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Mat Revelations

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You could call this class "Mat Revelations" for the discovery process that Michael and Ton offer as they guide you through the hour. This class is great for beginners as well as anyone wanting to release tension in their body and practice Pilates without all the intensity.
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I think we should start right away what they want to do. The Chit Chat. There you are. Um, so let's face me for a second and just stand with your feet. Um, parallel. Now I want you to really be able to feel the ground. So if you're standing on a cushy mat, you might want to do it on the floor and otherwise you can do it on the mat.

If it's a hard enough mat. Now just sit up nice and tall and I want you to slowly lean forward and really feel the ball of your feet pressing into the floor and then rock back and really feel the heel pressure on the floor. Now you're gonna rock forward and back balancing between the ball and the heel. And as you do that, slowly make the movement smaller and smaller so that you end up right in the middle, having even weight on the balls of your feet and even weight on the heel, the center of the heel. Once you found that, just relax the shoulders, length in the spine plays your right hand across your shoulder. So bring it right by the arm. And then down, bring the other hand back at the bottom of your ribs.

So those, these two hands, making a diagonal, right? So you're going to inhale and as you inhale you're going to separate those two hands. So you inhale making it bigger. And as you exhale, you're going to squeeze those hands towards each other and just going your own rhythm. Cause we're all all breathe at different times. But as you inhale, the egg, they separate. As they exhale, you almost, you can squeeze it and almost collapses a little bit in open and exhale, squeeze it together. Don't forget also the bottom hand. So don't only breathe in the top brewery at the bottom. And then once you have your last exhale, just bring the arms down and feel the difference between the one side and the other. Once we opened those ribs, right? So let's go to the other side.

On the angle hand goes at the bottom of the ribs. Inhale, separate them. And as you exhale, let them come together. Really focus on the bottom hand that you breathe into that lower rib and an exhale. Just keep on breathing. You don't have to wait for me when you're out of air. It's a good idea to inhale again. Let's do it one more time.

Inhale, exhale, relax. Leave the top hand there. Just relax the bottom arm and now you want to make sure that this shoulder does not move. When we go into the exercise, you're going to bring the arm up, open it up to the side, let it come down, bring slightly behind you. Circle it back in. So you're going to make a figure eight with the arms open. Bring it down, bring it behind you. Turn it slightly in.

Now the whole time this happens, the shoulder should not move. Since the arm goes back, the shoulders should not move away from the hand and as the arm comes forward, as you've not dig into the finger, right? So you're going to stay belies your shoulder blade allowing the arm to move, right? Just relax the arm. Let's go to the other side. So we're just going to feel how our arm moves as the shoulder blades they stabilized. Who knew that that was possible? That you can move your arm without moving your shoulder blade.

What a revelation. Make it nice and smooth. Don't speed it up. Just keep it moving and then relax. Open the Lex. Think of the Vitruvian man from Michelangelo arms are open.

You're going to inhale and press all the four points away from each other so he can come to inhale and press it away and then exhale, release it and inhale. Push them the way you can. Also think of this as a kite. So the kite catches the air and it lengthens open and then it really says it again and it'll catch and release. Last time. Expand body release and relax down. Bring your legs together.

Stand on your right leg. Let the left leg be relaxed. Place your hand right on that leg bone, right on the EAD so it's not the hip but down by the hip. But the leg going to bend the leg where you standing on and are as you straightened. Feel how this bone goes down and then rotates into wards here. Externally rotates as it bends. It rolls out a little bit.

And then as you straighten it, it comes back underneath here. You feel that movement in the leg, right? So make sure that the pelvis stay still so that as you straighten, you don't go arched or Tuck. So make sure this is all nice and secure. Feel how the bone moves in your body right last time.

And then just gracefully roll up to the other side and we bend the leg and bring it around. So you now notice that as you bend the leg, it's not only an up and down motion, the actually the pelvis goes out and in at the same time, right? So there you go. Another revelation maybe and pull in. Maybe we should call this mat revelations and bring it back in. Discovering the body and curl back in.

One more time. Really have you found it? Okay. Legs, hip width apart. Going through the same idea, but only with a squats or both legs. Bring the arms down first. Move the hips back. So you're going to first initiated with the hips before you bend the knees. Now as you come up, think of the legs coming up and think of that rotating of the legs back underneath. You separate the bones as you open, so you're sort of like widen. And then as you come back in, it pulls back in and open and back in.

Now what I want you to do is come to the front edge of your mat, face each other, and do the same thing two more times. So you're going to open and bring it back in. And then the last time open and stay there. Now bring your arm slightly down and round your back. Press it heavyweight back with your arms as you lengthen your spine and then release. Now I don't want you to arch, I just want you to separate the top and the bottom of your spine away from each other and then bring it back so you lengthen the spine as you push your heavyweight away.

And then release the spine when it comes in length in the spine. And now stay with the spine lengthened. Keep the arms up as you bend the legs more. Keep lifting the arms. Keep lifting the yams. Keep lifting the arms, then lower the arms in. Place them down on your mat and kneel down one leg at the time.

Make sure your hands are right underneath your shoulders and your hips right above your knees. You're going to round as you exhale in the cat stretch, and then again, length in the spine when you inhale and come a little higher up and exhale round and inhale. Lengthen. One more time rounded as you exhale. Then now don't go to the arch, but go to a straight long line. Make sure your ribs are not hanging down. We are not having spare ribs for dinner. We keeping all the rips by ourselves.

Now you're going to twist or Sidebench. You're going to bring your hips to the right. You're going gonna look at the right. You're gonna see if you can see your own butt and then bring it back to the center. Let's look around or corner on the other side. Make sure come back to the center.

Did the pressure on all four points on both hands and knees. Stay the same even though you go into the side and bring it around. One more time to the other side. Come back to the center. Lift right foot up. You're going to cross it over the left leg and now you're going to look for your tail and then bring it back to the center.

Swing your tail to the other side. So the same foot is still up. The knee stays on the floor. Come back to the center. Go all the way around the corner and look for your tail. Come back to the center. Go to the other side, bring it back to the middle. Place the foot down. Lift the left foot up and cross it over first. Look for your foot.

Come back to the center. Look for you further. You can also imagine to put your foot in your mouth. Come back to the center. I do it often, so why not today, right? And put your foot in your mouth and come back to this center. And then re lax. Move to the front edge of your mat. Just sit yourself down. Hold on behind your thighs. Have a nice long back.

As you inhale, put some pressure with your hands into a, with your legs into your hands. It's almost like you're trying to push your legs away from you and that will help you to find that low curl in the abdominals. As you roll until the arms are straight, then pull the abdominals in. More to roll yourself back up and length in the spine. So keep your legs active, caress them away. There you go.

And curls far as you can roll back in and then length in the spine last time. So press you might be able to push a little bit more and then roll back up and come back up. Very nice. We're going to do it on an angle so both hands go on the outside of one leg. Pick one leg, pick your favorite. Then you go. Now make sure that both legs, I still say I'm stable and that you keep sitting on both sitz bones.

The tendency is to lift the leg up, right? So now you're going to go on an angle down. So you're going to be here and you going to press angled slightly on mango and then come back up and rich. Now roll down and think of pressing the legs slightly open into those hands so that'd be not lift the hip hop and come back. We have one more time and roll down and then come back up and gracefully go to the other side.

Press the like in and roll on the angle down and then pull the stomach into, come back up and then exhale to roll down. Keep both sitz bones anchored and then come back up and we have one more time to go. You go down and you come up and relax. Stretch the arms forward. There you go. Roll yourself all the way and relax.

Bring your legs in towards you. Now keep your pelvis still. If you want to check it, just place your hands right on top of those bones right in the front of your hips. Now just open the legs and bring them together. You don't want to feel any emotion. Just keep doing that exercise or that movement. You don't want to feel any emotion. In the pelvis whatsoever.

Now the next time you close, stay close and just do one leg open. One leg, try to give the other knee straight up to the ceiling, but dough, move the hips, bring it back to the center, then open the other one. Just notice which one is easier, which side is harder? You're going to do your easiest side three more times. So pick the side that was the easiest to control and do three more with that leg. Bring it back in and open. Bring it back in and open.

Bring it back and now do it with your one that was a little bit more difficult. Try to keep the pelvis absolutely straight and square. Don't move it. And after, after you're done with your third one, just keep the legs close. You're going to place your feet a little bit further away from your bottom and just relax the arms down. Now you're going to have to use your imagination and this might take a moment for you to grasp and it might not be successful the first time you try it.

That's why you keep on coming back and try it again. I want you to imagine your pelvis to be the, what do you call it? The pedal of a canoe and we go into canoe backwards. So what you're going to do with the pelvis, you're going to lower the right side down like it's grabbing the water and then push it to the front towards your feet and then the other side goes down into the water and press and down and press down and push. And I know it's an odd motion, tried to keep you knees still as possible and you just imagine you canoe backwards, right?

Like it's a nice little pedal and we're just going on the ocean backwards into the waves. I don't know why you would go backwards into the waves, but we are going to do that today. I'm sure there is. Must be a reason somewhere for that. And then relax your hips. Place your hands behind your head. We're going to give a neck release. So as you exhale, lift your chin up a little bit. Then as your hands grabbed just those little bones behind your head.

As you inhale, lengthen the neck out until your long. Now Watch out. Keep your head on the floor. Keep your head on the floor, right? So he just letting it crunching and then length and back out. Now Watch out of the chin. Doesn't that not tip down? Right? So you in go up, then you lengthen it and there's an impulse where the head wants to tip.

You want to stop right before you hit that impulse. So you're going to call. As you inhale, lengthen the spine. Now keep lengthening and you already felt that impulse. You want to now use that impulse to tip the head and come up and I'll roll back down and let your head goes far away from you as possible. Lift the chin, lengthen the next first.

Then use the impulse of the length going into that rotation to pull the ribs down to come up. You feel that? So the neck is really released. Go back down one more time. Lift the chin length in the neck. Wait for the impulse that it wants to tip for you to come up into that position. Once you're in that position, just reached the arms forward and you're ready for your hundreds. So we're going to breathe in two, three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, if you want to make it harder, bring your legs up into a tabletop and exhale, two, three, four, five, inhale and excellent. Now stretch the legs out.

Just stop at any level that you can feel comfortable with and inhale and exhale. Now, low the Lex a little bit if that's comfortable and and exhale, and if you want to lower them a little more for the last two and in and exhale and the last time and exhale and re Lex all the way down. Yummy, Yummy, yummy. Place the hands behind your head, legs. Place your head behind your legs. Place your hands behind your backs. That would be the right terminology.

Lift your head up and then rock yourself up. I'm sorry about that. Mess Up. Come back up to setting. We're going to do the roll up. We're going to start starting from the top. Have you likes nice and relaxed, and I want you to imagine a feather, a feather that just floats slowly down, right? So you're going to sit up and your upper body is going to go from site to site to site to site, and just get into a rhythm of going side to side.

It's not shoulder forward and back. This is not Las Vegas. We're gonna go side to side to side, and I did not look at you on purpose. Now you're going to slowly curl the tailbone under and you're going to float down like a feather or a falling leaf woven from side to side. Soften your knees if you need to and all the way back down. Now if you need to, you can just have your legs bend and roll yourself up or rock yourself up for the next one. So just get up in any way you can. You can just rock up.

There you go. And let's feather ourselves back down further around. Soften the chest, soften your spine. Let's do it one more time to just rock yourself up or roll yourself up. Either one is fine. There you go. And rock back down. Feather yourself back down.

Now this time, if you want to take up a challenge, we are going to feather ourselves back up. [inaudible] XO, go down and start the feathering this time on the floor and feather yourself up. Now that is quite a challenge, right? Try to relax the legs as much as you can. Very nice. There we go. Feather back down. La, la, la. We're feathering, we're floating in the breeze until we're hitting the floor. Very nice. Benjamin in into a tabletop position.

Keep the angle exactly the same and open one leg as far as it goes and just feel what happens to the other hip and then bring it back up. So open the other leg and at some point you'll feel that his hip is going to come up the opposite hip and bring it in. Now open the leg only as far as you can. Keep the opposite pelvis on the floor and bring it back center. Now. Both legs might be different, so pay attention to your body. Don't go too far.

Keep both pelvis parts exactly on the mat. Now Open it. Banking is a little bit more into Archie. There you go. Now pay attention on this side. Leave the leg there for a second. This is as wide as you let circle can go without compromising the pelvis. So bring the leg back in.

Now let's open the other leg and just feel how open you can be in your single leg circles. That's coming up right? That's as far as you can go without moving your hips, which is probably less wide than you thought it would be. Bring your legs together, place the feet on the floor, stretch the right leg up, keep it slightly bent, and now start doing your leg circle. Circle down around up one and make sure that hip does not move. So don't go wider than that you just did and around and four and we have one more time to go. Our round and five. Now reverse it.

Open around and bring it up. One. Open around and keep those hips still to open around. And three, trying to keep the other knee straight up to the ceiling. One more time and around. Place that foot on the floor and let's change legs. Very well done.

Left like up. [inaudible] around and bring it back up. One nice and around and two and around and three and around and four and the last time and up went here. We got rivers open around and one and open around and two, if it helps you to place your hands on your hips to feel what is happening, you could do that too. And let's do the one more time of round and up. Banking is in towards your chest.

Give yourself a little hug because you deserve it. Place your hands behind your thighs, progression legs away from you and that will help you bringing your head up slightly and now start rocking. Just rock yourself up and down. Not all the way to sitting. Just massage that spine. Find a big contraction in your abdominals.

Try to keep the shoulder blades apart and the shoulders down. So even nihs wide back one more time. And then slow down. You're rocking until you're back down on the floor. Oh, so professional. We're all sitting up there we are. There we are. Let us selves lengthen. Bring your right leg in towards you.

Hold on to the leg now give it in good stretch. Then press the leg away and as the leg presses away, you are coming up. Hold that contraction for a second. Feel the attention of the leg and the abdominals and then come back down and give it a stretch. Stretched his leg out as the other one comes in. Give it a strep. Use the leg.

Feel that length and the impulse of the head to come up like we did in the neck. Release in the neck, peel earlier to get into the hundreds. So all those things are exactly the same. Bring it back in and lower back down. Bring the other leg back in.

Hold it length in the neck should come up and find that contraction. Now you can do the same thing again, or you can do this version. Place the foot down and just change and give it a stretch. Place it down. Now let's place the outside hand on the end goal on the inside, him the knee and me go around and now instead of bringing you the leg down, let's bring the leg up. Why not? And because what can gum down can also come up rich.

Now the low where you stretch that leg out there, more intense it's going to be. So pick a version that works for you. Let's do one more change and then relax your body down real. Lengthen your neck and relax your spine and just take a nice deep breath. 10 in that position. From there we're going to do double leg.

Keep your spine long. Everything down. I as you do it, you're just going to place your feet down on the floor, arms down at your sides. Just inhale, stretch out long. Keep that rib cage nice and relax. On the exhale, drag those heels back in and bring your legs back in without lifting your tail bone. So it's just building up the double leg. Just stretch it out a long and asks. Help. Pull it back in. No. As you inhale and stretch, think of that net. Lift your head up, just reaching long along the floor and exhale and bring it back down. And again, inhale, just stretch it out. Long reaching and exhale, bring it back in. Keeping the light still on the floor.

Bring your head up in hill. This time your arms still gonna stay there and as you exhale, keep the head up. So we're just building on inhale, stretch. Exhale, pull it in two more and keep the legs off. Inhale, stretch ant underneath to help support the legs. Exhale, squeeze the last one just like we did on the clock. If you did the clock and burry it in and relax. Head down. Then for this single leg straight, what you're going to do is bring one leg up, bring the other leg up from their lower the right leg down.

Grab on from here in Paul. Now change legs. Make sure you get the leg, building it up to 90 before you stretch it in. Don't grab it below 90 to Yank it in like most us do, and cheat. Bring it to 90 and then bring it in. Then as you build out, bring your hand position higher and higher. Try and get the legs straighter and straighter.

If it helps, you can flex the feet, so it's almost like that to activate the back of the legs and last time and relax everything down. Build up of the double. You're going to place your hands behind your head. The usual position. From here, you're going to start with the legs long. Keep your breathing natural and just keep breathing. It's going to be eight counts in our count. You through it. So one, you're going to drag the legs in like you did before in two tabletop.

That's one. Stretch them out to back to tabletop. Three, lengthen and lift your head. Four, stretch the legs. Five, bend the legs. Six, lower the head, back down. Seven, stretch the legs out. Eight. So we have one, two, tabletop to stretch the legs. Three, back to tabletop for length. Lengthen. Lift your head, stretch the legs. Then the legs lower the head stretch, legs back down. One last time. Keep those ribs down. Don't let them come up. Tabletop, straight and back to tabletop.

Lift your head, stretch those legs back to tabletop. Lower your head down. Slide the legs out. How'd we do? Let's do it once more so I can see. So slide the legs in the table top. Stretch them out. Bend the table top. Lift your head, stretch the legs, bend the knees, the table, tabletop. Lower the head, lower the legs back down.

Beautiful. Now from here you're gonna bring your left shoulder to your right leg. You just build up the crisscross. We're going to come up one and then bring everything back down to the floor and bring it up and back down to the floor. Start the same way we are up now. As you bring the foot up, you're going to keep the head up and just change and up and then you're going to give them a break because their head might need it. Then you're going to inhale, bring the legs up to tabletop and we'll just have one without really stretching the leg all the way. Just trying to bring it in.

Try to bring the elbow in more. Don't let the legs come past 90 try and keep it there. If you can, easier as that as you can see by my execution. And I'll stretch the leg out. And let's just do a couple of one and one and stretch, stretch, stretch, and really grab onto the backs of your thighs. Use it a little bit as an isometric exercise, and then just start to rock to massage your spine up to sitting for the spine.

Stretch forward with a little back release. So you're going to sit tall. Legs can be as wide as comfortable for you. Feet start flexed. So if you want your legs a little bit wider, that's totally fine. As long as you can keep up on your sitz bones, you're not hanging back fingertips long. From here, you're going to inhale and on the exhale you're going to point your feet and think of just curling your Cox six under trying to keep your shoulders above your hips. Flex the feet. Inhale, come back up and on the exhale now round and reach forward. So inhale up. Exhale, point, feet round. Just the coccsyx back, trying to keep your shoulder.

She had that scoop. Inhale, stretching up and then exhale forward. Cause what we want to do is call the spine stretch forward. We want to stretch more than just the upper spine and release it back. Point. This feet usually helps flex and come up tall. Then exhale, release. Good.

Inhale and roll it up from here. Grab the insides of your thighs. You're gonna rock back so you're going to slide back. So you get that strong contraction. Keep that contraction as you're here and you draw your legs in. Now you've got that wonderful little curve.

You want to keep it there and not try and open up your chest as Lolita. Say. Make your collar bones smile so you keep the curve down there. Chavez from there, stretch the legs out and bend and stretch and Ben Cheap seats. Third Balcony up there. What's on the floor? Lift. Good and stir Rach.

One more and Jess are wretched up and then and relaxed from there. You might slide your feet a little bit forward or come a little bit more forwards here in the center of your mat. We're going to roll down. We're going to do a version of the tip talk that's a little more safe for your spine. So bring your arms out long. Now what you want to think of doing is you feel both hips on the floor, lift your hips, and think of replacing your right hip with your left hips. You bring it over.

Then bring your knees here. [inaudible] from there in the opposite direction from where you moved your hips, you're going to let your legs just fall over to the TechTalk and you'll feel, and when you teach it, we've had clients. You'll see how it keeps the spine much straighter and it's a little easier. Now bring your knees back in, place your feet down and readjust back to your center. Now take the other hip, replace it so it's like one cheek. Replaces the other cheek as easy way to remember.

Bring the knees into the chest. Now as you go to the side, think of lifting that opposite hip from where you're going and bringing it over. And now as you come back center, think of your rib cage and it just ripples through your body. Bringing it back in. Good. Bring your feet down. Readjust yourself back to center. Good. Now from here, let's just do one normal.

So just bring your knees into your chest. Now think of lifting your left hip up to go to your right and over to the side as far as you can, keeping both shoulders firmly planted. Don't let that shoulder come up. Yes, Monica, and from there, think of your ribcage rippling through your body and brewing it back in one more time. Lift the opposite hip from the way you're going and just bring it over and Bree back center and relax. Bring your knees into your chest. Give it just a little squeeze. Then change your hands to behind you.

Press into the backs of your hands with your thighs and just again, rock yourself up to sitting for our cross leg version of the saw. Sit with your right leg crossed in front. Your fingertips are going to be long here. You're going to sit up tall, you're going to inhale and on the exhale towards the leg that's in front, which for you is the right. You're going to exhale round. Keeping your fingers on the floor over that leg, trying to keep the nose and the surname in line. Then you're going to inhale, bringing it back up to center. And we're going to go the same way. So we always go towards the leg that's crossed in front and bring it back up.

Just trying to get the twist to happen just from the waist and back up. Now just change legs that are front. So the other one, bring the hands and we repeat to the left side. So inhale, exhale, twisted over trying to really keep your nose in line with her sternum and come back up very nice and rounds. You feel how that twist is really happening. Just um, your waist. And don't forget to smile. Don't take it too seriously. I had round and come up and relax. Good.

Well this will make you smile. It's the spine articulation. It's a little bit of Bruce King, a little bit of Cathy grant off, thrown into a combo. So you're going to lie down in child's pose. It feels great. So on your knees, palms are up from here. You're going to sit back on your heels and you're slowly roll yourself up. This is the Bruce King part. Once you're up your hands change, oversee your fingers at this way. From there they slide back.

As you lift your pelvis up into one long line, pushing your pubic bone forward to you are not hanging. Then sit back, lifting your stem arch back and rounding forward and down. From there your hands are going to circle. This is the Cathy Gantt Grant, Cobra cat, arms on front. From there you draw it forward and come through and from there round and sit back and we're back to part one. Bring your hands with the palms back, so roll yourself up, sit back, lift the hips jars, keep it moving, articulating through.

That's fine. Bringing that down. Then the hand slide along the floor. You come through into that cold Hatesh position. From there, keeping your shoulders wide. Make them smile than round and sit back and bring your hands down to your sides and slowly roll yourself back up.

Now we're going to come on to our stomachs for the prone like lifts. You're going to start with your head on top of your hands this way and your feet are going to just be apart and your toes are going to be curled under this way. From here, put your head down. Hopefully I'm clear enough that you don't have to pop your head up. If I'm not clear, just holler out.

I'll do my best from here with your right leg, think of pushing through the heel which straightened your leg and brings your knee off. You feel that happens. Your foot still on the floor. It's just straightening the leg. Now relaxed the knee back down. Other side. Push through that heel so you're stretching through the back of the leg and really sit down and one more time, just press through that heel stretch. The knee will come off and brewing it down other side last time. Stretch it out long and bring it on.

Now adding on. We're going to stretch the same way. Now keep that one like stretched and now point the foot. See you feel that front line the front of the hip. Then flex the foot, bringing it back in, throwing the toes under and release other legs. Stretch sue that hill pointed footsie. You're stretching the front side of the like good flux and brewering it back in and lower Ed town. One more time. Push through that here. Point the foot.

Now flux the foot by thinking of length mean and bring it down last time. Other like grass pointed foot long. Nice job. Bend the heel and place it down. Now the second poem left from there, just relax your toes to your toes are now flat. From there, bend your right leg and just keeping it on the floor. In that position, flex the foot. Point the foot. Now flex the foot and lifted up straight towards the ceiling.

Now point the foot and stretch the leg out long and then lower back down to the floor. So there's side, we'd been the leg. Then you flex, you point, you flex and out. By lifting up in the flex position, you're activating in the back of the leg. Point the foot stretch, like out. So now activating the front and lower down. One more time. So we bend that leg, we flux, we point, we flex it, lift the leg, [inaudible] point, stretch it out long and lower it down and we bend that leg and we flux. We point with flax, we lift, we point, we stretch, we lower it back down. Now keeping your head there, we're going to add on by going into a single leg kick.

So bringing the right leg up. Think of flax point stretch, other leg flex point, stretch, flax point stretch, lax point stretch. Now add on moving man. As you bend the leg, what we're gonna do is bandit and bring it in and this week out of the train band point stretch so it comes off. So we banned point stretch.

So the leg is off the floor band point stretch. So we're trying to open up the front of that hip last time. Very good. Complete with train noises and stretch and relax. Keeping Yourself. Yeah, on the floor we latch your legs actually still we don't go into the back. Turn your legs in a bit internally.

Rotate them in so you're still liking that pigeon pigeon toed position from their forehead is still down. Think of lengthening long through your spine and as you lift up, think of your four arms pulling in towards your body and come up in a little bit of extension, keeping your hands on the mat, using your forearms to push and pull yourself so you keep those shoulders broad. Oh, I saw those wings and Berea back out. I won't mention any names, but she has red hair and pull it in. Oh, you're the only one who has spread hair upside and brilliant back in on last time. Progress and pull. Keep those shoulder blades wide. Beautiful collar bones smiling. Of course with wide shoulder blades.

We want it all right, relax it out. Place your hands right for your shoulders. Push yourself back into a child's pose. Take a deep breath and, and roll yourself back off and lie down on your back. We too like skip with apart.

We're going to start the same way as the neck pl. So you're going to have the chin slightly up. Lengthen the neck, let the elbows come in a little bit and just come up the height of your shoulders. Hold that position for a second. Then slowly roll yourself down. Opening the elbows again. Let the chin come up a little bit. Length in the neck. Wait for the impulse of the head to curl and then curl up with it.

Let the elbows go forward. Don't pull on your neck. I know it's called the neck pool, but we're not going to pull on our neck and relax back down. One more time. Let the chin come up. Lengthen the neck out. Wait for the impulse to tilt to come up. Let the elbows calm in, hold it for a second and then roll away from yourself. Now we're going to keep the right elbow on the floor, so we're going to inhale and then we get the right elbow on the floor and we just going to lift the left elbow right up to the ceiling and then come back to the center down. Inhale, exhale, come up.

Try not to bring the elbow forward. Really lengthen it up and bring it back down and nail on the town. Exhale on the up. Try to keep the pelvis nice and still and then roll away and then go the other side. Lifting it up. Up We go, and then relaxed, or we even, I believe. So benching ease in bringing your arms straight up and then lower the arms until your fingertips touch your thighs. So not of hell hand, the yield of your hand is lifted of your thighs.

You're going to kill your tail under. Are you going to keep lifting your pelvis up until your body is all the way against your arms so there's no space between you and your arms. Now slowly roll down and roll away from your hands so you're back at where we started. The right inhale at the bottom. Exhale, curl the tailbone up. As you roll up, think of the knees coming forward. Lift until the bodies all way against the arms and then roll away from the arms. Nice and relaxed. The, there you go. Inhale.

Exhale. Curl it up. Lengthen all the way up. Make your body's long as it can be. Soften your throat, roll yourself back down until you're all the way back onto the floor. We're now from here, we Lexy arms and just roll over to your side. Roll over to me and lie down. There you go.

Okay. It might be easier if you guys turn your head over here. So we all look the same and I will do the same thing. Here we are. Okay, no lie all the way down. We likes the arm Lexar at a 90 degree angle. Lift the leg up to hip height. Keep the knee still.

Flex that foot a little bit and now rotate the foot down until the foot touches the other foot and bring it back up and lower and up. Turn not to move the knee and for and the last time five and uphold here. Stretch the leg out in line with your body. Five little circles. Go One way, going one and two and three and four and then reverse it. One and two and three and four and five lowered his leg down.

Now we're going to work this leg. Press the knee into the floor and lift the foot up and bring it back down and lifted up and bring it down and three, laying it down and four bricks it down last time. Five, bring it down. Bring the legs together, lower the legs a little bit away from you. Now you're going to bring this arm, the from top underneath you and it grabs the shoulder. This hand stands right underneath your shoulder.

Now the more it's underneath you shoulder, the harder the exercise will be. So if you want to make it a little bit easier to bring the head hand more towards your head right now, pull the core in and push yourself up that Tada and go down and up. N Three and up. Yes you did nothing. We're going to go and forget the arms. Do you down and up and come down all the way, banked you knees in. Stretch the arms out in front of you this time.

Keep your arm straight leading with your chest. You're going to press that arm forward, letting it slide and bring it back. Let it slide forward. Now lift the arm straight up to the ceiling. Now keep the relationship of the hands with your shoulder. You're going to roll back into your lower back and slowly let the spine roll all the way over to the other side.

Then bring it back up and bring the hands back down. Start with the chest, push it forward, lift the arm up, then follow the arm all the way. Now from here, lift your top leg up as well. Lift the other leg up and roll over to the other side so we can do decide kicks on the other side. So align yourself down. Bring the arm up. Yeah, you might have to move back on your mat unless you like lying on the floor and that's fine too. Bring the knees up and I'll lift the leg up to a 90 degree angle and bring the leg up. Leave the knee where it is.

Just rotate the foot down to meet the other one and back up just a foot down and three and four and up five and up. Stretch the leg out in line with your body for small circles going one and two and three and four. And then reverse it on and two and three and four. And relax that leg down. Press the knee of your bottom like into the floor and lift the leg up and bring it back down and lifted back up and bring it back.

Two and three and back down and four and back down. And the last time, five and down pain. Genesen ready for the TRICEP dip. So you're gonna try to press up. So bring the legs a little bit lower. Change your hands. Remember the more the hand is underneath the shoulder, the harder it's going to be connecting to your body.

Push yourself up five times we go, one and back down and two and back down and three and back. Only two more. And then we're already at the last one as if we never did it. And here we go. Bench knees into a 90 degree angle. Stretch both. I'm straight out in front. Press from the sturm, straight out and bring it back.

Not Precedent. Lift the arm up to the ceiling. Now keep that relationship to saying roll into the lower back too slowly. It's like a reverse. Tick-Tock, the reverse of what you did with Michael. Now lift that arm back up and meet the arms back together. Press from the sternum forward.

Follow the hand up, let it go all the way over to the other side. Lift your top leg up, lift the bottom leg up and roll all the way towards the other side. So we did a full one that way. Now we have to get back on our mat. So lift the top leg and top arm and maybe with a little bit of luck we end up back on our mat. And if not, just make it work. Hold on behind your thighs. Get a little bit of a contraction. Lift your head up. Start rocking, rocking your body all the way up to setting.

Then this half the room has to swivel around so you could face the front. From here, we're going to sit the same way we did with the legs crossed in front. Let's start with the right leg from here. For the spine twists. Place your right hand on top other hand. I pledge allegiance to politeness. Now from here, just leave it here and what we're going to think of as lengthening long through your spine and again, think of twisting to your right, trying to do the twist from the waist, not from the head and the shoulders like most of us. What? Not Anybody here.

Our clients and twists are the same way three times. Sorry, normal people at home and stretch and one more time. You're perfect to stretch. Just tell them and switch and you're going to switch legs too. So the other leg is in front from here. Lift and twist and bring it long.

What helps the length is if you think of pushing into that hand, push up like you want to push the hand off. It's annoying and back and again, push it up along. Lift, lift, very nice and press from there. Release it. I'm just going to change around t's or time building up from the top.

Now you're going to use your hands right behind your thighs. And I want you to think of pressing your thighs down into your hands as your hands push up into your thighs. It makes sense in a minute. And we're going to slide the legs. So we're gonna go down, just building up, letting the feet slide out a bit, pressing in so we activate the back of the legs. You'll feel the strong connection in your core and pull it back up, dragging those heels. Keep that connection. Just dragging down and fooling it up in.

Oops. Sounds like someone's got gas. Press and hold it in the ratchet one like out, oh, come on. Who? What did you eat? And just one like slide it out, keeping the other leg there and pull it back in. So you'd guess get the back of the legs activated. You feel that? And keeping the core. Then change legs.

So we have the other like up and just slide that leg out to have help with the resistance. Slide this one back in and against. Slide it out and slide it in. Then place both hands on her. Come up, just sitting to give them a little break from there. Again, curl undersea. You find that place.

Now stay here and that deep contraction from there, just drag your legs in a little bit. Find the balance, stretch your legs out long. This might be all the farther you get, which is good. Then bend your knees and slide and come back up. I'm going to build on one last time from here. So slide your feet. Let them push out a bit. So you get that position from there. Just take your legs off. Keep pushing into the backs of your thigh, stretch your legs. Bring your legs up a little bit higher.

Now come up, keeping the curve down and your pelvis and your lower back and come up and make that carbon smile. Then very quickly check the balance. Oh look at those perfect teasers, but that's not quickly grabbed the legs bend and we come back in and relax. Then swing around for half swimming. So we're going to start with the same way with the hand on the forehead starting down. And you'll have, I'll say it this way so you can see. So the right arm will be long in the left arm will be bent.

Your forehead will be on top from here, think of just stretching that right arm in the left leg. So it said opposition, just stretching out and just hold it there and bring it back dinner. One more time. Stretch it out along the floor. Think of what we did earlier in the buildup with the flexing point. Stretch to the front of that hip and lower it down. Now change. So bring the right hand in front and bent and left.

Stretch that poem along. The Sloan lifted up. Now get that oppositional stretch fingers long toes long starts, stretch and low. Write down one more time. Stretch it out. Fingers, toes, long. Beautiful legs and lower it down. Slowly from there, just bring both hands back by your shoulders. Just come back down and just stretch back for a second.

Then onto your hands and knees for the cat stretch. So from here, just inhale, think happy cat and then round angry cat y. Chael is n Hail Gesture Rach and then acts hell round. One more time in house giraffe and exhale round. Now come back to that flat back, long back. What I want you to think of doing is an opposition, right hand and left leg. You're, you're going to slide them along the floor just like half swimming without moving anything and just come up and lengthen and just hold it.

Reach longer as if you're the ass. Thank you. I knew you guys all had more legs than you and slowly bring that back down other side as you slide it out, think of the hand sliding in the top of the foot, sliding to the fingertips and then lift it will help you balance and stretch it long, long. Good. Beautiful. I'm bandit and [inaudible] bring it back in again. Just sit back. Just let it down in child's pose. From there, just been one foot forward and then just bring the other foot forward so you're in a little squat. I'm telling you, and slowly place your hands and on your thighs.

Just to protect your back and roll yourself up. Good. From there, bring your arms out. Long in front of you. Bring your left palm up and your right palm down. Now we're going to do arms circles in opposite directions. Oh, Gotcha. So left arm is going to go down and right arms going up. So we go up open side and look, we switch poms and up. Good side and switch.

Big Hint for everybody out there. Palm that's up. Starts Down Palms. I always face the front of the room and that's what switches palm that's up. Goes down. Oh, you guys are all so good. And relax. Then bring your hands widen just a bit.

Just stick out your butt a little bit from here. And just the standing calf stretch. Just inhale. Happy Cat Xcel round. Happy that it's almost over. And how else stretch. Open at collarbone. Make it smile and round. Inhale, stretch.

And last time. Exhale round. Come up to standing. Just stand there. Find the same thing you started with. Tone the tripod of your foot for the length of your body. Thank your body for making it through. Good job guys.



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Hurra' for Ton and MIcheal
I love this class! Interesting variations for beginners !
I would ask you if it possibile a standing class from you ?
A big Hug.
Cannot wait to try the Teaser variation in my mat class tonight! Thanks!
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I just loved your class. I just finished doing it early morning. it is 5 a.m. in Canada. Please give us more mat classes. thanks to both of you. We love you dearly. blanche.
So enjoyed this class..the pace, building up the exercises, the humour! More please..!
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I absolutely loved Ton and Michael's teaching style and their sense of humour made me smile all the way through. Brilliant. Can we have some more PLEASE.
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Is that Meredith on the front left?
Valentina~ Why yes it is :D
Valentina, that is Meredith front (closest to you) left, Monica Wilson (regular PA instructor) back left and Niedra Gabriel (regular PA instructor) front right...
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Thank so much for all the positive feedback. We had a great time creating this class. The class is a combination of the classes we teach to our students and we are glad the PA members are enjoying it as well. How did the Teaser go Ying?
Love this...wakes up neurological system!
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