Dance-ilates Fusion<br>Jillian Hessel<br>Class 837

Dance-ilates Fusion
Jillian Hessel
Class 837

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Amazing Class !!! Thank You SO Much :)
I didn't realize I had been smiling nonstop until about 25 minutes into the class ~ WoW
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Oh you bad bad people!! This looks so wonderful. I wanted to jump right up this mornng when I saw Jullian Hessel and start doing this one! Soon as I get past surgery and rehab this knee, this one is going to be on play list of the things I been dying to do !! My list is getting pretty big, you guys have such amazing classes & I know big ones to come!
It makes me smile just to think of it..
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Do take care, Jamie. Hope your recuperation is smooth and rapid. It is a joy to be able to move and be active, and you will be able to soon.
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wonderful class, I have all your pilate floor dvd. It was so good to see you again. This class was all around. little bit of everything.You look beautiful as ever. thanks for sharing this with us. we all love you Jillian. blanche.
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This class was amazing for me. I am 61 and I could keep up! not difficult to follow and I feel great.
Thank you so much!
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Lovely class; opens everything and brings mindfulness to everything. Thank you Jillian, what a lovely, personable and calming instructor you are.
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Wonderful class! Absolutely loved it! Thank you Jillian!
Thanks, Tamara!
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I was a ballet dancer for 16 years but haven't danced in about 3 now. This was a great intro class to get back in shape. Thanks so much!
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Still smiling - it was Fab

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