Class #1302

Stretches for Golf

40 min - Class


Anthony Lett teaches another wonderful stretch class, this time for Golfers. He works from the legs up with deep stretches that will help correct muscle imbalances from playing golf. Anthony works with Joseph Pilates' idea that you should be as supple as a cat after doing his exercises.

To see more of the contract and relax technique that Anthony teaches, you can watch Stretches for Tennis.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Mat, Reformer, Pilates Pole

About This Video


I'm Anthony Litt from Australia and today we're going to do a class on stretching for goals. The work that we're doing today is, is not so much, um, traditional politeness, but it's, I...


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Anthony, How about a stretch class for dancers? Ballet in particular? Something to help with extensions, arabesques, penchees, etc.
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Hi Pele, I would be delighted to teach such a class. I will talk to Kristi and the gang to see if its possible. :)
umm.. yes.
Pele ~ Thank you again for all the valuable feedback you offer us here on PA. Anthony lives in Australia so it may be awhile before we are able to fulfill your request... Having said that, I think it is a wonderful idea. Thank you.
it looks like a "yes" for 2014 Pele :)
Hi about a class for us "over 50"??? : 0 Just kidding.....I will follow the one for dancers and just pretend I'm a ballerina!!
Carrie you have the flexibility and strength of a dancer already I recall :)
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When you teach the class for dancers, I will put on a tutu and pretend
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Me too :)
ouch….that was a tad aggressive for most of my golfers. i use all the basic movements anthony does. but , do you seriously have clients who you can pull and leverage like that?
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