Exercise #1441

Flat Back- Imprinting

1 min - Exercise


Imprinting is a technique attributed to "First Generation Teacher" Eve Gentry. It is a technique that focuses on the movement of the bones rather than the muscles. The concept of Imprinting is often used to help lengthen the spine along the mat such that there is no space between your body and the mat. This technique is most closely associated with the Classical Style of Pilates.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Dec 28, 2009
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Flat back is a position in which all of the bones of the spine are on the mat. So from a lack, a relaxed position, one would pull the abdominals downward and upward to, to get a sense of no space between the bones of the spine and the mat underneath them so that we couldn't put any light through or any tangible, solid through at all.



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