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Exploring the Lateral Body

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Karen Sanzo returns to Pilates Anytime with a class that explores the lateral aspect of our body as a means of deepening our connections during flexion and extension exercises. Play with different ways to initiate movement from the side of your body while managing to achieve a full body workout that will keep you interested from start to finish.
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Nov 15, 2012
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Matt class today. I'm happy to be here again. We're going to start this a workout lying on your back. I'm going to join you or some of it. I'll come up for some of it. So let's go ahead and lie flat on your back. Put your legs out long. Take your arms out long by your side. Take an inhale, expand your ribs side to side x. All.

Put your hands on the sides of your ribs and feel them expand side to side. When you breathe in and [inaudible] hell, let them come out. Now take both of your legs, slide them to the right and slide your upper body to the right. So you're actually doing a side bend while you're lying down on the mat. Notice when you do this, how the left part of your buttocks wants to lift up and the left part of your ribs want to lift up. So I want you to yearn to keep those down on the ground.

Turn your face and look to the right. Take your left arm all the way up over your head and side. Bend yourself any bit more like you're the shape of a crazy crescent moon or or the or a large capital c. Take a big inhale into those left ribs. Activate that left arm. It's not just hanging there, it's active. And then exhale. Take that arm down by your side, but keep your body side bet.

Take the arm, leave it on the floor. Leave the arm on the floor. Scrape it all the way out to the side. Bring it all the way up over your head. Look over your right shoulder, some more side. Bend your body. Move your feet to the right. Some more. Feel your body side bend. Now pause right there. Breathe into those left ribs.

Now inhale big. Exhale bigger. One more time. Long thighs, long spine side, bending to the right. And exhale. Bring that arm all the way back down by your side and return yourself to a straight position to both of your legs off to the left. Take your upper body off to the left and now take your right arm out to the side. Turn your head to your left shoulder, side. Bend your body.

Feel that side bending. Look down over your left shoulder. Arm is nice and active, and then take your arm down by your side. Leave it on the floor till it touches your pelvis three times. Inhale, that right arm comes all the way up over your head, your side, bending your side, bending. Exhale, it comes all the way down. Be sure you try to yearn to keep those right ribs down. The red buttocks down.

This is the last time with the arm over the head. Leave it there. Move your legs a little bit more to the left side. Bend your torso a little bit, one of the left. Turn your face a little bit more over your left shoulder and then bring yourself all the way down. Opening up that side body. Now lie on your right side. Face me and prop yourself up on your right elbow.

I want you to notice here that when you prop up on your right elbow and your shoulder is over your arm, that you're actually in a side bending to the left position. Can you see that? So go ahead and put your pelvis down. Leave your pelvis down and now take this left arm all the way up over your head and they'll take it all the way down by your side. Have a look at it, turn your head and look at it. Now see if you can deeply press into that right elbow any bit more so you get more side bending towards the ceiling or to the left. Now breathe into those right ribs. Breathe in and out, lengthening, stretching those right ribs. Inhale, and then exhale, and then one more time. Inhale, press into that right elbow any bit more and then bring it back down.

Now take your right arm and put it down and press yourself up. But stay side bending. If your shoulder bothers you, stay on your forearm, but press yourself up. Can you appreciate the right side bend feeling in those right ribs there? Take your hand, look down. You may feel wobbly side to side, but look at my right arm. Press it down, lengthen up, side bending, reach, and then release yourself down. And we'll switch sides. We'll lie on the left side.

So first with your legs out long, pressing into that left elbow without sagging into the shoulder. Feel the little stretch that you get underneath the left ribs and feel that as a side bending to the right. Take your right arm up in the air and then stretch it all the way down long. Look at the right side of your torso. Look down big inhale. Exhale.

See if you can press into that elbow even more. Try not to arch your back. Pull your tummy in in the front. Front ribs. Meet the back ribs. Whole big inhale and exhale. Pause right there. Take your left arm, put it down, open up your hands. Press yourself up. Here's where you get that feeling of that tightness in your hips now and in year that quadratus lumborum. If you need to take that arm out a little bit, cut yourself a little bit of slack. You certainly can.

We're not going to come up to plank from here. I just want you to appreciate the depth of that side. Bending reached down long into your legs. Inhale big. Breathe into those bottom ribs as left ribs ex. Hey, one more time. Big Inhale. One more time. Big exhale.

Pause right there and then lower yourself down. Switch yourself around one more time. Lie Back Down on your right side. We're starting with our sidekicks series today as we lengthen up those side ribs. I'd like you to start with your arm way out long and I want you to appreciate both sides of those ribs that we lengthened out now. So take both of your legs forward for a little bit of support.

Take this top left leg and reach it long. Now for our sidekick series today we're going to take the left arm up in the air. The palm faces the front so your arm is engaged, not just hang in there. It's long and strong. Left leg reaching long. We're going to start with Ab duction to the ceiling, so it looks like this up and down too. We're going to go to eight three lift the pelvic floor and five pull the belly in.

Six and seven on this eighth one you're going to go up there and stay up there. Now turn the thigh externally. Turn it parallel, turn it internally, parallel, externally and parallel and internally parallel. Lower it down. Pause, not all the way down. And now kick it forward. One time. Point the toe, bring it back, flex the foot forward. Point the toe back. Flex the foot.

Press the bottom leg down to the floor. Flex forward. Stretch, hamstring. Point toe work, hamstring flex foot, stretch point, toe work two more times the inhale point toe. Exhale last time forward. Last time back. Rest the leg on top of your other leg. Put your hand on your hip. Repress that pelvis long. Put the belly up in, in pelvic floor up, and then take that left arm.

Take it back up in the air again, going to take this front leg now kick it in front of you and hold it right there. It's not resting on the floor. Hold it right there. It's going up eight times eight, seven, six, five bottom leg pressing down into the floor. Three, two, one we're not done yet. Turn the heel down. The toe lifts eight, seven bottom leg presses down. Five, four straight leg, three and two and one is not done yet. Toe Down, heel up, bait. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, rest the leg down. Pause right there. Going into posse now.

So take your hand, put it on your hip, reach it long, and now put your hand in front of you like it's made a little kickstand. So bend the knee in. Kick the leg up, pull it down. Inhale, pull it down. Exhale. Try not to wrinkle your waist as you work through your hip. Let's do one more in this direction. And now reverse it.

Straight leg up. Bend in, press close. Bottom leg. Guess where it's pressing down into the floor. Three more. And press two more. And press and last. I'm Ann Press and pause right there. Take that top leg, bring it back in line with your pelvis one more time, and then take the arm down in front of you. Bend and stretch. It looks like this. Bend the knee. Press at law.

Inhale and press it away. Bend the leg, press it long. Try not to curl your pelvis this time. Bottom leg, pressing down into the mat. Three more. One, two more press. And then last time, hold right here. Circle the legs. Small five times in each direction. Two, three, pelvic floor and five. And then reverse it. Five, four, and three and two and one. And now a big circle. Forward, up, back and down. Inhale and down.

Here's the last one in this direction and back. And now reverse it. Take it back, up and forward. Pull the belly in and forward. Bottom right leg. Pressing down as it circles and lower the legs down. Ben, both of your knees in. Scoot to the front of your mat just a little bit.

Take your bottom arm out in front of you and then open your chest up. But don't let that left arm just fall back. Let it come from a twist in your spine. Take your right hand, put it on top of your left knee, and now you should feel a lengthening right around the gluteal area that you worked. Can you kind of feel that there? So feel that right there. Pulling the belly in and then just opening up your chest. One more big inhale, one more big exhale.

Try to take that left knee and make it be level with your right knee as you untwist any bit more. Very good. And then bring yourself up to sitting and we'll switch to the other side. Lying on your left side now. Okay. Legs are out. Long. Bottom leg, the two legs were in front for support.

The top leg comes back in line with your hip and your right leg. Excuse me. Your right arm comes to the ceiling to challenge the stability. So working right away in the side of the right hip, you lift the leg up and down. Good. So the right leg is not in line with your bottom leg. It's actually behind it because it's actually in line with your pelvis.

[inaudible] so you feel the side, gluteus medius muscle here, last one, and then lower the leg down. Very good. Now from here, bend in, stretch. So Bend and press away and Bend and press away. Here's three and four and five. Press the bottom leg into the floor. Six, seven [inaudible]. And last time. Eight. Press it away. Take your hand, put it on your pelvis, reach it long, and then flex the foot forward. Stretch, hamstring point toe. Pull the leg back.

Flex foot forward point toe. Pull the leg back, reach it forward. Point toe, pull belly, reach it back. Halfway done and back. Here's three more and back and two more and back and last time and back. And pause that leg on top just for a second. Take your hand. Now put it as a little kickstand. Take your top leg, kick it forward. Flex that foot.

Don't let it sag down like so. Let it stay in line with your hip. And here we go. Eight, seven, six, five. Keep the chest open. Looking straight ahead. Four, three, two and one. I know it's hard. Toe Up, heel down. Eight and seven and six. Five, four, three, two and one. Pause. And then now the tone down. Lift the heel.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. The rest of the leg there. Reread your hand on your pelvis. Give it a little lengthening. If you need to turn the heel outward, getting ready for PA, say, bend the knee in. Kick the leg up, bring it down. Inhale, stretch. Exhale, lower. One more time in this direction and now we're reversed. Straight leg up, bend in, press closed.

Straight leg bend, press close. Last time in press close, pause. Take the leg behind you a little bit, but it's still in line with your pelvis. Bottom leg presses down into the floor. Small circles, five in each direction for three, two and then one, and then reverse five and four and three and two and one and now big circle in the other direction. Again, forward up, back, and inhale and exhale. Last time. Forward up, back and down. And now reverse.

Pull the belly and try not to arch your back. Reach through the leg in the hip, circle it around last time. Reach it back up and forward. And pause right there. Ben, both of your knees come to the front of your mat just a little bit so that when you open up your chest, you feel the rotation of the spine and the stretch along the top of that right here. Yeah. Try to keep your two knees level. Take your left hand on top of your right hip and open up the chest and a bit more. Take a big inhale here again and then exhale.

Let the ribs kind of pull back. Let your right knee reach forwards. Feel the stretch right inside that hip that we had been working on, and then go ahead and roll onto your back. Bend your knees, separate your feet as wide as the mat. Take your right knee and roll it in towards your left ankle and then unwind your spine. Bring both your knees back to point to the ceiling. Take your left knee in towards your right ankle, pause, and then bring that knee all the way back. Close the knees, close the feet, Vega. Inhale, exhale. L, lift the head, curl the trunk into a trunk curl.

Pause yourself right there and reach any bit further through your trunk curl and then slowly roll yourself back down. Three of these, lift the head curl the trunk, the trunk. Curling is what brings the head along for the ride and then slowly lower yourself back down. Getting Ready for the a hundred beats. Lift the head girl, the trunk. Hold big. Inhale. Exhale, two knees float up. They squeezed together and off you go. Inhaling and exhaling. Broaden the collarbones. Exhale, curl the trunk any bit more. Now let's sway the legs to the left as you stay curled in the trunk.

Inhale again here. Exhale, return to center. Let your legs sway to the right. Curl the trunk any bit more. Exhale, stay here. One more set. Inhale, one more set. Exhale, back to center. Lower your body down. Press your feet down our t. He'll eat yourself up into a bridge.

Take an inhale here. Exhale slowly, slowly, slowly roll yourself all the way down, all the way down, all the way down to legs. Come in, head in trunk lift leg. Shoot out a way from you. Hundred Beats 40 Maury. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Squeeze this sway to the left for one set of 10 exhale, bring them off to the right for another set of 10. Exhale, bend the knees in. Lower your torso down. Separate your feet hip with curl the pelvis.

Roll it up into a bridge. Take time. Lengthen that spine all the way down. As soon as it rolls down, you lift your head. Grab your thighs for the first roll up and roll yourself up and over. Stack up the spine. Look straight ahead. Shoulders stay back.

Belly pulls in. Take that time to lengthen that spine all the way down. Arms over the head. Inhale, arms, nice and firm. Hi x Hale, arms come forward. Trunk curls. Grab your thighs if you need to, and it's always okay to give yourself a little help. Stack up the spine. Inhale here. Exhale. Take that time to roll yourself all the way down. Last one of these arms back, arms up, lift, head curl, trunk, round yourself forward. Pull your belly in.

Stack your spine all the way up. Bend your knees in like stomach massage. Turn your palms up if facilitates an external rotation in the shoulders. Let's put the toes down in the heels up. Make a little more action. Inhale, arms left. Roll part way down. Curl up. It's harder than it seems. Arm to the right, rural back, and curl up. One more time. Inhale, rotate left. Roll back. Hold, hold, hold and burry yourself up.

One more time. Rotate right, roll back, hold and hold. And why is that harder? Who knows? Reach the legs out long. Roll your spine. Take time. Rolling all the way down. Nice job. Place your hands on your ribs. Nice breath in, and a nice breath. Ben, both of your knees. Separate your feet about hip width.

Articulate that pelvis up into a little bridge and lift your bottom up. And then right chop the mat your hands so your palms are actually facing inward. Now stay here for a little while. Crawl your feet in towards your bottom just a little bit. Now take your pelvis, dip it down so your belly button is looking at me, and then roll down that side of your spine slowly and then roll up that part of your spine. Slowly bring yourself level.

Take your belly button pointed in the other direction, roll down that part of your spine slowly and roll up that part of your spine slowly and then returned to the center and then slowly, slowly roll that spine all the way down, all the way down, all the way down. Take your left leg out long, flatten out that foot. Pull the toes to your nose. Take your right knee in. Take both of your hands on top of that right knee and stir it. Give it a stir, and then reverse that.

Keep pressing that left leg down. Now lengthen your right thigh to the ceiling. If it can't go straight, then you just leave a bent knee. I'm going to leave a bent knee just so you can see that a yo still get the same benefit of the core challenge. Inhale, prepare XL, cross over your body, circle around and come up and stop. Circle around and come up and stop one more in this direction and now we're reverse it around down crossover stuff. Don't let those ribs dick out.

Don't let that hit bulge last time. Bend the knee in. Pull it all the way into your chest. Give it a big hug, stretch it, stretch it and stretch it. Put that leg down. Reach it long than the left knee in two hands on top of that knee and stir. Try to flex that right foot. Keep it heavy on the ground, iron out the front of that right thigh. Incidentally, try not to squeeze your bottom when you're on your back with one leg in the air because sometimes that makes your pelvis kind of bulge forward to the ceiling last time. Let's take that left leg straight in the air. Turn it out. We're just a little bit. Pull the belly in. Karate. Chop the Mat. Inhale, cross over the body. Three circles.

That's all because we're going to be doing this again in another exercise. Last one, and then reverse around down scoop belly and up to like somebody giving you resistance in all the directions. Let's do one more just for good measure and then bend that knee all the way and give it a hook. Now take the other knee in and join it. Two knees are now bent. Stay here with me for a second. Grab one hand on each of your shins, right underneath your knees and pull your knees towards your armpit.

Can you feel how that pulls your hips and also stretches your low back. Now Roll your low back, back down and kind of keep your sacral area down and then just pull your thighs towards your armpits. So you differentiate between a hip stretch and then release. And then pull your knees with your pelvis into your chest and then you feel a more hip and low back stretch. Just differentiating between those. Put your hands behind your thighs. Lift your head, curl yourself up for rolling like a ball. Big Inhale here. Exhale, I'm going to keep my hands on my thighs.

You guys can fold into a tighter ball and want you to attract your heels. And actually I want you to open your legs today a little bit. So you're going to roll back on an inhale and exhale come up. Keep the same distance between your chest and your thighs. One more time back, one more time. Up and balance.

I'm not going to do this next one cause it's tricky. You balance right there. We're going to go around the world. So you're going to roll back and when you roll up, you're going to roll to your right side. So you're facing in the other direction in one shot. No, it should take you about four rolls. I don't want to do it. I don't want to fall off here. I'll show you a little bit of what it looks like.

So you roll back and you come up and you roll back and you come up. Oh Man, I can do it. Hey. Yeah, go give it a try. You're going to work. Go turn. It just doesn't matter you. You turn whichever way you want and then turn around and come back. Okay? Okay. So you guys go to the right. Keep Go.

Shot for shot should be facing in the other direction. Alright. Okay. Yep. It's a little bleak. We cannot push off that foot over there. You don't push your feet down on the floor. Keep Rolling back. Rolling up. Press into your legs. There's one point you got to use those obliques.

You have to kind of shift your pelvis a little bit and then when you're facing in your other direction, just pause. Hold yourself right there. Hold yourself right there and now go back the way you came. You gotta go, you gotta go back the way you came so you get the other side of your obliques, right? That's it. You grunt and Groan. You keep on going. Good work. Keep going. Awesome.

Very good. Legs down. Pause right there. Center yourself on the Mat. Now pull the legs back in again. Okay. Isn't fun to do something a little bit different once in a while. Okay, so hold yourself right there. Scoop the belly in more. And another one of my favorites. Take your hands, let go your ball, but pretend like it's still there. Take your legs away. Pull yourself in tighter ball. Hug Your Shins. Hold that scoop.

Now reach the legs and arms away. Pull in, separate your knees a little bit tight or ball. One more time. Inhale, one more time. Exhale, tight ball. Now the tightest ball you can, five times go back and forth. Five balls is tight as you can. Keeping the tailbone curled under. Okay? So that you can feel the whole rounding of the spine throughout the whole torso area. Very good. And then go ahead and stretch your legs all the way out. Lie Yourself back down the math. Ben, both of your knees, put your feet flat.

Lift up into a bridge. So recognize the bridge as a wake up call to your thighs. Take the right leg up in the air. Now with the right leg in the air, press the right leg to the ceiling. That's it. Now hold that right there. Take your hands up in the air. So now all you have holding you up is the left leg, single leg circle on the right, three times in each direction, three times in each direction. You can count your own here.

That's it. You breathe, you get that cramp and then you come right back up again and you do three in each direction. Good. And then you take time. I run your spine all the way back down and pause right there. Two feet come down. Big Inhale. Exhale. Press the feet, curl the tailbone, roll yourself back up. And now the other leg comes up in the air. So with your left leg reaching up, press the heel, not the toe. It gets you lay. There you go. Nice job. Hold right there.

Circle that leg three times each direction. One and two and three. Reverse notice. It's a bigger challenge when your arms are not down on the mat from arms, from right leg. Put the leg down. Roll your spine all the way down, all the way down. Take time to lengthen your spine all the way down. Very, very good. Roll yourself up to sitting for spine stretch.

Alrighty, so with your arms in front of you, pull your bellies in your collar. Stay nice and open so you should all be vertical in your spine. If you need something to sit on, we could find you a little box. But I think y'all looking pretty good here. Take an inhale. As you exhale, the belly pulls in spine stretch forward. Inhale, stack that spine all the way back up like you're going right to a straight edge.

Inhale again. Exhale, spine, stretch forward like there's a less sue coming around. Your waistline. Lengthen in yourself forward. Stack the spine all the way back. Last time. Big Inhale, big exhale, spine, stretch all the way forward. Imagine my hand is on the crown of your head and you're reaching forward rather than down. And then take that time to unwind that spine all the way back up.

Very good. Now, right arm out to the side, left arm up in the air. Strong, big inhale spine. Stretch to the side. Go all over to the side, to your fingertips. Touch the floor. So reach that arm out further and just let your fingertips barely touch and then push off the floor and bring yourself all the way back. And then again over you go head stays back in line with the spine here.

Bring your head back this way, this way, this way. There you go. Spine, stretch over. And then bring it all the way up. One more time. Stretch over again. That's it. Nice heads in line with the spine. And now use this length and left side to pull yourself all the way back up. Arms come down, right arm up in the air, left arm out to the side. Big Inhale. Exhale, side bend over. Pull the Belize in and then push off of that floor to bring yourself back up.

Three times side. Then back over to the left. Hey, nice job. Can you feel your head staying back in line with your spine? Bring yourself up. Last time. Side, bend over. Hold yourself there. It's not arresting. There's no resting. It's only reaching. And then bring yourself all the way up and pause right there.

Trunk rotation. Two hands behind the head. Lengthen your skull to the ceiling. If your shoulder bothers you, you just keep your hands down by your side. You're okay in that position there. Okay. Arms up in the air and let's twist your trunk to the right. Twist your trunk. You're thinking the exercise sob or not going to go into flection yet.

And then resist yourself back to center. Feet. Press down. Inhale, twist your trunk to the left so you're twisting around that vertical axis. And then bring yourself back to center. Twist yourself to the right again, twist and hold. Now from here, take one arm out in front of you straight and take the other arm behind you straight. Like those two pieces are going to reach away from each other to give you more rotation. Yes, exactly. So if I were pulling one arm and the other arm of reaching away, you're getting more rotation. And then bring yourself back to center, arms behind the head, twist in the other direction now, and then take that arm out away from you and take the other arm behind you and let those relax. The shoulders are very nice. And then take those two pieces, reach them further away, and then bring yourself all the way back to center. Feel that rotation now. Two arms out to the side like a t.

And now here we go with the full Saul. Inhale, twist your body to the right. Exhale soft, that little Cho, reach one, reach to reach three and then bring yourself all the way up. Come back to center, twist the other direction. Inhale, and then exhale, reach one reached to equal weight on both your buttocks cheeks and then bring yourself up one more time. Each side. Big Inhale twists you big exhale round. You still holding the twist. And then bring yourself all the way back up.

Last time, twist. Inhale, exhale. They'll reach legs long and strong, everything connected. And then bring yourself all the way back up and lower your arms down. Very nice. It's or tummy. Get ready for it. Spinal extension, some swan. So from here, let's take both of your hands and let's put them right underneath your armpits.

First one, we're going to let our arms help our spine come up, tidy up your legs, activate them, and squeeze your heels together. They may or may not touch, but just feel that connection in your buttocks and your thighs to help support the lower part of your pelvis to allow you to come into extension, activate the arms, reach your elbows long towards your pelvis and just press your arms, feel your triceps, and let your heart yearn to come forward. So look to the front edge of your mat first and then press your arms and then you can look across to your neighbors mat across from you hole there. Your elbow should be quivering, your elbow should be tight, and then slowly lower yourself down three times. Inhale, arms engage, belly pulls in.

Lift the torso up. Recognize extension as a lengthening of the front of your body and then lower yourself down. Last time, arms press, elbows, reach. Inhale. Exhale. Stay there for this one. Inhale, stay here. Hold the track legs. Exhale, slowly, slowly lowers yourself all the way down. Very good. Now put your head down and turn your heads to face me. Take your arms down by your side.

So let's engage the back of the arms and the back of the shoulder blades. So pull your shoulder blades together to lift your shoulders. Reach your arms long, your palm. Stay facing the ceiling, and now invite the chest to come up. So it's like you're picking up bricks with your hands and you're pressing these 50 pound waves to the ceiling. And then your chest is just shining across the room and then lower yourself down. Turn your head in the other direction.

Pull your shoulder blades together, lift the arm bones, lift the hands up, lift the chest up because you feel extension through your thoracic spine. Look towards your neighbor across the way, and then lower yourself down. Turn your head in the other direction. Last time shoulder blades come up, or excuse me, back arms. Come up, lift the head, reach long, and then turn your head in the other direction and then slowly lower yourself down. Very nice. Press yourself up to your hands and knees. Sit your bottom down behind you if you need to for a second. Good. And then bring yourself out to quadro pet.

So with yourself near Quadro pet, your hands are directly underneath your shoulders. Take an inhale. As you exhale, pull your belly up and in. Take your right leg immediately behind you to a plank position. Take your left leg immediately out to match or in a plank. Hold for five your shoulder blades. Don't move.

They're in a plank position for three, two or one drop one knee down. Drop the other knee down. Pause. Leave your hands where they are. Take the left leg out first. This time. Take the right leg out. Second, pause. Rock yourself forward and back on the balls of your feet. Feel the work in your trunk. Feel the work in your legs.

Press your legs to the ceiling, but they're not moving upwards yet. One more time forward. One more time back. Lower the knees down. Pause right there. You can continue. We're doing a couple more repetitions that are challenging. You can rest if you need to and join us in a second or you can continue on.

The next one is a plank position. Your legs are as wide apart as your mat, however you need to get there. You can do that. You're going to hold that right there. You're going to think about lifting your right leg up, but you can't lift it up. It's stuck to the floor, but get that anticipatory motion first and then all of a sudden, boom, you can lift it up. A hair hold five hold four, hold three, two, one, lower down, left leg tries to lift up that it can't and then all of a sudden it can hold five, four, three, two, one, lower down. Bend the knees and rest.

One more variation. Bring yourself on up. Take yourself out to plank. Legs apart as wide as the mat. Big Inhale here. Start to move your arms apart as wide as the mat. Just start to move him. Do you see how you could lift up your arms and move them? Then you can do this. Next exercise.

Lift your left arm out to the side or a little bit off. Just hold right there. Hold five, hold four, three, two, one. Put it down, pause, and then here it goes. The other one. Hold. Hey, belly pulls up in, in pelvic floor pulls up and in, and then take that arm down. Lower yourself down. Bend your knees, round your spine. Rest in, pause right there. Nice job. Woo. Very, very good. Alrighty. Everybody's wrists. Okay.

Okay. Turn and face me. Twist. Tight. Twist, twist one. I Dunno, they're all twists. Just I'll do it one time if you want and then you can join me. So the top leg is in front. I call it a tight twist because I feel like when I end up, my buttocks is going to be up in the air like I'm dealing like a pike. Okay, so this left hand, my top hand is going to come underneath me and I'm pressing all the way up into twist. So way up at the groin.

Just hold this shape here real quick and then bring yourself, fold your knees in and turn your body to face me, your buttocks barely touches. Look up this way. Give a smile and then dive underneath again. Now from here, if you can take that right leg out behind you, you can twist a little bit more and then you're going to bend the knee folded in and then come back one more time. I'm going to go up, lift the belly button. I'm going up. I'm going to hold it here for a second. I'm going to try to Relevate in to my left leg to see if I can pick up any bit higher and then bend the knees sneezing and bring ourselves down. Whew, that was pretty good. Let's go the other side. So your arm has to be a little bit out further so that when you come up your shoulders kind of over your arm. So get in tight there, get in tight, and here we go. Big Inhale. Exhale, dive that arm under [inaudible] just to give you a little heads up. This is a like a tight flection, so lift the buttocks up in the air and then fold your knees in. Sit your butt, it's barely down. Open up, give a smile. Inhale here, exhale, and it comes up. That's the second one. And then fold in tightly.

Whew. Last time going up and then to that relevant, maybe woo her. Maybe that left leg lifts up, maybe not. I'm going to cheat with my arm and then bend the knees, Zen and come all the way down and rest right there. Very good, tight twist. Turn yourself around. We're getting all those obliques going cause gets what's next. Teaser. Let's build it like this. Let's sit up here. Open up the chest, pull the belly in and lean yourself back.

Recognize teaser is not open like rocker, which is a flection exercise. So sit up tall in the chest. Take your right leg out long. Take your left leg out long. Hold yourself right here. Take your two arms out long so your arms are parallel to your legs. Pull your belly in and slowly, slowly roll your trunk down.

Bend your knees actually into your chest. Inhale. Exhale, hands behind the thighs. Lift the head. Press your thighs in who you are. Hands to come up into teaser and then take your hands away and then hold that there lower. Raise two legs lower and raise lower and raise last time.

Lower last time. Raise lower trunk. Bend the knees into the chest. Now put your hands behind your thighs again or not. Okay. You can have your arms out long. You can come right up into teaser if you don't need the help of your thighs.

So come on up. Bring yourself up. Reach the legs long. Lovely. Hold yourself there. Now take your arms up by your ears and then down three times. Here's two good and last one. And then reach everything long. Lower your legs down, lower your trunk down.

Take your arms down and pause yourself right there. Very good. Last time from all the way down. Okay, so our arms are way over our heads. Our legs are way out long. Whooo. Big Inhale. Big exhale, pause. And we're going to inhale up into the teaser. Okay, here we go. Inhale, lift the legs, load the truck and use the arms if you need to. I do. And then bring yourself all the way up. Hold yourself right there.

Now slowly lower the legs down. Circle the arms around behind you. Bring the legs back up for hip circles. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Circle all legs to the right. Circle around. Come back up. Stop. Circle the legs to the left. Pull the belly in. Come back up. Stop.

One more time to the right and they come back up. And one more time to the left and they come back up. Lower the legs down. Bring your arms forward. Pause right there. Bring yourself back up. Next set of exercises. Seal crab, finishing with a thigh stretch. Okay, excited about that. Now the exercise crab has this. Get on our heads.

Lift the legs had balanced. Maybe, maybe not crab as a tight flection. Recognize that. Okay, so seal hands come inside. Some people hold the ankle. Some people hold their feet. You do see a, however you want to do it, but I want you to be tight in so that when you open and close your legs, it's from your hips and your thighs pressing into your arms. We were ready to start. We're going to change the breath. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Now inhale, roll back. Exhale. Bring yourself up.

Open, open, open, close, rural, back, open, close, open, close, open, close, ruler, open, close, open, close, rollback, and come up everybody on their own time. Last time back. Last time up. Pause right here. Cross your legs in front of you. Grab your feet, hold them in. Lift the elbows. Don't just drop the head, but curl the spine forward. Okay, so crab rolls you back. Inhale, open. Close the legs. Come up over the shins. Put the crown of the head down. Lift the feet up. Shins come down, roll back over. The Shins Open. Closed the legs.

Come up and then roll over. One more time. Roll back type flection. Come on up. Put your hands on the Mac. Put your head down. Lift the feet up. Hold balance. Fold in tight flection. Roll down. Roll yourself back.

Come back in looking good. Here we go. Lift up. Get connected through your core. Did they folded in? And then lengthen all the way up. All the way up. All the way up the knees. Tight crab rolls you all the way back. All right. Come to your knees, thighs, stretching.

Shake your torso all the way up. Arms out in front should be sufficiently warmed up in those legs. Thigh stretch back. Inhale. Exhale. Four. [inaudible] just three times. Inhale, exhale forward. Last time. Inhale, exhale forward.

Now sit your tailbone down and really work those. Ah, and then keep the tailbone curled and pull yourself back up. Arms go in the air. Thigh stretch with an arch. Thigh. Stretch at the arch. Come out of the arch. Arms forward. Curl, tailbone. Load thy sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Last time, come on up.

Arms Up, thigh, stretch first, add the arch. Come out of the arch arms, come down, sit yourself down, swing your legs around to the front, arms reach long and just roll yourself all the way down, all the way down, all the way. Separate your legs. Just kinda open and close them windshield wiper them and every different direction. And then rest with your arms down by your side. That's a great workout.

Good job, you guys. Awesome, man.


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Great Class, with lots of variations and new surprises, really enjoyed it. Thank you Karen!
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Love all of Karen's classes. One of my favorite teachers on your site.
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Yes great class Karen, thank you! Also wanted to say that I have noticed the dark-haired girl with striped shirt in other classes as well and she always has great form!
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Took this class this morning and rushed off without saying "thank you." Enjoyed taking the tried and true and adapting to a lateral orientation. Almost as good a work out for my head
as for my body!
Kerry that's Wendy and its her birthday today!!! Wendy is a 20 year friend of mine and runs The Studio at Padaro Beach where we film PA classes. She is wonderful. It is so nice that you mentioned her today. I'll make sure she sees it.
PS: Wendy has been teaching Pilates since 1995 and taught yoga before that... and aerobics before that... and P.E. before that. (She only looks 18)
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This class was refreshing, challenging and very enjoyable! Thanks Karen :)
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As always, Karen is clear, positive and killer. Love my fellow TX instructor!
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Wow, Interesting class. With lots of variations that are fun!! Headstand at the end, challenging.
This is my first class I ever took and Karen, thank you. You're a great instructor and I appreciate it a lot.
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