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When you don't have time to do everything, Michael and Ton remind us that you "always have time to do... something!" Open up to the ""unlimited to possibilites in a short amount of time. Micheal starts you off with a Bruce King, Kathy Grant combination to get you warmed up, and you'll be into the Series of 5 before you know it. Ton takes over about halfway to give you some sitting and side lying exercises and all the rolling you'll need for one day. This class is quick, challenging and because it's Michael and ton, especially fun while still being precisely cued throughout the class. Enjoy!
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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm toned. So if you don't have enough time in your day to do a full class, you always have time to do something. So today we're going to do something but in a shorter amount of time. So that said, let's do something. So let's start standing up the way we like to do when we do something really quick like it. Start just with your legs open. Grab onto the backs of your thighs. So your hands are right here.

We're just going to open up. You're going to take a deep breath in. On the exhale, you're going to think of dropping your sits bones down, bringing your pubic bone forward, and just opening the front side of your body and stay here. Just opening the front side. Just taking a couple breaths. Open yourself up to those unlimited possibilities that await you and then exhale, just come back here. Now keeping that same reach. You're going to take a deep breath in and then exhale round over.

You're still going to be bending from here. Keep the abdominals pulling up in him. We've just opened ourselves up to those unlimited possibilities. Now we're pulling them inward to make them actions. From there, slowly bend your knees and roll yourself up. Then come down onto your mat. I'm gonna move up here to the platform. From here, I'm going to just, you're going to sit down on your knees.

We're going to do a little combo, Bruce King, Kathy grant. So we're going to start. You might want to just watch it once because your heads will be down and we'll be able to see me. So your palms are going to be up from here. You're going to start to roll back. You're going to sit on your heels. As you come up, your fingertips are going to change.

You're going to lift up like instead of a pseudo shoulder bridge, you want to think of pushing your pubic bone forward to your all in one line. From there you're getting out arch and release and come back down, which is a feel good part. That was Bruce King. From here comes the Kathy grant and my hands are sliding along the floor. Imagine that, that Cat Cobra from here, you slide a little bit forward, bring it forward. And you go right into the Cobra, opening up the chest, trying to keep that collar bone open from there. Sit back around, forward. You get a great little stretch, oppositional stretch where the poems are pushing in the button, pushing back and then the arm circle back around and turn the palms up. Got It. Good heads down righties.

So from their palms up from here, just take a deep breath in. Sit back on your heels. As you come up, change the hands for the fingers are there. Lift up into one long plank. From there, sit back, lifting that sternum up to the heavens or the sea behind me. From there, roll that down arm. Circle around on your mat, forward sliding a bit forward and you're going right through the cat core. Bryce Catholic, all it up and then from there round and sit back and bring the arms along the floor. Back from here. Palm start up. Sit back in your heels, roll yourself up, slide the fingers back a bit. Lift yourself up with that sternum. Sit back, let them go and round four run home.

Slide along the floor. If I'm here, hands slide forward, elbows go down, Ego right into the Cobra, open up, make that color bone smile and from there round and sit back and slowly roll yourself up. Then come back down onto the mat. Time for the a hundred grab onto the backs of your thighs and since we're doing a quickie, you want to really get the most of it as possible. So push down into the backs of your legs. So tall. I better move forward from here. Push down. So you get that sort of contraction feeling cruel, your tailbone under and you're rolling down without that little plop that we all tend to do. From there you should feel the strong contraction. Let go, start pumping. Breathing in. No, you can stay here and do the whole hundred here or you can bring it in and out and bring your legs up to table. Top life is full of choices.

Here's one of them where to put them my legs up and then lower at town. We're on five. We're halfway there and if you're bored, just holding your legs out. We can bend in two, three, four, five and out to fuck five in four, five and four, five. So we're trying to get as much done as possible. Good. Last one. And relax. Bend your knees into your chest. Give a little stretch from there. Stretch your legs out. Long point your feet. Bring your arms up for the roll up.

From here you're gonna Inhale, flex the feet, lift the arms, lift ahead and roll yourself up. Stretching forward. Inhale, exhale, roll in it down all the way. Point your feet, stretch your arms. Inhale, bring it up, flexor feet and around. Forward and stretch. Inhale, rolling it down. And once your shoulder blades hit the bat, then I go two more in. Exhale up an overstretching out, long reaching. Inhale, rolling all the way down. And then exhale, stretch your arms.

Good from there, bring your right leg in. Give it a gentle little stretch from there. Just pull it up towards you to stretch it out a bit. [inaudible] nice little stretch in. Then bring your arms down. Legs, circles. So we crossed the body cross around one and to try and keep that pelvis still three and four and five and reversed, and what we'd asked the throats and three and four and five, bend it in. Give it a gentle squeeze, stretch it out, draw the other leg in.

Give it a little stretch as you stretch, if you need to bring your head up to grab your leg to try and keep it strike. Go ahead from there, bring your arms down and we crossed the body and go ahead and smile. Thrillery it's fun. Four and five. Watch those hips. Reverse one. Try and keep those hips still. If you're having problems, put your fingertips on your hip. Pounds, doubt, lower them four and last time. Five good.

And Ben that like in and give it a chance. Has a little squeeze from there. Bring your arms up above your head. We're sneaking in an extra Roland, since we're in a cookie from there, bring your hands by your hips. Move to the front edge of your mat for rolling like a ball. We can hold onto her ankle. Take a deep breath in and you're going to exhale. Inhale up.

Good. Now as you roll back, think of lifting the hips and drop the hips. See what a lift and drop. Good and left. Nice and drop. Two more lifts and drop and place your feet down from there. Place your hands right by your back. Slide back a little.

Stretch your left leg out for leverage. Grab onto your right leg. You're going to roll it in without that plop. We're going to try and control it and go right into this series of five, six of each. One. One, two, two, three, three, four, four and five, five and six, six double leg, both legs in, arms. Reach, arms open to the side and squeeze and heel to open. Slowly. Inhale, squeeze more round. Squeeze left. Five. Good. We've got one more. Six. We want to be lopsided.

Where are we? Right leg up and pull. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Four, four, four, four, five, five, five, five, six, six, six, six both legs up. Inhale, down. Exhale, hap. Inhale down. Exhale up. Inhale down. Exhale, app number four, and breathe. Don't forget to smile and breathe. Last one. We're almost there. And Chris Cross and one and one and two and two and three, three, four, four, five, five and six, six and relax him.

We made it and break is over. Place your hands right behind the backs of your thighs. Use this to rock yourself up to sit in from there. You're gonna open your legs wide. I'm going to cheat for the camera. You're going to place your hands right behind you.

You get to open up as wide as possible. Flex those feet, but make sure you're still sitting on top of your sitz bones. Fingertips my long legs. Fingertips long in front of you. Take a deep breath in. On the exhale, you're just going to slide your fingers forward to three and inhale, bring it up and exhale. Slide forward two, three. Breathe deep. This is your break in and exhale and inhale up and stay there. Then hold onto the inside of your knees there.

You're going to rock yourself back. Bend your knees, hold on to the ankles and find your balance for you. Open like rocker, wherever you are. Do not change it. Rock back and back up. Now lift the hips up as you roll back. Lift and bring them down to the mat. Come up up a little bit more active. Roll back and get up. There we are. Roll back and get up.

One more time. Roll back and get up and stay there. Hold it. Then close your legs. Leaves the legs where they are. Slowly roll yourself down. Place your hands on the Mat corkscrew. Lift the hip up to go over to the side, then go down as low as you can. Lift the other hip up and bring it back to the center. Lift the hip up.

Go to the other side and then lift it back up. Now look at your heels. Go to decide. Make sure to heel stay together and that one leg does not grow on the way over. Go over keeping the same length going over and reach one more set. Go to the ride, go around the corner to the other side to bring it center.

Tried to keep your shoulders still and the last time go all the way over. Roll back up. Place the feedback on the mat. Lift the arms up and roll yourself up. Open the Lex slightly wider than your shoulders. Arms open to the site. Lex Feet are flexed. Twist, lower the back arms slightly as you go forward and stretch over and come back up for air two ways. Lower the arm down and exhale.

Exhale and come back up for air to waste yourself around low with the back arm. It will help you to protect your shoulder and then come back up and give me a skinny waist. Suck it in girls and over to the other side. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Come back up for air. One more. Set tourist yourself as much as you can now reach. Don't go too low with that arm. Stayed by a little toe.

Come back up one more time to the other side to be even twist all the way around the corner and then come back up and sit up nice and tall and relax. Swing over so you're lying on your stomach. Your forehead is on your hands. From here, lift the elbows off the mat, then lengthen out of the crown of the head. Lift your upper body up. Live, live, live the ties you can and then come back down to the floor first. Lift the elbows, then reach the heads towards each other. As you lift up higher, higher, higher, higher, higher end slowly come back down.

Lift the elbows. I want to see the heads reaching for each other. As you come up, do not go higher. Just go longer and then come back down. Now lift your upper body up and slide the elbows right underneath you into the Sphinx position. From here, tried to lift both legs off the floor. Keep them off the floor for the single leg kicks are your right leg, goes in one and then change.

You only have one kick so it's in and in and right and left and right and left. Keep the needs of the mat 10 or right and left. Don't cheat while I'm here or right and left and relax. Lie All the way down. Place the hands on your back. Elbows go down to the floor, bend your knees to a 90 degree angle.

Then lift your knees off the Mat. Everything kicks out at the same time. Kick your leg, stretch the arms out and come up for air. And exhale, come back down in ELN. Stretch up. Exhale, come back and really use your kick. Use your legs to come up and then melt yourself back down.

Use the legs to come up. Melt back down and relax. Flip yourself over for your neck pool. So bring the feet towards the center. Very good. Lie Down. Elbows open to the site. From here, inhale, bring the elbows in. As you exhale, roll yourself up.

Once you shoulders are past your hips, open the elbows to decide as much as you can. Now bring the elbows back in. Do not sit up and roll back down right away. Probably should've warned you before that. Bring the elbows in and roll up. Then open the elbows to decide. As you go over, bring the elbows back in and massage the spine on the way down.

Open the elbows back. Bring the elbows back in, like little wings roll over. Then spread your wings as you go down. Bring the elbows back in as you roll back down and then open the wings when you're done. One more time for perfection. Elbows go in and roller elbows go open. As you stretch over, elbows go in. When you roll back down and then relax at the bottom. Good. [inaudible] in for the shoulder bridge. Have you Lex about hip width apart.

Arms I down cruelty abdominals or curl the tailbone under. Using your abdominals. Roll yourself up. Let the knees move to the front or the center of the room. Soften your throat. Melt through the sternum as you roll back down, letting the hips float to wards your heels and then curl back up. Roll it all the way up. Now stay here.

Bend your right knee in and such as straight up to the ceiling. Flex that foot as the light comes down, pointing to foot. When it comes back up, flex and push of like longer and bring it up or reach to the other side. There we are. I knew you had it. Bend your knee and bring it back down. Soften the throat and roll back down. Not too long down. We go up right away and then bring the other leg up.

Flex the foot and reach all the way. Don't let that hip sink and come back up. Very chill all the way over and up and reach long and up. Bend the knee. Bring it down. Soften the throat. Roll yourself back down. Why don't you down stretch the legs out. Bring the arms up, roll yourself up. Ready for the spine.

Twist. Flex your feet. Arms are open to the side. Now turn your face or the nose. Is it aligned with your middle finger? Now keep those two in line as you twist. Do not let the arm travel past your nose.

Come back to the center to earn the head and exhale reads, reads, reads, reads, reads, reads, reads, reads, reads, retreats, look at the back arm and then come back to the center. Nobody noticed gun tourists look all the way around. There you go. Don't let any arm twist and then come back to the center. You look to the other hand and twist. Now increase your wingspan, reach from fingertip to fingertip to fingertip to fingertip, and then come back to the center and relax. Phase me all the feed. Go over that way for the site kicks.

So I want you to lie down the back end of your mat. So did you feed can be the front end of the Mat. If this is uncomfortable for your neck, just go all the way down. Have the hand here. Do not hang out. We're not watching TV. We puling up into the ribs. Lift the leg up, kick it all the way to the front, front and again, front and then back. And again, back we go. Front, Front. We go back back.

Do not move your body. Just your leg and front. Front. Reach back one more time and front, front and back. Bring the legs together. Turn to top, like out a little bit, lifted up as high as you can and then bring it down. Now make sure it goes straight up and does not go to the front. So don't kick me up. And rage lifted up and down.

Last time up you go and stay down. Tiny circles. We go one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. Why are we moving to three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Relax over here. Lift both legs up. Use this arm to bring yourself up as the legs go forward. Hit Your teaser. Look, mom, no hands and go to the other side. Here we go.

Line yourself up, back, feet in the front. Lift the leg up to hip height. Keep those rips engaged. Angle front, front and back and front. Front. Reach back front, front, very each back for four or one more time. Fi Five. Ring the Lex and bring them together.

Lift the leg as high as you can and then reach it all the way down and lifted it up and bring you down. Don't kick me. Bring it up. I'm bring it down last time with conviction and I'll stay here. Tiny circles. We go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two reverse it and one and two and three and four and five and six and seven. Eight and relax. Bring your legs up. Come up into your teaser and then relax.

Let's face the center of the room for the real teasers. Just because you did not do enough. Here we are. We're going to grab something and we're going to roll into our stomach. Stay here. Find a strong contraction. Open the arms, pull the stomach in more as the legs just float up and then relax back down and pool into it. Open the arms. Pull the abdominals in more like you're pushing a button.

You push the belly button in and that makes the Lexus float up and then bring it back down. So simple, we roll back or open the arms, pushed the belly button in and that makes the legs go up. And then relax down. Lie Down in your stomach for your swimming. Lie Down, arms eye down. Palms are up. So bring the arms next to your body. There you go. Start with the arms down next to you buddy.

Then lift the arms up towards the ceiling as high as you can. Now lift your legs and your upper body at the same time in. Circle the arms to the front. And now start your swimming and just keep swimming brief and we'll just going to count to ten two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and relax. Sit back on your heels to reelect your spine for a little second.

The second is over. Where are come up to the front edge of your mat for your seal. Here we are. So what I want you to do is really grab in and touch the outside of your feet, not your ankles. Grab all the way over there, the three little bits in the front, three little beats in the back here. We got to go on one, two, three, roll back. One, two, three. Make sure that those beats are in the balance point and that you don't beat while you roll. No texting and driving at the same time.

No beats enrolling at the same time and roll back and roll back up two more times. Roll back and roll back up. Final time and rural back and roll up and hold the balance and real explain. She fell on the floor. Crush aleks and just if you have healthy knees, just rollover for your cat stretch, so make sure everything is lined up. The shoulders over the wrist, the hips over the knees. You're going to inhale, lift the chest and you're going to exhale and rounded all the way. Inhale and lengthen and exhale and round last time this way. Inhale, lengthen. Now as you exhale, bring the right knee in towards your chest, pull it in, length the leg out as you come up and curly, and as you exhale, inhale, stay in the out.

Now bend the arms and move to the front of your mat and push yourself back and bend the elbow in any beck in. Stretch it out. Move forward. Push back and bend the knee back in. Answer Chitta Angle. Go forward, go back and place the knee back down. Other leg comes in towards your chest. Inhale as you stretch out, let's do one normal one. Exhale. Bend the knee in. Email, stretch it out. Here we go. We move forward.

We push back and bend it back. Inhale and lengthen. Come towards each other and comma and bend back and stretch out. Reach for each other and come back up. I think we have one more to be even and stretch out.

Go forward and up and leave the legs in the back. Place the toe now mixed strong arms. Push the world away as the other leg joins it. Now Walk your hands towards your feet, folding yourself double and then slowly roll yourself back. Ah, have you heels together, toes apart. Send up nice and tall.

Roll yourself down at the bottom. Turn the pumps open to decide who reach long with the arms and come up in the flat bar. Perez the hips forward as you continue your circle and roll back down. Turn the palms, reach across the room. Bring it all the way up. Big Circle.

Make it as dramatic as possible. Her roll yourself. [inaudible] Karaza carotid room and open all the way around. Lift the arms up as you inhale and exhale. Bring the arms down and re are rich for me. Thank you on and roll yourself back up in here.

Lift the arms. Exhale, bring the arms down and swoop them around. Reach all the forward to keep the spine nice and long. Relax the neck at the bottom to roll yourself up. One more big one. Inhale, bring the arms back, end. Exhale, come all the way forward, and then relax the neck.

Slowly roll yourself up. Relax the shoulder. Stand up nice and tall and have a great rest of your day. Thank you. [inaudible].


bellissima!!!!txs a lot!!
Takes me back to the days at guys are the best! Thanks Ton and Michael, love you both:)))

Everything these two do is gold!
love this class
Great fun!!
Three guys rock! Loved this...ESP MK/KG warmup, sgl knee pushup seq, and the dramatic finish! One more word - love
Loved this class! Quick and totally felt it in my core! Thanks guys!
As always-wonderful! Thanks so much.
Thought i would try my first floor class in years, have only been doing reformer. This class was really good fun & not boring at all. Loved it.
Sabrina H
Excellent class!! It is challenging and a lot of fun!!
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