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Advanced BASI Mat Flow

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Get your heart pumping with this advanced level BASI Flow class. Meredith leads you through a difficult sequence designed to challenge your mind and body. Featuring favorites like Control Balance, Jack Knife, Twist, Swan Dive and many more. Enjoy!
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Feb 01, 2013
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Hi, we're going to do on advance level free flowing, moving class tonight. So, um, look after yourself. If you need to modify something, you should, but most of all have fun. Here we go. So sitting up holding the backsides of the legs, using the arms to pull the spine out. Take just a moment here on close your eyes. Feel the bony structure of the feet, the inside and the outside of the feet. Feel energy drawing through the insides of the shins up through the insides of the thighs, up through the inside of the spine and out through the top of the head. And from there inhale, feel the how the ribs, the ribs they expand to this size and that allows a little bit more buoyancy to happen through the body. And exhale, drop backwards against the spine with the abdomen and just gently support that feeling. One more breath with no movement. Inhale, feeling again that outside that expansion, that three dimensional movement of the rib cage. And now exhale, gently take that back towards the midline of the body.

And we move in here. [inaudible]. As you exhale, keep us from hold on your legs. Tilt the pelvis under, working deeply through the ABS, trying to move the lower spine and Enia we lift and exhale again. Feel the naval draw back towards the spine. Almost imagine that you're trying to hold your body up with your upper body and fight that with your lower spine and your abdominal. Then inhale, let everything be easy. Become a and exhale. Draw in deeply. Feel the shoulder blades heavy and in. Yeah, and now letting me arms go. We exhale and around the spine, down, rolling down, passing the pelvis, passing the pelvis, keeping the feet down on the ground in. You'll take the arms wide. Exhale, press the arms back through space or to curl yourself back forward.

Take your body very close to your thighs. Reach out on the diagonal with this spine and open the arms out to the side. Inhale. Exhale. Press the air through space. Roll backwards. Feel the feet connected to the floor. Inhale, arm down XL. Press the or out of the center of the body. Reaching forward, rolling the spine.

[inaudible] taking the body forward over the thighs and then opening the arms out to the side, coming up in an extension and too straight and inhale and exhale, pressing through space, curling backwards. [inaudible] housing. When you get down at the bottom, this is going to be our last one like this, so make it all that it, make it what it's worth to you. Curling forward, curling forward, stretching the chest all the way along the size, reaching out through the spine, reaching out through the arms. Rotate the palms up and just lift the chest up and reach the arms forward and exhale to curl down. Again, feeling an active commitment to the positioning of the feet. Hold here. Either keep the arms floating or are hold onto your legs.

We're taking the left arm and reaching back. Follow it with your eyes and exhale, seeing come through the center of the body, bring it back and inhale the right arm reaches up and Exhale, sink to the center of the body to come back and inhale, open and Xcel for us like you're closing the door with that RMN. Inhale, reach and exhale back. And then he'll reach, reach the opposite arm away from you as well. Annex. They'll say, come back and inhale Cheree and exhale to come back and inhale, hold. Exhale. We take the body forward, curling inwards into our own bodies, reaching forward, allowing the spine to eat along, gait, pressing the spine out along the size, taking the arms out to the side as we lift to a straight back. Inhale, bring the right arm to the left arm. Rotate in that direction.

Xcel as you round down through that side. Come right down towards that left shoulder blade. Inhale, open the right arm to the side. Rotate the left arm to the side here as the next sale. We continue excelling as we lift all the way up into rotation and unwind. Inhale, the left arm comes to the right.

Exhale we round out in just off center of the spine on the right side. Inhale, we open. Exhale, take the right arm to the left arm. Keep excelling as you lift up, reaching, reaching, sitting all the way up at the top end. Open to this side and again, inhale and exhale. We go down, down, holding here on this side. Don't open yet. We're going to lift four, five, and and curling in Ruth's four and pressing the shoulders down here is three and here's two and down. Here's one. Hold it down. Open the rider. Bring the left arm to the right arm and oral all the way up that side. Finally unwinding in the center and inhale, the left arm comes to the right and Xcel.

The pelvis moves out from underneath us. We hold here and now just bending the spine even where it's five and four and three and two and one going down to the tip of the shoulder. Open the left arm out to the side. Bring the right arm to the left arm. Exhale up that side. Lifting, lifting. Find yourself all the way to a straight back. Open up through center. Keep the arms wide, XL. We curl ourselves down. Oh, it's a little tough, but you can make it tilting the tailbone under.

Want you to get all the way down to your lower back. And then I want you to slide your feet in, reaching your arms towards your feet. Prove it to yourself that you can touch yourself on your ankles in light all the way down. I might just scoot forward on my mountain. Here we go. In here, coming through a pelvic curl, we exhale building the spine, starting by flattening through the spine into the mat, lifting bone by bone, away from the mat. Pause to breathe in. Press the upper arms into the mat. Exhale, round down chest ribs, articulating the spine or reaching the arms. Four. Drop the pelvis all the way to heavy. Inhale and exhale we roll.

We're going to do this three times in here and exhale, reaching the arms forward. Feel the length of the neck, the length of the spine, so you're pulling your spine longer in both directions. And one more exhale, pressing down through the arms as the pelvis lifts up, keeping the rib cage below the pelvis in here, and exhale, we come down down creating a long neck, reaching, reaching an inhale. Exhale, lifting right back up again. We lift the left leg off the mat, we exhale to roll the spine down, press the arms into the mat, drop all the way to neutral. Inhale, exhale, build the spine back, working to keep the hips level and inhale and exhale. Ozu reached down guiding the vertebras individually into the mat and exhale to lift back up. Check in with your shoulders. Check in with your neck, checking with that supporting leg. One more rolling down and rolling up and placing the left leg down. Adjusting the pelvis to straight. Lifting the right leg. We roll the spine down, keeping the legs parallel to one another and we roll the spine back up, pressing through the backside of that leg. An inhale and exhale.

Try to keep the leg that's in the air at a 90 degree angle to the hip throughout so you don't pull with your leg. As you lift up, you lift with your spine. Pausing to breathe in, breathing out. As we once again, articulate the spine down. Feel the length of the neck, the length of the arms. We roll back up, placing the right leg down, breathing in and breathing out to come down. As your spine reaches down, flip the arms over. Flip the ponds up, take the arms out to your sides. Lift one leg at the bottom, lift the other leg at the bottom. We glue the legs together and inhale, twist to the left and exhale, reaching back into center. And inhale, we twist to the right and we reach pulling deeply through the center of the body. Come to center and in here and Exhale, come into center and inhale and pull away from the knees with the abdominals in both directions.

Now as your knees go to the left, lift your body and your left arm. Reach across that right thought and come home. And exhale. We reach and inhale to come home and exhale to reach and inhale to come home and exhale to reach and inhale to come home. Last time. Hold here we stay lifted. Take your bottom arm off the floor, reach it up towards your top arm and a little lift and lift and lift and lift and lift. Lower the ride on. Lower the body to center. Left arm comes down, reaching the legs over to the opposite side, lifting the spine up, reaching the right arm across the left side. Bring the left arm to meet it. Balance and lift, deepen, and a three of fuss. He was number one.

I want you to unwind your body and your arms. Bring your hands behind your head and carefully place your legs down onto the mat. Legs all the way together. Inhale, exhale. Feel the front of the ribs. Draw down into the mat. Keep the head heavy in the hands, curling up into a chest lift. Inhale, bend the spine. Come halfway up into a pelvic curl. Keep the lower rib on the mat. As the pelvis goes down, I want you to fight for hyped in your trunk and we go down.

Here's the breath. Exhale, tilt left in the hill to pick up the pelvis. Exhale to lower the pole. This down, lifting the spine, and I lost the breath. Exhale to lift. I don't know. What is it in heel? I think we should breathe. Make it make sense. Exhale. I think we need an inhale somewhere in here and an exhale to lower the body down with control. Inhale, one more and I feel to lift pause as you Breo lift the pelvis. As you breathe in, lower the pelvis. As you breathe out, curling the spine up in.

He'll start coming down and then finish with the exhale again in here. Exhale, curl the head and chest. Sta. Pause here to rotate to your left. Pick the pelvis up, lower the pelvis down, lifting the chest even higher. Bring your body to the center, rotate to the right. Pick the pelvis, lower the pelvis down, lifting the trunk even higher, coming to center and take it to the mat. Again, lifting in the head and chest. Rotate this time to your right. Then lift the pelvis up and lower the pelvis down. Pulling the spine forward. Come to center, rotate to the left.

Lift the pelvis up. Lower the fall vis down, keeping the neck one come to center, holding your body and center. Reach forward. Lift your legs. Inhale, reach the legs away. Exhale, pull the legs. Inhale it though. Like screech away. Excellent digging, deep, pulling nice and deeply in through the center. One more in here, and exhale. Inhale, lift the arms up. Take the upper body over the top. Take one moment. Breathe in, exhale to lift up.

We stretch the legs forward and inhale and exhale. Two, three, four, five for the hundreds. [inaudible] feel the reach of the arms. Exhale, feel the long breath. [inaudible] [inaudible] fill the reach of the legs. An exhale. Now bend the knees in India. Keep pumping the arms. Exhale two, three, four, five.

The legs go straight in here we pull to three pressing the chestnut thighs together. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, arms are long and strike Aksia in here. Excellent. Last for one in here in excellent. Inhale and again. Exhale. Place the feet down onto the floor. Stretch the legs out. Breathe in. Exhale, lift the body all the way up off the mat. Whoa. That was tough. Shoulders over the pelvis, breathing and we now will round the spine down.

Let the shoulders come down, the head comes down, arms reaching up. Inhale hadn't just come on. So we pull through the spine at the top, say very focused, very focused into the middle of the body. And now bill rotating the pelvis, lowering the spine, start reaching up through the arms as soon as you can. So the arms and the head come down and lift up in one piece. And I go two more times here. Rolling back and lifting and strong in her thighs and pressing down with the backsides of the legs. And one more. Rolling down.

I'm lifting up and lifting the back, reaching the arms out to the sides, rotate the palms to face out, flex through the feet, and we spiral across to the left, twisting and find center and twisting to the right and center and s spiraling upwards. Here's a place where it in my mind, helps to be a little easy with your spine. So if you force down, try to lock in, it's gonna limit you. So let it be free. Reach through the eyes and center and reach up through the spine and center and twisting and center and twisting. Holding. Here we reach the arms. I want you to feel that the arms are pulling the spine.

Reaching Taller shoulders are heavy, narrow arms. Reach the arms down, but build the spine even straight or keeping the feet lined up. Twist a little bit more and find center to rotate the opposite direction. Reaching, breathing, opening the arms too with sing a little more. Finding Center, sliding the feet and reaching for the ankles. Lifting the feet up off the mat.

We rock back on the inhale and rock back on Max here and in here and XF and India and lifting say round. Shoulders over the pelvis. Deep, deep abdominals. One more. Rolling back, rolling the hands. Come to the tops of the knees. We curl the spine away from the thighs, lowering our body to the mat. Feel the shoulders, the pelvis, everything nice and heavy or steady. Anyway, the shoulders are pulling forward. The arms and the legs reach away from one another.

They circle to come back or the arms circle in her reach. Double leg stretch. Exhale, come back. See if you can keep your arms straight and touch your hands together at the top and pull deeply in and now reaching and pulling deeply. And as your legs go forward and your arms reach up, try to lift your body higher and center and were reach up and back. And we do four more all the way out. Anil and three and reaching around and two reaching around and [inaudible].

We take both hands to the left knee. We stretch the right leg forward, pushing down on the left knee and switch. Press the thigh bone heavy into the ground with your arms as you curl your body up towards the [inaudible]. Here's number three, a five, three, two, two, changing it on five heres one or another. Left knee comes in, we take it into a bicycle and we sweat bicycle. Holding onto that moving way, reaching, bending and pulling in the ending and pulling the body up to the thought. Start to guide the bottom leg away a little further each time. Last one and last one.

Bring both legs up externally. Rotate hands behind the head. We lower the legs, we pull the legs back. We keep the sigh bones pressing together, reaching the legs out and pulling back. And one more and we're reaching. I am pulling back and now bend the knees into a frog position.

Stretch the legs out. Point the feet in. Lift, bend. Reach out. Keeping the body high. Point to feed. Enlist Ben Flex reach ah, point and lift. Reverse where you go down we bend, we flex up and point to lower bend and flex and point till our last one. Ben Did reach a point to lower bend your left knee.

Criss Cross and across, keeping the body nice and high, keeping the CIBA pooling inwards. Two more and then we add the bicycle action. One more. Here it comes. Bend the left knee. Stirrer Chit up and chain reaching the right laid up and as that leg closest to you, it's reaching up. The opposite arm is reaching out. Out Far, far away. Last too. One more. One more.

Bring both legs to the middle. Bend journeys were hold behind your side. Get a little rocking action happening. Little rocking action. I don't roll up all the way sitting tall, separating the feet, reaching the arms forward for this spine. Stretch in here. Exhale, taking the body forward and reaching out, reaching out, pressing the backs of the knees down into the floor. Breathing in and breathing out. Lifting, reaching up. Eyes come forward in here. Hug The middle of your body with your arms reaching forward.

[inaudible] stretching forward further each time and building the spine backup. Last one in healing. We take it forward preaching and we lift up and now bend your arms. Turn the palms face up. Imagine you have a heavy police system against your hands. Bring your elbows backwards and lean forward with your body. Take the arms all the way over the top, reaching out through the arms, reaching it and take it all the way forward to lift back up in here and as you exhale, as I'm changing it just a little bit, been as the elbows bend, start to fall over your legs, straighten the arms, straighten them back. Both of those things happen at the same time.

Take the arms up overhead, reaching the spine out through the arms and then dive down and roll up and in here. Then the elbows around the spine forward. Stretch the back. Stretch the arms reach, cycle the arms forward. Pull the spine forward with the arms. Dive down. Roll Up. Number one, bend the elbows. Round the spine. Stretch the arms. Stretch the back. Reach out, reach, reach forward.

Take a hold of your ankles, bend your knees, lift your spine, stretch the legs up. We will roll back and we roll. Maybe good keeping the back long. Just round the lower spine. Then rock back. Then keep the lower spine round and lift all the way up.

And now rounding and and rocking up and left and rounding and rocking up to the left. One rolling back. Rolling on. Holding at the top. We let go. Taking the arms overhead very slowly, lowering the legs as the legs lower. This spine lifts into the air. Take your arms out to your sides. Rotate to your left and sa and reach the front and forward in the back.

Arm. Back as you reach up on the diagonal and return inhale as you rotate the opposite way. Exhale as you dive forward, oppositional arms and long back on the way up and home and spiraling the body. And I'm reaching out in Yella and find center and rotate and the arms pull away from one another, but they also press oppositionally to one another and reaching out and sent to last time to both sides. We spiral when you take it forward and we stretch and bring home last one in reaching forward and stretch up and come home. And then as you lift your arms up overhead, slide your legs together, reach the spine, take the arms behind you, fingers facing, press through the arms, press through the legs and lift the pelvis up. Reaching into a straight line with your body, using the legs to help you lift through the chest and then sitting down. And again, we excellent reach the fitter reaching towards the floor.

The abdominals are reaching towards the floor as the chest just floats up into the air and we sit down, keeping the spine long throughout and reach up and yeah, and reach up. Yeah. Holding here we lift the left leg and Ah, and Ah, ah, and switch, right like goes left and, and lift and lift and down. The pelvis comes down, the arms reach up. We take that into the air. We reach all the way forward over the length. Give yourself a moment here to take a little stretch and then roll yourself.

No, don't sit up tall. We'll do the neck. Hands behind the head. We reach out through the spine the last possible moment. Reluctantly peel the pelvis down into the floor. Keep the legs strong in here, the head and chest. Exhale, reaching forward. Take the head all the way out, pulling the neck out and forward over the feet. So how I want you to think, not of pushing down on your head with your hands, but I've always pulling up word with it. Even here reaching the head, almost using that pull up on the head to resist the downward pull of the spine and inhale to left and curling and here we pull up on the neck and then as we go forward over the legs we pull the head forward, increasing the length in the spine and build the back back tall last time.

Hinting back and curling under long spine, shoulders down, reaching into the mat and lifting, curling up, taking it all the way forward. Lifting now taking the arms forward, slide the knees in or you could scoot towards your feet. We're rolling down, getting the feet nice and close. How close can you get your feet and still roll down with control? That's a good question. Meredith is asking that question to myself, but how'd you go here? We go in here, pelvic or lifting the spine out. Find a long straight line. We lift the left leg off the floor, we stretch it into the, take it down towards the mat and flex up down towards the mat and flex up one more and flex up. Now Bend, reach down into the floor and flex up. Bend the knee, reach into the floor and flex up and one more, keeping the pelvis lifted and left and then reverse reached down.

Try to drag the foot along the mat and then up and down away from you, dragging the foot along the mat. And last one, dragging the foot along the mat and lift and lift with the hips and then the knee and readjust the pelvis if necessary. Here we go straight to the other side. The right leg comes up off the mat. We take it down and up and it's just reaching, exploring how far you can go with no change in spinal pressure and oven. And then we reached down. Oh, I just reversed it, but that's okay. We bend and lift up, reaching to the mat, bending and lifting up.

Last time, bending and lifting up. Reverse. Bend the knee. Reach down into the mat, but press the hips up high and up. Bend. Reach down, pressing the arms into the mat and up. Last one, bend reaching out, lift up. Then the knee. Lift the hips, round the spine as the pelvis comes down into the mat, float the knees up, stretch the legs up, reach the legs away. We lift the legs up. We take the body over. Taking your time here, flexing through the seat, separating the fee, and we're rolling the spine into the floor, into the mat. In between the hands using the abdominals, reaching down point.

Circle down and touch in here and we're rolling off and flex. Separate and back of the legs. Reaching backwards by eyes coming close to the body and circle to lift and staying here. We slide the arms up to meet the fee. We put the feed into the lifting through the spy. Anger Down with the arms. Stretch the right leg into the air all the way up into the ceiling.

Reach, reach and change arms or on the floor. Reach, reach and change. Lift through the back extensors. Lift and press forward with the lake so it goes up, up in, away reaching Richie, Richie, this is our last one. We're going to lift. We're going to bring the legs down, keeping the legs here.

Fly the arms back down to the mat. Shifts the legs to the right. Alright. Roll down the right side of the spine. Roll around the pelvis, lift up the left side of the spine and find center. Inhale as the pelvis shifts XLE. Roll down. Fly the legs around. Roll at the right side and find, Huh? One more time through. Rolling down.

Spiraling around the hips and up center last time to the other side. When you take it down, they bring it all the way around. Lift up. We come back to center and from center rolling all the way all the way down and bend the knees. Just let both knees reach over to one side. Both knees. Reach over to one side, turn your head the other way. Come back to center. Both knees go the other way.

Turn the head to opposition. Come back to center. Lifting the legs back in towards the body. One at a time. Stretching the legs on a low diagonal, lifting them to vertical. You're going the Jack Knife. We go over, we go first down then, ah, all the way an inhale and exhale slowly through the spine, coming down, pressing the legs away from you, controlling the work, controlling the arms, controlling the shoulders, taking the legs down, lifting up and exhale, reaching over. And then he'll go down there. Oh, up all the way. And now slowly down.

Yeah, that last one. Lifting up all the way over and then up and all the way down. So as the pelvis comes down, start lifting the head, reaching the spine forward, taking the legs forward. But the arms come away from the Mat. We're rolling through the spine nice and easy. We lift the back, we lift, and we bring the arms back forward. Rounding through the spine.

Take the arms over here. Inhale, rolling all the way back, keeping the shoulders depressed, finding that nice long back, reaching through the arms and rolling. Have One more lifting, rolling up, keeping the arms forward, keeping the arms forward. We lower the our legs and lift the arms and rivers in your arms, up, legs, down and XL and reach. And how many. Now we split the whole body away from itself, reaching all the down and the whole body comes back reaching, lifting ease, and the arms reach forward. As the legs begin their descent, her body comes down, the hands and the head come down and lifting, reaching up. And last one, taking the arms forward, allowing the legs to travel down and away from you and lifting. Curling in on yourself, reaching, holding.

Bend your knees, Cross your ankles, stretch forward over your legs. UNCROSS your feet. Crossed the opposite. Like forward. Stretch, forward over the legs. Rollover your feet, stretch the legs behind you. I'm sona, Justin. Underneath the shoulders we step one leg back. Let me step the other leg back. Hold here.

Pointing the right foot. It lifts app and yeah. Ah, and Ah, and down, up and down. Last one. Body stays still. Now round your spine, bringing your knee into your nose. Don't let your shoulders change. It's just spinal movement. Hip flection and back and spinal flection. Hip flection and last too. And what? And they'll keep it in the leg up. We lift the body, reaching the leg into the air.

Keep the head just between the arms. Reach down, tap the top of the right foot on the mat and lift the whole the way back. Pressing up into that nice long and reaching down. Lifting up and reaching down and lifting. Okay, last one. Lifting up. [inaudible] let you take the leg down. Wait, turn.

Bring the left arm into the middle of the mat. Roll over the sheet. Lifting the right arm. Bend your knees to the Mat. Well, I need something that's not slippery under my hand. Here I am. Okay, here we go. Side Ben. How to think a minute. What did we just do? Right side. Okay, I'm ready. We lift up. Reach all the way up into a ring, taking the body out.

Bring the body to neutral Ben to come down and left and reach up and come back and down and left and easy lifting through the left waist, reaching the arm up overhead. Find the middle, dropped the bottom knee. Lift the top leg up. Bring the hand behind the head, flexing the leg, bring it forward and reach up and back. Bring it forward and reach up and back, keeping the body law and reach up in back and to reaching up and back. And one more. I know we bicycle, bending the knee, stretching it forward and slide it back. And then reaching forward and slide back and then pressing the head into the hands counter balancing that forward pull of the leg and the last one, I now reach forward and bend and reach back and forward and band and worried back at three of five. Then to take it back, lifting it higher each time, higher than you believe that you can.

Last two last one. Now it stays lifted and we take the right hand off that and we turn back towards the Mat. But the right leg is still in the air. So rotating your body back forward, leaving the right leg in the air. Bring your elbows into your body, but lift the right leg all the way to the ceiling. Touch the nose on the mat and presser and bending. Lifting the right leg and presser.

Let your leg help you as you bring your body too. The map and [inaudible] last too, reaching down, reaching up and left. Last one. [inaudible] and bring the right Nan. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really hot and sweaty. Here we go. Taking the right leg straight, taking the left leg strain. We now lift the left leg. He goes up and down. Body stays stuck. Three of five. Number two, last one. Round the spine. Keep the shoulders exactly where they are and reach out around the spine.

[inaudible] here's three and bring it back and to bring it back now and bring it back. And now lift the body, pressing the leg, pressing the spine through and reach down. Top the top of the foot. And again, we lift up, pressing the heel down, lifting that left leg and and range. Almost like you're rebounding off the mat each time and left and left. I know he come down and we take the right hand to the center of the Mat.

You roll to the outside of the feet, lifting the left John and we bend down. Wow. Why am I sweating and calling? Here we go. So the side backed, lifting on, taking that side, body reaching, reaching, just the arm travels overhead and then we take it to the side and we bend down and neo stabilizing the shoulder, lifting, reaching up nice and high. Bring that bottom shoulder blade scapula down in, forward towards the front of the ribs. And one more. Reaching up, taking it over, bringing it back, bending your knee, lifting the left leg and behind that who I fight goes forward and reaches up and back and goes forward. And the shoulders are super still. Here's three out of five.

Keeping the head reaching up into the hands. Four and last one. And now we do a bicycle. We bend, reaching like forward as the leg goes forward, counterbalance I pressing back into the hand with the head. Here's three and back number two and last one. And now we revise going forward. Bend, reach up and back, bringing it forward, keeping the shoulder steady. I've been back three of five.

Reach higher each time. Two Oh five nice. And last time. I know we keep [inaudible] that leg in the air. We let the left arm go, we turn back towards the Mat, adjusting not bent mean to face forward. And now we'd bend the elbows towards the body lifting the left like all the way to touch the ceiling and up. Press out with your arms like stays high. And now I've been in region and press oh again, we're reaching out and then press last to using the back of the light.

Feeling the others come into the waist. Lauren, all the way to the mat and left last one. Oh yeah, I left that knee and slide the legs out along the Mat. Lower the body down. Okay. Turning the head to face the left. Reaching the arms up the back. Slide them all the way up your back, dropping the elbows to the ground, lifting the abdominals, lengthening the legs, kicking in one, keeping the body style and we reach long.

Well, um, so it's the elbows come high. They also have the others go la. The handles come [inaudible] head in the feet, pulling in opposite directions and [inaudible]. Keck, two three n rich and Keck, two three [inaudible] range. Um, last one. Both sides. Two three hand range. All right, last one, one, two and or h? Nah, we keep the legs there.

We let the arms reach forward trying to take the arms higher and higher and higher. Left arm, right leg, right arm left like in two, three Oh two three, controlling the movement of the body. Yeah. Yeah. Two, three, four, two, three. Breathe in and Allan and three an hour and two. Well I don't want and now reach everything higher, longer and the worry everything carefully to the mat. Okay. Take a moment to let the back settle first yourself. Sit back towards your feet reaching. Let, allowing the spine to stretch.

Rolling Yourself. Baca. Crossing the right leg over the left. We do the reaching up. Feel the bottom hip. Lift up, reach for your feet and continue to spiral the spine under reaching for that opposite side. Come back and now take the body and hover. Stabilizing, lifting up out of the shoulder and lifting. Reaching under, moving the pelvis, taking the spine through, going towards the leg, and then continuing underneath the armpit and then back and left last one and reaching under, lifting the pelvis up, pressing up in, in through the abdominals and coming back and bend your bottom knee and bend your head any and just lifting all the way.

You take it over to the other side. Yeah, saddling and top leg over the bottom line. Arm out to the side, reaching out [inaudible] and lifting the pelvis. Reaching through. Think about pushing out of your arm or pushing. Use your arm to push towards your legs with your spine. Reach Open.

[inaudible] anemia. [inaudible] an Axa. Feeling the movement inside, not just performing outside and reaching back. And Dan going away from the eye, I don't know if not reaching over under or whatever. No. Reaching back and bending the bottom knee and bending the other knee and lifting up, taking the arms to the sides, keeping them up straight across. We just reach over to one side and now take that top arm and tig it over your head. Increasing the stretch.

Maybe your fingertips can come all the way to the ground. Lift the arm, lift through the waist. Let me go the other way. Reaching over, taking the armor. Press through the opposite knee. Thigh. Just heavy on that side. Lift the arm up now just ease and I see easy hat. Now last one, very chill over. Oh my gosh. I just got like two inches further to the ground.

I wasn't expecting that. And last day I'll take the arm and we lift the arm and lift up. Now he turned back to the man coming on to the hands and knees curling the spine. Rounding through the spine into the cat stretch. No, no. Right. And now holding the pelvis still we extend through the upper spine and find center and it just go two more times through curling [inaudible] under, under, under maximizing the curvature in that lower spine and release and then holding the palace. So as we arise out and forward through the chest, [inaudible] center and last one. Yes. Pressing the floor away and finding center and extending the spine. Finding Center in.

Escalate your knees right up into your hands. Come onto your toes. So the trick to this exercise is to stay weighted over your arms. So do that. Wait your arms, almost like you could lift your feet all the way off the floor. That's how much weight in your arms round your spine. This is the knee stretch. Take the right leg off. We keep that left knee nice and low and exhale and back.

Exhale, the knee comes in at three and two and no ones put it down and switch x, Z, and d, even the curvature of the spine, spines. It's not about the like. OOPS, Meredith. Keep that right knee down in two. And when I'm placed the Fita, I lower the knees to them and lower your spine to the mat all the way. [inaudible] we're gonna finish with this one I love. We'll do a couple of preps first. So bringing the arms just next to the body, energizing through the legs. We lift the head as the head comes up, pull the shoulders and the elbows back. Creating a sense of making traction through the upper spine and then lifting.

Be Easy on your arms. If they're doing anything, they're going backwards but don't push down yet. So you go and you come up as high as you can without actually pushing up with your arms. And then at the last moment, the Obas leave the map and we reach out taking the spine out and forward and forward. And as we come down, the first thing to come down as the elbows, they pulled towards the waist. As we undulate the body for, we lift the legs up and here's the rocky. We reach out through that, dropping the elbows down, get them on and out as long as you can. And at the very last moment, let them preaching, preaching, and then elbows down. And then pulling the spine forward, lifting the legs. One more time. The head comes up the arm. Start working at the last minute.

Let it be spinal movement. Can I come down one more time? And then N***a, we're going to go for the real deal. So you don't want to do this one swan dive. Let's keep doing the prep. Elbows calm down, stretch the body, reaching the forehead down. And here we go. It's that alternating legs, spinal energy that's going to keep your rocking. My next piece of advice is to work. Your shoulder flexes.

Read you very much through them. Here we go. Okay. Lifting the spine panelists, spine and legs. Last one. Placing the hands down, lifting onto their knees. Hey, reaching all the way back towards the fee. [inaudible] you see, using your way back.

[inaudible] I know. Lifting through the spine roll forward. I find the shoulders coming over the hands. We tilt the tailbone back, straightening out the back, reaching back over the feet with a straight spine. Press the shoulders down, pressing the floor away from you and one way. Exhale. Curling the back, bringing the shoulders over the hands, lifting the pelvis, pressing the mat forward away from you and just sitting down, settling into the hips. Taking three breaths, three, four breaths, expanding into the back of the body. Exhale, use your arms to push your pelvis close to two feet and have another breath there. Celebrating your body, your mind, and your spirit and rolling up when you're ready.


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Wow Meredith. The best one of yours yet! Demanding but a great flow and challenge!
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Truly the "Best Of" Meredith!!Loved the transitions especially the spine stretch forward into open leg rocker and your swan dive was was perfection beyond words!! Your ab work is always killer but I really loved the extras and you did my favorites too!! Loved it! thanks soo much!
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Absolutely wonderful and energizing class, Meredith! Great flow, clear cueing...a real joy...thank you!
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I got so much out of this class. I always expect many benefits from Meredith's precise and creative cueing, challenging core work and beautiful flow and transitions - but this particular class went above and beyond already sky-high expectations. Thank you so much for being my teacher!
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Thank you so much! It reinforces everything I'm learning. Nice to meet you in person.
WOW! Thanks for the amazing feedback guys and for taking class with me! Nice to meet you too Darlene :)
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woa! serious work yet deeeliteful, as always, Meredith.
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Wha...... I need to practice more! I got left behind in exhaustion, loved watching you do the swan dive! Awesome , I am in awe. You inspire me to keep going and never give up! Loved it, well the first half. hahahaha.
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This was a challenging and fun class! Your arabesque, swan dive, etc are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you Meredith, I look forward to taking more of your classes.
Thanks for the kind words ladies!!
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