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Dance-ilates Fusion

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Distinguished instructor Jillian Hessel brings her 30 years of Pilates experience into this class she calls Dance-ilates. Dance-ilates is an energizing fusion workout designed to stretch, tone and strengthen your core and improve your posture. It combines the benefits of yoga, dance, and Pilates with a motivating soundtrack to get your heart pumping and your spirit smiling. If this is your first time taking class we recommend you watch the 10 minute introductory video where Jillian explains the terms she uses in this class. You can find that class here Class ID 799
What You'll Need: Mat, Table Chair

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Begin with your feet and legs. Press together as if you have only one leg balanced evenly on the toes and balls of both feet. Be sure you track both kneecaps directly over the center of the toes as you perform me Benz heel. Active energy traveling upward from the soles of your feet into the legs and on up into the pelvis. Now draw the pelvic energy upward through your spine and out through the crown of your head as if someone were pulling a marionette string.

Always breathe in fully through your nose and exhale out through your mouth. Contract your lower belly muscles and squeeze your buttocks together to support your low back. Place your hands on the hips to begin and the wash the body ready. Inhale, reach up to prayer. Exhale, reverse draw up to center again, down to go up and back. Separate the feet. Second position quicker. Bend, reach up. Inhale. Exhale. Two more.

Then reach up. Now leave your hands up and flex the wrist. We're reaching to the left, right, left eight. This is five, six, seven, eight reach. Bend slowly, ah, and reach up again. Flex the wrist. Left, right, left, right. Five, six, seven. Now double time please, Ben. Four Times. Inhale, exhale.

Exhale. Lead the arms up. Left arm reach. Push the wall away. Four Times. Be careful not to lock your elbow now bend the left knee, right arm. Push in. Excellent press. We're repeating this again. Shift over and to press three press four, three last height X.

Actually push that wall away now. Straightened both knees, arms up. Inhale, bend your right knee. Wash the body. Inhale, center. Exhale. Push down twice more slow and breath and exhale. Double Time. Ready. Inhale the right kidney. No bad accident. We have seven of these. That's four, five, six and seven. Get ready to step together. Step forward with the left step. Step other side. Stepped forward. Forward. Now we're going to step out to the side. Same thing.

Shoot the arms out and out. Draw it up to center. Four times other side. Oh Dude. Everybody step boxing now stepping back both arms forward to step change. I don't say step change to three. Get ready to step open. Why the second position? Right arm open.

Lift up in him. Ben Sideways. That's man. Stay there. Big Breath. Inhale and exhale. Lifted up, falling up. Him Change his front side. Lift. Oh. Oh. Big Breath. Lift the rib away from the ways.

Let the head go. Now follow your left hand and change right open. Big breath faster. Oh, over. Follow the hand up. Change. Oh them lift up. Change over. Change over. Lift up. Change. Now adding on. Turn. Flat back, diagonal turn.

Sigh. Oh, reach rapid. Turn up and change. Step together. Wash the body against six positions. Cross the wrist. Wash your body. Lift the head and back to the hips. Kay. Good isolations. We're starting with the hips. Feet, hip width apart. Hands on the kids. Tucking the pelvis under. Forward and back.

Ready by six, seven, eight. Tuck it under. Come straight to the back. You get to arch your back here. It's fun. Back. We have four sets. This is three back and under and back. Side to side. The left, left. Sandra, keep your shoulders out of it.

Just the hips. That's it. Good. Keep your Tommy lifted. Good. Now we're going to go in a circle. Ready? We go. Front side. Back side, front, side, back. Reverse it front to back. Good back both circles. Ready Round. We've got push the walls away.

Three for good ladies. Me Versus two, three. Now get ready. We're going to change to the ribs. Ready? Front Center. That's it. Hands on the shoulders, friend center. Good Christy and front center.

Back Center. Last time. Try and punctuate the music and side to side. Good. That's it. Lift away. Ribs away from the hips. Make some space to move and let's take the hands out to the side for the circles. We go front, side, back side, front, side, back side. Reverse it. Front side, back side. Right side. Ready. Full circles and around. One, two, three.

Keep pushing the wall away for reversed. Four. Nice. Three, two, one shot. Shot, shot. Okay, so now we're going to keep the feet grounded. Knees tracking over the toes. Hands out to this side. Lifting. Yeah, we're going to do the finger flex. You Ready? Not the flex the fingers, but the hands. So we're going to do arm raises and it's kind of like the hug a tree position, not straight side. A little diagonal front. Ready out flick.

Pull it in and down. Out. Slick eight reps. That was two. Three. Nice energy through the spine. Good. Five open and six. Okay. In savin open and in an eight.

Open in bicep curls up, down and two down. So it's two counts up, two and four and five and six. Are you sweating yet? Good and a now transition. Here we come up and change Elvis out. Shoulders down, finger flakes, overhead. Ready? Fist flick. Make the fist come down up, click good. This is three. Make sure you pull your shoulders down.

That's it. As you go up and up, two more up lift. We you're ready for those shoulder isolations. We're getting there. Turn it into the curl and uncurl fist spacing the thighs. Ready. Shoulders. We go front, back and around again. Front back from the back. Reverse it up.

Let them go back up. Don't forget your breathing now. Quick to the back. Twice and to the front and drop it. Yeah. Good. So now the music is going to repeat, but we have a separate um, routine. I'm going to turn sideways so you can see we're going to keep the core strong and just take your hands to your hips. You're going to hinge from the hips into a rowing position, so we make the fist again and make sure your knees are tracking. Don't round your back here.

We're going to initiate this move by squeezing the shoulder blades together. Yes, contracting and pulling the elbows tight into the ribs. Five, six, seven a and puller and lower down. And to squeeze those shoulder blades to initiate three and lower long necks. Four down and five squeeze it in and six we're going to hold the eighth one, so this is seven and lower and eight.

Hold it up there. We're going to flip to the back. Kickbacks out flick. Make a fist, pull it in out. Flick this, pull it in. This is three open in and four in and five don't forget your breathing and six to seven and eight flick it. Bring it in now slowly lower back down to that pendulum place and just do a little shimmy now. Big Arms to the side. Blip in like a big bird, like one of those seabirds out the window out and for click and five flick and six big wingspan. Two more Savin flip.

Last one, eight flick. Now slowly bring your hips under. You were standing up. I'm going to rotate back and we repeat the shoulders. Yes, isolate. Fried up, up, down to the back and again up and reverse it back up. Forward and down and back. Inhale. Exhale. Full rolls to the back. Quick twice. Reverse it to the front and we're done.

Good job. Okay, so we're going to take our chairs. Any straight back chair we'll do, we're using folding chairs here. If you're using a folding chair and make sure that it's solid, so we're going to do little squats. The chair is there for you as a kind of a protection in case you collapse. We want to stand with one foot in front of the chair. The other foot is on the ball of the foot lifted and make sure your knees are tracking correctly over your toes. You'll that energy up as you go down, hands on the hips. And when you go down in a squat, use your office at arms. So if you've got your left leg forward, your right leg, right hand comes forward. As you squat ready, down touch lightly, come up the hands, back to the hips as some breathing.

Inhale flow through the music. This is four counts up to three. Four one more down, two, three, four come up to now we're chasing sides. Crossed that back leg over and we've positioned yourself. Ready for the other side, up on the ball of the foot.

Opposite hand in leg ready and down and up to three. Keep your breathing going. They have to track those knees and glow to be able to music. One more time. Greed and up to now we're gonna Cross over again with that back foot, but position yourself right in front. Pete together. Six position. Reach the hands down overhead to threre position and down to [inaudible] and reverse that stretch up. Look up, circle those arms wide and back to the hips. Look straight at one another. Ready and gown squat, chair pose.

And come up arch slightly hands to the hips. Lift the heart center down. Don't forget your breathing. Inhale. Now this time we're going to sit right to the edge of the chair. Slowly Lower and sit phone right on the edge. Be Hip with the car. When did you try that?

And what you're going to do actually pelvic lift. Ready, track those knees. Press up and lower slightly. Just touch those two phones lightly. Two, four counts up, four pounds down. We have six of these. Ready? Three please. The junction here, that three. This is oh and by field the length of the sign as you come back and last one. Now don't sit just level out your spine. Neutral right in front of the chair.

TRICEP dips. Ready down to up to now. Try to use your arms as much as you can, but you can help with your legs if you need it. There's seven of these. This is three. Four. Don't forget your breathing and five, six and up to last one.

Seven to now purchase yourself right on the edge of the chair. This spine stretch. Ready, drop head, shoulders, ribs, waist, and rolling back up. Inhale, focus those eyes straight ahead again. Down two, three, four. Inhale, really draw the belly in and again, exhale and inhale. This last one we hold. Ready down two, three, four. Circle those arms outside. Two, three, four, little pendulums inside. Three, four, Rawling up, rolling up pre the spine. Focus the eyes straight ahead.

Drop the shoulders down the back. Release your fists. Hands float forward. Inhale, rotate, right, grab the back of the chair and spine twist. Exhale it out. Inhale, hands forward, shoulder with apart. Go the other way. Try to keep the hips square. Ask repeat. Inhale, and squeeze the air out. Exhale.

The taller you are, the more you can spiral. Inhale last time. Ah, exhale and inhale back to [inaudible] center and fold your hands. One on top of the other. Draw the belly back. Feel centered. Now. One Hand on the Tummy, one hand on the low back. Deep breathing from the front to the back, drawing the belly and inhale through the nose and exhale front, hand to back again.

Inhale and exhale. Inhale. One more time as you exhale. Bring your hands out to the side, palms up and feel that energy through the spine. Cat that back in the hands. Draw together. Slow. Exhale, really round your back and stretch those shoulder blades apart. Inhale, palms up, arch the back. Look up again. Exhale. Really squeeze the air out. Stretch.

Turn the palms up. Inhale. Now look straight ahead. Hands to the shoulders. Elbow, circle around, often through, I think of an icebreaker here. Open that heart center three and four. Reverse that from the back to the front. Inhale and exhale. Kisses all to release your upper body three and now your hands are going to come down, palms up in your lap, drop the chin down, look straight.

These are the neck isolations up and center. We have four of these. Just the head. Don't move the shoulders up. We can inhale, look straight. Exhale and one more set down and now we're going to tilt the head. Drop your right ear to the right shoulder, tip and straight.

One side might be tighter than the other and two, two, and three. Keep those shoulders out of the party and for lasting his head rotations. We're going to look over the right shoulder, right center. Really see where you're looking at. Center alert eyes. It feels a little like chest expansion, right center. Press the hands down onto the thighs.

It'll help you open your shoulders. Now we're going to do naturals, so look straight ahead. Drop the chains down, roll it right head back and around to the left. Repeat. Inhale, Roll Rye. Exhale, reverse that. Go left. Inhale, head back. Exhale. One more. Inhale and exhale. Roll their head up.

Okay, so now we're change of pace patty. Cake for the audience at home. You can play Patty cake with me. Ready? We're gonna start with risks, rotations to the outside. Use those fists and FIS and push this and press four times to the outside and reverse it inside round and push really tightly. Arm Muscles. Feel it all the way up the arm. Took a side outside and press. We're the walls away.

Press good. Look at those muscles, Christie. They're popping out. Reverse inside and push and out. Push and push. Get ready to row. Lean back this, throw us now. Get rid of all your negative energy. This is three. We have eight. This is four.

Five, six, seven. Now we're going to pick great. Reach up right on up. Lick down. Make a fist, right. Four time. Slow. Ready. Double time reaching and to lift the ribs. Four, five, six, seven, and eight. Now make a little tray. We're offering it out to you.

Open those fingers wide and curling from the pinkie. Ready? Pinky in sums out. Pinkies in thumbs out. Sounds. Them's in pinkies. Thumbs in, pinkies out.

Now four hand presses to the pride. Keep the core tight. Ready? One, two, three, four to the side. Two, three, four, overhead. You're bouncing a basketball with that bottom left. One, two, three, four to beside overhead. Get ready for twos. Two, two, overhead. Again, two we have four sets.

Just as you're getting comfortable with changing. Last one of twos. Don't forget to tighten the muscles was one, two, three, four, two, two, three, four, three, two, three, four and last one. Hope you had fun with that one. Okay. We're changing now to the, okay, so we're going to strike the chairs and get our maths [inaudible] rolling on out and we're going to do a Palati. Sit to the floor. No hands.

Position yourself with your favorite leg in front and sit down. That's it. Feel the energy up through the crown of the head and diamond feet. Feet placed together. Sitting up tall. I'm going to turn sideways and we're going to do some contractions here, so not too tight in with the heels. Do you want to sit up nice and tall. Hands Resting on the outside of the shins.

Draw the navel to the spine and take a big breath in. Ready and exhale, contract round two, three, four. Take the head over to the angels. Flat back. Reach out on a diagonal. Inhale, sit up tall. Focus those eyes straight ahead again. Inhale and keep the belly tight. Scoop over the tub. Lengthen out from the tailbone through the crowd.

Sit Up once again. Take a breath ex. Oh, sit up. Double time back over Platte that up. One more time. Ready? Exhale. Take the head over. Flat back. Sit Up and I'm going to face front.

Cross your wrists and take your arms up and lift the chest. Hands behind you. Drop the chin down, lift the head, reach the arms up. Prayer position down to Nomis day. Lift the ribs away from the hips. Points the hands forward. Stretch those legs straight out. Sit up out of your hips. Open the arms and legs.

Take the hands down behind your hips and lift your hips up. Open a little wider in that straddle. Ready. Flex the right foot. 1.2 point. Don't move your heels three like it's on a marionette string. Left foot ready. Flex point. Lift your tummies three for now. Both feet ready five times one, two, three point release stream those knees and arms add for the side and flex.

Rotate. Reach out other side. Lax and rotate. Reach diagonally up. Double Time. Flex. Rotate. Reach. Flex again. Right arm rotate left. Ready. Both arms reach diagonally fried Lex, Buffy. Sit Up Tall, pointed to the ceiling again.

Breathe lad, back. Long Line of the body. Now we get to relax. Walk your hands forward and walk all the way out in the straddle drop. You can go open even wider if you're able Lex, your feet. Point them stretch more slowly now crawling back up and position yourself facing me.

Sit on one hip. We're going to do a mermaid and reach up and over away from those legs to the elbow. Lift up and grab that Ankle and oh all the elbow in and lift right through the crown of the head. Stretch away. We're trying to make a long waist here. Yes. Ah, stretch up. And lets change the size. Stretch off in a way and over that the head. Go lift up, grab the ankle, fold the elbow in. Tight shape up, green stretch. Oh and one more time. Feel the crown of the head lifting and stretch. Tie. Good.

Very nice. Come around and sit cross legged and just make little lotus flowers and for a moment stay centered. Breathing and x. All right so now we're going to do roll-ups. Positioning yourself so your feet are a little off the edge of the mat cause we work our way back with roll-ups pointed feet and we're going to reach the arms forward in first position and up overhead to fifth and we're going to take a breath in and as we exhale we're going to contract the hands and the feet and waiting for the music here. Exhale and press down. Tweeze the Tush together. Raise the arms and point their feet, curl back up and again, exhale, flex both feet and point the feet.

Arms overhead and fifth arms up. Curl. Exhale, round shape. Sit Up. We have six of these. Flex two, three. Raise the arms, point the feet one, arms head. Two, three. Sit Up. Four flex, two, three point and Rizzy arms. Raise the arms in contract. Sit up again. Exhale, reach out to those hands. Point the feet, arms, AV, arms, heads, group the belly round. Sit Up. Inhale. Exhale. Two, three point arms overhead, arms, ah, and Kuru. Sit up now.

Bend the knees and flex. Roll down and frame the head. Arms overhead. Circle around, palms up. Now we're going to lift one leg at a time. Stabilized. Inhale, exhale, lifted tabletop. Inhale. Exhale, place it down again. Inhale, exhale, table talk, no wobbling and repeat. Inhale. Exhale, stabilize, and lift and put it down. Inhale, exhale, lift. Exhale, put it down. Arms again. Inhale, overhead frame, and exhale. Roll all the way up again. Arms overhead, breathing, and again, flex those risks.

Exhale down to curl the tailbone under. Three, four arms. Circled around the head and palms up. Now we make it a little harder. Take a breath, lift one leg up, hold. Join it with the other. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. First leg down.

Take a breath. Second leg down. Start with the second leg breath in. Exhale, stabilize. Inhale, exhale up and first leg down, and second leg down. Big Breath in. We're lifting both legs. Don't poach. Breathe. Exhale, lift and gently grab your knees and roll your head down. [inaudible] just squeeze your knees into your chest. Feel the length of your spine on the Mat.

It's a good chance to see if your shoulders are tense. Take a breath, release the knees to the ceiling. Inhale, exhale, drop the abdominals into the spine and squeeze and again, inhale and exhale. Schoolies elbows out to the side. Shoulders dropped down away from the ears. Inhale once again and squeeze. Feel the length of the spine tailbone to crown.

Now release the knees. Inhale, and this time circled across the body from one side to the other. Exhale, inhale away. Repeat. Exhale. Keep the shoulders out of the party. Rehearse it. Inhale and exhale across shoulder to shoulder, and exhale.

Now we're going to keep the right knee into the chest. Lift the head and place the left leg down as if you're standing on it right under your pelvis. Left hand on the hip. Niesters. Start across the body. Inhale, right knee circles across and around. No wobbling in the pelvis. Inhale and exhale. Reverse that.

Go outside. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. A nice spinal twist. Now place the right foot on the left thigh. Left hand on the right knee. Right hand open the side. Look right. Inhale, exhale, spinal twist. Wring out the spine. Back off the stretch. Inhale, exhale, spiral deeper.

One more breath. Spiral deeper. Now. Spinal imprinting. Take a big breath and draw back the sternum, the ribs, and the waistline right to the center of your mat. Let that right knee fall open, right foot on the left thigh and bend into pret Pretzel. Slide your right hand through the diamond. You can flex that top foot square off the hips, neck, shoulders, and place the left foot on the mat.

Hands on the hips. Stretch that right leg up in your nice flex foot. Straight knee point heel. Balto take a big breath. Inhale, exhale, reach your hands, palms up to the a hundred position and lower that leg all the way down, right under the hip. Niesters with the left. Take that knee across the body. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Reverse it outside. Inhale and bring it around.

Place the foot on the right thigh, right hand on the left knee. You look left. Inhale, exhale, let it go. I'm going to keep that left shoulder on the floor. Inhale, exhale, deepen, and once again, exhale, deepen, drawing your ribcage back towards the Mat in print one vertebrae at a time. Let the left leg fall open and bend the right knee. Pretzel shape. Breathe. Flex, left foot, shoulders relaxed.

Place the right foot down on the floor. Hands on the hips. Stretch the left leg in the air flexed in straight point the foot. Big Breath. Inhale. Exhale, 150 mission with the hands. Palms up. Oh the way down. And bend both knees, hands flat on the Mat, feet grounded on the floor. Big Breath in. And as you [inaudible] SEL, tip the pubic bone up to the ceiling. Past here, your tilt with a scooped valley and relaxed. Inhale, relax those shoulders open to the mat. Again, tip the tailbone hollows, a valley MTD air and release. Full Bridge Vertebra by Vertebra up.

Take a breath. Exhale, rule those tips. So all the way up work your junction, the base of your booty. Inhale, and as you exhale, pool, oh the hips away from ribs, the improvement all the way down and relaxing. Hail again, press the back of the arms down. Exhale, be sure your foot centers are balanced. Inhale, exhale, ruling. And one more. We're going to roll up and hold it. Take a breath.

Exhale, rule up, blow all the air out. Little booty presses with quicken breathing. Ready. Inhale. Two. Exhale. Two, two, two. Exhale. Two, three, two. Exhale. Work that junction for two, two and five to exhale in six to exhale. Two, two or seven to exhale to last one, eight to exhale and oh big Ratheon. Exhale. Close the front of the ribs and Roy, oh this fine down. Big Breath in. One more. Roll Up. Exhale up this time. Walk your hands under your body. Interlaced the fingers and big breathing here. Let your ribs go out.

Exhale, close the ribs. Tilt the pubic bone high. Work that junction hard. Release your hand. [inaudible]. Take a big breath in. And once again, slowly one vertebrae at a time. Rinse your spine down to the mat and relax.

We're going into rolling like a ball now, so take a big breath in and exhale and one leg at a time. We're going [inaudible] bring the Nisa one and two and the head up and ready. Sit Up. Big Breath in and roll back and up. And to inhale back three and four.

Inhale, five, six, seven, and eight. Now we have a little transition. Scooch closer to the front edge of the Mat and all your angles moving into open leg rocker. Eddie, this is a challenging one. Breathe in and roll back. And, and three, four. Remember not to roll onto your neck. Hold, hold. Bring your feet together, diamond. And these are going to press oh with your elbows again.

Inhale, add. Cresco do it. One more time. Add, press exhale. And let's keep the left leg in. Stretch the right leg out. Reach diagonally back. With that left arm up and stretch over.

Let your head go. Take a big breath. And now we're here to relax the neck. Look down at the floor, look up past the elbow to the ceiling and again, down and up through the, let it one more time. Down and up. Follow that diagonals full the other foot in. Reach the right arm open behind you. Lift up and over. Stretch that rib up in a way from the waist. Inhale. Exhale, reach farther and look down at the floor and up and down.

And one more. Down and up. Open and read released. We're going into side now. Okay. Position yourself on your side. Flex v and top leg lifting eight times. Ready up and lower hips tight.

This is three and four and five and six. Stack one hippo over the other seven. Hold the eighth one up there. Hold bottom leg up. One and lower. Two and lower. Three and lower and four and lower by inner thighs.

Working six core tight seven lower eight leg kicks. Ready a hand up. Forward to point back. Don't over arch and two. We have eight of these and reach and three. Try not to let the upper body wander and follower.

Don't forget your breathing. I like to inhale forward five and exhale to the back six and reach to the back and seven and reach one more eight and reach little transition. Eight counts. Hand down both feet together. Now there for both legs up and lower and uphold them there. Now Point, point and flex really reached through the toes.

Knees pulled up three and four. Now adding on we point, we rotate open, compare, Hillel and flex. Okay. Point Open. Really tweezed both buttocks from the back. Three open, parallel and flex last time and open. Lower the bottom leg passe. Draw up. Two, three, four. Flex it down again. Draw up. Don't fall back in that top hip. Reverse this, flex it up. Pause, stay reached down.

Squeeze the inner thighs up. Now bought malls with a positive four times. Flex up point. Flex and down. Let it slide up. Point up. There you go. And three, two, three down. One more. Four to eight straight bought Moz, flex out flips and 0.2 and 0.3 and four.

Shoulders down. Five and six. The girls are smiling and a very good, okay, let's sit up and changed sides so I didn't have time to say, but your elbow, shoulder and hip should be with the back edge of the mat and feet. Flex to the front edge. Keep the hip stack one on top of the other. Ready lifting the top leg eight times and lift up and lower reach out of both heels and three don't forget to breathe for five and soups. We're holding the h one seven hold eight and bottom leg up one and low two and lower. Tommy, tie your hips falling back. Christie. Four. That's it.

Five and six getting ready for leg kick. Seven remember we're going to bring the arm up and kick forward to point back. Hold and pull. Try to lift your rib up as you kicked back with Christie. It's a little more advanced. Yeah. Three, two and live. Good for two and and five.

Two No hip hiking and sixth and read two more. Seven and reach and a two an reach. Eight can't transition. Hand down. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Lift both up and lower and uphold them there. Point, point and flex foot two and flex four times three and flex and for good ladies and point, turn it out. Reach. We're close legs from the junction to an open take together and flex it.

Three together and flex and four open together and flex down. Sorry Stephanie. Got It. And two and flex and reversed it and re and reverse it. Now pause. Ses Bot mode with pass safe flex and flex point. Flex and down flex 0.4 of these and flex point bull bought malls with the flexor flips and eight times three and four and five and six and seven and eight.

And thank you for correcting me face down now and we're going to go into the legs in a v. I call this the v Pole. The width of the mat hands are under the floor. Forehead, shoulders are relaxed. Take a breath in and as you exhale posterior tilt so that there's a hollow you're balanced on your pubic bone and ribs. Really scoop out and relax it down. Again. Inhale and exhale.

You should be able to drive a little truck under here. Yes, and relaxing. One more time. Take a breath. This time. Cro, The v Pool, posterior pelvic tilt belly and Tush. Tight length in the legs. Don't lift and beat. Inhale to exhale. Two, two, two. Excellent. Two three. Excellent. Four to five x six x seven x eight shoulders down, nine 10 11 and last set of 12 relax.

Rock your pelvis from side to side and hip to hip. Take your legs back to the v. One more set. Take a breath in posterior tilt balance on the pubic bone and lowest rib and big into 0222245678 nine 10 1112 and relax. Rock the pelvis from side to side and release. So on that when you just want to be careful not to lift the legs too high, are you going to overarch the back?

Really want to keep this posterior tilt and just the legs will kind of almost graze the mat. Okay. Less is more reaching out of the hips rather than hi. All right, so our next work is going to go into swan dive. But first when I do some neck relaxation again, so when a position the elbows right under the shoulders, and I call this the Sphinx, you really want to lift your tummy and draw your heart center up and forward. So feel like you're the Sphinx. You've been there forever in the sands of the desert feet right together if you can, unless it hurts is your back.

And we're gonna have a town intro one more a drop the head down and relaxed, drive the elbows into the mat. And we're gonna lift the head up. Look straight forward. Look over one shoulder and half. Roll down to the center again, straight forward. Look over the other shoulder and roll the head down. Repeat that. Inhale up. Look over one shoulder. Don't let your shoulder roll forward, Stephanie.

I throw that and look over the other shoulder and drop it down. Now we're going to reverse it so we dropped down. Roll to look over the shoulder and center. Look up again. Drop down, roll to look over the other shoulder and center. Feel like the sphinx and once again down.

Look up and over that shoulder and center. Last look down and roll to look over the shoulder and center. Now lift your ribs away from your waist and walk yourself out. Hands Position for Swan. Dive right under the shoulders. Elbows glued in. Lift up the front body. Elvis glued in.

Lift the ribs away from the waist and lower down four times. Just the front body. Drive the hand into the net. Work the full shoulder girdle. This is three and lift one more. Squeeze those legs together and we're adding on now. So front body comes up to three, four, lower it, lift those legs, squeeze together. Two, you saw up to three. Lengthen those legs out of the hips. Two more slow ones.

And lengthen. Lift those legs. And one more slow. One and lift. Now Swan dive. Ready. Inhale. Exhale four with the hands lifting into the shoulders. Then take those hands out to the side and pull the last one and reach those hands overhead.

Pull the shoulders down and Mil to the floor. Take a big breath. Bend the hands and sorry the elbows and push up. Contract back into rest position. Deep posterior lateral breathing. Inhale, exhale, let all the year ago, once again, inhale and exhale.

Ready to come up into the cat. Everyone take a breath. Come up on all fours, release the hips and arch the bath. Okay, trap round drop. Release one more round under. And this time as you arch, Tuck the toes under on the wall and stretch a little bit on them, on the mark. And we're ready to stand up. In Yoga. We call it down dog and they [inaudible]. We call it up stretch.

Walk this feet out. Stretch the calves. Bend tread there, Christie. Tread your feet. Breathe and very slowly. Push both heels down. Walk your hands towards your feet or your feet towards your hands and we're going to step off the mat in front. Stay in a forward fold or in back. Yes feet right together. Sixth position. Hang like a little ragdoll. Squeeze everything together. Get your foot centers and roll slowly up.

I think you girls might want to face me so you can follow along. Hands to the hips please guys. Down for two, up for two down, four times up and three inhale and exhale. No tipping in the body. Now we're going to lift the right foot on the wall up, rolling down twice and left foot. Lift. Now back to the ride, but push off. Lift.

Push off half toe down again, lift, push off. See if your balance is here. Left foot lift, push off, back down, lift, push off. Now bend both knees just a little, and we're going to do a parallel passe with that one foot. Lifting up. Squeeze it in and breathe the other side. And we're opening to second position. Quick. Yeah, and clear.

Down and up. Breathe down. Feel energy up through the crown of the head. Get ready. We're going to go into a posse right here. This is harder from second position. Bend the knees and lift your hands to the side. It'll help hold and again, play down and lift and once again to second position. Hands on the hips. Okay, ready? Bend.

Now lift your heels and rise and lower and reversed. Rise. Then roll those heels down and straightened. Repeat double time. Then lift. Rise. Lower rise, band.

Repeat again please. Lift. Rise. Lower rise, bend and now hold. We're going to do a slow rise. Shoot the arms down and up to a big star. Hover there, drop off the shoulders down. Whoa. And bend the knees. Come back, feet together. Six position. Hands on the hips.

Wash the body ready. Balanced the aura down. Inhale, palms together in prayer position and back to the hips. Wash up again. Breathe. Yeah, and up and back and up. This time we're going to stay there. Wash and Ah, and interlace your fingers. Push your palms right up to the ceiling. Take a big breath, Ben. One knee and stretch to the side. Come up through center. And the other said, I stretch the ribs out. Come up through center.

Find your center. Squeeze those inner thighs arms out to the side. Now press the arms down and see if he can rise to the balls of your feet and valance hole. Put it all together and slowly lower your heels. Arms up, palms together to the center. The chest, Nama stay. We did it.


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Amazing Class !!! Thank You SO Much :)
I didn't realize I had been smiling nonstop until about 25 minutes into the class ~ WoW
2 people like this.
Oh you bad bad people!! This looks so wonderful. I wanted to jump right up this mornng when I saw Jullian Hessel and start doing this one! Soon as I get past surgery and rehab this knee, this one is going to be on play list of the things I been dying to do !! My list is getting pretty big, you guys have such amazing classes & I know big ones to come!
It makes me smile just to think of it..
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Do take care, Jamie. Hope your recuperation is smooth and rapid. It is a joy to be able to move and be active, and you will be able to soon.
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wonderful class, I have all your pilate floor dvd. It was so good to see you again. This class was all around. little bit of everything.You look beautiful as ever. thanks for sharing this with us. we all love you Jillian. blanche.
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This class was amazing for me. I am 61 and I could keep up! not difficult to follow and I feel great.
Thank you so much!
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Lovely class; opens everything and brings mindfulness to everything. Thank you Jillian, what a lovely, personable and calming instructor you are.
1 person likes this.
Wonderful class! Absolutely loved it! Thank you Jillian!
Thanks, Tamara!
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I was a ballet dancer for 16 years but haven't danced in about 3 now. This was a great intro class to get back in shape. Thanks so much!
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Still smiling - it was Fab

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