Class #859

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Karen Sanzo returns to Pilates Anytime with a class that explores the lateral aspect of our body as a means of deepening our connections during flexion and extension exercises. Play with different ways to initiate movement from the side of your body while managing to achieve a full body workout that will keep you interested from start to finish.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Nov 15, 2012
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Great Class, with lots of variations and new surprises, really enjoyed it. Thank you Karen!
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Love all of Karen's classes. One of my favorite teachers on your site.
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Yes great class Karen, thank you! Also wanted to say that I have noticed the dark-haired girl with striped shirt in other classes as well and she always has great form!
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Took this class this morning and rushed off without saying "thank you." Enjoyed taking the tried and true and adapting to a lateral orientation. Almost as good a work out for my head
as for my body!
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Kerry that's Wendy and its her birthday today!!! Wendy is a 20 year friend of mine and runs The Studio at Padaro Beach where we film PA classes. She is wonderful. It is so nice that you mentioned her today. I'll make sure she sees it.
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PS: Wendy has been teaching Pilates since 1995 and taught yoga before that... and aerobics before that... and P.E. before that. (She only looks 18)
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This class was refreshing, challenging and very enjoyable! Thanks Karen :)
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As always, Karen is clear, positive and killer. Love my fellow TX instructor!
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Wow, Interesting class. With lots of variations that are fun!! Headstand at the end, challenging.
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This is my first class I ever took and Karen, thank you. You're a great instructor and I appreciate it a lot.
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