Class #828

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Enjoy this BASI Pilates® Style Mat class with a little Tracey Mallett motivation tossed in. Moving through this intermediate class you'll practice all your favorite exercises like Double Leg Kick, Open Leg Rocker, Swan Prep and Swimming. Near the end of class Tracey offers up additional Leg Work for good measure.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Tracy mallets and we're going to do a a politesse class today, so we were ready to feel stretched, feel lengthened, feel a nice, strong core stomach. Okay, we're going to put our feet hit with...


Yay, new Tracey Mallett!!! :)
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Nice session...ESP loved the variation on rollups, whipping motion of leg circles and the cues..."legs are active, not passive!". And "one more, not one less". Thank you
Really like the simple but very precise ques!
Lovely class, thank you!
video is not coming up for me?
video not coming up for me either
Video is not coming up for me also
No vid for me either. On any page Ioq into.
Hi all ~ We are sorry about this problem viewing videos. We are working on it. Please bear with us as we sort this out. e hope to have everything running smoothly soon. Thank you for your patience!
Still no video....
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