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Detailed Mixed Equipment

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In this Mixed Equipment class, enjoy Monica's detailed cues that walk you through the intermediate Mat exercises right into some basic, but still challenging Tower work.
What You'll Need: Tower, Mat, Mixed Equipment

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Feb 12, 2013
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Very nice. Let's go ahead and stand in a polite, nice hands. Yeah, that'd be great. And we're going to put one arm over the other and have your weight slightly more forward on the ball of your foot. Great. Wonderful. Try to really feel your navel pull in and up, relaxing your shoulder blades, pull your ribs in a little more and bring your shoulders a tiny bit more forward so that your way is that much more forward. Perfect. Same here. We're going to pull in and try to lean just a teeny bit more forward with your shoulders. One foot in front of the other and keep your in and up feeling as you lower yourself down to the mat, pulling in.

Wonderful. Lift your bottom back with your hands so you're taking the length of machine and laid down the length of the mat. Nice job. Good. And now go ahead and reach your arms up and just reach through your fingertips back toward Aha and just stretch out from your body. The one time I'm going to allow you to just kind of be out of joint and out of your powerhouse. And just really enjoying the nice stretch out of your back, Linkdin and your legs. Like there's a horse on each leg, pulling your limbs and your arms, and then try to think of your center now and we're gonna reach your arms up as you take a big breath and exhale, leaving your head down.

You're going to just lengthen your arms by your side, but deepen the connection of your rib, bottom of your, um, shoulder blades or your bra strap. Getting those ribs to anchor in. Good. Nice. Think of your navel in and as we draw it up, I want you to slide your feet towards you. Bending the knees up towards the ceiling. The feet are going beyond the mat. You're going to scoop in. Just slide them towards you.

Continue that feeling and draw them into your chest with your belly. Nice. Take a big breath. Exhale, lift your head up, pressing your ribs down. Nice big inhale here and XL. Stretch your legs out, wrapping in, squeezing, and let's pump. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Good. Really imagining those today. I want those hip flexors to really stretch your thigh bones way out of your sockets. You don't want them digging in. Really Nice extension.

And I want you to feel that stomach scoop in and up in opposition. Liberals lift. That's it. I want you to really massage that lower back to the mat. So one warmup exercise. So I want you to really feel like your powerhouse is able to warm up if it's not, bring your legs up a little higher and just really get that feeling of your scoop. Yeah, cause it's, you're at one time.

It's about 90 here. So we're going to do one last one so you can get those inner thighs in the back of the inner thighs, the warm up and lower the legs down as you reach your arms back. Good. And I'm gonna let you use this nice strap that they have on the mat. So slide Shimmy a little bit down. And I'm going to slip your ankles under here in a Pilati stance. Nice. Good.

Oops, sorry. Let me just take off one of your toes. Awesome. All right. And we're gonna reach your arms up and back. Great. So today I'm going to really focus on not gripping in the hip flexors, reaching those thighs long and out of the hips. And that's going to take a lot of squeezing of the back of the inner thighs and so that your stomach can scoop in and up in the opposite.

So I want your arms to lift up as you inhale and continue the inhale with your head. And now look at your pelvis. Don't tilt it and exhales. You roll up. Try to real great. And that's why we're using this strap today and reach and then roll back, reaching your legs away, scooping in, reaching, reaching, reaching. Good job and stretch back and arms come up. Head looking at your pelvis, no tilting, stretch it away.

Good job and reach and rolling down. I'm going to have that go more on your ankles, good and lengthening back. Try to keep any light away. Don't let any vertebra come up good. And looking and pulling in and up, reaching away from those hip flexors and stretch and rolling back. Lengthening those legs away. That's it.

And stretch up in back and w two more in with the air up we go scooping and stretch and rolling down. Keep those vertebra anchored as you reach back and last time in with the air head. Good. Keep reaching those thighs and rolling down. Really wrapping those sides, squeezing the back of your inner thighs and exhale. Wonderful. Hug the right knee into your chest. Good and straighten the leg up to the ceiling.

But the hands behind your thigh for a nice stretch with the legs slightly turned out. Come up a little higher. There you go. Good. Since you can just avoid the knee, so you want to, and I'm going to have you go down just a little bit lower so that I can pull it just a bit. Those hips are a little, uh, this one's lifting just a bit. There we go. That's much better. Can you feel that difference? All right, arms by your side and I want you to come up as high to your nose as you can. Cross the body, reach all the way down with your lower back down and a good cross around and up. Good. Again, we're not clinching in that hip flexor.

We're pulling up with the back of our leg and to using that powerhouse. One more crust around hold as we reverse, really reached that thigh out of the hip socket. Reach it, not God. Reach it all the way down and crossing up and lower bellies in and up a little bit more and to don't forget to get up to that shoulder. Last one all round and good hug in that neat, nice job. Slip that leg underneath, hugging the right knee, left knee, and extend that leg up.

Try to drop your ribs down as you stretch. Try to really have every bone, every vertebra on that mat. Arms down by your side. The bottom leg is reworking even more. Maria ruling. Lengthen. Yeah, and we're going to cross the body down around us. Reach that fight out around, up. Great. Down around, up and cross around up.

Give me one more cross around and Holt rivers and down around lift. Good. Crossing all the way to me over here and cross that leg as you [inaudible]. Two more Dan. Cross around up. Make sure the circle and not a d one more I think down around it.

That's it. Hug that knee into your chest, but both be under that Knight Strap and draw your head up to your chest. Again, looking at your pelvis, make sure you're not going to over clench as you roll up using your powerhouse. Good. Now lift your bottom forward to your heels, lifted off the mat and let go of that strap. There Ya go. Place your hands on your ankles. God. Nice c curve, trying your hardest always first is to scoop away from those thighs, but then challenge yourself in your upper stomach. If you can get your shoulders all the way over your, I know over your hips and think lower back as you go down.

You're going to get your waistband roll back waistband and get your bra strap into the mat and in with the an exhale bra strap. Inhale, roll back. Xcel. Let's hold it here. Keep pulling back in your lower belly and try to keep curving forward their ears all the way between your knees. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, scoop it in and keep scooping and scooping, bringing your upper body forward. And two more. Inhale back and exhale, rounding through. Make sure you're not supporting with that lower back.

I want more space between your thighs and your knee and your belly. And one more. And exhale. That's what I want to see. Nice. Rest your feet down. Lift your bottom off the mat as you go back. Good. All right, nice straight legs. So we're going to draw the right knee into your chest, putting your right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. Good. And I want you to lift the left leg just a little bit off the mat and always reaching that thigh away. Good.

And now I want you to keep your knee on your chest and roll down your lower back, your middle back. And I don't want to throw you off center and stop once you hit your bra strap. Good. Keep reaching this leg out. Fantastic. And we're going to switch left and right. Good. So really focus on reaching that thigh out, squeezing your seat, work in the back of your inner thighs. And that navels point in and up.

In and out. Good. Right and left. One more set right and left. Grab both ankles. Good and knees are almost into your ears. There Ya go. And inhale, reach, reach, reach, reach, and exhale. Watch those hands. We're going to, sorry. And in how? Reach. There you go and exhale. Perfect. And if you keep them by your ears, you will be fine. Exhale. Inhale, squeezing the bag of those inner thighs.

Yes, and exhale, really using that opposition to draw that belly in and up. This is the epitome of, you want to feel that in and up. Stretch. And we're going to do one more and inhale. That's what I want to see. An exhale, right leg up, left leg forward and switch. Switch. Good. Really reaching that thigh out. Even as you come up, you want to scrape the ceiling as you pull up that leg instead of it digging into your hip socket, they're both reaching good. Sliding those shoulder blades away from yours. Beautiful.

Reaching a lot of bottom work. One more set. It's a right and a left and then both legs up. Good. Press your head into your hands with the bra strap down and squeeze those legs as they go down and they go up. Good and scooping and up. Fabulous. And down to three and up and squeeze the back of those inner thighs.

And two more. I'm center. There you go. Watch those legs as they drop last one. And now pull in that right knee and twist to it. Coming up to three and twisting high again, wrapping and squeezing. Watch the knee. Make the bottom work and switch. One more time. Watch this knee.

You got a turn and last one. Wrapping and squeezing that leg away and hugging both knees. Woo. Good job guys. Sit Up and you want a heel right in the middle of each block. Good. Stack your spine, one on top of the other and lift your arms up at shoulder height. Good forward. Straight ahead. Nice. Alright. Both of you want to pull into your lower backs.

There you go. And into your, um, right into your bra strap stack in that spine and pulling into that lower back x, get space between each bone and exhale, bringing your head next bone. Next one. Good. Keep stretching that lower back cause he tried to touch the crown of your head down to the mat and then roll right on up. Take time through the upper spine. Good scoop in lifting through each bone. Nice.

Good reach and keep a lot of space right between your stomach and those thighs and rolling up and in with the air. And exhale, pulling in those ribs, pulling in the navel and go down, down, down. Great and rolling up. And we'll do one more squeezing up, even off the bottom, navel in and out. Really feeling that lift in the belly and energy out your fingertips. Like someone's pulling full, nice flex and roll on up and relax. God, I'm a little worried that your feet are going to hit the bars. Slide your bottoms forward a little bit and prepare for open leg rocker.

So we're going to balance with our extending. Good. That's it. Nice straight arms. So Yep, you can have your legs a little further away from you. That's it. Sliding those shoulder blades down. Same thing. The bellies point in an up and you're reaching those sides almost pushing into your ankles and your hands. Ankles into your hands and look down at your belly and we're going to roll back your waistband and Xcel right on up. Press that Bra. Strap down.

Good lift, lift, lift, and now in with the air roll back. Exhale, roll up and keep lifting. Lifting. We're going to lift more. There we go. Hand in with the air roll back waistband. Exhale to come up. Lift all the way up through that upper back. That's it. Two more in here, right back to me, and then lift. Yes. One more.

Make sure you're focusing on something that you're coming right back up to. That is the way. Pull the ribs in a little bit more length and up a little more. Come up onto your tailbone a little more. Squeeze your legs together. Good. Leave the legs there and roll down away from them. The legs are going to go to just up to the ceiling. To a 90 degree angle.

Great. And we're going to lengthen the back of your neck. Really trying to press a triceps down to the mat, scooping in. All right. Squeeze your legs as they go, right. Reach those sides away from your tight belly and pull them center and reverse to the left around and scoop them in enabling. Say's scooped into the mat. Very nice.

Make sure you're wrapping and squeezing with the legs, your naval seeds, scoop, scoop, scoop. And one more set to the right and reaching. That's a nice tight belly on one more time. Reaching around and scoop and centered. Good. You're gonna bring your legs down as you sit up and slide back a little bit so your Akil can go right in the middle of each block again. Good. Very nice. And if you are on a regular mat, you'd want to be just about like three inches wider than your shoulders.

But it's nice to have these blocks. So now we're going to have your arms straight out to the side. You guys hit each other if you do that. Ooh, look at that just right. So we're gonna weeble wobble and feel that both cheeks are there and your heels are right in those box. Don't let either of them slide. You're gonna Twist Hall to your right and Exhale, reach your Pinky to your baby toe, dropping your head to kiss your knee.

That's it in how? Roll up through the spine. Twist to your left. Exhale, curl into yourself. Lifting your belly away from that thigh as you stretch and inhaling up and twist. Sorry, and exhale, really pooling into your back. Have a little more weight on your tailbone. That's it. And now we're rolling up and twist and exhale.

Gorgeous on the way down on the way up. Keep this all down and start more from here. That's it. More. That's it. That's better alignment for your back. One more set, scoop and ribs squeezy air out of your lungs while you reach past your being toe baby Jo, and inhaling up and twisting last time. Exhale, reaching past nice flat hand like that. Good. And inhaling up and relax your arms.

Squeeze your legs together and flip over onto your belly through your heads are that way. Great. We're going to do a little neck roll. Very nice and centered on the mats. So if your back is feeling stiff right now, you can bring your hands about three inches forward and out to the side. Otherwise you can have them right here, right under your shoulder blades, shoulders, and we're going to school. He like a mermaid tail length and away from your lower back and start coming up, pulling up one bone at a time. Great.

I love how your shoulders are not up by your ears. Keep them there. Look over your right shoulder. Circle the head down to the chest, to the left and around and center. Reverse left. Scrape your chin on your chest, lengthening that neck over your right shoulder and forward. Make sure your stomach supporting you as you come down. Lengthen your spine out the crown of your head. Yes.

One more. Very nice scooping in and the belly is pulling in and up. You almost feel like you're pulling the map behind you with your hands being like suction cups. And now look left first. Circle the head down around over your right shoulder and forward. Look over your right shoulder, circle the head down, round over your left and look forward. And now come down laying thinning your spine really scooping in and up. Pooling, reaching out the crown of your head. Good.

Lift up onto your elbows for single leg kick, pushing your knuckles together, pushing your forms into the mat. Good. Slide those shoulder blades. Open the collarbones a little more and use your belly to lift your sternum. That much one. Squeeze both legs up off the mat a little bit, not taken in the lower. And we're going to use those hamstrings to kick right to left to right, to left to always reaching out of that hip socket. So even now have a lot of space between your belly and that fi really reached that leg long as you lift it. One more set, right?

Two and left two, sorry. And we're going to put your right facial cheek on the mat. Hands behind your back. Good. Now bring your hands up higher between your shoulder blades. There you go. And now we're going to press your legs together and lift them up nice and long.

Let's try that again down. I want him to want to feel a little more nice on you. So scooping, I mean it's always harder, right? But, but it shouldn't feel like it's doing damage to your body, but good, hard. So we're going to keep your belly in and I love how you keep your pelvis secure and you don't take it in your lower back. So we're going to keep that and instead length in through here as you lift. Fabulous. And now three kicks to your bottom. Kicking. One, two, three.

And now reach up, up, up, up. Great. And switching cheeks and lengthening through year two, three and stretch it up. Uh Huh. Great. And again, kicking one, two, three and reach, reach, reach. And last, one more length through here as you lift and kick two, three. Excellent. Rage, reach, reach. Great.

Round your back and sit on your heels. Great. Nice stretch here. Kay. Flip on over. We're going to slip your feet under this nice trafficking. So we're gonna have your ankles over it, but hip with apart and flexed. Good. We centered our bottoms on the mat. Is that tad over. There we go.

And now you're gonna put your hands one over the other, and now you're going to bring your head down and roll down one bone at a time. Roll all the way to lying down. [inaudible] Nice. Push your heels away. Good. And let's begin. Inhale, head up. Exhale, scoop in. Nice. Kiss your knees, look at your belly and roll up with your waistband. That's it. Keep your ribs in and push into your, stay tall for a moment there, Maria.

And push into your hands with your head back and then melt the rest down. Good. So I'll go through that again. So we're gonna curl up. Inhale head looks at your belly. Try not to tilt. Yes, excellent Xcel all the way. Roll up through your spine and we're going to stay tall for a few counts as you go back. So keep pulling your ribs into your hands and say tall as you go back. That's it. Pulling in, pulling it back back, back, and now curl down.

Excellent and right on up and exhaling and roll up through your spine and squeezing up off your seat to push your heels away, pushing gas and curl the rest down and curling up. And let's roll up together and let's go back together. Pulling in and ribs and there and rolling in two and rolling up. Let's get our bottom work and scoop it in. There we go. Push those eels away and curl the rest down. And one more time in with the air. Exhale. Good.

Inhaling up and really pull in the lower belly. Pull in those ribs little more and now curl the rest down. Fantastic. Good. All right, we're going to lie on our right side for sidekicks. So we're going to get rid of this strap. Good. And we're not going to use the boxes here cause you guys are pretty intermediate. So if we were beginner we'd use the box, but you guys are solid.

Good on maybe one is h one inch back more with your tailbone actually. [inaudible] all right. You like the, you like the silent and yet I love this and I want this and I want you to open up your collar bones. So that's why you got to keep that right there. That's tough. That is good. Align. It's up. This one came a little bit forward. There we go. Does it feel awful? No, it feels great.

It's fabulous. It feels like it does. Okay. But um, all right. And how are we doing over here? Okay, so great alignment but I need a lot more scoop and ribs. Yes. So you want to keep the ribs in but open those collar bones like I just made Mindy do. All right, so hold that lower belly and tight. Lift your left leg just a couple inches. There you go.

And hold it there. I'm going to pull on your legs cause I want you to really feel the length. Okay? So hold it like that. Maria, when you're working, really work on pull back your top hip bone. Just a T. Aha. Really keep that alignment and length and we're going to sweep it forward for a little double pulse and back to and forward to and back to don't lift too high as you come forward. Yes. And you want to keep it at the same plane as your hipbone.

Nice and back to [inaudible] and stomach and really feel this stretch through here and forward. Every time you stretch, you have to use a lot more of this right and for and back. Reach through there and three and back and forward and back. One more time and forward and really reaching long yes and legs together. Good. And we're going to kick up to the ceiling and squeeze down. Now. Keep your hips more stacked. Yes. And lengthen.

Good and up. And really pull your belly in and lengthen your spine in the opposite direction and up and schoolies and too, and lengthen until your inner thighs come all the way together. One more. Up and pulling in and up and reaching. And now hold that right, that gorgeous posture that in and out. Lengthen your spine. And now you're going to circle it a little forward, a little behind. Three, four, five. Reverse it. One, two, three, four, five, and rest. Lie on your belly. Lifting your legs as you roll onto your belly.

Make a small pillow for your forehead. Good. And I'm going to help you feel a little bit straighter. That's it. Good. Same with you, Maria. Just a little cotton, the back. And I want you to think of that, those hip flexors again. So your stomach is going to pull in and out and you're gonna really reach long through your hip flexors as you lift those legs up. Good.

And now squeeze in the back of your inner thighs. 20 beats. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 more, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. And hold them up and roll to your other side. Great. Bringing the legs forward. What? Beauty and grace. I love it. We're going to bring the feet back a bit though. Yeah. So they're on the mat. Challenge you a little bit. Bringing your bottom and your shoulders forward a bit, Maria.

So they're on the mat too. They're a little hanging off the back edge. One more inch. Bottom to [inaudible]. There we go. Good, good. That's pretty good. All right, we're going to lengthen that leg for you again. So soften the knee and scoop in and work to lengthen. Top leg is always trying to be longer than your bottom one.

You can bring your feet forward, just a hair, but I love the alignment of your spine on this side. All right, so we're going to do a little double pulse forward one, two and now scoop in as you go back to and forward too and reach to and forward too and make sure this hip keeps trying to not fall back. It stays over the top one as you go back. But you do that with the seat. Go back with that leg. [inaudible] back, not with those ribs. There you go. And forward too and back too and forward too and back too and forward. And this is reaching out of that and forward to and reach it.

Yes, and one and back. Two legs together and reach it up to the ceiling and lanes. And as you go down, I'll try to keep those hips more stacked. Push up. But don't let this hip come up so high. It can, but at least initiate more from the correctly some. Then go with it. And then pulling in and up in that spine and two and reach and one more.

Good. And holding it nice and long and lean and five little circles. One, two. Don't forget to circle back Maria and reverse. One good. Two, three, four scoops and rest. Lie On your backs. Bend your knees into your chest and you get to shake out your legs. Like you're throwing a tantrum like my daughter did all weekend long, all weekend. Hey, it was fun.

I love it. Yes, it's been that long since PyLadies anytime. Cause she's now two and a half, almost three. So yay. All right, so we're going to teasers. So you're going to um, reach the legs up to the ceiling and the legs reach back, arms reach back and scoop that belly as you lengthen your legs down. You're trying to keep your belly in and up while your legs are out of 45 I'm going to leave him there for account. Here we go. And now you're going to bring your arms and head up and look at your belly and scoop it in as you come up. Good. Find what's the angle that's right for you and now roll away again. You're creating space between your stomach and those hip flexors.

You're reaching them and eyes on your pelvis. Don't grip in your hip flexors as you come up. Fantastic arms lift. If you can let increasing that space and roll away from those legs. One more time, scooping in and up. Come on up. Good. Hold it there. Relax your shoulders.

Feel the stomach more and lower the legs and inch and pull them back up lower two inches and pull up one more lower as lower as you can and up and now arms lift by your ears and lower everything reached the hip flexor. Stomach scoop, scoop, scoop. Everything's coming up. Pull it all up. Good and arms lift by your ears and reaching eyes on that. Reaching, reaching, reaching. That's it. One more time. Everything up and arms lift and scooping and reach. Use your belly to reach away. Excellent. That's it enough. Good.

Rolling on up. Lift your bottom forward to the front edge and you're going to a little too close. Sorry. First seal. There we go. Dropping your arms through and under your ankles. Good again or trying to get significant space between your navel and your thighs and the feet are just an inch off the floor. Inch, inch, lower, lower. There we go and we're going to clap. One, two, three and we're going to inhale.

Roll back to three and up to three. Scoop it in and roll back to three and up to three waistband rolls. You back. Really think bra strap here Murray on the way up. Yes. That was more solid and waistband and bra strap. Try to keep a little bit more of your Bra Strap on the mat when you roll back so you're not lifting too much on your neck. Yeah, that was better.

We're going to two more and then we're going to roll to our standing position. Finishing with grace and ease. Last one will back letting go cross your ankles and roll right on up. You had it on your own and we're going to turn around and we're going to do some arm work. So what I love that just flies did was I think everything's actually perfect.

You can just lie back down with your head here on your back. Yep. It was just fun to get you up and then to get you back down again. So I'd love it that he did a lot of stuff. I'm sorry that you could do at home so you didn't have to buy a whole machine to do it at home. So I want you to come out, you can find your yellow springs. I'm a little partial to groths as we all know.

So we don't have yellows springs for our arms springs, but slide away a little bit more. Knees Bent, feet flat. So if you were at home and you wanted to hook up these, um, eye hooks onto your doorway, it would be at 26 inches high from your floor and you just roll out a yoga mat. So what you want is to slide away from the [inaudible] where they connect to where there's tension. So see how there's tension right about here. So get your shoulders right under there.

So come all the way down until you're short. Yep, that's a good position. That might be a little, I don't want to kill you either. So cause obviously it'll get stronger that way. How's that feel right there? Is that the right, so squeeze the legs together and the feet together too. Good. So what I find interesting on arms springs, we're going to take your hips just to be teeny, teeny bit that way. Yeah.

Is it's just as much power from not clenching and doing a pelvic tilt, but literally the back of your inner thighs and squeezing there and then finding that stomach, pressing that into the mat to do your arms springs. So when you're needing to really do like open up a jar or do something that's really challenging, how much this can play all into to that and give you more power. So it's pulling in, making sure every vertebra is down. You're not going to pull with the hand. You're going to pull with those nice open shoulders.

So pull your shoulders long away from your ears. Feel the shoulder blades, hold it for a second, slide down towards your tailbone instead of up towards your ears and keep the tension on your springs as you come up. So the spring tension might not be too strong, but what you're trying to do is always extend and lengthen out, reaching all the way to your toes and keep lengthening your arms as you're coming up. Good. Press that Bra. Strap down more. Press it down. That's beautiful. And keep the length as you come up. Let's do three more. Pulling in and lengthening as you go down and controlling it up. I love the long line.

Two more that you guys are doing from through your shoulder, through your wrist, all the way through your fingertips. You're not gripping with the hands one more and you're not breaking at the wrist. Very hard to do. You're keeping all that power in there. So now that you've done about seven, we're going to bend the elbows and give you a little break. How is that level of tension? Is it too strong? You want to slide back a little bit as adjust, right? Yeah.

You're a little further out than her. I don't know it just a little. She tested out and worked her way back a little bit. You have to find what is right because it's not really, it's kind of, when we do arm weights, we'll do two pound weights because it's more about how you do it. Then the weight, so you want to make sure that you're really feeling all those intricate details inside your arms and not just the tension. Now we're going to do circles, so arms straight up to the ceiling. Again, pulling the shoulder blades down and the shoulders away from your ears and you're gonna pull straight down just like you did. Scoop it into the mat, more ribs into the mat. There we go. And keep lengthening those arms as you open to the side and don't lose tension as they circle up and back down.

Scoop and start coming up. That's right. And Open those collarbones that sit and coming up and press those ribs down more with those. Open the Arr. That's where we're working. And ribs and collarbones one more and scoop it in. Good. And you're going to go right into the reverse. So pull yourself through some water and then control.

It's like you're doing a whole stroke here. You're scooping in and really make those springs longer as they go down by your side. Give me two more and you get a little break. Pull those ribs in more, Maria, that's it. One more time. I love the neck. The last one. Opening those collarbones with it. And you get the bend the elbows and take a little break. Good job. Now here, many people, including myself, will take a little step back in tobacco if you want.

If those were feeling a little much or you can stay here for the tricep press. So either one. There you go. Good. So arms straight up. You're gonna start off the same way, but now we're going to change the muscle to really feel the tricep. So that's the back of your arm. You're going to pull the arms all the way down to the mat and stop with your hands down and really glue the back of your arm down. Pull the ribs in first, then open the collar runs.

Keep the tricep on the Mat and resist as you bend the elbow to a right angle hold and now press down using the tricep hold. Resist bending. Good. And press down. I love how your elbows are staying on the Mat and resist. Good. Watch the wrists. Press straight risks. Good and resist coming back up. And one more.

And your elbows stay by your side too. They didn't fall. Go outside like chicken wings. So I won more than finish my arm springs correctly. We're going to keep your arms straight and lengthen them as they come up. Thank you. And we're done with the arms springs. Oh Nice.

Shops slide back and you're going to grab on to the peripheral springs or our legs springs and these are about three inches higher at 29 inches because you're both strong and intermediate clients. I'm going to have you do straight arms, so that's right. Good. You're, you're really advanced clients. If you were intermediate you would be more of a bent elbow, but I want a mode bout a little higher off the mat there. Perfect right there and maybe pool. You're pulled back a tiny bit, Maria, so that your ribs are able, you're really able to off. That's beautiful to sink down.

So that's the whole point of these is you're pushing into the polls so you really feel that bra strap secure. And we're going to start off with leg circles. So you're going to go forward going down the middle and we're going to come up a little bit. Actually start up. Here we go and we're going to open and reach out to good and we're still working. Let's go the other way, Maria. So holding everyone together. Up Ship and we're going to open and circle down. That's it.

So we're reaching those sites out of those hips, right? We're really taking the thighbone out of your hip socket and your stomach is working really hard to pull in and up, ant to squeeze the back of your inner thighs all the way together before you put them up. One more. And now we're going to come up and reverse is our home and down. Open around up. Good. Same thing like the arms springs you want to keep as those springs. As long as you can get them without losing your lower back on the mat, you are working those rings, you're reaching them long and around, up and long around up. And one more.

Reach around, up. Good. And bend the knees and rest your arms cause they should have been working really hard so you to really anchor the rib cage down. All right, we're going to do walking arms back. Good. So feel that lovely scoop and now lengthen your legs just a teeny bit higher. That's it. And we're going to work really deep. Hamstring and glute as you walk. Eight counts down, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and down.

So I love how both of your pelvises are staying really nice and flat. And I love how you're counting to seven, eight and down. There's no tilting going on. You guys have great length. I know you're feeling it in the back of your thighs as well as your inner thighs. And one more. Damn. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and two three, four, five, six, seven. Draw the knees in. Rest your arms down by your side. Fantastic. Good. All right, we're new beats. So this is where the springs never lie.

So we're going to go length and just out to here. Good. Maybe one inch lower for me, Maria. That's it really against scooping, pressing those ribs and laying Dineen those springs. And we're going to do 10 beats here. One, two, three, four. Good. Six, seven, eight, nine. Hold. And we're gonna squeeze down one inch. Good. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold. And we're going to squeeze down one more. Orange. Good. And keep lengthening those springs. Keep pulling those thighs out of the hip.

Og. Keep that scoop back then to thighs and draw the knees in and rest your arms stand really nice. Good. Now we're going to do bicycle. One of my favorites really opens up my lower back and stretches those quads. But you know, hey, and I'm not easy. Hands back on the Poles, really suppressing down the rib cage. Good. And we're going to want to hold it when one knee is in the chest and one foot is out.

And so I always pictured like there's a winning super big lottery ticket that's gonna allow us to buy a house right here on this beach without any property taxes or anything like that so that you can actually afford it. So we're gonna reach out and try to get you to reach your right leg up there. We go and reach it all the way out. Trying to stay right there for me. Maria, with your left knee in. Good. So one is really pulling in one thighs, really reaching out, and then you're going to start to bend the knee out to the side so the spring can go down the middle and pull that winning ticket to you.

As you start circling the other leg, go ahead and reach go. That's it. Keeping your center completely flat. Ribs pressing down more. Maria, press with those hands. Press Down with those ribs. Keep trying to pull that all the way to your bottom. Keep the foot on the mat all the way to your bottom. Yeah, other than those inner start kicking in. Good. You should do four on each leg and then you want to reverse.

So now unfortunately there's a stick of dynamite attached to that lottery ticket. You've got to push it off the edge of the Mat, get it away from you. You use the back of your leg in your seat to really reach it away and keep that way. It's been glued the whole time. But stretch it out. Yes, reach. Let's do one more each leg in. Good scoop, scoop, scoop. That's it. And when you're done with that, go ahead and bend both knees in Nice and you can rest your arms down. One more exercise the frog. She was like, when are these going to be done? We're going to do a four count frog, so not quite the six count, but I think the four counts just as difficult. So you're going to go, this is our home position and you're going to extend out to a 45 degree angle. Really lengthening away, right open about the width of the Mat, and now you're going to circle them down and together as low as you can.

Keep your back flat, but probably not to the mat, not quite to the mat. There you go. And with your feet at that level, drum back in the knees to your chest to home. Go out to a 45 up, up, up, up, up, up, up. There you go. Open about the width of the Mat. Circle down and squeeze them together and then draw your belly and even more to pull them in from there. One more forward at a 45 we're up and squeeze. Open to the width. Control it as you circle them together. Niche, not be looking at each other and draw them back and reverse. So you're gonna squeeze long and low.

Lean body open and pause at this angle. Good. Squeeze the inner thighs all the way together and draw the knees back into home. Good from your seat length and all the way to that low angle. Circle up to open and then squeeze them together and draw them in. One more time. Press your hands into those poles. Push your ribs in. That's it.

Long and lean. Open around, up, squeeze and drawn in. And now you're done with those good length in the legs up to the ceiling. And keep the straps on and stretch by pulling on those, trying to press your tailbone down, the ribs, down the shoulders down. Then you can do a nice inner thigh stretch. As long as you don't pull anything, go ahead and open the legs and do a little stretch that way too. You definitely deserve it. Very good. Nice.

How are you guys feeling? Good. So we're gonna take those off. And now we're going to do some standing foot work and then followed up with some standing arm springs. So stand on up with beauty and grace. Love it. And we're going to turn around and stand about a, an arm's distance away from those poles. Good. And then just rest your arms by your side. It's a yoga mat is much nicer than, but we're going to because we're going to be working on this. Um, and I mean that to find your posture, it's kind of like balancing on a ball right now.

There's so much padding in these mats. So standing foot work takes a whole nother, um, angle to this. So make sure your feet are equally turned out in your [inaudible] stance. Your heels are together good and you want your weight on the ball of every toe on the side of your foot and on your heel, but just a little bit more towards the ball of your foot so that I could slide a card underneath your heel and you don't want to be pushing it back in your knees or gripping in your lower back. You want your lower back to be lengthening, like your tail bone has a weight on it, pulling it down to the floor so that your belly can pull in and up away from those hip flexors in the front. Nice. I'm really liking it. It's good. So enjoy the whole feeling that you're going to get in your box.

And we're going to wrap in. Squeeze. And I want you to go ahead and rise up onto the ball of your foot. So you're gonna wrap in. Squeeze. Good. And now I want you to bend ple a, bend the knees with your heels up, but you want to scoop in and up. Skip your spine nice and straight. And now stay right there with your body, but roll through your foot, lowering your heels. Good. Now wrap. Squeeze the straight leg.

So that's an added move. All right, so we're gonna wrap in, squeeze up and rising up onto our he fall of our foot. And now plea a, bending your knees. Good. So now I want you to keep scooping it and lower down your heels. Just your heels all the way down, right? Tufts stretch. And now scoop in and wrap and squeeze up. That's it. One more like that.

Scooping and rise onto the ball of your foot. Plea a and as you play, you're lifting in your belly, your lengthening, your tailbone down. And now roll down your heels. Roll down to the foot and really scooping and lengthen up God the reverse. So now you're gonna play a first bending the knees first, trying to keep those heels down. Now you're going to stay plead, but roll up your foot. Good. Stay plea aid, Reya. And now wrap in. Squeeze on Relevate. That means heels are up, up, up, and now slowly lower down through your foot. Go ahead.

So we're going to ple a to start. Good. But let's start that again. No sticking any bottoms out or anything like that. You're going to keep the belly in and up and basically lengthen your tailbone down as you bend the knees. That's better than lifting your belly. Then roll up through your foot. Good. And now wrap in squeezes. You come all the way up, up, up, up, up, up on the ball of your foot.

And now slowly roll down through your foot. One more please. [inaudible] bending your knees, scooping in Annapolis, lengthening your job on, roll up onto the ball of your foot. Very nice wrap and squeeze until you can't get any taller and longer, leaner. And then push your heels away from you as you grow even taller. So this beautiful position that you're in, you worked very hard to achieve right now and you want to keep it for chest expansion.

So we're going to put your hands on the outside of this pole and these springs can be attached to, and I hook at 60 inches from the floor. So this is called chest expansion. And what you tend to want to do in chest expansion is you want to open that chest, which is eventually what you'll do, but not at sacrificing your belly or your ribs or all that. So make it first a powerhouse. Okay? So you're going to keep your weight a little more on the ball of your foot.

So your bottom's always kind of squeezing forward and your stomach's always pulling back. So they're working against each other and you're going to pull this spring long and down to your thighs. As you take a breath, look over your right shoulder, look over your left shoulder, look forward and keep your bottom squeezing forward and your belly pulling back as you return home. Good. Really scooping your stomach and pull that bar long and down. Look over your left shoulder this time. Look over your right shoulder. Look forward and exhale. Nice.

One more set scooping in and up. As you inhale and now look over your right shoulder, look over your left shoulder. Look forward and exhale. One more time. Inhaling in and up and looking over your left. Looking over your right, really feeling the stomach and resist. Good.

Now we're going to do um, what side arm press. So what you're going to do is you're going to take your left hand and put it in the middle of the bar and turn your whole body to face me over here, right where your feet are. You're going to say right there, but turn in that spot. Nice. And now you're going to have your whole hand on top of that bar, this one, and just like so [inaudible]. There we go. Like that same posture. So don't let yourself get comfortable on your heels.

You're still more on the ball of your foot. You're still scooping. And so we're going to try to reach this. Definitely not move the shoulder. In fact, you can take your opposite hand and just rest it on your shoulder or point to it so that you're super aware of whether it's moving or creating too much effort. So you're gonna reach that left arm long to the floor as you pull it to your thighs, scooping in your belly. Hold two, three and release. Good. And scooping in and pull it long.

And that's it. Two, three and release. Good. Let's pull your ribs towards it more. Yep. One more time. That's better. And release. Nice. Good. And See you took a little step further out. I would step a little closer. Good. Although, so that's where I would've done that one. And I'm saying that cause now we're going to take one inch step out so you each time we're going to increase it. And Maria step, no, just one inch.

There we go. Just take a little teeny step out. Good. And now we're going to aim for your waistband instead. So your arm was great this last time. It reached long and down like he didn't crunch up. But now we're gonna reach long the upper arm and then pull the hand to your waistband. Does that make sense? No, it's going to be hard.

And we're going to scoop in, keep your weight on the ball of your foot and bending at the elbow. Pull it to your waist and release. Good. And so the upper arm, shoulder, okay. The upper arm is going to stay right where it is and you think about reaching out long and then pulling by Aha all the way to your waist. All the way [inaudible] and release. Good. One more time.

Scoop and in always finding the effort and work from your powerhouse and resist. Good one teeny step out. Unless that was too hard already, then you don't need to step out. Now we're going to your bra strap. So we're trying to keep all of this nice and angered scooping in. And while I feel better now, because when I did this workout this morning, I was really hard. I was like, wow, I'm glad it's not just me. And so we're gonna but this is definitely traditional work. We, you guys can handle this. No problem.

So we're gonna reach out nice and long and all the way to your bra strap. So you're going to get these tiny little muscles, pull it up, up, up, up, up, and there you go and resist. Good. And don't let that shoulder roll forward and pull it up to your, bend it up. That's it. Pull it all the way up to your bras trap. You got it. One more. Love it. Good.

And Dan, great. Now turn towards the the unit. Scoot in two steps and then turn. There you go. How are you doing? Good. So Nice. Long arm weight, more on the ball of your foot. Good and shoulder. Long, long arm. Reach it long towards the floor, scoop it in and pull it towards your thigh. Hold two, three and release. Good. And ribs and powerhouse. And pull it long. Two, three and release and scooping in and pulling long two, three and release. Good. Tiny. Step out.

Good. And now we're going to pull, keep that length, but pull all the way to our waistband and pulling ribs and belly. Hold. Two, three. That was beautiful in release. Good and scooping in and hold two, three and release. And you're trying to bring your right hip. Just a little forward to help. So we're going to, that's it. Good.

And was that three and now we're gonna take a tiny step out. Good and scooping in. And we're going to pull it to our bras strap and scooping in. Still getting it. Nice job. Very even in the shoulders. Lovely ladies and two more scooping in and pulling it all the way up to that bra strap. [inaudible] and down. One more time. A little more ribs in.

That's it. And release. Good. And now you're going to turn your back to the unit. Good. And put your [inaudible] on the outside. Maybe a tiny step out your you were good, Maria. Now you guys are even good and let your arms go back as much as you can.

Same posture, so we're not going to sit back on our bottom. We're not going to lean. Everything is leaning forward on the ball of your foot powerhouses lifting. We're going to try to pull that bar straight to your bottom. Then keeping it cool on your bottom, on your body. Slide up with your elbows, trying not to go wide.

Close together as you can and then keep them up as you release. Again, two more. Watching those shoulders. Slide up the bar without sliding up your shoulders and then use those triceps as you extend knights and pull it towards you. Slide up your body. Good, good and resists good. Now for the reverse, you're going to keep those arms as high as you can and pull it all the way up to your bra strap.

If you can then slide down your body and control it as it goes home to more pulling it up with those triceps to your bra strap. Sly down your body, lifting long and lean and resists as it goes home. And one more. Pull it up to your bra strap up, lower it down, length and linkedin. Linkedin. Good, good, good. And resistance. It goes away. Nice job. Go ahead and turn all the way around and we're going to add a little fun thing here. Take it off these hooks. And if you had a hook all the way on the floor, you're gonna Hook it all the way down here. Go ahead and find that one. That's good.

See these two bottom hooks. There we go. Take this one. We're going to work on just some biceps. So step club, pretty one, maybe one more step towards you. Good. And I want you to actually that maybe attain you step back and don't ask me here how I'm measuring this, but just by that angle, and I actually want your hands a tiny step back for you too. And I want your hands the inside because we're going to do the end palms up.

The one when we do arm springs, we'll put our elbows kind of in like our little pockets here. Uh Huh. And again, weight is forward on the ball of your foot scooping in. And now use your powerhouse to pull that in. This can so easily take it in your lower back. So Mindy, a little bit more forward with the chest. Yes. Excellent. And pull it in. And really it's, and I'm always hesitant to give this and three because people like to muscle through it so much. If you anchor through that powerhouse ball of your foot, good.

And one more elbows in those pockets in the front. And we release. Great job. Go ahead and unhook those again for our nice finale is going to be our roll down. So you're going to put the springs right back on that 60 inch. Let me know if you need help, Maria, I've got a bad torque to it here. I got it. Maybe it was the way you put it on there. There.

Here we go in. You're taller than me so you can just on that one and go ahead and sit down gracefully. Very good. And now put your heels against these poles and we're gonna enjoy the roll downs. This is a great ending for your body, so you're going to squeeze your seat to lift off of it. Push your heels into those poles from your bottom, not the hybrid knees.

Drop your head into your chest and pull your navel in and up to roll away from those thighs. Those slides that are laying thinning away, rolling in, articulating one bone at a time until your neck and head are on the mat. Almost there. We're going to sing and I'll let you enjoy that right there. You're going to stay there. Good. How's that, Maria? Now press your ribs down into the mat to lift your head up and exhale, rolling up one bone at a time. Let that bar pull you up while your body resists it and you're pulling your stomach deep into your back and go as forward as you can go and let's do two more. Sliding your shoulder blades down, laying thinning outweigh, scooping, opening your chest, rolling through your neck and dropping all of that and that nice and head and then in and out. Stretch that bone away from that one away from that one.

Good. Love your curves as you're coming up. One more, squeezing up off your seat, length in the back of your legs, pushing into your heels. Great job here, scooping in and enjoying it, and inhale, lift up your head. Exhale. That's your last roll up stretch and you are all finished. Nice job. Very good. Yup. Good Cha.


Nice class..but not Level 2. Level 1 would be more like it. I got more Mat work than Tower.
Thanks Teri ~ That was my fault. I think Monica asked for this to be a level 1 or 1/2 respectively and I forgot. Thank you for pointing it out I have changed it to a 1/2.
More Mat than tower.
Fawn ~ Thank you for your feedback. After reviewing this class and seeing about half of it was a Mat class, I decided to change this class to a Mixed Equipment workout using both the Tower and the Mat.
Nadia G
Hi Monica! Great class... the feet in strap section, I need to keep my spine in neutral or imprinted? Thank you :)

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