Class #961

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Niedra starts this class with some good chest and shoulder openers with the theraband. Stretch your neck a bit then sit down to warm up the other end of your body (the feet). Pay attention to both ends of the body as you move into some good core strengthening work. Try not to rush through any of NIedra's cues. There is a lot of good work to be explored here.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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So, let's see, I haven't seen you for awhile. So let's do this. Let's take this a theraband and step on it, <v 1>right? <v 0>So it's under the toes and make and see if you ...


Love this! Feel superb after this luxurious hour. Thank you.
thank you Eden, glad you enjoyed this workout.
Great sunday morning stretch. Thanks Niedra, always enjoy your classes.
Good for you Philip, I saw you are dealing with a delicate spine and I am very happy to know Pilates is helping, it can do wonders.
I am upset that the class was stopped by non working video
Beverly ~ I have just sent you an email to help with the playback issue. This is our FAQ on playback issues. Please email if anyone ever has an issue.

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