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Cadillac Workout

40 min - Class


Karen teaches Jo her first Cadillac lesson. Jo's Pilates experience consists of a handful of mat classes and a couple of Reformer classes, but she is still new to Pilates overall. In this well paced class, Karen uses her expertise to demonstrate sophisticated concepts like engaging the Transversus Abdominus, Spinal Articulation, Shoulder and Hip Stabilization, all while introducing a new apparatus into Jo's Pilates experience. We've marked this class as a level 1, but we think a student of any level will enjoy the depth of connection you can get in this class. Give it a try!
What You'll Need: Cadillac

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Nov 06, 2012
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Really nice! Great cuing. Yep it's all in the details...
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Thank you for the clear and concise cues. Loved taking this class!!
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What a beautiful session, as always great cueing, love your style of teaching Karen! Lovely student good body awareness.
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Great class with great cues.
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la la loooved this! Thank you!
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Great class, excellent cues! thank you.
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To all of you who take time to comment on sessions that are posted on PA...a BIG Thank you.
NEW for 2013 will be my Beginner's Blog. It's in the works.
This client on this particular session, was indeed new, and was very, very connected with her body. Her listening skills were superb, too. We don't always get that with new clients. Keep your cue toolbox open and ready.
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Karen, great work.. I always love to see your work! I agree, your 'beginner' was extremely connected...she made the workout look easy. :) Of course your great cueing helped her too. Thank you so much for 're-educating' us to see the work in another perspective. Hope to see you again soon.. planning a trip to your home town this year?
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I loved this workout so much! I love the calm , exact cueing .. everything makes sense , clear and easy to follow as for a teacher such as for a client!
Thank you Karen! its an honor to learn from you!
I love this class, and learned so much much from your cues! It is so good to go back to the basics! Thank you, Karen!
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