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Push Through Bar Flow

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In this class, Adrianne Crawford gives you a "good taste" of the Push Through Bar on the Cadillac. Offering detailed cues along the way, you will leave this short (17 minutes) class with your shoulders open, your powerhouse challenged and your spine feeling supple!
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Okay. So Pema, I'm going to have you sit up on the table, have you come to the front? And I'm going to have her do some back arms. So move forward with the push through bar. We're not going to do a whole lot of Cadillac, but we're gonna do a little push through Barb. So relax your feet. So what I'm going to have her do and to make sure she didn't have any shoulder injuries, let me just adjust this spring you wanted on the lower hook and she's on a red spring. I to take that bar down and I'd like you to move backwards. She's got a little too much distance. That's it.

She needs to be able to reach this comfortably. So she's going to reach back with her arms and put her palms on here. That looks pretty good. Now the closer your hands are together, the better. So if you can bring them closer inside, you're able to pull the hands closer. Okay, good. Alright. Tendencies to lock your elbows here.

Try not to lock those elbows, keep them soft, otherwise you'll hurt your elbows. Drop your chin, relax your feet. And your knees. Very good. All it is is a stretch for the [inaudible] chest. Shoulders, great stretch. You're going to start around backwards like you were going into a rollback. You're going to curl your hips, you're going to go back.

You're going to take it slow here. You stay out of those elbows. Tuck your hips under, under, under. That looks good. Oh, right there. She might have a little more range to go back. Tuck the hips. Very nice. So she's getting nice openness in her chest and it feels good here. Now she's going to come forward, so do not going any further.

Now you're going to round forward. We're putting your nose between your knees. Now this is important to understand that this spring is going to feel like it's going to pop up, so you have to go slow. Stay in control, squeeze the shoulders back, let the bar bring it set, bring you up. Very nice. [inaudible] feels fantastic just to get that openness in the upper back. Soft and the knees. Very good. Pulling in. Start to lower the bar. Don't pull with your elbows. So soft elbows.

Yup. Soft. Very good. [inaudible] so I'm just spotting her. I'm here if she needs me. Huh? Bring these together. Curl the hip under. Take advantage of that wonderful stretch back. That's good to not get your hips under a little bit more. That's it.

That's what I wanted to see and come forward. They do this about three times. Generally the hands will start to slip apart, which hers have. You can always have them bring them back in or you can do that yourself. Bring your hands closer. Yeah, get that stretch. The bar will kind of lift and give you a nice stretch in here. Scoping.

One more time. So this is her third time. Good. She remember to keep her elbow soft. [inaudible] good. She's adjusting your hands so it's comfortable. Hmm. Good. That's it. How are you feeling? Huh? Okay. Come forward.

Notice between your knees scooping and then you're going to bring those shorts. That's it. Let the bar start to lift. You left, left, left. There it is. Soft. Go ahead. Yes. Relaxed. [inaudible] all right. Now I'm going to help her pull this down to change her hand position.

She's going to flip her palms the opposite way, so they're going to go under [inaudible] again, try to get the hands as close together as possible, not locking the elbows. Same exact movement, but now she's switched her hand position one way will feel better than the other. You're going to start to come backwards. Good. And she's using her lower powerhouse. Soft. That's it. Nice and easy. Go ahead. Curl the hips and you could go a little bit further and you could squeeze in here more. That's a, so she gets that stretch up in here and bricks up.

Anything going on in her tension up here. The upper back. Let the weight help you fall forward. Let it take you. That's it. Now you stay controlled here so it doesn't pop up. [inaudible] good squeeze. Hmm. That's it. Now careful not to pull with the elbows as you bring that bar down.

Hm. She had to do tomorrow. So total of three each way. Okay, that's great. [inaudible] come forward. Okay. The bar is going to help come up. There's a nice stretch. Add last one.

Good. Yeah. Once you're back here, you can pull the shoulders back more crack that walnut, you know you do on pulling straps on the reformer and forward. Now I'm going to hold the bar cause now she's going to end up, let's just finish with this stretch. Bring those shoulders back together. [inaudible] we're going to finish here. She's going to end. I'm going to hold the bar.

She's gonna let go and reach for her toes so that her shoulders have time to adjust. They don't just circling again. You want to go straight down and forward? Yeah, to let them kind of adjust back. Good. I'm gonna have her lie on her back, right. [inaudible] you don't want them to circle up and back. You want to keep them in this down position. Okay.

I'm going to have her lie on her back for those teaser preps and she wants the bar right above her collarbone. So move backwards. Get some more room there. Why don't you keep going? I know it's close. Okay. I think that should work. I know it feels like you're going to stay. I think that's good. Cause when you come up it'll just fill the right position when you come up into your teaser.

So soft ne Sofie just start with the bending the elbows to the side, bringing the bar down, letting the elbows touch the mat. So your elbows touch now your hold the bar. Now you find your powerhouse. So get those reps now. Yes. And the back [inaudible]. Now drop your Chin to the back of the neck is nice and long. Very good. Now take the bar behind you and stretch.

I want to help give you an extra little pool, but I want you not to slide to sink your ribs down more. That's it. Feels really good. And then they elbows. Let them touch the mat. The bar's gonna want to pop up. So you stay in control by getting those ribs down and the bottom. Wrapping and arms come straight up. So let's do that two more times.

Same exact thing. Bend the arms, drop the elbows, find your powerhouse. Good. Then stretch back. Reach out as I pull. Sink. Yes and Ben. Good way to connect in here. Shoulders, pull down. Arms come up. Now on this one, you're going to add the roll up. So now bend the arms. Elbows touch. Yeah, I felt like she was holding her breath a little bit and stretch.

Good. And Bend South. South, south. You're a lake worker. Hair. All right, tagging. You may arms that. Now she's gonna come up into a roll up position. So curling her chin forward. Lengthening the neck. Relax a little bit, your chin, but it drop rate with the palms up so you don't even necessarily have to grip.

Push with your palms to lift your back. Now I can see you. We need to sit up more. Lift left. There it is. Now you're going to curl your chin down. So drop your gaze. Soft working here in those hips. Yes, the wrath. I don't hear you articulating lower back.

I'm going to hold it so you can have more pool. That's it. Tuck hips. There it is and rest. I gave her a little extra spring weight and bend the elbows. It helps. That's what the springs are for. And stretch back to help you find that position and bend and ribs.

Shoulders pull down. Chest stays open. Next Day's long. Drop your Chin a little bit. There you go. And start to lift your Chin head. Curl Your Chin down. Yeah. So you're not pulling from the back of the neck in reach with the palms, not gripping. There you go. Drop your Chin a little bit.

[inaudible] yeah, lift your back up, up, up, and start to calm down. I'm going to hold this. You round your back. Starting from down here. Articulate. Now where's the next one? Hopefully not in your knees. Good. And then the next one, and then the next one until you're all the way down. Alright, now you're going to bend the arms. Gray it back. We're going to add a little pump with the arms weariness. Stretch, remembering your power ass. Very nice. Bend sicking down, taking the arms up and curling it. Very good. Good. She didn't pull with the head this time. Now you first want to get way up here.

Now you're in a nice position. You're gonna bend the elbows behind your head and pump the bar up three times and stretch one stretch up into here. Two. One more time, Ben. And stretch. Now drop your chin. Lie Down. Lower back, middle back, palms. Good. Upper back, soft. Okay.

Now we're going to add on with your legs. Ready. Bend the arms and bring the bar back. Soft, soft, knees soft. Softie. Okay, good. Drop Your Chin just a little bit. There you go. And then for now, first you're going to start with your head being the heaviest part of the body. You're gonna curl it forward.

Now you're gonna add your legs as you come up into a teaser position. So keep curling in. Rounding, rounding, rounding. Good. Now, soft, soft. Good. Now get this left up in here. Whoa. Now you're just gonna lie down. Articulating like a trickle in a pond. One Vertebrae at a time. Drop Your Chin so the head's not back behind you.

[inaudible] tech soft. There you go. That's very good. And your arms and bring the bar back. Now you're going to add on. I want to move your legs a little to the left though. That's it. Okay. Now you're going to come back up and this time you're going to add a leg lower left. So I'll remind you when you get there.

So arms come up like a roll up. She rolling into herself. Not Straining or stressing anything. I hope. Good holding the left. Now. Little lower little lifts, three times one with just the legs too. Last one, staying tall. Three and now everything down under, under with the hips. That's it till she's all the way down.

Now we're going to do a little combination. Arms and legs. So ours come back. Now you're tending to move your legs as you lie down. Yeah. Stretch, stay centered, eh. Bring the arms up around into yourself. That's it. Key. Naf first you get a nice position. So tall and a hole. Now arms once. Stretch them up to the ceiling.

Long sights whole now legs, ones, just the legs. Little the down all the way up now. Arms, legs up, arms up, legs up and everything can come down. I'm straight. Tuck your chin. Articulate back here. Under yes. Under. There you go. And right there you're gonna finish in that boomerang position. So soft first the arms come back. You stretch back.

Good. Let's have you bring your hands in a little bit more so they're more aligned with your shoulders. Good. And Ben. Good. Do you remember your legs? You're gonna bend the arms and take the arms up. This is a nice little finish and little finale. Anna first come up and pull these down. Literally.

I want you to do that again and not lift with the head so much. So okay. Do that again. Drop your gaze. Ah, cause your gaze is taking you up. So drop your gaze towards your belly. That's it. And soft. Now come up legs. Now you find your position and you've got your legs up. Your close here. I want you to get your back up a little bit more. Hold. Stretch those arms away.

Up. Now you're going to find your balance by taking the hands off, for reaching for the toes. Stay up there. Take the hands back in your boomerang stretch, stretch, circle, and float softly down to your toes. That's it. Okay. Flip around for Kush though. It'll feel good after that too, so that you can see why their teaser preparations. Yes. Put your feet here later. Flex here in our reach up. Yeah. Wakes things up. Stretches things out. All right, so you're not pulling from the hands or the elbows.

It's powerhouse. Ready. You're gonna start round backwards, so drop your head. Flex your feet, curl your seat. Okay. You might have to turn your feet out a little bit. As you stretch forward, I'm going to give a little stretch, but as I pull you forward, I want to feel you pulling into here. There it is. Very good then soft. That's it. Now keep that scoop happening. Keep your palms on here.

Not so much gripping. Now started to come backwards. You might have to move your fate a little bit. That's fine. Then you get your feet adjusted back against her so they're lying again and you articulate. Rounding back down to the hips. Tuck. Not so much here. I had so much in those knees. Now you have more range. You could come back a little bit more. So under more with that rock.

There it is. That's what I wanted to see. And now arms up first, let the bar lift you. So the last thing up is your head. That's it. Now you want to push those palms and fingers up. Rich. Lift those sites up. Keep pulling in. Yes, that Amar scoop, but the ribs. There you go. It feels good. Now I'll feel it more in that sides and ready start to come back down. So your a lightly on here. You're just not pulling with the grip.

Drop your head soft can feel you're working up here. Work down here so it get the hips to curl. Okay, stretch forward. So I add one little correction. Watch your feet. You might have to turn them out so that when you go forward, you don't push on. The fate is not crunching your wrist. I use it as you're moving. Pull back. That's good. There's nice stretch. Good. Yeah.

Soft shoulders, Eh, start to come back. So your wrist should not bend. They should stay lying just like that one straight line. So they're not bending as you're moving. So that might mean sliding the hands forward as you're moving now, where's your yes, they're very nice. And let the bar lift you lift up and it'll do a nice little stretch to finish.

So about three of those. I'm going to lift you. You can relax your knees a little bit, and then you're just going to let everything relax and hey, soft, good tie, and you're done. You're going to drop your hands. Very nice. The little taste of and push through the bar. Big Taste.


miss breathing cues...
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I liked this a lot...@wrist correction-thank you, Adrienne! This is such an important part of form...I see this malformation everyday- many instructors and personal trainers don't notice it. Nuetral wrist alignment is so essential...
Yes, I agree the wrist is easy to miss, but essential to proper form. Thank you for noticing. In regards to breathing, also essential yet, this would not be deemed a breathing cued exercise, therefore breathing is expected and cued if they are holding their breath.
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Great class and a good one for me. As someone who spends a lot of time teaching Teaser on the Trap Table it helped me to see your way of breaking it down. Really enjoyed your cues and the way you layered the exercise from basic to more difficult. I also agree with you on Breathing cues. I cue when necessary, but I find teachers spend too much time only cuing breathing and not enough cues on body placement etc. Thanks!
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Really nice class and good reminders along the way.
Thank you :)
Thank you! I always find it fascinating how very unique we all are in our movements and how far ahead Pilates innovations really were.
I really liked this workout! Great cues and hand-on-work to learn from. I wonder though - would you start with this sequence, doing the reverse push-through at the beginning, or would you do any kind of warm-up before?
Great teaser preps and teaser teaching. Thank you!
Thanks you! Glad you enjoyed this
As fare as warm up before - YES, always good to be warmed up before doing any equipment work. So doing a minnie Mat class is a good start:) Thanks for asking
Loved your session. I found the instructions especially useful for Reverse Push Through. antastic! Thank you.

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