Class #851

Wunda Chair Workout

40 min - Class


Start class with some dynamic flexibility of the feet and legs and move on through pike, side pike, single arm side pike, forward lunge, Backward Step Down, Grasshopper and so much more. Karen offers a well rounded workout with great cues and fun exercises. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair

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Hi, my name is Karen Sanzo and I'm happy to be here at parties any time filming a chair class. This is Christie and Mary and we'll start this workout with them both standing in the bac...


Great Class and wonderful cues thank you Karen!!
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Thank you Karen. I especially liked the pikes with a twist. Taking class with Meredith and Kristi is awesome. Who better to look at to see Pilates properly executed than 2 awesome Pilates pros!
This class was so HARD! I loved it and I love you, Karen.
The chair is so unique in its challenges.
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I always sweat when working out, so it made me feel really good to see Meredith sweating! You're not kidding this class was hard. Thank you Karen.
Can't wait to try this one! What a great chair class.
Awesome as usual Karen!
Sahweeeet !!!! perfect in every way :)
Thank You
Loll, thank goodness that only went for 40 min! Loved it, thanks Karen
Perfect to get rid of the Thanksgiving feasting!
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