Class #932

Cadillac Workout

30 min - Class


This one is for you Darrell (and anyone else who wants to open their chest and stretch out their backs)! Using dynamic but controlled arm and leg movements, you'll mobilize your spine and feel more flexible by the end of this 33 minute class. Karen chooses to use the Baby Arc and a Reformer Box on the Cadillac to facilitate the exercises. It's also possible you may need a small towel or pillow handy for additional support on certain exercises. Karen brings her expertise as a Physical therapist and Pilates instructor together in this effective and fun class.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Baby Arc, Towel, Reformer Box

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Jan 15, 2013
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Just the workout I'm looking for today, and from my favorite PA instructor! Thanks, Karen, for this nice series with all your great cues!
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Fantastic work for so many folks who need just that- including myself! Thank you, Karen.
My body thanks you for this wonderful class, and so do I. Loved it and will definitely do it again.
Thank you Karen! Great class!
Thank you so much!! This is fantastic-- especially loved the PNF-- thank you!!
Gosh. Posted such a short time. Thank you all for joining me in this caddy workout. I actually did it myself, yesterday!! Comments always inspire more creations. Thanks for the taking the time.
This is going to be a great workout for my tennis playing clients who are very rounded forward. Thanks!
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Great class. Karen you are such an intelligent, down to earth teacher, your classes are always a pleasure to watch, do, and learn from. Thank you.
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Great class Karen! Loved the cues.
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Karen, you are a star. Wonderful cues, so clear and full of imagery. I always learn so much from you.
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