Advanced Magic Circle Mat<br>Jennifer Kries<br>Class 927

Advanced Magic Circle Mat
Jennifer Kries
Class 927

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Love!!! Especially the inspirationally cues to help those that are not so advanced!! Love Jennifer's playfulness so much! I also like the yoga mix classes you have done in the past. Keep 'em coming please!! XO
Good workout. Great explanations and quite challenging.
Amazing and challenging class, love the explanations thank you!
Cheryl Z
teaser mountain climb really kept me engaged thank you finally enjoyed legs to one legs to opposite side Thank you
Aliki G
A wonderful workout!!! Thank you so much! 
Fantastic class! I have had this in my queue for years and finally took this today.  The class went by so quickly- great instruction and helpful to see you demo on Kristi and Amy during class.  Perhaps another class where we use the magic circle with more movements? That would be awesome!
Brava 🤩
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