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Michael and Ton are back to team teach another class and they brought the TRIADBALL™ with them! "Enjoy the movement for the sake of movement," in this intermediate Mat class using Michael and Ton's own creation, the TRIADBALL™. If you do not have a TRIADBALL™, you can use an Overball (featured in other classes) or any sort of small ball that you have. Michael and Ton make good use of this prop to help you develop deeper connections to the essence of the traditional exercises. As usual, they are tough, fun, and very detailed as teachers.
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What You'll Need: Mat, Triadball

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Jul 04, 2012
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Hi, I'm well, I'm Michael. Welcome to the class, which makes me tell Tim, I guess. So. Um, it's a try about class and what you want is you've all got a ball, you want the ball, so it's sort of squishy. It's firm but squishy and pliable so you can really hold on to it as you do it. Um, today we're using the triad ball. You can use other balls for this workout. However, we don't know the other balls, uh, as far as safety cause we'll be sitting on top of it. If you have the tri ball, it's safe to sit on. If you use another ball for the workout, you just want to make sure you tested out and have the feel cause each ball is different. Right? And also, well the size is different too. So for some exercises, if you have a smaller ball or a big a ball, the placement will be slightly different in your back or your neck or your knees or wherever we place it. So just be aware of that. Um, that's it, right? Bam. Um, how fun. Um, our philosophy is, honor your body. Um, if there's something that we do that you got, Ooh, no way.

Um, we totally understand. We totally get it. We'll try and give them modifications. Um, and the biggest thing is just have fun. Enjoy moving for the sake of moving. There we are. That said, should we get started? Yes, I'm ready. But look at the beach. The beach is beckoning us. Okay. Just stent. Um, this in sideways facing me. That would be probably the easiest for everybody.

It's the nice and wide. And then just hold onto the ball and relax your shoulders like a tailbone drop down and at the crown of your head. Reach up to the ceiling and just find your breath for a moment. Now the rule number one is not to drop the ball, right? Eventually someone will, and we're just going to ignore it.

We just going to pretend it did not happen and we just going to keep on going. Please. The ball of your right hand is your email. Bring it up, plays in your left. As you exhale, bring it back down and your inhale, bring it up. Exhale, bring it down. Very good. One more time. Keep your shoulder soft. So don't let them arise up as the ball. Now reverse the circle, so go up on the left and then exhale, bring it down and inhale, reach. Keep the rips off today you go, and one more time and inhale up and exhale. Bring it down. Then place the ball in the small of your back.

You can hold on either to decide or underneath the ball, whatever's more comfortable for your shoulders. And then take a big breath in. On the exhale. You first come to push the hips forward. Don't go into an arch yet. Just press it forward and then press the ball in towards you as you lift up and over the ball. If this bothers your neck, dry your chin slightly down. Now you might have to soften your knees a little bit to be there, but still tried to keep your legs very strong, so you press into the ground to lift your sternum up to heavens.

Then pull the stomach in, press you back into the ball to come back up. There you go. Place the ball in front. Place your hands on top of the ball. Now we're going to crow over. So you're gonna inhale, your head goes down and your roll up and over the ball trying to create the shape of the ball with your spine. Try to relax your neck and open those shoulders. If it's more comfortable to bend your knees a little bit, just soften your knees. Try to keep breathing deeply.

Bend the knees a little bit more to slowly roll yourself up, lengthening the spine as you go. Then once you're up, just placed the ball down. Place the ball in your right hand. Again, as you inhale, come up in a slide arch. Hold onto the ball. Then from here you're going to contract and swing the ball through your legs. Come back up. Keep it in your right hand as you open it back down. Plays. Then you left to bring it up. Slide arch contract. Round your back. Swing it through. Come back up, and then open it back down. Now we're going to do it a little faster, so we're going to go in a lap, exhale and let it go.

Bring it up and relax. Very good and up and swing. Yad Up and come down. And again, lifting, reach and curl and and reach. Let the body go and arrange up. Bend down and up and relax. Good. Come to the front.

HIV Mat. Let's face each other and plays the ball. Let's hit with the part in place. The ball right by your hips. Now you're going to send your hips and the ball away from each other to go into the squat. So you're going to be here. Press the hips away from the ball and push the ball forward. And then you bring everything back to the center. So bring it up.

Ball and hips go away. And then pull it back into. Watch each other. There you go. Per acid away. Reach and come back down. Now Pass it away and stay there for a second and really feel the opposition of your sits bones and your hips going one way and the ball. Try to get the balls to meet here in the middle. There we go.

Then take the volume, your right hand, open the arms and bring the Bob down to the floor. Then kneel down and sit yourself down the front edge of your mat. Just having your legs bent. Don't bring the legs too close. Have them slightly away from each from you. Plays the ball over your knees with the hands facing each other.

They are like a little karate job. Now you're going to curl your tailbone under and you're going to bring the ball over the hill to the other side. Then press it over the hill to come back. So you're going to curl the tailbone under, rounding your spine, let it roll through, and then roll it back up one more time. Roll through it and then curl back up. Very nice. Now from here, let the ball go to your right side and then the ball will end up in the back of your hand and the outside of your thigh. Your hands are still in the same positions.

Are you going to look right between your hands? Now? Make your way to some both sitz bones as you roll straight down and roll back up so it feels like you're rolling straight down. But we have a slight twist in the spine to wake up the back a little bit more. One more time, curl under and go and then roll back up and then go to the other side. So hand on the outside and the ball on the outside of the leg and the outside of the hand. Here we go, curled under and then roll back up and [inaudible] and make sure you're sitting on the hip are the opposite hip that you don't roll into that.

There you go. Very nice. Now roll up and stay up so we can go around the world. So starting the center position again, go to your right, roll down, going from one of these to go to the other side and come back to the center. Then reverse return ticket to go and around the world coming back up and back to the center. I get into the right reach. Go in front of those knees and make it really deep into that curl.

One more time to return. Go Down, then dop you go. Once you're up, place the ball right underneath your legs. Reach forward and slowly roll yourself all the way down. Once you downplays you feet on top of the ball, but not really on top, but slightly in front, flex your feet and dig your heels into the ball. Now the digging of the heels and the pressure on the bar does not have to be very hard. It just needs to be consistent throughout the whole exercise, right?

So don't go nuts right now and go and then later on, do nothing, right. Find your balance. Find the middle ground. Now. From here, arms are long. Lift your upper body up into your hundred positions are curl. Reach long with your arms and then stand. Start to pump your arms going. Inhale two, three, four, five and exhale two, three, four, five. Inhale, keep pushing and exhale.

Try not to bounce the bar underneath you and exhale two, three, four, five in here and X. Exhale, nice big pumps. Last one in this position and x, and now roll the ball out as you inhale and then pull out, initiate, exhale, and inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four. Now still try to keep even pressure when your legs roll out. Don't release it and push. Are you breathing? Okay, exhale. One more time and inhale and exhale and very nice.

Then lecture the head. Let's start with that. Then walk the ball in. Take the ball out from underneath you and stretch the legs out and bring the ball up. Bring that ball back behind you as far as you can, keeping your rips soft. Inhale, bring the arms up and place the ball on your thighs. Exhale, lift your head and roll yourself all the way up low, rolling about to watch your toes. Then roll it back down. Keep the ball on your legs until your head is on the mat. Then lift the ball up and bring it behind you. So inhale, bring the arms up, place the ball down. Exhale, push the ball forward.

And if you hold them on the side, it will just roll like a wheel. And then roll it back down so your spine rolls the way the ball rolls, right? And then bring it back up one more time. Bring the ball on your thighs, roll it all the way forward, press it away, then roll back down. Now you can stay with this version or you can make it a little bit harder on the way down, right? So choose carefully, arms up, place it down. Roll yourself up the same way. Now here in the front, scoop and lift the bar up and stay in that scooped position. Now take the ball with you as you roll.

That makes it a little bit more difficult. Just choose whatever you like. Arms up and down. And some days you might want to do it harder and some days you might want to do it easier and in row lifted up if you want to or or roll it down along your legs. Either ways, fine, nothing is wrong. Bend your knees. Place the ball between your thighs as close to your groin as possible. Get comfortable with your ball.

Then lift the leg straight up to the ceiling and relax your arms from here. Bend your knees, lower the legs down a little bit. Stretch the legs out and bring them back up. Bend the knees lower down. Stretch them out, lift them up one more time. Keep an even squeeze on the ball throughout the exercise.

Now you can stay with this or this can go into your rollover. So choose carefully. Again, you're going to bend lower stretch, lift the legs, lift the body. Keep the squeeze, soften your throat. Open the collarbone and roll yourself down. Bend your knees, bring it down, stretch the legs, lift the legs, lift your hips, soften the throat, opened her collarbone and mouth through the sternum all the way down. Bend your knees, bring it down, stretch it out, lifted up and over. Very nice and then roll back down all the way through and then we relax.

Bend your knees, take the ball out and place it underneath your right foot and you're going to stretch the leg all the way out. Now you might have to adjust it a little bit so that the leg is right on top and then bring the other leg into what you just hold onto that leg. Now you watch out with the leg is on the ball that you don't hang your knee, so don't hyperextended prs likely into the ball and then think of rolling the ball away from you so you get the nice length in the front of that hip. Then once that is out, stretch the other leg straight up to the ceiling and give it a stretch up there. So still hold onto it. Just stretched is nice and long. There you go.

Once you there, bring the arms down. Now we're going to do leg circles, but we're not going to move the ball. Okay, so we're going to cross the leg around, down, around, up one cross down around. Don't move their ball, girl and [inaudible] around. End Three, cur us around and four and cross around. Reverse your circle. Opened down, around and up. Open down around in stretch three, around and up, four around and up and the last and five around. It just got you just in time. And then bend your knee, bring it in, roll the ball in towards you. Change legs and roll the other leg with the other leg on top.

Roll the ball back out. Wow that. Say that five times fast. Bring the leg up, hold onto it first. Connect with the leg that's on the ball. Push the ball away. Open that hip and keep it nice and long. Stretched the other leg long as well. Bring the arms down. Don't move that bar chorus around up one and cross around up to really pushed about forward as the leg comes up for around. End Up one more time. Five around. Reverse the circle opened down, around and up. Two around.

End Up three around and lift four dough. Move that ball and five and bended knee in towards your chest, rolled about into wards. You then step with both legs over the ball and then bring the arms up and roll yourself up. Lift your hips and move forward. So you're going to lock the ball between you and your legs and then pop it up a bit. From here. Bring your elbows on your knees. Wow. Was it a happy Moan or bad alone?

I'm not sure about this one. Okay, so don't drop the ball. Don't hold onto your hair. You just going to pull it out. It's not going to help. Just keep it nice and long. There you go. And now we'll rock back and roll up.

Don't lose the ball and keep your elbows right there. And two and up and three lifted up. Two more times and four bring it up and your last time. Five roll up and hold your [inaudible] balance and hold that balance. Place your feet down. Grab the ball underneath. Stretch out your left leg.

You're gonna take the ball and you're going to place it right across the Shin. Squeezing a gently opening up the elbows to the side. From there. Think of contracting in the abdominals. Cruel. Your tailbone under. And we're going to go right from here without that big plop right into the series of five. So we have one and one [inaudible], two, two and three. Three, four, four, two more seconds. Five, five and six. Six double leg. Place. The ball right there. Keep the arm straight.

Just let the ball roll up and over the legs and over the knees and back in. You stir wretched out and pull it in. Good and brief. This is fun and pull it in and stir Rach. Pull it in. Last one, stretch. Pull it in and bring your head down for a little break and your break is over.

Head back up. Ball, back up. Bring your right leg up towards the ball and just kick it and then change. Kick and kick and kick and kick and kick. Bring the ball farther back. You want to learn to bring your legs up. Good and kick, kick and relax. Now take the ball, place it right between your size as close to your growing as possible so we activate more of the pelvic floor. Take your hands, place in behind for double leg. Extend your leg straight up to the ceiling.

Inhale down, exhale up and heel down. Exhale up. Inhale down. Exhale up. Try and relax that throat. Two more. Inhale down. Exhale up last one. And uptime for the crisscross. Take the ball out. Bring your legs together in a tabletop position.

Place the ball right by your knees. Take one hand behind your head, lock the elbow in and bring the other one in. Then we opposition. We open to society. One back to the center and Change Center. Change Center, Change Center change. Go ahead and breathe. Center Change Center, Change Center, change center change.

Last one. You can do it and yeah, relax. I think you cheated on that last six. One, two, the other side. Place the ball right in your stomach. From there, lift your head and shoulders up and just start to rock to massage it back and rock up to sitting. Open your legs as wide as possible. Place the ball right in front of you. Feet start. Flex hands are on top of the ball. What you want to do is push gently down on the ball so you really lift up [inaudible] bounds. Nice tall spine. Now first movement, the ball is going to roll forward. Point the feet. You're going to curl your tailbone under and we leased the lower back.

Rolling the ball forward. It's not going to be very big. It's just a release. Then inhale, press down and that wall. Flex the feet and come back up and I'll roll forward. Keeping the feet flex. The ball rolls forward and roll that up. This is your break. After the series of fi fi point ball goes forward, curl the tailbone on there, rural it back in and left up and exhale right far right hand. Roll it in. Last time we leased that lower back.

Come up, sitting straight and roll forward and up from there. Draw back currently in your tailbone under dry the legs in place the ball right by your feet. Grab onto the backs of your size, curl under rock back and find your balance from there. Stretch the legs and then, and you really want to stretch and band and now stretch the legs. Walk up as high as you can for open leg rocker. Hold it there and we're going to rock and roll.

Roll back and up. Roll back and up. As you go back. Think of lifting your hips to lift your hips up. Now drop your hips down to come back up. That's it. Lift the hips and drop the hips. One more. Oh, not the ball, the hips and up. Hang them up and hold it.

There happened this cell, hold it there. We'll wait. Is that to make up for the series of five that when you skips and place the legs down from there, take the ball out, place it again between your thighs. Grab onto the backs, rolling down, contracting the abdominals. Think of pulling in it up and we were lower all the way down. Bring your legs in. Bring the soles of your feet together. You're going to bring your arms out long to the side as high up as you possibly can, but no higher than your shoulder height. It's comfortable for your soldiers. Right from there I take a deep breath in and on the exhale just let your legs fall over to the right, keeping both shoulders on the mat and bring it back center and again, inhale, exhale over. Inhale, center going to go again, but we're going to only go halfway down to the right so we're halfway down.

Adding on. Extend the legs out long and just hold it there directly to the side. Then bend your knees into the chest and drum back into center than to the other side. Let your legs go to the left. Extend them out straight, just holding there. Then bend your knees in and bring it back to the center. Now adding on for the full corkscrew, we're going to go to the side halfway down. Extend the legs out, lower the legs down as low as you you can do and still control. Bringing them all the way over to the other side.

Bend your knees and bring it back in. Bend to the side. Stretch the legs out, lower down and around. Bend the knees and bring it. Let's do that once more. Halfway to the side. Stretch the legs out. Circle the legs down and around and up, bending, and then over to the other side. Stretch the legs out long. Okay.

Circled legs down around. Make sure you get all the way to the other side. Now Band and brewing it back in from there. Leave your legs right there. Draw your arms down to the backs of your thighs. Lift your head and shoulders off the mat. Now press like Nice symmetrics stretch. Just push into the backs of your thighs.

Start Cherok yourself. Massage in your spine and up to sitting for the saw. Now on the PSI, you're going to sit as wide as you can. Yay. You're going to sit up tall. You're going to take the ball up. You going to take it in your right hand, then place it down in front of your left leg and roll the ball out. Roll the ball in. Pick it up, twist to the side.

Place it down in front of the leg, back arm circles back to protect the rotator cuff and roll it and lift it up. Twist. Place it down. Stretch out. Try and keep both hips down. Roll it in up. Twist Black Sedan. [inaudible] out. Roll it in. One more set. Lift, twist. Place it down. Really roll it out.

Good. Roll it in. Lift, twist. Place it down. We'll let out brewing it in and end up. Then take the ball. Yeah, one hand swing around onto your stomach. For the Flying Eagle. You're going to want to start. You can face this way. You have a lovely bottom, but you can face this way from here. Put your whisk right on top. You're going to start with your head down, but you might want to watch this first.

So you're going to start with your head down, cause a little I to see me, but I'm here. What you want to do is just roll the ball in towards your head and you can see how my shoulders and my lats connect into my back. You want to keep that and then you're going to go up into an extension. Good. You're all smart. Lie Down for rest on top. From there, slowly roll the shoulders down into the pack, the lats connect. Keep that connection and now roll yourself up.

Ah, and roll it back and again from there. G, roll the ball in. Get the connection [inaudible] yourself and roll it out. One more time. Roll the ball in towards your shoulders. Lats connect to the back and come up in that beautiful extension and low right down. Now single leg kicks. What you're going to do is roll the ball in just a little bit and lift your legs off so your knees are off and we're really gonna do single leg kicks. Just kick, kick, kick, kick three, three yeah, four, four, five, five. Stretch both legs out and e's are off and lower everything down.

Now double leg Kik when they turned it into little waltz tempo. So we're going to have kik two three stretch to three lower t three and t three [inaudible] stretch two three lower down t three last time, tier three and stretch to three. Lower down to three and relax. Take the ball in one hand, place the other hand back. You're going to sit back in child's pose with the ball right in at your stomach. I'm thinking maybe forward if you have challenged these in any shape, way or form. Just place the ball underneath it this way and stretch out long in this position. Just take a deep breath and just acts how release. And again on the exhale, sit back in your heels and slowly roll yourself up to city.

Hold onto the ball and come to the front edge smoking mirrors. Now place the ball right between your feet. Make sure it's by the in step or inside your feet and not by your ankles, right, so that you can manipulate the ball as we go. So really get it right between those insights of the feet, I think. Yeah, breathe a little bit lower for the doubt. There you go. Now soften your knees if you need to, and slowly roll down and place the hands right behind your head.

Make sure you feet you nice phase right up to the ceiling. Have that even squeeze as you inhale. Curl your head and shoulders off the mat and look right towards the center of your ball hole. That contraction and then slowly lower back down. Inhale at the bottom, have the squeeze length in the next.

Soften the sternum to come up. Look right into the center of the wall and then slowly roll yourself back down. One more time. Inhale and lengthen the neck, soften the chest, look into the bar, hold it there and then mails back down. Now at the same time, you're going to lift your right leg up, so don't worry, it's possible in here. You're going to lengthen the neck, lift the right leg up, roll the ball up, hold it there for a second, and then roll it back down. Inhale at the bottom. On the exhale, lift the leg up, hold it there. Make sure both feet are still facing, straight up, and then roll back down. Now you can stay with this version or we can make it a little bit harder.

So just choose carefully. Inhale Lexia. Lift the right leg up. Now stay up as you lift the left leg up. Then lower the right leg back down. So now we have changed and bring it back down. Start with the left. The left goes up. Hold it there.

Connect deeper into the stomach as you lift the leg, bring the other leg down and then bring it back all the way. One more set. Lift up on the right. Hold it. Go deeper into the contraction as you lift and lower the right too low. Work the left. One more time. Lift up on the left. Now stay there to change legs up, down, and everything goes down and relax.

Now we're going to do this with a twist. Yes, you thought it was over. Now you're going to lift your right foot and your left elbow only. So we're going to inhale, lift the right and the left. The rest is on the mat, and then bring it back down. Let's go to the other side. Feels good, right? And go to the other side.

Lifted the other elbow stays on the floor. So we have a nice open chest and then we go back down again. You can stay with this version or we can change up in the air. So you two hold it. Come up in the air, tours to the other side, and then come down. Starting on the left, on the left leg, we go up, the right leg goes up and we come back down.

One more set right foot up, hold it, come to the center, lower the right foot and then come back down. Now starting the left, lift up into the center, come to the other side, and then relax all the way down and relax. Bend Unis and take the ball out from between your feet and bring it right on top of your stomach. Place both hands on top of it. Now made sure that the ball is not too high, so bring it down by your belly button, right so you can actually roll over it. If it's too high, he can roll now. Legs are slightly apart.

Press into the bar. As you inhale, push the ball down. As you roll up, bend over it. Start to try to stay as close to the ball as possible. Lengthen the spine up. Now you're going to push into the ball and you're going to press yourself back down to the floor. Inhale at the bottom. Push the ball into what your stomach that pushes down to get you up and curl all the way over. Then roll up to a beautiful spine and are.

Press yourself down as if you are ironing out your spine, so you're going to press it all the way. No more wrinkles. One more time. Head up Kerlin roll up all the way stays close to the bottle as possible. Now give me a long spine before we press into that spine, into the ball to push yourself all the way down. Keep reaching with the heels so we touch in the center and relax. Then bend your knees and place the ball right underneath your feet.

This time we're going to be right on top of the ball. Remember in the beginning, we're in front. Now we right on top to check that you're a cancer cure on the bar. Press your feet into the ball, curl your tailbone under, and you're going to lift yourself all the way up into a shoulder bridge. Then soften. Roll all the way back down. Once your tailbone is back on the mat, stretch the legs out.

Roll in the bottle away. Flex your feet to release those back of the legs and then roll it back in. Then take the ball and you're going to sit right on top of the ball with your legs hip with the Bart. Now you might to wiggle it a little bit to make sure you're sitting right on top of it because the tendency is to sit side the in forward or behind it, whatever. So make sure you should ride on top. Once you feel secure, open the arms to decide. Get a nice strong straight spine.

Now try not to move anything underneath you as you start your spine twist. So you should not have any bulging balls one way or the other. And then come back to this side that did not come out right and then go the other way and then come back to the center. We'll one more set and create a long now. Reach from fingertip to fingertip. Create a long wingspan and come back to the center and then go to the other side.

Now if this was to secure for you or you want to live on the edge, bring your feet into a diamond shape position right now. Be careful if it gets wobbly as you started lifting the arms up and now do your spine twist. Keep that lift, ride through that pelvic floor into the abdominals. As you come back to the center and then go to the other side. Keep the length, keep the length, keep the length, keep the length, come back to the center and then place the hands back down. Very nice place. You feel in parallel position, cruel. You tailbone under, you're going to get a free ride coming off the ball.

There you are. Now you have to be careful with this exercise. Keep the ball behind you. The more the balls in your lower back, the more of an arch you will create and the more unstable the position gets. So if you have a cranky back, bring the bottom more underneath your shoulders, right? It'd be all flatten out the spine. You won't Archie as much. So plays the barbers comfortable for you. That might change when once we do the exercise, you don't worry about it.

Hands behind your head. Inhale, you come to a straight line. As you exhale, let yourself go over the ball and go, oh, then come up to a straight line and then you come up into the crunch and it's more like [inaudible]. So you go into a straight line and you go, there we are, and they come up to the straight line and ego. Be a woo. No place you feed into a diamond shape position. Inhale, exhale, curl. Inhale, come to the straight line. Exhale, come into your crunch. Inhale, go to the straight line X. He'll go over any of them.

Now go to the straight line and stop. As you exhale, bring your right leg, your left knee to are you right elbow your left knee towards each other. Keep the leg turned out. Come back to the straight line, place in the foot down, and then come back into the extension into the orange. Inhale, come up. Exhale, twist. Inhale back to the center. Exhale, wheelies over. Inhale up. Exhale, twist, all the way. Inhale, come back to the center. Exhale, come down and it'll come up. You exhale, go over someone that's surfing. Come back through the center and Exhale, release. Now come up straight. Then once you're up, place your feet do parallel. Place your hands on the floor scooping and roll yourself up.

Then phase me and we're going to go into the sidekick position. So the bottom leg is bent the ball, let's all face with our heads that way. So we're all the same way. So I don't get confused and I'll change too. How about that? So lays the bottom like bent in a 90 degree angle. The ball is right underneath your waist and you just gonna lean down on it.

The top leg is in line with your body, right? So now hold onto this hip and push that hip away. So we lengthen the spine and place the hand back down. Now to make sure the neck doesn't hurt too much, just look down towards your hand from here. Lift the leg up and bring the leg behind you before you bring it all the way to the front and bring it back and front.

And I make sure that the ball does not move underneath your body back and front and back and front two more times. Back and front and back and front. And then relax it in the middle without changing anything player. Bring the leg on the floor as far behind you as possible and then bring it back to the center. Bring it all the way far back. Now stay here. Bring it back a little bit more.

I knew you had more in you and bring it back to the center. Bring it back behind you as far as you can. I don't change your hips. Now lift that leg up. Lower the leg back down and slide it back to the center. Yeah, that was a shocker, wasn't it? Go back as far as you can. Then lift it, lower it and bring it back down. One more time. Back length to lift length and to lower and bring it back down.

Take the ball out from underneath. You lie all the way down and then change legs. So now the top leg is right on top of the ball. The bottom leg is in line. Again, we let your head lift the bottom leg as high as you can. Don't let it travel to the front and bring it down.

Keep it right underneath you and lift it up and bring it down and lift it up. Bring it down. Now with the top leg, push into the ball, then lift the bottom leg, lower the bottom leg, then release the ball so you press and lift and lower and relax and press lift. Lower and relax. Hold onto the ball, push yourself up, placed about back underneath your waist, and then lean on top of it again. Now the arm that we were leaning on during the site, psychics, place it right in front of you. Now the other hand isn't behind your head. This leg will slide forward and back, but if cannot lift off the floor. Okay, we've got to deal.

We're going down and up, one and down and up. Two and down and up. Three and four. Stay up here and I'll take his hand away. And again, down up one, ah, down. That was different to down up three last time. Stay up place they had done quickly.

Now this hand goes behind your thigh and this will help you keep this hip forward, right? Take the hand and reach for your foot. Roll into the ball, circle the arm to the front. Do not touch the floor. Hang out. Bring your arm back to your front. Circle back to the same foot and around and stretch and around. And two more times down and stretch.

End Up three year ago. Last time. Ah, and reach. End Up. Stay up and relax. Bring your feet into a diamond shape position. There you are. And then hold the ball in your hands. Inhale, lift the bar. Exhale, curl yourself back, pushing the ball forward. Open the arms. Place the ball on the other side. Roll the ball out and have a little stretch and come back up and bring it down.

Inhale, lift it up. Exhale, push. Inhale, open the chest. Exhale, stretch all the way over. Come back up and relax. Back Down. One more set. Here we go. Her ass back. Open it up and roll it away.

Cam back up. One more time. Lifted up and stretched it. Low back. Open it wide. Go all the way over. Come back up and bring down nobody noticed and we'll go to the other side of the sidekicks. Here we are. So please the ball in the small, in the side of your body. The knee is at a 90 90 degree angle. The top like is in line, hand on the hip.

Roll it away and then take the hand off. Look down at your hand, lift the leg up. Do not move the ball as the Lego. See the back and to the front and two and and three and front and four. Keep the ball still and five we have two more and reach and front.

Last time back and front and bring the leg in line with your body. Hip stays over. Hip Foot stays on the floor as you travel it back and bring it back to the center and travel it back a little bit more. Thank you. And bring it back to the center. Bring it back and center.

Now bring it back as far as you can and hold it there. Try Not to change the hips as just the leg comes up. Bring it down and slide back center. Bring it back. Think of someone that's pulling your leg out. When you lift it, pulls it out to bring it down and bring it center. One more time with feeling that Lens, burning it down, and then relax. Good.

Take the ball out a lie all the way down. Getting ready for the interview. Fine. So the first one, the leg is right in the neath you did top like is relaxed on the ball. Lift the leg up and bring it back down and lifted back up and bring it down. One more time. Lift it up and bring it up. Now press the ball down, lift the leg up, lower the leg, release the ball, and we press to lift to lower to relax.

One more time. Press lift. Lower. Relax. Push yourself up. Ready for the sites, it ups. Even when you're not ready, they're still coming. So make sure everything is in line. The arm that you were leaning on. Stretch it straight out and you can use that arm right in the beginning.

Don't lift it like go. Going down, up one. Inhale down. Exhale. Up and down and up. One more time down. Now take that hand off and let's just keep going. We're going down and up one and we go down up to very nice, only two more. And then we do it with a twist. Lift up and hold it.

Pull graceful plays the head in front of behind your hip. Then lean towards the foot or roll it down and length and try not to touch the floor. Bring it to the front. And one big swoop you come back up. Very nice. Going around and reach and around her. I use that hand to push that hip forward and roll back to pushed in a hip forward. One more time. Ready? Go now round. We're coming up and we stay up and now we have deserved a nice stretch.

So open the legs as wide as possible. Plays the ball in front of your right knee with your left hand on top. I know right left lev, right. Stay at nice and now roll the ball out towards that foot as you go to the other foot. So we're going to go in opposite directions and then come back to your center.

Push the ball away as you re now. Try to keep your right hip firmly on the mat. As you twist your body and look at your left knee. Come back to the side. Now keep pushing the ball out. As you open the chest up towards the ceiling.

Come back to the side, rotate back to the knee. Come back to the side. Open all the way. Come back to the side. Stay here now most likely you can side with a little bit more. Ooh, and come back to the center. Let's go to the other side. So place it in front of your left knee with your right hand on top and the other arm up. Push the leg away. Uh, push the bottle away as you stretch over.

Keep that. I'm active on the ball. There you go. And bring it back to the scent. Very nice and stretch it out. Now we stay here. We go towards that leg and come back to the center. Push the ball away and open. Try to rotate from your chest, from your sternum. Come back to decide. Look Kiva the left hip on the floor and reach and open the chest.

As much as you can. Come back to the center side, stretch more and bring it back up and, and relax for and come to the front edge of your mat. You're going to place the ball right behind you. We're going to do this like the small barrel spine corrector. So what you're going to do, the same way you get on, if you're familiar with the spine corrected, this leg is long, the other leg is flat against. You're going to place the ball so it's really wedged into your lower back.

You place your hands down at your sides, curl back and your tailbone and your [inaudible] roll right up and over the tri ball. Now once you're up, if your hands feel your hips, feel the ball, they should be all in one long line. If they're not, you have to play, shove feet down and do the little spread Flintstone. Walk forward or back to adjust your hips. Then check again. Once you're there, palms are down flat on the mat from here. Push out in a frog position. Out and bend it in. Make sure on the frog that you're really pushing from the hips, not your knees.

Yeah, I'd go be a little daring. Go a little bit low. At least 45 good. Now that we're daring, take the hands off. Leave them down at your sides. Don't fall off the ball. Find your center good and push it out. Oh, let's do that once more. But don't lift those legs. I ain't know that trick.

Try and leave them low and then knit back in and place your hands down. Then stretch your legs straight up towards the ceiling. From there circles, you're going to open the legs. Circle down and close and bring them up. Open. Circle down around and close and BREEAM up. Open. Circle down around and bring them up three more. But take your hands off. Open, so-called round up and close down.

Fall there we got now where you see those abdominals last time and place your hands down. Then bend your legs in for a little break and we get to reverse those circles. So hands are down. We go down, open up together, lowered down, open together. The last one and you guessed it. Hands off, down. Open up to get down. Open up together, down, open up together. Very nice and place your hands down.

Legs back into the [inaudible] position for a little break. Stretch your legs straight up from here. Lower them down just a little bit in tiny little beats with your inner thighs. Just beat two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hold it. Lower down to about 45 and be too three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hold. Now, stay there or lower it even a little bit more and be two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hold it and bend your legs back in. Stretch your legs straight up from here like big scissors.

Bring your right leg towards your head and your left leg down towards the floor and like think of splitting your like split and split and split and stretch, stretch, stretch, last set, stretch. Bring both legs up from here. Grab onto the ball with your hands in to make sure the weight is in your forearms. From here, using the leverage of your legs, your legs are going to start to lower and as they lower, you're going to lift your head up and you're going to come up on top of the ball and balance and then use the legs. Bring the leverage back up. Bend your legs back and control frog for a little break. Now stretch your legs out using again the leverage of the legs and keep breathing.

Lift your head and shoulders off and we're balancing and then we do exactly what you want to do. Let your legs come down and go, ah, take the ball in your hands for teasers or you're gonna place your hands right on the side of the ball. Sits right here. Yeah, place it and press into your stomach. Curl back as if you're gonna roll down seat currently in the tailbone under pulling the abdominals in. There'll be a point where your legs feel like they want to float up. We'll let them float up and let the ball roll up your legs. Very nice. We'll wait for you.

Then we roll down halfway and then we roll back up and we rolled down halfway and we roll back up. Then we slowly lower the legs down and we do it all over again. Pull the ball into your stomach, roll back. You'll feel that right to the point where your legs just want to float up off and as it floats, roll the ball up. Now in a perfect world, the feet stay right here and you roll down halfway with your upper body and you roll halfway up. I'll make you look good and roll it down. You can kill me later and lift it up and hold it there. Holding.

Then we float down and relaxed. Fun. They're swinging around for swimming. So you're going to place your hands on top of the ball. Now think of the ball as those little paddleboards. You know when your pools, so you have your wrist on top. Press down, roll it in a little bit. Lift your legs off from there. What you want to do, lift your head up and start swimming.

And because we're on the beach and if you want to make it more fun, which means more difficult, all you're going to do is roll up in a little bit more in extension as if you're riding the waves that are right outside behind me and just swimming and rolling it in, and again, swimming. I roll it in and relax. Then the ball in one hand, you're going to sit back and a child's pose, but you're gonna place your feet on top of the ball, so that's a little bit different of a child's pose. From there, you're going to stretch your hands out and just stretch here. From there, kind of up to all fours. You're going to lower yourself down. Make sure your [inaudible] a little bit in front of your shoulders so they're not right underneath, but a little bit in front because we're going to go down to half plank and you guessed it, pushups, or we're going to go down and up, down and up. Nice.

Down and up and now push yourself back into child's pose. Just three, come back to all fours. Found their half plank. Now stay with half plank, or if you want to make it more fun, take your knees off and three pushups. Here we go. Down and up. Keep pressing the tops of the feet into the ball. That's it. Down and up. Place your knees back down.

Sit back down in child's pose. Last time. Come out on to all fours, half plank or full plank. Life is full of choices. Choose wisely and down. One and two. Good as far as you can go. And three and you're up. Lower the knees down and sip. Ah, then take the ball out from beneath your feet. Place it right in front of your right thigh.

You're going to bring your foot forward. Make sure you have the outside hand to protect the knee. You're going to make sure the knee is right over the ankle and we're just going to do ease lunge. Just pressing forward. You might have to adjust your foot more forward. Just make sure the ankle is there. If you want to increase the stretch, bring the hands up.

Think of dropping your sits bones down and pushing that pubic bone into the [inaudible]. Ah, you deserve the stretch. Now, if you want to make it more, you can leave your hands there and think of arguing back, pushing your pubic bone forward, and then come back. Bring it in. Sit Back to release and change legs. Bring the other leg forward again. Make sure the ankle is tracking right over and for safety for the knee.

The place that I'm aside, the hand start with the hand down. It's easier. And then if you have the flexibility, you can bring it up. Placing both hands. They really think of the sits bones, the dropping down and the pubic bone curling forward to get that stretch. If you want to increase it, just keep pushing forward and arc up to think of lifting your chest up towards the ceiling and bring it back from me here. We're not going, you're going to just roll the ball in with your knee. Come to the front edge of your mat and we're going to do the seal with a ball.

So what you're going to do, place the ball in between your feet. You're going to reach in between and try and grab your feet, right? Just your ankles to really grab those. Then from there you're just going to roll back and come up and hug and we'll pack up three more. Roll back and up and back.

Nice. Smile up last time and up in. You're holding it there. Place the ball down. Take it out. You're going to cross your legs so there. Cross this way. Come onto your knees and right into the cat stretch. From there you're going to roll the ball out.

Think of lifting your chest and then rural impact on any and again rural that lifting the chest and exhale round. Yeah, and rolled it out and roll it in. From there, you're going to stay in the rounded position. You're going to bring one foot forward. Bring the other foot forward too in a little squat position, a joint.

He's down on the floor. As you push down on the top of the ball, stretch your legs and band and release, pushing down and you just want to stir Rach, stretching those legs and bend last time. Stretch. Change your grip so it's on the size of the balls. Slowly roll yourself up, bringing the ball right into your, just in your right hand. Place the ball and just inhale, open, and exhale. Bring it back in. Inhale left and bring it back in. I'll go lower so you can stay and breathe it in last time.

Bring it in. Now it's in at your chest. Think of inhale as you bring the ball down. Exhale, bring it back into your chest and just inhale and exhale and use your breath. Just to center yourself for your day, your evening, and just taking the complimentary breaths, thanking your body. You made it through the last time. You're just going to inhale. Leave the bowl down there through nice, deep, accidental stretch out long the spine. Good work, guys.

Thank you very much.


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These guys don't issue instructions but rather cajole us into joining them! Their explanations are so detailed I hardly needed to look at the screen. Wasn't sure why is was classified as level 2/3 til I hit the 40 min mark and we did those oh-so-difficult diagnonal lifts without the arm support. Now there is something to work on! Loved watching Kristi execute that teaser with her arm ever so gracefully extended above her head. No one in the studio gave her humorous touch any attention....but I laughed out loud. Like Meredith said in one of her videos...laughing is good for the stomach muscles. Thanks for setting that kind of tone in your studio Kristi...serious work with light hearts!!
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Wow! Wow! Wow! Side leq lift series! holy cannolli!
Loved this class. So many variations with the ball. Am defiantely going to do this one again. Thanks guys
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Love love love. More more more. ESP loved criss cross with ball @ feet, side setup series, & teaser to name a few!
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Michael & ton, Thank you very much for sharing this with us. I enjoyed it very much. We don't have reformers, cadillac or any other equipments where I live. totally depending on pilates on line, mat workouts. This is just great. blanche.
Fantastic class I have used the Bender Ball but that gets expensive to purchase. Loved the change of movements. Creates muscle challenage. Thanks to you both. Suzanne Carvalho R.N. Pilates Instructor.
Thank you Joni .I sort of figured, if I can't actually do what I'm supposed to, I can at least add a little flare to it for fun (if only for myself)! I love the way you say they cajole you into joining them... So true!
WOW! Thank you Ton and Michael!
Igual de divertidos que cuando yo tomé clase con ellos en España. Una clase dura pero me encantan. Muchas gracias.
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Brilliant. So intelligent and eye opening. Joe would be proud!
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