Class #725

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


This Mat workout with Kathy Corey offers an innovative look at rotational patterning with the Magic Circle, in all dimensions through extension, flexion and side bending. Rotational movements increase proprioception through the activation of deep core muscles. They help us to reclaim and balance, mobility and stability.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

About This Video


Good afternoon. We're going to begin our magic circle class. Um, before we start, one of the things I'd like to tell you about this course is that the magic circle, um, is one of my favorite pieces of...


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LOVE this class! Feel so elongated, thanks Kathy! x
I like the feeling of elongation of the body but the cues were a little confusing for me.
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Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful class! I absolutely loved it! Thank you! :D
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Magic circle, I can use it more often. What a great class, thank you, I loved it. Kathy Corey, you look very slim. keep it up. blanche.
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Fun use of the magic circle, but I wouldn't call this a 2/3 class!
Thank you Kathy, I loved this class! It's such a treat to be able to participate in your classes all the way down in Adelaide, Australia.
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It was a good n gentle warm up for another pilates class, but not exactly 2/3.
Loved your class -Going to have it as one of my favorites on my play list. Loved doing my exercises with the magic circle
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I loved this class. I use my circle a lot and this was by far the most challenging class using it. I too feel more elongated and will definitely take this class again.
Brava. Brava. Thank you!
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