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Tower Workout

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We met Sharon Gallagher-Rivera through our instructor competition last year. Sharon was our winner and we think you'll see why when you take this class. Start with a clear set up and begin to feel the oppositional energy that is created when you are grounded in your set up. Using relatively heavy springs you begin to see how the force of the downward pressure creates lift and opening to the opposite side helping you to "lift your spine up out of your pelvis." Once you free up your spine, you get to the "fun stuff" like the Russian squats. Pay close attention to Sharon's cues and what seems impossible becomes not only manageable but even fun! The concept of oppositional length and support continues as you head into abdominal work using the Leg Springs. This is a fun class that keeps you engaged throughout.
What You'll Need: Tower

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Hi, I'm Sharon Gallagher and we're going to do a tower workout today. Um, I'm gonna just walk you through the setup. Before we get started. You want to have two red springs hooked up from the top, uh,...


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Loved the unilateral leg work. Very fresh ideas. Fun class.
Thank you Pele. I'm very happy you enjoyed it.
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Thank you Sharon!!! Loved that I could feel Ellie thru your cues and the work... I've been waiting for that on PA. Fabulously fresh and challenging.
Thank you Summer. I'm so happy you enjoyed the cueing and the level of challenge.
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Great class! I especially liked the single leg work. Welcome to PA! I look forward to taking your mat class next:)
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Welcome to PA Sharon! Well done! Nice class :)
Thank you Anne-Marie and Anita for the positive feedback. I very much appreciate that.
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Great class. Thank you and welcome!
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Sharon, great cueing. Question for the stomach series with leg springs on… i have Peak equipment, would I use the regular leg springs or the arm springs?) Thinking the regular leg springs, but just wondering. GREAT class
Joanne.....great question. I have used both. I used to just use the shorter (arm springs), but then started playing with the longer springs (leg springs). I prefer more feedback from the springs (heavier), but I think it will depend on body size/weight. Since your arms aren't pushing into the vertical poles like in the regular leg series, you have to find a way to not slide backwards. I use a sticky mat under the back of the ribcage, but for smaller/lighter bodies, the long springs might be too much weight to avoid sliding backwards. Happy exploring and so glad you enjoyed the class.
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