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Energetic Mat Flow

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In this Mat Workout taught by Meredith, you'll get a little stretch, a little strength, and a little of everything else. Enjoy going deeper into flexion, rotation, and extension using the Theraband. Energetic, full-body BASI Flow™ class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Jul 01, 2012
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Today's a really, really exciting day because we have, and Maxwell and her boyfriend, Steven and Christie, but she's not that big of a deal. No, but they've come all the way from New Jersey to come to Palladia anytime and take class. So we're excited that you're here and welcome. Welcome to, Oh yeah. Birthday at the end. Yeah. This class we'll say, okay. At the end of Class I'll Sarah Nature, Huh? No, that's a bad idea. Okay. So just step on your band and you don't want a ton of resistance yet.

So half 10 maybe quarter 10 okay. And then we're just gonna face me finger and walk this way. Okay. So standing tall and just take them off. Maybe close your eyes for a second and let the shoulders just fall. The band will pull the shoulders down really? And inhale, just not moving anything, feeling the entire trunk expand three dimensionally and exhale. How can you support that and still create length in space and just one morning in hell for nothing. And one more exhale. And with that, maybe opening the eyes and inhaling again.

And now we just start a sanding roll down, allowing the head to fall forward. As you roll down the band will go slack, let it, it's okay. Then we just round the spine down or reaching down, taking the tip of the head into the floor and inhale. And as you exhale, start pulling up on the abdominals. Allow the pelvis to do a slight shift forward so it comes just over the knees and then stack the bones of the spine or were right on top of the hips.

Then the band will just give you a little resistance, which might give you a little bit of a stretch in here and let the head fall forward. And if you find that you didn't feel like you had enough resistance at that time, you could take a little bit closer grip towards your feet when you're down there at the bottom. So we inhale there and now we lift and we create a sense of lightness, building the spine straighter, taller with support, and allow the shoulders to reach down and back. And one more inhale and exhale as we reached down. Yeah, and inhale and exhale as we just undulate through this spine lifting up. Now I'm going to turn, but you guys can stay where you are.

Just wrap the dam out, wrap it and a little tighter on your hands. I have a burn on my hand. I just ripped the scab off. Isn't that a lovely picture? And so lift a little taller and just press back on the arms. I'll give that band a little resistance and the arms down and reach back and down. So I don't want the arms to go forward of the body, but just down the sides of the body and reach back.

So we create a little opening through the chest here. Little stretch to the chest and forward. And we'll do that two more times. Reaching back and forward and reaching down and back. Nice and forward. And last one. Hold the arms back. This time, reach towards the ground with your hands. Turn your head and look in one direction.

Reach backwards in that opposite shoulder and center with the head and turn the head the other way. Opening through the neck and come back to center. And then carefully just step out of your band and bring it up in your hands. And I'm going to UN double my hands and take them just out in front. So now we take the band up, give it a little bit of a pull. I'm going to do some lateral work here, so we want you to reach up, go up to go over inhaling, see a weight on both feet and maybe specifically on that foot.

You're reaching away from an lift and reach up to go over. Just yawning through the whole body, pushing down through the opposite foot. Anil left, so we create a sense of of upper back work of pulling on the band and lift. But all the while keeping the shoulders held, still anchoring with the opposite foot and up. We're going to do one more. I'm gonna change it a little. Go over to the other side, take the bottom arm and pull on the band.

Increasing the stretch through that side. Lift that arm up and exhale with the obliques to come up. And inhale as we go over to the other side. Let's exhale it as we just deep in the stretch. They're holding that upper shoulder, nice and stable.

Lift and lift all the way out and now we just take the arms all the way behind us. If you don't have enough space, give yourself a little more space. Just tap the back of the body and reach up and let's go all the way down and let's rise up onto the toes ahead. Stay lifted, reach all the way back, reach wide all the way back up, holding the balance, bringing the band down. Has the heels come down and just one more like that. Lifting up and reaching back. Good. Staying lifted, lifting, reaching the owls down. Good. Nicely done. Let's sit.

I don't want the band yet. Just reach it down and set it down in front of your feet and then sit up nice and tall. Holding onto the backsides of the legs. We'll use the band in a little bit, but first I want us to just use our arms. Arms are stronger than the band anyway. Pull the elbows out wide. Almost like you're trying to pull your legs apart and then squeeze your legs together so you get a little internal and work and from there around the spine.

But keep the shoulders right where they are. Keep trying to pull the elbows apart as you squeeze the inner thighs, keeping them the legs parallel and lift. And as we exhale, we curl the spine, creating that nice strong upper backwards and we lift and we curl the spine, arms, pulling out legs, pulling in, deepening into that contraction and left. And as you do that two more times, we keep the shoulders right over the pelvis, right over the pelvis, allowing the Chester reach into the pubic bone and the pubic bone to curl up into the chest. One more time here, excelling, defined that curved shape from there. Hold that curvature. Don't change anything. Just let go.

Start Rolling yourself back. So you're going to get to the low back. I'm coming, reaching down. Inhale the arms out to the side, breathing into the arms, press the arms back forward, roll yourself up, staying around. And then as you lift your spine, press your arms. Why [inaudible] and then push the air forward. Curl reaching the arms away from the abdominals, which are bringing you down into the ground. Inhale, breathing with the arms. Exhale, breathing with the ons, right. We push all the air out of the body.

We inhale for nothing. Or inhale for intensity, MIBI and rounding, uh, and then building the spine towel. We'll do that one more time in you and push and as you push, create the death through the spine, through the abdominals. Nice job, Helen. Open breathing into the arms and then press and enrolling back up. And here we just reach for your band. She'd be right there for you. Hook it around your feet.

You have to lift your feet up to get a placement on the band. A great and inhale, lifting talk. We're going to take it into some rotation. We're going to find the curve first. So curl backward as you find that lower back connection, bend your arm closest to me and twist. Reaching the other arm out in space and center and and India and Exhale, curling the spine and then creating the rotation, working that rear deltoid and center and Nice and light on the up like you almost pop up and then dig deep to go down. That's where the energy is.

And dig deep in the rotation and then find center and just lift flow and exhale as your curl pushing the feet into the band and we turn and we come back and lift and just one more to each side, reaching back, creating the rotation. Remember to reach forward with this straight. I'm just as much as you're pulling back with the bent elbow, inhale and lift. I don't know how I'm breathing. I'm exhaling now. I think I'm still excelling now. I think that's where my queuing was. My non-existent queuing and India and extra to come and I just want you to straighten out your knees and lift to talk and we're going to turn the hands over and bring the elbows back.

Good and forward and lifting the spine, reaching the elbows back. So as the arms go back behind your body, draw them close, like they're rubbing against your sides and then close together behind you. And that'll help us find our left and pull and reach and pull. Is it going to be one of those days where everyone else looks like they're working? Way less hard than me. Try and reach. And so a nice warm day in Santa Barbara and around the spine. Push your feet into the band. Try not to move your feet at all. So we just reach and we work the abdominals away from that resistance into the band.

Come all the way down onto your back and then lift the head and chest back up and reluctantly lift the back off the mat. So keep the low back down. Keep the low back down, keep the low back down. As you curl forward. This time from the round shape, we lifted it back, bringing the elbows out to the side. Yep. And then we take the arms forward, rounding back, bringing the low back first, feeling that mobility in the pelvis area. Nice. You guys come all the way down and on the inhale, lift and exhale as you curl. Reluctantly, keep the low back down as long as you can, and then find the rounded shape over the hips. Bend the elbows to the sides to bring the back law and reach forward.

We'll do that twice more. Rolling back. Nice control and this mobilizing through our spines and lift, pushing away with the legs, pushing down with the legs, finding the rounded shape and brooming the spine up. Nice, beautifully done. And reach. Create an oppositional pull through the abdominal. Slide the spine into the mat and down and lift. I'm curling all the way back up. One more time. We just lifted the back, bringing it back up nice and long. Getting at Nice rear shoulder work, Alan. Lean just two inches forward. That's it. Reach the arms forward.

Bend your knees. We're going to do a little mini curl. This is what you're after, isn't it, Christi? Lots and lots of reps. Lots and lots of miniature reps. Okay. So find your shoulder blades, find your shoulder blades, and then just intensify that curl. So you're barely lifting. Just lifting a teeny bit higher endow and a teeny bit higher as we just imprint into that lower spine and down and teeny lift.

Nice and down. If it's too hard, give yourself a little bit more support by holding a little closer to your feet and down. We're going to do four more. Here's one. And and pull yourself down as well as that and three and oh all the way up on four and then the, I was on there and take the arms back to straight and find your way down the middle of the Madigan, pushing the feed into the band. Create that sense of opposition, lengthening the waist as you bring it into the mat. Pause there. Turned towards me though the outside band will come a little higher than the inside band. And now we just create that little minutes, your curl on that side and uh, and curl. So we just use the band to help us intensify the work. Just two more and back and one way and back. And then find center, no shifting in the pelvis, rotate the other way.

Keep the knees facing straight ahead. Teeny little lip and teeny little lifts. Both sides of the pelvis are equally placed on the Mac and teeny too. And here's number one. And then we're gonna find our way back through center. Everything's Nice and stuff and we roll up, up, up, up, rounding, rounding, rounding, rounding, straighten out your legs, bring your arms out to the side, lifting the back up on the diagonal and then sit all the way out.

Take the band off your feet. I wish it was a towel right now. I'm good. I'll get one. Take the band in your hands about shoulder distance apart and then the feet real close, real close. And we're heading towards a pelvic curl so you can always adjust your feet at the bottom. So we're going to take our bodies down and then we've made that position a little smaller, but we should be nice and warm through the spine and nice and warm through the ABS. Getting there with control.

The arms will stop just over the shoulders and then we're going to inhale. So setting up for pelvic curled a little bit closer with your feet even. Maybe closer stuff. Yeah. Good. Okay, so inhale, prepare. Just leave the arms there for the first one. Exhale, rolling up. Tilting the tailbone, rounding up. So the spine comes into alignment.

Shoulders to knees. Now we're going to press down on the band is going to come into the thighs and try to press the arms all the way to the floor. So there's our little chest expansion action lifted the band up and the exhale peel down. So those are two movements. What we're going to do them simultaneously. Now inhale, prepare, coming all the way down. Hillen and then up again. So rolling up, pressing into the feet. As we lift the hips, we press the band into the Pfizer, wrapping the band around the size and pressing the upper arms down. Lift the band that start undulating through the spine. Rolling yourself down, down, down until your tailbone comes into neutral. And again, pulling up. Feel the energy in the back of the legs. Press the band down, wrap it around your leg, pushing towards the floor, and then lift it.

Let it float back up, and then peel down. It's nice and controlled. Go ahead one more time. Lifting up and then pressing Libyan down and make a fist with your hands. No, that's not going to work. We're not gonna do that. So anyway, lift the band back up. We're going to do triceps. It doesn't work. So I won't know until you try.

Lift the legs up one at a time into tabletop. Hold the band where it is. We're going to inhale, bringing both knees towards me. Keep the arm still. Yes for the spine. Twist and exhale both knees back to center. So feel that as the knees move across, there's resistance in the center. It resist that movement of the legs, meaning keep pressing the abdominals into the floor as long as you can.

And then into the fine and then back and reaching and back and reaching and back. What's up? Okay, now hold here. You're going to lift straight up. So the BN goes straight up over your shoulders and they take the knees towards the, uh, take the arms towards me in the knees away, reaching that, Bam, up towards the outside of that Shin. Find Center, lifting me arms and reach across the other way and find center and reach a cross God and find center and reach across and find center. Last one here. Reaching across, get up higher and center and reaching across and center. And then just lower the leg, arms down and all the way down. Keep the legs where they are. We're going to stretch the band a little bit.

So when you stretch the band, I want you to feel those back muscles working. Exhale, bring the band up over the knees as far as you can and kind of mark that spot. Take the legs to the floor, the toes to the ground. Pull the knees back underneath the band and lie the head and chest and band down. Exhale, we lift up in here. We tip the chess XL, we pull the and inhale, we go down and exhale. We lift at anytime.

If the band becomes cumbersome or distracting or whatever, put it away. You don't need it, but it's nice and lift. Nice Adam, reach and pull deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper and down. One more. We'd lift, we tip the toast. We dig deep to pull back and we take it down. Now we're going to lift again, stretching the legs out. Inhale, prepare. We're going to do the hundreds with outward pulses today, so we go one, two, three, four, five and in and out. Two, three, four, five and feel those shoulders working and sorry, two, three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five. I'm going to change it after five.

So here's what we're doing in here now. Just stretch the down. Lift up, bend the knees. That's all five. Inhale. Then exhale, push and stretch. Lift wide. Any me arms and exhale, push and stretch. Lift and exhale, push. Nice. Helen, stretch, lift. Go further back with the arms this time and push. Last one. Push. Hold here been and you. Why the body down? Take the arms overhead, stretch the legs out all the way.

We'll lift that in. Chest up and Oh, yours level all the way. Oh good work Stephen. I'm very impressed with your [inaudible] skills. Truly hooked the band or a hundred feet. I'm going to have to make you work a little harder than I think.

Did you cause these whimpering? Okay, so nice tall body. Here's our twist. I enter your fit back. Go forward. Yep. Good. And here we go. We're going to take this arm forward and pull out on the other arm and find center and exhale as we bend the arm that we're turning to and pull out on the opposite arm and inhale and exhale and back. Maybe we focus a little bit more on the bending arm cause it'll be stronger. But we still keep that straight arm working and we'd have to lift the back, right? Lift the backtalk and rotate and center and rotate and center and a couple more times rotate, reach and center. Last one center. I love the band. So that was good.

Center Ben Forward. Put the band away. Either bid needs, maybe Helen, I don't know. Or straight legs. We're going to do the back support. So the arms are going to come back and oppress. So that would work as well. You, anyone can choose. So you reach up through the chest. We're just going to feel just squeeze your legs, the backs of your legs, and push your heels into the floor. With that squeeze, just start to energize almost as though you're floating off the mat. So reaching down into the feet to take pressure off the arms. Good. Reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching. And then as you're sitting down towards the floor, we lift up out of the arms. Nice. And then we just press back on reaching and feel the energy in the legs. Feel the head in the feed. Stretch away from one another and down. Just two more here. Alright. Nice job, Alan.

Great Job and dad, I last one. Reaching out and, and then bend your knees, sliding the arms around the feet, getting nice and close into the legs. Digging deep into the abdominals, hollow out the abdominals. Just a little bit more to float the toes. Nothing else should happen there. And then we're just gonna rock back here. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Good.

Finding that nice stable base of support from the shoulders to the pelvis, rocking back and rocking forward two more times and one way. Okay, take the hands to the knees, push your knees into your hands. Start to curl away, keeping your, it's like reluctantly right? You place your back down, but it's like your knees are trying to hold you up until you just arrive in the double leg. Stretched position like magic and then inhale, arms out, legs that exhale. Circle in bed. Inhale, arms out, legs out. Exhale, circle and feel the back of the legs strong here and back and Ini and push the air through spaces. You come around to the knees and reach and and push through spaces. You come in and reach and pull and rich and poor.

Add one more and pull it. And how are we going to do the single EQ? Stretch both legs on the left knee. Take their right knee, leg straight and change. Nice and solid to the center and change and change and change. We're going to do five of these, so here's a four, four, maybe five. Then we're going to turn into it into a bicycle.

So we stir at the like that's coming to us. Reach the arms full stretch. You could always just stick with that single leg. Stretch, action, reach, pull, reach Paul, reach, pull. Nice. Last Time Ben, both knees, bring your knees into your chest and come down onto the mat. Push yourself back up again, curling the head and chest. Sta. Once there, bring your hands behind your head, Chris. Cross towards me reaching across nice and controlled and up to go over up and three we're heading after five into that bicycle action.

Stick with the criss-cross. If it's better for you. Here it comes. This is five, and then it's go. Okay Christie, I'm with you and her hitch up and reach up with that leg that you're rotating too, but keep it bent as you're turning right at her age and one more reach and reach on. Bring the bottom leg up and bend the knees and place them down on sound at our sides. I'm so inspired with you, Annie, you should come every week and in and lifting the spine. So we just do one pelvic curl just for, for free. But remember that when we had that band, we're creating all of that nice strong upper back work. So let's see if we can recreate it without the band just simply by working through the arms and now excess, slowly reaching your way down, reaching down all the way.

Shoulder bridge. I'm sorry, Steven. Rolling up. Uh, so choices, we're going to lift the left leg up. You can either just keep that leg bent at a 90 degree and tap the toe and come up. Or you can stretch the leg. You decide we're going to take whatever you're doing down and we're doing three down. And then there's this surprise dad and uphold here. Bend your knee, kick it straight out, level to the other knee and bring it back.

Bend. Kick it out and bring it back. One more. Kick it, bring it back. Go the other way down to the knee. Pull and reach up down to the knee. Pull and reach up down to the knee. Pull and reach up. We're going to bend that knee and put it on the floor. So keep the left leg now down on the ground.

Pick up the right foot and put it on top of the left knee. And now we just roll through the spine, pressing the right knee open as we come. And then once you arrive all the way down to lift the left leg and thread through, bringing the knee towards the body and giving yourself a stretch. Just having a couple of breasts here, just gently placing the tailbone a little further towards the ground. Sometimes just energetically in that direction works okay.

And then we place the foot back down on wine. So both feet stay on the ground again, changing sites. Here we go. So healing up. Remember the arms. All right, now we get the left leg stays on the ground and we bring the right leg up and stretch. So we kicked down and pull back one and pull it back to just level with the knee today. And here we go. Now we go level with the knee and bend and kick up. I reversed it, didn't I?

Oh well. And Bend and reach on one more and bend and reach. And now reverse bend, kick towards that bottom leg and swing kick towards the bottom. Like the up is the easy right and reach and up. Ben, put the foot down. Take the opposite leg off the ground. The left leg goes on top of the right knee, left ankle reached the knee away from you as you peel the spine down nice and controlled. And then we just float the right leg. Reach through that little hole that you've created with your legs and guide the legs towards you breathing.

And then I'll allow that light to come towards the ground. Stretch the legs out along the mat, bring the arms out to the side, lift the head and chest with that arm position and reach forward all the way and start rolling back. Keep the arms still as long as you can, as long as you can. Start to open them out, going down towards the Mat. Good. Stay there. When you get to your lower back, hold it right there.

Take the right arm across to the left and open and the left arm across to the right. Hold the center so and open and right on my cross to the left and open and left arm across to the right. That's it guys open. If you can't do it with your arms up and take your arms forward. But we're coming up and I forward and roll back so I'm gonna change it a little sore to widen the arms. So now we're going to go [inaudible] arm for this away from me towards me, up Ben around. Go the other way up, Ben, around just one more to each side. Rotate, lift.

Keep that body lifting and rotate. Left gun all the way up. Oh Man. An all the way forward. Just enjoy the stretch there for a minute. [inaudible] okay, so take that Dan. She'd be right there waiting for you. US separate the legs for the spine stretch.

So nice straight back, straight legs if it suits, if not bend. Okay. And here's how we're going to do this today. So we start with an inhale. Nice and exhale. Let the head go forward. You'll start to lose tension on your band as you start to lose tension, start to bend the elbows. Why pulling back on the band now to come through extension, we're going to stretch the arms out.

We've done this once before already in this class. Push out, lifting the chest out and forward. [inaudible] you got it, you got it. And then just come up. The arms will start. Oh, just shift forward again. Yeah. Inhale, exhale flow. And as you go forward, allow the band to start to move by the elbows, pulling out to the site. Start lengthening the back. Don't use the arms yet. And then as the just it to maximum start reaching out through the arms, intensify that position and then just lift. Bringing the arms forward.

Let's do two more. Rolling. Fighty like it, Chrissy, bending your way there. But don't forget the Ab work, right? So sometimes we get tempted to pull ourselves forward with our arms, but keep in mind that it's also spinal articulation, building the spine and out. Excellent. Helen and sit in Deb's doing pulses. She's a superstar and go forward. And Paul, this is it. Now Debbie, you've inspired me.

We're all going to do pulses and we're all going to be super so, so find that nice flat back and just tiny little backward presses. Ah, and Ah and Ah, ah, and and round forward and roll all the way back up. So we take the band just in the left foot and we're gonna lift the foot up, sit just behind your pelvis and do a single leg teaser here and kind of the climate reaction more. All right, so hold on. Pretty High, pretty high can that you'll see with round out. So keep the foot there for now. Rolling down, watch your pelvis. So it's a really nice place to look down and see the line of the hips.

Keep the foot still just to the shoulders today and then curl inwards again, reluctantly taking the back off, keep that lower back down as long as you can. And as you start to build the spine up straight, say slightly behind the heads holding there, we bend the lifting the back straight in the eyes. You can keep that top knee bent. If it works better for you, it's up to you. And then repeal down, reaching, pressing the bottom leg away. Pause in here. Curl yourself back up. So staying round, staying round, staying around, staying around at the last minute. We take it off.

Nice. Good. And Anna reaching. Last one, going down and curling in there. Okay, good. Just looking for support and lifting and then taking it down. And I do some like circles, so we come all the way down this time as you come down. So we'll get to the shoulder blades and as the head and chest come down, just float that leg up. Adjust your hands on your strap as necessary so that you can anchor your elbows into the ground. Next to you. Swing the leg into the body, around and on into the body around and feel the relationship between the swinging leg and the support through the center, specifically in the obliques.

Pause Center. Let's reverse down our, around across the body and swing around across the body and swing up one more and now we're going to make a bigger circle. We're reversing again. Take the entire pole, this off the ground. Keep the elbow anchored, swinging the leg down around and center the elbow anchors, but the pelvis leaves down around and center. Last one down, all around. Then swing center, stock go the other way. As a lake crosses the body, we pull the pelvis up and then we imprint it back down and our hand keep the opposite. Elbow down. Anchored. Nice. Nice, nice you guys. And down one more reaching. Say there, start to lower the leg. Start to curl the head and chest up. Start ruling yourself up and as your body comes up we just drop forward all the way and take the band on the other foot and here we are.

Okay, so we rolled down one side, sometimes different than the others. I've got to be a little bit fussier about my sat on this side. So just look after yourself. Stay Square again just to the shoulders and then all the way outside. That was kind of a late queue, but there it is. And then building the spine all the way to the top and then reaching down. Push this at like we were doing earlier with the roll-ups, pushed the foot away, feel that you're creating space between the pelvis and the navel and then roll back up and then curl over.

That said space that you've created and pull. Nice and reach. I think we just did one more way. Yeah. Oh whoa. Okay. And then reach and left. Okay. So here comes our leg circles. We take the arms forward, we cry all the way down. [inaudible] the leg off and placing the head down. So three just regular circles with an anchored pelvis sliding across the body, around and up. Let's do that one breath for each circle and a cross in up and then river.

So anchoring with that bottom like on the ground, anchoring with the elbows in the shoulders last time here and now here we go. The whole pelvis lifts, but the opposite arm inkers down around to the side and swing center. Feel that movement, that free movement within the hip joint and last time, all the way up and together. Nice. Go the other way. Let the pelvis leave the mat, push into the band and then pull backwards on the obliques in resistance and around. It's this direction. I feel that most profound abdominal work personally. Okay. And there we are.

And now we send the leg forward and we begin lifting the back, lifting the back good. And just letting the leg come down and reaching all the way over. Okay, so now we're going to take both feet in the band. Uh, let's start the knees bent for this. Sit just behind the pelvis again. Lift the legs up. So if you wish you could straighten your legs. If you don't wish, just leave on bed. It's up to you. I'm going to go I think here. Yeah, bent is fine. Straight aside. Here we go. We're going to do a whole full teaser. So just down control, control, control.

Let's just go to the shoulders again and then we're going to roll on reaching, reaching on, find a straight back and we're going to rotate. Kinda like what we did with the legs down and center and rotate. Holding your balance and center, sitting behind the pelvis, right. Reaching open and center and reaching open and center and roll down. I couldn't draw the just to the shoulders and up [inaudible] and now the under hand row.

So bring it down in an in and straight forward and down and across and straight forward. Nice. Last one down in a cross and straight forward. Down and across and back to center. Bend the knees, place the feet down, let go of the band. We're going to do a little combination here. Rolling like a ball into rollover. Oh, here's how it goes. Sitting just behind the pelvis. As always, we just, let's do two. Rolling like balls, just massaging the spine. It's getting that feeling of being in control in that movement. One more. And so the the, with the rollover it's a little bit more free. So let go, roll down, kick over.

Then the knees Rola and find your balance and roll back and kick over and bend the knees. But stay lifted up there and then Rola. And one more hurdle that kick over and bend the knees. Stay lifted and lift up. So I'm going to take us through the Jack Knife. If you don't want to do jack knife, just do that. So we go over, we kick over and then we rise up into the air pressing, pressing up where you just leave your feet down on the ground and take a stretch and then you bend the knees and we roll up. Nice. So you could just on Steven, if you don't want to do jack knife, just roll over and while we jack knife you'll just take that stretch back. Yeah, perfectly. OK, so and same Helen, if you don't want to go up or you could just do some roll downs, either one.

We'll do two more who were walking back and that stretch and just stick with that stretch or just list and let it be easy and I'll tell you the secret. Its back extensors and hamstrings pushing the away and then we fold and we just rock and there we are at the top. Last one, rocking back, kicking over back extensors and strings. [inaudible] I'm getting mutiny, mutiny words down there and then we're bending and rolling and just open up the knees at the top. It's as comfortable as you can be. Yellow, maybe straight as easier for you. I don't know. So I want us to sit comfortably if this is easier for you to be in and do that.

So we're just going to do a little stretch. So take your arms forward and take the heels of the hands and push and flex the wrist and then open up lifting the heart and enjoy that place. And then round yourself back and just reach over your legs. And as you start reaching out, flex with the heels of the Hansen, the back long start lifting it up just as the back, get straight through the arms start to go behind. You get that nice little upper back extension. Beautiful.

And then flex the hands the other way around, over your legs. And just when we're like that, reaching out, reaching, sending the spine out long. Hmm. And all the way down. And then just roll up from there and we're going to come turn towards me.

Take the outside leg, the one for this away from me. Cross it over the inside intern. Yep. So top leg in front of bottom line, on top and on the ground. You got it for him on the floor. Yeah. Little bit of Ob Court. Yes. Dap. I so excited.

So we find the [inaudible] take the opposite arm either up or you can use it to help you have initially if you wish. Um, and so now we've just lift, straightening the knees. You can keep your bottom knee down and it works really, really well. They're perfect. From there, we're going to go underneath ourselves, reach retreats under and then we're going to unwind the stabilizing that bottom shoulder and reach underneath, wringing out the spy and unwind. Nice. And reach underneath and reopen a how about one more reaching underneath and open and bend your knees to come down. Bring that bottom leg a little closer to you. Stay lifted up off on that shoulder and send the opposite leg out. Good thing. This is a good choice.

I mean just the sidekick and reaching back and suing and back so you can, so we feel that full range. If you're braver than me like Debbie, you can keep your bottom like straight. And last I think I actually just smiled for a photo for the first time ever. Hold here. We're going to go down. [inaudible] are they going to shoot up and touch friend up to go over? Don't sink in the waist up to go over, uh, to go over, uh, to go over last one. Lift up. Did you go over hold there. Take that hand.

Bring it around in front of you. Now use both of your arms still. What am I doing? I'm using my arm where I have my forum to pull my body forward and I'm using this hand to kind of give me a little rotation. So we're in back extension with a little rotation. Now we're just going to squeeze that back button and lift that leg up and up and back, straightening the knee, reaching up through the chest, active through the ohms. Here's number four, number three, number two and number one.

Now spring that leg back around center. [inaudible] straighten the arm. It was just bent. Roll onto your hands and knees. I don't know how many to get us to the other side from you, but we'll find out. Okay. So coming into a friend support position into a friend. Support. Beautiful. Good, good. Little higher with your pelvis. Um, Helen. Yup. There you go.

Now we're just gonna lift. Say the same like again. Left like up, down, touch, up, down, touch, up, down, touch down. Touch. One more. Up, down touch. Take it out, cross it across towards the right elbow. Reach and back and round and twist through the pelvis and each and back. Enter each and back. Reach and back. Place the foot down. Bend the knees. I got it.

We just swing them around to the other side and cross. Yes. Didn't work. Okay. Sorry. That's all right. Sorry. I think it was my fault. It was not clear instruction. Okay, so we hold ourselves up at our waist. You use your hand to help you. If you need to lift, floating up, bottom me down if you want. Just like that. And now we round under, round under good and unwind and round under.

Take that arm and wrap it around your waist and feel how much you're pulling up away from it. And back. I believe there's two more. I'm back. Here's number one or itching and back. And then we just bend to come down and we brought the bottom knee under and keeping that body nice and long topic like is lifted hand behind the head had presses into the hands and we swing and swing. So although there's a swinging feeling, where can we find energy right in the spine and the abdominals and the glutes in the shoulder. Last four here. Nice work.

Last three, last two and last one. And here's our, what are they called? Arcs where you go down. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. This first go up and tap and then like you're clearing a fire hydrant. Oh, that's Jane Fonda Talk, isn't it? And I've been back up in for just five. So here's number three and helps to think about just shooting off the floor.

A little shooting off the flooring down a no, and I have lost count anyone. That's it. Okay. Chrissy says that's it. Turn. Now. Here we go. Let me turn. Put the hands down. So use that, that forum position to help you pull your body forward. Use the other arm to help you increase a loop, create some rotation, then lift the leg up, feel that glute working, straighten out the knee and just out. And so can we find a stretch here through the front of the way simply by working the back of the line. And here's four and three and two and one hand.

Now I'm gonna put the foot down and we're going to swing onto our knees. Again. You're going to put your hands right up near your knees and we're going to do along the stretch. So, um, in my mind, the trick to this exercise is putting the focus focus on your arms. So I've got my toes curled under, can a little toe stretch their, lean your weight into your arms and then curl the pelvis towards the chest and the chest towards the pelvis here and a rounded spine from that place. Simply pull so deeply into the abdominals. Set the knees, just hover off the floor. That's it on. That's awesome. And then just let the knees come down.

So here's another thing that I sometimes think about as the knees lift up, round the spine. So much that it feels like they're pulling forward. And it's not something that you'll see, I don't think, but it's just a different way of thinking about it. And I pull in a lift and and pull lift and a one ready to go lift and down. So that same feeling of being very good around in the back, we're going to change, it's going to be the same feeling of rounding, but we're going to open it out a little bit. So for knees underneath, hips plank position or knees on the mat would work. Here we go.

So what I want you to do is start bending through your lower back. So it's just gonna feel like tucking and then start pulling the knees forward towards the hands down towards the ground. And then straight now, uh Huh. And curl the spine, dropping the nice food word and straight now. And when you straight now create a lot of energy, push the legs back to straight, push the spine out long. Just two more and back. Last one, girly and thanks. Curl all the way down this time on tech the feet and sit back all the way. [inaudible] it's given us a minute or two to stretch the back and shoulders.

Okay. And then just make your way onto your abdominals. What other sign? Wow, I guess we must, yeah. Oh Deborah, come on. Let's do it. I become thanks dad. That'd be great. Love that. Hey. Yeah. Okay, so friends support and sorry, I thought it was so clever.

I got it all in control and I was wrong. So here, try this. Push your leg down, but lift your abs and resistance and up and push the leg down. But lift the avs and resistance and up. There's just one more and then it comes across the body and [inaudible] and across the body. Big rotation there and [inaudible] and three flexing from the Hef her rather than focusing on the knee last one and, and Ben, what other sides can walk away? Uneven. Right. Okay.

You would've been even, I think I would have been extra uneven. Okay. So ons just next to you. Four arms down the entire forum on the ground for head down. So just lightly lift the abdominals and lightly tighten the back of the legs. Not a lot just for support. And then resist the urge to push down with the arms, but instead fill them in Deverin to slide back so the arms will feel as though they're being pulled back maybe an inch or so. And as we do that, we're going to float the head and we're going to pull the spine forward.

Forward. It's not a big left, it's a little less, but it's an intense feeling. [inaudible] and then go back to and get that just little feeling of arms sliding backwards. Like they're on tracks. And then the head goes, excuse me, forward, forward in the, no downward pressure, but more backward pull if you want more back extension. Yeah. And then down. So let's do that again, but let's add some legs. So, um, again, guiding the shoulders back and then as the spine reaches out, just start hovering the legs. I don't want them to lift very high. We just want them to reach away from the head.

Like you're pulling your body in two directions. Good. And then maybe the upper body will lift a little good. And now we're going to bend the knees and maybe we'll still lift the upper body more as we bring the feet towards the back of our head. Yeah. And then stretch the legs out and lower the legs in the body. And again, uh, arms first or back first.

And then as the body starts hovering, the legs start hovering. And then maybe we'll start bending the knees and arking the body nice and stretch all the way back out and lower down. And do that one more time. Yeah. Here we go. Reaching out, lifting the body up, continue dragging the elbows towards the knees. As the feet come towards the elbows, it's nice you to all the way out and take it all the way down.

All right. Everyone's band nearby. Take a hold of that. Turn this way. So we're gonna you decide how much band or how little band you want. I wouldn't go super small, not super small. Just hold it where it's comfortable for you and then it's just gonna rest right of where, I mean we're all a different length I think.

So just wherever it can rest with straight arms. Okay. So from there, lift the legs up, feel pressure on the band, and then we're going to bend the knees and squeeze the Bam without like one, two, three. And now as we stretch out into the AA kick, we're going to bring the arms out, reaching them up, uh, up, taking a fly and then down with the arms all the way. Turn the head the other way, keeping the legs up. We kick, kick, kick, and now start to pull out on the band and reach out through the spine and lift with the arms flying through the air and back and one with the band and one more to each side. One, two, three. And reach as high as you want to. Now it doesn't have to be high. And then down, keep pulling the band down as you're kicking into it and we reach out and all the way down. Okay, that's that. Put the band away. Put your forums on the floor, push into your arms Royce, up with your hips. Walk yourself back to sit down on your feet. We're gonna do the combination next and that's going to be our grand finale kind guide. Okay, so cruel the spine. We'll start rolling. Keep Rolling.

As your hips come over your knees. Start engaging the backs of your legs. Press the pelvis forward. Strong abs, strong legs. Arch the spine upwards, pulling the pelvis forward in its place, the only with support. Good. And now lift up like we did when we were in front support. Rounding the spine. Take weight off your arms, a ride away, and sit all the way back.

I like this on a double breath cycle. Let's inhale. Excellent. As you curl through that flection position, start inhaling as you go into the back extension of her in the body and the Nice and light. Maybe pushing to the shins to curl the spine and sit back. But not all the way. Just have her there and we'll do two more. Exhaling forward. Start in healing as you unwind, rising through space, opening the front of the body. Nice, beautiful you guys.

And then lifting like there's no weight in your body and said all the way back. Nice. [inaudible] we're rolling. Dropping down, lengthening on and reaching back and sit all the way back. Let me just take a moment there. Okay. And then we're going to rule on, y'all can just tuck under with your toes and lift up from there.

I'm going to skip down on the ground so we can come here and go through a rollout or role. Yeah. So just roll yourself up from there. From standing. I'm just going to switch just a little bit more and start to set. So with the band it's nice to have in here. Yeah, I guess I just take it kind of easy. Now I'm giving myself quite a lot of band here so we just get a little press out feeling that outside shoulder working and then start lifting on and then as you get ahead of you to start bending and as you been tried to go elbows forward, hands just slightly back so you don't have to move the head all the way.

That's lovely. Lovely, lovely. And then reach out. Feel the shoulders heavy. So make that the energy and not the pushing up with the arms and lower down. Now if you don't feel that's enough challenge for you, walk in a little. It's up to you. I like it here. Now. Um, and so here we create that just a little bit of energy outwards.

Then as we bend, there's a reverse elbow. Elbows come a little forward. Nice. Helen. Really good. Yeah. And then on the way back, ah, don't just push with the arms. Feel that the shoulders going down is almost creating that outward pull energy. Yeah, it sounds really nice. I'm done. One more and then up and down. Yeah. Good. Can you in that beautiful shoulder stretch and hold the arms there and reach over and now may go around, reach towards the ground and reach all the way around and uh, and go over and reach around and all the way up and drop the band and bring me on as forward and push open to the chest and now reach up and dive over. Here's our exhale. We're going to inhale, noticing the difference in how we feel now. Exhale, lifting up as you come up. Take the arms out in front. Flex into the heels of the hands, right?

Oh, open the body. [inaudible] died into the floor and in here. Extra chicken all the way back. Yes, and that's it, right? Yeah. Hey, hey.


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Lovely Sunday morning surprise!!! I was promised a little of everything and instead got a lot of everything...fav teacher, fav role models and fav prop. Thank you.
Thank YOU Joni!!
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Meredith, thank you for the warm welcome and the wonderful class. I forgot how hard that class was until I watched it! I miss you! Thanks for helping me have the best birthday a girl could have! And thank you PA and Kristi. You have no idea how special this was to me. I am forever grateful! XO
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Oh I also forgot to mention, Stephen and I think Deb and Helen are total Pilates studs!
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Great class Meridith, I broke a nice sweat for sure. You pulled out all the stops. Excellant cueing. And thank you for the stretching.. I needed it!
Annie, it was FANTASTIC meeting you and I'm glad your birthday was special. I thought about you guys all that weekend. Come again soon please. And yes...Deb and Helen are STUDS!
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one of my favorite classes so far! I loved using the theraband. Thanks so much meridith! Queing was perfect
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Really liked this workout Meredith - it was a nice change with the therabands.
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A beautiful workout. Meredith is one of my favorite teachers. Her instructions are clear even though I only use my iPad to watch Pilatesanytime's videos
Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I so appreciate it!
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