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Mat Workout

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Niedra starts this class with some good chest and shoulder openers with the theraband. Stretch your neck a bit then sit down to warm up the other end of your body (the feet). Pay attention to both ends of the body as you move into some good core strengthening work. Try not to rush through any of NIedra's cues. There is a lot of good work to be explored here.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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So, let's see, I haven't seen you for awhile. So let's do this. Let's take this a theraband and step on it, right? So it's under the toes and make and see if you feel more or less even. And let's have a slight Palladia stance and then stand up.

And as you stand up, lift the shoulders up, lift the waist and the powerhouse up and then roll the shoulders back and down and keep this lovely lift of the back and feel the sternum coming way, way, way up. Now can you turn your hands out and just lift them slightly out and back. So the more important thing is this external rotation. Take the arms out a little bit and back in as you do this. Lift the stomach up. That's it, Tim and back and nice long waist and lift and see if you can feel the shoulder blades working on the back. So Tim, can you lift the chest even? Yes, that's it.

So the shoulder blades are working on the back. Very nice. Windy lift. Now turn the pumps to face inwards, but keep the shoulders roll back and out to the neck. Is Long. Yes. So you feel like there's like a book on top of the head and again, Paul and back. So as you pull out, lift the chest and back. Sandy is joining us. This is great layer. Add back and lift and back and lift and back and lift and back and lift and back on one more time. Lift and back.

Now turning the palms to face the front. Roll the shoulders wide and bend the arms. And back in. I actually have to just, I just lost my little speaker here. Okay. And here we go. So pull, so you're working the biceps, but more important than that. Keep the shoulders wide. So even why do, that's it Wendy. So it matters. Last, what's happening with the arms. It's the way the shoulders are sitting. Yes, that's it. That's it.

So you want to start to really feel this vertical lip. Sandy, can you, this should be magic. I'm not magic. Theraband over in a box over there. No, well no to your left. There we go. Is it a nice long one? Excellent. Lift the chest even more. That it Tim and lift. So just to start to set the shoulder girdle a little bit. Very good.

We're actually going to step off of the, of the theraband and roll the band up a little bit. So it's a little bit why, but behind B c wanted behind you and when it's behind you like this, think of the shoulders moving back a little bit in the chest, moving forward and up. But the palms are still facing forward. Wendy, so I'm sorry, not palms this way. There we go. So the shoulders are back and then pull the arms out and lift the chest and pull the arms out and lift the chest and pull the arms out and lift the chest. Nice Wendy and lift the chest and pull the arms and lift the chest and pull the arms and lift the chest and pull the arms and lift the chest and pull the arms and lift the chest. Now turn the hands to paste this way again. Broad shoulders and again, Paul and [inaudible] and Paul and [inaudible].

That's really good. They're Debbie and back and Paul and back and Paul. So every time. Think of making space in the high sternum area glued sandy. Yes, and Paul and Paul. Very good. Take the strap, the third band in your right arm and just drape it over.

Now as you drape it over, bring the elbow forward in front of you if you can. So the shoulder blade has moved away from your spine and push the shoulder down and then lift the tip of the elbow up. What you want to avoid. Is it going out now take the other hand and hold behind. So as much as possible, this elbow and forearm is facing in. Now with this position, keeping the elbow in, move the arm up and bring it back.

Keeping the elbow close to your ear and if the arm up and back and lift your chest and Paul and back and pull and back and pull. Elbow point forward and pull and back lifting the chest and Paul and [inaudible], the chest elbow is right in their pool and back. Now again, check that your elbow is coming in if you can. And now with this arm, take the elbow back, the bottom arm and pull it down and back and pull it down and back and pull it down and back. Pull it down. Good Sandy, and pull it down and pull it down and pull it down and pull it down.

Very good. We'll change. So taking the, the band, holding it with your left hand so you just have it wrapped. Place the arm up so the strap is draped down there. Bring your elbow forward so it's close in and as much as you're able to, getting the elbow coming up. So it's a tricky angle to get that elbow going up and then reach back and hold the strap with your other arm. So you kind of have stability by the way. The tension is tight, you just lightened the whole, so there's not as much tension on the strap.

Now take this arm up and as you come down, try to keep the elbow pointing forward. That's the tricky part. It's going to want to roll out, but you do the best you can. Keeping the elbow pointing in. Yes. And Paul Elbow pointing in and pull elbow pointing in and pool, elbow pointing in two more times.

Pull and back and pull. Keeping the chest lifted. And now we do the bottom arm. Lift your chest before you s yes and pull down and pull down. See if you can keep the shoulders gliding down away from your ears. So your neck is long and pull down. Yes Sandy.

And pull down and pull down. Very, very good. Bring both arms down and bring the strap in front of you and just a little bit wider than your chest. So the chest is lifted and the shoulders are down and very slightly back. So this is seesaw effect. Good, good, good Wendy.

So let's just do a few of these moves. The shoulders go back and the chest comes forward and then bring the shoulders forward. So the back is wide. You can pull the shoulders back and lift the chest up a bit and forward. And again, shoulders go back and think of the armpits down and forward. So you're actually getting the shoulders lower on the sides of the ribs and letting the neck get long. Nice. Yes.

And not pull it back and hold it here and just stretch apart without letting the shoulders come forward and together. Pull it out and back. Pull it out and back. Pull it out and back. Pull it out and back in. One more time like this.

Pull it out and back. Now little bit wider on the strap. Bring the arms down for a minute and roll the shoulders. I'd roll the shoulders and roll and roll. And Rolling.

Now bringing the hands forward again, keeping the shoulders down. Slow the arms up. So this is the tricky part. Bring the hands back. Pull the shoulders down to Wendy. Just lift the Chin a little, tiny bit. Yes. And as the arms come up, feel as though you're making the elbows can be soft. Good, Sandy. And bring the hands back. So it's like your face, the, the, the, your mic.

Creating a picture frame. As the arms come up, the shoulders glide down and the neck is long. The head is long and back. So you want to feel the sense of your face being very open in this frame. Yes. And now lift up and hold it with the shoulders down and just gently pull apart without letting the shoulders come back up. I should say, pull apart and up. Pull up hard and think of this upper part of the spine, getting [inaudible] a long and up and Paul and up and Paul and up and pool and up Paul and up.

Bring the arms down for a minute just to relax and again, roll the shoulders, roll the shoulders and roll the shoulders. Now Nice lift of the belly, lift of the spine. Bring the arms up again and lift the rib cage even more and just pull the arm slightly apart and bend over to your right. Opening up the left ribs in the left waist. Come back up, lift way up and lift and bend all over to the left so it's like you're bending over a big beach ball and come back up. Lift again, all over to the right and up. Lift the waist and over to the left and up.

Make sure the shoulders are nice and down. Wendy, lift over to the right and up. And one more time. Lift and all over to the left and back up. Bring the arms down. One more time. Roll the shoulders, roll the shoulders and roll the shoulders. Now just just hold the strap in one hand. So with the chest nice and long, drop your right ear to your right shoulder. Reach up with your right hand, other right-hand Tim and just stretch.

And then take the left shoulder and pull it down. So you're stretching the side of the neck, opening it up, trying to see where you can let go a little bit because neck is so tight. Float the head up and left ear to left shoulder. Reach up with your left hand and stretch the ear down and pull the shoulder away from the ear. So it's as though you tried to expose. And if you, sometimes if you lift your chin slightly opens up the neck a little bit more and then come back up. And now this, there is this little notch here where the collarbones come together. So we'll be taking our chin as though we want to bring it down.

But this is a thing you less to think about going down with the head. More to think about taking this back part of the neck and elongating it. So if you take your hands behind your skull, the fingertips are behind the scowl, lift the chest and pull the shoulders down. And as the chin comes in, see if you can open up and press up into the back of the neck a little bit. So there is a little bit of a stretch, but the shoulders are pulling down if you can.

And then lift the head back up again. Now push your head in back into the hands. So you're stretching, you're strengthening the muscles of the neck. And then again, tip the chin down towards that notch and open up the back of the neck and then come back up. Pressing your head back into the hands. And one more time, bring the chin down into that notch. And now roll your head slightly to the right. So you're on this. The left hand will come down to the, just relax it, let the shoulder hang away and reach up to the top of your head and pull your head down to the right. So he goes stretching on a slight diagonal, but you're looking down. So not this way. Yes, that's better sandy. Your chest faces straight forward, huh?

That's it. So if you were to go here, now turn and look at my hand there. And that's your angle. Yes, yes, yes. And then float the head up. Bring the hands down. So just to demonstrate, if you were to look straight down and then off on a slight diagonal, so you're still looking down, but you've moved your head sort of sideways stretch. So let's have a go to the right. The head goes down, then off to the right on a like a 45 degree angle with your right hand, you reach up and hold your head and pull it down and the left shoulder stretches away. And is this the opposite side or did I am, are you repeating the same site? I had a funny feeling. Okay, come back home. So we'll do the left side.

So they had dropped down and then move the head to the left and with your left hand, pull the head down a little bit. So you're stretching the right shoulder away and then back to the center and come back up. Just turn the head like you're drawing a circle with your nose and then reverse a circle the other way and back to the center. And let's have you sit down on your mats. Keep the theraband close by and just sitting with the legs stretched out in front of you can have your hands behind you just to warm up the feet a little bit, flex your feet and spread your toes wide, wide, wide apart. Now in that position, can you crunch your toes over but keep your feet flex.

Crunch the toes. Yes. Bring the feet down with the toes crunched and then stretch your toes out and then flex your feet. Uh Huh. And crunch your toes. That's it. Keep the t the toes crunched as you stretch down and then reach those toes out. And then let's just do simple version.

Push the heels away and pull the toes up and then stretch the feet down and stretch the toes down and up. Heels. Press away and down and up. [inaudible] and down. Now Open your feet a little wider than your own hips and come up against you. Have a flex. Ha. Now the hips, the knees, and the feet rolling.

So see if you can get the feet to the toes are going towards each other. Good. Wendy, stretch the toes down towards the floor. Roll the whole leg out like you're trying to take your little toe to the floor and flex the feet. Ups are going to do these big circles. Press in, reach down, roll around and up. Curl in, reach down, roll around. Good Tim and up. And one more time. In and down, around and up. And now reverse it other way out.

Roll down. Roll in and up and out. Roll down. Roll in and up and out. Roll down.

Roll in and after last one, roll out and down and in and, and now just bang your legs up and down so you can get the muscles licensed. Sloppy. Shake the legs a little bit to get them nicely. Even the feet. Yes, he started to loosen everything up. Take your left foot up and place it on top of the right with the knee out. And just for a minute, bend over Tim, just put the foot down on the floor and just bend over so you and just have a little gentle bounce here to loosen up the hips, bring the leg back and bend the other foot and again, bend over a little bit.

Very good. And Now Ben both legs up with the soles of the feet together and just bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. Just to soften up the hips a little bit. Very, very good. And let's have you lie down on your backs for basic math work. Just paying some attention to detail so we can get basics back in.

So when you're lying on the floor, make sure I'm Sandy, I think you can use this more than me. So here we go. When you're lying down, your knees are going to be bent and yes, with the hands, really wiggle them down. And just for a moment, let's have you all, all of you. Turn the hands out, turn the hands out and take them away from the, from the your body just for a minute to really yet good gym, the collarbones and the skin of the shoulders nice and wide. Yes. Yes, yes. Now, once you have that check that the ribs are down and the sternum is not too strange. Good. Debbie. Now without changing anything in the shoulders, soften the hands and roll the palm so the hands and the elbows may be even slightly bent, but the shoulders are nice and wide. Yes, that is so nice. What you're doing.

Say this lovely length coming into your body and at the same time, this is good. Tim. I'm going to do one more height in here. Good. No, Chin down a little bit. There we go. There we go. Yes. Now that type of feet hip with the part and keeping this length in the stomach. Lift your right knee into your chest. Just floated up without anything changing and put the foot down on the mat and the left leg comes up and put the foot down, keeping that stomach along and the right leg comes up and down and the left leg comes up and down and the right light comes up and down and the left leg comes up and down.

Bring both knees together and keeping this length in the trunk. Lift the legs up without losing it and bring the knees softly towards the chest so the feet are close to the bottom. Relax the feet. And then when you solve the legs, the table, so here you start to work hips. A tight stomach is in the right foot, goes to the mat, tap and comes up. Left foot goes down to tap and come up. Right foot goes down, tapping up, left foot goes down, tapping up, right foot comes down, tapping up, left foot comes down. Sandy, do not bend the knee, the thigh work.

So it's like you keep that 90 degree angle, that's better. And now faster tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap. Bring both knees in. Just pull the legs in for a minute and then take the legs up to table top again. Deepen into the powerhouse. Check that your shoulders are wide. Take the legs to the mat together. Really work that powerhouse.

Bring the legs up, lower down, lengthening through the lower stomach. Keep the back long and up. So as the legs go down, you have to work extra hard in the powerhouse to not let yes not let your back art and hold that excellent two more times back and deepen. And one more time and up. Bend the knees in and just hug the legs in for a minute and just gently rock side to side. So just massage your lower back. Very good.

Put the hands back the feet back down on the mat with control, with control and lift the arms to the ceiling. Now check that the shoulders are down in your neck fields long, keeping the stomach and start to reach the arms over your head. Feeling how they extend from the stomach all the way to the fingertips. Bring the arms up. Okay.

Reach the arms out. Reaching to the fingertips. Stomach is long and up and reach the arms out. Law, waste law, spine. Bring the arms up. [inaudible] reach the arms long, tiny waist. Come back up and now lift your head and chest and reach forward. Lower back down and lift up and lower back down and lift up and lower back down. And [inaudible].

That's a really warming up the upper abs. Let's add the legs. Lift the legs and the chest. Lower back down with control and lift and down and lift and down and lift and Dow. Now take the arms over your head. Get that length in the waist, in the stomach, in the spine. Float the arms up and just lift your head and chest. We going to do the hundreds with the feet down.

So you check that the shoulders are wide. And here we go. Breathing in and no, two, three, four, five in, two, three, four, five and out. Two, three, four, five. Keep the chest lifting up and out. Two, three, four, five, four, five and out. Two, three, four, five. And in two, three, four, five and out. Two, three, four, five. And last set four five and out. Two, three, four, 500 slowly roll down, roll down to the mat, take a breath in and breathing out. Let it go. Bend the right knee into the chest. And just for a moment give the legs a squeeze. And as you squeeze the like in, check that the left hip is anchoring into the mat at the same. Yes. So the left side is really anchored and then lift the right like up to the ceiling and splay the toes so that the toes are pulled back. But you reaching long in the art sandy, the hands are going to be down by your sides.

Now law and see if you can now take the leg across your body to the laugh. Just hold it there, keeping your right hip down and then take the leg back a little bit out and a grand c, sewing it back and forth, keeping the right hip down and back and across and back. And now we add the circle, so across, down, around and up. Cross down around it, up, cross down, around and up, cross down, around and up. Cross down, around and up and up. Pause, check that the arch of the foot is reaching up and the right hip is down in the leg is slightly turned out. And then draw, circle and bring it across the body. And then up and across.

Every time you're going across the right tip goes down, across and up, across and up. One more time, across and up. And now bend the knee a little bit different, whole behind the hamstring and straps the leg towards you and reach the legs straighter and bend it back and reach the way and bend it back so you keep stretching the hamstring towards you and bend it back and stretch and back in. One more time. Stretch and lengthen your right hip down, right hip as now. And then stretch the left leg away. Just stretch the left leg away on the floor.

The right hip is pulling way down and the right knee is turned out. If you can. Good, good, good. Bend the left leg. Put the right leg down on the mat. We'll do the other side. So check that both hips are down. Bend the left knee in, give it a little s gentle stretch and then stretch the like up to the ceiling and slightly turn it up with the toes pulled up, pulled back.

So it's as though you reaching the ball of the foot. Take the leg to the right with the left hip. Press Down Debbie. Keep the leg turned out. Don't that's it. And back and cross it over. So as you cross over you have to work the left hip even more into the mat and back and cross old [inaudible] and back.

And now we'll do this circle, cross. Circle the leg and up. Cross circle the leg and up. Cross circle the leg and up. Cross circle the leg and up. Cross and up. Check that the leg is slightly turned out.

The heel is opposite your nose and reverse. Cross and up. Circle. Cross an up circle. Cross and up. Circle, cross and up. Circle, cross and up. Good. Check that the spine is long and the left hip is down. Two it says, are you pushing your left hip towards your right ankle?

Now bend the knee in so you bend the knee slightly and then stretch the leg and bend the knee and stretch the leg. So as you're pushing, bend the knee. As you push the hamstring into the head, give it a bit of resistance with your heads. That actually stimulates the muscle to lengthen. One more time.

Bend and push that leg up into the head. The hand is pulling and take your right leg down and along and opposition. Check that your shoulders are down. The back is long and they put the hand on the mat and lower the leg all the way down. All the way down, all the way down. Bend your knees, grab the Shins and roll yourself up to sitting position.

So bring yourselves out. Ah, rock up. [inaudible] alright, so sitting with the knees apart, knees apart. That's her whole behind the knees. Nice lifted spine. Pull the shoulders back and lift the elbows a little bit. Pull the stomach in and just round slightly.

Really pull the stomach in. Keep the shoulders down so you feel this way. Round shape and then use the stomach to come back and lift up. Nice lifted sternum and again, rolling back, rounding through the lower and middle back, broad shoulder blades and then come back up and the shoulder blades pull down your back to lift the chest. So as you roll back, think of the shoulder blade widening to make space for the chest. Press back between the shoulders. Yes. Keep the shoulders down though, Wendy. Yes.

And then as you come back the shoulder blades glide down the back and press the chest forward and up. Yes. And one more time. Rolling back. Rounding through the spine. Pull the stomach and elbows are lifted. Tim, if you can and then come back up and lift. Very good. Now rolling like a ball. So start with that slight round shape. Lift the feet up, look down towards your navel and roll to the shoulders.

Come right back up against the rule. Back and up and balance. Balance. [inaudible] roll back, come up and balance, balance, balance and again, rollback come up and balance, balance, balance, rollback come up and balance. Now that go with the hands. So the hands are long. See if you can do the same thing. Roll back, come up and balance, make that powerhouse work. Yes. And again, roll back. Bottom comes up and body comes up and roll back and up.

And one more time. Roll back and up. Put the feet down. Slowly. Roll down on your backs to your line, long and flat on the mat again, the shoulders abroad and bring both knees into your chest for single leg stretches. So before you go any further, check that the, there's a few we can take. This one is squeezing the latest as much as you can with your hips coming up, but it possibly, depending upon how loose the hips are today, I want you to really take the sit bones down into the mat. Yes. Now once they pressed down, so the feeling is that the tailbone is anchored and the Sequim is anchored and then pull the stomach in and then lift your head and chest up without losing that base. Yes, yes, yes. Check with the shoulders a wide, pull the right knee in. But don't let yourself live. Keep the sit bones down.

Switch your legs, left leg in. Switch your legs right again. Switch in. Switch, squeeze, switch, squeeze, switch, squeeze, switch. Squeeze both legs I n lower your head and shoulders. Put your feet on the mat and just for a minute, roll your head way to the right and pause here as head rolls. Push your left shoulder towards the Mat. Yes, back to the middle.

Roll your left ear towards the Mat and press your right shoulder down against it. So you really kind of work into the neck a little bit and come back up. Double like stretches before we start. Lift the arms to the ceiling and reach the arms over your head. But flied the shoulders away from the ears. So instead of having the shoulders up today, we will be working with the shoulders way down.

Big Circle and bring the knees into the chest, holding the shins. Now corrode your head and chest up. Shoulders down, away from the ears. Reach your arms and legs away. Big Circle in it. Arms and legs away. Big Circle and in arms and legs away. Big Circle and in arms and legs away.

Big Circle. And in lower your head and shoulders to the mat and scissors will keep the head down. The legs come up, turn them out. Take the right leg, hold the hamstring and pull it towards you. But check that the shoulders away from the ears. Pull Pole, scissor, Paul, Paul, scissor, Paul, Paul, scissor, Paul, Paul, scissor, Paul, Paul, Paul. Well, same thing with flexed feet. Paul Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, both legs sir. Up Hands Behind your head.

Deepen into the powerhouse to lift up. Elbows are why lower the legs down. Bring them up, lower them down. Bring them up, lower them down them up and lower them down. Bring them up, bend the knees in and curl your elbows towards your knees to lift a little more low your head in your feet to the mat. Keep your hands behind your head.

Press your sit bones into the mat and bring the knees in again. Keep your elbows wide and take your left leg out, right leg in. Switch your legs and stretch. Switch and stretch. Switch and stretch. So as you [inaudible] doing this, see if you can feel the connection of the stomach into the transition of the legs.

How is the stomach engaging to bring the leg in and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch. Bring both knees in and gently rock, side to side, just massaging out the lower back, massaging the stomach and then rock yourselves up to a sitting position for spine stretch for words. So that's actually pull the knees up for a minute and bounce the legs up and down. Just bounce the knees, bounce knees, bouts and knees and then stretch the legs out and put your hands behind you for a minute. So the feet are going to be a little wider than your blue maps and you want to be sufficiently back that you can find this hinge joint in your leg. So Tim, when you bend your knees, you also flex your feet. Yes.

So the heels will not be moving at all to Debby. Bend the knees, yes, and flex and then reach slightly then so the hips, the knees and the feet have a lot of range of movement. If all the joints are working where they are, the heels do not have to move to that. This happen. Yes. Now Bend and just let, now your bottom will come up a bit. Roll over and see if you can take this knee towards the floor and roll in the opposite direction. So it's getting into your hips a little bit, Sandy, keep your knees, your feet flex, roll to the first side. So you want that top like it's rolling in. Really.

So you're getting this rotation and then other side. Yes. Now come back to the center. The knees is still bent. Open the knees with the feet flexed. Open them out. Take your w the leg, um, facing me. So you're gonna roll in First Direction. So one is going out, the other knee is going way in as much as you can. Tim Flex it, the feet. Good. Now when your bottom comes back, you let the Nico at both knees a dropped out.

The one knee comes in and you roll over trying to get to yes, Sandy. That's it. Then your bottom comes back. Both knees go out, top knee comes in. And Roll to get the go down. One more time. Top knee goes out, other knee comes in. Roll both knees towards the floor and both knees go out.

Top knee comes in and roll both knees to the floor. Good. Stretch the legs up. One more time. Just bounce them. And this is a variation to help open up the hamstrings in the lower back that we used to do sometimes for instead of spine stretch forward. So bend the knees again. I think we've done this before and just bend over and grab your toes and let your head drop. But gentle.

Pull your stomach backwards so you feel as the connection between your navel and your waist area and that area, like in the back above the sacred and the lower back area. Very the area that gets so tight. Take your right knee and push towards the floor with it, but pull backwards with your waist. So as the right knee presses towards the floor, bend it back. Now take the left knee and stretch towards the floor and back.

Okay. Come up a minute and have a look cause you'll look lost. So when we're sitting like this, do this one more time. This hinges is really the secret. So if you're only hinting, if you bend too much, you can't do the exercise. The whole point is, so have a quick look and then we'll do it together. When you bend, you don't want the heels to move. So when you, where ever you get, even if you're just this far or even this far, but I think all of you can get, you have a chance to start.

Now the focus here is almost like you're slightly pulling back, but you pulling back with your stomach. So once you have that, when you push down, you want to use the leg going towards the floor to open up the back and open up the back. So let's have you all bending the knees. Debbie, you went too much. You, you slid up, straighten your legs. Yes, have flex your feet. There's your position now bend and flex. That's it. Now reach over towards your toes. Good, good. That's fine, Debbie. That just like that is good. The head drops right down.

So before you go any further than this, that's fine. Wendy. The head drops and the stomach is pulled way, way, way in. Now take your right knee and press it down. And as you do it, think of the back stretching so you don't move forward. You go move backwards and bend it. And now the left knee goes down and bend it and the right knee goes down.

Good Wendy and bend and the left knee goes down and bend and the right man, the belly should pull back. It's like someone's grabbing and Ben. It's as though someone's grabbing you in the way. Some pulling back. Every time the knee goes down, and then now both knees are bent. Your head is dropped right down. You're looking at your naval and you're pulling your belly in and keep that and start pressing both knees towards the floor and pull back to open up your back.

Bend the knees, Wendy. Very good. And again, pull your belly in, stretching down to pull the waist back and bend. And one more time. Pull down, press the waist back and bend. Oh Kay. Come back up. Intense. Isn't it intense? Now let's have the legs long. The fingertips on the floor and slightly turn the legs out.

Just like sandy legs are too wide. Little less. Well, there we go. Hands on the floor. Big Lift in the back. Big, big lift in the back. Start to creepy. Crawly your fingers forward and stretch out and drop your head down. But keep your stomach supporting your back and then roll up.

Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up and lift the spine up. Says Tim, only differences hands are down today. Makes it a little easier. How much can you lift your waist? And again, drop your head and walk forward. Walk forward, walk forward, walk forward. Walk forward and roll back up. Roll back up, roll back up, roll back up. And last one tiny waist. Start reaching forward. Curling through the spine, lengthening out, and then coming back up. Now flex the feet, take both hands and place them on other side of your right leg. Right.

Takes a tip. There we go. So one hand on the inside, one hand on the outside. Turn your chest. So your sternum is facing your own knee and you can look at your foot, you can look at your own foot. Check that your left hip is on the mat because it's going to want to glide up. Start walking forward towards that foot, keeping the math tip down, and then come back up.

Now cross the hand over, no same side, same side, and walk down again. So a little bit deeper. Stretch left, it stays down. Tim Nav tip down, that's it. And come back up. And now take your right hand behind you and walk forward with the left hand reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching. So you want this lovely stretch on the left side of the ribs and then come back up. Turn to face the left leg. The right hip is down, the back is long. And first of all, walk your hands full with slide diagonal. But check with the right hip is not coming off the floor. Come back up, take both hands to the outside of the leg again, walking forward, walking forward, walking forward, walking forward and come back up.

And now the left hand comes behind you. And then slide the right hand forward. Forward, forward, forward, forward, right hip stays down and come back up. Oh, okay. Bring the legs together, arms out and roll down onto your backs. And let's have you all rolling onto your stomach and place your fingers under your forehead for preparation for swan dive feet are hip with the part if the park and press your sacred into the mat. So think of where the base of your spine is. Impressive downs.

It's almost from the waist to the bottom, your bottom, that whole areas anchored. Now stretch your knees. So good Debbie. And then pull your stomach into the stomach is long. Yes Sandy. Very good. Now lift your elbows, forehead, and fingertips up. And keep the lower spine anchored and lower down and lift up and lower down.

Now let's see if you can lift higher. Tim, press the feet into the mat. Lift, lift, lift, lift and down. And one more time. Lift, lift, lift, lift and down. Nice. Come up onto your elbows. Single leg kicks. So make fists with the hands and shoulders down and long neck so the shoulders are gliding down your back and bring the knees right together. Misa, together, long, straight legs and long stomach. Shoulders down your back even more. Look out.

Bend your right knee toward your bottom. Kick, kick and down. Kick, kick and down. Kick, kick. Keep those hips nice and quiet and down. Kick, kick and down. Kick, kick and down. Kick, kick and down. Kick, kick. Very good and down. Lower down. Place your hands with the fingertips just under your own shoulders.

So you will be pushing up a little bit higher. The legs are hip with the part again. Press your pelvis into the mat, lift your head and chest up off the mat and just pull the shoulders and the elbows towards your hips. Yes, broaden the shoulders and lifted a little higher and then come up halfway up. So the elbows are still been, but your back is long and lower back down. And again, lift up slowly. Broad shoulders, only halfway Wendy [inaudible]. Yes, a little higher. So you coming up to a 90 degree angle with the elbows.

And down. Tim, you want the hands flat? That's it. Lift your l. Move the hands down a bit, Tim, towards your armpits more so the elbows start lifting up in the air even more down. Now lift up and look forward and I'll pull the shoulders back and elbows and shoulders go down to the waist and lift up a little more. Lift up a little more. Lift up a little more and come back down. Very nice.

Slowly put back into child's pose and stretch your stomach out. Stretch your waist out. You have a lovely stretch in this position. Walk your hands to the right so you stretch out, you walking your fingertips off the mat, left side of the ribs is getting a good stretch, and then come back and walk your hands to the left and then come back and let's have you facing each other. So you have to swivel around and you'll be on your knees, but up so the toes are stretched out. If you feel you're going to cramp, you can have the toes curled under you. But if, if they're not going to crab, have them down. Take your arms up to the side and press your hips and your knees together. So can you press your heels together to now bring the hands down again as the hands come down, lift the chest and push to the shoulders down.

So you're pushing await out and down. And one more time. Lift the arms up, lift the waist and start bending to your right. Left arm comes up so you're stretching out and then come back. Lift the waist, stretch to the left and up. Lift the waist, shoulders down. Wendy, even more. Go to the right and up and go to the left. So the waist is working a lot.

And bring the hands down for a minute. Open the knees, hip with the part with the part and lift up again. So here you want to bring the hips forward slightly so that the whole front of that to Sandy. Yes. The whole front of the body is long. Again. Lift the arms up. Now feel how both legs are pressing into the mat. So as you go to the right, you have to keep the left hip pressing down and you're reaching out with the right side and then come back up, lift the waste, go to the lab, pressing the right hip down, right knee down. Take some work to get it. So sadly you want the left arm out, not down, but out and back. So you're making a lot of space in the waist.

Go to the first side, reaching way, way, way out with it and back and other side, reaching out, reaching out, reaching out, and come back up. Bring the arms. Now sit back into your heels and drop your bottom to your left, to your left. And Tim, you can bring or you, oh, because so you right now your feet are like this. See if you can get the, that's it. That's it. Bring it out and know the, there we go. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Can you drop the knee to the floor? That too much for you. That's okay with your knees. Okay, good.

So let's have all of us leaning on the left hand. So both knees are on the floor. Lift away, stop. Bring the right arm up and the shoulders are down. So Debbie, can you get the head right up close to your ear? Let bring the hands in front. Turn the palm to face. Yeah. Tim, you're almost doing too much just to the side right now. Push your shoulder down and start bringing the hand up.

Sit and get it right by your ear. No hands down. Shoulder down. Yes. That's what you want to be. Shoulder is okay. That's what you want. You see how that, how's that going for you? Oh yeah. So you want to keep keeping this down? Yeah, I can feel right with the tightness.

So that's really good. Just like that. So with the hand on the floor, push the hips away from you. Take the right paddock and push it down. Yes. Now lengthen the right waist, right ribs and stretch over when you can bend the left elbow a little bit to get extra stretch on that right side. Come back. Can you take hold of your ankle? Left arm comes up, other arm comes up and stretch in the opposite direction and again, hand comes to the floor.

This hand comes up and push your hip down and your shoulder down as you your hip and your armpit should be pulling away from each other. The left hand is used to get that opening and then change sides. Grab your ankle, lift the other arm up. Just grab here, lift the other arm up. Oh, and can you, this hand is up and stretch and back. And one more time. Hold and open up those right ribs as you stretch.

No other way. Other way. The easy way, Tim, stretch to the right hip goes down and the right armpit opens up and back. Change hands and lift the arm up and open up the whole side of the body and back. Good. Let's have you changed legs so the legs come to the other side. [inaudible] so Deb, much too complicated. Why don't you face this way? It'll just be easier for you. Yes, there we go. There we go. So I need to change my legs too.

So right hand is on the floor. Use Your right hand to push this leg. That's it. This left hip goes down so that then you, what you're looking to get is as much space from this arm to this from the hip to the armpit. So push the hip down and stretch your ribs in our position and back. Hold the ankle, stretch this arm up and stretch in the opposite direction and back and again, hand to the floor and other arm is up and you press the hip. There we go. Opening out the side of the body and then back.

Grab the leg and stretch and back. One more time. Stretch and pressed. Open this whole side body nice and long and back and other side and stretch and back. Very good. Come onto your hands and knees. Yes, with the knees under the hips, the shoulders just above your own wrists and round your spine. So as you round spread the shoulder blades and keep, let the head drop and spread the shoulders away from the ears that they had dropped and press press up into my waist. Yes, yes Tim, let's get you just a little bit further forward. Push against my hand, up, up, bottom under the even more. Oh yes.

So all of this is even more right into, that's it. Let the head fall. So you really rounded right against my hand. Push up, up, up, up, up. So the waist is coming up and the tail is under Bra. Now reverse it. Secure bottom out wastes, drops, ribs drops.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together and press your chest forward and take your pace up to stretching the front of your throat. And this is dropping. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Yes. Even more. Even more. So this whole rib cage, elbows are straight. No lab. Yeah, that. Let this squeeze your shoulder blade. Yes. Let your ribcage drop. Shoulders down, shoulders down. That's it.

That's it. Good. And again, round up again. Push away from the floor. Tailbone way under you. Nope, just that's it. That's it. Shoulders away from the ears. Neck is very, very long. Much better. Much, much, much better. And I'll start taking the tail up. Let the waist drop the ribs, drop the elbow. Say Straight though. Elbow.

Stay Straight and your head is forward. So now you're looking forward. Elbow straight. Yes. Shoulders away from the ears. Yes. So right between you can be forward, but the shoulders are down. That's it. So right between the shoulder blades, try and squeeze. Yes. Okay. Sit back into your heels. Child's pose and take the hands down by your feet with the palms up and let the elbows drop.

So right here, if you let the elbows relax as much as you can, you can get another nice opening lift two hitches for a second team and drop it down so you have something to relax. So you let those shoulders really spread apart and broad, right? Kind of around the heart center and take a few deep breaths and feel the breath go all the way into the sacred and the tailbone. Okay. And then come up to sitting. Just come up and just cross [inaudible].

If you open your knees and cross your feet, you can roll back and seal. So just bring yourselves forward to the front of your mat. Lift the feet up so that they're quite high. It actually makes it easier. Feel that openness in your back. You would just working on. Only thing is Wendy. Shoulders down and clap three times. Clap, clap, clap, roll back and roll up again and again. Clap, clap, clap, roll back and roll up.

And one more time. Clap, clap, clap, roll back and roll up. And three more. Rolling like a ball. So grab behind the knees or just, just nice, easy rolling. One and two and rolling three and just come to across like a position. We'll just be different. We won't stand up today, so thank you very much. You did really, really well.


Love this! Feel superb after this luxurious hour. Thank you.
thank you Eden, glad you enjoyed this workout.
Great sunday morning stretch. Thanks Niedra, always enjoy your classes.
Good for you Philip, I saw you are dealing with a delicate spine and I am very happy to know Pilates is helping, it can do wonders.
I am upset that the class was stopped by non working video
Beverly ~ I have just sent you an email to help with the playback issue. This is our FAQ on playback issues. Please email if anyone ever has an issue.

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