and reaching out, keeping the body strong. And now we start to lift, we bend the knee into the body, right and close to the chest, and then we stretch out and we scoop to pull it and stretch and scoop to in and stretch out school to pull in. And this is our last one. Okay. So you're going to put that foot back down right on the top of the foot. I'm gonna drop the knee down. The one that was supporting us.

Transfer the hand into the middle. Open the body back up into the sidekick position that you just left. Yeah. Yeah, man. I know. Guess what though? Sliding the lake down thinking's good for you.

Believe it or not. Oh my gosh. I just remember what was the theme song? What would that a theme song for? Believe it or not, I'm walking on air. Great American hero. Thank you Perry. Um, I will spare you my singing voice, but that song is in my head. Oh No. Oh No. Maybe another time. Let's come all the way down into her stomach another time. Okay, so we placed the forums down just outside of the upper owns, placing the forehead down on the man and just gently start to guide the forums backward like they're on a little traction. We curl up through the chest, so the elbows drawing backwards, not the forums. Pushing down is what's going to pull us forward.

So we're trying to stretch the back longer as we lift up, whereas it's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Not Take the legs and reach them in opposite to the head. And now lower down and inhale here and start sliding the shoulders down. That action starts to allow us to send the head in the opposite direction. Reaching out, reaching out, holding here, holding here. Now with as much ease as you can find, just allow the legs to float.

Just a little float, but don't lose the back. Bend the knees, stretch the lanes, lower the legs, and take the body forward. So let's inhale as we come through. Back extension. Exhale to lift the legs. Inhale to bend the knees, Xcel to stretch in, how to intensify the back contraction, lowering the legs and take the body forward. One more time please. Finding the back first in here.

Forward not high, forward, forward, and then XL. The legs hover, working both legs evenly. We inhale bending them in, keep connected to the back. Exhale, stretching them out. Inhale as the legs lower down, we lift the spine lifting and we exhale to take it all the way forward. Placing the forms. Just next to you, press that, pause the forums and scooting the knees when we sit right back onto our feet. [inaudible] okay, coming up onto your hands and knees. We're going to do the Bassey knee stretch. Yay.

Okay. The best. It's called the Bassey knee stretch. So reformer exercise that's been moved to the mat or taken to the mat. Thank you Rachel. For this one, I'll do my best to do you proud. So the hands come just in front of the knees and we tuck our toes under. So the trick to this one guys is you're going to feel your legs, but you have to keep weight forward into your arms. Okay? So from that place, we'll do a little prep first.

So wait until the arms toes tucked under and then we just round the spine. Okay, so that's not the prep, that's just the position. Now I want you to try to deepen the spine, put weight into your arms and use your abdominals to just float the knees off. They come up in itch and put them down and exhale green. Curve the spine and just flow the knees up using the abdominals and down. Okay, here it comes. Floating the knees up. Stay low.

Keep your weight in your arms that that'll save you. Take your right leg back. Don't lift up with the thighs and now pull the right knee in and out. Weight in the harms and in and out and in an app, an in and out on one more and out and bend in and put the foot down and lower bill both knees to the ground. Great job. Great job. Little full body work. Okay. Here we go again. We'll do the other side for us. So the setups, everything right.

Find some strong weight in your arms. Find a deep flex position through the spine. Then however the knees, and then lift the opposite leg, the left leg and pulling in and out. Nice low position through the opposite shoulder. Reach, reach and reach. And put the foot down and sit down on your knees and sit back onto your feet and take the arms up and take a hold of one rest and pull it under. You do a little stretch and you bring your body to the side as you stretch your wrist. Mm hmm.

But go that way. So go towards the risk, that stretching and then come on straight. So I have to turn my hand upside down inside out, and then I pull on it and stretch. Okay. And let's do a couple of little flamingo risks cause we're gonna come back onto them just a little reverse. Faster, faster, faster, faster, and stopped. Okay.

So a little bit of balance work, a little bit of flection extension through the spine, through the hips and through that to spine and hips, shoulder flection. So we lift the right leg and we lift the left time and we inhale [inaudible] really engaged the back of that leg like we did when we were doing the standing balance work. And now we exhale, bring the elbow all the way into the knee and reaching, holding onto the habits to support the spine. Exhale, reaching all the way in and reaching out to one, reaching and lifting up off that fire as we bend inwards and back. One way, reaching in and nice shoulder done and place in the handout on placing the knee down. And let's switch. So we did the like first the leg and the arm. Okay. Inhale here. And [inaudible] bending the spine, bringing the knee to the elbow and reaching out. So we have to really take care of is that we're not losing shoulder stability on the arm that's supporting us and we're not really shifting off it either.

We're just creating a mobile spine and two more exhaling hands and back and an exhaling and back and placing the hand down and just readjusting so that you're nice and centered with your hips going to sit all the way back on the feet. We're going to do the combination. So what that means is that the reach nice and for in front of you. And at the moment we don't have any weight on our arms are just resting there. And then we're going to lift the pelvis. So curling up into the knee stretch shape, right.

Start curling the pelvis forward. Right about now as the pelvis starts to come over, the knees, press through the backs of the legs and lift up out of the ABS. We support the pelvis, we rise through the arms and lifting, lifting up into the down stretch position. And now we bend to the lower spine. And like someone's pulling you from a rope around your waist, you drag back, the arms are lie nice. And, and let's Xcel to curl our way through curler way through and as you undulate downward lifting up wheat in. Yeah.

And just feel that beautiful expansion to the chest. Exhale, curling yourself backwards. Nice and light. Nice on light on everything except for the abdominals. And two more little quicker. Rolling through the spine, lifting and rounding the spine to sit back and one way rolling through. Come on through the elevated position. Hold here. Take your head towards me looking over that shoulder. Come back through center.

Strong legs, right. Take your head the other way. Come back through center. Come backwards through the rounded shape. [inaudible] just off your feet, tucking your toes under. We're gonna straighten the legs and lift up into the up stretch position. Flattening out through the spine. Now I want you to bend your knees and round your spine so you press the chest towards the knees. You kind of come back off your arms a little, or I'm pushing my chest backwards towards my knees.

And then as I straighten my legs, we're going to just lengthen the spine out and forward. Nice, beautiful, beautiful. And now round the spine, bringing the knees and the chest towards one another and lengthen the spine. And from there. Let's take the right leg forward. Yeah. Stepping in. Oh, sorry. Just a little steps. Windy. So we're going to take a straight legged step. Think Ellison. So we lift up from the ABS to step one leg forward.

We lift up from the house to step the other leg forward and we just keep walking ourselves inward that way until we're nice and balanced over both feet. And let's just bend. Bend the knees. Good. And do that little bounce, that little sink into the hills, reaching into the hills, stretching to the CAS and how we stretch the legs without a second thought. We just lift, ride and take the arms overhead and down around the sides and fold your body in, right? Yeah. And this time as the hands come down nice and light on the hands. What?

We're going to lift the heels and bend the knees again. So we're putting all the weight into the toes. Stretching through the feet. Let me do that little press press be gentle press. And now press the heels down and lift the hips. Huh? Oh all the way. Huh?

Take Damn them around. One more time, rolling down. No fee. Just rounding. If you've gathered tension that you supposed to let go in the beginning of class, let it go. Now stay at the bottom. Put the hands down again. Take say the right foot and just turn the top of the foot over. So you're rounding the arch, creating more of an arch in your foot and just put a little pressure on that. As much as you can tolerate, everyone's a little different.

So I'm just leaning back, putting, pushing down with my Shin, and then unwind that foot and step in and change sheet. Just pushing and then coming back. Stepping in and rolling all the way back on. Yeah. One more time. This time. Take the cameras out to the side as you come on. Alright. Shooting up into the air. I don't know. I really, I sound that's awesome.


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This class was fun- liked the different techniques you used to do the pilates exercises.
For some reason, it kept stopping at 39 minutes and I wasn't able to get past that point.
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Really liked this class. Good flow and really nice stretches. Loved the "at ease" feeling and giggles in the beginning.
Dear Angela ~ I just sent you an email to try to help resolve the issue.
Thanks for taking class ladies. I love hearing from you!!
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I loved this class Meredith you are a lovely teacher :)
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Excellent verbal cueing and pace, very safe and effective class!
Thanks much!
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The cues are fantastic! Thanks!
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