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Jennifer Kries is back with an "Advanced Mat Class with Magic Circle and Fancy Tricks!" Jennifer pulls from the lesser known exercises she used to do at Drago's Gym with Romana "when she was just a wee child..." You'll work up to the "fancy tricks" by doing challenging movements along the way. At this level there are few repetitions per exercise and they are all dynamic. For safety and to increase our depth of understanding of certain exercises, Jennifer pauses to demonstrate the hands on cues she uses when teaching her clients. With those few exceptions, this class moves along at an accelerated pace and is really fun!
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Hi everybody. I'm Jennifer crease and I am so happy to be here at Palladio's anytime with all of you and all of you. Um, and what we're going to do tonight is an advanced math class with a magic circle and fancy tricks. That's the title that I came up with. Um, and I'm going to pull from some of the, um, they're little known or lesser known exercises that we used to do at Dragos on 57th street with Romana in the good old days when I was a wee child of like 17, 18, and then later. Um, and there are lots of fun, but before that we're going to work up to that with a lot of challenging movements. Um, and what you're going to see are not a million reps of exercises. You're just going to see a few, cause when you get to this level, less is more and it's true that less is more anyway and PyLadies, but especially when you reach this degree of difficulty. Yeah, we are ready for our advanced math class with magic circle.

So let's pick up our magic circles. And ladies, I'm going to have you stand at the front edge of your mat. You are going to cross one leg over the other. You are going to squeeze your magic circle. Take a deep breath in with great control. Ease your way down onto the mat. Beautiful. Good. And lie down onto your backs.

Nice. So from here, take your magic circle between your ankles, arms down by your sides. Extend your legs out long and start to pump. Inhale two, three, four, five and exhale two, four, five and [inaudible] in two and x two, three, four, five. Lower your legs more if you can, and x, good as low as you can. Go in for five. Hannah, switching the breath on this. Next one. Exhale in for two out. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight in for two out.

Naval the spine in for two hours. One more set only. [inaudible]. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. The legs are out from here. Transition. Grab your circle, lengthen your legs down and out. Flex your feet. Get ready for the rollups or ribs and breathe in. Exhale, fingertips come up. Chin to the chest. Peeling off the mat.

Drop your head. Wait, roll back bone by bone. Gentle. Squeeze on the circle. Feel one bone at a time. Massaging down. Breathe in. Exhale, peeling off. Head down. Deep stretch and again, breathing in. Exhale, roll down. Keep pushing away with the heels. One more time. Inhale, exhale. As you come forward, baby toes peeling back to you.

Roll down bone by bone. Say Goodbye to your magic circle. Arms down by your sides. Deepen your abs. Squeeze your heels together. Draw your knees into your chest. We'll do the first one gently, so you're going to stretch your legs up to the ceiling for rollover. Exhale, legs go overhead. If you can bring the feet to the floor.

Do Flex your feet open with wise hip, hip with apart. Roll down bone by bone. Keep flexing your feet hard. Circle the legs. Go lower each time. Point the toes, lift up and over. Flex the feet to the floor. Support the neck and shoulders open. Roll down through the spine, bone by bone.

Keep pressing the arms down to the mat. Last time just three. Flex your feet open and roll down bone by bone. Good from here, circled the legs. Open. Flex and lift. We're reversing. So legs are together. Point the toes. This time. Roll down bone by bone. Good. And again, open, flex and lift.

When you get back there, bring the legs together. Point the feet. Roll down bone by bone. Good. And on this last one, go ahead. Open, flex and left. Point the feet when you get back there. After the legs come together, we're gonna show on Christie a little hands on. So I'm lengthening her into the mat. I'm flexing the feet and I'm kind of walking over.

Beautiful right leg stays up. Left leg goes long externally rotate the leg and the hip socket. Point the foot. Nice legs. Circles five times down around one, down around two. So it's all about the pace. Deepening the ABS, deepen the ribs, reverse it down around one. Keep reaching the fingers given longer. Three hollow the ribs for last time.

Stay five from here. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, lift the upper back off the mat. Try to bring the leg closer to you. Grab the heel and hang back in a deep flex. So I'll give you guys some feel good stuff in the beginning before it gets really crazy. Flex both feet. Good point. Both feet. And now lower down and switch. Left leg comes up. Leg circles.

We go down around one cross around too. I always think of lining that foot up with the nose. Use The triceps. Good. Reverse one to the nose to keep those hips still. Three nice for stay. Five take a deep breath in. Exhale, curl the upper back off the mat.

Don't touch yet. So reach me. Three, three treats and I try to bring that kneecap to your nose. Shoulders down, breathing, leg down the midline of the body. Flex both feet. Grab the ankle and now hang back into that lovely stretch. Good. And feel this opposition between the heels. Very important. And also pull the shoulders down. Nice. Good. So point both feet. Find that external rotation. Arms are down.

Both legs go down, arms overhead for a full roll up. Again, breathe in. Exhale, peeling off the mat. Deep Sea stretch here. Rise up, hands by your hips. Scoot it forward and go right into rolling like a ball. So drop your head weight, drop your shoulders. Inhale back, exhale up, hold and hold and hold. Nice. And again. Inhale back.

Exhale up and stay. Can you relax your shoulders more as you continue? Can you squeeze your heels tighter one last time. Good. Come on up from here. Let go and hit a teaser. Tuck it in rock back again. Come on up. Reach, reach, reach. Tuck it in. Rock it back.

This is a little prep for a fun exercise we're going to do later. Lift, lift, lift, heels together. Toes apart. Everybody Tuck it in. Last time. Left up. You're holding the teaser beautifully. You're going to roll down a transition. You're gonna hug the right knee to the chest, right hand, right ankle, left hand, right knee. Elbows are high. We go pull, pull, switch, pull, pull, advanced breathing. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. X, X. Elbows are lifted. Shoulders are down. Just two more sets.

That's enough. Good hug both. Knees en. Grab your magic circle. Yep. Yeah. Sorry, we I should have said keep, it's so hard to know where to put the magic circle, isn't it? Okay. So same thing with the magic circle. We go, inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale in in. And I'm squeezing this but not too hard. Two more times. Keep stretching the elbows a little bit more and that's it. Pull both knees in. Place it between the ankles for double leg stretch. So we go.

Inhale, stretch, arms to ears, legs out. Exhale, circle. Squeeze the circle with those legs. Inhale, hold it. Exhale, circle pole again. Inhale, stretch, point the toes. Exhale, circle, pull. Beautiful. One more time. Exhale, circle Paul. Say Goodbye to the magic circle. And we do that same thing but with beats and heads. Rest your heads.

Take a breath. Turn the head from side to side. And just a reminder that this level, see if you can come up a little bit higher so that you don't feel the neck, that you relax the head in the neck. You think of the Waking Energy and think of the horse breath. Okay. Yeah. It's a little different when you're doing it on your back because, okay, so you stretch your arm to two ears and you go, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Exhale, circle, pull. And we go stretch out. Shoulders down. Open beat. One, two, seven.

Exhale, circle, poem. Reach your fingers more. Inhale, stretch, hold, open, beat seven. Exhale, circle. That's it. Right leg up, left leg, long for scissors. We go, pull, pull, switch, pull, pull. Inhale. Inhale, x, x, gut. On the last two sets, I want you to pull the leg as close to your head as you can feel. Opposition shoulders are down and both legs go straight up to the ceiling. Heels together, toes apart, hands behind the head and the neck. Good. Squeeze the Silk Ribbon between the inner thighs and we go down, down, down.

Exhale, up, reach, reach, reach, and up. The goal is to touch the floor. If you can, retreat, reach and pull. Retreat, reach and lift. Last time. Hold it and rest. Whoo. Grab your magic circle. Okay, so from here, Chris Cross, we're going to go. Inhale, exhale, twist across. Inhale, exhale, switch and switch.

Good and switch really working the obliques. Beautiful. Nice. Few more. How far can you reach the fingers over last set and that's enough. Hug the knees in magic circle. Bye Bye. Arms are long, feet are flex. Ribs are knitted together. Breathe in. Exhale, float.

It's tough. That series. Done that quickly. Okay. The feet are a little wider than hip width apart. And let's actually start with magic circle for spine stretch. So put the right hand heel of the hand on the top of the circle. Cover it with the left, find that beautiful, perfect posture. Breathe in.

Exhale, press the circle down with straight arms deep and back. Inhale up tall. Exhale, contract. Inhale up. Exhale, contract. So I feel this opposition deepening through my abs and singers reaching in the opposite way. Breathe in. Exhale, contract. Lift up really tall. Switch hands.

So on the next few before we go, feel that deepening opposition, which we're all familiar with, but how much are you reaching through the fingers to get the a triceps. Breathe. Then make your legs look alive. Exhale, press. Yeah. Inhale up, shoulders down, more ribs in. Exhale, press. Inhale up. Exhale, contract. Nice. One more time. Breathe in. Exhale, contract and rise up. Good. And just leave the circle there and let's just do three plain just for the fun of it, cause it feels so good. Exhale, reach, reach. Go for it. Go for it.

Head goes way down. Inhale up. Feel up. Perfect. Posture is for you. Exhale, contract. Inhale up. Squeeze those glutes. Can you grow taller? Exhale, contract. Inhale up. What are you going to breathe into this workout? Breathe in. Exhale. Let's do a nice forward stretch. Hold your feet.

Either the tops or your heels and give yourself a really juicy stretch. Yeah, good. Let your head go. And now rise up through the spine. God. And we're going to go for the Gusto with this one. So you were going to place the circle between your ankles and you're gonna stretch up for open leg rocker. Good.

Commit your hands to that spot. I lost and come back. So we're going to go all together like the Rockettes. Inhale back. Exhale up, and you lift. Left, left again. Exhale. Deep into left. Yeah. Again.

Inhale back. Exhale up. Good. Now this time. Don't dawdle back there. Go back and come up right away. Gorgeous. That's it. That's the dangerous part. I know. It's heavy. I know. Oh, you should have seen Romana when we used to do this. Take it back and come on up. Lift, lift. Do not let the knees bend. The floor is hot. Inhale back. Beautiful. That's it. Exhale, lift. Stay there.

Don't move. Flex your feet. Grab your big toes. Yep. So we're not looking for perfection. We're just doing the best we can. Here we go. Inhale back. Exhale. Schoolies the ABS to come in. That's it. That's the ticket. Yeah. Wendy. Inhale back. Exhale up.

So we're exploring what we can do with this playful curiosity. Yeah. Two more times you can do it. Inhale back. Exhale, lift. Woo. Inhale back. Exhale up. Stay there. Let go. Breathe in. Roll down through the spine. Palms flat. Let's take a little break.

Hug your knees in. So put your magic circles away. We're going to do the corkscrew. One of the fancy tricks. We're going to start gently Serena, do the beginner version, and then I'm going to pull one of you up here. Okay, so legs go. The most important part of this exercise, if we're using building blocks, is getting the shoulders down and firing the triceps and deepening the reps. The legs shoot up. You squeeze your inner thighs. We all know how to do this.

You circled down to the right down through center and come back down around and center, and on the advanced level you have to really root the tailbone. Keep going with me, reverse it, and then we can all try this segway. So you go overhead to a parallel position. You circle down to the right, you go as low as you can with the legs. You come back over to that parallel position, reverse it down, down, down.

Press those shoulders down and left and again up and over and make sure it's a really nice parallel. Then reverse it. Then roll down through the spine, bone by bone. Hug your knees into your chest. Take a little break. Okay, Amy, come up. So we're going to show you the advanced corkscrew. Okay. So Amy's gonna hug her knees into her chest.

She's going to stretch the legs up. And actually, you know what, just rest for a second. Can you scoot that way a tiny bit? Cause I forgot I have to have my straddling stamps. Okay. So as the teacher, as promised, I'm going to show you some advanced techniques for hands on. So the clamp, if you saw me teaching Amy on the Cadillac, my four finger goes in between. I clamp the heels together, shoulders down, and I can even make a little adjustment here. Okay. So from here she's gonna take her legs overhead to a parallel position. When she gets advanced, she pikes up like she's doing jackknife.

She swivels down to the right, she goes down and then she goes over head and up. And my weight is in my leg. She swivels the hips, she goes down through the spine, she goes down, around and up, you know. Okay. Other way. No, you're right down around overhead and left heels together. Toes apart. Yup. And then we're just gonna roll down through the center bone by bone. Good. And a nice thing to do. You can rest. That was great.

So just to note to you at home and all of us in class on that. Yes, you can go. Thank you. I'm liking being up here. Um, it's important to note then on that last corks grow, you can turn it into a Jackknife so you can really start to strengthen the body that way. Okay. And as the teacher, you would have your hands on either side of the feet. And I'm not going to do it now cause we're going to do it with the Jack Knife. Okay? Do you all want to give it a go? Okay, so let's do the advanced corkscrew. So you will start with your legs up, heels together, toes apart. You're going to take the legs overhead and left.

Swivel the hips. Yep. You're gonna roll down through to the right side, down through center, up around and left. Good. Swivel the hips the other way. Then roll down through the spine, down through, center, up and left. I want you all to use your back muscles and your arms more down around overhead and lift. Squeeze the powerhouse. Squeeze the touch, swivel and roll it down. Good overhead left. Beautiful. One more time. Roll down through the spine. Circle all the way down. Overhead left.

Now practice the Jackknife from here. Heels together. Toes are apart. Rolled down through the spine, bone by bone, shoulders down, arms pressing in. Gorgeous stuff is more than a vertical. Woo. Beautiful. That was great. Hug your knees in. Feet are flat. Your arms are overhead. We're going to keep the knees bent for this. We're going to breathe in. Exhale, float up.

Fingertips Chin to chest for the saw. So take the arms wide to the side. Yep. Do you have enough space? Breathe in deeply. Lift the chin. Lift the chest, twist to the right. Exhale, contract saw off the baby toe. Good. Inhale up, really tall twist. Exhale, contract and reach. Inhale up, twist. Exhale, contract length, and deepen your abs. More. Inhale up. Freeze.

Do not let your feet move. Not at all. Hold your breath. Exhale, contract. Stretch those arms even longer. Drop your right rib cage down even more. Yes. Inhale up, twist one last set. Exhale, contract and reach. Reach, reach. Inhale up tall. I lost count one more for fun. Exhale. Or it's retreats.

Inhale up, super tall. Flex to feed harder, arms and legs together. Come onto your bellies. Okay, so we're doing the swan and we are really doing it at this juncture in the math class because think about all the flection we just did. So we're going to stretch for this first one. Left eyes, Chin and chest. Yeah. And when you're doing it, I want you to squeeze your glutes and straighten your knees and I want you to kind of wiggle from side to side a little bit. I want you to feel what that Fascia, the deep connective tissue feels like and the muscles and all of that stuff that you just worked. Lift your Chin and chest. Exhale.

Keep your eyes high as you roll down bone by boom. Do One more time. Lift eyes, Chin and good. And I want to do baby swan before we do the full Monte. So it's rock forward and push rock forward and push. Keep lifting higher and bring your hands closer to your hips as you left last time. And now we're going to do the full swan. Thrust your hands out and go keep it up.

Beautiful. Can you bring your heels closer together? Keep breathing. Last one. Beautiful release and pull back to child's pose. And take a breath or two here. Soften the low back. Good. One more breath. And from here, come down onto your bellies for single leg kick. So on the elbows and fists. And when you do this, have in mind towards still stretching the front of the body that we just worked so hard on. So we're going to have elbows wider, right? Push the floor away.

Heels together, toes apart. Look straight ahead, lift your chin and your chest and we go kick, kick, right heel to right cheek, switch, kick, kick, kick, kick, grow taller. Inner thighs squeezing, no separation between the legs, not even a little bit. Kick, kick, last set. And from here it's all about the transitions. A beautiful segue to double leg kick. So holding onto the right, two fingers, elbows are bent and it's going to be the index and middle elbows are bent. Bend both knees, squeeze your heels together, spank one and two and three.

Press your legs, press your arms, lift up, and really anchor your feet and lower down. Switch cheeks. Kick and kick and kick and pressing up. So lift up as high as you can here. Yeah. And then switch again. One and two and three. Press and lift. Yeah. And again, kick and kick and kick heels together. One more time. And kick and kick and kick.

Lift up tall on. Hook your hands. Reach for your partner across the pond. Lift your legs up. High. Beat. One, two, three, four, five, six. Breathe. Shoulders are down. One more set. Release. And I want one more child's pose. Pull back. Really Nice. So really breathe into the kidneys here to think about them still and then come back onto the belly and we will do the bow and rocking. Okay.

So from here, bend your knees, grab your ankles, squeeze your inner thighs together, take a deep breath in, dropping your head weight. Good. Exhale completely. And then as you inhale, lift your upper body up, pressing your feet into your hands and vice versa. Lift up really, really tall and just really expand into the pose and now start to breathe deeply. And as you breathe, rock forward and back. So this is one of Mr [inaudible] favorite intestinal massages. Keep breathing. One more breath. Good. Let go of everything. Release your flying arms back, legs up, release down, relax and fold back. Child's pose. Your good, deep, full breath.

Everybody stretch your arms out really long in front of you and feel like you're pushing the heel of the hand into the mat. Nice Wendy, that's just what I was thinking of. [inaudible] and then rise up through the spine, the neck ball. Okay, so we're going to do this without the magic circle to start and we might throw it in. I'll show you a different variation, but we're going to start, I'm facing the wrong way this way. So we are going to have the feet, the legs, hip width apart. And we're going to deepen back. And as I do this, I'm pushing away with my heels.

I'm already seeing how slowly I can go down. And now we begin. Breathe in. Exhale, peeling off. Try to keep the elbows wide, drop your headway into a deep sea stretch and then inhale up crown of the head, reaching back like you're doing flat on the short box. And when you can't keep it back anymore, really pull down into the ABS elbow. Stay wide like a butterfly. And again, breathe in. Exhale, peeling off. Drop your head weight. Inhale up really tall. Now tilting back.

That beautiful hinge. Keep your ribs in though. And elbows pointing side. Keep pushing with your heels and narrow your stance a little bit. Everybody. Yeah. Now in this next one, try not to go high. Yeah, I saw a little cheating, so go slow if you can't get up that way. Use Your hands. So breathe in. Exhale, peeling off. Better drop your head weight. Inhale up. We're gonna twist to the right without letting our hips move. We're going to go down. This is like halfway around the world.

We turn center, we roll back and again, inhale, exhale, peeling off, head down. Inhale up. We turn left. Now as I do this, I'm pushing through my right heel. I go down, down, down, down, down, down, down. Before I lose it, like turn center and I go down. Final set. [inaudible] [inaudible] exhale, peeling off. Drop your headway. Inhale up tall. Now feel the opposition of this elbow leading you back and feel that left heel pulling. It's that beautiful. Pulling in opposite directions.

Then flip center. Nice Christy. Open the elbows wider. Roll down last time. Breathe in. Exhale, peeling off. Drop the headway. Inhale up tall, twist left and now roll down. Keep the feed active at the last moment. Elbows wider. Wider, wider. Yes, that was it. Take a deep breath in. That was very well done. Who's going to be my brave model for the Jackknife?

Christie. Okay. Okay. It is time for the Jack Knife. Here I go back up on my tall mountain top of a pedestal. Okay, so for this one it's really fun. Hands on for the teacher, you're dancing with your client, you're good. Heels together, toes apart and I'm going to start gently with her. Sydney's into the chest. Legs go up straight. Okay, so for here the prep is legs. At 45 the legs go overhead parallel to the floor and then up.

So this is the shape and I'm lunging, she breathes in, she exhales and rolls down bone by bone. So she started in conservatively. Okay, now I want to work on the tempo. So she goes down and we go overhead and left. So it's all powerhouse. And now she's getting a little more advanced. She's gonna roll down. Yeah. Beautiful. And she's bracing the arms into the mat. Now I'm pulling her up a tiny bit on the next one.

I'm not going to help her as much lift. So from here I'm just guiding her. She's rolling. Rolling. Rolling. Rolling. I cheated and helped you a little bit. And one more time. She goes over and lift and here I'm going to let go. So when you're a little nasty to the client's Day, you're going to sort of chase the feet away, away, away, away. Press the arms down, down, down, down, down, down, down.

Yeah, I do. I go in class. So that was an example of a truly beautifully articulated Jackknife. Okay. You may sit down, um, and more here than ever. You see the principle of opposition and it gets you in a really deep way because all faculties are engaged. All muscles are engaged. Are we ready? Okay. Okay, so gentle beginning arms down.

Get those shoulders down, pull your ribs and check, check, check, check. Aside from your placement, which has to be really top notch, you really want to think of the dynamic so it goes overhead and lift. Do not hesitate, okay. Trust yourself and support your head and your neck. Legs go up. Lower down to 45. Breathe in. Exhale overhead and lift. Squeeze the touch.

Start conservatively on this one. Roll down bone by bone. Keep reaching up. That's it. Relax your next everybody and go down lower with the legs and we go overhead. Lift. Nice heels together, toes apart. Roll down. So even at this level, beautiful Wendy, it's a spinal massage. Last time.

Really go for it. Overhead and lift. Try to come to a vertical as much as you can and they're rolled down through the spine, bone by bone, heels together, toes apart, gorgeous, nice stretch legs. All the way down. Arms overhead. That was excellent. Flex your feet. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, peel all the way off. Do a nice forward stretch. Hold your feet, drop your head. Wait. So this really is a counter stretch to what you just did. Let your neck release.

So while you're stretching, just a word, if you're trying this at home, I want you to make sure that if you're doing any of the overhead work, you really work on your shoulders and pressing your triceps down. Okay, roll up through the spine. So another nice counter pose is inclined plank. Hands back. Point your feet. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, lift, lift, lift left. Hold it here. You're looking up where the wall meets the ceiling. You're going to hold it and you're going to kick your right leg up to your nose.

Flex and point. Kick it out. Flex point. You must use your other leg to press up one more time. Then we're switching. Lift and switch. Here we go. Up and point left. Don't you hate those cramps? Hate them. Lift and point. Keep breathing. Lift your hips higher. Still one more time. That's it.

Good from here. Lift even taller. Let your head go back. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon. Release. Breathe. Then lift your head carefully. Lower down. Flex your feet left gut. And you know what from here, butterfly your legs. Clasp your feet. Drop your head. Wait. Oh yeah. Good. And just stretch into those hips for a moment. Take a nice deep breath.

Okay. And now rise up through the spine. Sides here. Okay. So on your right elbow line up at the back edge of your mat. Have your magic circles in close proximity to you and I should do the same. And what we're going to do is on advanced level, we don't have the legs quite as far forward. We have them further back. Hence we have to use opposition even more. Flex your bottom foot.

Point your top lift up two inches externally. Rotate hand goes on your head from the get go. So we go kick, kick to the front, kick, kick to the back. But you are not moving your body at all. Kick, kick, kick, kick. Keep those ribs in. Lift tall or squeeze your glutes. Are you breathing?

Last time, toss up. Lift, flex, squeeze, lifted up, flex, squeeze. Grow Taller. And think of how precise each repetition wants to be. Reverse your foot. Flex it. Points. Squeeze healty heel. So I really think of heel to heel when I come down and I reach out the window to the ocean. Bend your knee in front and we go left and left and left.

Left even taller. Flex through that heel. Stay up there in pulse. Two, three, four, six, seven, eight. Circle up. Circle up. Grow Taller. Last time, reverse up. Take your hand off and left and left. Different without the hand. One more lift.

Hold flat. Extend magic circle. Okay between the ankles, but I haven't done this in a long time. Okay, so parallel feet, hand on the head. So squeeze together, release, squeeze. And this just feels really good.

Really helps you to feel the inner size and the length of the leg grow even taller. Pull your ribs in and now a little faster. One to control it. Three, don't let it babile about. [inaudible]. Nice from here. Put your hand down and lift both legs up. Squeeze to pull your ribs in. Three, four, five. I know. Looking at you. Six, seven, eight.

Can you take your hand off? Squeeze and hold it. Release down. Say Goodbye to the magic circle and we go from here to Ronda. John. Okay. Hand off the Mat. Take it front. Take it side. I hope I don't hit the window. Take it back. Am I safe?

Oh, shot. Take it. Yeah. That could've really sounded cocky. That was not nice. I didn't mean it. I didn't mean to take it up. Oh my God. Take it back. Take it side. Dig in front. Can you touch your nose? Don't move your ribs higher. Higher. Higher. Oh yeah. Back side one.

Last time we have a nice juicy stretch coming up. Take it front. Stay and then lifted up again and pull. Oh my God, I'm not gonna lie. That feels good. And now you're going to take it front and pull. Come down onto the Belize.

So hands are underneath your head. You're going to lift your head up. You're going to lift your feet and beat and beat. Then take your feet down, take your hands down, you're going to lift up a little grasshopper action and you're going to beat beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, lift and beat. Beat, beat BBB. And again, Nice. So come forward, bend the knees, lift the legs higher and beat two more times. Beautiful. Last one, release down. Good.

And now if you can come back onto your right elbow where you were, see if you can switch. So get your magic circle ready. Prop up your elbow. Every side of the body. Each side is different. So if this is a dicey side for you, you are allowed to put your hand down. Okay, take advantage of the break while I'm drinking. Okay. Both feet flexed. Top leg is two inches off. Externally, rotate, pull ribs and we go point. Point back, back to the foot is a long, soft pointed foot. And what I want you [inaudible] you guys to really go for on this side is that beautiful external rotation. That's it. Nice front, front, back, back. Good Front, front.

You felt me coming, didn't you? That's it. So even adjusting the elbow that much makes a huge difference. Straighten that bottom leg more. Flex your foot. That's it. Last time, heels together. Toss, lift, flex, squeeze. Feel that opposition. Each one matters because we don't do a billion of them. Now reverse it.

Flex and left. Point. Squeeze. Flex and left point. Beautiful. That's it. Left it. We have one more to go. Flex left point. Squeeze. Cross. [inaudible]. Hold on the first time. Flex your foot. Lift up and the accents up and left and lift.

And how much can you press through that heel and left and left. Two slow. Stay up their pulse. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, hand off and on your head. Circle down around, up, down around two big circles. Down around three, down around four. That's great. Dan. Around five, six, reverse around across one, down around two. So many legs. Circles. Three. A straight knee, five and six. Straighten both legs. Grab your magic circle. So between the ankles takes a minute to get that circle organized and make sure that the feet are fully flex. Beautiful, Amy? Yep.

And the goal here on the advanced level is not just to simply feel the adductors working, but to keep the circle stabilized. Okay? So you squeeze and you squeeze and squeeze and you have this great energy projecting through the heels and squeeze, squeeze. I'm just going to turn you more parallel and a double time. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One more. Set two to three. Keep breathing. Four, five, six, seven, eight, hand on the Mat. Lift both legs up. Good. Find parallel position even more. [inaudible] take that hand off the mat.

Breathe. Try to stabilize. Really tells you where you are in life, right? Lower down, release. Take the circle away and we do Rhonda. John. Okay, so the hand stays. See if you can take your legs a little bit further back just for the heck of it. See what happens. Now, point the front foot, take it front, take it side, take it back going.

I'm going to show some hands on here. So you go front, you left, you go back and hear the teacher presses the hip forward and pulls and again, front lift and back. And now come home. Let's reverse that back side and run and back. Lift my pleasure and front back. How high can you bring that leg? How high now? How far forward?

Yeah. Take it back. Lifted up, Aaron. It's beautiful. Don't move your body now. Keep reaching for your nose last time back. Pull those ribs in. Take it front, and you're going to have to lift it upside again and grab the heel for the desert. And now pull. Take a side. It just crept forward miraculously. Good. So really enjoy the stretch. Flex both feet. Nice.

Wendy. Pull the ABS in the ribs and guys even, and now take it forward and externally rotate that leg. Grab the ankle or the heel. Pull it to your nose. Breeze. Use your core to do it. This is not easy. Release the legs down. Korea. Well, cramp release Baba on your backs for a nice stretch. Oh yeah. So you're going to cross your right ankle over your left knee.

Thread your arms through. Flex your right foot to protect the knee and breathe. And if you want to increase the stretch, you take that lower leg up. Feel like someone's above you and pushing down and then and lengthen your tail. Ah, okay.

You can even do some ankle rules with that. Bottom foot. Good. Take the legs up. I'm going to get my monkey dancing in here yet. So stretch the legs up and shake. Ah, I know the, yeah, the horse breaths. There are not so easy that way. Take your arms up, breath, hug your knees in and switch sides. So left foot over the right knee.

Thread the hands through and breathe and take that right lower leg up and feel like you're pressing legs into your body. This is a really nice little respite in the middle of class. I can't say that we were ever allowed to do this at Druggos, but I have modified since then. Not always, but tonight. Why not? Deep breaths. Okay, so the next series is the teaser series. And I just want to say two things before we gear up for it.

There's a trick to doing this. I suddenly had you all pop up, um, and it's not always taught, but I really want you to think about this. Everything in life is physics and I started to view [inaudible] through that lens a few years ago in teaching. If you reach with equal and opposite force and you don't relent but you literally breathe into the opposition, things get lighter and easier. And that's why I'm giving you this little preface because the teaser is not easy. None of what we've done is easy, but you move with such grace and a plumb all of you that you don't want to really strain or stress or think of the end goal. You think of the process.

That's why I'm taking this moment out to do it. So when you do the teaser, it is a vital importance that you light up the legs, you light up the arms, you use your breath and you think about literally climbing a mountain. When you go up, you breathe in here and then what do you do? You keep it up. You don't go, Oh God, I made it. Now I can go down. You pull in opposition and then you don't go, oh cool, I made it. I can let go. You don't. You go up again. And this time you say, maybe I won't move the legs at all. You set these little mini goals for yourself. Breathe in. Exhale.

Now maybe my shoulders will be lower. Maybe I can find more. Ease. More breath there. Okay. But the trick is really lighting up your extremities so that you can find the breath. Okay. And on that note, we're going to try it. Okay. So on your backs, hugging your knees into your chest. Think of in sped, Adi. Think of inspiration in your life. Yeah, like how exciting.

How privileged we are that we get to do this with our bodies. So you're going to take your arms overhead. You're going to stretch your legs up to the ceiling. Heels together, toes apart, lower down with control to your point of control. Now take a deep breath in. Exhale, float fingertips. Chin to chest. Peeling off that mat. Yes. Gorgeous.

You're doing it. That's beautiful. Breathe in. Exhale. Keep reaching up to the apex with those legs rolled down through the spine. Beautiful. Keep it up. Get a nice paste. We're going right away. Again. Breathe in. Exhale, float, float, float, left. Breathe in. How high can you go? Inhale here. Arm, shoulder level. Exhale, roll down.

Keep that energy moving through the feet. Let's do it again. Inhale, exhale, float, lift. Keep it up. Keep reaching breeze. Exhale, roll down through the spine. Hug the knees into the chest. Oh, I have to say that was inspiring. It really was. You got it. Big Time. Okay, fancy trip time. We only have a few more fancy tricks to do so you are going to grab your magic circle. You're going to peel off the mat.

I'll demo this once. Arms to ears. You rolled down. Inhale here. Exhale. You come back up. You retrieve the circle. You left, you exhale. Roll. Okay, let's try it. Okay, let's try. So you're going to breathe in. You're going to exhale. Stretch your legs up to the ceiling. Not yet.

Lower down to your point of control. Arms or overhead. Find that opposition and that ease. Breathe in. Exhale, floating up to the ceiling. Open the legs. Circle goes in between. Reach your arms, roll down through the spine, arms go back overhead. Keep that wonderful opposition. Inhale, exhale, floating up. Retrieve the circle. Go for it. Arms to ears, heels together. Breathe in.

Exhale you length in length and keep those arms back there. Back there, back there. We're going again. Inhale, exhale, float up, up, up, up, reach, open and insert. Put it in. Yup. Arms, two ears. This time, roll down through the spine. Bone by bone. Last time. Inhale. Exhale, floating up. You got it. You got it. Retrieved the circle. Heels together. Toes apart. Arms, two ears. Breathe. Deep. Deep breath in. Exhale, roll down through the spine. Bone by bone. Knees into the chest. Circle goes away. Woo.

So this is when you say you meet yourself on the mat, you will always find one little edge where you say, God, that's just in my way. Or Wow, I did that. It's all a process. It's all an opportunity for us to get better and better and better and to meet ourselves with loving kindness that way. Oppositional circles. Last fancy trick on the back. Well, not really. There's just one more. Okay, so no circle. So breathe in. You can do this with me. I'll talk you through it. Exhale, floating up. Good. The arms go one way to the right.

The legs go the other and you left reverse and left reverse. No one, you do this. It's almost like a semi fold up. So your legs go way down. Your upper body goes way down to yes, keep going down around one last time down around to hold it. Hold it. That was nasty of me. I know. Arms to ears. Breathe in. Exhale. Roll down through your spine. Hug your knees in. Breathe.

Yeah, so a little look of confusion. May I explain. Okay. This is where it's really important to do extension after this because there's so much flection. You can really feel the abs burning and you want to be in your abs carefully so that you don't take it in your back. Okay? So you're doing a normal teaser.

You're gonna come up from here, your right arms, your right arms, your arms go to the right, your legs go left, your upper body goes down and then comes up. They're both lowering and both lifting. Okay. This was advanced mat with fancy tricks. Okay? But here's the thing, we're going to stretch those out in a minute. You really have to think of the opposition and you have to think of play.

So when you're doing this and you're up, you have to think, Woo, oh my God, this is so bloody hard. Which way do I go? You know, let your mind just breathe through it in a sense and just try it like a kid, but keep those principles of opposition in the back of your mind. Okay, here we go. Legs up, lower down. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, float. Now arms go to the right. Legs go left. You swivel up and you hold. That's it. Now reverse it. That's at Christie. That's it. Lift higher. Reverse.

Reverse. Like you're doing. Figure eights. That's it. You're doing it guys last time. Hold it. Gorgeous, Amy. That's it. Everyone left. Arms two ears. This is the last one. Breathe. Now roll down bone by bone. Hug the knees into the chest and flip onto your bellies. First one.

Yes. Okay, so [inaudible] stretch your right arm and your left arm forward. Drop your head. Wait, stretch your legs. Lift the gaze, lift the right arm up, lift the left leg up, breeze, lift higher, lower down and switch. Feel the front body stretching and everything up and go. Breathe in and left and left. One more set rest. Child's posts and breathe either with the arms forward or back. Nice. And they'll rise up through the spine.

Good. And let us do boomerang. Okay, so you are going to cross your right leg over your left. You the job of your headway. You're going to round your spine. This one's actually fun. It's not that hard. I think point your toes not making any apologies though for any of this.

Drop your head. Wait, you're going to rock back with me. Open. Close. You round down through the spine and you left. Take your arms behind you. Now pull in opposition and then drop your legs with control. Drop your head weight open and a lovely little swan hands.

Go back near the hips. Round your spine. Let me see. Rocking back. Open close. There's that tempo again. Now around, down through the spine and lift your arms high. Thread the arms back. Clasp the hands. Now feel the opposition. Yes. Gorgeous. Drop your legs with control. Drop your head. Open your arms and stretch. Yeah, and rise up and let's do it again. Externally. Rotate your legs.

Everybody point your feet. Here we go. Inhale back. Open. Close. Rounding up. Lift up. Even taller in your legs. Arms come behind you. Now see how high up your arms can go as your legs gracefully. Touch the mat. Yes. Open the arms and reach the feet last time.

Round the head down. See shape. Go over. Open and close. Now try not to touch the mat at this point. The arms float a little bit above lift. Do not use momentum. Gorgeous. Yes. Hands. Go back, pull in reach. Feel that stretch. Drop your headway. Open the arms float forward. Grab your feet, rise up.

Bring the Tush forward. Let's do seal. That was excellent. Beautifully done. So prayer position. Dive between tap two, three rock. Back then this really does feel like dessert today. Oh, I almost didn't make it. Tap Two, three. Keep going. Good. Keep the breath moving.

Last two. One more time. Good. And rest. Two more. Exercise exercises. We're going to do this final fancy trick, which is a combination of rolling like a ball teaser and jack knife. You Ready? Okay, so you rock back, you come up, you left, you tuck in and you come to knife, you roll down, you bend Teaser, Tuck, rock back.

I talk you through. Okay, so coming forward on the Mat, drop your head weight, lift your feet, point your toes. Yep. Rock back. Breathe in. Exhale, come up, lift up to Teaser, tuck everything in rock back. Come up into Jackknife. Roll down through the spine. Bend the knees in, lift up to teaser, tuck it in, rocking back. Come up into Jackknife. That's okay. This is just rehearsal. Roll down, bend the knees, come into teaser. One more time. Rest. And let's chat for two seconds.

So this is more gymnastic than anything and it's really not that hard. Right? Right, right. And it's also like if you think about it, it's a full body massage at the end. Okay. So let yourself, when you are going back into Jackknife, get your arms ready. So it's really like a whoop. Did you see that dynamic? It doesn't have to be, I mean, it has to be perfect as much as possible, but let yourself flow through it organically. So you really want your hands to be ready for that.

And it doesn't have to be a perfect jackknife. You're moving too fast and you want to be cautious with the neck, so you keep it on a short spine kind of angle. Okay, here we go. Drop your head. Wait, so we inhale back. Exhale, come forward. Lift, lift left. That's it. Bend in and I breathe into it. Legs up, roll down through the spine. Bend the knees in right away. And then lift. That's it. Like flowers blossoming. Rough back and lift.

Squeeze the touch here. Roll down, bend the knees, Tuck it in, and lift. Good on the last too. You want to really get gain momentum because you're going to stand on the last one. Left leg. Tuck it in, rocket back. Try it. Come down and left. Wow.

Okay. Push up series and then we're finished. So come to the back edge of your mat. Okay, so the classic pushups series, you roll down, you walk out, he'll poles, right? [inaudible] and I'm rehabbing from a shoulder injury so I can't vouch for my form, but it's push up and press walk back, roll up. Yeah. Makes you feel very strong. Now I'll make you do three. You can do y. Yeah, sure. Yeah.

Thank you. That would be bad at the end of the day. Are we ready? So feel all of that work we just did channeled through your body. Feel strong. Roll down and walk out. One, two, three, four. Lift the right leg, rock back and front and press down. Lift other leg back and front and press down. Powerhouse. Other leg again.

Switch back and front. Press down. Beautiful. Other leg, back and front. Press down. Wide pushups. We pressed down. We push the floor away. One beautiful press to curl the pubic one under more. Yes. Press three hold and walk back, back, back, back. Heels together. Toes apart. Rise up through the spine. Arms open, open again.

Lift up and roll down. Walk out with purpose and meaning. Lift the right leg up, back front, down, left leg, up, back, front, down, right leg, up, back, front down. Last one, three pushups, band. And now push the floor away. Tuck your pubic bone under more. Pull the ribs in. Last one. Walk all the way back. Good.

Rise up through the spine. Open. Take your thumbs behind you. Pull down and back. My favorite moment when the train goes by. Lift Tall. See above the horizon line. Okay.

Squeeze your inner thighs. Release your arms out to the sides. Squeeze the heels together with toes apart, and press up to relevant. Pull your ribs in. Lift your arms up high. Find your balance. Find your strength. Shoulders down. You're now 10 feet tall. So I want your fingers reaching like superman or superwoman. Now lower down, imperceptibly through those heels. Grow Taller.

Flip your palms, press down. Beautiful. Everybody. Great.


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I love it. . . .but i feel like a . . . , !!!. . . Because i'm not a dancer. I'm a Norwegian I do hike a lot in the mountains and because of that mye feet Get kramps! All the time. What to do??
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Wow what a lovely class. Jennifer is the most amazing teacher and the girls in the class were beautiful to watch. Love the variations on the advanced work. thank you thank you
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WOW! Thank you, Jennifer for this most amazing class. Just when I thought I couldn't love you any more than I already do!!! You brought out the best and worst of my body! I look forward to taking a class with you in person one day! And kudos to the girls in the class. They all made it look easy!
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Love! Feels like I'm working out with friends, which is so cool..couple of fun tricks in the mix Ms. Jennifer ;)))
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A real treat! Thanks
Praveena C
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Truly Inspirational and so much wisdom tucked into the cues. Love Jennifer!!!
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It truly feels like im working out with you ladies... wish so much I was there. Amazing work Jennifer.. thank you! and thank you PA! x
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That was great!! Thank you! First time I've ever been able to do teaser! Prolly wasn't the prettiest, but felt like I finally 'got it'... ;)
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This is one I'll repeat!! Thank you Jennifer and thank you PA!
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