Class #908

Reformer Stretch Workout

60 min - Class


Anthony Lett is back with another Reformer stretch class that includes "intermediate" variations using the "contract relax" technique. Start at your feet and work your way through the body stretching your legs, all directions of the spine, your pectoral muscles and Latissimus Dorsi. You'll want to incorporate some of the stretches into your weekly practice of Pilates, but do this whole class and you'll feel longer and more at ease right away.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Hi everyone. I'm Anthony left from Melbourne in Australia, and this is the second class that we're going to be doing. And this one's called intermediate innovations in Peloton. So esse...


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Thank You ! I am looking forward to more of your instruction
I feel so relaxed, as if I had had an hour long massage. I will certainly be doing these stretches after some of the intense workouts PA gives :)
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I felt incredible after these stretches, thank you so much Anthony!!
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Here in Russia we are lucky to watch this! It is fantastic!Thank you
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Wow! I used to have a Yoga practice until I found Pilates. How wonderful to be able to use my reformer to stretch out my whole body. Thanks!!!!!
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Anthony - love seeing your video on here! I was one of your students in Bali in August and you introduced me to this website. Thanks for that and for this class. Hope to see you again in Bali next summer!
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Hi Folks! Thanks for the positivity. So glad you all enjoyed the class.Thank you Pilates Anytime too..great resource.
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Great! Thanks for the more advanced stuff. I felt it... Usually I don't feel much in other stretch/yoga classes but this one did it for me.
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Thank you Pele. Im happy you "felt It." Thats what its all about I guess. Cheers. anthony.
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Very good stretching activity for the lats, barely using the reformer machine's tension while using the body to get into the stretch. I would use this to help my husband get more back stretches without feeling overwhelmed with the "torture machine."
I too felt fantastic after this class. By far my favorite on this site so far!
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