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Michael and Ton are back with a Tower class that is as fun as it is challenging. Let their precise cues and fun attitude carry you through class while still challenging you. A well-paced class that includes, leg work, spinal articulation, significant arm work, and some fun balance challenges. This Tower class is sure to leave you feeling way more energetic than when you started. Have fun!
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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm Tony. And today we're going to do a tower class. We're going to do it fast kit, the rhythm tempo going. So let's go. So we're going to set up some of the tower before we start, so we get that done.

So we have the rollback bar up to where you want it for a normal roll down. We have the arm springs already set up, which are the long ones or the lighter ones, um, with the handles about shoulder height. So we don't have to stop and we already have set up our leg springs. So those are the three that we have already set up. We'll do something with the push through bar that we'll have to set up halfway through. Um, if you need to, you can bring some, a pillow with you or a fold-up towel. Maybe you'll need it later on.

So if you know you're going to need that, set it up right now. Okay. Are we ready? Girls or women, I should say. Let's start with the roll back bar. So you're just gonna sit yourself down with your feet against the Poles. There you go. Very nice. And I'm staying nice and strict.

You can either hold on an the inside or outside, depending on what feels more comfortable to rye to keep your yields against the ball. Threw out the exercise Presti arms down a little bit, then cruel the tailbone under and start rolling down, articulating through your spine, keeping the shoulders nice and relaxed and open. Try not to travel away from the Poles and then roll yourself back up. Now if you need to soften your knees on the way up to make it articulate a little bit easier. Roll down immediately. Rolling back. Keep the tension on that bar. Watch out if the neck is not crunched, then roll yourself back up.

Soften the knees if necessary and roll back up. Let's do it one more time. Just articulate through the spine. Sent the Sitz bones forward to press the yields against the Poles and then lift the head and slowly roll yourself back up. Sit Up straight with a straight back. Keep the arms nice and long. And from there you're going to pull the bar in towards your chest.

Keeping the elbows high. Sorry. And then release it back to the front and our, make sure that the arms come to you. So Pool, don't let the chest go to the bar, the bar comes to your chest, not the other way around. And then release it back down. So pull the bar towards you. Don't let the chest travel towards it. They're very nice. And then release it. Let's do it one more time for good luck. Pull it towards you. Keep those shows nice and down. Nice.

And then we lease it. Good tourist the bar. So the right point goes down. Now like you're staking property, you're going to press it down and stay good by your ankle it on the outside Davao and then come back up for sitting. And let's go to the left side. Steak it Perez it down all the way and come back up. You want your piece of property and Portia down.

Claim your land and come back up. Keep your elbow straight and press it down. Push, push, push, push, push, push [inaudible] and bring it back up. Now we're going to go around the world. So we're going to go onto the right side and we claim our land on that side. I tried to keep the bar on the floor as you roll backwards until you show the blades are on the mat, then travel to the other side of your property.

Keep it on the mat as long as you can all into the ankle to come back up for air. And let's go the other way. Press it down, stay on the ground for as long as you can curl. Keep the scoop in the middle and put it on the floor and go. And we have one more chance to go each way and press it down. Roll through the spine down. Keep the bottle of the shoulder blades on the mat, curl over to the other side and tried to keep it on the mat. Careers, income, makeup, nobody saw that. Analyze, go way back, roll it down and come back to the other side. Roll yourself back up and then relax. Good.

Let's get rid of the rollback bars, right? So just put them away and let's hang them up in the middle. So then we're moving on. Then you're going to get your legs thing. So you're going to lie down on your back leg springs.

You're already set up there for you, not with the leg springs. You want to make sure your arms, the ultimate goal is to have your arms straight holding the Poles, but if you need to bend them slightly, but if they are bent, make sure your elbow and your wrist are in the same line from here. Starting a little frog position so your legs aren't any wider than your shoulders and just push out and bring it back in as you're pushing out. Make sure you're not doing it with the legs. Really think as you come in, you're just folding in the hips. Make sure your tailbone stay down as you open. Think of opening the hips as you push the legs out. Then your legs just fold in and yes, and two more.

Inhale, push it out. Think of opening those hips and then let those hips just fold in. Now stretch your legs out to a 45 degree angle, a little bit higher cause now we're going to lower and lift the bike straight so you lower it down, lift them up, make sure you keep the ribs soft and down and brewing them up. Lower them down. Really reach out through those springs. Keep your next relax your throats.

Relax and push it down and you can push into the polls a little bit more. It will help keep the ribs down. Good. And again, last one, and now bring it up to 45 now we're going to do archival fog. So you're going to bend your legs into a fog position. Legs no wider than your shoulders. Place your feet flat on the floor if you can.

The ultimate goal keeping your ribs soft is to stretch your legs out all the way long of long the floor and bring them back up. She banned into the frog, placed the feet down. Watch those women's darling. Yeah, there we go. Stir ratchet out. Bring it up and he had one more then those legs and stretch them out long. Good. If you can get all the way down, then just simply go as low as you can.

Now we're going to reverse it, bring it all the way down to the mat. Slowly draw those legs and think of drawing your heels into your pubic bone and stretch them out. So they stretch out long. Now from here as they come up, keep your legs. Think of drawing your heels yes and stretch out and lower down. One more last time. Bring it in, stretch it and Benji legs into a fod position just to relax.

Then you are going to take your left foot out of the spring [inaudible] and just leave it down and bring the arms down. Now with this point at night, be a more comfortable to have a pillow to help your rib stay down. Um, we have some folded towels right down here. There you go. No you don't, but you're getting one and that's why you want to set it up before you start. So have the bottom leg straight out and then open it up to the edge of your mat so it's slightly open. Stretch the top leg straight out and you're going to keep the ribs down and you're going to bring the leg straight down in line with that hip.

Don't cross it and bring it straight up. Yes, you'll need some stability. Your pelvis here, go stirring down and back there. Very nice. Bring it down and bring it back up. Now bring it down and leave it there and you going to cross it towards the other leg so the heels come together. So it's crossing over the leg.

Actually now open it up and allow the spring to come up a little bit so you can keep your hips still and then bring it down and bring it all the way until they touch the other heel so it goes up and open and then pull the spring out as you bring it back towards the other a lug guy the spring and bring it down for the third time. And we stay here. Now did we hear? We're going to continue to cross it over into a circle and open it up to the side. Bring a down first, touched the heel, then Carozzi it over and come all the way around. One more time. Touch the heel, brewing it around the corner, bring it all the way around and end with the heel again. So we end back at the beginning to reverse the circle, open it, allow it to come up. Now don't only bring it down, think of pooling the coil of the spring. Open as much as you can and it comes around.

So don't think down. Look at your spring. You can see it. And now open that spring as much as you can. Right? So the spring is a great guide at this point. Open and around. I think this is the last time. Bring it around length in the spring out and leave it.

He'll by, he'll then bend that knee and let the leg crawl up your leg on the inside of the leg. I have you, me slightly turned out once it's all the way up, stretch it out to the side. Bring it all the way around. And again, bend the knee, crawl up in the end seam of your leg and stretch it back out one more time only. Right? And Bend it in and stretch it out. But you know what's coming with God can go one way can go the other way.

So start up, bend the knee high on the inside of your leg as high as you can, and then travel all the way down towards the heel. Bring it open. Watch out his hips. Don't move. And then high up on the inside of the leg and stretch it all the way down. One more time. Let it go up. Bend the knee in, touch the inside, stretching all the way down to the bottom. Bring the leg to the center of your spotty.

Bring the leg up and let's change legs. So take that leg out. Doesn't it feel good? [inaudible] well we have one awesome one. Medium dry. Can't please everybody. I guess. So bring the legs [inaudible] down and let this, don't forget the bottom, like it's on the outside of the mat right on the edge day ago. And bring it back up and bring it down.

And third time down, bring it up. Now bring it down and leave it there. There you go. Cross the leg, yield to the heel, let it come open, allow it to come up so you hip skin stays still and then again pull that coil or that spring out, right? So allow the spring to help you to come up and I'll pull that spring open as much as you can and open it up, let it go up and then bring it down and leave it there. We're already halfway down the circle so we might as well continue Karasik over. Go all the way over to the side and bring it back down.

Pool and cheating a little bit and around where you go. Go down to the heel, go all the way across. Very nice. Keep those hip still bring it all the way down at the bottom. We stop heel to heel to go the other way. Bring it up, watch at photo's pelvis and bring it all the way over and pull the spring all the way down and continue to move. Oh Bun, bring it up.

Go all the way across. Bring the heel to the yield last time, all the way open Lao to come up. Pull the spring out as much as you can and stop at the bottom. Then we're going to bend the knee, crawl up the leg and Straw Chit as much as you can. Now pull the spring out as much as you can and bare. Allow it to bend and stretch it back last time.

Press it out. Bring in Comma and bring it down to reverse it and up. Bugle bend you and press it all the way to the bottom. Oh, you're so lucky you only have two legs. It could be worse. Bringing it in and stretching it out. Seats already.

The last one up. You go Ben. Journey. Stretch it out all the way. Make sure the legs are totally closed. Bring it to the center of your body. Bring the spring back up. Let's take the foot out of the strap and we're going to set it up for the push through by, right? Yes. So let's get rid of the IME springs and depending on your machine, um, get rid of it. Arm it like spring, sorry.

And then you want to put your push through bar up top, load it. Um, and there we go. We don't need to pillows anymore, so move those away. Then you're going to lie down on your back. Let's start with the push through. So lie down, legs are bent.

You want to do the little test. If you don't know, but you guys hold, know these machines. You want to make sure clear your nose and your forehead. And also for this exercise you want to slide it a little bit back because the rest of it will feel delicious at the end. So we have the push to first and, but before we start, I'm just going to move you a little bit for forward. All I want you to do is let the bar go up. Feel how that widens the shoulder blades. Now try and keep that with in the shoulder blades and drop the arms back down.

You feel that? So just why in the shoulder blades? Beautiful job. And drop it back down into place. Don't put it down. Just let it drops. You. Just stretch it up. You feel that broad shoulders and drop it down. Now keep the shoulders nice and broad and from there just bend the bar, trying to bring the elbows down to the mat as soon as possible and push it through close call.

If your nose was any bigger and burring hit back through, I mean that lovingly and stretch it through and again, press down and through the okay. Trying to open those up and band and try and get the elbows down on the mat before you straighten the arms. Now part two of this exercise, it's a like little combo is the shoulder bridge. Take a deep breath in. Inhale, lengthen through your spine and curlier coxix under. As you curl up, think of aiming your knees out towards the wall and think of pushing your pubic bone up. There you go. There's that nice straight line. Now start to roll down as you roll down. Thank you. Bringing your hips towards your heels to help length in the spine. Feel that c just enjoyed. Inhale, lengthen the spine, curl the coccsyx under, roll it up.

Good. And the top there, just push it a little bit through your pubic bone just to make sure you're up in that straight line. Now start to curl down, rolling down through your spine, aiming your hips right towards your ankles. That's it. Good. The next part, think of leading from the sternum. And you're going to come up in an arch, but keep your neck in line with your backs. You come up in that nice arch. Now bring your chin to your chest, soften your ribs and round down. Articulating through that spine, told you that part would feel good and lift up.

So leading from the sternum, see if there was a point. So it's a really down Archie. Yes. And then you get the articulation of the spine. Very nice. Now that we have all three parts, we put them together. One push through, stretching through, bring it up, shoulder bridge, lengthen and press it up and roll it down. Articulating through the spine.

Lead with the sternum coming up and now go into the flection and round [inaudible] and it goes the Mike hanging out. Good. One more time. Push it through. Don't forget to breathe and joy it. Bring the bar back through. Good up and just shoulder bridge length and keep those struts relaxed. Roll it down. Articulate.

Think of bringing your hips and more towards your heels. Yas Long Spine, arch op and all that down. Stay there from there. Bring your knees into your chest. Test for tic talks. So what you're going to think of doing, let's all go this way. So think of lifting the opposite hip from where you're going to bring your legs over. Trying to keep both shoulders firmly using the bar to help and don't move the bar.

Now think of using this part of the ribs to pull you back in. Feel that lift the hip. Really Nice mouth from here. Keep that shoulder down. Yes. Now use the ribs to pull you back in one more time. Each way. Lift the hip. Keep the shoulders down, mouth to bring it back in. Think of just articulating, bringing that weird cage back down and again, lift it, acts your throat. Ah, you could sing an Aria.

He wanted me to add brewing it back in and relax. Then place your feet down, slide them a little bit forward, and just bring the bar up coming up. Just stopping right there before you get all the way up. I want you to slightly pulse by rolling down into yourself and then up, but never all the way up. And so you're like rolling into yourself. Don't come up and up.

So it's an en and yes, that's it. And don't forget to breathe. So it's a little pulse just to get your center more warm and relax all the way down. One last push through and then bringing it through. Ooh, somebody moved back and bring it forward. Nice cover and come back up and just let go the bar and bend forward and stretch. Then we're magically going to take the spring out, boring and turn yourself around to face your mushy Zap. It's going to be a little tricky to get into it.

So scooch a little forward, hold onto the bar with your hands in place. You feet on the bar as well. So it's sort of like a reverse monkey, but without a spring. Well, the closer you're going to be, the harder it's going to be. So choose carefully, or as we say, enter at your own risk. Now you want to keep your elbows bent, so now stretch the legs out and give yourself a lovely little stretch over there. Now the trick is to make this as smooth as possible. So Bend your knees, rock yourself back in a stretch the leg, straight up, nice and smooth girls for as it up.

Keep your elbows bend so you stay nice and close. Now Bend your knees back in and now press it back forward. Oops. Then [inaudible] is the problem, right? So you really have to put into that stomach bend, Unis in and curl M, push back up, make it smooth. Try not to pop. Bend your knees in x, Helen for acid through nice's with you can do it.

You can do and you can do it. You can do what you can do. What? You can do it, you can do it. [inaudible] one more time. Benching ease in. Stretch it up. Trying not to pop up there. There you go. Let's go one more time down. Bend your knees, keep the elbows bend, pool the stomach into, press through. And then when you're there, slowly bank needs to take your feet off and let the bar hang there.

Good. Stand yourself up. Mission accomplished. So stand up and just hold on to doc. I'm springs. They're already set up. I'm just a reminder. They should be shoulder height or slightly higher either or s. Um, hold on with one handle in each hand.

You give me a bloody stance or a parallel. I do not care. Whatever it feels more comfortable. Now, just a little check. Stand up nice and tall and bring the arms behind your body. You need to be able to get them behind you. Um, so move yourself forward and back in order to get that done. And then relax the arms. So now we can start the movement.

Bring the arms behind you. Once they're behind you, bend the arms as high as you can and then bring them on an angle down so the springs don't go to dead. So pool it back behind you. Bend them and stay nice and tall and then bring them down on an angle in the front. One more time. Pull them back like a chest expansion. Roll them all the way up as high as you can, and then bring them to the front. Now we're going to reverse it. Bend them up high. Get them behind your body before you push them down as you grow taller and then release. So bend them in.

Now the is not to go down with your arms. What you want to do is like, imagine the arms being still and you push yourself up to wards the ceiling and release yet, so don't follow you arms. One more time. Bend it in behind you. Press yourself up to the ceiling. There you go. Much better. And then release. Now we're going to do one of each and we do a fake release as we call it. So we're going to bring it behind you. Bend it in, let it go forward, and pull back right away to press down, let it release and pull back. Go Up, let it release and pull back. Go down, let it release and pull back last night and pull back and press it down and finish it up. And relax. Caracas, your springs. Hmm hmm. Yeah. Trickster, bring the arms up. Now with these handles, it might be easier to just hold on to the top. So just change your hands.

If you have, um, the loops, you can just have your hand hang into it. But it's a little tricky with handles. Bring the arms open to this, um, to uh, shoulder height. Now again, adjust where you need to stand and just pull the springs open as much as you can. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Helen, slowly release, no pooling and hanging are two different things. So pool, but don't hang into your spring Diego. And then really set add, oh, pull it open, pull it up and pull it up and pull it up and pull it open. Yeah.

And then release. And one more time. Oh, Paul Paul, Paul, and relax it all the way down. Good. Hold on to the handles again for the next one. You, um, just uncrossed them. Sorry. Gone too fast for my own. My head goes faster than my mouth. Move back a little bit. Go into a parallel position.

Now this gets a little tricky, but we'll figure it out too, right? Move forward with your upper body until you're in a table top position. From there, start pressing the arms down a little bit. Dumb. Don't move your table top. Now start leaning back into the spring. As you bring the arms all the way up towards your hips, then bend your arms and slowly come forward with your whole body.

Don't dig in with your toes and don't go too low with your tabletop. You're spilling my wine pool on the bar. Now. Lean into it as the arms continue to go up. Bend the arms and control dance with your spring and bring the arms lean back. Then the arms to come back forward. Now if you are daring, we're going to reverse it. Bend your arms, pull the arms back.

I should start to lean into the springs. Bring the arms down and follow the spring home. Bend your arms and reach. Pull those rips in and go back. Stretch those arms and release it back on. Final time.

Bend your arms, lean back, watch out for those rips and bring it a own and forward. Round your back and roll back up. Good. Let's do a squad. Always fun. So you're going to step further back. How are we doing? We're okay. Okay. Arms go out. Arms are straight. First let's just do the arms.

You're going to turn the palms in, pool into you, and then really said, now as you do that, you're going to squat down. Keep your heels on the floor. So you're going to bend and sit. Now pull more with the arms to come up and then release it, right? So the extra pool will help the momentum of the spring to pop you up. So Ben and Paul, so in this case, the springs actually help you to come back up and release two more bend and go down. Keep those elbows high and pull to come up. And the final time bend, sit, come back up and then relax. Very nice.

Good. Um, continue with the squats. We're going to do a squat and a hinge. So you're going to bring your arms up sets, right angle. Make sure your elbow and shoulder, it's all in line. From here, you are going to hinge back. So you're gonna lean back and one flat line. Now you're going to start to squat. Think of folding and your hips, keeping your elbows lifted. Now to come back up, you're gonna lift your elbows. There you go. And then you get a little break by stretching your arms out.

How are you guys? Perfect. And arms up. Of course you were hinge back. And then keep that hinge. Just fold in hips. See, I knew you were perfect and stretch one more so I can see you all together. So hinge back and just go down and think of the squat folding in the hips and just come back up and lower it down. Now let's do a little, bring the feet and plotty stance. We'll turn this into a little combo. So you're gonna have chest expansion. You're going to inhale, bring the springs back behind you. You might have to walk forward, but nobody saw that little bore raise for it. From here, staying up, you're going to go all the way down. Pressing back. Keep finding my hands.

Find my hands. Find my hands. Now you look to the right. Look to the left. You go center, and you come up. Keep pressing back. Keeping pressing into my hands. Press into my hands. Now lower your heels and release your. Now let's put those together so you do the hinge squat in parallel.

So start in parallel. Hinge squats. You hinge back, you go down. Good. You come up, stretch the arms as you stretch. Lift the heels and go right into chest expansion. Going down, going down. Look to the left this time. Or you can look right. I don't really care. Center.

Come back up and lovely blu-ray. And from there, open the heels against your back in parallel. Hinge back, going down. Good. Don't linger up. Arm Stretch. Lift the heels into plotty. Stance up for chest expansion. Inhale, I don't care what you breathe as long as you keep breathing, look, look, center, come back, lift the chest, lift the chest and lower down. Now how that feel? I think we're uneven, aren't we? We have to do one more for the looks, don't we? And back to parallel, hinge back. I would not want you to be lopsided on tape and come back up. God forbid. Syrette it out into chest expansion going down. Keep the collarbone smiling down there in the end.

No names and left and really say, relax. Good. Turn around. Face me. We're going to do the shave and the hugging. All those. Most of us all learned it in a little plotty stance as I call it. But we're going to do it today with a lunch. So let's all put our right foot forward cause we're doing four.

So we'll change legs halfway through. Now, same thing as in the hinge position. It's just a little bit easier. Make sure the tracking of your knee is right over your ankle. Keep this long. Keep pushing through your back heel. From here. All I want you to do is stretch your arms. Just a little prep. Think of the shoulders being very broad. Now from here, just reach forward with your arms.

Broadening your shoulders more now feel how much broader they got. Try and keep that just like we did with the push through bar and bring them back. Feel that just stretch and bring it back. There you go. Trying to get that connection in your shoulders. Keep that swimmer shoulders. We just saw the Olympics. Keep those solid yas. There you go. There's the connection you want.

Now let's start with boxing. I owed to Romana. We'll even use her curing. You're gonna box right in the center. We both trained with Romana, so from here my hand is going to be here. Romana used to put her hand here. From here you're going to box and this elbow you're going to lift the elbows up box and I'll hit me. Hit me, hit me more forward. There you go. You keep going. Hit me. Where's your ball? Your boxing with your nails left. There you go. Lean more forward.

Yes, more hit me. Don't move your shoulders. Try and keep [inaudible] and relax. Relax the springs. Then the next one, hug, lean forward. So on that same like now our second owed to Romana, she used to put her finger right here and would say, you stay against my finger. Do not break it and do not pull away. Now hug me.

Very nice. As you open, don't pull away. Stay gets. Yes, good stay. That's my finger to right in at your sternum. Good. You can smile really good. There you go. Nice smile. Bit Faint but nice and relaxed. I relax. The arms run their change legs front. I couldn't resist.

So bring the other leg front so we just change legs so we have a little break from there. You're just then going to do the shave. If you cannot do the shave with your arms back here, just simply open it up by your shoulders. Do that. Cause we had talked before from there, keeping your elbows and now just shave up. Open those elbows. Yes. All the way. Good. And then the back end, you're just like you're bench pressing in the gym up and bring it down.

Keep the connection, the lots of lovely ribs and stretch. There you go. Don't bite your lip. Good. Two more. Open those elbows if you can. There you go. Good. And relax. Good. We have one more to go.

So side bend. So this time you're going to be with your feet, Eh, the plotty stance. Now if this gets really uncomfortable for you, you could do it in a lunch as well. But let's try it here. Arms open to decide. Lean slightly into the spring and then go over to your, let's go with that way. PIR as it open, keep the arm forward and I'll press this arm forward.

Pull the spring open and come back to the center and side bend with the waist first. And now don't twist. Keep that bottom arm in front of you and then come back to the center and lean over like you're leaning into the wind. Stay there, stay there. I stayed there and come back to the center. Ah, there's side. So go pool the top spring open. But watch out at the bottom. Spring does not pull you back and come back to the center.

Now let's go to the other side, the first side again, and let's stay there for a moment. Now the bottom arm goes straight forward and back, down and up and down and up and down. Hold it there and go over to the other side. Go over reach and bring the arm up and down and up and down and up and down, and bring it back to the front bounds yourself backwards. Good. Last exercise. Bring the arms down and in front of you.

Now make sure that you start with the arms. So first move the arm slightly forward and then start leading into the springs and keep bringing the arms forward. Keep it coming forward. Keep going forward, keep coming forward, keep coming forward. Keep. Take your blood with you. There you go. And control that. So Romanos is one of Vermonters favorite exercise is pool now fall into my arms. Fall into your mind. Don't you love me? I'm burning. It's back down.

Now if you keep going forward and the arms end up shoulder height or higher, you're standing too close to the bar, uh, the tower, you have to move forward a little bit and make it a little more challenging. [inaudible] bearing the eyes in front. Now take the hips with you. Make sure to heel, stay on the floor, keep coming forward with you, but keep coming back. Gumming woo and live on the edge and the final time and arms pool at forward. Squeeze those legs together. There you go.

Keep it connected to keep it connected, keeps it connected and control it down and relax. Let go of the springs. Thank you very much. See you soon. Thank you.


Erika Quest
As a fellow Pilates Anytime teacher, I loved this class gentleman. I struggle at times with my standing arm work on the Trapeze / Tower and this workout left me inspired! Thank you!
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Love this! Lots of ideas to use with a wide range of clients - thank you!
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Love, love, love and Michael and Ton class:) Thank you for making it available!
Isn't this some! on the edge indeed! Great session.
Great session. Great ideas! Very challenging!!! Love it!
Love it...wonderful sequences & crazy good hinges! "Students" were rock stars...with a capital R! Thank you PA
Michael and Ton, I loved you when I met you in Germany, I love you even more now! You are awesome... loved this class.. thank you so much... loved your ending with the hinges! Well done!
These two never disappoint. Lovable and push you with just the right amount of encouraging discipline. Why did you have to move to Phoenix when I moved to New York?!?! Thank goodness for PA :))))
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Always great!!!! Very clear instruction and set up. We want more and more and more!!!!
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