Advanced Magic Circle Mat
Jennifer Kries
Class 927

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I love it. . . .but i feel like a . . . , !!!. . . Because i'm not a dancer. I'm a Norwegian I do hike a lot in the mountains and because of that mye feet Get kramps! All the time. What to do??
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Wow what a lovely class. Jennifer is the most amazing teacher and the girls in the class were beautiful to watch. Love the variations on the advanced work. thank you thank you
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WOW! Thank you, Jennifer for this most amazing class. Just when I thought I couldn't love you any more than I already do!!! You brought out the best and worst of my body! I look forward to taking a class with you in person one day! And kudos to the girls in the class. They all made it look easy!
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Love! Feels like I'm working out with friends, which is so cool..couple of fun tricks in the mix Ms. Jennifer ;)))
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A real treat! Thanks
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Truly Inspirational and so much wisdom tucked into the cues. Love Jennifer!!!
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It truly feels like im working out with you ladies... wish so much I was there. Amazing work Jennifer.. thank you! and thank you PA! x
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That was great!! Thank you! First time I've ever been able to do teaser! Prolly wasn't the prettiest, but felt like I finally 'got it'... ;)
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This is one I'll repeat!! Thank you Jennifer and thank you PA!
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