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Challenging Reformer Flow

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Have a pole and a cushion or towel nearby and then dive right into exercises like Swan, Rocking, Rowing and wonderful variations on some of your other favorite exercises too. Melissa once again offers clear cues and a great workout that goes by quicker than you expect. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Jan 26, 2013
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Hi, I'm Alyssa, and we're going to be doing a rough former workout, um, before we lie down and get started. Uh, I've got my foot bar all the way up. I have two red springs on my head. Rest is down, the shoulder straps are ready. I have two pads and a bar and a box. So that's what we need to start. So go ahead and lie down on the back. I'm going to place the balls of the feet onto the foot bar you're in.

Apply the stance at first position. Your heels are up nice and high. Shoulders down, Chin is lifted. Chest is nice and wide and open. Let's take a deep breath in through the nose to prepare on the Xcel side, the carriage all the way out to lengthen. Inhale, resist the springs to bend. Exhale out to lengthen. Inhale, resist to bend.

Exhale out in Hillary's zest, engaging the muscles of the inner thighs, the back of the thighs, the glutes, the hamstrings, the abdominals are pulled in Nice and tight to support your back. And Ben, let's do three more exhale, one inhale, two n resist thery, n or e. This come all the way in. Go wide to the outside edge of your heels and knees. Open wide. Second position. Breathe into prepare. Exhale, press the carriage out. Inhale, resist and open the knees to Annie. He'll resist it. Open the needs. Thery in Harry Zest.

Again, engaging the muscles of the adductors, your inner thighs, your glutes, your hamstrings. Abdominals are pulled in deep. And Ben. Let's do three more out three and then n two and then last one. Come all the way in. Return the carriage. Go to your toes, feet together. Heels high. Fly The carriage out. Lower the heels all the way down.

And to raise them up. Lower down. Raise them up, down. Scoop the abs into left lift from your core, pulling in deep to your spine. Lift your glutes or just engage the glutes and let's go for four. Exhale three and two. Lift your heels high into prances. Lower one heel.

And then the other with flow, change and change and change and change. Keeping the back of the thighs tight. Drawing your belly and tight. Nice and smooth. Knees straight up to the ceiling. And we have four and four 30 and three, two and one. Raise your heels high. Bend your knees to return the carriage. You go to your heels, hip with the part.

Take a breath in. As you exhale, draw your abs and rotate your pelvis under you to roll up one vertebrae at a time. Stay here a line from the knees, the hips, the shoulders. This time. Breathe in to slide the carriage out. Exhale to return out with an inhale. Exhale, resist and return the re and resist to come in for exhale, coming in, engaging the muscles in the hamstrings and the glutes. Drawing the abs deep into your spine and, and let's do four more out. Exhale four and three and two.

Last one. Return the carriage to the stoppers and roll your spine down. One Vertebrae at a time. Take your legs out to second position. The outside edge of the heels. Roll your spine up again. The abs are pulled in. Scoop your belly. Inhale, go all the way out to extend the knees. Exhale and out. Exhale in three.

Pull the ABS in four and engage the muscles in the back of the thighs, out and and form, or resist the N. Resist the n length than the out last one. Go out. Return and roll the spine down. One Vertebrae at a time. From here, you're going to hold onto the straps with your hands. Raise your arms straight up in line with your shoulders. Raise your knees to a tabletop position.

Read into prepare on your exhale. Curl your head, neck, shoulder blades off of the bed. Hold a here. Eyes are on your belly. Take a breath in through the nose. As you exhale visually, see your abdominals. Pull down. Do that again. Breathe in through the nose. Act. Fail visually. See the abdominals. Pull in, in, in, in n stretcher, likes to ceiling. Breathe in through the nose. Actually look at your belly. Put and breathe in and draw the ABS. Him. You're going to lower your legs to the point your point of control, keeping your back stable, keeping your abdominals challenged like they're parallel.

Breathe in and breathe out. One more breath in and out. Let's rotate the legs from the top of the hips, engag, inner thighs and glutes, and you pump breathing into three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale and exhale, two, three, four, five 32 three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five. Boardy, two, four, five and axiom. So the arms are Staccato, but keep the breath steady and inhale, two, three, four, five. On the exhale, draw your abs in deep. Inhale to four, five and exhale, dry your abs and deep.

If you can challenge yourself by lowering the legs just a little bit more. Otherwise lift them higher, otherwise keep them the same. And last breath into three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four. Hold out all the air. Bend the knees. Exhale, stretch, little frog or plea a and lengthen. Inhale.

Exhale, lengthen. Inhale. Exhale. Draw the absent and lengthen. Bor 32 keep your leg straight. Turned out. Inhale, lift. Exhale, lower lift, eyes on the belly. Use Excellent. Pull your abs in deeper. Stretch energy out through your fingertips.

Stretch energy out through your toenails. And let's reach for four and three and if your neck is tired, the head can go down, but we're almost done. Here we go. Last one with control. Bend your knees. Raise your arms and lower your heads. The feet go into the straps for short spine.

Lengthen your legs. Let's keep the feet parallel. Toes and heels together. Arms are down to your sides. Lengthen the front, the back, the sides of the neck. Inhale, lift your leg straight up in line with your hips. On your exhale, pull your stomach and rule your spine up and over. Carriage to the stoppers. Bend the knees. These are in line with your shoulders. Feet in line with your nose.

Roll down one vertebrae at a time. The heels go down towards your bottom. Stretch legs forward. Inhale, lift the legs up to the ceiling. Excellent. Gauge your abdominals to roll up and over. Ben The knees. Exhale, roll it down through the upper, back, the middle, back, the lower back. Then tailbone, heels down and forward. Raise your legs.

Exhale, rule up and over Ben the means and rule that down with control, with precision through your spine. Bend the knees and stretch your legs. We're going to take this chops off of the feed, so go ahead, take them off, place them over the pegs from here, stepped to the side of your reformer. We're going to lower the foot bar all the way down and you're going to remove one red spring or whatever you want to work for. Arm Strength. Let's get our long box, okay for me, I prefer over the shoulder rest, pulling it nice and tight. Lie on your stomach. You have your chest off of the box. You're going to take your hands.

I like to bring them through the loops and hold onto the ropes. Okay, let's create a nice long line of the body. So toes are reaching long lengthening through the crown of the head. The arms are straight. The carriage is that the stopper as your stomach is pulled them take a breath in. As you exhale, pull the arms down and back right next to your hips, keeping your spine neutral. Inhale, control forward.

Carriage goes to stop. Russ. Exhale, pull back. Inhale, control that forward and exhale, pull back and stay. This is what I call my three series. Next three. You Bend your elbows. Exhale, prs. Back. Bend the elbows. Exhale, press back. Bend. That is three. Hold there. Open your arms out to the tee position. Exhale, pull back and lengthen through the crown of the head. Open and pull back.

One more open and pull back. We repeat everything again. The arms reach forward. The carriage goes to the stoppers. Shoulders down to the pull back one. Arms forward. Kerrison stoppers. Exhale, back two arms forward. Pull back here. Three hold there. Bend your elbows and press back.

Checking your in a straight line from your shoulder to your elbow. The stomach stays tight to protect your back. That's the [inaudible]. Open the arms to the teeth. Pull them back one open as you pull back the length. Then two open. Pull back three everything. One more time.

Arms reach forward. Shoulders down to pull back. Arms reach or the spine stays neutral the entire time. Nice and long from the head to the toes. Stay there. Bend your elbows, prs back. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Stay there. Open your arms to your team. Pull them back next to your hips, to a t back next to your hips, one more, and with control, reach the arms all the way forward. Cares to stop burgers.

That was my three series. Let's take the straps over the pegs. Step off of your reformer. From here, you'll need your bar to take your bar. We're going to come to the front of the box, so have a seat transitioning down for a teasers without the straps just with the bar. So let's draw the abdominals and roll down. When you're back there, check where your shoulders are. You want them partly on, probably off of the back of the box. Your knees are in a tabletop position. The arms are reaching straight up to the cla.

You're already working in your abs. Keep that abdominal connection and start to arc back over the box. Breathe in. Start to lift your head, neck, shoulders. Extend your legs to roll up to a teaser. Holding your belly and pulled to the spine is lengthened.

You can choose to bend your knees if you need more spinal articulation or keep your leg straight is up to you. Spinal articulations, but I want arch back. Lift the arms. Exhale, roll the spine up. Inhale, lengthen. Draw the belly and deep. Exhale. Rule the spine down and arch back. Start to lift the chest. Ribs. Pull down to your hipbones. Naval pulls into your spine.

Lengthen and we roll it down with control. You have two more were add on on a little bit. Exhale, roll up any. He'll raise the bar up to your ears. Exhale, rural down right there. Again. Arms left, head lifts, breathing out to roll up. Arms lift up to the ears and we rolled it all the way down. That was the last one. So control that the legs go down, the arms go back. You are. And from here come on up. Any graceful way, you can carefully place your bar backwards.

And from there we're going to actually take these pads that will give your inner thighs a little bit of cushion. Bring them to the sides of your box. Hold onto your straps. Okay, we're going to straddle the box for the horseback. So you want to sit on the center of your box. The legs are nice and straight. Right here. We're still on one red spring.

Palms are forward. Look straight ahead. Now hollow through that valley. Really [inaudible] and use your inner thigh connection to lift your hips up off of the box. Reaching forward through your hands. Scoop the ABS in deep. Carefully low your bottom down. Arms go back. Exhale. Draw the abdominals in deep scoop, scoop, scoop, user energize to lift your hips and lower dam. And again, abs. Pull in deeply. Reach forward. Lift your hips. Use Your adductors and lower down. Two more.

Here we go. Exhale, left scoop and lower down. Last one. Breathing out. Lift, lift. Let's hold the here arms. Go back and forward. Two more back. Draw the ABS in. One more with control. Lower the hips, dad. Step to the side. Place your straps back onto the pegs. We need ones to keep pad, so we're going to place it to the front edge of your box.

We're going to go to two red springs. Okay, so standing by the foot bar end. Let's climb up here. So your feet are on to the foot bar, the foot bars. All the way down and now you're going to just slide this carriage out a little bit. Place your hipbones and your pubic bone on the edge of the pad. Now the heels are together. Tones are pot. You bend the knees, so it's more like a frog position rather than a swan. But the exercises and swamp palms are Dan.

We'll start with just nice and neutral, nice and flat. You stretch your legs and your arms all the way out. Stay there. Fear that like pushing down through your heels and connect to the back of the thighs. Bend your knees, arms go down. Twice more. X, leverage everything out. Stretch and lengthen. Inhale, band. One more. Stretch everything out. Reach and lengthen. The heels are pressing back and bend. Next three, press everything. I'll fingers to heels. Press your heels back.

Keep your legs straight, lift your shots. Just lower the chest would like and bend. Two more. Press everything out to lengthen heels. Press back. Thighs are tight, left length into lower, and you bet. Exhale. Inhale, left length to lower and bend. Oh, okay. Next three, stretch everything out. The knees will soften.

You will bend, you will left, extend, extend, and then stretch it out nice and lone. And then two more. Reaching out and heel. Bend the knees, lift up. Arking back stretch and lengthen and lower. Very last one. Everything is straight. Heels are together. Knees soften. Lift the chest arc and stretch in length them and all the way.

Okay, stepping off of the box. Remove your pad. Okay, from here we're going to go to all springs. Actually I want you to use your pad. Get your pat, bring it back where it was and where you're going to do the grasshopper. So come onto your stomach coming forward. So the hip bones again there to the edge of the box.

Bring your hands nice and wide onto the bar. The legs are hip distance apart. Now lift your chest slightly, so draw your belly into. Keep the length of the lower back and the protection of the lower back. From here, the back of the thighs raises you. Bend your elbow societies to left your legs up.

We're going to bend the knees, Click your heels. One, two, three. You're going to stretch your legs all the way out. Lift them up and press up into your extension again. You're going to rock forward raising your legs. Bend your knees and click the heels. One, two, three.

Stretch in the length then and lift all the way up. Hold my three. Let's do one more. Here we go. His stomach is tight and lift the legs. Bend the knees. Click the heels. One, two, three. Stretch on the length. If you look back on those sides really long and strong, and lift the chest. Kay, slide your body back. Okay, we don't need the pad, but just keep it there. We don't need to move it yet.

You're going to bend your knees, holding onto the outside of your feet. Now from here, press your feet into your hands. Press your hands into your feet and left your chest from here. Lower back down. Heels to your glutes. Again. Press your feet into your hands. Press your hands. Interview left. Five out.

Nice extension of your spine and lower. One more. Here we go. Press the feet into the hands. Hands into the, you are lifted. Now let's rock. Lift the legs with the chest. No head bopping, nice and controlled. Four, three, two, one. Finish with a lift and lower all the way down. Okay, step off of there. Now we can remove our pad.

Going to short box. Turn the box again. I prefer a behind the shoulder rest, so just pull it tight and we're going to use the bar. Hold on to your bar. Sitting on your box. Your feet go underneath the safety strap. Okay. The legs are going to be together and your toes are going to be actually pointed down. This safety strap will hold you so legs long, arms straight up to the ceiling. Stay here.

Engage your glutes and see how tall you can lift up out of your sit bones. Draw your belly in deep. Nice connection. From here, you're going to rotate your pelvis under you. You're gonna start to roll down. As you roll down the arms naturally, naturally reach forward. Try to roll through the lower back. As you go back. Extend. Bring the bar behind you. I may touch the frame of the reformer. Lift your head, bring the bar to your thighs, exhale rural through your spine.

Reach Subar and stretch past your toes. Rule on nice and flew through this fine length in the arm, Cecilia engaged. Like let's go lift tall arms reach forward. Pelvis rotates under rural your spine, down, down with control. If it's available to you, you arcs back. Lift your Chin Bar to your thighs. Exhale, scoop your belly in.

N. N. N. N. N. Stretch forward and roll the spine up. Lift nice and tall. One more. Breathe out. Inhale, extend back. Lift the bar. Exhale round. Forward, forward, forward. Reach past the toes and rule all the way that bar is going to go in front of the box. Just to get out of the way, we're going to keep our left foot under the strap.

We're going to hug under the right. Let's flex the left foot so we really have that safety strap locked him. So holding under the right fi lengthen up tall through your spine. Again, take a breath into prepare as you exhale, stretch your right leg up and then two more stretched up. And then last one, stretch. Like app. Left-Hand walks up the leg, left hand, right hand, left hand. Bring your right sip on. Forward so it's towards your left foot.

Now start to roll your spine back. That leg goes up towards 90 degrees. You walk down, left hand, right hand, left hand arching back. If it's available, tuck the chin to the chest. Walk Up, left hand, right hand, left hand. Link them. Draw your abs and rolling back. Leg up towards 90 walked down and arch back.

Tuck the chin to your chest. Exhale, walk up. Walk up and link them. One more draw to abs in. Roll back. Roll back and arch. Tuck your chin. Exhale, walk up, walk up, walk up, hold your foot, your ankle, wherever you can. With your left hand to the outside edge.

Open the right arms to go into a nice twist. Come back to the center hole. Robert's available to you with your right hand. Open the left arm to the side. Draw your abdominals in. Roll back, arching back into the well. Tuck your chin to your chest. Exhale, walk up, roll all the way up and that side is done. Bring your right leg through and hug underneath the left thigh. So right foot is flack. Stomach is tight. We stretched the leg one.

Stretch the leg to stretch the leg. Three, use your inside hand, right hand to walk up right, left right square it off. Left hip comes forward towards your right ankle. Pull the ABS in. Rolled down. Walk down right hand first. Right hand, left him right hand arch back tuned to the chest. Exhale, right hand, left hand. Right hand. Lengthen up. Tuck the chin. Draw the belly in to walk down to three arch back. Turn to the chef's. Walk up to three in Linkedin. Walk down.

One, two, three arch back, Tuck, bitch, and walk up to three. And now take your right hand to the outside of the foot, the ankle, the calf. Stretch the arm to the side to link them. Come back to center. Hold where you can with your left hand. Open the right arm to the side and start to roll down.

Stretching the left leg arch back. Tune to the chest. Exhale. We'll come all the way up and bend that knee lying on your side. I should have room on my thing. Your um, right leg is straight. Your left hand goes to the headrest. So just focusing on your form, press down through your right heel and lengthen up in the crowded they had.

You're in two directions from your center. Take the right hand to the head, followed by the left hand. Inhale side bend over. Exhale left. Stay there in, he'll rotate and center. Inhale. Exhale, rotate and center. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, left. Rotate Center for more and down. Exhale, lift, rotate, center. Three more. Inhale, exhale, twist. Center last to keep pressing through the right heel.

Keep that length cabling out through the criminal of the head. This last one center, take your hand all the way to the floor if you can, or the headdress and give yourself a nice side stretch. Take your right hand to the frame of the reformer, left into the outside frame and give yourself a nice spine twist and then come all the way up to do the other side. Left foot goes under the safety strap. Right knee to the front edge of the box. Shin is in line with the edge of the box, right hand to the head.

Rats left arm down to the side just to visualize and create. Link from your heel out through the crown of the head. Left hand to the head, pointing to the ceiling, right elbow pointing to the floor. Lower exhale, lift, rotate, center. Lower. Exhale, left rotate center 30 exhale, left. Rotate Center four and left twist center form or breathe out. Pull the ABS in. Twist Center. Three more. Exhale, lift, twist center that last to lengthen. Twist Center. Last one, twist center. That right hand goes to floor or the headrest.

To give yourself a nice side stretch and take your left hand to the frame, right hand to the frame and that is pull the right road back to twist and then we'll come off of there. Okay, stepping off of your box, the bar is going to go away, so just place it down. The box goes away. We are done with that. Okay, we're going to go into back rowing, so I'm going to go to one red spring. Only going to have a seat. Hands distance from the back edge, so just check that you're there. Okay. Depending on your reform where you may need to bring one leg in front or they can be together, whatever is more comfortable to cold the your straps. Make fists with your hands and bend your elbows. So inhale, sit up nice and straight and tall. Here on your exhale, dry your abs into round your spine back. Press your arms out to the sides, palms are back.

You're going to press those arms back as you round forward, reaching the fingers to the foot bar. Lift the arms up and circle them around. Shoulders down. Reach to your toes and roll up one vertebrae at a time. Exhale, roll back. Inhale the arms. Reach up to the sides. The palms press back as you draw your belly in and round forward, the arms left. They circle. As you circle, focus on what your soldiers are doing. They're sitting down, you roll up one more round, back x, he'll robe and he'll open. Press the palms back. Draw your belly in to round forward. Arms left.

They circle around to the sides. They reach to the feet. Roll up one vertebrae at a time. Flat back rowing length in your fingers. Elbows lends your shoulders. Take a breath in. Exhale, hinge back here in one long line. Starts to reach the arms up. Pass to this diagonal line. Drop your head to your knees. Pull the arms back to the foot bar up to the ceiling.

Big Circle around and rule it up. Bend the elbows to 90. Hinge back. Lift up in length into the diagonal. Drop your head to your knees. Pull the arms back, lift them up, circle them around. Your shoulders are down and roll up. Last one. Hinting back, left and lengthen. Pass through the Dag. Dagnall drop your head and stretch. Scoop your belly in.

Lift the arms up, circle around and roll God. From here, just reach around and add a red spring. So we have a total of two reds. You gonna bring your bottom all the way close to the shoulder. Rest you're gonna take the loops above your knees, onto your thighs to come down. Hold onto the shoulder rest, scoot yourself real close, and then take your knees to a tabletop.

Just make sure that the straps are in line with each other. Your hands. We have one hand behind your head, the other hand on top, elbows in the peripheral vision. Eyes on your belly. Take a breath in ACH. Feel dry, your stomach in to bring the knees in with control and they go out. We do 10 here we go. Exhale to abscopal and third initiate.

Wave your core four and exhale. See that belly pull in five. Draw the ABS in first to take the knees in six and exhale seven and exhale abs. Pull in eight and two more. And number 10 take him about halfway out.

You're going to lift your right shoulder in the direction of your left hip bone. Rotating that rib around to the left rib. Lower other side. Exhale, small rotation. Left shoulder to right hip, bone down. And let's do eight more. Here we go. One and read out two nice and control. Notice what your neck is doing. It should be naturally aligned with your spine.

Take your focus so you're just looking to the outside of the side. Doesn't have to be a big range of motion and you feel it. One more in both sides. Come to the center, not done yet. Curl the chest up. Will one, curl the chest up to ribs. Pull down to your hips.

Three pubic bone and a slightly tucked under four and five and six. If you feel it in your back at all, pull the knees closer to your chest. Two more and 10 elbows go down. I am breaking a sweat. Come all the way up with control. I'm going to take these straps off of the feet. Okay. Easiest transition for me.

Just play some over the pegs and then turn around so you're on your back. We're still on our two runs. Lie All the way down. Take your straps and let's place them onto the arches of your feet. Okay. Legs to 45 degrees, arms or down long spine. Raise your legs up in line with your hips. Really engage those leg muscles, inner thighs back of that size. The stomach is pulled in.

You roll up without moving the carriage. Separate the legs, hip distance apart. Reach the legs out long to a plank and then from there rural let down with control cube reaching through the toes. Legs come together, legs left to the ceiling. Exhale, roll up and he'll open the legs. Plank and out. Reach them forward. ABS are engaged. Roll the spine down with control legs together. Lift about axial. Roll Up. Open the legs.

Reach him away from the center and roll down. Let's keep the legs hip distance apart. Raised up to 90 exhale, roll up legs together nice and tight. Reach him away from the center and roll down with control. Open the legs. Lift him up in line with your hips. Exhale, close the legs. Reach him away from the center and roll down. ABS are working, legs are working. Control it together.

Reach away and slowly roll down. Roll down, roll down. Once are there, bend your knees at the same time. Take your hands through the straps, arms and legs up to 90 here we go. Into the Jackknife. The arms go down as your legs go overhead all the way back the legs raise straight up to the ceiling. Keep those leg muscles nice and tight and controlled. Roll down.

ABS are engaged. As soon as you can reach your fingers long away from you to lift them up. Legs are down. Axial arms go down. Legs go overheads in Henry's legs up Jack. Knife them tight and the leg muscles tighten. The abdominal muscles roll down.

And as soon as you can reach the arms forward at up. Last one. Exhale, go over. Inhale, Jackknife. Exhale. Construal let down. Reach the arms forward. Legs down. [inaudible] okay, take the straps over the pegs coming up from there. Let's go down to one spring only. And while we're here, let's actually adjust the foot bar. We're not going to need it quite yet, but the next one it's going to go pretty low. So all the way to the bottom, come around. So you're kneeling, so you have your knees right up against the shoulder rest. Okay, we're going to hold on to the ropes and let's actually have a seat right here.

So your knees are in line with the shoulder ass. The arms are forward. Pause here. Just create your form, your chest as open your belly as pulled and you're going to start to pull the straps down towards your hips. As you left that, hold it here for a moment. Feel that inner, that connection. Feel the low glutes. Engage low abs engaged. Hinge back in one straight line from the knees to the hips, the shoulders to the crown of the head. Lift the body up with control and sit down reaching the arms forward again.

The arms pull down to the sides. You lift your hips, feel that adds actor connection. Glue, connection, app, connection, link, Fan. No arching in the back. Lift the body up and have a seat with control. Exhale left in him length and in hinge at sales center and he'll have a seat. We have two more and left length than in hinge.

If you can, you lift your chest, you arched back into thoracic extension, come back to neutral. Left and my thighs are burning me now and here we go. Left. Lengthen and hinge. Keep everything tight and firm and you are, come to the center, lift and gracefully have a seat. Okay, the straps go over the pegs. Run One red spring way I prefer to do this is a little different than traditional, but you're gonna take your hands like an l shapes.

They're going to go over 'em or next to the shoulder rats. You're going to take your right foot, your left, whichever it's up to you, press it back. So let's create that nice strength on the right side. Your stomach is en. You take your other leg back, you are in a plank position. Legs are together. The carriage press is out. And two and five times three and four and five hands onto your shoulders. Five pushups down and one down and two down.

Head three lift from your core is mindful than I hope so. And five stay there, right leg up out in five, four, three, two and one. Five pushups and one and two and three, four, five. That leg goes down, other leg lifts out and I don't, one and two exhale. Three four, five, almost on five with chubs on two, three, four, five. Bring that knee down. Carefully close the carriage. That was fun, right? Okay. Stepping back, almost done. Your right hand goes to the center of the foot bar.

Left foot. Yes. If you're on the same side of me, so your outside leg goes to the front shoulder rest, the other leg goes to the inside of the shoulder. Rest. Raise the arm up. You're in a straight line from finger to shoulder out and only five. Breathe out 30 and in using those muscles under the right side, we do a plank transition. Take your left hand down the feet, just kind of swivel around left-hand to the center of the foot bar. Turn around. I have a beautiful view of the ocean. I love it. And Inhale, exhale, center to exhale it.

Keeping the left shoulder pulling down. We have two more out and in plank transition. That hand goes down and then bend your knee is okay. Last exercise, you're going to bring the foot bar all the way up to the top. Actually, let's not. Let's bring it to the middle. At a red spring. Standing up, feet close to the front edge, left heel up against the shoulder.

Rest right ball of the foot onto the foot bar. Hands hold onto the far bar. Bend your right knee a lot. Just stretch you out. Keeping your left hip forward, right hip back. Stretch one and stretch two and stretch 30 bring it and let's get our balance here. Okay, lifting up. Find something to focus on. Arms out to the sides.

Press out one and breathe out two and press out 30 next variation. Press all the way out to straight. Come in with straight legs. Press out with straight legs. Bend your knee, press out to straight. Lift with straight legs. Press out with straight legs. Bend to return. Press out left with straight.

Lower with straight Ben, that was three hands. Go the foot bar last stretch straight in both of your legs and press out one. Bring it in, pressing your heel down. Drop your forehead to your knee for us out and stretch to bring it in. Heel down.

Forehead towards the nanny way and last one 30 and and close a carriage. Take your right foot all the way to the back. Shoulder. Rats left foot steps up for us. It outstretching one and exhale to right hip is for left hip his back. Try to square them off the best you can and let's get our balance.

Close the carriage. Lift up. Find a focal point. Shoulders over your hips, stomach tight. Press out one and worry about two and three. Next variation. Press out. Lift with straight legs. Lower with straight legs. Ben, to return out, lift with straight legs. Lower with straight legs. Ben, to return one more like this.

Lift with straight legs lower with straight legs. Bend to return. Hands go down to the football. Stray in your legs. [inaudible] return the carers your hips. Lift your head drops. Your heel presses Dachau for us out and stretch. Heel down for head to the knee. Hip Square if you can feel it.

Hopefully mine are. And last one, three, come all the way home. Take your left leg down. No, if your beds, cause hopefully you sweat it a lot.


WOW! So powerful! Loved the push-ups.
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Powerful class. Tons of abs. I don't think I would say this is a level 2 class though.
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Wow, this worked me over! Loved the swan, arms, legs...well everything really.
What would you say it is Lynn? I think I meant to make it 2/3 or 3 but can't remember in this moment.
Sharon O
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Thank you for a very strong focused class! I don't think I would teach this as Level 2? Level 2/3 at minimum.
I did feel powerful while filming the class. It was so inspirational to be back in California!
When I was designing the class I did chose exercises from level three of the Balanced Body manuals.
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Definitely not a level 2, I would say level 3. Maybe level 2/3
Sorry everyone, the level 2 description was my fault... I don't think its a level two either. I mistakenly defaulted to this when I was entering the class into our system. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I have changed it to a level 3! For those of you who were surprised by the intensity of this class, I do apologize... and Melissa, you are awesome! Thank you!
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Liked it. I liked the different variations to what I know for Classical. Nice variation on the push-ups, I think more doable for lots of people.
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Seemed like a cool contemporary/classical fusion type of class. Super fun!
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