Class #770

Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Mat sequence focusing on the series of five but includes a few other important exercises too. Niedra uses creative set ups for helping the newer student effectively work the abdominals.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Standing with your feet together. Just to kind of open up the spine, put your hands on your hipbones and push down slightly with the hand and lift up out of your pelvis and then pull your stomach up s...


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Excellent cues! Great class! Thank you:)
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Had a sore body from long plane rides and this class was exactly what i needed! Stretched out and centered...thank you Niedra!
This is exactly the easy class I needed for the first day of my period when I am feeling drained.
Niedra, thanks for always being so clear with your cues. You have such a sweet personality too. I love your classes!
Thank you, Niedra,here from bordeaux, only had time for the 30 minutes but just did the job. Candida
Loved the simplicity of excercises. Great for starting out. Found some of the cueing difficult and would have liked more reminders about keeping my core on. Thank you.
Thank you Karen, I always appreciate reading what ever you and others post. if you read this please clarify what you found difficult? I like to make my cues VERY understandable and applicable so you tweaked my curiosity.
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Sore gardening body and this provided exactly what my back needed. I'm a power Pilates instructor and enjoyed the clear instructions and variations. Thanks Niedra.
Nice to meet you Lorie, always nice to meet a fellow teacher from the same lineage. Gardening is good for the soul, so you probably have a wonderful garden.
Thank you, Niedra! Great, clear workout.
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