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Dynamic Wunda Chair

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Start class with some dynamic flexibility of the feet and legs and move on through pike, side pike, single arm side pike, forward lunge, Backward Step Down, Grasshopper and so much more. Karen offers a well-rounded workout with great cues and fun exercises. Enjoy!
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Hi, my name is Karen Sanzo and I'm happy to be here at parties any time filming a chair class. This is Christie and Mary and we'll start this workout with them both standing in the back of the chair. So standing in the back of the chair, take your left leg and put it on the edge of the chair. Much like bird feet on the reformer. So you're going to get that four foot flection feeling there. We're going to start with a little bit of dynamic flexibility, so you will lend yourself in and then pull yourself back.

Inhale, come forward. Exhale, go back. Good. Two more times like that. Inhale forward. Push your leg, go back. Now push your foot down into the chair like bird foot and pull yourself forward and stay there. So stay in this nice length in lunch. Monitor the position of your spine, making sure that you're not over arching your back. Stretch long through that back right heel, bird foot, that foot, and press it down. Now hold yourself right there. Relax your shoulders.

Lengthen through the crown of the head. Relevant on that back foot. Five Times. Go up one and down. Inhale up to and down like you're trying to press your back leg behind you. Two more times. Up and down. Last time up, last time down. Pause right there. Two hands on the outside of your left knee.

Pull your belly button back and scoop your belly in and spine. Stretch forward. Now pretend like you're pushing your knee in to your hands and that you're pulling your waistline really back. Less rounding in the shoulders, more rounding in the spine. Yes, very good. And then uncurl that spine all the way back up. And then again, spine stretch forward. The knee presses into the hand, the waistline pulls back. You grow long on that standing leg, minimizing any what I call five bulging.

So you're coming way out of that thigh. Good. And then bring yourself all the way back up to vertical. Adding the arms now in front of you. Lunge three more times. So it's inhale, lunge. Exhale, arms come down and back. Two more times. Inhale, reach, press, back, leg. Exhale, return. Last time. Inhale, pause there. Exhale hands come to the front of the knee. Round your spine. Get vertical in that back leg. Hold right there. Big Inhale, big exhale. Let go with the hands on.

Wind your spine. Come all the way back up and then put that leg down. Switch legs. The right leg is up. There's a bird foot attention to that leg with your arms gently down by your side. Recheck yourself there and then inhale forward. Exhale, belly pulls in. Bring yourself back five times. Here's two, and then very good. Nice pressing down of that foot. Almost like you're trying to lift up the arch of that foot. As you press that foot down and then come back last time forward.

Last time back. Pause right here. Hold Relevate up and then down five times as you press up through that standing leg, press down on the leg that's on top of the chair. Two more times here. Lift. Scoop the belly and lower last time. Lift last time. Lower pause right there. Two hands. Come to the outside of that right knee. Push the knee in to your hand.

Allow that to be what pulls your belly back and opposition round your spine. Forward on curl the spine. Bring it back up two more times. Round that spine forward, pressing your knee into to your hands, your hands into the knee, and then unwind your spine. Back Up. Lengthen out of that standing leg. And then last time, sorry about that. Round yourself forward and then unwind yourself back.

Add the arms this time. Inhale, lunge forward. Exhale, arms down. Come back, bro. Up Out of that standing leg, out of that standing leg. We don't think we can, but we can grow up one inch taller and then come back and last time, come forward. Inhale, stay there. Exhale hands. Come to the top of that knee and then return your body to vertical. Very nice. As you round your trunk, pull the belly and grow up out of that standing leg and then return yourself all the way back up to a vertical. Very nice. Turn yourself around.

Face your back to the chair. It's a quadricep stretch. You're gonna take your right foot and put it on the back of that chair. You may get a hamstring cramps. So be careful. Take an inhale and as you exhale, press the top of that foot down into the chair. Pull your belly in. Think of your front ribs, meeting your back ribs. Very nice.

I call this a rib package. So you keep this now and now you asked your pelvis to curl and then you can feel that stretch come in the front of that thigh and then release that. So again, the front ribs meet the back ribs. Good. Now use the curl to change the location of the attachment of that quadricep to allow that stretch to occur. One more time. Nice. Nice front ribs backer was very good. Curl that tailbone. Now hold that tailbone curled.

Lift up on the pelvic floor and bend and straighten your left knee three times down and then press up. Very good down and then press up. Last time down. Last time up, take the foot down and switch legs left leg back on the chair. Take time to recognize where you are in vertical position here. Very, very good awareness there. Press that foot down in to the top of the chair, front ribs, meet those back ribs and then add that curl of the pelvis.

Very nice to add that stretch in front of the thigh and then release it as you curl the pelvis. The shoulders don't get an invitation to round. It's only from the pelvis. Very good. And then last time, Curlin hold belly button lifts in pelvic floor does a little key goal. And now bend and straightened right knee down and up. Three times one and then down and up lift too. And then last time three bring yourself up.

Take your legs down and come around to the pedal portion of the chair. Now your body's a little bit warmed up, starting with standing leg pumping with the left foot down. Put the right leg on top of the chair. Recognize where your body is in relationship to vertical. Make sure that that thigh is right underneath your buttocks. Good.

Did you feel your weight shift back just a little bit? So what'll happen here, now you're on single leg pumping. The pedal is a little bit heavier than than you want it to be. I want it like that on purpose so that when you press the pedal down, it may or may not go to the floor. Off you go. So standing leg pumping is a little bit dynamic, so I'm not really gonna count this exercise out for you. I really want you to feel the relationship between your standing leg and your spine and the moving leg.

What you're probably going to have more trouble with is really the standing leg. So this is really nice awareness here. So long thigh and do that a couple more times. Trying not to lurch your pelvis forward. How about two more one and on this last one, press it all the way down and leave it down on the floor.

Now you'll notice Mary has to lean forward a little bit. That's fine. You keep that there. Now you're going to Relevate up in the back leg. Much like we did on the, when we were on the back of the chair. So five times. They're down in lift, so you push into the toes of that left foot and you're lifting up the whole thigh. So the thigh is connected to the abdomen. The abdomen comes all the way in underneath the heart. One more time, lift up and hold. And now ask yourself this.

Can I step right onto the chair with that left leg? Can I just step right up there without touching the chair? Go step right up there and pause. Very nice. Now raise yourself up and down five or six times, but it doesn't have to be all the way up. Now the, the heaviness of the spring you're thankful for, but the lightness of it makes you a little more challenge. So up you go five times. Here's two. Good.

And then try to get your body more vertical. Try to pull your, there you go. Now you feel more work in this, in the leg that's on the chair. The more you stay vertical, the more relationship you have through this buttocks and this glutamate, the glutamate, the Gluteus, the Gluteus Maximus, beautimous. I again, somebody used to say beautimous I don't even remember. And then lift yourself all the way up last time and then bring yourself all the way back down and step off the chair. Try not to touch the chair. You can of course if you have to and then let the pedal come all the way up and then we take it to the other leg. Switch legs.

You of course, if you had handles on there, you can hang onto the handles and stuff, but sometimes we just need a little extra challenge. So here we go. Standing leg, pumping, left leg, doing the pumping, right leg, doing the stabilizing good. My favorite counting is to say last time. Then we know that it's almost a done all the belly and feel the recognition of vertical attempt to know that your body really wants to lean forward to get the strength and you're going to grow up as the leg presses down. Let's do last one. Press it all the way down. Grow Up, don't lean forward to the after loop.

Absolutely have two very good. And then Relevate up on that back leg. Go up and down. How high can you Relevate? After this exercise, we're going to be doing foot, ankle articulation, and then we look to the toe pads. So almost imagine you were a ballerina on point shoes. Almost imagine that you could lift all the way up on your toe pads and then we'll do that one more time. Lift up and stay up. Very good.

And then take a step onto the chair with that right leg and then you're ready here. Get yourself regrouped, pull the belly in, lift the pelvic floor, and then up and down you go. Go ahead. And as you're aware, you're going to be very careful not to lean too far forward in that need. The more vertical you stay, the more connection you get underneath that buttocks area, right where the buttocks meets the thigh. How about two more of these? Wherever you are, and we'll call this the last one. Relax your shoulders, pull your belly in, step down, step off.

Take that leg all the way down to the floor. Let the pedal rise up. Very slow, very, very nice. And now take the arms all the way up in the air spine, stretch forward. Take your hands on the pedal. That pedal should be sufficient enough to give you a little bit of spine flection, almost as a little bit of relaxation.

So press the pedal down just about halfway so you're not resting now on purpose. Bend your knees a hair on purpose. Good. And then get into that scoop of the lowest belly and hold yourself right there. The knees are bent on purpose. Give a connection through the inner thighs and now bend and straighten your elbows. As you pump the chair with your arms.

The elbows can be in or out to the side, depending on what your choice is. But what I'm working on here, and I want you to listen to this cue, I want you to pull the pedal towards your shins and pull your shins towards the pedal. Just feel how that makes that connection. Can you feel we're were. It's like repressing your shins under the chair. Do that three more times. One lift and then two lift. And then last time and then lengthen out the thighs.

Stretch your hamstrings, curl the tailbone on, roll yourself all the way back up, and then come to vertical. Very nice. Now, foot ankle articulation. Put that on those two springs kind of low. So you want this? Yes, a lot lighter here to do foot Langle articulation. So put your right foot on the pedal and put your knee cap right on the edge of the chair. So you have two low springs on. Now with your knee cap on the edge of the chair, go ahead and put your hands flat on the chair. Maintain your front rib to back rib connection here. Good.

Sometimes it might feel like you're rounding, but, but you're really not. So you're going to lengthen out. You're relatively in neutral here. So from here, ask yourself, can I press my foot down and then let it come back up. Just do that for a little bit and be mindful that when you're on your way up, you'll kind of feel a little good, good, good. And your ankle a little bit. So I want you to press down and hold that down. Press the ball down.

Now listen carefully here. I want you to press down so much more that it's just your toe pads on the edge of the chair. That's it. And I want you to imagine that your shinbone is a straw and you're trying to suck up any liquid in that arch right there. Press that toe pad and good quiver, good quiver Mary, and then let the heel come down and the toes come up. And we'll do that three more times. So press kind of dynamically three.

So it's press release and then press release and then press hold. Go to that toe pad. Think you're lifting that arch, think it's getting pulled all the way up into your Tibia until your other leg stays stable. Very good. And then release it down. We'll do that one more time. Regroup the scoop, check in with your trunk. Very good. Three dynamic legal press release. And then to release last time, press hold. Toe Pads, press. Yes, very good. Ours lived to see it almost got easier as you went on, but now you're really engaging that inner arch there. Very good.

And then let that light come all the way down. Bring yourself up to vertical, step down, step off, and switch legs. Let go of any squeezing you have in your fingers or in your neck or in your jaw or anything like that. And here we go again. So now you kind of know what to expect so we can go just a little bit quicker. Again, it's not rushed, it's just quick. So press two last time. Press three, hold toe pads right there. Come on, you might need to move to. Hey you go. Beautiful. Here's that arch right there. Kind of feel that arch lifting up.

Lengthen and other leg. Very good. And then lower it down two more times. Here we go. Press one. And then press two. Nice quiver on the opposite leg here. Press three and hold toe pad arch. Lift all the way up through the Shin Bone and then return it down. Last one, check in. That's it. Very good. Feel the belly. Pull away from your shirt right here. Get really narrow. Very good.

And then last time press and hold the arch. It kind of sucks up right through your shinbone. Like there's a big straw underneath there. Hold those toe pads very good. And then let that tow come all the way up and the heel down and take yourself off and stand up to vertical. Very, very nice. Very good. Give yourself a little bit heavier spring now preparing for pike, but you don't want it to be too heavy.

You want it to be heavy enough to help you up. But we're going to be doing some knee bending while we're up in the pipe position. So it's about a medium distance here. You'll want to be really careful like Mary's doing here when she's stepping onto the wood. You just want to be careful that you know how to change your springs so that that a foot bar doesn't fall down onto your shins or your ankle. She's done this a million times, so of course she can change her springs like that.

So be sure that you understand how to change all your springs. So hop onto the foot pedal, press it all the way down. The hands are on the back of the chair. [inaudible] so yeah, so let's take them out in front here. Unless you have risk problems. Yeah. Can you do it like that? Okay, so scoop in the belly. Nod your head. Don't lift the pedal yet.

Nod your head and go into trunk flection just a little bit like you're doing a little. There you go. Very good. And then squeeze those heels together and then just all of a sudden lift yourself up into a pike position. And we're actually gonna stay up in this pipe for just a little bit. So you're going to keep pressing down to lift up. Hands pressed down, trunk lifts up. Very good. Look at this beautiful curl right here. Now let the head nod.

I'm going to press into the top of Mary's head and she's going to press her head into me. Whoa. And then she's going to feel that little bit of scoop right there under the AB number. Going to hold this pike a little bit more than usual. Pressing down into the crown of your head. Belly pulls in. Now Bend and straighten your knees while you're up there in the pipe. So bend and straighten the knees while you're up there in the pike.

There you go. It kind of looks like stomach massage legs. Can you kind of picture that a little bit? He'll squeezing together and we'll do this three more and then two more. And then last time, slowly, reluctantly lower the chair down. Lower it down. Lower it down. Very good. Pause right there.

Move both your feet to the left. Make your feet come in parallel. This is an offset pike, but the feet are in parallel now. So your body and your arms are staying same over the chair. And as you come up into pike, you'll see what it is I'm getting at. So lift up into pike. Hold yourself up there into that pike.

The legs are parallel. Now member my hand on the top of your head member. That feeling of the scoop and the belly. Now you're going to bend the knees on the outside of that left elbow. So you feel how now we're doing an oblique turn. He doing that and push both of your hands to the right, but they're not moving. Can you feel how that feed your oblique?

Like both your hands are pushing to the rike. And how about we'll do this three more times one and then two, and then last time three hold. And then lower yourself all the way down. Step off of the, let the pedal come up. Return yourself to vertical. Get regrouped. Inhale there. Exhale. Good. Take both the feet.

Step onto the right side of the pedal. Now hands on the back of the chair. Get parallel. Now you know what's coming. So the head starts to nod. The spine does this. Nice. Rounding the thighs squeeze, belly lifts up and the legs follow good. That's it. Grounded the head down. So the Chin's not jammed to the chest, but there's no extension going on here. Good. Now the knees bend to the right [inaudible] and then bend.

Hold the curl of that spine. Equal weight on both your arms. Try that three more. Hold two more. Last one, and then lower yourself all the way down. Step to the center of the chair. Step one leg off. Step the other leg off. And very nice. Bring yourself all the way back up. A little pike action. Nice. For the trunk. Really good for the arms, kind of catches you by surprise. When you offset, we get the nice oblique action. Make your spring a little bit heavier.

We're doing pike again with one arm. Yes. Make this, bring heavier now so that you're challenged in the pike. You know the chair is such an interesting piece of equipment because every chair is a little bit different. Everybody's springs are different. Body weights are different. Shapes of bodies are different. So you know this is not a beginning level workout. We need a little practice with the springs and stuff.

But you'll have fun once you get it. Come back to the pedal side of the chair. Yes. So on this spring edge now a Christy has one spring all the way up and the other one on number three or level three on the three Cactus, she has the same. So step onto the chair in the middle. Press it all the way down. Take your stronger arm.

The one that you know is as strong as it may not be a right or left this time. Put it in the middle of the chair. [inaudible] and take your other hand and put it at the back corner. Just barely touch it with a finger. It's just going to help you for a second. Lift your heels so high.

Pull your belly in so deep that you automatically raise up. You don't think you can do it, but I promise you you can. Very good. Now take that arm that supporting you out to the side and count to three. Counted to count to one. Lower yourself all the way down and switch arms.

The opposite arm goes down. Get those shoulder blades really set, firm up your arms, your biceps, and your triceps. There's a Koch and traction it happening here. Stay with me for a second. Try to do a bicep curl on that arm. That's down. Think of Bicep curl. Okay. Can you feel how that's a Co contraction right there? Good. Your other hand goes to the back tip of the chair.

Just to give you a little bit of support. Lift those heels so high that it connects to the thighs. Pull your belly in so deep that it just floats the pedal up. That's it. Attract those heels. I don't have to touch, just attractive. And then take that arm out to the side. You're almost done. Here. Hold Five, hold four. Belly Poles, three legs, work two. Pelvic floor works. One, lower yourself down. Step all the way off.

Bring yourself all the way off the chair. Very good. One arm, Pike. Nice job. Okay, so now we're going to do a side Pike. So let's stand with the left side, facing the chair [inaudible] and then reached. Stand to the back of the chair. Take both your hands in front of you where they are on the side of the chair and put your, your left leg right on the pedal and press it all the way down. Good. So Mary's doing it with two feet on the pedal. That's good.

And let's have Christie do it the other way. So I'm going to help you hold your pedal. Step back with your left leg just a little bit to the back and then just put these two legs together. There you go. Now pull the belly in. So deep, try to keep that pelvis vertical and then take yourself up. So why are you to try to keep this pelvis more vertical? So take this pelvis more this way. There you go.

Now you feel a little more work there. Good. And go down part way and then come up part wet. Like I want your, your thighs to be further away from the edge of the chair. I want your thighs to think, hey. Yeah, go and then we're going to square off the pelvis. They go think those thighs further away from the chair. How about 92 more. Okay, here we go. One. And here's last time. Go downstate. That's it. Stay down for a second. Regroup.

Lift everything up as high as you can. Big Inhale. Exhale, come all the way, way down. Step all the way off of the pedal and then come around to the other side. Alrighty. Off We go again. So Christie's doing the two feet stack together and Mary's doing two feet front to back side pipe. Yeah.

As you lift up the waistline and the head nods down. So the belly pulls in, head nods down, very nice. Down and lift. Five Times. You can count your own here. Remember you want your body to be as far away from the chair as you can. You want a yearn like I have a string right here, Mary.

And I'm pulling you this way. There you go. Can you feel how that's a little more challenging? There you go. That's it. Here's that string right here and I'm pulling you that way. Last one. Nice job and bring yourself all the way down. Step off of the pedal and pause right there.

Nice job. We said it was going to be a little bit different workout. Come to the back of the chair, kneel on the chair, cat, but no pedal. Okay? It's going to be hard. It won't be doing the flection portion of it. They all give you that little look. Okay, so right here, just take your arms out in front of you and recognize right here that on the chair when your shins can not touch anything, it's a little bit harder can you feel? Because if I said you press your shins down, you don't have anything under part of those shins.

So that's just part of the exercise challenge right there. So you can actually move a little bit further forward here. You can actually move to all the way to the front edge because we're not going to touch the pedal. Take an inhale. As you exhale, pull the belly in, round your spine down. Recognize flection. Good. Just hold that right there. Feel the challenge in your thighs. Is that true? Yeah. Now scoop in the belly and then unroll yourself back up as you push your thighs forward and you returned a vertical.

Feel that connection right underneath your buttocks and your thighs three times. That's one. Inhale, big exhale, trunk flection forward. The Shins. Try to press down, but there's really not anything there. You're going to feel this is lovely. Feel this nice lecturing. Good and then regroup the scoop. Curl the pelvis underneath you. Very nice, quivering completely in the back of the thighs last time. Nice big inhale here.

Exhale. Belly pulls in like you're diving right over this high jump bar. Hold yourself there. Big Inhale, big exhale, tailbone curls on. Roll yourself all the way back up, all the way back up. Very nice and then stepped down off of the chair.

Little spinal articulation there without using the pedals. Really Nice to tie into the back of your bottom. Climbing the mountain. Come back around to the pedal of your chair, pedal side of your chair. Um, maybe what you had on for standing leg pumping. So light to medium [inaudible] because what you're going to be doing in this exercise is this is the exercise where you're standing on one leg and the other leg is on top of the chair and you're pumping the pedal and then we're changing the shape of your spine while you're pumping the pedal. Okay? So what it's not is going up front. Okay, so let's step on the pedal with your right foot. Press it all the way down.

Step up onto the chair. Now you'll notice right here that as soon as you lift this pedal up a little bit. I want this thigh, the five that's on the chair to be relatively horizontal to the floor, parallel to the floor. That's where that thigh is going to stay the whole time. Alrighty. Off you go. I'll count to eight for you. Hover right there and then take your hands in front of you and then go pump that right. Like eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Curl your spine as you go. Again. Pump the pedal. Eight, curl the spine more. Not Seven. Six. Curl the spine more.

Five. Keep curling. Four. Keep curling. Three, keep curling to keep curling. One. Hold the curl pump. Eight more times. Go Away. Hold the curl. Seven, six, five pelvic floor, three to one. Uncurl the spine for eight as you pump, as you pump on girls' spine. Three. Four, get vertical to one and ride it all the way down. Step off, and then let the pedal rise kind of March in place a little bit.

Get your legs all happy, and then other side. Okay. Okay, well it's almost done here. Okay, so lengthen up tall. You're looking great. Front ribs to back ribs. Pedal all the way down. Step all the way up on the top of the chair. Get regrouped. Bellion. Hover on that right leg.

Take that left leg up. Eight pumps go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three. Two. One. Take a rounded spine. Six, five, four, three, two, one. Hold around and spine. Six, five, four, three, two, one. Unwind your spine while you still bump. Six, five, four, three, two, one. Step down. Step off. Let the pedal come all the way up. Very, very nice. Spinal extension. Swan.

Now you have to have enough spring here that will help you come up a little bit. It'll give you the feeling of that nice spinal extension because following this exercise, Swan, we're going to do grasshopper where the pedal will have to stay down in your legs. Go up in the air. Okay, so go ahead and climb on your chair. Give it a little test to be sure you're happy with that spring edge there, lying on your belly with your hands on the pedal. I want you to take a second here to recognize where level is. It's hard for everybody. You've got the spring pushing in one direction.

You've got your legs pushing in another direction and you just want to take the time to recognize where this is. It's looks very good. So from here, do a little bit of scapular awareness here. Okay. So protract your scapula. So work for this race of protract the Scapula. They come apart and then the scapula come together. So don't move your spine. Just move the Scapula. Beautiful, subtle difference. But you can feel that Mary, yes. And then let this scapula come back. So you're in control of the Scapula. And then when you let the come back, don't just let the pedal push it back, but work, get back good. And one more time. Perro tract.

And then bring it back to level. And then pause right there. Now from here, legs attract together. They may or may not be touching, but they're still attracting. And then pull yourself up into spinal extension. So you want to think that that the rasic spine is getting long, so less of the neck and more of the necklace reaching. Beautiful job. And then bring yourself down to level, recognize level, pause. And then again, the arms. Press the shoulders, come back the [inaudible] spine arches as the chest shines forward, and then lower yourself down and do that just two more times on your own. Recognize spinal extension as a lengthening of your abdomen last time you going to come up and stay up this time.

Now imagine that you're pushing that pedal underneath the chair. Pull your belly up deeply. Feel it gets taught in your abdomen because the belly isn't a long shape, and then push the pedal back down. Now take the pedal all the way to the floor. Your body will move to the head of the chair just a little bit so that when you go down into grasshopper and you bend your elbows and your legs come up in the air behind you, the elbows bend and the legs come up in the air behind you.

You're almost in this same shape. Nice. Lengthen at those knees. Stretch them out. Beautiful job. Now Bend your heels to your buttocks and then kick your legs away from you and then beat, beat. Beat your legs and then let the peddle rise up. Straighten the elbows. Come into a little mini swan and then take that shape back down to the floor.

Elbow, straight, legs up, elbows, bend, legs go higher. And then bring yourself e I, excuse me, heels. Come in, kick the legs out, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat. And then ride yourself back. Let the peddle help you come up last time. And then take yourself all the way back down. Collarbone, stay open. Legs come up in the air. Nice. Bend the heels in. Stretch out, open, close, open, close, open, close.

And then put your feet down. Bring your belly on the chair and just lie on the chair for a second. Just let the knees fall. Very good. So in this position here, with the weight of the knees dropping down, it gives you this nice feeling of a little stretch in your low back. Okay, so the hips are lying down, the head is down. Good. You're just feeling that length all the way through here. Kind of like your over the ladder. Barrel a little bit.

When you do that little stretch there, very good. And bring yourself on up to standing. Come around to the other side of the chair and prepare for Washer woman and a little bit of standing saw. So arm, I think you have the about the same spring of John. So take the arms up in here. Let's separate the feet almost as wide as the the bottom of the chair this time. Big Inhale. Exhale. Pull the belly in. Round that spine forward.

Try to keep your shins over your heels so you're not leaning back. Very good. You feel that connection back here in the legs and go ahead and push the pedal down. Good. Hold yourself right there. Hold that pedal down right there. Now do this. Work this with me. Pretend like you're pressing your feet away from each other. I'm going to press her foot. Press your feet away from each other, but pull your inner thighs towards each other. Woo. You'll have.

That's a little co contraction. Now Bend and straighten your elbow several times, Ben, and straighten the elbows. Good Bend and straighten the elbows that bend the elbows towards your knees so you stay in that sagittal plane with your arms. Let's do three more and then two more. Very nice position with the legs over the feet. Last one, press hold, regroup the scoop in your tummy and then resist the pedal down as you curl yourself up.

Very good and come up to standing. Change your spring. Take one spring off. Leave one spring on because we're going to be doing a saw or spinal rotation with one arm, so therefore we'll just have one spring. Separate your feet that wide. Again, take your arms out to the side. Recognize from arms, pretend like you're going to push your arms up against my hands. Pretend like you're going to push your arms down. Hold if y'all, that's kind of a co contraction.

Let's twist the body to the left and take your right hand to the outside of the pedal and press it down. Hold right there. Let's take the back arm and reach it as high to the ceiling. As much as your bottom arm is pressing down, we're just going to hold that there one time. Level off. Recognize low, nice stretching in the obliques there. Now Bend and straighten that down. Arm Bend and straighten the down arm. And every time you bend and straighten it, you think a little more rotation. Very good.

And how about three more of these and two more and last time, press and hold down. Continue to hold down as you untwist and reluctantly return yourself up. Take your arms all the way out to the side. Again, regroup, reconnect, and then twist to the other side. Twist the body to the right and then take yourself down. Press the pedal down, let the shoulders come away from the ears.

Lovely and same thing. Press your feet away from each other. Pull your thighs towards each other. Two was the trunk and bend and straighten your left elbow. Nice. Quivering in the arms. Almost done here. And we'll do this one more time. And then of course last time, right.

And then hold right there. Reach up to the ceiling with this back arm. Press down to the floor with the other arm and then stay twisted as you curl yourself up. Stay twisted as you curl yourself all the way up, all the way up. Very nice. And bring yourself back to the front. Good to the front end. You go to the other side of the chair. Okay. Put on a lightish spring. Actually, there's already a light spring on there.

I'm going to get this box here. This is called reverse swan. So you're going to sit on the chair and I'd like for Mary to put her feet on this box and I'm going to have Christie not use a box. Feed her on the box and I move this in just a little bit. Sit to the furthest, most edge of the chair towards your feet. Hm. There you go.

Now you're going to roll your spine backwards and take your hands to the pedal. As you roll back, the fingers can face underneath you. Yes. As you roll back, you're going to pull your knees into your chest. It's a light spread. Now it's a light spring. Fold the knees in. Yeah, you go. Hopeful those knees in and then uncurl your trunk back and then resist it forward so you're not going to go is the range of motions not going to be as big, but you're going to be working deeply or you're right with that. Okay? Don't pull your head but work through your trunk. Can you feel that's better?

So you almost press back with the arms to return with the truck. So you're gonna come back up. Christie's going to stop the exercise. You're going to come back up and put your feet on the box rollback. One more time. Just making a point here. I want your feet to stay on the box. Press your shoulders back. Stop right there. Recognize flat, recognize level.

Now Curl at the ribs. Go Curl. Nice. Okay. You feel that they're good? Continue to press your hands down as you curl working to stretch the back and work the front. Can you feel that? Very good. And then bring yourself all the way up, all the way up, all the way up. And then sit right there, God. And now just pause right here. Take your arms out to the side, and then spine.

Stretch your side to the left. Press your hand into the side of the chair if you can touch it. There you go. And, and bring yourself all the way up, and then press into your feet, spine. Stretch to the other side. Press into the chair, press into the feet. Recognize level. Nice, long, long, long, long, long.

And then pull yourself all the way up. Hands behind the head, trunk, twisting to the left. One time. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. One more time. The other side, nice connection. Inhale. Inhale, inhale, inhale, and exhale. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Very good. Thanks for joining us. [inaudible].


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Great Class and wonderful cues thank you Karen!!
Thank you Karen. I especially liked the pikes with a twist. Taking class with Meredith and Kristi is awesome. Who better to look at to see Pilates properly executed than 2 awesome Pilates pros!
This class was so HARD! I loved it and I love you, Karen.
Karen Sanzo
The chair is so unique in its challenges.
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I always sweat when working out, so it made me feel really good to see Meredith sweating! You're not kidding this class was hard. Thank you Karen.
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Can't wait to try this one! What a great chair class.
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Awesome as usual Karen!
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Sahweeeet !!!! perfect in every way :)
Thank You
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Loll, thank goodness that only went for 40 min! Loved it, thanks Karen
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Perfect to get rid of the Thanksgiving feasting!
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