Class #834

Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Distinguished instructor Kyria Sabin Waugaman joins Pilates Anytime for the first time with this Reformer Class representing the work of Ron Fletcher. She and her colleague Deborah Mendoza share 5 Reformer variations reflecting the depth and intricacy of Fletcher Pilates. A full body work out that is focused, continuously expanding in its complexity and beautifully demonstrated. Welcome Kyria!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hello. I'm curious Saban, I'm director of Fletcher Polonius international and I'm, this is Deborah Mendosa. We've been working together for 17 years and I'm very pleased to present on Pilati sunny tim...


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HI Kyria and Deborah, That is a very good class, love it . It gives good stuff to work on!! beautiful stomach massage serie ! We can feel the work coming from a deep breath! Thank you to Ron to share this work with us.
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After watching the class, i took the class ! I feel great, thank you again Kyria & Deborah!! Hope to see u soon for more :)
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Beautiful Beautiful Class !! your wonderful cueing~ Kyria and execution~ Deborah brought my connection so deep !!
Thank You :)
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beautiful, what else can I say? thanks for sharing it with us.
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Pilates Anytime, you rock! Thank you Kyria and Deborah, this is no.1 in my playlist!
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Beautiful the variations. My spine feels amazing right now. Perfect cueing...barely had to watch video. Seamless transitions....not a second wasted. Thank you so much
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Beautiful! Thanks for this! :D
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Loved the precision and concentration of teacher and student. It was so clean and deep. Deb has such healthy feet; they inform the rest of her body. Thank you PA, Kyria and Deb.
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Excellent, thanks for sharing.
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Hi Deborah, It's Sandra from was really a pleasure seeing your beautiful routine and observing wonderful kyria teaching! I really learnt a lot from this class...hope to see something else soon ;) I'm looking forward to meet kyria on may in Italy! I'm really enjoying my new fletcher pathway...thanks!
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